Summertime Struggles (Completed 8/18/2022)

Newly independent Madeline has to navigate one more hurdle before she leaves for college.

Trying out a straight forward, classic type of story with a summer theme to it. Enjoy and happy fourth of July!

All characters are 18+


Maddie squirmed in the backseat of her mother’s car. It had only been an hour and half since they had left their home, but her stomach was already gurgling and causing her discomfort. It was early in the afternoon, not even two o’clock yet, and they were close to arriving at her aunt’s house for a barbecue. Maddie tried to distract herself by reading the license plates of passing cars. She didn’t want to think about the inevitable predicament she would soon be in. This diaper punishment is going worse than I thought… she lamented to herself.

Today was officially day nine of one month in diapers for Maddie. The first week was difficult for her, her delicate sense of pride and confidence was set back fiercely, and she hoped she could regain her sense of independence by the time she left for college in a few months. One day she was driving around with her friends, attending graduation parties and drinking into the night, and the next day her own mother was tending to her dirty diapers on their living room floor.

Maddie had stayed at home mostly since her diaper punishment began. She had to wear thick, noticeable, adult diapers twenty-four hours a day, and she couldn’t bear to let her friends see her that way. It was also easier for her to wet and mess her diapers in the privacy of her own home, rather than resorting to using them in public. She didn’t want to go to this event today, but Amy made it clear that both she and her daughter needed to attend her sister Ruth’s annual family barbeque.

The light blue sundress Maddie was wearing did a good job of hiding her thick diaper. In the mirror prior to leaving, Maddie tried various combinations of jeans and leggings, but all of them were too tight to mask the bulky garment she was required to wear.

Maddie looked down at her white sneakers and crossed her legs. She thought about maybe bargaining with her mother on stopping at a bathroom, since she had never been in this predicament before, out and about on the town with the increasingly real probability of a messy diaper. The rumbling in her bowels was growing stronger. Even if they pulled over right this instant, she was worried she might not make it to a bathroom. Maddie looked out the window. She and her mother were still on the highway, and she saw no signs of any rest stops or exits anywhere close.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Since her punishment began, Maddie had only messed a handful of times. In each instance, she had the luxury of squatting in her room, or standing and bending over slightly to relieve herself. Now she was sitting squarely on her butt, and was trying to stealthily mess so as not tip off her mother in the driver’s seat. Maddie hated “going” in a diaper when her mother was watching.

She placed the palms of her hands on either side of her legs and lifted herself up slightly. Once her butt was raised off of the seat, Maddie held her breath and pushed. A deluge of hot mess began to fill the seat of her diaper. Maddie exhaled and released the pressure on her bladder, beginning to flood her diaper with warm pee. The waste in her diaper mixed together to form a wet, slimy sludge that was growing larger and expanding throughout the garment by the second.

It took nearly thirty seconds for Maddie to finishing wetting and messing herself. With her butt still in the air and her arms getting tired of keeping herself in suspension, she lowered herself onto her poopy diaper. She grimaced as felt the warm contents of her diaper squelch up between her legs and towards the front. Once all her weight was placed down, she relaxed her body and sighed. She felt like she was sitting in a pile of hot pudding, and was completely coated by the mess.

In her silent struggle, Maddie had not alerted her mother that she had just filled her diaper. Amy was staring straight ahead with her eyes on the road. Maddie took a deep breath sheepishly and started, “Mom…?”

Amy looked in the rearview mirror and made eye contact with her daughter. Maddie’s face was contorted in a frown, and her brow was furrowed.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Amy asked.

Maddie tilted her head back into her seat headrest in defeat and embarrassment.

“Mom, I messed my diaper.” She admitted.

In a matter of fact tone, Amy replied “Well, that’s alright, honey. That’s what the diapers are there for. You just hang tight for another half hour or so and we can change you when we get to Aunt Ruth’s.”

Maddie sighed. Before she even relieved herself she knew this would be the inevitable result. She would have to walk into a family party with her loaded diaper, say hello, and then get changed in some side guest room.

“Maddie,” Amy said, “where did you put you diaper bag? I don’t see it up front here, do you have it in the back?”

Maddie was confused and asked “I thought you had it, Mom.”

Amy sighed and gave Maddie a pained look in rearview mirror. “Honey, no. What did I say a few days ago? This is your punishment, you need to be responsible for your diapers when we leave the house.”

Maddie’s heart began to beat a bit faster. “Well, can we go back and get it?” she asked.

Amy shook her head. “No, sweetheart, we’re almost there. You’re just going to have live with it, and deal with that diaper until we get back home.”

“Until we go back home?” Maddie flinched and uncomfortably shifted in her seat, inadvertently spreading her slimy mess. “But Mom, that could be hours from now! Can we stop at a store, and maybe pick up some new diapers?” Maddie was getting desperate.

“No, Maddie. This is part of the deal. You need to be more responsible about these things. I’m not going to spend all day worrying about when you soil yourself and when you need a change. Besides, this might teach you a valuable lesson about taking care of yourself. When you go to college in a few months, I’m not always going to be there to bail you out of situations. And that is that.”

Amy finished lecturing her daughter and then focused back on the road. Maddie was stunned but there was nothing else to be said to her mother. She crossed her arms and leaned back in her seat. Her messy diaper was still warm but rapidly cooling off. She grumbled and sighed, It was going to be a long day



Aunt Ruth’s house could be picked out from the rest of the streets on her block from a few hundred yards away. There were dozens of people congregated on the porch, front lawn, and street outside the house holding red plastic cups. Ruth’s yearly barbeque was mostly for family, but she was sure to invite friends from the neighborhood as well.

Parking around the block, Amy grabbed a container full of potato salad and turned towards her daughter in the backseat.

“Ok Maddie, ready to head in?”

“I guess,” Maddie muttered. She opened the door and stepped out of the car. Her diaper sagged a bit once she stood up, but it was still wrapped tight around her waist, a testament to her mother’s expert diapering. She squatted slightly and spread her legs apart, trying to find a comfortable position where she wasn’t acutely aware of the mess clinging to her. Maddie quickly found that her attempts were futile, and resigned herself to the feeling.

Walking up to the front porch, Amy saw Ruth from afar near her front door, propping it open to allow party guests to filter in and out.

“Ruth!” Amy called out. She approached with Maddie and cradled the potato salad in one hand.

Ruth turned her attention away from the door and said “Amy! Maddie! So good to see you!” She extended her arms in a hug to Amy. “So glad you could make it,” she continued.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Amy added.

Ruth turned to Maddie with her arms open, “And how are you Maddie? Enjoying your summer so far?”

Maddie embraced Ruth and replied, “Hi Aunt Ruth, yes of course. It’s been a blast so far.”

“Good, I’m glad” Ruth said. She hugged Maddie for a moment before blurting out, “Pee-yew! Do you both smell that? Did someone bring their dog over today? I hope if someone did they at least brought some bags with them…”

Ruth looked around and tried to assess where the smell was coming from. Maddie shrunk back, hoping that this moment would pass without having to reveal her situation further.

“Oh Ruth, I wouldn’t worry,” Amy said. “I know where that smell is coming from. Maddie? Would you care to explain?”

Maddie wished she could melt into the earth.

“Uhhh, well….”
Ruth looked into her shifting eyes. “What is it, Maddie?”

“Well, I’m wearing a diaper…. Today…”

Ruth titled her head in confusion. She looked to Amy to gauge a response.

“Hmm, a diaper? Why are you wearing a diaper, Maddie?” Ruth inquired.

Maddie’s face began to flush red. “I did something bad and now I need to wear them for a while.”

“Something bad? Did you get into an accident, sweetheart? Are you okay?”

Amy took this opportunity to jump in with zero hesitation.

