Swan Song By: Long_Rifle

Swan Song By: Long_Rifle

“But mom it STINKS in here! Can’t I sleep on the floor next to your bed with you?”

“Listen Sara it’s not that bad, and nurseries are supposed to smell like this, just relax. It’s only for a few days anyways. Now let’s get you unpacked.”

“Mom! Please don’t make me sleep in here. It smells like piss!”

“Do NOT use that language in this house Sara! We’re here as guests till your father moves out.” She looks over at a white pail in the corner. “Maybe you could empty that diaper pail for your aunt and the smell will go away.”

Sara turned her head towards it, “What? That thing is gross. Tell her to do it, why does she just leave them in here, it’s not like she baby sits often.”

Her mother rolls her eyes, “Fine, unpack yourself. But you’re staying in here. I suggest you try and make the most of it.”


As her mother walked out of the room Sara sat down next to her suitcase and started to unpack. She grabbed several outfits that needed to be hung and draped them over the end of the crib. “I hope these don’t smell like piss from this room.” She thought. Then she heard the front door open and knew her aunt was home. She got up and walked to the kitchen. “Hey Jean, can you get those stinky diapers out of my room for me?”

Her aunt was sitting by her kitchen table drinking a Coke. “Why can’t you do it?”

Sara threw her hands up, “They aren’t MY diapers! Why should I touch them?”

Her aunt held the cool can to her head as it started to hurt, “So would you feel better if they were your diapers then?”

Sara sighed, “Come on! It stinks in there! And can’t you at least remove the plastic from the mattress? It’s bad enough sleeping in a big crib.”

“It’s not a crib; it’s a bed with safety rails.”

Sara Laughed, “It’s got rails, a waterproof pad, and it’s in a room that smells like a big diaper. It’s a CRIB.”

Her aunt got up and walked over to a cabinet, she opened it and started searching for something, she spoke to Sara over her shoulder, “You need some respect young lady. Weren’t you the one that was sleeping on a waterproof pad only 6 months ago?”

Sara’s cheeks burned, “Nice to see mom can keep a secret. But unlike the retards you watch I only did it a few times, and it was because of the stress of graduation. As soon as I decided to take a year off before college it stopped.”

Her aunt suddenly become calmer, she had been moving things around in the cabinet and seemed to have found what she was looking for. “So you’re a big girl now huh? No more going potty in your bed? Here, this should help you out with the smell.” And she handed a crystal bottle to Sara.

“What? Am I supposed to pour this all over the room?”

“No, just use it like a perfume; it should take care of the problem.”

Sara pointed the spout towards her chest and squeezed the old bulb. She was engulfed in a sweet smell. “What is this, what’s this smell?”

“Oh, you’ll figure it out, now go get something nice on, I’m having a friend over for dinner to meet you and your mother.”

Sara turned and walked towards her room. She closed the door behind her and caught a whiff of the perfume again; it did seem to make the smell bearable. She dropped the sweatpants she had been wearing and stepped out of them, then with a kick sent them into the corner of the room. She knelt next to her pile of clothes and started to look for something to wear. “I can’t leave these out on the floor.” She said to herself. Sara looked at the two white dressers in the room, she’d just put her things in one of them.

One of them was low and had a very wide top; the other was skinny and twice as tall. She stood in front of the taller one and opened the second drawer down. Before she could even see what was in it she smelt a familiar odor. She realized it was the same perfume that she had just been given. But when she looked at what was in the drawer all she saw were rows of disposable diapers.

She was confused. Sara opened one and smelled it. Anger welled up in her. “Diapers! She made me smell like a friggen diaper!” She tossed the diaper back in the drawer and slammed it closed. She felt like storming back into the kitchen and slapping her aunt. Then she saw the diaper pail.

In a rage she opened it and grabbed the first diaper on top. Then Sara ran for the kitchen. As she rounded the corner she reached back with her hand to toss it at her aunt when she saw there was company with her. She stopped and stood still in shock, she was looking at another 30 something woman, and a 20 something college student. Sara looked at her aunt then opened her mouth to speak but nothing would come out. That’s when she remembered that she didn’t have anything but a shirt on.

Her aunt responded quickly. “Oh. Sara…. Um. Are you okay?”

Sara managed to finally speak, “Whaaa?” But she shut up as her aunt grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back towards her room.

Her aunt was the first to speak when the door closed behind them. “What the hell was that all about, and why do you have a diaper in your hand?”

Sara still felt humiliated. “I was gonna throw it at you for making me smell like a baby. But-”

“No buts young lady. Those two are good friends of mine and I don’t want them to think I would let someone run around my house half naked. What the hell were you thinking? How am I going to explain your little stunt? That you were going to throw a wet diaper at me? Dam…”

Sara sat down on the bed and started to cry, “Aunty, I don’t want them to talk about me! This will be on Myspace tonight and my life will be over!” Sara’s tears came even faster as she leaned forward and grabbed her aunt in a hug. She couldn’t stop crying if she wanted to, she knew she would be a laughing stock in the morning.

But her aunt took pity on her. “It’s okay honey. No one else knows about this. How will it end up anywhere? I’ll go down there and tell them there’s been a problem and they should understand.”

“No! Please, we need to do something else! Tell them I’m not your niece… Tell them I’m one of your retards.”

Sara would have been frightened had she seen the look of anger in her aunt’s eyes at the term retard. “Oh…. So…… You think that would work?”

Sara sat back down and dabbed tears from her eyes. The idea that her life would not be over buoyed her. “Yeah! I’ll just act till they leave. They’ll never know. Please aunt! Please do this for me!”

But her aunt was thinking along another track. Not just to help save Sara’s personal life from an imagined public humiliation, but to teach her a lesson. Then she smiled as an idea struck her. “Well, I guess we can do it, but you know what that means right? It mean you’ll have to do everything I say, can you do that?”

Sara frantically nodded her head, “Anything! I swear!”

Her aunt’s smile widened, “Then I guess the first step is to get you in your new diaper.”

Sara’s smile vanished, “What? Why diapers?”

“You just ran down there half naked, carrying a wet diaper. How am I going to explain that?”

Sara started to become frantic, “Just tell them I pulled one out of the diaper pail and-”

Her aunt sighed, “And why did you have no pants on?”

Sara didn’t speak she didn’t know what to say.

“Look honey.” Her aunt stated. “Just do this, they will be gone in a few hours and they’ll forget about you soon after. You’ll just be another one of my charges that passes through here.”

Sara looked down at her feet then stood up and hugged her aunt again, “Fine, let’s do this I trust you.” She walked over to the dressers and grabbed a diaper. She was unfolding it when her aunt grabbed it from her and pointed to the crib. Sara didn’t have to be told what she meant. She walked over and lay back onto the mattress.

Her aunt gently slapped her on the thigh, “Lift your bum up Sara.”

She cringed as she felt the diaper placed under her butt, and then closed her eyes as she set herself down on the cool padding. It warmed as she felt it folded over her, and taped in place.

She slowly sat up listening to her new pants crinkle. “I can’t believe I’m in a diaper, in front of you.” She poked the front of it and cringed, “At least I don’t have to use it.” But her aunt cut her off.

“Okay, now here’s the deal. You’ve seen what my little angels act like. Just try to relax and don’t talk to much.” Then her aunt stopped and looked towards a cabinet high on the wall. “Hold on Sara.” She walked over to it, and pulled it open. She removed a small tube and squeezed some of it onto the tip of her finger. “Open your mouth, this will help you play the part.”

Sara did as she was told, as her aunt spread the gel around her mouth she felt her gums tingling wherever it touched. It took a few more fingers of the gel, but soon Sara’s entire mouth felt numb.

“Waws dis pozd do be?” Sara gurgled, surprised at what came out of her own mouth.

“It’s Ora-jel, I take care of real babies sometimes, and when they’re teething that helps numb the pain, I just put half a tube in there. You shouldn’t be able to say much of anything now.”

Sara was about to complain when she felt something wet run down her shirt. She looked down and realized she was drooling. She looked up at her aunt who already had a bib out. Sara didn’t even fight as it was tied around her neck.

“Alright sweetie, let’s get this over with. Try not to act your age…”

Sara didn’t laugh at the bad joke; she just closed her eyes and imagined it was just a bit of role play.

She felt her hand in her aunts and knew they were walking out to the kitchen, but felt her self jerked to a stop just before entering. She opened her eyes to see the two guests staring at her as if she was a toddler just learning to walk.

Sara had expected to be introduced to them she started to open her mouth but when she did she just drooled again. Instead her aunt broke the silence, “We’ll be right back, I think little Sara needs a quick adjustment. And I left her medicine in bathroom.”

When they entered, her aunt closed the door behind them. Sara wanted to ask why they were in there; she looked at her aunt who saw the unasked question in her eyes.

“Honey, you just don’t look the part. You’re too confident, and not meek enough. When you started to walk in there you just looked like a mature woman in a diaper. I’ve got something here to help you.”

Sara looked on as she grabbed a medicine bottle, and unscrewed the lid, carefully sucking some of the contents up in a dropper.

“Sara, do you remember when Franny was here and she would get very upset and frustrated?” Sara nodded her head. “Well this is what I have to give her to make her calm down. It should make you more relaxed and help you get through this alright?”

Again Sara nodded and opened her mouth. The medicine tasted like cherrys as it rolled down her throat. She didn’t know it but her aunt had given her more than the normal amount.

“Alright, now I’ll put you in the bed and leave you in there for 20 minutes till this takes affect. Let’s go.”

Sara had seen this all before so she didn’t think anything was wrong. She knew it took time for the medicine to work, and anyone who visited often would know as well. She hopped up into the bed by herself, but was surprised when her aunt raised the front rail and effectively locked her in.


“Sara you know the drill. This is how it’s done. Now I’ll be back in about 20 minutes. Try to think about what you’re doing here. And remember this will be over soon. Think of this as a learning experience. Most people I put in this crib never get a chance to snap out of it later.”

Sara sat down and watched as Jean left and closed the door. Now her reflection stared back at her from a mirror on the back of the door. She looked first at the bib on her chest, counting the dark patches on it from her drool. “Seven spots, yuck.” She thought.

Then she looked down from the mirror to the diaper around her waist. “My diaper.” She silently whispered. “I’m wearing my diaper. Diaperrrrr….” She smiled as she kept repeating that word. “Diaper… Diapee.” She giggled when she heard herself. “Ma Diapee!” she said loudly. She blushed and put her hands to her mouth. Then she started to poke at the diaper bulging at her crotch. She thought it didn’t feel too bad, and she absently wondered what it would feel like wet. Then she yawned and got up on her knees and leaned against the front rail. She looked around the room and tried to find something to occupy her mind.

She was staring at the diaper pail when she realized she was having a hard time reading what was written on it. She knew what the words were, and what they meant, but every time she tried to put everything together it seemed to fade away. Sara then felt herself get heavier, her legs got weaker and she fell back roughly on her padded bum.

Sara looked back at the mirror and saw a girl who’s eyes were half closed, she tried to count the dark spots on her bib but couldn’t really get started. As she was starting to get bored the door opened and her aunt walked in.

“Ma ma!”

Her aunt laughed, “Nope, not your mommy. Just her sister.” She looked at Sara as she lowered the top rail. “Anyone home Sara?”

Sara just smiled up at her, a silly sloppy grin on her face.

“I guess that’s a no. Time for Sara to see the guests.” She then gently picked her up and walked her towards the Living room where everyone was relaxing. She had to help Sara keep her balance; she couldn’t tell if it was the diaper throwing her off, or to much medicine.

Finally she had her in the living room. “Here’s the special guest! Sara, say hi!”

But Sara didn’t even act like she heard her; she was staring at the TV and frantically trying to tug her hand away from her aunt.

The older woman set her glass down and held out her hands, “Awww, she’s so cute Jean, is she completely gone?”

“Yep, I guess I used to much on her. I figured it would do something. But not this bad.” Jean let go of Sara’s hand and she dropped to her butt on the floor. She looked over towards the strange lady and smiled. She could tell she was saying something, but it went by to fast. But it did sound nice to her so she crawled over towards her.

“Be careful, she may still puke.”

“Don’t worry Jean, I took care of enough puke when Jan was still in diapers.”

“Funny mom; cut it out.” Jan walked over to Sara and rubbed her head gently, “I can’t believe she actually choose to do this. Was her dignity really worth this?”

Sara’s aunt sat down and grabbed her own glass. “To be honest she didn’t really agree to go this far. I doubt she thought the drug would do this to her, and it really shouldn’t have. I’m sure it will ebb soon, though to be honest I kind of hope she pees herself before that happens.”

Jan looked up, “Oh, can I change her then?”

“Well… As long as she doesn’t throw a fit, but she may not even do it. Just have fun with her. We’ll see what happens.” Jean looked over and saw that her friend had a slight grimace on her face. “What’s wrong Pam?”

“I just don’t know why you did this; it’s just weird to see a healthy young lady crawling around blissfully in a diaper and a shirt. Don’t you think you’re going a bit to far?”

Jean looked to Sara, now happily playing with her feet and back to Pam. “Look, it’s not like this is going to go public. You two can keep a secret like this. But she really needs to learn a lesson, and I figure this should do it. She doesn’t really care about others, and now she can learn some respect. Maybe some ‘diaper time’ will do her some good.”

Pam looked back to her own daughter, now trying to get Sara to drink from a cup. The sight brought a smile to her lips. “I suppose so, you always said she was so bitchy, maybe having saggy pants will give her some perspective. And it’s not like she wasn’t peeing herself before.”

“Exactly. Hey Jan? I’ve got some sippy cups in the kitchen, why don’t you use those? I’m sure she’ll drain a couple of them, and it will be less mess in the long run.”

Jan stood and walked into the kitchen. It looked like Sara was about to follow her but she saw a mirror and crawled to it instead.

Sara stared at her reflection for several seconds. The haze in her mind was still there, but beneath it all she thought she looked stupid. She knew she was making a fool of herself, but she really didn’t care right now. She even tried to follow the conversation, but everything just sped by her. She saw her aunt in the mirror behind her smiling, it made Sara feel better and she started to giggle. She was starting to go to her, but a hand put a cup in front of her.

She felt parched and it took no urging to make her drink from the sippy cup. She drained it quickly and took the second one that was offered as well.

“Wow” Jan Exclaimed, “I guess you were right. No mess and as long as the diaper holds it should stay that way.” Then she sat down next to Sara and started moving toys in front of her, she really enjoyed watching her play.

After another 20 minutes of small talk Jean noticed Sara was acting much more coordinated, “Well I guess my little angel is feeling better.”

Pam and Jan looked at Sara and agreed. They were all smiling at her, causing her to blush in embarrassment.

Jan however really wanted to change her diaper and lunged at her in a sudden tickle fight. It was quick, and had the desired affect. Sara tried but couldn’t stop the flood inside her diaper. She sat down and tried to act like nothing had happened. But Jan wasn’t going to let her get away.

“I think a certain young lady needs a diapee change!” she grabbed the bulging diaper and squeezed. “Yep, full to the brim. Can I take her and change her?”

Sara looked to her aunt as Jean spoke, but she ignored it. “Of course, make sure you use a wipe, I don’t want her to get a rash.”

Jan grabbed her hand and helped Sara to her shaky feet. They walked slowly towards the nursery and the dry diapers with-in.

Sara didn’t want her diaper changed, but didn’t know what she should do. As she stood silently trying to come up with an idea Jan grabbed her diaper again. “Wow, I think you went even more. I guess we better take care of this before you leak all over.”

Jan carefully laid her down on the floor and un-taped the diaper. She then gently wiped her, making sure to get everywhere. Sara had closed her eyes at the sound of the tapes being opened but had opened them slightly as she was wiped down, Jan seemed to be enjoying herself. Slowly wiping certain areas that made her really enjoy it.

Then the wiping stopped, Sara picked up her head and looked towards Jan who smiled back at her, “I bet it’s good to get out of that icky wet diaper huh?”

Sara weakly smiled.

“Ok, bum up.” Jan said as she unfolded a fresh disposable. Then as Sara’s butt was up she gently slid it under. “Good girl.” Then she taped it closed, leaving her in a diaper once again. But instead of helping Sara to her feet Jan got up and left the room, she quickly returned and closed the door behind her. She squatted down next to her and pulled her up into a sitting position.

