Tags, Rep, and why we can't have nice things.

Let me get a few things out of the way.

-This is going in General, not the Venting Anger thread, because this concerns our community (see description about the ‘General’ forum.)
-I’m posting this without checking in with Renko. So on that note; two more things.

  1. Sorry to Renko if this is out of line
  2. This is from ME, not Renko; take issue with me if you become offended. (Seriously, that’s the point of this thread)

-I’m not trying to call anyone out directly and shit on them, I’m trying to make a point.
-I’m not trying to brown-nose, but someone (Renko) has been putting up with a lot of shit because people are being immature and abusive.
-If you take issue with me posting this, I encourage you to direct any hatred to my inbox. I welcome feedback in any form. The last thing I want is a misunderstanding or for this thread to make more work for the staff.

First topic, tags.
Tags are a way to help sort and organize stories and other threads. We have a discussion about it here, and if you don’t understand already; educate yourself.
-You should tag stories by genre (horror, suspense, vignette, comedy, etc)
-You can tag threads by topic (discussion, links, writing, etc)

But when you find that you can tag someone else’s thread, DO NOT use it to abuse that user. I don’t give a shit if you think it’s the dumbest thread or the worst story. This ain’t youtube, you can’t just call other people cunts, or fags, or tell them that they need to die. Grow up! Now, I don’t know who has been leaving such tags, and frankly, I don’t care to know.
What I do know is that Renko has had to take the time out to remove a bunch of them, (most of them it seems) and the list of what they were is appalling and embarrassing.

When you add tags, you may be anonymous to the rest of the forum, but the staff knows who you are.
The only thing you’re doing when you add shitty, irrelevant tags, is make more work for the staff. (From what I hear, it’s mostly Renko who has to clean it up)

Second; reputation.
The reputation feature is great. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us! We have a thread that pretty much details how it works here.
It’s a good way to let someone know you appreciate their post, without replying in the thread and derailing things.
For example:

If you think someone said something funny, just hit that “Add reputation” button, and put ‘funny’ in the comment. They’ll be able to see that someone thought their post was funny. The same goes for things that are informative. It’s a great idea to thank people for posting useful info (for example, writing advice), but we don’t necessarily need to clutter up a thread with a dozen single-word replies.

The same goes for stories. If you like the story, and are happy to see an update, then go ahead an give the author some rep. You can even put “thanks for the update” in the comment. This works better than just posting “More please” as a reply. I think we should reserve a full reply for significant feedback on a story, but hey, that’s just me.

Alternatively, let’s use me as an example. Let’s say someone posts a story that’s riddled with errors and has a thin or non-existent plot. If I reply and point out all the errors, that’s acceptable. It may be kinda mean, but giving accurate feedback is what sets us apart from other forums. However, if I come in and say the story is shit, then I’m out of line. At that point, feel free – no, encouraged – to lower my rep, and tell me that I shouldn’t insult someone’s work.

Remember, your rep comment is anonymous to the everyone except the admins. So if I insult someone, and you give negative rep for that post, I’ll know I screwed up. I won’t know who gave that rep, so I won’t start sending hate-mail to you. It’s a good way to give someone a reminder that they’ve stepped out of line, but not start an open feud in someone’s thread.
You can also use negative rep, and the comments, to let someone know that they’ve stepped out of line in some other way. For example, if someone is becoming annoying for a reason you can politely inform them that you’d like them to “Slow down on making so many random threads” for example, or “replying with ‘lol’ to every post is annoying.”

But using the rep system to tell people to “fuck off” or “go kill yourself” is outright abuse. As I said, you’re anonymous to the user you left the rep for, but the admins know who the fuck you are. When you start abusing people like that, you’re making more work for Renko, just 'cause you want to be a dick.

I get it, I really do. Our forum isn’t a safe space for people. We give harsh feedback on flawed stories, and have little patience for people who act like total fools. But we must maintain some level of civility if we don’t want to drive people away. Feedback is our strong suit. But if it’s not informative, it’s fucking useless. It doesn’t have to be nice, it should never be sugar-coated or watered down; but feedback should always be informative. We encourage honesty here, but the idea is to help people become better.

We’ve driven away countless writers, and I’m we’ll keep driving them away. Plenty of people just don’t want to hear that what they’ve posted is flawed. But… BUT!

