Swimming Pools, Part 1

Scarlett was 17 years old, and was visiting the beach with her older sister Ruby, and a few of Ruby’s friends, Mike, Daniel and Karly.

When the group reached the hotel, they checked in at the front desk.

“Are any of you going to go to the pool?” The man at the front desk questioned. They all nodded. “Yes,” Ruby told him.

The man adjusted his glasses and looked at everyone. He mostly stared at Scarlett, but after he finished, he shrugged, and said, “Alright. Here’s your key. Breakfast is from 7 AM to 10 AM. The pool is open from 8AM to 9 PM. Enjoy your stay!”

Ruby took the key and loaded everyone and their luggage on an elevator. They were lifted up to the seventh floor, found their room, and settled in. In their room, there were two king sized beds, a small kitchen, a separate living room and a bathroom.

“Is mom or dad gonna call us before bed?” Scarlett asked Ruby.

“Probably not. Why?”

“I just don’t have a lot of battery. I’m gonna shut it off.”

“You guys wanna go to that pool?” Mike asked, standing up from the couch in the living room. The others accepted the suggestion happily.

“Let’s get our stuff on, then we can go.” Ruby said. The girls went into the bathroom to change, and Mike and Daniel changed in the living room.

When everyone had their swimsuits on, they each grabbed a towel and went down to the swimming pool.

It was indoors, and the room was warm. The pool was gigantic, the deepest end was ten feet, and there was a waterfall splashing into the three foot section.

Everybody sat their stuff down and went to go into the pool, only to be stopped by a tall male lifeguard with wavy blond hair. He didn’t look much older than Ruby and her friends.

“Hey, it’s my duty to ask all of you, is everyone here at least 18 or older?” He asked, mainly gesturing towards Scarlett, who clearly looked younger.

“Um, no, I’m only 17.” Scarlett said, looking down in shame, as if that was a bad thing. Ruby, confused, asked the lifeguard, “Why does it matter?”

“Well, none of you can swim here then.” He said. “Sorry. Swim policy.”

The group looked disappointed. Scarlett felt as if she should say something, so she did. “Is there any way we all can swim without breaking rules? Or can I just pretend I’m 18?”

“There’s one way…” The lifeguard said. “You can all swim if,” he looked at Scarlett, “YOU wear swim diapers.”

“No way! We just won’t swim at all!” Scarlett said, almost at a yell.

“Come on, Scarlett. It’s not a big deal.” Ruby crossed her arms. Her friends agreed, trying to make Scarlett do it.

“Don’t ruin this for us. The whole reason we’re here is to swim.” Mike said, disappointed. He crossed his arms as well.

“Just do it, we won’t laugh at you.” Daniel assured her.

Blushing, Scarlett gave in. “Fine, I guess I’ll wear a stupid swim diaper.” Ruby and her friends cheered.

“Come with me.” The lifeguard said, motioning for Scarlett to follow him. He told everybody else, “She’ll be right back. You guys can start swimming.”

The lifeguard led Scarlett to what she assumed was his office. It had surfboards and a bunch of lifeguard trophies and certificates. And a box of swim diapers.

He cleared off his desk, pulled out a swim diaper, opened it, and laid it on the desk. He patted the diaper for Scarlett to come sit on it.

Reluctantly, she did. It felt like just a normal diaper. It certainly was as crinkly. The lifeguard removed her bikini bottoms for her and taped up the diaper snugly around her. She blushed.

“Do I really have to wear this?” She sulked.

“It’s not my fault. Swim policy. I guess in case of accidents.” He shrugged. She put her bikini bottoms back on and let out a cry. They couldn’t fit over the swim diaper.

“Just go without the bottoms.” He told her, noticing her struggles. She pulled them off, sadly, and walked out to the pool.

She waddled with the thick diaper on. Everybody could see the babyish prints. Luckily there was no one in the pool except for Ruby and her friends, the lifeguard, and Scarlett.

“See, not so bad, huh?” Ruby said, trying to cheer her up.

“Are you kidding me?” Scarlett said. “It’s a diaper. I’m seventeen!”

Ruby just ignored Scarlett’s comment and continued swimming. Scarlett decided not to let it bother her and go swim. She jumped off the diving board into the ten foot part.

While back floating, she bumped into Daniel.

“Oh, sorry!” She said, blushing, as Daniel looked down into the water to see her diaper.

“I’m sorry you have to wear a diaper,” Daniel said. “But thanks for doing it so we all could swim.”

“No problem,” she replied, and swam off.

