Sweet Desires [6/4/2016]

Something new I decided to try, really found the idea tempting. Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to leave feedback and comments. And also, at points in this story the realism factor may slightly jump a bit? But overall I plan to keep anything that could happen in this universe generally realistic, AKA no aliens/super powers, magic etc. Yet without further ado,

Sweet Desires
by Me

Sweet Desires





My heart was beating a mile a minute.

Did I seriously do this? I must be crazy! What would people think of me if they knew…What if anyone finds out?!

I was lost in my own embarrassing thoughts as I looked out the bus window. Just a little bit longer…and it will be time. The bus was synchronized with my panicked heart rate, seeming to hit every bump just as my own heart gave a thump. If everything works out, then this would definitely be my best vacation yet…as strange as it may seem. Yet I could feel as if everyone on the bus with me, were just prying into my own thoughts, as if, they knew what devious acts I was up to. But they didn’t, which kept my heart rate at a relaxing mile a minute, rather than a practical light year a second.

E-eighth grade has been tough? Yeah, that’s it. It’s just a way…for me to relieve stress. Who am I kidding? I’m such a freak…but I still want it so badly…

Everything was going to be all right. My mom wouldn’t be home until 4, I’d get home at 3, and it’s plenty of time to…hide…all my…purchases. I can’t believe I have done this…I can still perfectly imagine the internal struggle I felt when contemplating whether or not to hit the ‘purchase’ button. I felt terrible for doing it of course, as if I had done something wrong, but it excited me so much too… But I mean, it’s my money, right? So it isn’t that bad…just that, nobody can find out. NOBODY.

“Hey um, Yuu, are you alright?”

“Huh? What?”

I turned my head over to my friend sitting next to me, Kim.

“Wh-what? What’s wrong?” I asked, completely being lost just until now.

“Er, you were just seemed like you were thinking hard about something?” She gave a short laugh, “Am I like, interrupting you or something?”

“Oh, heh, no, I’m not really thinking about anything in particular.” I lied, “Just getting hyped to start my vacation.”

She let out a sigh of relief, reclining in the stiff bus seat as much as she could.

“Ugh, you have no idea how amazing it is to be done! And even better, we were able to make it out unscathed! No vacation homework!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and agree. School truly was a bore, it practically siphoned everything out of me every day.

“Yeah, it’s gonna be a good break, that’s for sure.” I couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward for knowing what I truly meant, with a double meaning of honesty, and a much more embarrassing one.

“Well listen, don’t forget to call me up! We should do something over the break for your birthday coming up! Oh and, this is my stop,” The bus then came to a gradual halt. “I’ll talk to you later! And don’t forget to get in touch!”

“Will do!” I shouted back to her as she stepped off the bus. While I am going to prioritize…‘me’ time for most of the vacation, I definitely couldn’t forget to do something with my best friend. And to be honest I almost completely forgot about my birthday, I was going to be 13 years old… 13 years…

With while my great friend, distraction gone, I couldn’t help but stare out the window even more, with my street just a few more blocks away.


I stepped off the bus, and walked up the street to round the corner.

What if it’s not there?! What if my mom got home early…or the package didn’t come…what if it comes when my mom gets back?! And she sees?!

My worried thoughts came back to me, placing me in every worst case scenario possible. As the neighbors fence came to a closing end, and started to reveal the front of my house, my heart kept pounding as this moment was do or die, certainly I hoped to not be the latter. I braced myself for what I was about to see, first making eye contact with the driveway.

It was empty.

Phew! Thank God…one down…one more to go.

Our front porch was next, what I was scared of the most. Time felt like it was passing so slow, that everything practically stopped.

Please be there! Please be there!

I looked towards my porch in front of the door, and sat a large brown cube of a package.

It was there.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank God it’s here! I’m safe!

I had to hold myself back from jumping for joy, though I couldn’t do much from stopping the smile. But it wasn’t over yet, I had to get this upstairs and into my room and sorted before my mom could get home. The package seemed so large…with so many…in it…and it was all mine… I practically shivered with a chill, as I reality sunk in of what I had right now. There was no turning back, no, that choice was made long ago.

I unlocked the front door, and dragged the large cardboard box in. Thankfully for being an only child with just a mother, I didn’t have to be on the watch for anyone else. I dragged it upstairs and into my room, making sure to have grabbed a knife beforehand, to open the container of questionable merchandise.

On my knees and eye-level with the box, I took a deep breath and sliced the packing tape that kept me from what I desired the most.




All that was left was for me to open the box. Without hesitation I opened the cardboard flaps, and with my new sight could only leave my inner child jumping for joy. Two large plastic packages sat in the box, both adjoined with a smiling face of an idolized figure by millions of infants, Elmo. The words on the packaging made me tremble with excitement as I read the labels.

‘Super absorbent!’

‘Long lasting protection!’

‘Day and night wear!’

‘Bonus 4 included!’

‘Hard stick tapes!’

80…80…all for me…I was ready to burst with happiness as I looked down on the infantile garments… A vacation of 80 back to back…diapers. I couldn’t help but feel like my excited feelings were a curse to be drawn towards diapers…but the feeling of having something to make me feel so small…it was indescribable. It was everything to me. And what made me even more happier was that I did not just get diapers…no there was more to it. This would certainly be my best vacation yet, and Elmo would be taped around my waist the whole way through it. I began to slice the dual packages open, and take out the thick padded underwear. I couldn’t help but smile even more when I got a look at it. The stretchy waistband of the diaper was a comforting and happy face of the infantile character, on a happy green field, bottle of milk joined on either side. A strip of soft green ran down each edge of the crotch, and all the way back up the rear. The waist sides were designed with a happy blue and green checker line to it. I was too excited, too overjoyed, and edging with excitement to put it on…the danger…the risk…the thrill…the softness…I was drawn to it like a bee to honey, a moth to light; I could not resist, and I had no intentions to.

I set aside the unfolded diaper, soon to be on, and I surfed through the rest of my purchase. My love for being an infant, it was definitely a curse at times. But…I loved it much more though, when I recognized it as such a…sweet desire. My heart gave a leap as I took out the two cases of diapers, to reveal what else I bought, which would only make the experience so much better.

Underneath I could see another plastic package, though completely white, took up the entire surface area of the box’s face. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I knew exactly what this was. Diaper boosters.

90 diaper boosters! I couldn’t help but fantasize about the unreal thickness these would give me…and 10 extra ones to boot. It was amazing imagining how thick it’d be with just one… With only one it can increase the absorbency of a diaper by 1.5 times its original capacity! And to use two… A smile found its way on my face again as I tried to comprehend the childish predicament it’d put me in. So helplessly thick…so helplessly wonderful. I took the boosters out to show me what was left, that would tie it all together. I couldn’t help but get something to seal the deal. At the bottom sat three articles of clothing that already made me feel small just from looking at them.

All three items, covered in pink, each with their own duty. I took out the footed sleeper first, ordered from a website that specialized in this sort of thing. The sleeper felt so soft, and was only more delightful when I saw the buttoned crotch on it, giving release to only my most childish aspect. I turned it around to get a look at the babyish ruffles sewn into the backside, sure to help accentuate the definite bulge that’d be filling it. I set the sleeper aside and dug out another interesting piece of clothing. It was a set of legless overalls with a net at the bottom to hold a large undergarment in place, and cover it from anyone to see. Though, not that it would protect the telltale bulge. There was a joke of a skirt attached to it as well, which made this item that much more alluring. It certainly did little to cover the diaper, and was sure to be embarrassing, giving it such a tempting feeling to buy. The thought of wearing it made me overjoyed at what I would look like. And finally, I pulled out the last article of clothing that was simple, yet one of my favorites. It was a snap-on diaper cover, crotch designed with the happy face of Hello Kitty smiling back at me. There were four buttons on each side of the waist to keep it together, and for sure wouldn’t be coming undone any time soon.

I took a deep breath, relishing everything now in my possession. Coming back to reality, I used the knife and slit open the package of diaper boosters, and took one out. It was a plain white, but felt incredibly soft with its outer cloth-like material. I set it aside with…my…diaper. I took both packages of infantile underwear and carefully hid them in my closet, under a bundle of old clothes and covered by an old box I completely forgot the purpose of. The package of boosters easily fit under my bed, and were discretely hidden by the bed skirt. I took my new…wardrobe as well, and hid it with the packages of diapers. Though I could only hope I had enough confidence in my mother to not suddenly change her routine, which is to simply only ever enter my room until she had to put some clothes on my bed. Other than that, I should be safe. Being quick, I used the knife to cut up the box, and slipped all the remains under the bed as well, something I could take care of later. Finally finished with all the grunt work, I once more with eager anticipation looked towards my soon to be fate, which would truly seal the deal.