Jan wanted to teach her a lesson, though she had her own ulterior motives. She had finally thought of a way to get Sara to stay a bit longer in diapers. She looked Sara in the eyes and said, “When I was told about you I checked out your Myspace.”

Sara’s eyes opened wide and she tensed up her body, drawing her legs in and covering her diaper with her arms. “What?” Was all she could meekly say.

“You heard me. I know who, and more importantly what you are. And you’re not a special needs person. You’re a spoiled girl that needs to learn a thing or two about life.”

Sara started to get up, but Jan stopped her. “Wait, I’m not telling anyone anything yet so hold on.”

Sara looked up at her, tears running down her face. “Please don’t say nuffin’.”

Jan gently wiped the tears away, “Oh hush Sara, I wouldn’t do anything like that, unless I had too.”

Sara’s mouth dropped open at the last part.

Jan stood up and over her, “Yeah, I think you need to learn something from all this. After you came out I told your aunt about reading your Myspace and she spilled the beans. Of course my mother would never utter a word, but me… I want you to spend some more time ‘role playing’. No one else but you and me will know about this. They will think you’re having problems, and that it’s from the stress of having to wear diapers. And we’ll just keep the real reason to ourselves.”


“No buts Sara. You chose this. You chose to wear diapers. And to act like you needed them. Now you can choose to do it again, or I’ll make a little Myspace of my own. Another version of your ‘Asara cute’ page, one with more diaper content.”

Sara hide her face in her hands, she didn’t want to, but she had her popularity to worry about, and to her it was more important than what a few yokels might think of her. She looked up and nodded.

“Good. Now I know from your aunt that you used to have a bed time potty problem. I think you can start there. Start wetting in your bed at night. We only have a week or so to do this, so make sure you really soak it, no dribbles. You should be back in diapers in a few days. Maybe have a few daytime accidents. Just act the part. I’ll come over every day to check how you’re doing.” Jan could see Sara was on the verge of crying again. “Aww don’t cry little Sara, this will be over soon and you can go back to your regular life. And I could tell you liked getting cleaned, at least you can look forward to that.”

Sara began to cry even harder. She couldn’t believe she was going to have to do this or be destroyed at home.

“Well, I can’t take you out there like this. Time for a nap I guess. Get up in the crib and I’ll tell your aunt you freaked out and I put you down.” Jan helped her up into the crib and locked her in. She then turned on the night light, and turned off the room light. Just before opening the door she turned back to Sara, “Night night, I look forward to hearing about your sudden potty problems tomorrow.”

When she returned to the living she saw her mother standing next to the TV, smiling at her. “Well, how’d it go?”

Jan sat down and grinned, “Baby got a new diaper and I think she liked it, I put her down for a nap though, she got a little ‘clingy’ towards the end, if you get my drift.”

Sara’s aunt was surprised, “She liked it? You really think so?”

Jan looked down at the floor and then back up, “No, I mean she REALLY liked it. I think there’s a reason she used to wet her bad. And I bet she’ll do it again now.”

“Oh. Well I guess I’ll have a talk with little Sara’s mother and see what we can do to help her.”

Now Jan’s face took on a mischievous look, “I can’t wait.”

In the nursery Sara was laying down in the crib. Her tears had stopped and now she was staring off into space. The idea that she would be stuck in a room that reeked of piss had been horrible. And now she was going to be adding to that smell herself.

She looked down to the floor and saw that Jan had left her wet diaper out. For some reason she reached out and pulled it into the crib. It was gross, but Sara needed something to do besides stare at the walls.

She sat up and looked at the balled up wad of plastic and padding. She could still feel warmth coming from it. “I can’t believe I’m back in diapers.” She thought to herself. But the evidence was in front of her. Not only was she wearing one, but she had already wet one. She slowly pulled the tape off and opened the diaper.

The heavy smell of fresh pee filled her nose. Normally she would feel weird about something like this, but her sudden stress had over rode that feeling. She set the diaper in front of her and started looking at it closely. Sara had feared that it would be too loud, but the plastic barely crinkled as she touched and probed it.

After several minutes she yawned and felt like she might be able to sleep. She tossed the diaper out of the crib and closed her eyes. But even though she was tired she couldn’t get to sleep. She kept staring out through the bars at her plastic shame on the floor. Slowly she felt her boredom lift as she gently fell sleep.

Several hours later Sara woke to find herself still in darkness, she wondered why she had woken from a sound sleep. Then she felt a twinge from her bladder. “I can’t believe this.” She whispered, “I’m stuck in a giant crib and I have to piss.” Then she saw the white mass on the floor and remembered everything. She reached down and touched the diaper between her legs. She didn’t want to do it, but she knew she had to use it.

She pushed as hard as she could but nothing would come out. She sat up and tried again, but the same thing happened. Finally she squatted and pushed again. She was rewarded with a slow trickle, then a steady stream. The diaper slowly warmed, as she finished Sara sat down and grimaced as she lay down onto her back. The diaper had expanded, she remembered the goodnights she used to wear feeling almost the same. She squeezed her legs together a few times and rolled over. Her diaper began to cool as she finally drifted off to sleep.

The morning came with the soft falling of rain, and a problem for Sara’s mother. She had been told the events of the night by her sister Jean and didn’t quite know what to do. Jean seemed to think Sara could learn a valuable lesson. And while she didn’t think Sara was a bad girl she could learn some responsibility.

Sara’s mother had hoped Jean had thought of something else but as she walked into the kitchen she saw her sitting at the table, a coffee cup in her hand and a crumpled diaper next to the other.

“Morning Jean. What’s with the diaper?”

“Morning Fey, well when I checked on Sara last night I found this thrown on the floor.”

“Oh, well maybe Jan didn’t throw it out last night?”

“Well I called her to find out, and she didn’t throw it out, but she said it was balled up and taped closed.”

Sara’s mother sat down and put her head in her hands. “So she played with it then.”

Jean smiled. “Maybe, but she may have been curious.”

Fey just looked at her sister, “Look I want her to learn a lesson too, but I already went through her wetting the bed, I don’t want that again.”

“Geez, it’s not like a week of this is going to revert her to babyhood. And if you really want I’ll do all the work. Just think, a few diapers and she’ll be a better person.”

Fey seemed to think about that, then she grabbed her sisters coffee and took a swig. “I hope so, otherwise you’re moving in to deal with the feedings and changing’s.”

Jean slyly smiled, “Speaking of changing’s, I think I better wake her up. When I checked her last night she was wet.”

“Dam!” Fey swore, “She pissed herself? I knew this was a bad idea.”

“No, she didn’t. Remember what Jan said. Sara probably did it on purpose. She likes wearing diapers. And I think she wants to wear them again. I bet she’ll wet again tonight. I bet she’s gonna use that stress excuse again.”

“So? If she likes them why give them to her? I don’t want her pissing herself every night again.”

“Fey, she won’t. We’ll give her the diapers she wants. And everything that goes with them. We’ll make her hate them. Okay?”

“I don’t know, how are you going to do all that in a week?”

Jean stood up and walked over to the sink, as she washed out her cup she answered. “Well it may take a bit longer. Maybe we’ll just come up with a reason to stay here a bit longer. But we’ll do that when we get there.”

Jean turned towards her sister and just saw a resigned look on her face. She walked up behind her and gently rubbed her shoulder. “Then it’s settled, I’m going to go get Sara.”

But Fey stopped her, “No let me get her, she’s going to be angry over this. And I want her to know I still love her, no matter what.”

Jean smiled as her sister stood. “That’s the best way to do it. Let her know we love her no matter what she wants.”

As she entered her daughters room she was hit by the smell of stale pee, but then she remembered that it had smelled that way already. Fey slowly walked to the large crib and stared down at Sara. She had kicked the covers off and her mother could see the soaked diaper between her legs. Fey sighed and dropped the side of the crib.

“Sara, honey. Sara, wake up.” She gently urged.

Her daughter stirred then opened her eyes. “Mom, hey.”

“Morning young lady, do you want to get up and get changed for the day?”

“What?” Then she remembered the diaper. “No, mom. I’m fine, I don’t need a change.”

Her mother just smiled and shook her head. “It’s okay. You’ve had a rough time lately; I didn’t mean you had to change into another diaper. I just thought you’d want to dress for the day.”

Sara blushed at looked down at the floor. She didn’t really want her mother to think she had done it on purpose, but she didn’t want to have her friends find out back home. “Er, okay mom. I guess I just need to relax.” Sara got up and walked over to the dresser but her mother stopped her.

“Sara, I know what you and Jean did yesterday.” She let the statement hang as she looked at the sagging diaper hanging off her daughter. “You know what that means right?”

Sara unconsciously squeezed her diaper and looked at her reflection, “I guess it means I have to wear diapers every time they come over now.”

Fey stood and placed her hands on her daughter’s shoulders, she decided Sara didn’t want to come out and admit she wanted to wear them. But that was okay, she’d let her decide the time for that. “Yes, and just in case they come over unannounced you should wear the pull up trainers.”


"No buts young lady. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want. But just in case ANYONE from around here comes over it will look less suspicious if the “big baby’ was properly dressed for the day. Now get dressed and come down for breakfast.”

Sara watched as her mother left. Then she turned back to the mirror and squeezed the diaper again. “Ugh, I hate these.” Then she ripped loose the left tape and let it slide down to the floor. She picked it up and was surprised at how heavy it seemed. “Did I pee that much?” She wondered out loud. Then she opened the diaper pail and tossed it in. As she closed it she noticed a new and empty bag in it. “I guess Jean cleaned it before I woke up. Plenty of room for more diapers I guess.”

Sara had pulled her pants halfway on when she remembered what her mother had said about the pull ups. She pulled them back off and searched the drawers for a pair. She found a small stack of some that looked like they should fit her. She stretched them open and stepped in.

They started tight but the crinkly covering seemed to stretch. She had tears in her eyes as she used her fingers to pull the elastic leg gathers into position. She sat down and pulled her jeans up again. Thankfully she didn’t bring her hip huggers and with a little work she had them on and buttoned. But when she stood up she saw the top of the pink pull ups sticking out. Sara picked one of her longer shirts, but if she leaned over it didn’t cover the band of pink coming out of her pants.

While Sara was trying to get dressed her mother was telling Jean what she had done.

“So you told her she needs to wear trainers during the day?”

“Yeah, do you think it was too much?”

Jean smiled, “No it was perfect, now she can choose what she wants, I’ll just add a bit to it when she gets down here and we’ll let her choose.”

Several minutes later Sara walked it and grabbed a cup of coffee, her pink shame visible briefly as she sat down.

Her mother cleared her throat, but Jean spoke first. “Sara, I know what your mother said but I want to tell you I still have rules here. You can use the toilet, or you can use your trainers. But if you have an accident twice in 24 hours you’ll have to wear a diaper till the next morning.”

Sara just kept drinking her coffee and didn’t answer.

Her mother grabbed the cup and pulled it away from her lips, “Answer her, or you can just wear a shirt and the pull ups all day.”

“Fine, I understand. Can I go check my messages now?”

Her mother smiled. “Sure thing honey.” Then she added, “Just call if you need to potty.”.

Sara just fumed as she went to get her laptop.

The morning went quickly as Sara answered all her e-mails, and checked the Myspace bulletins. She felt hungry and looked up to see it was past noon. She was in the fridge when she heard a knock on the door. She pecked through the shades and saw it was Jan. “Oh shit.” She muttered.

She ran to find her mother, but ran into Jean instead.

“Who’s at the door Sara?”

“It’s Jan. I’m going to stay in my room. Tell her I’m sick or something.”

“No way. If she wants to see you I’m not lying. I’ve never stopped her from seeing any my girls before. This is your thing you started. You’ll just have to deal with it. Now come on.” Jean grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the front door.

As it opened Jan met Sara with a smile. “Oh I see my special little girl is up. And I see she has her special big girl pants on. Congrats!” Then she turned to Jean, “I think I left my phone in the nursery, do you mind if I go look?”

“No problem, maybe little Sara can help you?”

Jan leaned down and put on a look one reserves for talking to small children. “Do you wanna help me look?” Sara didn’t answer, but that didn’t matter, Jan grabbed her and looked up at Jean.

She just smiled, “Sure she can help, she’s been good today and hasn’t had her meds yet. Just make sure she doesn’t break your phone if you find it.”

Jan pulled Sara back into the nursery. Then shut the door behind her. “Okay squirt I know that you wet last night, but why were you playing with the first wet diaper I took off you?”

“I wasn’t playing, I was bored and wanted to see how bad I had used it. I was stuck locked in this crib all dam night!”

Jan cracked a sly smile. “Well ok I guess. I just know many toddlers seem to enjoy playing with used diapers. And I thought you had decided to go a bit further than I had told you too.”

Sara sat down on the edge of the crib and scowled. “Whatever. Is there anything else? Or are you ready to go now?”

“Temper, temper miss pissy pants, I’d hate to see those Jeans get soaked.” But as she looked closely at Sara she noticed the brink pink plastic. “Oh my.” She lunged towards Sara and pulled her shirt up. “I guess we don’t have to worry about wet jeans. Have you used them yet?”

Sara stood up and moved away from her, “No, I haven’t used them. I didn’t think I needed to yet.”

“Well I guess it’s my lucky day then. Use them. NOW.”

Sara started to move for the door but Jan was faster she wrapped an arm around her and put her hand over her mouth. “I said I want you to piss yourself. Do it now, or I’ll take your new Myspace off private.”

Sara went slack when she heard that. As Jan’s hand came off her mouth she spoke. “But you said-”

“I know what I said but I figured you’d be a bad girl. Now you don’t have to become my little diaper girl. But if you don’t everyone will think you are anyways.”

Sara had tears in her eyes as she grabbed the door knob, at first Jan thought she was going to leave but then she watched as Sara squatted on the floor and closed her eyes.

“Good girl. Now tell aunt Jan when you’re done.”
After a few minutes Sara stood with her legs bowed out a bit. “I can’t believe I just did that.” She turned to Jan, “Happy now?”

Jan just pointed at Sara. “I’m happier, now take your Jeans off.”


I said take them off, or I’ll do it for you. Come on hurry up."

Sara just shook her head as she dropped her pants leaving her in nothing but her wet trainers and shirt. She reached down and touched the bulging material between her legs, she was reminded of the night before when she had peed in the diaper. “My diaper.” She corrected herself.

Jan heard her talking to herself. “No sweetie, that’s not your diaper, that’s your training pants. Your diaper is in the pail, wet from last night. Maybe you want to play with that one to?”

“That’s disgusting! Can you go now? Or do you want to change my pull ups to?”

“Not yet, I’ll tell your aunt you laid down for a bit. But I suggest you put on some dry pants first. See ya squirt!”

As Jan disappeared out the door Sara dropped on her bed and started to cry. “I can’t do this!” She yelled into the pillow. But an image of herself being called “diaper girl” at her dorm calmed her. She stood up and jerked the wet pull up off her waist. Then she grabbed another and slid them up her legs, not even bothering to wipe.

Meanwhile Jan waved Jean towards the front door and whispered to her as she got close. “She’s a good actor, but not great. She just acted out of it and sat on the bed while I looked around for the phone. Then when I asked her to help she stood up and smiled.”

Jean was confused, “That’s it?”

“No, as she smiled she bowed her legs out and blushed. I checked her pants and found she had peed herself.”

Jean looked surprised, “I know she likes diapers, but I didn’t think she would go that far. Are you sure?”

Jan nodded, “I know a wet diaper. I told her to change herself, and I’d send you up. I think she really would love being back in diapers 24/7 but it would be too much for her to say it. You’re going to have to wait this out, then force her to accept them in the end. I think she’s hurting, and the diapers could help.”

Jean turned back and checked to make sure Sara wasn’t anywhere near then looked back to Jan. “I know. I just don’t know how to get her into diapers without it seeming forced.”

Jan leaned in and whispered right in Jeans ear. “Just use that medicine of yours. Sneak a bit of it into her food, that will make her feel more relaxed. Then you can work on her.”

“I suppose that would work.” Then she had another idea. “Why don’t you and your mother come by again tonight? I’ve got an idea.”

“Sure thing, I’ll have her call later.” Then Jan turned and walked away. Laughing inside while imaging what Sara’s life would be like in a few days.