After about a half hour of swimming, Scarlett felt the need to poop. She had problems with constipation every once in a while, so it was good to go when she needed to go. She tapped Ruby on the shoulder and told her.

“Oh, okay. Come on, I’ll walk you to the bathroom.” Ruby said, and dried off quickly with a towel. Scarlett did as well, and as they walked out, they were stopped by the lifeguard.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“The bathroom.” Ruby replied. “Scarlett needs to go.”

Scarlett blushed as the lifeguard replied, “I’m sorry, but she needs to use her diaper. That’s what it’s for.”

Ruby didn’t even try to protest, and she dragged Scarlett away before Scarlett could. Ruby looked at her little sister and said, “Don’t even try to hold it in. We both know it’s bad for you. Just go in your diaper, nobody will judge you.”

Scarlett knew there was no point in trying to go elsewhere. She went into the corner, squatted, and pushed. Eventually the poop fell out into the swim diaper. It filled the entire diaper and it sagged.

Ruby walked over, peeled back the waist of the diaper, and peered into it. She cheered, “Good girl, Scarlett!” Scarlett blushed and hung her head as she was lead to the seats.

Daniel was waiting on the seats for Scarlett.

“Hey, Scarlett, I’m gonna change you, okay?” He said. Scarlett blushed, and looked down at her messy diaper.

“I can change myself.”

“You aren’t allowed. That’s what the lifeguard said. Now come with me, he’s letting me use his office to change you.” Daniel grabbed Scarlett’s wrist and dragged her into the lifeguard’s office. He laid down a fresh open swim diaper onto the table and lifted Scarlett onto it.

He untapped the swim diaper and pulled it out from between her legs. “Oh, wow, you made a big stinky!” Scarlett looked away from the diaper in shame. How could she have messed her diaper? She should’ve been able to use a toilet. She shouldn’t have to wear a swim diaper!

He powdered Scarlett up, and rubbed the powder around her diaper area. Then he pulled the diaper through and taped it up. He lifted her off the table and patted her on the head. “Good baby.” He said, and brought her back out to the pool.

Later that night, she had almost forgotten about having to wear a swim diaper, and pooping in one, and being changed by Daniel. She fell asleep on one of the beds next to her sister.

In the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep, Daniel woke up and filled a bowl up with warm water. He went over to Scarlett’s bed and placed her delicate hand into the bowl. He heard a hissing sound and pulled up the covers, as pee flooded Scarlett’s panties. He put the bowl back into the cabinet and fell back asleep.

Re: Swimming Pools, Part 1

I imagine you’re going to continue this…

The pace is really fast, too fast in fact. Perhaps some more interaction between the characters. Perhaps some story leading up to the current event.

You could explain why they have that pool policy in the first place.
You could explain why her friends pressure her to go along. No one you’d call friend would even suggest that to you, they’d more likely blast the lifeguard for even bringing it up.
Maybe give some reason for why she shouldn’t just walk away, leaving the entire remaining party above the required age. Maybe her friends do her a favor as compensation.

Given the above, do you really think she’d let some complete stranger change her into a diaper? That’s rather intimate exposure and touching… If this was a policy of “children must wear swim diapers,” they wouldn’t require the lifeguard to do it, the parent or guardian would be responsible.

I’ve not heard of a swim diaper that tapes on, either. And generally, they’re not bulky in the least.

As for messing herself, once again, unless this is a prison, she should have the option to walk away. And again, why would normal friends encourage this? Unless they aren’t normal, in which case, tell me all about it.

Lastly, what kind of relationship does she have with Daniel? When using the bathroom, Changing, and showering, girls usually stick with other girls, unless they’re intimate with a male in particular.
Why is Dan okay with changing her diaper? Personally, I know I’d be part with it, but you should know a bit of my history in order to not be completely shocked by that fact. Again, some back story would be cool.

And the part about causing her to wet her bed, what is the motive in Dan’s part? There’s only a tiny bit of dialogue and it doesn’t tell us much about what he took away from the experience.

Re: Swimming Pools, Part 1

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, more things will definitely be explained in part 2 such as their relationship (Daniel and Scarlett), why that’s a rule, why Daniel did what he did… Also, maybe I didn’t make it clear enough, but she’s more just the “little sister” and was dragged along with Ruby. But I understand what you mean. And I guess you could say that ruby doesn’t really like breaking rules, heheh. And I’ve never worn swim diapers so I kinda just assumed they’d be like regular diapers, oops. Thanks for your suggestions! I hope you’re enjoying the story, besides all those things. :slight_smile: