Sweet September (Part Four) - The Conclusion

“That will be fine. Come here. I’ll whisper in your ear where we’re going and you tell me if you want to go.” I said.

She crawled over to me and leaned her ear in to listen. I whispered it to her, and her eyes lit up.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I said. “Now buckle yourself up, Sweetheart. We’ll be there soon.”

To be continued….


“What kind of rides do they have there?” she asked.

“I guess the usual kind of carnival rides, but this is one of those traveling deals. I’m sure it won’t be massive roller coasters and waterslides, but they’ll have a lot of other things to do,” I replied. “Listen, before you get buckled up, reach in the backseat and grab the diaper bag. I have another set of clothes in there for you.”

She leaned over the front seat and reached down to the back floor trying to pick up the bag, but she could quite reach it. So she stood up on the front seat and leaned the top half of her body over it to finally get the bag. As she was doing this, I glanced over at her, and what I saw was a pair of bare feet standing on tip toes, and a pair of naked legs stretching up to a diapered bottom. She was really having trouble getting at the diaper bag. It was too precious and perfect of a moment for me to let it get away.

I reached over with my right hand and grabbed her one leg at the back of the thigh, and I began to tickle her. Her legs, especially her inner thighs were extremely sensitive and ticklish. She broke out into laughter, and tried to kick her legs to free herself from my grasp, but she couldn’t. Finally, she pulled herself back up with the diaper bag in hand and sat back down, red-faced from laughing and of course from being upside down.

“Did you find the diaper bag?” I asked with a grin.

“Yes,” she said amusingly. “And somebody was tickling me and making me laugh.”

“Really? I didn’t see anyone doing that.”

“He’s right there,” she said while pointing to the rear view mirror.

“He’s not a bad looking guy,” I said admiring myself in the mirror.

“No, he’s not bad looking at all,” she said while leaning in and kissing my cheek. “And he’s a fun Daddy, too.”

She set the diaper bag on the passenger side floor in the front, and opened it. She pulled out the yellow overall shorts I packed for her, and smiled.

“How did you know?” she asked.

“How did I know what?” I replied.

“How did you know that this is exactly what I wanted to wear right now?”

“I have my sources, but I’ll never tell.”

At the first stop light, she put her legs up in the air and slid the overalls over them. When she got them up her legs, she wiggled to get them up the rest of her body, and then connected the bib top at the shoulders. She sat back up and took a moment to relax after having had to squirm so much. She noticed me watching and looked over at me with a smile.

“That was mighty impressive,” I said with a smile.

She continued on, bending her knees and putting her feet on the seat to get her socks and shoes on. And as she slid her second shoe on, she looked out the front window and there in front of us, filling the night time sky, was a festival with rides and food and everything you would want to see.

I pulled into the grass area designated for parking, and her eyes were glued to the ferris wheel. She pointed to it, and said: “Can we go on dat, Daddy?”

She looked at me for my response. I smiled with every bit of love for her simple, honest question. I had the hesitation to say yes for only a moment, because she was extremely afraid of heights. But I looked in her eyes and I all ready knew that the answer had to be yes.

Her eagerness to jump up and down was evident, but she patiently sat there on her knees, waiting for my answer. I touched her cheek with my hand, and stroked it. “Yes, Sweetheart. If you really want to, and I will go on it with you.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and said, “Thank you, Daddy. Thank you so much.”
Those words brought tears to my eyes. I opened the car door and got out of the car. She got out right behind me holding my hand. I leaned back into the car, reached across the front seat to get the diaper bag when she pulled me back out.

“I promise I won’t need my diaper changed while we’re here,” she said with certainty in her voice.

I smiled playfully. “And when you do need it changed, we’ll simply come back out to the car and change you. Deal?” I said.

“Deal,” she repeated.

“Okay. No diaper bag then,” I said, while picking her up and sitting her on the hood of the car so I could tie her shoelaces.

We walked to the entrance, and her eyes went back to the ferris wheel. In particular, she looked at the top of the wheel. “It’s so high!” she said with nervous excitement. “How high is it?”

“Let’s go find out,” I said as I paid for our entrance, and led her to the ferris wheel.
Her steps were reluctant. They were …….baby steps, if you will. This was a challenge that excited her, but still scared her a little. As we got closer to it, she began to squeeze my hand tighter and tighter. Our time standing in line for it wasn’t all that long, thankfully. A long wait may have given her time to back out. She had the courage to face her fear of heights but it was still a fear that controlled her.

Our turn arrived. The wheel stopped spinning, and the attendant opened the carriage for us. Her steps were so gentle and careful. It was almost as if she was just learning to walk. She stepped inside and sat next to me, smashing her body up against me. The attendant closed the door, stepped back, and up and away we went.

As we rose higher, she would bury her face in my chest. As we descended she would look back out again. With each revolution of the wheel, her grip of my arm and body became a little less tight. I began to feel the blood flowing back into my arm. Then, the wheel stopped with us at the very top. Anyone who has ever been stopped at the top of a ferris wheel knows what happens. We stopped with a quick motion, and the carriage swung back and forth a little. She tightened her grip of my arm back up, buried her whole face in my chest, and held her breath.

“BabyGirl, we’re at the top!” I said, encouraging her to look out. “You did it. You made it to the top…….It’s an incredible view. Take a look, Sweetheart. You’re going to love it.”

She looked up at me, and then ever-so-slowly turned her head out. We could see for miles up there. Every little light in every window in houses, every street lamp, people walking around, cars driving by. Then I looked to the sky.

“You wanna go higher?” I asked.

“No,” she said very quickly. “This is way higher than five reallys.”

I smiled as I thought about what she said. "Yes it is. A babygirl who is good can go five reallys high on a swing. A babygirl who makes it to the top of a ferris wheel must be a very brave girl."I said fondly.

There was a moment of silence between us. “How many reallys is the top of a ferris wheel, Daddy?” she asked inquisitively.

“Hmm,” I said thinking. “At least 25.”

Then she looked up at the stars in the sky. "And how many reallys would it take to get up there?"she asked.

“A million,” I said jokingly.

“So if a babygirl who is good can go five reallys high, and a babygirl who is brave can go 25 reallys high, what kind of a babygirl can go a million really high?” she asked with a big grin on her face.

My smile grew wide and I had to keep from laughing. “Well…” I started trying to think of a one-liner to top hers. “I guess that babygirl had better be………an astronaut.”

Right at that moment, the ride started up again, and she jumped at the loud noise. She re-buried her face in my chest, and once again gripped off the blood circulation in my arm.

“Princess, we’re getting lower to the ground. You just survived the top of the ferris wheel. This should be a piece of cake for you know.” I said.

“I’m just a babygirl, Daddy,” she said, owning the moment as she always did.

I broke out into hysterical laughter, embraced her, kissed her on the forehead, and said, “You certainly are.”

We got off the ferris wheel, and quite to the opposite of the way she got on, she jumped off and down the stairs we ran.

“Where are we headed now?” I asked.

“The pee-zees,” she said. “I saw where they were up there.”

“The pee-zees?” I asked as she grabbed my hand and led the way.

What she took us to was the flying trapeze rides (the swings with the long chains that spin you around). “Oh! The Pee-Zees!” I exclaimed.

“It’s your favorite ride, right?” she asked.

“Without a doubt,” I grinned. “Followed closely by bumper cars.”

The line for this ride was little longer. So I took her into my arms, and against my chest. We didn’t say much. It was kind of hard to talk the way we wanted to. We were standing in a line, but sometimes words are important and actions speak just as loudly and clearly and with as much affection as a gentle tone.

A flying trapeze can take like 30 people at once. So the lines keep moving. I’m a patient individual, but lines at amusement parks get the best of me. That’s why I like this one so much. And before we knew it, it was our turn.

We found swings right next to one another, simply because we were that incessantly in love. We latched ourselves in. I looked over at her and said, “I think this swing might be a little more exciting than the one in the park.”

I faced back front and got ready for the ride to begin when she said: “I doubt it.”

I looked back at her, made speechless by her kind words once again. Her face was beaming with life. She continued: “The operators of this ride don’t care how it makes you feel.”

Right at that moment, the swings began spinning and in seconds we were flying around in a circle. I looked over at her again. Her hair was blowing straight back. And she laughed. Oh my. I loved to listen to her laugh. This was a kind of ride that even I could enjoy. I have a really weak stomach. So roller coasters were out. The sight of one of those things rolling by was enough to make me weary.