No one should be driven away because we’ve been abusive. Telling someone that they suck is completely pointless. Unless you highlight what the actual issue is, no one can learn. If a story has clumsy dialogue, but we tell them “it’s shit,” how can we expect them to figure it out? The same goes for new users. We don’t want people shitting up the forums, but even if they do, that doesn’t make it open season for abuse.

So in conclusion, please stop being abusive.
If something bothers you for a legitimate reason, don’t hesitate to explain why.
If something is against the rules, don’t hesitate to report it.

The tag system, and the rep system are not platforms for you to abuse other users, no matter what you think of them.
Pardon the joke, but as an ABDL community, we can enjoy the idea of acting like children. However, roleplaying isn’t part of what we do here, so don’t act like children on the forums!

This goes out to whomever is abusing the tags and/or the rep system. As I’ve said above, I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care to know. Stop fucking around! Conduct yourself with some semblance of maturity and civility. You’re taking a good thing, and ruining it for the rest of us! We don’t want that type of behavior here.

If I could make a forum-wide announcement that linked to this thread, it’d say the following:

Grow the fuck up!

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

I shouldn’t really need to post this considering it should be self explaining in it self, when it comes to the rules. People should realize that the same thing matters on the other stuff to:

  1. Show some respect for each other. Disagreement is allowed, but degenerating into name-calling alone is not. In addition, using hate terms (such as the “N” word or “fag”) will result in banning.

I’m just sad that I can’t help out more then I am. I’m a bit unsure how much mods can see of the tags yet, or if it’s just admins that can check those out at the moment.

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

All tags show up in the Tag Cloud unless they’ve been merged in the adminCP.

And sadly the rep comments are only readily visible in the adminCP although I get emailed a summary of the last 24 hours worth at midnight each night server time.

I’m really not going to comment on what was written here beyond what I already said in discord. I was writing a post about this, and Vearynope ended his post with the subject line I wrote for mine. So that should give you an idea of my thoughts on things at the moment.

I am going to say one thing though: A lot of the tagging issues are silly things that usually aren’t a big deal and I will deal with those via PMs when possible. Same is true with the reputation system abuses. You have to really screw up for me to use the infractions system. The negative rep admins give is bad, the infractions system is bad and it sticks around and it’s not a matter of if your account gets banned by that system, but when. That’s why I only use it in extreme cases.

Also, if you ever get hit by that system and want to bitch about it, let me save you some time: The messages you get when an infraction is added to your account is also posted in the staff forum automatically as Sharlin and the other staff can confirm.

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

Then for now, I guess we’ll just let you keep an eye on rep abuses. I haven’t been noting tags on much of anything to catch that, but I’ll try to keep a bit more of an eye on that.

I thought rep comments and identities were known to the sender, receiver, and admins.

Otherwise, I agree with Vearynope. Dealing with the things like this which are in my domain may be my job, but there are other things you’d probably prefer me to be doing with my time.

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

No, normally only admins and senders can see who sent a rep comment. I had to go out of my way to enable the permission needed for the mods to see that info as well.

You can see the comments left on any account, but only in the profiles in the reputation tab, whereas Kita and I have a dedicated place to see them in the adminCP.

As for the tags, I usually catch those pretty quick because I get a notification on my phone when new tags are created. And like I said those are generally really silly things or even honest mistakes. It’s just some of the more recent ones that have been issues.

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

Like I said in the other thread it bothers me that those people with high enough rep to use the tagging and rep systems are abusing these systems and the community in such a way… I haven’t been shy about using positive reputation to welcome first time writers and new people who make positive contribs perhaps i should be though

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

Well since I just received a PM asking about this guess I should explain why everyone’s rep power currently says 0. I’m going to do that here because it very much relates to this topic.

The reason is: No one but mods and admins can give rep at the moment until I have time to make some changes to make it much harder to abuse the system. I’m not going to name names (the other staff know who the instigator of the most recent incident is that led to this of course) but I will say I’m making damn sure it’s very easy to permanently revoke permissions to use the reputation system in the future.

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

I have never noticed this before.

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

Can we tag the gender of the main character? “Female Protagonist” or “Male Protagonist” tags would save me time in selecting a story to read.

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

How does that work when the protagonist is male but the one being diapered is female? Or vice versa? :wink:

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

Diapered Male, Diapered Female?

Re: Tags, Rep, and why we can’t have nice things.

Meh. This forum exists for the purpose of high-quality writing to be appreciated. Who’s doing what in the storyline shouldn’t matter if it’s good quality writing.