I stood up to look outside my window, making sure that the driveway was still empty.

Driveway’s empty. Mom’s not home. Good.


Shutting my door, I knelt down again by the diaper and spread it out, making sure it was completely ready. I unstuck the parts of the inner leak guards that were stuck to the fluffy feeling pad, assuring that it was all stood up. I picked up the comfy feeling booster, and inserted it into the diaper, only lengthening the time I’d be wearing it for. My arms slightly shook as I was trying to believe I was actually doing this, as I unzipped my skirt and let it drop.

N-next my panties…

Grasping both sides, I lowered my final sign of adulthood down my legs, and trembled in excitement as I stepped out of them and knew of what was to follow next. Trying to maintain some level of calmness, I carefully positioned my bottom in the center of the diaper, sending an amazing feeling through my body as the comfy garment welcomed me. I laid down on my back, making sure it was still aligned, and carefully grasped the front of the diaper. I pulled the front up and over my crotch, already welcoming the sight of the happy Elmo, which only made me blush with happiness. Once it felt snug against me, I started with the left side, and unstuck the first lower tape, pulling as far as it could go towards the right in a suitable position. It stuck like instant glue, and felt sure to stay, never to go. I repeated this with the second and last tape on the left, and securely taped it onto the waist region.

Halfway there…

I mimicked what I had done to the right side, and carefully place the final tape.

I did it… I’m wearing a diaper…

I looked forward while still in a lying position to see my handiwork, clearly not that of a master, but certainly doable. As I began to stand up, the outer plastic shell began to clearly rattle, inviting a loud crinkly noise into the room. It was as if I were practically wearing a plastic bag around my waist, which was the best!

I was just about to sport a walk around my room, and let the whole world hear what I was wearing, but then I felt the apparent bulk between my legs. It felt so snug in all areas, a perfect fit, and the padded crotch was proudly puffed, but slightly caved inwards from my legs being so close together. I began a walk around my room, and couldn’t help but feel another drawing smile on my face as the crinkle combined with its grip on me both made themselves apparently clear. No matter what I did, squat, sit, walk, the diaper conformed to my every movement, and followed me every step of the way. I walked over to my dresser, and fished through all my clothing, searching for something I especially wanted to try.

Finding what I wanted, I pulled out a skirt from one of my drawers. Not just any skirt, one that was a few years old was what I found. My waist size hasn’t changed much in the past few years, but my height did though. Basically a short skirt to me now, I fitted it around my waist which unsurprisingly wasn’t hard, and zipped it into place. And of course, it wasn’t near as long as the one I was just wearing. The length was just enough to come over my diaper completely, which drove my imagination even further over the risk of being in such a fragile state of being exposed. With that I threw myself onto the bed back-first, and marveled over what I had done and what was going to happen, including my now flipped up skirt, exposing the happy face of Elmo to all of my room.

This is actually happening. I can’t believe it!

I opened my door finally, and walked downstairs in my crinkly attire, and fished out three water bottles from our untouched 24 pack, and set them all on the counter. One by one, I proudly drank them down, but had to stop at the third, as I only made it halfway on that one. I lightly ran my hand under the skirt and across the diaper, trying to imagine what’d be like to empty all that water into this. What was even more enticing about it was the fact that the diaper could certainly hold more…I did the numbers and research on the capacity, and compared it to the size of a regular water bottle, easily outmatching it. It was a matter of time now, and I would wait to enjoy the sweet feeling. As I stood there for a moment, contemplating the consequences of wearing this around my mom, those likely pressing issues felt like quiet echoes in the back of my mind. No matter how I could look at it, the pros clearly outweighed my mom. I walked back into the living room, plopping myself onto the couch where my laptop sat, turned it on, and begun to type away.

A small smirk formed on my face.

And now we wait.

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"And now we wait…*

Yes indeed.
Excellent descriptions and detail, very well thought out.

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That is such an excellent start to what looks like a very good story to come. I have a feeling her mom or friend will find out very soon and I’m excited to see how they take it in.

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Author’s name: Me
Protagonist’s name: Yuu

I see what you did there.

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It almost seems like a story that breaks the 4th wall; I like it. MORE PLEASE!

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I couldn’t help but smile to myself while browsing on my laptop, as I occasionally crossed one leg over the other, which shuffled the plastic material clad between my legs. Being able to truly wear one was just intoxicating in itself, and shut out all worries in the world. Nothing else mattered than the moments now, and for what was to come. As strange to others as it may have seemed, I could not wait until I got to put it to use.

About a half hour had gone by, and with unfortunately no pressing matters in my nether regions…I set my computer aside and walked back into the kitchen, where the three water bottles sat. I unscrewed the cap off the final one and drank the rest down, feeling as if my stomach had made more room after enough time. Just to rush the process, I grabbed another water bottle and made sure to finish that one as well. And to make sure all the bottles weren’t suspicious looking, I grabbed them all, bundled in arms, and carried them to our recycling bin outside. As I was stepping out I only then realized the danger of doing so…and how tempting it sounded… I imagined myself being outside, with a fateful stroke of bad luck making her way towards me. A stroke of wind, uplifting my skirt to give everyone around me a nice view of the baby girl. Though, I couldn’t help but blush and feel a sense of reluctance as I wasn’t exactly willing to follow through with something like that. Shoving my thoughts out of my mind, I quickly disposed of the bottles and walked back inside.

I was quietly sitting on the couch again, catching up on a few channels I was subscribed to on this website. Being lost in the video, I hadn’t noticed quite clearly until I felt a small tingle down below… I smiled as I knew exactly what it meant. I placed the computer off my lap again, and walked upstairs into our second bathroom, where there was a large and wide mirror above our sink that took up nearly the entire wall, giving me a good look at myself from just above the knees. I unzipped my skirt and placed it to the side so that I could get a full view of what I was wearing. Ready and prepared, I got on my knees right in front of the sink, where my eyes reached just above the counter.

Closing my eyes, I tried to ‘will’ the strength up for my bladder to release, though it clearly was having none of it. I kept trying to push in a sense, but couldn’t break my bladder’s strength to no avail. Resorting to my backup plan, I turned the left handle on the faucet to release pouring water that slowly began to heat. I kept a hand on top of the faucet and felt as it began to grow warmer. Turning the other handle to level the water and make sure it wasn’t too hot, once I was satisfied I stuck my hand into the torrent of warm and relaxing water. Trying to lose feeling, I felt the water heat up my body, and loosen up my grip. I could slowly feel the urge grow more and more apparent, as if the water were dragging the far away urge closer and closer.

Closer. Just a little more….

I held the image of the childish Elmo in my mind, toying with the idea as if he himself were coaxing me to let go. Soon enough, I felt my bladder’s need to go right in front of me, and like a door, I pushed it open with all my might, and felt the floodgates sweep away. My eyes grew open in surprise for a moment as it had just became very realistic as to what I was doing. Out of instinct I held back the flowing stream, but quickly let go as it was to strong to stop something already in motion. My knees fully bucked with my bottom supported by my heels, as I began to feel the diaper grow warm. From my angle, I could see a very faint and hard to notice small tinge creeping up the crotch of the diaper, as it absorbed the mess I made in it.

It felt amazing, the feeling was indescribable, and I had no idea why I felt this way. Not that I cared why, but my mind was too focused on the flowing wetness I was making. It felt so wrong, and so foreign as it was my first time since I was a real infant, yet it still embraced me with such an awesome feeling. After about 10 uninterrupted seconds of pure bliss, it began to die down and shrivel into a few bursts of remaining fluid and then entirely ceased. I placed a hand on the front of my diaper, and felt the now much warmer and slightly inflated crotch. I stood up to see the damage that had been done, and met eyes with the sight to see its only slightly faltered condition. Other than a hard to notice sag and faint yellow tint to the more whiter areas of the bottom, it hardly looked any different.

It barley changed! This can certainly hold much more!

The results excited me, and made me want to fill it even more. Test its capacity, maximize its thickness, push it to the limit! I couldn’t wait until I had to go again.

Maybe drinking some more water will help…

Deciding to go have another bottle, I bent over to pick up my skirt, which paused me as I felt the pleasantly warm padding press against me. I zipped the skirt up and fitted it into place, observing how the skirt still managed to combat the new yet very small sag to the diaper. With clothes back on, sink turned off and Elmo to keep me dry, I walked out of the bathroom and back downstairs for even more water. Another bottle down, recycled soon after, I found myself back on the couch to wait for yet another sign of nature calling.

Back to watching videos, only 20 minutes this time had gone by to a new event, but was not my bladder this time. I heard the door open briefly, and then come with a closing shut. I figured it was my mom, and with the clattering of keys being placed on the kitchen counter, it confirmed my suspicions.

“Yuu, I’m home!” She shouted through the kitchen.

“'Kay mom!” I replied, becoming fully aware of the situation I put myself in, a feeling of panic enter my mind.

Wh-what am I supposed to do? I can’t just take it off! Wait…wait… Everything should be fine. As long as I have the skirt on everything should be okay. What she can’t see, she can’t find.

Suddenly a thought about another issue that she could very well in-fact hear however came to my attention. While she was still in the kitchen, I shuffled my legs a little to test the still audible crinkle, which set me into a moment of fear.

Relax. Relax. The crinkle isn’t that bad, is it? Or wait, maybe it just seems loud! A lot of stories I read online mention this kind of issue. It’s only loud to the person that’s wearing it…I hope.

“I went ahead and got us takeout! A good way to start off the vacation, don’t ya think?”

The thought of takeout did sound good…but it still was problematic as it meant I had to go meet her in the kitchen.

“Uh, cool!” I could only respond with, lacking anything else to say.

A few moments of silence had gone by, until my mom spoke again.

“Well? Aren’t you going to come out and eat?”

Crap! crap! crap! Okay…everything will be fine…I just need to eat quickly and get out of there.

Standing up, and also hearing the unusually seeming louder crinkle now, I took slow yet natural steps towards our kitchen. As I made my way in, I noticed my mom was still over by the counters, searching through her purse. Seeing it as an opportunity to move out of her earshot, I made a quick pace to my seat and sat down.

“Um, what did you get?” I asked, trying to play it off as cool as possible.

“Just Chinese, but I figured you wouldn’t mind. Do you?.” She said as she closed her purse and carried two large paper brown bags to the table.

“No it’s fine, sounds good.” I said, trying to take my mind off the wet plastic pressing against me.

My mom teared open the stapled paper bags, and pulled out multiple iconic chinese takeout boxes, filled with Americanized but such delicious food. She placed a plate in front of each of us, then without me asking (and somewhat to my displeasure), placed another bottle of water in front of me.

“T-Thank you.” I couldn’t help but cringe looking at the bottle of water. It was as if she were telling me to wet myself. Thank god that wasn’t the case though.

“No problem. Dig in!” My mom cheerfully declared, already piling different kinds of food onto her plate, focused on all the delicious looking meals.

With a few moments hesitation, I slightly stood up and leaned cautiously to only the nearest food boxes, without trying to set off my diaper’s crinkle alarm. Trying to be swift and satisfied with my selection, I was happy to have my bottom reunited with the seat of my chair again to hide my indecency below.

Apart from the constant nagging feeling of fear my diaper would somehow be exposed, the food was really good. In between both our bites and swallowing, my mom and I exchanged words on how each of our days went (excluding the diapers of course.) Except it couldn’t be perfect for long, as I knew my own body would betray me in the end.

The still new yet all too familiar feeling tinged in my bladder.

No! Why does it have to be now! I can’t go right here!

With my best poker face, I tried to play it off and continue eating, giving off the impression that nothing was wrong. I couldn’t leave the table before my mom, because I had to be sure there’d be no possible chance of her noticing anything amiss. I was stuck in this for the long run, and the water bottle sitting in front of me certainly did not help the circumstances.

How long has it been?! Minutes? Hours?

I couldn’t help but feel some form of resentment towards my mom, even though she did nothing wrong. Simply that she was not full! And kept eating! Like honestly! I’m not saying my mom is a model or anything, but she has an amazing figure, and you’d never expect someone like her to be able to eat this much food. My bladder was already whining now, and I was reaching my breaking point. The struggle was tempting enough to coax me into wetting right there, despite the potential consequences for it.

Please don’t leak!

My dam broke again to allow another hot flood into my already wet undergarment. I tried to chew louder in an attempt to mask the violent hissing noise from my bursting bladder. Even if she didn’t know, I could feel myself blushing just from pissing myself in front of my mom. I felt like if I made any form of eye contact with her, she’d know exactly what was happening.

Please stop already! Haven’t I peed enough!

It was regretfully clear that the first time I went this morning certainly did not filter out the original water bottles, and likely had the other two taxed on top of them. It felt like my waist was trapped in a warm pool, and I was praying in my mind that the diaper soon absorbed it all. After what felt like forever, much longer than the last time, the pee finally came to a stop, and left me in a much more wet padding. As if fate were pulling the strings now, cruelly without her intent, my mom stood up and announced that she was full. I calmly restrained myself from the unfairness considering what I had just done, and gave her a few minutes to clean up. By this point I wasn’t picking at the remaining food on my plate, as I was already full who knows how long ago.

“Aren’t you going to clean up? You haven’t been eating for a bit.” My mom unfortunately called out on me.

Crap! I have to get up now, or else she’ll think something’s suspicious!

“Oh, yeah. I was just waiting until you were done.” I tried to recover, coming up with an excuse on the spot.

I carefully stood, and could feel my insides wince as the heavier diaper was with much more sag. I could only hope my skirt wouldn’t let me down. On my first step I thankfully noticed the slightly more muffled crinkle, but quickly realized it was a negative tradeoff with the added thickness and weight.

My heartbeat raced as I walked by my mom with my plate in hands to the sink, in fear of just somehow, she’d find out. But she didn’t. I calmly washed my plate, and she seemed to be shuffling things around behind me, not paying attention. A sigh of relief went off in my mind as I was home free. After I left the kitchen, I’d definitely have to inspect the damage done to the diaper, certainly a much larger amount of urine was just added to it. I turned from the sink and walked back towards the stairs, happiness growing inside of me as did the distance between me and my mom.

But wait.

“Yuu, honey?”

“Um, yeah mom?” I asked, frozen in my tracks, dared not to face her.

“Uhh,” she seemed a bit lost for words at the moment. “What’s that peeking from your skirt?”

I felt my heart crash to the ground.

Game over.


Sorry for such a long delay! To tell the truth, about three quarters of this had already been done, but I just wasn’t too in the right mood to finish it. I hope you enjoy this chapter, and hope you continue to read it!

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Oh crap her mom found out I can’t tell if she’s in trouble or if her mom is supportive about. I can’t wait to find out in the next chapter so please continue

Re: Sweet Desires [2/3/2016]

There are a couple incorrect words. “Taxed on” instead of “tacked on.” But otherwise, it’s great.

I definitely enjoyed it, and will read more.
Please don’t leave me hanging.

Re: Sweet Desires [2/3/2016]


Re: Sweet Desires [6/4/2016]


“Yuu, honey? What’s that peeking from your skirt?”

Game over.

Wh-what…no…it couldn’t be!

It was like my life was flashing before my eyes, to have lost my dream in less than a day, betrayed by a single skirt. Only one question was enough to completely shatter my confidence in keeping my underwear a secret… Maybe I could somehow dodge this…

“What…” My voice slightly trembled from a sudden plague of shame and embarrassment, quickly slipping behind my weak poker face.
“Wh-What are you talking about?”

I started to panic and worry as I was stilled faced from her, and I could hear footsteps across the kitchen floor approaching me.

No, no no! Don’t come any closer…please!

I was starting to feel small tears well from the corners of my eyes, as if she already knew what I was wearing.

“It looks like something is peaking?….”

Oh no, please tell me the diaper is that wet!

I cursed myself as my seek for a thrill and excitement had become my downfall, the short skirt being unable to cover a sagging diaper.

She’s found out… I’m so done for…

“Oh, I think I know what it is.”


I could only stop my thoughts for a moment to ponder just why she’d have such a normal reaction.

“What are you…talking about?” I dumbly asked. Unsure of what she found anymore.

Suddenly I could hear my mom chuckle a little bit from behind me.

She’s…laughing? What does she see? Is me wearing diapers really that funny?

Thinking of that last piece started to coax more tears as I could only feel more shame for even being looked down upon by my own mom.

“Yuu, I think the tag on your panties is sticking out.”

“Th-the tag?” I could only be relieved from this dangerously close encounter than whatever she said. As long as she didn’t find the diaper.

Thank god! I’m saved!

I could feel myself taking a deep breath from the exhaustion I had just felt from such a moment.

“Here silly, let me get it for you.”

Phew, she didn’t find out about the diaper… As soon as she’s done I need to get upstairs fast. That farther I am away from her the less of an opportunity she has to stumble upon what I’m wearing. But then a chilling thought occurred to me as realization sunk in for me on the truth behind what my mom said.

I wasn’t wearing any panties…so that means…

Please. No.

Instead of a tag that stuck out from behind my skirt which I thought was originally the problem. There was a more pressing issue I so foolishly overlooked. Something I had multiple chances to notice, but somehow neglected up until this point, where I would truly pay for my stupid actions… My face turned a new shade of red and had trouble holding back the tears this time, as my mom attempted to “pull” the white tag from out of my skirt, except was rather fed the growing sight of the elastic waistband of my wet diaper, her grip revealing the rest of it and causing the thick and warm padding to be further pressed against my crotch.

“Oh…” my mom could only say.

It was truly a tough pill to swallow knowing my luck had truly run out this time. As there was no possible way my mom could mistake what she was seeing. But what could I say? How could I react? My face hidden from my mom was struck with mortification and tears running down my eyes from what just happened. There was no way I could face her… not like this. Audibly I slightly struggled in a fit of embarrassment as I was visibly aware of the tugging sensation on the waist of my diaper battling with the now weak grip of my mom as I tried to break free. She released the diaper almost immediately, likely still trying to process what she just saw, and I saw it as an opportunity to run into my room. Wiping away the tears I made a mad dash up my stairs and into my room, followed by the swishing crinkly diaper. Slamming the door I flung myself onto the bed, crying face buried in my pillow.

I sobbed as I myself struggled to process what just happened and what was to come. I’m sure I was a pathetic and entertaining sight to see, a big 12-year-old crying as she runs up the stairs in a soggy diaper.

What if she hates me? Am I in trouble?

I continued to cry as I repositioned myself, back against my pillow and legs pressed against me, causing myself to notice the diaper that had just landed me in such an unfavorable situation.

Stupid diaper! I felt myself think in rage, as I resented what has doomed me. Angrily I shook my palm across it, causing my skirt to ride up and expose the still flawless Elmo smiling back up at me. More tears ran down my face as I knew despite everything that had happened, I still felt some form of attraction to the diaper still and still felt secure with it.

There was no way I would be coming out of my room for the rest of the night. I couldn’t face my mom… not now… not ever. I clicked the lock on my door, unwilling to let her even have a chance at coming in my room. I wiped most of the tears away with a new resolve. All I wanted to do now was go to sleep, regardless of how early it was. I went to my dresser to go grab some clothes to sleep in, then took a longing glance at my closet, thinking of the clothes inside.

No… not tonight. I’m not in the mood anymore…

I pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms which I gladly switched for the skirt that had caused me enough trouble for one night. I pulled the bottoms up, with ease they shaped around the still warm diaper. There was a bit of a bulge created from behind the easily stretched material, which hit me with a pang of happiness that somehow peaked beyond the mountain of worries I now had to look forward to in the morning. But that would wait until then. I flicked off my light switch and lied down on my bed. There was so much to think about what just happened, and I couldn’t help but feel wrong for simply running away from the problem, but I just couldn’t face her. It felt like a long time I laid down in silence, with the occasional turn from side to side in my bed, vividly aware of the small amount o extra effort I had to take to mount a leg over the bulge of the diaper. And yet, somewhere along the way of my restless shuffling, sleep found its way to me. I then experienced my first undisturbed sleep in a diaper ever since many years ago.


When I first woke up, the morning felt normal. Normal is in, nothing traumatic had happened the other day which caused me to go to sleep so early. But then everything became much more apparent once the feeling of crinkling plastic brushed against the bare skin of my thigh in bed. Then I remembered everything that happened. I sat up in my bed in almost a small state of shock, contemplating how I would just send myself from a moment like that straight to my room where I’d sleep undisturbed. Quickly however I disregarded those thoughts as I realized I had to pee once more again. I considered going in the diaper again, but it didn’t feel right at the moment, not with the heavy thought hanging over my head that my mom knows I’m wearing a diaper. It practically felt like she’d know that I’d be peeing in it too like I was being watched. Without taking much more time to consider the matter, I quickly unlocked my door to thankfully be welcomed to an empty hallway where I hadn’t even considered that my mom might be waiting outside for me. I walked the few steps it took to reach from my room to the bathroom door which was unusually shut.

There wasn’t any light coming from the crack between the doorframe and actual door, so that meant nobody was inside. I grabbed the handle to the door and was met with a strong resistance when I tried to turn it, stopping immediately to my hand’s motion.

It’s… it’s locked?

I kept jerking at the handle, unable to accept that it really was locked. The direness of my need to pee was growing stronger, likely from building up in my sleep, and I had embarrassingly enough begun to jump a little from foot to foot, losing my strength on holding it. It was hard to get a firm grip on my crotch to hold it, as the childish garment did quite a good job on keeping things both inside and outside. A fine squishy barrier between my hand and my bladder made it much hard to hold it. I hadn’t noticed until now, but then I turned my head to see my mom standing from the doorway outside her room, watching me.

As much as I wanted to once more run from her in another situation of embarrassment, I was much to preoccupied with getting into the bathroom than facing her right now.

“Mom, the door is locked!” I whined in a state of urgency, still fidgeting with an audible crinkle.

With a look of compassion, my mom calmly replied, “I know sweetie.”

Her blank response was annoying. Couldn’t she tell what was wrong?

“Mom! Please unlock it!” I was starting to let a whining tone leak into my voice. There was no way I could do this in front of her.

In pajamas herself, my mom slowly approached me and then held a firm yet gentle hand on my shoulder as she planted me to the ground.

As I lost my means of prolonging my bladder’s urgency of jumping around, I quickly became bow-legged as her downward force did not cease as she continued to push me down, so much so that I was soon on my knees.

“M-mom… please stop! I need to use the bathroom!”

Please don’t make me pee here! Don’t make me do it!

My mom only let out calm shushing noises as with her other free hand while kneeling as well, took hold of the front of my pajama pants and effortlessly tugged the material past the smooth plastic of my diaper with little friction, giving her an even bigger sight of the other night.

I couldn’t stop blushing as I couldn’t resist what she was doing, and the happy Elmo face unmistakably printed on the front of my diaper projected the same happy look to her as it did to me. As my legs were buckled but spread out, my mom still maintained a dominant position as she while knelt was still planted on her feet, with a greater height than my own. I couldn’t stop blushing as she kept her hand on the waistband of my pajama bottoms, preventing me from masking my obvious symbol of infantilism. Unfortunate familiar tears peeked from the corners of my eyes as we both made eye contact, my face written with distraught while the returned look on hers felt so kind and loving with her smile, but yet still lacked the sort of sympathy that would get me out of this situation. She freed my shoulder as the hand then slowly but in an uninterrupted motion cupped itself around the crotch of my wet diaper, brushing away my own that was barely holding back the pressure. Tears began to run down my face as I couldn’t bear the humiliation any longer. A hot stream of urine flowed out of me into my diaper as I couldn’t help but feel transfixed on my mother’s loving face.

“There there Yuu… shh shh… just let it all out…”

I couldn’t help myself but cry in shame as I knew my mom could feel the slow warmness creeping into the diaper as it was absorbed, the prime reason she probably grabbed the crotch, just to know exactly when I was peeing.

“M-Mom, I don’t wanna wear a diaper” I sobbed, not entirely a lie, at least to not wear a diaper while basked in feelings of shame.

Gently she somehow worked the pajama bottoms completely off my legs in my distraction of embarrassment. I could feel the flow slowly die down as my previously cooled diaper was now once more warm again, reminding me of how I was in no situation to be using a toilet. The thoughts and current experience only made me cry more, as my mom pulled me in for a hug. Despite the shame she had just put me through, I wasn’t in any mood to turn the still comforting embrace down. I hugged her as I cried into her shoulder, still trying to cope with what I had just done. I then became aware of how she somehow lifted me, with an arm supporting my crinkly bottom and the other supporting my back. She carried me back into my own room, and gently set me down on the bed to sit, but kept the dominant position for herself as she stood in front of me. She helped wipe my tears away and multiple times prevented me from trying to cover the very wet diaper I tried to conceal from her. When I was sat down it was clear the diaper had been thoroughly used, as the cushioning of my mattress pressed against my diaper’s bottom where all the urine has collected, welcoming a squishing noise into the room as the pool I now sat in swished around, but surprisingly did not leak. Once I was settled down to a degree, but still with a somewhat steady set of tears, and painfully aware of how she wouldn’t let me hide my diaper, I looked up at her still loving face.

With that still same look of compassion, she once again spoke.

“Now Yuu, I think it’s time we talk…”


Been a while…huh? Felt in the mood to start writing for this story again, because I liked where it was going. I should plan to continue writing for this, but not sure when the next chapter will be released. All depends on when I’m in the mood! Feel free to comment!

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:slight_smile: I just loved the start to this. You are a very good writer.

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It seems Yuu’s mom somehow switched her mind to “mommy mode”, though it’s only a hunch; I’d love to find out where it goes from here. MORE PLEASE!

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great story so far… cant wait for more ;D

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I am enjoying the detail of Yuu’s thoughts, fears, emotions as the situation plays out. Looking forward to more.

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Finally opened and read this to find it excellent. I look forward to more when you feel like writing more.

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