“Well Ruth, the other week I was alerted by my bank that a suspicious check was cashed from my account. After some sleuthing, it turns out that our sweet Madeline here,” she gestured to her daughter, “had forged my signature to try and take a few hundred dollars out of my account. Isn’t that right?”

Maddie rolled her eyes. “It was only a few hundred dollars, you would’ve never known it was gone anyway.”

The soft sympathy in Ruth’s voice melted away. “Maddie, I can’t believe this. Who taught you how to do that? You can get in a lot of trouble doing something like that, you’re lucky it was just your mother who caught you.”

Maddie lowered her head. “I know, it was wrong. I’m sorry.”
“Now, as punishment, Maddie is required to wear diapers all day, every day, for one month.” Amy said.

Ruth’s face grimaced slightly. “Hmm, sounds… excessive, but you are her mother. Whatever you think is best.”

Slightly disgusted, but still curious, Ruth added “Maddie, do you have to use your diapers?”

Maddie nodded.

“Do you have to use them for… everything?”

Maddie hesitated, but nodded.

“Oh, your poor thing. That’s what that smell is. Amy, are you going to change her? I have a guest room upstairs you can use.”

“Why don’t you tell Aunt Ruth, Maddie? Are you going to get a diaper change here today?”

Maddie sighed. “I forgot my diaper bag at home. We don’t have any new diapers for me to change into.”

Ruth shook her head dismissively. “I’m sorry to hear that Maddie. I wish I could help, but you should just enjoy yourself the best you can today, no matter how dirty your diaper is, ok? Now c’mon, let’s go inside and say hi to the rest of the family”

Maddie nodded, and she and Amy followed Ruth inside the house.



The heavy plopping of beanbags on wooden frames echoed throughout the yard.

“Nice job, Maddie! Three for three!” Maddie’s cousin yelled from across yard.

“Thank you!” Maddie chimed back. She turned to her other cousin, Josh, standing beside her. “You better make all three throws if you want to match me, Josh!” She taunted.

“Yeah yeah,” Josh waved her off. “You got lucky.” He squared up to toss the beanbags he was holding, while Maddie smiled to herself.

Her spirits had picked up in the past hour or so. Despite the messy diaper taped between her legs, she was managing to have a good time at her family barbeque. She was playing the backyard game “cornhole” and putting up some points against her cousins. After an hour or so, she hardly smelled anymore and was able to congregate with other people without feeling embarrassed. Her diaper, while still full, was drier now and she was less conscious of it.

While waiting for the beanbags to make her way back to her for her next turn, Maddie saw her uncle drinking from a hose from the across the yard which reminded her of her own thirst. She took a sip of cola from her red plastic cup, and realized she needed to pee.

Maddie gritted her teeth. She knew it was just a matter of time until she had to go again, but she was hoping she could’ve put it off longer. She certainly had a few more hours at the party left, and that wasn’t even counting the nearly two hours in the car until she was home again. She didn’t have many options, or any options at all, frankly. She thought back to her mother’s stern directions when her diaper punishment began.

For the next month, your diaper is your bathroom. Anything you do in there, you do in here. Amy had even patted Maddie’s diaper to emphasize her point at the time.

Maddie waited until she had an opportunity to play another turn of cornhole. Once she finished tossing her last bean bag, she decided to slowly but steadily begin re-filling her diaper.

She spread her legs ever so slightly apart and began to release a trickle of urine. The liquid began to warm up the previously, dry and caked-on contents of her diaper. She felt gross, but there was no other option. Soon it felt no different or less wet and sludgy than when she had messed in the car a few hours prior.

“Uhh, Maddie?” Josh said.

“Yes, Josh?” Maddie turned to look at him.

“Maddie are you wetting yourself?” He said with a chuckle.

Hurriedly looking down, Maddie could drops of pee were falling from out under her dress.

“No, I think-- Maybe that’s just my drink—I must’ve spilled something…” She stammered. She was still peeing as she spoke, and was so startled she began to pee faster. This caused her diaper to leak more, turning a few rogue droplets into a small stream.

Josh laughed and said “Maybe you should clean yourself up a bit.”

Maddie, mortified and soggy, silently began to waddle away from the cornhole board and towards the back of Ruth’s house.

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Warm, summer nights were always some of Maddie’s favorite days of the year. There was nothing like kicking back with family and friends while watching fireflies flash throughout the night, and looking up at the stars.

Tonight, however, was more of a nightmare for Maddie. It was nearly nine o’clock, and the sun had set. Some people had left, but Aunt Ruth’s party was still going on and wasn’t looking like it was going to slow down anytime soon.

Maddie was trying to think. She hadn’t talked to her mother in a few hours so she couldn’t tell if she wanted to leave soon. Maddie needed to know because she had to go to the bathroom again, badly. After her leaking incident a few hours prior while playing cornhole, she knew she couldn’t afford to go into her thoroughly used diaper again. She knew she would regret this, but she would have to negotiate with her mother.

Waddling through the living room of Aunt Ruth’s home, Maddie kept an eye out for Amy. She didn’t want to stop and talk to anyone else while inside, the close confines would trap the smell of her diaper more than they would outside, where she spent most of the day. Soon, Maddie spotted Amy talking to Ruth again in the kitchen, both of whom had a glass of white wine in their hands. Maddie took a deep breath and walked over.

Ruth saw Maddie first out of the corner of her eye. “Well look who it is,” she teased slightly. “Are you having fun today I hope, Maddie?”

Maddie cracked a smile and said, “Yes Ruth, I have been. I just wanted to ask my mom something real quick.”

Amy looked over to Maddie, and almost sensing that she was about to hear something she wasn’t going to like, asked “What is it, Maddie?”

“Mom,” she started, “I need to use the bathroom.”

Amy sighed and gave her a patronizing glance. “Maddie, what did we talk about? You need to use your diaper for these things. Please, I don’t want to hear any more about this.”

“Mom, you don’t understand,” Maddie held firm. “I’m leaking. I used this diaper a few hours ago and I leaked all over the lawn. It can’t hold up anymore.”

Ruth cringed and Amy rubbed the bridge of her nose. “This is why I told you that you need to be more responsible, if you had just kept track of you diaper bag this wouldn’t even be an issue.”

Maddie felt like she was losing the argument but she had to keep pushing. “I know, I’m sorry, but I really, really need to go and I can’t just leak everywhere.” She turned to Ruth with a pleading look. “Aunt Ruth, you don’t want me leaking all over do you? Can you please tell my mom to consider letting me use the bathroom?”

Ruth, with pity in her voice, turned to Amy. “She does have a point, Amy. What is she supposed to do? It’s just one diaper, it can’t last forever.”

Putting down her wine glass in frustration, Amy turned to Maddie. “Ok, Maddie, fine. You can use the bathroom this one time. Then it’s back to your diaper. Do you understand me?”

This wasn’t as ideal of a solution as Maddie had had in mind, but she did really need to go. “Yes, sure, of course, Mom.”

“Ruth, where is you guest room again? Is there a bathroom up there?” Amy asked.

“Yes, up the stairs, down the hall to the left, there is a conjoined guest bedroom and bathroom.”

Amy grabbed Maddie’s hand. “C’mon, let’s go.” She led her daughter out of the kitchen and up the stairs toward the back of the house.


“You’re really something, you know that Maddie? You’re eighteen years old now, and about to go to college. You need to stop making mistakes like this and take responsibility for yourself. No more forgetfulness, no more shrugging things off, no more fraud.”

Amy sternly and tightly held Maddie’s wrist as she led her into the back bathroom. Maddie’s need to relieve herself was growing more urgent by the minute. Upon finding the room, Amy told Maddie “Stand right there by the foot of the bed, give me a second.”
Maddie did as she was told. Amy riddled through a closet and eventually grabbed two towels, and laid them on top of each other on the bed. Looking back at her daughter, Amy pointed to the bed and said “Sit.”

Doing as she was told, Maddie positioned herself in front of the bed and gingerly tried to sit down on the towels. Her mother noticed this and grabbed her shoulders, giving her a slight push. Maddie winced as her weight dropped on top of her poopy diaper. It had been hours since she last went in it but she still didn’t appreciate it mushing up against her.

Amy grabbed the bottom of Maddie’s blue sundress and began to hike it up above the diaper. “So here is what’s going to happen,” she began. “I’m going to peel this diaper off of you, and you’re going to get up and use the toilet.” Amy pointed to the door next to the bed which lead to the conjoined bathroom. “You’re going to use the toilet, and then I’m going to tape you back up in this diaper. Are we clear?”

Maddie didn’t like the sound of that. She was hoping her mother could give her a pass this once, and clean her up for the last few hours of the night and let her walk around without a diaper.

“I have to put this diaper back on?” Maddie whimpered.

“Don’t act surprised with me, young lady. What did you think was going to happen? You know full and well that you are required to spend a month in diapers, no exceptions. I’m only allowing you to use the toilet this one time as a courtesy to my sister, so her niece isn’t leaking all over her house.”

Maddie let out a small groan and covered her face. “Ok! Please, just—I need to use the bathroom.”

“Alright,” Amy said. She brought her hands to the tapes on Maddie’s diaper and slowly pulled apart each of the four tabs. Once undone, she pulled the front of Maddie’s diapers down and revealed the contents inside.

“Ugh!” Amy exclaimed. “You really did a number in this diaper!” She pinched her nose and laughed slightly. “This is the worst one yet.”

Maddie was completely coated in her own waste. From the back, to the front, and well between her legs, she was covered. The smell was nauseating and Maddie got up on her elbows to assess the damage.

She took a momentarily look but quickly averted her eyes. She was well acquainted with the sensation of her dirty diaper throughout the day, but now couldn’t bring herself to look at it directly, especially if she was going to be hopping back in it in a few moments.

Maddie shimmied forward off the bed and in the process dragged herself over the length of the messy diaper. She stood up, freed momentarily from her diaper. Amy, still pinching her nose, said “Go on and do whatever you need to do,” and pointed towards the bathroom. Maddie walked towards the bathroom and shut the door.

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Maddie opened the door of the guest bathroom with a much clearer head. It was refreshing to use a toilet for first time in over a week, even if it was only a temporary relief.

Looking back towards the bed in the guest room, Maddie saw her mother sitting dutifully next to her outstretched, soiled diaper on top of the two towels.

“Alright, sweetheart. Time to get back in.” Amy patted the bed next to the filthy garment. Maddie’s eyes began to water. “Mom, please… I don’t want to wear that diaper anymore…”

Amy replied firmly, anticipating this resistance, “Honey, you know the rules. If you don’t have your diaper bag, this is the only diaper available. Now don’t make me ask again.”

Maddie took a step forward, but stopped. With a tear coming down her face, she protested “I won’t steal from your check book anymore! You’ve made your point! This is just, so, so gross… Can’t you just clean me up and take us home? Aren’t we leaving soon?”

Raising her voice, Amy nearly shouted, “Madeline, you come over here right now and you lay down on this diaper! Do you hear me? So help me, if I hear one more complaint out of you, I’ll put this diaper on you and you won’t be changed until tomorrow, do you understand?”

Maddie sniffled and nodded. She slowly walked towards her mother and positioned her back to the outspread diaper.

“That’s a good girl. Now, sit down,” Amy gave a gentle push to Maddie like she did a few minutes prior when she was removing the diaper. Maddie felt the familiar mush on her butt again but was no longer surprised by the feeling. She leaned back on the bed and let her mother do her work.

“There we go,” Amy said, pulling up the diaper between Maddie’s legs. She slowly taped each adhesive tab tightly across the front on the diaper, and Maddie was securely fastened in her dirty diaper once again.

Maddie was quiet, and still sniffling. She knew better than to protest anymore. Amy helped pull her up off the bed by her hands and gave Maddie a kiss on the cheek. “It’s ok, honey. Let’s say goodbye and go home.”


The headlights on Amy’s car were the only movement breaking the still of the night as she pulled into her driveway. Putting the car into park, she looked into the rearview mirror and saw her daughter in the backseat fast asleep. It was a long drive home, and Maddie was quite exhausted from a very stressful day.

Amy put the car in park and stepped out. Quietly, she opened the door to Maddie’s seat and tried her best to not wake her up. Still asleep, Amy lifted her daughter’s blue sundress and assessed her diaper. Poor thing… She mused to herself. Even with only her car’s dim overhead light, Amy could clearly make out the brown stain of the diaper’s padding between Maddie’s legs. Amy softly stroked some of her daughter’s hair behind her ear and whispered, “Maddie, time to wake up. We’re home now…”

Maddie rustled out of her sleep and came to. She felt relieved she was able to sleep through the car ride. She mumbled and undid her seatbelt and began to get out of the car.

As Maddie was climbing out of the car and heading towards the front door of their home, Amy opened the trunk of her car. She grabbed the strap of a gray and green utility bag, and tossed it over her shoulder. She closed the car trunk and began following her daughter inside.

Maddie sleepily turned around to see what her mother was getting out of the trunk when her eyes went completely wide. “Mom! My diaper bag!” She gasped. “But—how? Was it in the trunk the whole time?”

“Yes sweetheart, it was,” Amy said nonchalantly, walking past her dumbfounded daughter and towards the door.

“So I could’ve gotten a change at any point today? But—Why didn’t you tell me?” Maddie’s exasperated voice rang throughout their front yard.

“Well, honey,” Amy said, “like I said, you are responsible for your diaper bag, not me. If you don’t know where your diapers are, then what good are they to you? Missing diapers are about as helpful on the moon, as they are at home, or anywhere else you may lose them. If you were on top of your diaper bag, you would’ve realized they were in the car, or you would’ve looked for them before we left.”

Maddie had no words as she stood in the driveway of her home in her soiled diaper.

Amy walked towards her and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the front door, “Now come on, stinky pants. Let’s get you changed into your nighttime diapers. They should hold up at least through lunchtime tomorrow.”


Nice story. I could feel Maddie’s humiliation.

Thank you! I’ve decided to continue her story a little more, coming soon


“What about these? Do you think this color will match well with the rest of your furniture?” Amy held up a bright pink bedding sheet set, wrapped in plastic casing.

“Hmmm… I don’t know,” Maddie said. “It seems a little too bright…and attention-drawing. I don’t want people to see it from the hallway,” she laughed.

Amy put the bedding set back on the shelf. “That’s true. Besides, we don’t know what color the walls of your dorm will be, either. The pink might be too risky a choice.”

It was day twenty of Maddie’s thirty day diaper punishment for stealing a check out of her mother’s purse. She and her mother were in a local department store, picking up dorm-room essentials for when she left for college in a few weeks. Maddie was finally getting acclimated to wearing her diapers twenty-fours a day, at least from a personal perspective. She became comfortable using her diapers, and thankfully her mother was merciful enough to provide ample changes whenever she was around. There was, however, one situation Maddie still found intolerable and couldn’t put out of her mind, even if she did have only a little more than a week left in diapers.

As she and her mother walked through the store, that very situation was creeping back into her mind once more. One woman walking by Maddie was curiously drawn to her midsection, and stared ever so slightly at the bulk beneath her leggings. Moments later, a handful of men in their twenties walked by and each one was momentarily fixated on the same area. Maddie’s eyes began to water as she knew exactly what they were looking at.

“Let’s check out the electronics section, you can probably use a few spare phone chargers before you go,” Amy announced. As she spoke, a middle aged man walked by and peeked a glance at Maddie’s abnormally bulky hips. Maddie tried to ignore it but the two tears running down her cheek betrayed her composure.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Amy said. “Is everything alright?”

Maddie wiped her eyes with her sleeve and began “it’s just—so frustrating, Mom. I mean, look! Everyone walking by is looking at it!”

Amy tried to offer an alternative explanation but was coming up short, “no, they’re not. They’re just—“ she thought for a moment, “they’re just looking out for store traffic! They don’t want to run into a stray cart.”

Maddie wasn’t buying it, and chose to ignore her mother’s comment.

“I know I only have ten more days and all, but—it’s just so embarrassing. The diapers are one thing, but not being able to see my friends, to feel like everyone is watching me in public…” Maddie’s rant quickly devolved into a quiet sob.

Both of them had stopped walking and were now standing in the middle of the store. Amy frowned, and tried to think of solution. She had been hard on Maddie the past few weeks, but to her credit Maddie had been taking it fairly well. Amy didn’t want her daughter to wallow in misery, she just wanted to teach show that her actions had consequences, especially before Maddie was officially sent out to the world where those consequences could be much more dire.

“Maddie,” Amy said as she grabbed her hand, “I don’t want to see you like this. Here, let’s try something.” She began to lead Maddie towards the back of store until they came to the diaper section. Maddie was no longer crying and more interested in listening to what her mom had to say.

Towards the end of the aisle, Amy scanned the shelves and eventually grabbed a purple and pink cardboard box.

“What are those?” Maddie sniffled.

“These,” Amy began, “are bedwetter diapers.”

Maddie was taken aback slightly, and protested, “I mean, I know I’m wet in the morning and all but I can still control myself! Sometimes I need to go in the night, and since I’m not allowed to use the bathroom—“

“No, silly,” Amy chuckled. “I know you’re not a real bedwetter. These diapers are just,” she pointed to the box, “thinner, and more discrete. Look, you could wear these just like underwear, and no one would even know the difference.”

Maddie’s eyes lit up slightly upon piecing it together. “Really? You think?”

“Sure, it’s worth a try.” Amy said.

“Listen Maddie, I know I’ve been hard on you but I don’t want you to be miserable. I’m a reasonable person, and I do want you to enjoy the summer before you go to college. I think these will help.”

“Ok, Mom. Thanks,” Maddie replied.

“Great, let’s add this box to our cart and head back over towards the electronics.”


The next night, Maddie was laying on her bed streaming a movie on her laptop. She was trying to follow along with the plot, but she was distracted. For the first time a long time, Maddie was feeling normal. Two hours ago, her mother changed her out of her normal, bulky adult diaper into a slim, pull-up style bedwetter diaper. Amy was right that these felt much more like underwear, as opposed to the constant thick padding of her usual diapers. Maddie had slipped on a pair of her normal jeans she couldn’t even tell in the mirror that there was anything out of the ordinary.

Throughout the movie, Maddie was feeling joyful and buoyant. Instead of ruminating about all the fun she was missing out on due to her diapers, she could finally see a way where she might start enjoying herself again. She could start making plans with her friends again, and soon enough, she would be done with her punishment entirely.

After another hour, Maddie realized the moment of truth was upon her. If she was truly going to start living her life again, she needed to know this pull-up could do its job. Maddie laid back, with her head propped up by a few pillows. Her legs were crossed and her laptop was situated on top of her belly. With barely a second thought, Maddie began to wet herself. After three weeks of diaper wearing, it was almost second nature to her. The warmth flowed largely down and pooled beneath her, but Maddie was surprised how the fabric managed to even use the padding near the front of the diaper, almost absorbing her pee upwards.

She laid still for a few minutes to let the pull-up do its work. Pausing the movie and putting her laptop aside, she sat up and began to look for any potential leaks. The pull-up was full, and was pulled tighter to her body than her normal diapers, highlighting the soggy feeling she was accustomed to. After careful examination and flipping over on her side, Maddie was pleased to see not one leak from her new bedwetter diaper. She smiled and hopped off her bed.

“Mom,” she yelled out her door and down her hallway, “I need a change!”

“Yeah, honey?” Amy shouted back. “How did they do?”

“Pretty well I think!”

Maddie left and her room and walked down the stairs, meeting her mother in the kitchen as she was answering some emails on her laptop.

“Alright, let’s get you changed.” Amy said.

They left the kitchen to the immediately adjacent living room. There on the floor was a large turquoise yoga mat, which had served as the “changing station” for Maddie over the course of her punishment. For the first few days, Amy had conducted these changes in the privacy of Maddie’s room, but since they lived only with each other and the high frequency of changes, they both simply moved to the much more convenient and central living room.

Maddie unbuttoned her jeans and laid down on the mat. Amy grabbed a few wipes and powder from a nearby shelf. “Ok, let’s see what we’re working with.” Amy said. Maddie knew her diaper changes had become very efficient and routine, but she still felt embarrassed about how professionally her mother approached them.

“Any surprises down there I should know about before we begin?” Amy teased.

“No, Mom.” Maddie muttered.

Amy grabbed the pull-up with two hands and began to gently pull it off Maddie’s body. Maddie instinctually lifted her butt off the matt, and then lowered herself and raised her legs as the diaper was peeled off.

With the soggy garment in hand, Amy noted “Well look at that, what did I say? Worked well, didn’t it?”

Maddie nodded in agreement, “It did, they felt just—so much simpler.”

“Great, sweetheart, I’m glad.” Amy said. She put the used pull-up to her side and said, “Good thing you asked me for a change now, I don’t think that thing could hold another use.”

“Yeah,” Maddie said. “I think it would’ve leaked if I tried to go again.”

Amy grabbed a wet wipe and started the hands-on work of the change. “Ok, now do you go back to your thick diapers since it’s just the two of us?”

Maddie hadn’t put much thought into what she wanted to be changed into, but her inner voice immediately gave her an answer.

“Can I try another pull-up, Mom?” She asked.

Amy didn’t immediately reply, and Maddie could tell she wasn’t entirely on board with it. She pushed further, “I just like how they feel, is all. They feel just like underwear. And…” she tried to bolster her argument, “I’m still testing them out to see how they work.”

Amy thought about it for a moment and said, “Sure, honey. We can try another pull-up.” She got up from the floor and went into the guest room. She brought back a single, small, purple and pink bedwetter diaper. The front was adorned with illustrations of flowers and stars, but Maddie was willing to overlook the oversweet design for the utility it provide.

“There’s only about a dozen or so of these left, and it wouldn’t make sense to pick up another box of these before you’re out of diapers completely.” Amy knelt back on the mat and held the pull-up to display to Maddie. “If I were you, I’d be careful on how you ration these over the next week.”

“Ok, Mom. Sure, I will be.”

Maddie lifted her legs and held them tight together, so Amy could properly slide her feet through the legs holes. Still new at the pull-up method of diapering as opposed to the taping method, both Amy and Maddie chuckled as they slightly struggled to fit Maddie’s legs through the small leg holes of the pull up. Eventually the garment was slid on, and Maddie replied, “Thanks Mom, I’m going to finish my movie.” Maddie propped herself up, grabbed a water bottle from the kitchen and walked up the stairs to her room.

Amy started to clean up the diapering supplies on the living room floor, but left the mat where it was. As she walked back to the kitchen counter to finish her emails, she noted the time. Hmmm… 8:27pm… she thought. She had become profoundly aware of her daughter’s bodily functions over the past weeks, and she was almost certain Maddie was going to pee herself again before bedtime. If she had been wearing her normal adult diaper, surely that change would’ve been the last one for the night. Those diapers could hold two, or even three uses. Those pull-ups are convenient for her, but definitely not for me… Amy thought. She didn’t want to speculate too much too early, so she went back to answering emails.

A few hours later, as Amy was cleaning up the kitchen before bed, she heard a familiar phrase ring throughout the house. “Mom,” Maddie yelled from upstairs, “I need a change!” Amy sighed, it was just as she figured. Each and every time Maddie used those pull-ups, she was going to need a change.

“Ok honey,” Amy replied. She grabbed the materials as Maddie hopped down the stairs and began zipping down her pants before she even reached the ground floor.

“Maddie, we need to talk about something.” Amy said authoritatively.

“Hey, sure. What is it?” Maddie asked.

“This,” Amy wagged her finger at the yoga mat, then to Maddie, and then to herself, “is not going to happen for the rest of your punishment.”

Maddie put on a face of confusion, “Uhh… what do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. I’m not getting down on my hands and knees to change you every single time your wet yourself.” Amy said. “You want to wear pull-ups to feel less embarrassed, fine. But here’s the new rule. You only get one,” she raised her pointer finger in the air, “pull-up a day, do you understand?”

Maddie nodded.

“The rest of the time, you’re in regular, adult diapers. Easier for me, and quite frankly, easier for you. You don’t want to leak in public, do you?”

Maddie shook her head. No, she did not want to leak again, especially after the barbeque nearly two weeks ago.

“Alright, now come here. I don’t want to hear about any more changes until tomorrow.”



The final week of Maddie’s punishment was hardly even registering in her mind. Maddie was in a comfortable spot of just familiar enough with diapers to not care when she used them, and happy enough that the flexibility of wearing one pull-up a day out in public still afforded her a sense of normalcy and independence. With two days left to go in her month long diapered endeavor, Maddie was already thinking ahead to college and beyond.

Today she was wandering the aisles of an outlet college bookstore, picking up some of the expensive, heavy textbooks she was going to need in her first semester. She was fortunate enough to find a used edition of “Intro to Chemistry”, and nearly two thirds of the novels she would need for her first English literature class. Deep in the psychology section, Maddie had lost track of her mother. Amy had a list of the books Maddie needed as well, and was likely seeking out some of the remaining items she needed.

Maddie inspected the rows of books for “The Mapping of the Mind” when she felt a rumbling in her bowels. She dismissed any feelings of urgency, and continued to intently survey the shelves for the textbook she needed. Maddie was no stranger to her present situation, and absentmindedly checked the surroundings to her left and her right. She was all alone in the aisle. She squatted down, and pretended to peruse the books at the bottom of the shelf as an alibi for relieving herself. As she lowered herself, she didn’t feel the normal cushion and resistance of her thick diapers. As if she was walking down a flight of stairs and missed a step, she quickly tensed herself in an effort to regain control, but it was too late. Maddie began to fill her pull-up with a warm load of poop. By the time she had stopped herself short, she could already feel a sticky mess being squeezed tightly between her legs by the taut and compact pull-up.

Maddie sighed and lowered her head. Ideally, she would’ve liked to finish off her punishment without messing her flimsy bedwetter diapers, but it wasn’t the end of the world. She finished relieving herself and braced herself as she stood up. She was slightly too big for the largest size of pull-up she was wearing, and it let her know. The fabric and padding were held closer to her body than she was used to, but after nearly a full month, messy diapers were simply a reality of life. Fully upright, Maddie focused on the shelf and was met at eye level with “The Mapping of the Mind.” She grabbed it and started moving towards the front of the store.

On her way towards the register, she saw he mother coming up on her right.

“Hi, honey, I just had to use the bathroom. Did you find everything you needed?”

Maddie stood still and nodded her head solemnly as Amy approached.

“Let’s make our way to—“ Amy halted as she came within a few feet of her daughter, and raised a knowing eyebrow at her. Maddie refused to make eye contact and tucked her hair behind her ear with her free hand.

“I take it you don’t want to stop for dinner on the way home?” Amy said with a wry smile.

“No, I think leftovers would be good tonight.” Maddie said quietly.


As she walked in the front door of their house, Maddie walked past the turquoise yoga mat in the living room and started waddling up the stairs in her messy pull-up. Amy watched her as she went directly to her room and turned on the lights. She had learned a lot about her daughter and what made her tick over the past month. Despite all the changes, and the privacy of their own home, Amy knew Maddie still felt too embarrassed to have her poopy diapers changed in the living room. She grabbed the changing supplies spread throughout the ground floor and started making the way up the stairs as well.

“Oh dear Madeline,” Amy sang. She had pity for her daughter’s predicament, but as a parent, she couldn’t help teasing and embarrassing her during such a ludicrous situation. She peeked her head into Maddie’s room, “Would you like me to change your diaper, sweetheart?”

Maddie was lying face down with her head in her arms on her bed. She raised her head barely, and nodded.

“Ok, I have the supplies.”

Maddie rolled over and silently complied with the routine. Amy laid out the yoga mat on Maddie’s bed, and began the delicate process of removing her pants. She shimmied off the messy pull-up and held it in her hands for second. “Whew!” She said. “Hopefully your last messy diaper, ever! Only about two more days, Maddie.” Amy got up and walked toward a steel bin by her daughter’s door. She pressed the foot pedal dropped the pull-up inside. She turned back towards Maddie and grabbed a thick diaper from the gray and green diaper bag now situated at the foot of the bed.

“How do you think you’re going to spend the rest of your Friday night?” Amy asked.

Maddie stared off in the distance, away from her mother, who was tending to her lower half. The clock in her room said 7:19pm.

“Not sure,” she said. “I think I’ll start a new TV show on my laptop tonight.”

Amy could sense the dejection and melancholy in Maddie’s voice.

“Just think, in a few days, you’ll be back on the town with all your friends and looking forward to the fall!”

Maddie sighed. “Yeah, hopefully. I haven’t heard from any of my friends in a few weeks.”

Amy stopped cleaning Maddie momentarily. “Really? You haven’t heard from anyone?”

“Nope, but I’ve been seeing the fun they had, they love to post all of it.”

Amy’s stomach dropped. “I’m sorry to hear that Maddie… Well, maybe you can…”

She tried to think of some possibilities, but nothing much came to mind. Amy picked up her diaper changing duties where she left off.

“Just keep your head up, ok? No matter what happens, you have a bright future ahead.” Amy finished taping Maddie into her diaper, grabbed her hands, and pulled her up. “Two more days.” She said, and kissed Maddie on the cheek.

Maddie was still staring into the distance, but gave her mother a small peck on the cheek in return.

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“Are you still watching?” The message flashed on Maddie’s laptop.

She wasn’t sure anymore. She has already sunk three hours into this mediocre comedy show, but she had heard that is was supposed to pick up towards the end of the season. With barely enough enthusiasm to lift her finger, she clicked the affirmative “Yes” button on the popup displayed to her.

Maddie was taking another sip of cola when she felt her phone vibrate next to her. Expecting some spam orientation email or weather notification, she picked up her phone. To her surprise, it read:

“hey, what r u doing tn?”

Maddie felt a flutter in her stomach. It was her friend Angela, someone who a few weeks ago was holding her legs up during a keg stand, or calling her a ride home when she got too drunk at graduation parties.

“hey, I’m just home hanging, hbu?” Maddie replied. After hitting send, she felt a little self-conscious on how quickly she replied.

A few minutes later Angela replied,

“we’re going to garnet hall, my bf matt has a reserved table there. do you still have a fake?”

Maddie was intensely intrigued. Garnet Hall? That was a real bar, that’s where people in their hometown went well into their twenties. Angela was dating a guy with connections there?

Maddie did still have her fake ID. She could, possibly, meet up with Angela. But she had bigger problems to overcome.

She texted back,

“yeah I can meet u there. what time are you heading over”

Angela replied quickly,

“around midnight. lmk”

Maddie placed her laptop on the side of her bed. Before she even left her bed, she yelled “Mom, I think I’m going to meet up with Angela tonight.”

She waited in tense anticipation to gauge her mother’s response.

“Angela?” Amy replied back, from downstairs. “Oh good, I hope she’s doing well.”

Maddie breathed a sigh of relief, that was just the tacit approval she was looking for.

“Ok, I’m gonna hop in the shower now.”

“Sure thing, honey.”

A few weeks ago, Maddie had learned that showers were a gray area of her diaper punishment. Her mother didn’t care enough to fully supervise her as she was getting in, or getting out, of the shower. For a small window of time, she had the freedom to remove, or to put on, her diaper before her mother inevitably came in to check in on her.

From the echoes of the hallway, Maddie could tell her mother was in her own room, far down the hall. Maddie had to decide quickly what her game plan was.

Garnet Hall was a nice bar, a “club” even. She needed to be on her best attire to even be let in the door. Maddie knew exactly what she wanted to wear, but she realized that there was no way her thick, adult diaper, would ever fit underneath. Maddie also understood that her mother needed to see her leaving the house with a diaper on, but as long as she came back with the same diaper, whatever she did inbetween didn’t matter.

One of the bedwetter pull-ups would be perfect for the night out. No one would be able to tell the difference, and when out from under the watchful gaze of her mother, Maddie could even hide the small, foldable diaper somewhere hidden while she enjoyed her night out.

The thick adult diaper she was currently wearing was simply not possible. Even if she managed to show up to the club without her friends noticing, she would have to stash her bulky diaper somewhere where no one would touch it. Given how large and how reflectively white as it was, this simply was not an option at an upscale nightclub.

All of Maddie’s most favorable options for the night out began and ended with her wearing a pull-up once her Mom came in to check on her after she was out of the shower. She leapt up, tiptoed her way down the stairwell, and into the guest room on the ground floor. Maddie wasn’t even sure where her mother was keeping the pull-ups, but fortunately the open cardboard box was left on the top of the guest room desk. Maddie quickly pulled one out and scampered upstairs.

She tucked the stray pull-up under her bed and began un-taping her current thick diaper. Still mostly dry, she left it at the foot of the bed and directly in view of the door of her bedroom, an olive branch to her mother that she was abiding by her rules. Grabbing a towel, she left her room and hurried to the bathroom. Locking the door, Maddie smiled. I might just be able to have my cake and eat it too.


“Honey, are you almost ready? It’s getting late.” Amy called out from across the hall.

“Yeah, Mom,” Maddie replied, fastening her second earring in her bedroom mirror.

In a matter of thirty minutes, Maddie had showered, dressed, and applied her makeup in an effort to make it to Garnet Hall as fast as possible. Her mother was right. It was nearly midnight, and with the ride to the bar, Maddie would be lucky if she was meeting up with her friends by one in the morning.

Amy walked into Maddie’s room and saw her daughter applying some finishing touches on her makeup in the mirror. She was wearing a tight, black formal dress with ankle-strapped black heels. Her long black hair fell past her shoulders and her gold earrings sharply contrasted her dark outfit.

“You look fantastic, sweetheart. Where are you going, it’s pretty late for dinner?”

Maddie froze. She wasn’t sure if her mother knew about her fake ID, but she definitely didn’t want to blow her cover while she was so close to being out from under her thumb.

“Um, it’s actually Angela’s—brother’s—wedding afterparty!” She stammered. “I just wanted to look the part, you know?” Maddie smiled.

Amy smiled and folded her arms. “Sure thing, Maddie. I’m sure they’re all waiting just for you.”

Maddie went back to inspecting herself in the mirror, letting out the smallest semblance of a smirk. Amy rolled her eyes.

“So how are you going to explain your diaper to them?”

Maddie halted. She was hoping the conversation wouldn’t get to this point, but she had already dutifully planned for this possibility.

“Well,” she said, turning away from the mirror and towards her mother, “that’s why we got the pull-ups, right?”

Without a hint of shame, Maddie lifted up her skirt to display a clean, new, cutesy pink-and-purple pull-up.

“We got these so I can go out and enjoy myself without having to worry about explaining my diapers, right?”

Amy let out a terse laugh and took a step back. She stared at her daughter with a tilted head, while Maddie was still holding up her skirt with all smiles.

Amy knew her daughter too well for this. Maddie knew exactly what “one pull-up a day” meant. She had no access to the box of pull-ups, unless she specifically went out of her way to find one. Maddie knew she was supposed to be in a normal, adult diaper prior to her shower, and she used her mother’s lenience against her.

“Maddie, no.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“You know exactly what’s wrong, young lady.”

“What did I do?”

“Madeline!” Amy nearly shouted.

Maddie dropped her skirt.

“I don’t appreciate this. I thought you were doing a good job here, I thought you were listening to me, but you’re going to throw that all away?” Amy looked at her watch. “With—forty or so hours until you’re done with the punishment?”

“Mom, what are you—“

“Maddie, please. Enough. You know the rules. You went downstairs behind my back, to get a pull-up, to bend the rules so you can have a fun night out.”

“I don’t think—“

“Stop. The rules still apply, one pull-up a day. If you want to go out with your friends so bad, you can wear a normal diaper.”

Maddie slumped her shoulders. Her mother was a step ahead of her at every turn. She called out on every aspect of her plan.

Amy took a step towards Maddie, reaching for hips, “C’mon, back onto your bed, we’re changing you back into your nighttime diapers.”

Maddie panicked and swatted her mother’s arms away. She needed to go out tonight. She needed to get back with her friends, she might not have another chance after this. She was tired of wasting away in her home during what was supposed to be the funnest months of her life.

“Mom! Wait…” Maddie pleaded.

Amy, more frustrated, placed her hands on her hips. “What?”

“You said one pull-up a day, right?”

“Yes, those are the rules.”

“Ok, so can I wear today’s pull-up?” Maddie asked.

Amy looked at her daughter, perplexed. “You already used today’s pull-up. You used it quite thoroughly at the bookstore.”

“Well, it’s probably dry now.”

Amy laughed. “What are you talking about? Who cares what state it’s in now? I changed you out of it and threw it away hours ago, end of story.”

Maddie took two steps towards the garbage bin near the door of her bedroom.

“Honey—what are you—“

Maddie placed her foot on the pedal, and started reaching into the trash can.

“Maddie! Get out of there! This is–”

Maddie pulled out a heavy, loaded purple pull-up and cupped it in her hands. “One pull-up a day, right? I can still wear this one out, according to the rules?”

Amy was completely aghast. She had no idea her daughter would call her bluff like this. She reeled back and closed her eyes for a few seconds. Making the only move she could think of, she quietly said,

“Fine, Maddie. Prove it to me. Put it on and walk out the door.”

Maddie was really hoping it wouldn’t come to this point. But she knew she didn’t have to endure this humiliation forever. By successfully moving the debate back to pull-ups, instead of adult diapers, she had something she could still discretely take off, hide in the nightclub, and put back on at the end of the night. If she had to wear a poopy pull-up for only an hour or two, it was worth it.

“Ok, I will.” Maddie added, placing the used diaper on the floor.

She hiked up her skirt and grabbed the edges of the clean pull-up still around her hips. She pull it down below her knees, but struggled to get them off with her heels on.

Amy laughed. “Look at you, pull-ups and high heels. What an unfortunate combination.”

Maddie gave her a glare, determined to look more capable and in control of the situation.

She reached for the used pull-up that she placed on the floor by her bed. Holding it up, she knew this was the point of no return. Maddie hated her messy diapers, but this was more important to her than that. She needed to show her mother she was willing to do whatever she needed to maintain her independence.

Maddie slowly moved her right leg into the pull-up, with close precision to make sure she didn’t display any clumsiness for Amy to laugh at. With one leg in, she carefully placed her other foot and ankle through the remaining leg hole.

With both feet on the ground, and both legs fully through their respective leg holes, Maddie made eye contact with her mother. She clenched her teeth, grabbed both sides of her soiled pull-up, and decisively dragged her dirty diaper past her knees, up her thighs, and pulled it taut above her hips.

Maddie shivered and let out a faint whimper as she felt the cool, sticky mess press directly between her legs. She wanted to cry, but held tough. The pull-up left nothing to the imagination as it clung tight to her body, obviously undersized for its current job. Maddie did her best to ignore the cold, clammy feeling and reached for her skirt. She tamped it down until it was unfurled at full length, and pulled her head back up to look at her mother.

“Well—“ she said, “my Uber is on the way.”

“Is it?” Amy said with an eyebrow raised. “I’ll walk you out.”

Amy left the room and headed towards the stairs.

Maddie grabbed her phone off her bed and quickly opened up the Uber app.

“Garnet… Hall…” she typed.

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“And that’s why—“ she burped, “that’s why I hate working on holidays.”

Maddie rolled her eyes. She had been waiting nearly twenty minutes for the bathroom, and had been forced to listen to the woman in front of her rant about her job as a nurse nearly the entire time.

“Well,” Maddie started, “maybe you can request off St. Patrick’s Day?” she shrugged.

The woman she was talking to replied “No way. The overtime is too good.”

Maddie felt like she was back at the beginning of the conversation. She took a peek at the line beyond her immediate view and was pleasantly surprised, a few more women shuffled into the restroom.

After a fifteen minute Uber ride, a ten minute line to get inside the club, and twenty minutes in line to head to the women’s bathroom, Maddie was in the worst of all worlds. She was completely sober, needed to pee urgently, and was wearing a messy pull-up that she could only hope to pass off as sewage from the bathroom she was standing in line to.

“Jesus, it smells so bad in here.” The nurse said.

“Yeah… must be the bathroom,” Maddie lobbied.

“Ugh, I hope not.”

Eventually, the line eventually allowed Maddie into the bathroom. Commandeering a stall, Maddie plopped down on the toilet and quickly wrestled off her pull-up. In cathartic release, she let out a soothing sigh as she relieved herself on the toilet. It was one of the few times she was able to use a toilet in the past month at all. She pulled her phone out of her purse. Angela had texted her.

“top floor bar. By the dj”

Maddie could picture exactly where her friends were. Once she was done peeing, she slipped off her pull-up and curled it up into a ball. She needed to leave it somewhere she could find it again. Wearing it out the door of her house and wearing it when she was home again would be sufficient enough to trick her mother into thinking she was abiding by the rules of her punishment the entire night. She took it and carefully placed it behind the toilet she was sitting on. She peeked through the slits of the stall door to take note of which stall she was in, and marked it down in her phone. After wiping herself clean, she tamped down her skirt and texted Angela.



“BUM BUM duh duh BUM duh BUM duh–”

Maddie stumbled towards the women’s bathroom, banging air drums without an inhibition in the world. It was nearly four thirty in the morning, and Garnet Hall was clearing out fast.

Maddie had a magical night out with Angela and their friends. She danced, diaperless, for hours with friends new and old. She exchanged numbers with many patrons, bartenders, and anyone who would listen to her. Whenever she wanted a new drink, she would simply strike up a conversation and ask her new acquaintance to order one for her. Though she came late to the party, Maddie had certainly got her money’s worth.

The only thing left was find her old pull-up and wear it home when the Uber came. At this hour, the line for the women’s bathroom was nearly non-existent. Maddie stumbled in her heels through the hallway, drumming the air and humming an electro tune the entire way. Once she entered, she opened and phone and tried to find the note where she recorded the stall where she left her pull-up.

“3 to the right. 3…” Maddie had one eye closed as she counted each individual stall and moved down the line.


Maddie pushed the door open. Thankfully, no one was inside. The sight of an open toilet overrode her primary objective of finding the pull-up. She rolled up her skirt and reached for her diaper, or panties, but quickly remembered she had neither. She smirked and sat down on the toilet and began to pee. While she held her head in hands laughing, the door of her stall was still swinging open.

After she was finished, Maddie lifted her head and realized she had just peed with the door to her stall completely open. She was surprised for just a moment, but realized there was no one outside of the stall. There was no one else in the bathroom at all. She laughed and stumbled as she stood up, and then pulled down her skirt. She knelt on one knee and reached behind the toilet. Where is that pull-up… Should be right here…

She patted around, but there were no items behind the toilet bowl.

Maddie reeled back and composed herself on her haunches. On both knees, she got down so she could she see what was going on behind the bowl.

It was just as she feared. There was no pull-up at all. The diaper that she had stashed, the diaper she needed to be wearing when she went home, was gone.

Maddie stood up and started breathing heavy. “No, no…no…” She muttered to herself, out loud, as she check the adjacent stall. She got on her hands and knees and inspected the floor behind the toilet bowl. No diaper. She got up, moved to the stall on the left, but still… no diaper. Maddie started to tear up, and her limbs were feeling heavy. She reached the last toilet in the entire bathroom. She go on her hands and knees, but still… no diaper.

Maddie started to bawl as she left the last toilet stall and lean up against one of the sinks.

“I can’t… I can’t go home without it…” She sobbed to herself.

A blonde haired women in a silver dress walked in with her head buried in her phone. She heard the soft cries of Maddie towards the end of the bathroom and she quickly turned her attention to her.

“Hey…” The woman began, walking towards Maddie.

“Are you alright…?” She said, putting a hand on Maddie’s back.

Maddie lifted her head with tears in her eyes and was confused, but slightly comforted.

“I…I…lost something…” She cried.

The woman, drunk and tired herself, didn’t want to deal with this, but had to ask. “What did you lose?”

Maddie pulled her head up to the mirror and looked at herself. She was a drunken mess. She had makeup streaming down her face, she was leaking tears, and she barely knew where she was. But she did know what she needed to have before she left, and how she might be able to get it.

Maddie turned to the woman and half babbled, “I lost… my mother’s ring…”

The woman was confused. “Your mom’s ring? Like your mom’s wedding ring?”

“Yeah… yeah that one.” Maddie sputtered.

The woman in the silver dress rolled her eyes. She had questions. She had better things to do. But she felt deeply obliged to help this sorry, sobbing poor girl out of her predicament.

“Ok… where could you have left it…”

Maddie looked up and said “I think it may have been thrown in the trash…”

The woman threw her head back and audibly groaned.

Maddie didn’t want to lose this potential ally.

“I’ll check this one,” Maddie said, pointing immediately to her left.

The woman looked dutifully at the only other trash can in the bathroom.

“I’ll look over here…”

Maddie ran over to the trash can and began sifting through the paper towels and refuse.

The blonde woman hesitantly peeked over at the other garbage bin and lifted one paper towel from the top of the pile. “Uhh, do you know what type of ring it was? Am I looking for something gold?”

She turned around and Maddie was already headfirst, halfway inside the trash can, tossing empty plastic cups and paper towels all around her.

“I found it!” Maddie exclaimed.

The blonde woman breathed a sigh of relief, she had no intention of rooting through any garbage for this stranger.

Maddie pulled herself out of the trash bin, wide-eyed with a huge smile, and held up the scrunched up purple pull-up.

The blonde woman squinted and asked. “Is that…? Is that a shitty diaper? Why is there a used diaper in a club bathroom? Is the ring inside of it? You better wash it off.”