The ride slowed down, the swings came to a rest, and we got off. We exited the ride, and I came to a stop. I put my hands on my hips, and had a puzzled look on my face.

“Food?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. Sometimes even the flying trapeze ride will get the best of my stomach.
We walked slowly as I tried to get my stomach to settle. She put her arm around my back and rubbed my stomach with her other hand, trying to soothe. Smiling, I thanked her.

We went to the nearest food stand and she ordered for us as I stood there still trying to regain my composure.

“A barbeque sandwich, the biggest order of fries you’ve got and two cokes,” she ordered knowing exactly what I wanted and moreover what my stomach needed at that moment.

We got the food and sat at the first picnic table we found. I began to inhale this barbeque sandwich. She loaded her fries with salt, ketchup, and vinegar. It was one of her passions. She looked over at me, and brushed my hair back out my face with her fingertips. Then at the back of my head, she lightly drew her fingernails across my scalp and through my hair. It felt really good.

I finished eating, and quietly burped. “I feel better. What would you like to do now?” I asked her.

“I’d like to go home,” she replied honestly.

I looked at her with an “I’m sorry” look on my face, and was about to apologize when she put her pointer finger over my lips.

“Shh,” she whispered softly. “It’s time for me to take care of you. I want you to let me do that. There will be another carnival at some point soon, and I know you will give me more memories, all the love you have inside and more. But right now, it’s time to take care of you.”

“As you wish, Love. Thank you,” I replied.

We left the carnival arm in arm. On the way back to the car, I looked up at the sky and the stars again?

“What do you see?” she asked.

“I see the dippers getting smaller and Orion getting bigger,” I replied.

She smiled. “Tell me about them, Daddy,” she said laying her head on my shoulder.

“Well, in the summer you have the big dipper and the little dipper. Constellations. They are the biggest two things in the summer sky. And in the winter, you have Orion as the biggest thing in the sky.”

“What about in the fall?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” I said, laughing.

We got to the car. I opened the driver’s side door, sat down, and she crawled over top of me to the passenger’s side. As she was crawling, I placed my hand on her diapered bottom to “check”. She sat in the passenger’s seat, and looked straight forward with the biggest grin on her face.

“You little angel, you,” I said while motioning for her to lie down on the front seat. She did so, and as I unfastened fastened the straps on the “bib” of her overall shorts, I put her pacifier in her mouth and went through the usual routine. First I handed her the teddy bear which she grabbed and hugged for dear life. Next, I handed her the blanket which she grabbed, wrapped her teddy bear in, and hugged for dear life.

I untied her sneakers and took them off her feet and then slid the overall shorts off of her. I looked at her and could tell that she was feeling “little” once more. Obediently, she relaxed her body so I could unfasten her diaper. I raised her legs and bottom up and into the air while removing the wet diaper beneath her. I took my fingertips to her bare bottom and tickled her. She thrashed around trying to free her legs from the tickle “monster”, but settled back down when I lowered her onto a new diaper and fastened her in.

I started up the car and she crawled to the middle of the front seat, placed her head on my shoulder, and we drove home. Along the way, she kept gazing up out the sun roof, and muttering something behind her pacifier that sounded like “orange”. I kept asking her what she was saying. Finally, she pointed to the sky.

“Orion,” I pronounced for her.

We got home, and I bundled up the trash and her diaper bag in one arm, and I carried her in the other arm. We entered our house, I tossed the trash, set the diaper bag down, and took her to the couch. I laid her down, and went back into the kitchen for a moment.

“So what do you want to do tomorrow?” I said, jokingly from the kitchen.

She smiled, and answered without missing a beat. “Keep thinking about today.”

She turned the TV on, and flipped through the stations until she found a movie she wanted to watch. I returned to the living room to hear: “Oh My God! Oh My God, you guys! Oh My God! Oh My God, you guys!” Ah yes, she has chosen to watch Legally Blonde: The Musical……again.

I laid down on the couch. She crawled on top of me, turned her head towards the TV laid down on top of me. I took the pacifier from her mouth and inserted a bottle of milk. She took the nipple in and began to drink. I covered our bodies with a blanket and prepared to watch ……… Legally Blonde: The Musical……again.

Five minutes into the movie, the bottle was empty, and she was asleep. I lightly patted her back, and in her breathing she burped. I closed my eyes as well.

What a day it had been.