Jean slowly walked back to Sara’s room. She gently knocked on the door and pushed it open. “Sara, Jan told me what happened.” Then she saw the tears still drying on her face. She also noticed the wet pull up bunched up on the floor.

“She told you I pissed myself?” Sara put her face in her hands and rubbed, then pulled them through her hair.

Jean picked up the soaked trainers and walked towards the diaper pail. “But she also bought it that you’re one of my special cases. So I guess your secret is still safe.”


“Which brings up the next problem.”

Sara absently scratched at the top of the pull ups. “What now?”

“Well, Jan and her mother are coming over for dinner tonight, and that means you’re going to have to keep the act going several hours.”

“No, I can’t do that! Just dope me up again.”

Jean had hoped Sara would say that, now she decided she could give Sara the leeway she needed to get more into the role. “Look that medicine has a few side effects with continued use.”

Sara sprang to her feet, “What kinds?”

“Nothing serious, and it’s not to common. But I see it may be affecting you.”

“Tell me!”

“First off it’s temporary.” Jean took a breath and tried to act like she wasn’t lying through her teeth. “Sometimes it affects control.”

Sara had a questioning look on her face, she opened her mouth to speak then closed it as she realized what she was being told. “You mean I could start pissing myself?”


Sara sat down and hid her face again, but this time it was to let herself think. She now had a reason to be wetting her pull-ups. Now she could make Jan happy and it wouldn’t really be her fault. Plus her aunt would think it was just the medicine. She tried to feign concern and looked up to her aunt. “So how long will this last?”

Her aunt smiled, Sara had bought it. Now to see if she used the medicine as an excuse to regress a bit. “Not long, only a few days after the last dose. So I take it you’ll keep using it?”

Sara stood up and looked past her aunt to the mirror. The image of a diapered teen stared back at her. It didn’t seem so bad. A few days of diapers and she’ll be back home and safe. “I guess. But I don’t want to take it till I have to okay?”

“That’s good enough. I’ll tell you before they get here.”

Sara followed her aunt out into the hall and watched as she entered the bathroom and started to prepare her dose for later. “So I just come up here, slam that and I’m one step closer to diapers?”

“If that’s how you want to put it. I guess I’ll just treat you like all my other charges during dinner. Do you like chicken and broccoli?”


“Good, then that’s what you’re eating tonight. Now go relax I’ll let you know when you’re needed.”

“Sure, hey where’s my PSP? I’ll try a bit of that to pass the time.”

“In my room, top shelf of the closet.”

Sara walked into her aunt’s room and thought it looked to old fashioned. Everything looked like it belonged in another time period. Then she opened the closet. It was packed with items needed to care for less fortunate souls. From pads and diapers, to special tools needed to care for those that couldn’t care for themselves. She noticed an open package called “Tranquility All Through The Night Briefs”. She pulled one out and was amazed at how thick it was. She doubted she could even walk in it. She set it down, deciding to ask Jean about it later. She used one of the packs of diapers as a step and took her PSP off the top shelf. She blew some dust off it and left for the living room.

She took one last look back, into the bathroom and saw the little plastic cup sitting there. She started to think back to the night before and what it was like. She remembered that everything seemed so much fun. And the confusion at trying to do simple things. Then she remembered the time after it started to wear off, and the severe embarrassment she had felt. “Not this time.” She said out loud. She grabbed the jar of thick liquid and poured more in, about half as much as the original amount. “What could it hurt?” She thought, “I’ll just be out of it longer, maybe they’ll be gone before I come back.”

She left the bathroom and walked to the couch-filled living room where she sat down and watched a few videos. She kept looking at the clock and wondering how much time she had left. She was actually getting nervous. Halfway through V for Vendetta she felt a need to pee. She got up and started to walk towards the bathroom but remembered that she was supposed to be having side effects from her last little trip. She looked around and checked that the coast was clear, then tried to pee. But as much as she tried she couldn’t do it standing up.

Finally she squatted down and felt herself begin to go. Again the warmth spread between her legs, and again she felt shame well up inside her. She stood up when she was finished and walked quickly to her room, the now thicker pull up moving warmly between her legs.

She was about to grab a fresh pull up when she heard the front door open, then her mother yell. “Sara, get down here and help me out for a second!”

“Sure mom!”

She ran down to the front door and saw her mother holding several paper bags. “Take these to the kitchen honey, then stick the frozen stuff in the fridge. I don’t want to lose all that ice cream.”

“Whatever mom.”

Fey decided to ignore her daughters comment, she knew she was under a lot of stress, and it would be getting worse before it got better. She had been called after Jean told Sara about the side effects, and she wondered exactly what Sara would do now. She picked up the last bags and slammed the car door closed. As she entered the house she ran into Jean who put her finger to her lips telling her to be quiet and motioned for Fey to follow her.

She walked towards the kitchen and pointed inside, Fey looked but only saw her daughter. She looked back at Jean and motioned “What?”

Then Jean turned and pointed to her butt, then pointed back in the kitchen. Now Fey was curious. She peeked around the doorway again and watched as Sara knelt down to retrieve groceries to put away. When she leaned forward to grab something Fey saw what was wrong. Two dark crescents on the inside of Sara’s pants.

Fey looked at her sister, surprise in her eyes. Jean smiled and mimed, “I told you so.” Fey shook her head, then walked into the kitchen like nothing was wrong.

“Thanks for the help Sara. The Jelly Beans are for you.”

Sara still had the bag in her hands as she stood, “Sure mom.” But as she tried to walk out the door her aunt stopped her.

“Anything you want to tell us honey?”

“Errr, no.” She turned her back away from them and walked backwards towards the safety of her room, her hands held in front of her holding her candy.

Her mother stepped forward and took on a stern look. “Look young lady. We won’t treat you like a child unless you act like one.” Sara blushed. But her mother didn’t stop, “Now I’ll give you one last chance, is there ANYTHING you want to tell us?”

Sara hung her head in shame, she tried to answer but she couldn’t find the words. Jean looked at her sister and frowned, thinking she had been to heavy handed. “Oh, it’s okay Sara, it wasn’t your fault. Just change it faster next time. Now go get cleaned up. And I’ll bring you something else to wear for tonight.”

Sara darted for the room, closing the door loudly behind her. She didn’t care to hear what else her mother or aunt might say, she was too embarrassed.

“Sorry Fey, it was too soon to force it. She needed an out.”

Fey sat down in the kitchen and looked out the back door window. “Are you sure this is the right thing to do? I know she might like diapers and all. But what if we can’t make her hate them?”

Jean walked to a cabinet over the sink and pulled down a canister of something, she started to pull out other items as well while she talked. “It’s not making her just hate diapers, we can’t do that. But we can make her hate everything that goes with them. You remember how much resistance she put up getting put in that room. Well she must have been trying to hide how she really feels about it.” Fey was at the sink now filling something with water. “So now we’ve given her a way to pee without her having to explain why, and she’s doing it. We just let this keep going and add things, little things at first, but in the end we’ll have her reduced to wearing diapers and drinking this.” She handed a cup of a warm milk colored liquid to Fey who took a sip.

“Bleh! This stuff tastes like sweet cardboard! What is it!”

“It’s baby formula with a bit of sugar added in. I found it’s best to start with sugar added, then remove it over time. So –baby- Sara has a day or two of the baby life. With nothing but feedings, diapers, and sleeping. She’ll get so bored she’ll ASK to be a college girl again. Then you’ll never have to worry about this silliness again.”

Fey handed back the glass and smiled, “You’re sure there’s no more diapers in my future then?”

“In the near future yes, but right now I think a certain girl needs a nap and a diaper.”

Fey stood up and stretched, “Is this part of –adding things- then?”

Jean just smiled and walked towards the nursery, Fey followed close behind.

Sara was standing in front of her crib still in the wet pull ups when they walked in. The top of the diaper pail was open and the room had filled with the smell of stale pee. Sara seemed to be staring into it, one hand on the crib, the other grabbing the front of her soaked undies.

Her mother spoke first, “Sara?”

She didn’t answer, she was in her own world. Her mind was racing as she tried to find a way out of all this. She had come in her room ready to pull off her pull ups and change when she saw the wet spots from her leaks. She dropped the pants as an image of her cousin appeared in her mind.

She had been about 3 and her panties had leaked as well. Sara told herself “This isn’t my fault, I’m not a baby.” Then she had opened the diaper pail and the smell of her own pee reminded her of what she had done. She gently touched the outside of her pull ups and realized it wasn’t that bad and it would be over soon. But as she thought that she was reminded how humiliated all this made her feel and how much she wanted it to be over. “I can’t just stand around pissing myself. I can’t let Jan do this to me. I’ve got to fight this.” She was trying to figure something out when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see the concerned face of her mother staring at her.

“Are you okay honey?”

Sara looked down and realized what she had been doing, “Okay I guess, I was just thinking.” Then she saw what her mother had in her hand. “I don’t need that mom. I’m not a baby.”

Fey set the diaper down and looked at her adult daughter. “Look Sara, I know you don’t need it, but me and your aunt were doing some talking and we think the stress of all this can’t be good for you, so we thought you should lay down for an hour or so. And since you did wet the bad last time we thought we would be safe, rather then have you wake up in a mess later.”

“Mom, I told you it was because I couldn’t get out last night. I don’t need a diaper.”

Jean grabbed the diaper and stepped forwards. “We know you don’t but you’re wearing this for several reasons. First off you had a second accident so now you’re in them till the morning. Second, you’re lying down and with this on you won’t have to worry about getting up. And third, we don’t know when our friends will get here, so it’s just in case you’re still sleeping, that way everything will look normal to them.”

Sara had wanted to say no, but the last part got her attention. She reached out for the diaper as she started to pull her trainers down, but her mother stopped her. “Why don’t you do that in the bathroom Sara? You’re still a big girl, go get cleaned up and I’ll tuck you in.”

Sara felt better as she walked into the bathroom. It made her happy to be able to clean herself. The oddity of an adult feeling happy about cleaning herself after peeing her own pants eluded her. Deep down her sub-conscious was happy to do something like a big girl. Further separating her from babyhood. She put her hand on her pull ups to pull them down but managed to rip the right side apart instead, on a whim she ripped the other side as well and set the open pull ups on the back of the toilet. Then she started cleaning.

After she was done she looked at her self in the mirror. She moved her body in several provocative poses, and felt herself grow warm as she looked at how adult she really was. It had been several days since she had –relaxed- and now her mind was looking for anything to separate her from the nursery she now slept in. She felt the rush of chemicals in her body as naughty thoughts started to course through her.

Her hand slowly inched it’s way between her legs. Her fingers seemed electric now. They caused her body to tingle she swept them lower and lower. She bit her lip as they finally found their mark. She looked down at herself in the mirror one last time, then started to close them. As her entire body started to blush she saw something off white behind her. She looked right at just as she closed her eyes.

Sara continued on for several seconds then stopped. She opened her eyes and stared at the thing behind her. It was her pull ups. Torn and open now they looked like nothing more than diapers. “No. They aren’t diapers.” She whispered. She closed her eyes and tried to get back to work. But she couldn’t shake the image of what was behind her. She stopped again and turned to look directly at the wet mass. She could smell pee, and see the discolored padding. “It’s not a diaper.” She said again.

It didn’t help, her thoughts turned from naughty to confused. She picked it up and looked at it. The pull up looked exactly like a wet diaper to her. She turned and looked at her reflection in the mirror again. Now instead of a sexually charged woman she saw a scared teen, holding a diaper that she had obviously used.

The image burned into her mind’s eye and started new connections forming. Even as she told herself “Get a grip, as soon as this week is over I’m out of here, and will never see these again.” Her brain was trying to make sense of everything. The smells, the sights, and the raw feelings. It knew something was wrong and was trying it’s best to shape everything into what should be normal.

While her subconscious battled Sara touched herself with her free hand, hoping to find release. Instead of pleasure she felt shame. Instead of an adult doing what was natural she felt that she was being a naughty girl doing something that she wasn’t supposed to.

In defeat Sara dropped the pull ups and walked back to her room, she saw the diaper in her mother’s hand and tried to grab it. “Please mom, I might have to wear it, but I’d rather put it on myself.”

Fey just shook her head. “Sorry Sara but I have to make sure it’s on right. Don’t worry about this, just lay down and let me help you.”

Sara pushed herself into the corner of the crib and shook her head. “No way! You’re not diapering me! I can do it myself.!” Fey reached out and grabbed Sara by the foot but Sara kicked it free! “No!… Please! Don’t!”

Jean had been standing a few feet back, she could see the anger welling up in her sisters eyes as she started to lash out at Sara. When Sara kicked her foot free Jean stepped forward and pulled her sister away. “Fey, let me do this okay?” She gently pulled her sister back and put her hand out to Sara. “Is that okay? Can I do it for you Sara? I’ll be quick about it alright?”

Sara sniffled a bit but nodded, she took the offered hand and pulled herself out of the corner and lay back so Jean could begin.

Jean turned towards her sister who took the hint and handed the diaper over. “Fey, I’ll be right out okay?” Sara’s mother turned on her heels and left.

Jean looked down at Sara and was shocked at how pitiful she looked. She felt horrible about what she was doing to the poor girl. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She thought, “I always wish so much that the other little angels I look after could be helped, now I’m purposely hurting this girl.”

Just as she was about to apologize Sara looked at her with her tear strained face and spoke, “I hate that bitch, she’s always holding me back. I can’t wait till I can go to college and really unwind.” She seemed to be done but added, “Thanks Jean. When I’m done with this act maybe we can go hit the scene at my house. You’d pass for a friend of mine. Maybe we can hit a few raves?”

Jean’s resolve returned, she fought to keep a neutral face as she unfolded the diaper. “Raves? Yeah, but I don’t really like your kind of music.” She gently prodded Sara whom lifted her bum to allow the diaper to be slid under her.

Sara smiled and whispered as her diaper was pulled up between her legs, “Who cares about the music, after a few party favors you won’t care what the music is like. I bet you’d love it.” Jean fastened the right side closed and was grabbing the left side as Sara lowered her voice even more. “There’s even a chance you’ll see other girls in diapers and acting babyish as well.”

Jean allowed a smile to slide onto her face as she attached the last tape. “Are you trying to tell me this isn’t your first diapering?” She couldn’t believe she was hearing this, she never thought Sara would be a druggie.

Sara looked behind her aunt to make sure the door was closed and answered. “Promise not to tell Fey?”

“Sure, just between me and you. This way you won’t tell on me for using that medicine on you.”

Sara seemed to think about that for a second and agreed, “Yeah. Sure.” Then she reached down and gently touched her diaper. “I only started wetting my bed after I started to really burn the candle at both ends partying all night. After she got tired of changing wet sheets every other day she put me in protective briefs.”

Jean interrupted her, “You mean a diaper?”

“Yeah, a diaper. So after that I stopped partying so much and it stopped.”

“You mean till now?”

Sara rolled over on her side and slapped at a spinning baby toy attached to the crib. “No, that was real, this is just because of your stupid medicine. Soon this will stop and I can go home.”

Jean smiled down at her and turned around to leave, as she turned off the light she thought she saw Sara put her hand in her diaper.

Sara closed her eyes and tried to sleep. While Jean told her sister what she had learned.

Fey didn’t take it well. “That little lying…… I can’t believe she’d do that!”

Jean was angry herself, but was trying to keep Fey under control. “Just wait a second.”

“Wait? I’m going in there and whipping her ass!”

“Fey, come on. What will that do? She’ll never trust me again and maybe even leave. What will that help? Let’s just think about this for a second.”

Sara’s mother was fuming, her face went red as Jean had started telling her what she had heard, towards the end it was blotchy. She had never felt so much anger towards her own daughter. “And what else do you think we should do? Keep on with the whole big baby plan? I’ve already cleaned up after her, I don’t want to do that again.”

Jean started massaging her sisters shoulders as she spoke. “Yes, we keep doing it. Till we feel she’s learned a lesson.”

Fey bitterly laughed, “Like she obviously learned after the first time? Look what happened. She ended up pissing the bed, and now she wants to start partying and using drugs again!”

Jean grabbed an empty baby bottle and slammed it down on the table in front of her sister. “Then THIS time we make sure she learns! She wants to wear diapers, she wants to do drugs, she wants to be high, hell she probably wants you wiping her ass while we’re at it. Then we give it all to her!”

Fey seemed to calm down a bit, watching her sister’s tirade. “So? That just means she gets exactly what she wants.”

“No Fey, we give it to her in spades. Maybe even…”

Fey looked up at her sister as she suddenly stopped talking. “What? Maybe what?”

Jean sat down next to her sister. “I think we can help her. I think we can stop her from this destructive behavior.” Her face took on a devilish look, “Permanently.”

Fey didn’t smile, “Jean, we can’t turn her into a baby, I’m not changing diapers again.”

But Jean laughed that off, "No,

Swan Song By: Long_Rifle

Fey set the cup down with a sigh, “Could we maybe use this in really small doses to keep her more relaxed though?”

Jean turned and looked at her sister. “Yeah, I think that would be work. Actually that will probably really help, it will lower her inhibitions. Good idea Fey. Now I think it’s time to wake her up.”

They walked into the nursery to find Sara had fallen asleep on her stomach. They crept up quietly and looked at their work in progress. Jean thought the diaper looked wet, she slowly dropped the front bars and then squeezed the diaper. “Soaked” she whispered.

Fey gently set her hand on Sara’s shoulder. 'Sara honey, time to wake up."

Sara started to stir but she didn’t wake up, then she pushed herself back with her hands on the head board and did a full body stretch. She dreamily looked up at her mother and aunt and asked what time it was.

“About 20 minutes till company shows up.”

Sara’s eyes shot open, “Twenty minutes!” She sat up in bed then got out and stood next to her aunt. “I’ve got to get ready! My hair will take more than 20 minutes!” She took a step towards the dresser then stopped and reached down to her diaper. “Oh. I guess I don’t have to worry about that.” She turned towards her aunt. “And can’t you please leave the side down? I really had to go and would have made it if I could get out of my crib.”

“Sara you know the rules, if an inspector came by and saw you in there with the side down I could lose my ability to offer daycare. Now do you want to take that diaper off yourself, or do you want me to do it for you?”

Sara turned her back to her and ripped the tapes off in one jerk. The diaper dropped wetly to the floor. Sara looked down at it and was again reminded how her pull ups looked exactly the same, an odd tingle ran down her body as she stepped away from it.

Fey pointed to the diaper pail. “Are you going to be a big girl and throw that away, or do you want your mommy to do it for you?”

The words were carefully chosen, they had decided to sneak in comments about being a big girl, or acting immature to see how she would react. Jean had said it was a technique used to encourage her special needs children to accept and learn responsibility. Now they would use it to push Sara closer and closer to her dream. At least the dream they thought she had.

Sara just smirked, “I’ll leave it. You two are the ones wanting to put them on me, I guess you can throw them out to.”

Jean leaned over and grabbed the still warm plastic bundle. “Fair enough. If that’s the way you want it. I’ll diaper you AND change you.”

Sara reached out and grabbed it, “No way!” She stomped over to the pail and threw it in. The smell of stale pee wafted out of the plastic lined pail. Sara tried her best to ignore it though, the idea that she was smelling her own stale diapers made her feel disgusting.

She walked into the bathroom to clean up and tried to close the door but Fey stopped her. “Don’t forget to take your medicine after you’re done. You should hurry, they’ll be here soon.”

Sara sat down on the toilet to pee. The sound of it hitting the water made her feel better. Almost proud that she wasn’t using her pants. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I feel happy to be using a toilet. I can’t wait till this is over.” She felt dirty after laying so long in a wet diaper and looked for something to wash with. She found a stack of washcloths under the sink and a few diapers loosely piled in the bottom. “Can’t diaper myself! Screw it, I’ll show them.” Sara looked through them and found her size then set it next to her medicine. She used a warm washcloth to clean herself and then checked her face, a quick rinse with mouthwash and she was done. “Okay, let’s get this over with, do I diaper first or take the stuff?” Then she looked down at the cup and stopped.

She picked it up and looked at the swirling thick mass. She wondered what would happen with the extra bit she had added. She was sure it wouldn’t be bad. “Well, down we go!” And with one gulp she slammed the whole thing.

She grabbed the diaper and opened it, quickly setting it on the floor. She squatted over it and sat down in the middle of the thick padding. She grabbed the front and started to pull it over and lay back at the same time. When she did she caught sight of herself in the mirror.

Sara stopped and sat up, still holding the front of the diaper up. She couldn’t stop staring at what she saw. A woman putting a diaper on. The strange tingle ran through her again, but this time it seemed to linger. “I’m not a baby.” She softly spoke. But as the word baby left her mouth the strange tingle came back. She didn’t think it was the medicine but she still felt wrong. “I’m a woman, a big girl who doesn’t need these stupid diapers.” She leaned back down and opened the tape on the right side, wrapped it up over her stomach and stuck it closed. But the image of her sitting in a diaper wouldn’t leave her mind. She knew she hated diapers, she couldn’t understand the odd feelings. She opened the left tape and started to close it but stopped. She sat back up and looked at herself in the mirror again. She stared at the diaper, then at her face.

Again her image seemed to have changed. She didn’t think she saw an adult. She saw one of her aunt’s retards in a diaper. She put her right hand over her reflected face and said in more than a whisper, “No! I’m no tard.” The tingle didn’t return, but the old urges she had before did, along with the odd light headedness of the medicine.

As if to prove she wasn’t a child she stuck her left hand down her diaper and started to manipulate herself. She started to lose track of time as her urge built. She was slowly rubbing herself back and forth on the floor as she let herself go more and more.

Just as she started to reach a crescendo, her fingers started to slip and feel wrong. Sara frantically tried to get her rhythm back but it wouldn’t work. Frustrated that she was so close she start rubbing herself even faster on the floor. As she lost more control she started getting louder and louder….

Jean had answered the door after the second knock. “You guys are a bit early.”

Pam had a cake in her hands, and nodded. “Yeah, we thought there might have been traffic and Jan really wanted to se how Sara was doing.” She looked around the room real quick, “Where is she? Is she sleeping?”

Fey came up and took the cake from her hands and whispered, “No she’s in the bathroom. She should have taken her meds by now, we were just waiting for her to get out. And get her ready for dinner.”

Jan walked in the door and was about to speak when she looked back to the bathroom and asked, “What’s that sound?”

They all stopped and listened. It sounded like grunting. Fey motioned to Pam and Jan to walk into the kitchen and walked closer to the door. As she did she tried to hear exactly what was going on. She could hear grunting, and panting on the other side. Maybe something thumping on the door as well. “Sara? Are you okay?” The sounds didn’t stop. “Sara honey, I’m coming in.” She slowly opened the door, and stuck her head inside. She saw her daughter on the floor; frantically rubbing her diapered bum on the cool tile. Fey didn’t know what to do. She closed the door and called out to Jean.

Jean came quickly concerned that there was a major problem. “What? Is she okay?”

Fey didn’t quite know what to say, she just let her open the door and find out for herself. Jean looked in and stayed quiet for a few seconds, then she pushed the door in farther and stepped in. “Sara? Sweetie, can you move for me?” Then as Fey watched, Jean disappeared behind the door. The muffled sounds of gentle talking came through as Fey waited. Just when she was about to try and open the door herself she heard the knob move and the door swung open.

Out walked Jean with Sara toddling closely behind, her diaper was hanging loose, and her shirt was wrinkled and bunched up. Her hair looked wild and uncombed. Jean just laughed it off. “I guess little Sara here got excited, poor thing didn’t know quite what to do.” Fey gave her a look of concern. Jean just kept smiling, 'It’s okay, they do this all the time. Just because they aren’t mature doesn’t mean their bodies aren’t full of hormones just like a regular teen."

“Jean, this isn’t a regular one of your girls. This is Sara, why did SHE do it? I don’t see why she suddenly lost herself in the moment like that.”

“We already know she really likes wearing these, so when she took the medicine she kinda lost it I guess.” Jean walked Sara into the living room and set her on the floor, then she gestured back to her room. “Jan could you go get me another diaper for her? This one is all messed up.”

“Sure thing.”

As she ran back, Jan’s mother sat down next to Sara’s head and gently wiped the hair from her face. “So you’re going to let her keep doing this?”

Fey sat down and turned the TV off. “If you had heard what she has said earlier you’d think we were being too kind.” Fey looked up to see Jan was back. She let her change Sara while she told them everything that had happened. The story went on as they picked her up and set her carefully in a large high chair. And got ready for dinner.

Sara was blissfully unaware that she was the topic of the conversation; she was busy trying to get all her fingers from one hand into her mouth. She caught snippets of what was said, but didn’t understand anything. She just smiled at everyone whenever they looked at her.

Pam was shocked to hear what had happened since she had last been over. To think cute little Sara had such a mean streak, and was such a party girl. “Well,” she said. “I guess this is a good thing then. Imagine a girl her age into diapers, and peeing herself on purpose. If Jan did something like that I’d put her back in diapers too.” Jan blushed but kept silent, teasing Sara with her spoon instead of speaking. “And now she’s masturbating in her diapers, and in front of others.” She looked over at Sara and shook her head as food ran from Sara’s mouth and plopped on a bib around her neck. “Such a dirty girl, I think she’s better off like this. So cute and unable to party all night.”

Fey just nodded, “If it wasn’t for the idea of changing her diapers everyday I might just think that way. But I think this will be bad enough for her. Maybe a permanent case of bed wetting will help her out. And if not, well…. I can always adjust her later.”

The dinner finished with small talk and Sara being praised every time she managed to feed herself. The dinner was almost over when Jan suddenly stood up. “The camera! This would be an awesome video for her later.” She darted off to find her purse leaving the parents alone.

Jean checked to make sure Jan was out of ear shot then spoke, “She really likes this. I think she actually wants to see Sara stay this way. I guess that means we don’t have to worry about a baby sitter?”

They all laughed good naturedly as Jan came back in, the video camera in her hand. She pointed it towards Sara and started taping. “Hey little Sara! Are you full yet?” Sara turned and looked at the camera. She smiled then put a handful of food in her mouth. “There you go baby! That’s how you eat, are you ready for desert?”

Sara actually squealed and started clapping, sending food all over the floor.
“I guess that’s a yes.” Fey answered. 'There’s some vanilla ice cream in the freezer. Just give her a little though, we don’t want to big of a mess to clean up."

The adults watched as Jan tried to feed Sara the ice cream, with one hand she scooped the melting mess into Sara’s mouth. With the other she kept the camera on her and captured the teen making a mess of the kitchen. Ice cream ran from her mouth and dripped onto her bib. Sara left ice cream in her hair as she grabbed at it with her sticky hands.

Jan finally had to turn off the camera and help clean her. She helped her out of the seat and then looked at the clock. “How much longer do we have before she starts to come back?”

Jean looked as well, “Well I’d say we have an hour at least. Why?”

Jan was helping Fey wipe up Sara’s hands, while Pam worked on getting her hair cleaner. “Well, let’s take her over to the park across the street. I think she would enjoy some sun.”

Jean looked like she might say yes, but Fey shot it down, “Not yet. We can do that later. Why don’t we take her into the backyard instead.”

Jan really wanted a video of her out in the park, but she smiled anyways, “Sure. Let her work on her tan.”

After several minutes they decided Sara was clean enough and it was time to get her ready for some playtime. Fey led her daughter back into her room and set her on the floor. She decided that Sara could use a clean diaper so she lay her down on her back and started the process. Fey found the diaper to be sticky from ice cream, and even had some food inside but not much else, she must have emptied her bladder before she took the medicine. “Well I guess we can put a new one on you anyways.”

She left Sara sitting on the open diaper and turned to grab a new one. She saw two stacks, one stack had very thick diapers, and the other rather thin. Fey grabbed a thick one and unfolded it. “Wow, you could spend all day in one of these I bet.” Sara looked up and blew a raspberry. “Oh, is Sara starting to grow up? Are you getting too big for your diapers?”

Sara looked at her and smiled, then shook her head. “I no need diapees! Just tending!” Then she drooled and started sucking on her hair.

Fey smiled at the brief lucidity of her daughter, not thinking it could be a sign of something more.

Sara kept smiling as she was diapered. In her mind she felt like she was swimming to the top of a pool of dark water. For a second she broke through the surface and was able to comprehend what was happening to her. Then she sank again. She felt scared by the feeling of helplessness. This wasn’t anything like the first time. Her fear kept growing, and then she felt like she broke through again. She could see she was outside, and was playing in a sandbox. “I’m outside! Dressed like this!” Sara thought horrified. She slowly got to her feet but found it to hard to walk. She stumbled and dropped onto her diapered bum. “This diaper seems so thick, and why did they put me in a pink onsie! Isn’t the diaper enough?” She started to crawl towards her mother but felt arms wrap around her and pull her back into the sand box. She turned and saw the face of Jan looking down at her. “No, let me go! I want to go in!” she tried to say, but it came out to garbled to understand.

Jan just smiled, and set her back down in the sand. “Aww, baby needs to enjoy her playtime. We can go in later.” Then to her self she thought, “After I get some more video.” Sara stuck her tongue out at Jan and turned away from her, she didn’t see Jan pick up the video camera and start recording.

Sara didn’t understand why she could think straight, but couldn’t control her body properly. She was trying to figure out how to get to her mother when she felt a familiar tingle come over her body. It seemed to grow more intense as she squatted down on her haunches. She put her hands down in front of her and closed her eyes, trying to enjoy the feeling.

Jan watched as Sara dropped to a squatting position, she used the telephoto to get a closer look and was about to get up and walk closer when she heard Sara grunt. “She isn’t…” Jan said, but then she saw what looked like a little bulge form in the seat of Sara’s diaper. She zoomed in and watched as the bulge grew larger. Then a slight discoloration started to appear as well. Jan kept quiet as Sara suddenly sat back on her messy bottom; she kept the camera running as Sara looked down and stared at the diaper around her waist.

Sara still felt odd. The tingle was slowly fading, but it left her with a new feeling. She looked down at her diaper and stared, just as a horrible smell hit her nose. Her eyes went big, “I did not just shit myself.” She got back up on her haunches and felt a pasty mess move inside the back of the diaper. Sara quickly sat back down, she felt on the verge of tears. But she held them in. “I’ll just wait till they all leave and have mom help me clean up.” She thought to herself.

Sara turned back towards the sandbox and saw Jan holding a camera. Sara started to freak out. “She took pictures of me pooping? No! I have to make her stop!” She crawled towards her tormentor not realizing it was all being caught on video. She reached Jan’s feet and sat down on her squishy bottom. She tried to tell Jan to put the camera down but Jan started talking first.

“Aww, did baby Sara make poopie?”

Sara couldn’t stop herself from smiling and nodding her head yes.

“Right in your di-dy? Too? Do you like pooping your pants?”

Again her body acted without her consent, “Yep! Baby Sawa make poopies!” In her mind Sara was screaming, “No! No! Talk right dam it! I’m not a retard!”

Jan was loving it, she checked to make sure everyone else was still preoccupied and looked back down at Sara. “Stand up baby, let aunt Jan see your stinky pants.”

Sara stood, it was harder with the full diaper but she finally managed. Jan walked a slow circle around her, getting video of the dropping diaper, and the massive bulge in the back. “I guess it’s time for a change huh little girl? I think I’ll let mommy handle this one.” Jan grabbed Sara’s hand and walked her towards her mother.

“Um Fey, I think Sara needs a clean diaper.”

“Oh, well why don’t you handle it?”

“Well.” Jan turned Sara around gently, “This isn’t just a wet one. I don’t think I want to do this just yet.”

Fey was surprised she looked towards her sister questioningly. Jean groaned, “Well, I guess she needs a change, we’ll be right back. Come here angel, let auntie help you.”

Sara felt herself burn with shame, but instead of blushing she started to feel upset. Tears started to fill her eyes as she waddled towards Jean. “No poopies! No, bad!” Sara hugged her aunt and let herself be led back into the house towards her room and a clean diaper.

She was placed on a mat on the floor and winced as the diaper was opened. Jean whistled, “Wow that is a big one! I guess baby needs more fiber in her diet huh?” She made quick work of the mess, then set a clean diaper under Sara. Before she taped it closed she took a close look at Sara’s eyes. “Are you in there Sara? You should be out by now. Sara?”

Sara tried to say yes, but she just smiled and cooed instead. Jean smiled and went back to taping the diaper closed. “I guess you’re still out. But just in case I think you should go down for a little nap.”

Sara didn’t try to stop Jean as she placed her in the crib and pulled the side up. Jean set a bottle full of water in the crib with her. Then smiled and turned to leave. She picked up the dirty diaper and stuffed it in the diaper pail. She quietly laughed to herself as she closed the lid. “Looks like little Sara is turning into quite the little piddle pants. I guess baby Sara really does need her di-dees!” She looked back at Sara to see if there was a reaction, but noticed she was still lying down and that she still seemed to be upset. She was wondering if she should give her a few drops of medicine when she remembered that the same parents had also left a relaxation CD behind, their girl had liked to listen to music as she slept. “Honey, I’ve got something that should help you sleep better. I’ll go turn it on for you.” Then she clicked on a night light and left. Closing the door behind her.

Sara stared out towards the door after her aunt left. The night light left her alone with her thoughts. The image of her droopy poop filled diaper kept coming back to her. She rolled onto her side and pulled her legs up into a fetal position and tried to decide what she was going to do. “I can’t stop this. Jan’s mother would think I was crazy.” Then she thought of her in diapers on Myspace, and the video of her filling her diaper. “This isn’t fair,” she thought. “I shouldn’t be forced to do this. This is all Jan’s fault. She should be the one in diapers.” She sniffled and wiped her nose on her arm, then sat up and turned back to the mirror.

Her eyes were red and puffy, and her hair was a mess. She could see her face still had food crust around her mouth and some wet marks on the front of her onsie. “I look so stupid.” She thought. “I look like I really do need diapers.” Her right hand reached down and touched her diaper. The plastic cover crinkled softly as she squeezed it. She could feel the thick padding bunch up between her fingers.

Then she heard the soft gentle notes of a lullaby. They slowly rose in volume till they were easily heard above the noises of the outside world. Sara looked at the image in the mirror and tried to tell herself that she wasn’t really a baby, that she didn’t need diapers. But something felt wrong about that inside. She looked away form the mirror and sat down on her puffy diaper. The soothing music was helping her calm down, and even better, the pleasant tingle felt like it was returning as well.

After turning on the stereo Jean had went back outside and asked everyone to come in so she could keep an ear on Sara. As they sat around the kitchen it was Jan that asked the first question.

“Was that normal? Does that stuff make her poop like that?”

Jean didn’t have to look up from her drink, she could feel the eyes on her. “Well, my understanding of it was it just made the person relax and feel more comfortable. Though in an extreme way.”

Jan was about to say something but her mother spoke first, “So you’re making her high? I never heard of someone getting so high they shit their pants.”

“Not high. Not in the regular sense. I guess it mostly relaxes you and as a side effect it lowers inhibitions. Normally it’s the calming affect that it’s used for. But in Sara’s case it’s causing her to act out her hidden urges.”

Jan jumped at that. “So you mean she wanted to shit her pants like a baby. That this is what she wants?”

Jean nodded her head slowly. “It seems that way. I was told the medicine didn’t cause the girl to act infantile. But part of the calming effect was that it caused her to slip a bit farther down to an easier time as her own method of relaxing. Sometimes she seemed to get really upset though, even after being dosed she would keep crying and I had to use a CD to get her to calm down properly. It really seemed to work. She would always calm down.”

Fey stood and grabbed another Coke from the fridge. "So why don’t you try the music?’

“I just did. I kind of forgot about it as they haven’t brought their little angel in quite awhile.”

Pam spoke up now. “Oh? Did they find a better sitter than you?”

“Hardly, their little baby regressed a bit over time and reached the point that she couldn’t get into trouble anymore and now they let their other kids watch her when needed.”

Jan quietly reached under the table and rubbed the inside of her thigh. The idea of anyone regressing so much turned her on. “So you mean she can’t walk anymore?”

Jean lightly laughed, “Yep, she can barely crawl as I’m told. She spends most of her time in a soft cot gently cooing. She doesn’t even throw fits anymore; I think that’s why her parents never came back for the medicine and the CD.”

Jan had worked her hand closer to the warmth she felt. But forced her self to stop. She didn’t want to make a scene and show her true feelings. The idea of Sara getting the same fate drove her wild. “Weird… Do they still live around here?”

“Yeah, that’s them up there on the fridge. Though that’s a really old picture, before their daughter got worse.”

Jan looked up and saw what looked like a normal family picture. “Which one is she?”

“Franny is the one on the left.”

Jan looked closely at the picture. Aside from a silly grin the girl looked normal. “Did she always look like that?”

“Well, she gained a bit more weight as she got older. And she lost most of her mental faculties as she went along. But even when I saw her the last time she still looked like a cutie. It’s hard to believe such a beautiful girl was stuck permanently in diapers and cribs.”

Jan spent a few more seconds staring at the picture then turned back to everyone, “So what now? Sara seems to have upped the stakes a bit with the whole poop thing. Do you think we should keep going?”

Fey sighed, “Well I guess we stick with the line that the meds cause temporary “leakage” and that she might have to spend a few more days in trainers.”

Pam turned and looked towards Jean, “Isn’t this getting a little too far? Don’t you think it’s time to stop this before she finds out and does something worse?”

“Pam, we aren’t doing anything. Sara is doing this all herself. It would only take her stopping peeing herself to stop wearing trainers and diapers at night. She chooses to do this. And every time we’ve given her a choice, she has taken the low road. She might end up in diapers for a few weeks, but it will be her own choice.”

Jan realized her mother was not going to stop, she decided to keep her on track, “Mom, it’s not like she’s being hurt. Let Sara have her fun, whatever that fun is. She’ll be back in school soon, and maybe a few days in diapers will give her some perspective. After listening to what she said about the parties I think she needs to be brought back down to reality.”

Pam looked at her daughter, then sighed. “Well don’t complain to me when you’re being called here to baby sit later. I’m sure you’ll love cleaning a poopy adult sized baby.”

“Whatever mom.” Jan decided she needed to get her out of there before she tried to talk Sara’s family out of letting Sara going further. “Can we get home? I’ve got a few more papers to finish writing. And I don’t feel like changing any more diapers today anyways.”

Fey closed the door behind them as they walked away, she turned back to her sister who just wiped her forehead, and sat down in front of the TV in the living room. “Jean, how long should we let her sleep?”

“Well, I’d say another hour or so. She should be completely awake by then. Then we can talk to her and find out what went on today.”

“Do you really think we can get her to go along with this another week or more if we want to go that far?”

Jean seemed lost in thought as her sister spoke. She wondered how far this would go. She had originally been in it to teach Sara a lesson, but taking care of her reminded her of the times she had watching her little Franny. She felt conflicted. Here was a normal if a bit wild girl. And she wanted to take care of her, to keep her safe. She knew she couldn’t turn her into a real baby. But maybe putting her back in diapers would give the girl not only what she seemed to want, but a cute “baby” for Jean to help grow up. “I think we take this as far as she’s willing to go. You heard how she acted. And you see what she’s doing now. This time she can go as far as she wants. There will be a point where she wants to stop and that’s when we’ll strike.”


“We’ll let her know that we knew all along this was what she wanted, that all the little accidents were nothing of the sort. Then we’ll add a few days where she can stay in diapers, after that she’ll never want to touch them OR drugs again.”

Sara was in her room staring up at nothing. She was awake, but she wasn’t. After several moments she blinked and stirred. Her head slowly turned towards the wall while she yawned, she stretched her legs then relaxed them, listening to the crinkle of her diaper. Sara felt a pleasant pulse between her legs as the mass of padding and plastic suddenly warmed.

Sara felt the urine run down to puddle under her butt, she giggled as it ticked. She playfully squeezed her diaper and laughed. She turned her head towards the mirror on the door and smiled at her own reflection. She wondered when her mommy would come in to get her up, she felt hungry and she wanted her diaper changed.

The longer she lay there, the cooler her diaper got, and the more she started to itch. She sleepily sat up and stuck her hand down her diaper to give it a good scratching. As she did she kept her eyes on the mirror and watched the girl in it stick her thumb in her mouth. Sara kept watching even as something started to feel wrong.

It seemed a small voice was nagging at the back of her head; trying to tell her something. But the pleasant feeling had increased with her scratching so she ignored it. Faster and faster she scratched, then rubbed inside the wet diaper. She tried to keep her eyes on the girl, thinking how cute she looked in her diapers, but as she got closer to release she closed her eyes and roughly dropped onto her back. The wave seemed longer and deeper then before. She could barely catch her breath, it felt so good. For several moments she did nothing but listen to her own steady breathing, then as she was about to nod off the voice broke through.

“What the hell am I doing!” she sat up and ripped the diaper off, then threw it in the corner. “I am not doing that again. I don’t care what it feels like.” She sat back down on her naked behind and put her head in her hands. She started thinking back to what had happened over the day. She started towards the end when the medicine had started to wear off; the idea of pooping in front of Jan was horrifying. It got worse as she remembered the diaper change. “I can’t believe I let that happen. I’ve got to get home and away from Jan. This diaper thing is getting to weird.”

As she tried to forget having her messy diaper changed another memory came to the surface. She couldn’t quite grasp it. “Diaper…. Bathroom…. Rubbing…” Then it hit her and she remembered everything. “Oh. My. God.” A scream died in her throat as she tried to understand exactly what she had done. She could remember looking at herself in the mirror, then looking up at her mother as she rubbed herself on the floor. Sara tried to block out the rest. She was loudly crying as her mother opened her door.

“Sara? Are you okay?”

“Mom! I want to go home!”

“Honey, we can’t yet. You know that.” Fey dropped the side of the crib down and helped her daughter out. “Um, honey, where’s your diaper?”

Sara pointed towards the corner. “I don’t want to wear them anymore, it’s stupid. Please?”

Fey walked towards the corner and picked up the sodden bundle. “Sara, you know we can’t do that. Not until the medicine leaves your system look at this diaper. It’s soaked, and you weren’t in here long enough to have to use it.”

“Mom, I was out of it because of the stuff! I don’t need diapers, just give me the trainers.”

Jean had been listening outside the door and walked in to answer that, “You know what the rules are, I don’t care if you knew what you were doing or not. You’re in diapers till tomorrow at least. And if you can’t keep them dry, then maybe a little longer.”

“But it’s not my fault! You know that!”

Her mother sat down on the crib and motioned Sara to join her, as she sat down her mother gently hugged her. “Honey, it was your choice to take the medicine, it was your choice to wear diapers to start with. This entire thing was your choice, and now you have to deal with it.”

“Yeah but…”

“No buts honey. This won’t last forever. And when this is over you can have your panties back. Now lay down and let’s get this over with.”

Sara looked like she was about to complain, but instead closed her mouth and lay down. Jean handed her sister a wipe, and after that was used a fresh dry diaper. Sara’s body stiffened as it was folded over her, but relaxed after the first tape was opened and pulled over. Then as the second tape was pulled over Fey thought she heard a sigh. “What was that Sara?”

“Huh? Oh…. Nuffin mommy.”

Her mother was surprised at the response, but quickly recovered, “All right, well everyone else is gone, so you can relax a bit. Good job acting today by the way. I almost thought you liked being a big baby.”

Sara had finally sat up, and didn’t even think about what she had just said or heard. The more mature voice in her head didn’t want to think about it. Instead Sara smiled at her mother, “I just want this done. Is my PSP still in the living room?” Her mother nodded, “Okay, I think I’ll throw on some pants and play a few games.”

Her mother got up and followed Jean out the door, “Sure, let us know if you need a change, its best not to sit in it to long.”

Sara didn’t respond she just waited till the door was closed and she could look in the mirror again. She shook her head at the diapered girl looking at her and walked towards the dresser. She saw that there was a pile of clean clothes on it now and it looked like a pair of sweat pants was the first on the pile. She unfolded them and slipped them on over her diaper. She was surprised that most of it disappeared easily, and only made her ass look bigger.

She laughed at her image in the mirror. “I look so cute.” Almost 2 inches of diaper could be seen ringing her body over the pants. At first Sara pulled the pants up over it, but something didn’t feel right about that, so she pulled them back down. She grabbed a light pink shirt with a cartoonish heart on it and left for the living room.

Across town Jan was sitting at her computer looking at the day’s videos and pictures. She started editing and posting, then decided that she would make the video of Sara pooping the first thing her friends would see when they entered her image section. She was trying to write the needed code when something caused her to stop. She had been thinking of her friends and when she had met them. Something about her memory of old friends was off.

Jan walked to a bookshelf in her room and started going through her year books. Starting at her senior year she kept going back. Minutes turned to well over an hour, then she hit her 5th grade class and a girl was marked as a best friend, that she didn’t remember from the year before. “Hmmm. Francine Muller. Why can’t I remember her?” Jan looked through the entire book, and saw that they had shared many classes, and a stint on the cheer leading squad as well, she closed the book and went back to posting. She was looking for a babyish design to trim a few pictures with when the image of Francine came back. “Why the hell is she still bothering me?”

She went back to her books and double checked her 6th year. But she was right, Francine wasn’t there, just to make sure she wasn’t sick during pictures she checked the back of the book that listed where everyone’s pictures were, Francine wasn’t listed. Jan then grabbed her seventh grade book and did the same, only to find she was listed in that one. “Odd, that’s not where all the rest of our pictures are.” She turned towards the page and found Francine.

“She’s in the special ed class now?” Jan rechecked all the rest of her books and saw the smiling face of Francine beaming at her in each year. “What the…” There was something about the smile that changed over the years, but Jan couldn’t really say what it was. The last year, it looked like more of a surprised look then a smile. Still the face looked like the 5th grade girl that used to be her friend, but the face didn’t seem to show that same personality.

She was still looking at the picture when her mother knocked on her door. “Time for bed young lady. I hope you got everything done.”

“Yep, thanks mom, see ya in the morning.” She threw the book on her chair, logged off Myspace, and then put her computer in sleep mode. A quick shower and she was turning off the lights for bed, only halfway through her prayers she fell asleep. Her dreams were vivid, and filled with the diapers that she so badly loved but knew she couldn’t have for herself. A doorway opened and her in her dream she smelled baby powder. She walked slowly towards and through it to find a familiar hallway behind it.

Her dream self felt the need to pee and suddenly saw a bathroom to her left. She walked towards it but was stopped by a woman leading several girls out of the room. They were all holding hands. The last girl smiled and waved at Jan, who waved back. Then just as she was about to wake, the girl turned and Jan saw her dress was accidentally tucked into the back of her underwear. As her eyes opened in the real world Jan realized she was looking at Franny and her diapered bottom.

“Franny” breathlessly came from her mouth in the real world. She turned and saw it was 4am, but she was wide awake. “She was Franny! She was the girl that started all this.” Jan tried to remember the whole dream, but bit by bit it was leaving her. She couldn’t remember much of the actual dream anymore. But she knew what it contained. Franny was Francine. A regular girl from her early teens that had changed suddenly, and though it was fleeting, the image of her in a diaper the next year must have been what twisted her to become a diaper lover herself. “I can’t believe it. What happened to her? She was so cool; I don’t remember hearing about any accidents.”

She silently got out of bed and awoke her computer to find out everything she could.

Meanwhile Sara was back in bed herself. After a few hours of boredom coupled with a quick diaper change she had been put to bed with a stern warning to not take her diaper off this time. She had asked to keep her PSP with her, but was told it needed to recharge anyways so “No”.

Jean had turned on the music and Sara quickly fell asleep, but awoke a few hours later in the middle of wetting her diaper. Sara was getting used to diapers, but the idea that she no longer felt it was disgusting really bothered her. She knew she should feel upset, but in her mind she didn’t even care anymore.

“What’s going on?” She wondered, “I know this is horrible, but I don’t feel that way anymore.” On the contrary, she felt happy. She knew her mommy would come in soon and change her. “My mommy? No, my mother. Geez, this is starting to get weird here.” Her hand crept back to her diaper, a quick squeeze told Sara it was pretty full. But it was still dark out; she didn’t know if it would last till the morning. “And what happened to the music? It helped me to sleep. Mom!”

Sara waited, but she couldn’t hear her mother coming. She tried again but louder, “MOM! I need a change!” At that she felt her body blush. The idea that she was asking to have her diaper changed in the middle of the night was finally enough to affect her adult self. But she still didn’t hear anything, she took a deep breath and screamed “MOMMY!! I need a new DIAPEE!!!”

This time she heard a muffled, “Be right there sweetie.” from her mother. She sat up in her crib and waited for her mom to help her. She spent the several long minutes looking at the darkened reflection of herself in the mirror. “I’m not a baby!” she finally yelled at herself.

Her mother answered, “I know you’re not silly.” As she opened the door.

Sara actually smiled and tried to pass it off as a joke, “Then get this diaper off me!”

Even though her mother saw through the act she laughed. 'Fine, one dry non-baby coming up."

Sara lay down and pulled up her knees, “I was calling for you, to come let me out, but you didn’t hear me. I finally just went, but couldn’t get back to sleep. Next time listen better mom.”

“Oh, really? Well I’m sure I can help you with that, I’m sure aunt Jean has a monitor to listen to her girls at night. Now let’s get this over with.”

Sara yawned while her mother started un-taping the diaper. “Oh? Well I guess that’s better than me having to scream to get help at night.” The diaper was opened and with it the smell of warm urine filled the stillness of the room. “Ugh, I can’t wait till this is over and I don’t have to deal with this anymore.”

Sara’s mother looked up and stared into her eyes, she wanted to ask why she was pissing herself then, why she kept going further and further when it wasn’t being forced on her; when she could stop at anytime. But she stopped herself. “Well, only a few more days of this hopefully then it’s all over.” She did a quick wipe, and had a fresh diaper folded closed over her adult daughter’s vagina. “Now that’s enough out of you. I’ll see you in the morning.” She kissed Sara on the forehead, then raised the bars.

As her mother was leaving Sara remembered something, “Oh, could you turn the music back on, it helps me sleep.”

“Sure, I’ll put it on loop for you to. Now enough talk. It’s bedtime baby.”

Sara stuck her tongue out at her, then turned over and closed her eyes.

Morning broke to find Jan still on her computer and Sara still in her crib. Jan had not slept another wink after waking at 4am, while Sara had fallen asleep quickly and woken to another soaked diaper.

Jan had found that Franny and her family still lived in the area, and had even found their address. She was now trying to find out everything she could about the family so she would have a good story to get inside the house and have a talk with them. She wanted to find out what had happened with Fran, and had completely pushed her thoughts of Sara to the back of her mind. Even after being up all night she felt wide awake, one last check of the internet and she was ready. She grabbed her car keys and dashed for the front door.

She stopped for gas at the corner and then hit the freeway. She had drawn a map and followed it 45 minutes north to Cheboygan. Once there she immediately got lost and almost gave up. But after re-finding the freeway, she tried again. She carefully watched her odometer and at the supposed mile she started looking for a wooded drive. There was no traffic so she slowed to 5 miles an hour. Even then she almost passed the street. But she saw it and turned off into the private drive.

After a few hundred feet the drive went from paved to a dirt two track. Jan wondered if she had found the correct drive after all when the trees started to close in over the path. Then just as she was about to turn around her car burst out into sunlight and a beautiful two story house came into view.

She parked her car next to a red Ford Escort then started walking towards the front door, even before she was halfway there it opened and a middle aged woman appeared. Jan waved and walked faster. “Hi! My name is-”

But the woman cut her off. “I’m sorry, we aren’t buying. Please leave, this is private property.”

Jan stopped but didn’t lose the smile, “I’m not selling anything, I’m here as part of an attempt to make sure a certain woman’s day care facility can remain open.”

“What? We never used any daycares. You’ve made a mistake.”

Jan started walking towards her again slowly. “Well it’s less of a daycare and more a private babysitting service. However due to a change in laws, any facility that watches children for over 2 hours is classified as a daycare, and needs a license. I believe you remember Jean?”

“Oh, yes.” The woman relaxed and finally smiled, though weakly. “We did use her. What do you need to know?”

“Just a few questions. Mind if we sit down?”

“Of course, come in. Would you like something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Jan followed her into a well decorated sitting room and sat down in the offered chair. She had been carrying an envelope and opened it with a painted finger nail. “Now I just have to clarify some points. I see here your child was special needs?”

“Yes, Fran used to be quite a handful.”

“Okay, and it seems here she used to be in regular classes, was there an accident?”

“No, she needed therapy for a few problems. And unfortunately it didn’t work. She slowly lost her faculties.”

“And is that why you no longer use Ms. Jean?”

“Well, she finally reached a point that she couldn’t hurt herself anymore.”

“Thank you, and did that result come from using medication?”

“Er, what?” The woman said confused.

“Did she reach that point due to being medicated, or did she reach it as part of the disease?”

“Oh. No, it as part of her condition.” she seemed to look uncomfortable. “She just faded away.”

Jan was scribbling notes and stopped the questioning while she wrote. She took the time to notice there were baby toys scattered around on the floor, and a sweet smell lingering in the air. “And were there any problems while you used Jean’s service?”

“No, she was perfect. She did everything we needed her to do.”

“So you would use her again?”

“Of course, we were more than pleased with her service.”

Jan finished writing and put the papers back in the envelope. “Thank you, I can say that you’re experience is no different from everyone else I’ve interviewed. Jean seems to be a good person. May I ask a favor?”

The woman seemed very relieved as she said, “Yes, of course.”

“Can I see the young lady, I’ve been told so much about her, could I meet her please?”

“Well, she’s sleeping but I suppose a quick peek wouldn’t hurt. Just don’t wake her.”

Jan followed her down a hallway and just outside a darkened back room. A small stereo was on a shelf, and Jan could see a CD in the player.

The woman noticed her looking at the player, “Opps, I guess I should have turned that on earlier.” She pushed a button on the stereo to start the music and waved Jan into the room. A night light was the only illumination. She could see a large crib in a back corner, she turned back to see the woman standing silently at the door smiling.

Jan walked up to the sleeping girl in the crib, stopping only when she reached the rails and could go no further. She looked down at the form of her old friend, she was a little fatter than she remembered. But there was no doubt that this was Francine. The girl that probably started her down to path of being what she was now. She reached over and gently pushed a bit of hair from near her eyes. The sleeping girl started to squirm, Jan noticed there was a pacifier laying next to her head. She picked it up and slipped it into her waiting mouth.

Swan Song By: Long_Rifle

Fran instantly started sucking on it. Jan grabbed a blanket bunched at the girls feet and pulled it up and over her, as she did she realized Fran’s mother was standing right behind her. Jan turned to leave, but felt a cold pinch in her upper arm instead. She looked to see the woman holding a syringe in her hand. “What the? Why?” Jan asked shocked at what had just happened.

“Oh just a precaution is all. Now let’s walk out to the front room before we finish this.”

Jan wanted to protest, but she found her feet taking her back out of the room and towards the front door instead. When she entered the room she stopped walking and stared at the woman in mute terror.

The woman smiled and sat down on a small couch, Jan could see her envelope in the ladies hands. “Now, just a few questions and this will be all over….”

Sara had been changed a few hours ago. As the wet diaper was removed her mother had given her the choice to wear trainers or a diaper. She had chosen to wear a diaper, Sara had used the excuse that she didn’t want to pee on the couch. The thought of wearing a diaper all day had sounded great to her. But the longer the day wore on, the more her embarrassment grew. Just before lunch she was whining at her mother to let her wear pull-ups again.

“Honey, you agreed this morning that we should keep you in diapers till we’re sure you won’t have any more accidents.”

“I know mom, but I was still kinda out of it this morning, and now I really can’t stand the padding and the crinkling anymore. Come on, it’s not like I’m going to go potty and not tell you.”

Sara’s mother stayed quiet. That was the third time today her daughter had used a juvenile form of language. She had decided to ask Jean about it later, but for now she was ignoring it. “Sara, I know that. You’re not really a baby, but until we’re sure this is all over we don’t need any mistakes. I’d hate to have to clean up another puddle, and you know those pull-ups don’t hold as much. So just relax, in a few days this will hopefully be all over.”

Sara looked down at the floor, and then picked at the front of her diaper. “Please mommy? I don’t want to wear diapers all day. Can’t I just take this one off and wear the pull-ups? How bout some panties, no one is here that will see me!”

Her mother sighed loudly, “Sara YOU asked for that diaper and you’re going to wear it till it’s changed. Maybe this will help you wake up faster in the morning huh?”

She looked down at her feet, “Yeah…. I guess.”

“Well why don’t you go read or something? No sense letting your brain turn to mush while you’re here.”

Sara didn’t answer; instead she walked to the TV and turned it on. She kept flipping channels but couldn’t find anything she wanted to watch. Finally she grabbed her PSP and started up a game. Normally the first few levels were a joke they were so easy for her. But today she had problems right off the get go. First everything seemed to be going by much faster. And even the controls were to complex. “I guess I’m just a bit rusty” she thought to herself, not thinking that she had played the game very recently and been doing well then.

Finally Sara got tired of dying over and over and dropped it in disgust. She turned back to the TV and started looking for something to watch again. This time she found some weird cartoon. “Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends?” She said aloud as she read the info on the screen, “This seems really cool! Why didn’t I watch it before?” Sara became engrossed in the show, she laughed so hard she thought she felt her diaper grow warm.

Sara spread her legs and looked down at the front of the plastic prison around her waist. Sure enough she could see a spot that had darkened where the colorful design had faded as well. She kept looking at it, and though it looked like it was still getting larger. “No way!” she yelled. Sara got up and ran for the bathroom. As she ran down the hall she ripped one of the tapes off, and held the diaper up with her hands.

She skidded to a halt in front of the toilet and sat down. She pushed and felt pee gush out of her. Instead of hearing it hit the water though she heard nothing. Sara looked down and realized she had forgotten to drop the diaper and was now soaking it.

“Well, did you make it?” Her mother’s voice asked.

Sara almost jumped when her mother spoke. She turned to look at her, “Er… Yeah, I did. But I…” Sara tried to think up a reason that she was still in the diaper on the toilet. “…I didn’t want to waste a good diaper, so I was trying to carefully peel off the tapes. But they just ripped the plastic, so I decided if it was going to get thrown out, why not use it.”

Her mother wanted to say something about the obvious lie, but kept quiet. “Well, I guess that’s okay. Why don’t you finish and I’ll clean you up.”

Sara pushed a little more, but she was empty, “I’m ready now. Can I have my pull ups now?”

“No, you know the rules, it’s okay that you used it, but it’s back to diapers right now, even if you hadn’t asked for them this morning.” She watched as Sara stood and started to drop the diaper off, “No, leave it on. I don’t need my baby wetting while we walk to her room.”

Sara sighed and pulled the warm wet diaper back up between her legs. “Fine.”

She followed her mother back to her room and sat down on the mat for what she hoped was a quick change so she could get back to her show. She watched as her mother grabbed a diaper and a wipe and knelt down beside her. She raised her legs when asked and smiled at how normal it was starting to feel, The last tape was opened, and she felt the diaper pulled out from under her. Then the cool wipe, and a nice clean diaper, she didn’t even care when her mother stuck her finger in to pull the leg gathers out.

“Okay young lady, I think you can stay in here for a while. I want to watch a few soaps, and I don’t need you peeing on me.”

Sara got the joke and stuck her tongue out, “Fine but at least turn on the stereo for me.”

“Sure Sara.”

Sara had sat up when the music started playing, it didn’t take to long for it to start to relax her, she even started humming along to it. She stood up and looked at herself again in the mirror. She swayed her body in time with the music as she walked closer. She shook her butt and giggled at the site of herself turned into what looked like a big baby. She really thought she looked cute. “Maybe being a baby isn’t so bad.” She thought. Sara decided to see how far her mother would take this treatment. “Mom! Can I have something to drink!”

“Do you want that in a regular cup or a sippy?”

Sara felt a rush as she answered, “You don’t want baby making a mess do you?” Sara didn’t hear a response, instead she waited several minutes and stepped back as her door opened.

Her mother had a forced smile on her face as she passed a full sippy cup to Sara, “There, now let me watch my shows.”

Sara just smiled, and playfully put the bottle to her lips. “But I can’t help it mommy!”

The smile on Fey’s face vanished. “Keep pushing young lady. You keep acting up and you may just spend the summer shitting your pants.” Then she slammed the door.

Sara was left looking at her reflection again. “Diapers all summer?” She didn’t know what to feel. Deep down she felt shame at the idea of wearing diapers for so long. But her body gave a pleasant tingle at the same time. As she was staring at her image the music seemed to get louder. She looked up towards the ceiling mounted speakers and wondered if it was just her imagination. She was still looking up when she felt dizzy and landed with a wump on her butt.

“Ugh, my head. I can’t believe I got a head rush just looking up.” Sara started rubbing her head to get the slight headache to go away. Slowly as she rubbed, the aching pulse faded. As her head cleared she got up on her hands and knees and tried to remember what she had been thinking about. “Something about diapers, I think.” She sat back down on her knees and checked the diaper around her waist. “Hmm, it’s still dry. Why was I thinking about diapers?”

The question died on her lips as she spotted a doll laying under the crib. She crawled towards it and fished it out, then sat cross legged on the floor. Slowly caressing it’s hair. “What’s your name dolly?” She waited for a few seconds then answered herself. “I bet your name is Sara, just like mine. That’s a very nice dress Sara.” Sara kept looking at the dress. She thought it looked pretty, and she wanted to look just as pretty. “I wish I had a pretty dress like yours.” She gently hugged the doll and set it down on the floor. “Mommy Sara has to check babies diaper.”

Sara lifted up the dress and saw that there was a cloth diaper-like thing under it. She really wanted to play mommy. But she didn’t have anything else to help her. She looked around the room and saw the closet door. It had a latch on it above and out of reach of any regular baby. She stood up on shaky legs and toddled towards the closet. She had to stand leaning against the door to feel safe. Then with a push and a flick she felt the latch swing away. She pulled the door open and screeched in delight at what she saw inside.

Rows of colored bins held toys, separated into age ranges. And hung above them several sets of clothes. Sara toddled inside and greedily pulled them down by the handful. She finally found a dress that looked close enough to what the doll was wearing. She pulled it to herself and dropped back down to her butt. She scooted backwards out of the closet leaving clothes strewn in her wake.

On the third awkward attempt Sara managed to get the dress over her head, she looked over towards the mirror but couldn’t she her reflection. “I gots to get over there and see how pretty I am.” she said out loud. Sara grabbed the doll and playfully made it crawl towards the mirror, she followed on all fours behind. Finally she was sitting several inches from the mirror and making her dolly wave to her. “That’s right, that’s mommy. Mommies a big girl.”

Sara smiled and waved at her own reflection, and in a doll like voice said, “But mommy looks like a baby too!”

She laughed at her own joke then waved at herself. “Mommy does look like a baby.” Sara set the doll down gently then started to adjust the dress. It was baggy and definitely made her look younger. As she continued to stare she started to fell uncomfortable. She grabbed one of her feet and thought it didn’t look right. She pulled up the hem of the dress and wondered what had made her think it was cute. Then she looked between her legs and saw the white diaper there.

Suddenly everything seemed to get smaller around her and she felt her mind clear. She looked back at the mirror and this time felt disgust. “What the fuck! Why the hell did I do that!?” She used the dresser to help her stand, then saw that she still had the doll in her hand. She tossed it across the room, then pulled the dress off and threw it in the corner as well. She looked down at the diaper around her waist and got ready to rip it off as well when she heard the soft music again. She realized it must have ended, and just restarted. “Screw that crap! I want to hear some real music.” Sara tried to walk towards the door, but her legs felt wobbly again. She concentrated as much as she could and managed to take a step. She tried again and felt something was hitting her foot. Looking down she saw that she was standing pigeon toed and was running into her own feet.

She looked up in time to see the room grow larger again as the music reached a quiet crescendo. Sara shook her head as it started to feel slow again. “The moozik!” She yelled as she finally realized what was happening. Sara put her hands over her ears and tried to block it out. But a pleasant tingle rising between her legs came to take her full attention back. Her eyes crept closed and arms dropped as her diaper grew sodden and warm. Her balance finally gave way and Sara dropped back onto her bum.

Sara tried to wait till it was over. She knew the pleasure would end, but unlike the last time it seemed to grow more intense. She was panting and pushing at the diaper between her legs, but it wouldn’t stop. Finally her face contorted into a silent scream as it became to much and she dropped silently into a pile on the floor.

Jan was back in her car sweating profusely despite the slight chill in the air. She had come looking for answers and found them. Now her dream was turning into a nightmare. Her urge to turn Sara into a copy of Fran had left her, and now she was filled with horror at what she had wanted to do. “Not now, not ever.” she whispered. Then she stole a glance at the seat next to her. And the little box sitting there. A blush rose on her cheeks, even as she turned back to the road and made sure to carefully enter the highway traffic and stay at the speed limit. Images of the future came flooding back. Images planted there that she couldn’t stop. “I can’t. It’s horrible.” Jan shook her head, but she couldn’t stop what she saw.

“That bitch…” She grumbled. “I can’t believe she does this shit for a living.” But she knew it was true, even before seeing Fran. She had been given her own taste of what had been used on Fran. Now she knew everything, and wished she didn’t. Jan tried to stop the images that had been put in her head by thinking about what she would do when she got back home.

Even then she was bombarded by thoughts and ideas placed by Fran’s mother. Instead of what she wanted to do, she saw what she had been told she must do. Jan tried to fight it, causing her head to spin. She blacked out, and was awakened by the buzzing sound of her tires running over the rumble strips next to the road. Jan swerved back into her lane, momentarily hoping a cop had seen her do it and would pull her over. But nothing happened. Silently she cursed and went back to trying to think her way out of doing what she had always wanted to do.

Fey was still watching her soaps when she heard a key slip into the front door. She turned he head and said a brisk hi to her sister as she walked in.

Jean dropped several bags from her hand and smiled at Fey. "You should have went. It was great, there’s so many things we could have got. "

Fey turned back to her sister, a lazy smile on her face, “I’m sure you got enough, and who would have watched the baby?”

Jean just laughed, “Yeah. How was the little squirt anyways?”

“I think she’s starting to chaff a bit. I bet another day or two and she’ll never want to see another diaper as long as she lives!”

Jean playfully pouted, “Just as long as I get to see her walk around in her new cloths before she’s allowed to grow up again.”

Fey heard her show start back up and turned back to the TV, “I wouldn’t worry about that, I think we can stick around a few more days. Maybe a week or two extra in diapers will help her remember the lesson later on.”

Jean sat her bags on the floor. A wide smile on her face at the idea of a diapered Sara around the house so much longer. She tried to sound normal when she answered. “Sounds like a good idea, I take it she’s in her room now?”

Fey responded without thinking about it, she was too engrossed in her show. “Oh yeah, she’s been in there awhile, I guess the piss doesn’t bother her anymore now that it’s her own making the smell.”

“Heh, well I guess I’ll go check on her then.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Jean didn’t like how Fey had forced Sara to stay in the nursery. She didn’t want to make Sara get angry or bored enough to try to leave. She walked down the hall and noticed the music system had been turned on for Sara’s room as well. She left it on as she opened the door a crack. “Sara?”

She waited , but she didn’t hear an answer. She pushed the door open more and tried again, “Sara honey? Are you okay?”

Sara didn’t answer. Jean pushed the door open enough to walk through and stepped in, the first thing she realized was that the room stank of stale pee. The next was that Sara seemed to be sleeping on the floor and was wearing a dress. Jean knelt down next to her sleeping form and smiled, “You looked in the closet finally huh?” She whispered, “What a little cutie.”

Sara was lying on her back and sucking her thumb. Jean checked the diaper between her legs and wasn’t surprised to find it wet. “Sara? Can you help me out here?”

Sara gently stirred, her eyes opened a crack, but she said nothing.

“Sara, let’s get you up and onto the mattress okay? Then I’ll change that icky diaper.”

Jean gently helped Sara to her feet and guided her towards the crib. The diaper hung limply between her legs. Sara dropped her hands onto the mattress and slowly pulled her feet up, she immediately dropped onto her stomach and started to gently snore.

Jean carefully flipped her over and spread her legs. The dress made it easier to get to the diaper. She removed it and replaced it with a speed learned from years of changing others. She rolled the used diaper into a tight ball and dropped it into the diaper pail. Then she went to see what else Sara had gotten into. Jean almost yelled when she saw all the clothes on the floor. She almost grabbed Sara to clean it up herself. But then she remembered she had been in here alone for a few hours, and she probably was just venting her frustration.

Jean sighed, and picked everything up herself. She closed the door, and tripped a special button on the latch that would stop Sara or anyone one else from opening it, unless they knew where to push. She was walking out of the door, and took one last look at Sara. She was still laying on her back and her legs were still spread. Something seemed wrong to Jean and she came closer to Sara. “Oh, the diaper!” Jean thought. “If she sleeps like that it might leak.” She walked back to the closet and reopened it, she had seen something very cute, and it should fit Sara.

It was on the forth hanger on the right. A large pink onsie, with a light ruffle around the waist and the arm holes. She walked back besides Sara and gently sat her up. She was glad she had kept the music going, it seemed to help keep Sara from fully waking. She pulled the dress off, and then worked the onsie down over Sara. She let her lay back down then pulled the flap up and snapped it closed over the diaper. “Now it will hold the diaper up against you. No leaks for my little baby Sara.”

Sara was already snoring again before Jean had left the room. She turned and looked longingly at her. She looked so cute, it seemed the uptight little bitch had left, and in her place was a beautiful little angel. “I can’t believe it’s the same girl.” Jean closed the door and walked back to the living room. She saw that her sister was still watching the TV and sat down waiting until a commercial to talk to her. “You know Fey, I think this is the best thing we could have done with her.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Look at how she’s acting. No longer being such an uptight person, she’s starting to act more meek. And when was the last time she spent so much time around you or any other parental figure?”

“Well yeah, she’s to scared to go out in public with a diaper on. I don’t think that really counts as being the best approach.” Fey could see her sister was getting upset, “Now hold on. I’m not saying that I want this to stop. This might not be the best way to do this, but it IS working. Just as long as you don’t mind changing her diapers a few times if I get tired of it. I’m kind of glad I don’t have anything worse than diaper rash to worry about when I think of her now.”

Jean smiled and laughed, “Yeah, and I think we need to be more careful about that.”

“What? Why?”

“When I went in there she was asleep, in a soaked diaper. If that happens to often without protection she’s going to get a rash, and I don’t think we want a cranky teenage baby on our hands.”

Now it was Fey’s turn to laugh, “Heh, so I guess we need to use some sweet smelling baby powder when we change her from now on then huh?”

“Exactly.” The sound of a car pulling up into the drive stopped Jean, “Are you expecting anyone?” When Fey shook her head Jean got up and looked out the peep. “Oh, it’s just Jan.” She opened the door wide to find Jan carrying a small bag and sweating. “Come in, geez, was the heater in your car stuck on?”

Jan walked quietly past her as she shook her head no. She went straight to the kitchen and inserted a CD into a small radio mounted under a cabinet next to the sink. She pressed play and a gentle classical score started to fill the air.

Jean was starting to wonder why Jan had come by. She seemed really stressed out about something. Jean was going to go talk to her about it, but then she heard the music start up. “Hey, you okay in there?”

“Yep, just gonna make up some Cool Ade. I think I lost ten pounds sweating in that car.”

“Oh, the pitcher is next to the fridge.” Jean looked over to see a confused look on her sisters face.

Fey pointed into the kitchen, “Does she come by and do things like that often?”

Jean leaned back into her chair, “No, this is a first for me. Kind of weird really.”

They both looked into the kitchen in time to see Jan walk out holding three filled glasses. She gave them each one and then raised a third to her lips. The sisters looked at each other, and without a word did the same.

Jan lowered her glass as soon as she saw them drinking, then burst into tears. “I’m sorry!”

Jean set her now half empty glass down and walked over to Jan to comfort her. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Jan returned the hug but kept sobbing, “No. I went to Frannies house and talked to her mom. I didn’t know this was going to happen! I’m sorry!”

Fey had really enjoyed whatever she had been handed and after a few little sips had emptied the glass quickly. She felt a pleasant warmth spreading through her body. “Oh Jan, what was that? It’s not bad at all.”

Jean suddenly became concerned as she started to feel the warmth herself. “Shit! Jan did you just drug us? What was that crap?”

Jan shook her head. She seemed to be trying to fight something, her face was straining and she was tightly balling up her fists. Finally her face went red and her mouth opened, “Fey and Jan, sit down and don’t move.” her head moved as if it was on a swivel and looked at both women then the glasses. “Jean, finish your glass.”

Jean had tried to grab Jan, but her body betrayed her as she felt herself sit down next to her sister. She fought with everything she had to keep from grabbing the glass.

She was winning when Jan suddenly burst out into maniacal laughter. Jean was so shocked she lost her concentration and her body grabbed the cup and before she could stop herself she had drained it. She looked towards Jan and was filled with terror at the sight of the smiling tear stained face. Then the warmth she had felt increased and she didn’t really care that much anymore. The terror faded into the warmth and she looked from Jan to her sister. They both smiled at each other then looked back to Jan.

Jan walked around and stood directly in front of them both. “I want you to sit here and listen to the music for a while. I’ve got a few things to do with little Sara. Now don’t move, and no talking either.”

The two sisters sat still, and did exactly as they were told. They didn’t seem to notice that Jan had left the room.

Sara suddenly awoke. She had been having a pleasant dream when she felt reality move around her, then her eyes opened to the soft lighting of the nursery. She yawned and stretched, her right hand found it’s way between her legs and touched her diaper. She kept her eyes closed as her hand slipped inside and discovered warm wetness.

“Wet diapee.” came from her mouth, and she stopped shocked. “Why I say dat?” Her face screwed up in confusion, “I talk wike babee! Stop!”

“What’s the problem, all babies talk like that.”

The sound of Jan’s voice startled Sara completely awake. She struggled to sit up, finding it harder than normal. and made sure to hide her wet diaper with her hands. “Why ou ere?” Sara didn’t know why she was talking like that. She would think the right words, but they won’t come out. “Go! No momma! I no wan play no mow!”

Jan laughed, “That’s good, it looks like you get your wish. Your mom says you’re going home tonight.”

Sara’s jaw dropped as she took that in. " I no babee no mo?"

“It sure looks that way. This is the last time you get to play with diapers. Sad isn’t it?”

Sara pouted, “My head funny. Make stop pwease.”

Jan smiled down at her, then a look of concern came over her. “I know. That’s why I’m here. We have to talk.”

Sara calmed down when Jan’s voice took on a serious tone. “K.”

Jan turned around, as if to check that the door was closed. Then put her face close to Sara’s, “Your mom wants you to stay in diapers. Permanently.”

“Wha?” Sara felt shock flow through her. The wet diaper around her waist re-warmed as she wet herself uncontrollably."

“That stuff she was giving you from Jean, if it’s used to much, or in to high of a dose it will cause your brain to rewire itself. That’s why you’re so messed up right now. If you take much more of it you’ll end up like one of Jean’s retards.”

Sara started shaking her head, “No! Naught twu!”

“Sara, I was there, I watched as she gave you dose after dose of that stuff. She told my mom it was for your condition. And she kept giving you more of it. She gave you way more than you needed.”

“No, I no she no do dat! I no wememba!”

“Sara, look at yourself. You’re reduced to needing diapers now. You can barely talk. Another dose or two and you’re going for a permanent vacation to baby land.” Jan waited while that sunk in, then continued. “Now I think you’re cute as hell in diapers. And I wouldn’t mind changing them too, but if you don’t remember who I am, or even who you are what’s the point?”

Sara swung her legs out of the crib and stood up slowly. She tried to take a step and fell into Jan’s arms. “We got’s to go! I no wan be babee!”

Jan gently set her down on the floor. “Sara, it’s okay. I talked to the place that prescribes that stuff and they told me how to reverse it. That’s why I’m here. Hold on.”

Sara watched as she pulled a single use bottle out of her pocket. Jan unsnapped the cap and reached towards Sara’s mouth with it. Sara pulled away, she still didn’t completely trust her after all she had done. “No. Gots to wait!”

“We can’t wait. You’re mother will be in here shortly. I’m already taking to long, look on the dresser.” Sara did, and saw a small paper cup. “She told me to come in here and give you that. That would make you even more a baby. Now hurry up before she comes in here and forces that down your throat.”

Sara looked from the dresser, back to Jan’s hand. Finally she reached out and clumsily took the small bottle out of her hand. She tipped her head back as she dumped it into her mouth. One swallow and it was down. She looked at Jan and said, “Is that it?” in perfect English. “Oh my! I can talk. I don’t sound like a baby!” Then suddenly she felt like all the weight of her body lifted up and was gone. She stood on strong legs and ran a circle around her room.

Jan smiled watching the diaper jump and move while Sara ran her victory laps. “When you’re done, I think we need to get you dressed and get you out of here while we can. I parked my car out front and I’m ready to get you home.”

“Why do that? I won’t let mom use anymore of that shit on me. Let’s just go tell her to take a hike.”

Jan smiled, “Sure, and what if she does somehow get more in you? In this town no one knows adult Sara, the only ones that have seen you are me and your family. If you go home though, well everyone there knows you. She can’t get away with it there.”

Sara had stopped running and was looking at herself in the mirror again, in the hot room she was already covered in sweat. She didn’t care though. She was glad to be herself again, she spread her legs then untapped the diaper and let it slide to the floor. “Yeah, I guess that’s a good idea. Let me find some nice clothes and we can go.”

“Sara, I still think you need to know something else.”

Sara was already tearing through all the drawers looking for something more mature to wear. “What else? I’m up and ready to go.”

“Look at yourself. You only ran for a few seconds and you’re sweating like it was a mile. Think about-”

“So what? It’s hot in here. That’s all.”

Jan walked up close to her, “Am I sweating that much? It’s not really that hot in here. With use of that chemical you lose muscle tone quickly. In just the short time since the higher dose you lost a lot of muscle. Imagine what-” Jan was cut off by the sound of liquid hitting the floor. “Your bladder muscles are like after daily regular use…”

“Shit! What the hell? You mean I’m still gonna to have to wear diapers?”

Jan handed a washcloth to Sara, “Just for a few days I would expect, soon you should be fine. Just wipe up and let’s get you out of here.”

Jan walked to the door and opened it. “Look I’ll go buy you some time. Just get dressed in something, we’ll stop by my house and I’ll grab you some of my clothes.”

Sara just frowned back and waited for the door to close. Instead of grabbing a wipe she took off the shirt she was wearing and used it to quickly wipe herself dry, then with a grin she dropped it in the puddle on the floor. Next came the diaper. “At least I’m putting it on myself.” she thought. Sara dropped to the floor and quickly folded it over and taped it tightly in place. She didn’t want to be in this room any longer than she had to be. She grabbed a long night shirt and without thinking about pants or shorts threw it on and walked out of her room towards the front door and freedom. She gave her mother a dirty look as she walked past her, she didn’t see any reaction but Sara didn’t care she was getting out of there. Only a few feet from the door she started to reach out for the knob, as her hand closed around it she felt it’s cool metal mass. It felt wrong to her, she wasn’t supposed to touch it. She was supposed to be a good girl and stay inside unless mommy was with her.

Sara took her hand away from the door and stood still. She wanted to leave, but deep down she wanted to be a good girl. She didn’t know what to do. And it didn’t help that her mother had some stupid Classical crap playing so loudly. She turned at went to yell at her mother but couldn’t find her voice. She looked over and saw Jan sitting in the love seat. Sara smiled and tried to ask for help but something was stuck in her mouth. She reached up and was surprised to find it was the thumb from her other hand. She looked down at it confused then back at Jan. “Jan? I think I need your help?”

Jan was still smiling, “Oh, does little Sara need my help?”

Sara nervously looked at her mother, then back at Jan, “That’s not funny. Let’s go.”

Jan’s smile disappeared. “What’s funny about a little girl that needs help? What’s the problem, do you need a change? Maybe your bottle?”

Sara felt anger, but she didn’t move. “Jan! Don’t be stupid!” she looked at her mother and Jean on the couch and something finally clicked, “Mom? Jean? Are you guys okay?” Neither moved. “Hello? Guys?” Sara turned to Jan, “What the hell did you do to them?”

Sara’s face took on a mock stunned look, “Me? What could I have done? I’m just the babysitter.”

Sara tried to take a step but almost fell, "Jan please. What did you do??

Jan walked over to Sara and gently pushed her down to her knees, “Well why doesn’t baby get down on all fours first, it’s not safe for her to be standing up so high.” Sara tried to get back up but Jan pushed her back down again. “No baby, stay down. I think you should crawl around till I say otherwise.”

Sara crawled to her mother and gently pulled on her leg, but she wouldn’t move. She just kept staring ahead. She started to cry as she suddenly thought she was dead. “Why did you kill them! You bitch!” Sara crawled as fast as she could towards Jan, who didn’t budge.

“I didn’t kill anybody Sara. They’re just being nice and polite. I told them to do something, and they’re doing exactly what I said. Maybe you should be a good girl and listen as good as them.”

Sara dropped onto her butt and started to bawl. “Please! Stop this. Why are you doing this to us?”

Jan reached out and gently wiped the tears from Sara’s face. “Don’t cry baby, in a few minutes this will be over and your mother will be fine.”

Sara tried to stop crying but she couldn’t she kept looking at her family and wondering what had happened to them. She looked back at Jan and watched her sit down and pat her own lap gently.

“Why don’t you crawl up into my lap and I’ll tell you a story.”

Sara crawled slowly towards her, she couldn’t tell if it was because she wanted to, or because she was told to. When she reached her feet she pulled herself up and sat down into Jan’s lap.

Jan smiled at her and pushed her head down and into the crook of her arm. “You see baby this all started with you, and now in a few minutes it will end with you as well. When I realized what you were doing I wanted to see it. It was a fantasy of mine to regress a person down, and force them to need diapers. So I did everything I could to make sure it happened.”

Sara listened with her eyes wide as Jan continued. “I couldn’t believe how far you were willing to go. Then I thought it might have something to do with that medicine you were using to play baby. I was going to just have you over dose and maybe become a diapered vegetable when I saw the picture of the last user of that stuff.”

Jan could see the question in Sara’s eyes. “You see I thought she had looked familiar, and when I did some looking I found out she was just like you. A regular teen that started regressing. I wanted to find out the whole story so I did the little field trip.”

“I found where she lived now and talked to her mother. Then after a little adjustment she decided to come clean.” Jan stopped and gently pushed Sara to the ground so she was forced to look up at her. “She told me Little Frannie hadn’t had an accident, but she had needed a test subject, and her daughter was the closest thing she had. That’s not really medicine, but a complex solution designed to relax the mind and open it to suggestion.”
Sara’s eyes opened wide, “So I really don’t need diapers?”

“Oh, you need them now baby. What it did was allowed all my suggestions and orders to stick and kind of rewire your little brain. Then that little tape that you started listening too kind of accelerated it.”

“The CD made me act like a baby?”

“No, it just acted as a feedback device so all the previous things kept looping, the more you acted on them the more you had to do. If you listened another few nights to that you wouldn’t even remember being a teen. You’d just be a big baby, pissing and shitting herself.”

"No! Please, I don’t want that. Please don’t do it! “I’ll be good Jan. I’ll do anything you want!”

Jan just smiled. “I’m not going to let you listen to that CD ever again. I don’t want a real teen baby. What would be the point? You’d just be a baby with bigger diapers to change. No, I have something different planned for you. That’s why I have everyone out here. I need to make sure your mother doesn’t get in the way.”

Sara sat up on her haunches and tried to reason with Jan. “Jan! This is wrong. You know you can’t just turn someone into your own plaything. Think about what you’re doing here!”

Jan closed her eyes, for a second Sara thought her pleas had worked. Then Jan stood up and kicked her onto her back. “Maybe it is wrong. Maybe I wouldn’t have done this before. But my mind was opened. I’m not going to keep my feelings in the closet any longer. She didn’t make me a baby, but she’s helping me to make my own instead. This will be even better.”

“Nooo, I don’t want to be your baby! I don’t want to wear diapers anymore!”

Jan sat back down and laughed, “I don’t think you understand. You don’t have a voice in the matter.” Jan stopped and sneered, “Actually I don’t think you have a voice in anything anymore. Why don’t you be a good baby and let the adults do all the talking from now on.”

Sara’s mouth opened in a silent scream. Her hands shot up as she struggled to speak.

Jan touched her on the shoulder, “That’s it baby. Keep trying, you look so cute.”

Sara stopped trying to talk and crawled towards Jan, tears rolling down her face. She gently nuzzled up against her thigh. And looked up into her eyes pleading.

“I see you’re already getting into it! Let’s start the show. Sit down between my legs and let me do a little work with the rest of the family.”

Sara slid down onto her diapered butt and gently turned so she was sitting quietly between Jan’s legs. She wanted to run, to leave the house and get help. She wanted to scream and tell Jan to stop, she wanted to tell her mother to save her. But all she could do was sit and be quiet. She felt her diaper grow warm as Jan started to talk.

“Alright girls…. Fey, Jean…. Time to listen to me now.” The two women stirred from their unnatural stillness and stared raptly at Jan. “I’m glad I have your attention. Fey, do you remember your daughter?” She drunkenly nodded. “I want you to remember everything about her. Everything since her first birthday.” Fey started to smile as she started to see visions of her precious Sara from her memory.

Jan leaned closer to Sara’s ear and whispered quietly, “She seems to have a lot to go through. I think I need to make her list a little shorter.” Jan felt Sara’s body jerk as she said it.

“Alright Fey, I want you to take all those memories and place them safely in a box in you mind. Make sure they are all in there, everything from her first birthday and onwards. Now take that box and set it on fire in your mind. Watch as it burns and disappears. Nothing remains. Not even ashes.”

Fey’s smile seemed to fade as she watched the box burn in her mind’s eye. Then as it disappeared it came back. She seemed to have a glow about her.

Jan started again, “Jean, do you remember what little Sara used to look like? When she used to toddle around the house in her wet pampers?” Jean managed a weak yes. “I want you to put everything else you remember about her in a box in your mind for safety. Now I want you to imagine a timer on the lid of that box. Whenever you and Sara are alone for more than 10 minutes the timer on the box will open and you’ll remember everything about her. You’ll see her as a young adult and argue with her to stop acting like such a fool. Then after 10 minutes of trying to make her act her age the lid on the box will close again and you’ll see her as a one year old baby again.”

Sara shook her head. She tried to figure out how to stop Jan, but she couldn’t bring herself to act on any of the things she thought up. She could just sit still silent and watch.

Jan stood up and walked into the center of the room. “Fey, Jean. I want you to remember you see Sara not as a teen. But as the infant in your minds.” Both women stiffened as their brains tried to fight the illogical command. But in the end the drugs and programming won out and their smiles returned. Jan smiled and continued, “No matter how much time passes you’ll always see her as you see her today. No matter what others say. You’ll just put it off as a weird joke and ignore it.”

Sara couldn’t believe what she was hearing and seeing. Her mother and aunt were being turned into pawns for a sick and twisted Jan. She felt sick She tried to tell Jan to stop, but no matter how hard she tried all that she managed to do was drool down the front of her shirt. She was crawling towards her mother when Jan grabbed her and looked into her eyes with a glazed smile on her face.

“And now for the star of our show! Sara, from now on you’ll act just like others treat you. No matter how much you try to fight it you’ll feel compelled to meet their expectations. Oh, and for those few times that Jean sees you as your real self you’ll still lack the ability to talk or use a potty.”

Sara screamed in her mind as she felt her thumb enter into her mouth. She dropped down from all fours onto her butt and then onto her back. She kicked her feet in the air, and playfully grabbed at her toes. Outside she looked like a happy child, on the inside she wanted nothing less then to die.

“Well I guess that’s it. Everyone, time to release you. From now on you’ll feel compelled to act on what you’ve been told today. No person or act will change how you feel about little baby Sara. Now wake up and enjoy.”

Sara kept her eyes on her mother, she blinked her eyes several times and then looked around the room as she tried to get her bearings. She hoped it wasn’t true. That maybe Jan had made a mistake. Then Fey looked at her, the feeling Sara got from the look drained all the hope from her body.

“Oh….Er…” Fey stuttered. She looked to her sister. “I’m sorry, I think I feel asleep or something, sorry Jean. What were we talking about?”

Jean had been staring at her feet, trying to figure out what had just happened, “I think something to do with Sara.” She looked up at Jan, “Right? We were telling you about her…. So…. You could baby sit or something?”

Jan nodded, “Yep you were both telling me how good of a baby she was. And that you would be back in a few hours.”

Fey looked very surprised. “We were leaving now?”

“Yep, I guess you’re going out hitting a few singles bars or something. I didn’t really ask what you were doing. Just how long you would be gone.”

Jean stood up and stretched, “Well, I guess we better get going then. Good luck with stinky pants!”

Jan just watched as the still groggy women grabbed their purses and walked out the door. She then walked over to Sara and sat down on the floor next to her. “Well kiddo. This is it. This is what your life will be from now on.” She reached out and squeezed Sara’s diaper. “Crawling around on the floor. Getting your wet diapers changed. Which we can start right now!”

Sara cringed inside as her body happily rolled onto her back and lifted her legs.

“You are such a cutie pie baby Sara.” She pulled the tapes free, and let the diaper flop down between her legs. “Butt up baby.” Sara lifted her butt and before she set it down allowed a fresh dry diaper to set under her. “Good baby! I bet you would be a looker if you were ever allowed to grow up.” Jan laughed loudly at her own joke.

The feeling of pain and anger cut through the walls of the hypnosis and Sara started to bawl. She kicked her feet violently and managed to land a foot in Jan’s face knocking her to the ground.

“Dammit! I bet you think that was funny…” Jan winced as she wiped a bit of blood from under her nose.

Sara’s giggling answered her quickly.

“I guess I’ll have to give you that one. After all, a few months of this and you won’t have the strength to do much more than crawl a few feet. This will give you something to look back on when the whole town knows about your little problem.”

Sara stopped her giggles and went back to gently sobbing. Jan left her to her tears and went back to the kitchen. She poured herself some tea and filled a sippy cup with cold juice, then went back to the living room where Sara was still in tears.

“Oh, lighten up stinky. Here. Have some juice.” Jan put the cup in her hands and lifted it up to her face. She then sat down and turned on the TV. Sara slowly stopped crying and started to suck on the cup. She liked the taste, and for a few moments she forgot where she was and what she was being turned into. Jan noticed the change and decided to get back at Sara for the foot in her face.

“Enjoying that juice baby?”

Sara had her eyes closed and just nodded.

“Well, that’s good. I hope it’s worth the pain.”

Sara stopped drinking and lowered the cup, “Did she poison this stuff now?” she thought.

Jan leaned back in her chair and sipped on her tea. “After all, I doubt your mommy is going to think about brushing the permanent teeth her little baby shouldn’t have. I bet you’ll enjoy having all your teeth pulled to stop the pain!”

It took several seconds for Sara to figure out exactly what she was being told. “My teeth? I’ll lose all my teeth! Noooo! Please no….”

Jan watched Sara’s internal struggle with glee. “Oh Sara. I wish I could read your little mind. I wonder what you’re thinking. Are you still trying to beg me to stop, or are you at the wanting to kill me stage? It doesn’t really matter I guess. You can’t act much on those feelings. Why don’t you finish that juice and enjoy some of your toys?”

Sara crawled away with the cup in her hand and started playing with the toys. She didn’t want to, but there was nothing she could do. The sweet juice now tasted bitter in her mouth as she thought of the future.


“I can’t believe it took only three weeks for this to happen.” Jan said inside her car. She was watching as police officers were escorting Fey and her sister outside of the house and into a squad car. “Dam, dam, dam…. I wasn’t done with them yet.”

Jan got out of her car and tried to look surprised as she walked up to the porch. She was stopped by a cop before she got inside.

The officer took her by the hand and steered her off the porch, “I’m sorry but we have a problem here miss… Can I ask you your name please?”

Jan was trying to look over the cop and into the house, “Jan. I’m a friend of Sara’s.”

The officer stiffened. “Really?”

Jan realized she might have said to much, “Well… More of her babysitter I guess.”

“Oh… Hold on. I think the case agent may want to talk to you.”

Jan felt nervous, “Sure. Is something wrong? Did something bad happen?”

The officer didn’t respond, instead he leaned back into the house and spoke in hushed tones to someone else. After several seconds he faced Jan and said, “Follow me please.”

Jan followed closely behind him into the home and down the hallway to Sara’s room. She could hear her crying loudly before she got halfway down. She pushed her way in front of the cop and saw Sara sitting on the floor in front of a nicely dressed woman, her face was red from crying and wet from tears. She saw Jan and reached her hands out with a screech.

“Oh my, Sara! Come here!” Sara fell into her arms a wet mess. Jan could tell that the diaper around her hips was saturated. She looked at the woman and almost screamed, “She’s soaked! Were you going to leave her in it that diaper till her skin falls off?!”

Jan gently lay Sara down and started to change her diaper. The woman watched silently with a scowl on her face as Jan untapped the used diaper and threw it at her feet, landing on one of her shoes. She started writing something down as Jan carefully wiped Sara clean then taped a new diaper on her. Jan saw that her shirt was sticky and wet as well so she pulled it off and quickly replaced it with a pink snap crotch onsie.

Sara sat up and tried to calm herself down. The fresh clothes made her feel better but she was still confused. She didn’t know who the woman was, or what was going on. All she knew was that she had awoken after her afternoon nap to see a complete stranger in her room ,and weird noises were coming from the rest of the house. And when she had started screaming her mother hadn’t shown up.

Jan coddled Sara and finally looked the woman in her eyes, “What’s going on here? What’s with the raid?”

“My name is Ms. Wrenton. And I’m from social services. And you’re Jan, correct?”

Jan nodded. “Yes, and what are you doing here?”

“I’m here because a concerned neighbor called and after a previous visit I became concerned. Do you know anything about Sara’s past?”

Jan swallowed. She knew she had to keep it simple, “All I know is she’s special needs. And when asked I come here and watch her. I can assure you she isn’t being abused.”

The woman cleared her throat. “Well, I can say that this isn’t about abuse yet. Do you know that this girl,” She pointed to Sara. “wasn’t born this way? That until recently she was a fully functioning teenager ready to go back to college?”

“College? Sara? I don’t think she could say college, much less go to one. Are you sure you have the right girl?”

The woman toed at the diaper at her feet as she spoke, “Oh yes. We talked to her neighbors and friends back home, it seems whatever happened, happened here, and quickly to.” She reached down and picked up the diaper with one hand and held it out in front of her. “So I’m here to figure out why a young adult suddenly went from being a full time student to a full time baby.”

Jan tried to think fast. She knew she couldn’t add much,. But she wanted it to look like she was trying harder to help then she was. “Maybe there was an accident?”

Ms. Wrenton took a final look at the diaper and dropped in on the dresser to her left. “Maybe, but that doesn’t explain why her mother refused to answer questions earlier, and tried to act like Sara was a normal baby.” She cast a glance at Jan, “Didn’t you think that was odd? She had to have said something to you about that?”

“Well, I thought it was some kind of coping response. Like she didn’t want to think about the truth.”

The lady wrote something else on her paper and seemed satisfied. “Well Jan, please leave your name and contact number with one of the officers here. I’m sure they will need to speak with you later.” She motioned towards an officer and pointed at Sara. “I hope we can get this straightened out soon. The state doesn’t need another mouth to feed.”

Jan watched as the large cop lifted Sara up and walked her out of the house towards an ambulance. “Wait! What will happen to her?”

The woman was tapping a number into her phone as she walked away. She stopped quickly to talk to Jan. “If she gets better she’ll go home, maybe be reunited with her mother. And if she doesn’t…. Well I guess she’ll have an extended stay at the hospital till we figure out what to do with her. We can’t really adopt out a super sized toddler now can we?”

Jan watched as Sara was strapped down on a gurney. Her face was filled with terror as she yelled as loud as she could. Sara looked her right in the eyes as a needle was stuck in her arm. The screamed started to fade, then stopped all together as she passed out into a dreamless sleep. Then the doors to the ambulance closed and it slowly rolled away. Jan watched the lights fade into the distance.

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Swan Song By: Long_Rifle

A good story

I did not expect that ending at all or how quickly Jan changed on the car ride to Jean’s house.

I enjoyed the progression, it was quite logical.

EDIT: I like how you worked in a progressively logical regression.

Swan Song By: Long_Rifle

Long_Rifle, nice to see you back writing again!!

This is a great story & you did a great job on it too!!