Hardly listening, Maddie leaned up against the bathroom wall for balance and began to put her right leg inside the pull-up.

“Jesus christ, what are you doing?” The blonde woman exclaimed.

“You don’t understand,” Maddie replied, now lifting her left leg inside the pull-up, “I need to be wearing this when I get home.”

The blonde woman took a step back and stared in disbelief and disgust. Maddie looked over at her and lifted the diaper up between her legs. “Thanks for the help,” she said, squeezing into pull-up without a flinch. Maddie walked over to the sink and quickly washed her hands like nothing had happened.

“Hey, do you know where the Uber pickup area is? Is it just out front?” Maddie asked, looking back over to the woman.

The blonde woman was covering her mouth with her hand and staring into the distance.

“Are you ok?” Maddie asked, still too drunk to understand how someone else might be perceiving her situation.

Maddie locked eyes with woman as she was began to dry heave, and saw the fear and revulsion on her partially covered face. The woman darted for a bathroom stall and closed the door.



Maddie quietly opened the front door of her home and crept inside. It was a little after five in the morning, and the early light of dawn was beginning to illuminate her living room. She had never stayed out this late before during her diaper punishment, and was thinking of how she could possibly get her diaper changed. Her mother usually changed her diaper before bedtime, but now that Amy was asleep, she had to consider waking her up or waiting until later in the day. Maddie went through a lot of effort to appear like she was wearing her messy pull-up during her entire night out, so she figured it would be worth it to wake her mother up as soon as she walked in the door.

Entering her mother’s room, Maddie found Amy fast asleep under her covers. “Mom…” Maddie whispered, gently rocking her mother’s shoulder. “Mom, I’m back. Can I get a change?”

Amy began to open her eyes in a sleepy haze and sighed. “Sure, honey, let’s get you cleaned up.” She tossed the sheets aside and slowly began to stand up. She was wearing a loose fitting, pale pink pair of pajamas, a very domestic contrast to Maddie’s tight black dress and heels.

Maddie exited her mother’s room and headed towards her own. Amy had left the diapering supplies from earlier in the evening upstairs and followed closely behind her daughter. Maddie began to unstrap her heels and unzip her dress. She stripped down until she was just in a bra and a pull-up and laid down on the changing mat on her bed.

Amy reached for the pull-up around her daughter’s waist but stopped suddenly and wrinkled her nose.

“Oh, wow. I forgot about the little stunt you pulled earlier.” She reached again, and felt the outside of the pull-up.

“Well, was it worth? Did your friends find out about your diaper?” she asked.

“Nope!” Maddie said confidently.

“Good, I’m glad.”

Amy was about to slide off the diaper when she said, “Wow, Maddie, this pull-up is dry. Like, bone dry. Are you holding anything in right now?”

“No,” Maddie replied.

“When was the last time you went?”

Maddie didn’t like the questions that were being asked.

“Uh, a few hours ago, I think. That’s why it’s so dry.”

Amy raised an eyebrow.

“How many times did you use your pull-up tonight? You were out—drinking, obviously—for several hours.”

“Twice,” Maddie said nervously. “Yeah, I think twice.”

“So what did your friends say when you leaked?”

“I didn’t leak!” Maddie protested. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she realized her mistake and felt her stomach drop.

Amy said flatly, “So you left the house in a used pull-up, wet it twice, didn’t leak, and you’re completely dry now?”

Maddie nodded.

Amy didn’t say a word. She reached down by the bed and placed a thick, white adult diaper on the bed. “Up,” she commanded.

Maddie lifted her butt, and Amy slid the fresh diaper underneath her. Maddie kept her midsection arched in the air, expecting her mother to reach for the pull-up.

“Down,” Amy said, pushing Maddie’s hips down onto the diaper.

“How are you supposed to slide off this pull-up if I’m still laying down?” Maddie asked.

“I’m not,” Amy replied firmly, lifting the front of the new diaper up and over the pull-up.

“Mom, what are —“

Amy continued to fasten the new diaper over the top of the pull-up Maddie was still wearing.

“Madeline, you betrayed my trust tonight.”

“No, I—“

“I let you out one night, I buy special diapers for you to keep your dignity, I trusted you, and this how you use the ounce of freedom I gave to you? With one day left in your punishment?”

Maddie’s eyes began to water. “Mom, it’s just—“ she stammered.

“I don’t know what you did with that pull-up while you were out, but it’s abundantly clear you weren’t wearing it tonight.” Amy finished taping the diaper over Maddie’s hip.

“You broke the rules and you broke my trust,” Amy said sternly.

“Maddie, this” Amy tapped the front of her diaper, “is the last change of your punishment. You have a little over a day left, and one clean diaper and a slightly used pull-up will have to get you through it. Don’t bother asking for any more changes until Sunday at noon.”

Maddie was completely in tears. “WHAT? But Mom, I can’t do that! I’ve already used this pull-up! I—I—“

“Oh, so now it’s a used pull-up? A few hours ago, you were begging me to let you wear it. And besides, it’s not like you used it since then.”

Maddie had no answer to her mother’s argument. Everything she had said was true. Maddie tried to pull a risky, deceptive move on her mother, and was caught red-handed, and they both knew it.

Amy turned and started walking towards the door.

“Goodnight, Maddie,” she said, exiting her daughter’s room and closing the door behind her.


“Sweetheart,” Amy whispered, nudging a sleeping Maddie underneath her covers. “It’s time to wake up. It’s nearly a quarter to one, come meet me downstairs.”

Maddie groggily opened her eyes and saw her mother exit her room. She reached for phone beside her to check the time. Her mother was correct, it was 12:37pm on Sunday afternoon.

Maddie felt a brief flight of excitement as she realized she had made it, her punishment was over. She began to shake off her sleepiness and her gloomy demeanor from the past day and eagerly sat up in her bed, swinging her legs to the floor.

She groaned. The mess in her pull-up —present, pervasive, and unescapable—squished between her legs, leaking slightly into the outer, second diaper she was still wearing.

The morning after her trip to Garnet Hall was a somber one. Maddie was hungover, frustrated, and defeated, and spent most of the day lounging in bed watching TV shows on her laptop. After Amy adamantly declared that she would be performing no more diaper changes, Maddie largely kept to herself and waited out her last full day in diapers alone in her room.

The pull-up she was wearing was thoroughly used, and leaked into the second, thicker diaper whenever Maddie had to relieve herself. Throughout the day Maddie was acutely aware of the sodden pull-up clinging to her waist, frequently feeling it go from hot and wet to cold and clammy whenever she released.

By Saturday night she had felt that the worst was behind her, and she was looking forward to getting some rest and getting out of diapers officially on Sunday morning. Her optimism wavered when she felt the familiar rumblings in her stomach around 10pm. After a few minutes of denial and trying to hold back, Maddie had resigned herself to her fate and soiled herself one last time. When she was finished her pull-up was full, and any tossing, turning or squirming in bed caused the tight garment to squish her mess in all directions and out the sides.

Before she fell asleep Saturday night, Maddie quietly cried in her bed, lying flat on her back and trying to keep as still as possible. She cursed her mother, for this stupid punishment. She cursed her body, for choosing to fail her so close to the end of the long month. And above all, she cursed herself. She knew she should have never went into her mother’s purse and stole from her checkbook. She knew she should have taken the punishment more seriously, for her own sake, so she wouldn’t have had to a wear a messy diaper all day at her Aunt Ruth’s party. She knew she shouldn’t have used her mother’s kindness against her during her trip to Garnet Hall, or at the very least, she should’ve been smarter about it. Her own actions had led her to the uncomfortable predicament she was in, and she had no choice but to simply accept the consequences.

Now sitting on the side of her bed, Maddie pulled down her green pajama pants and inspected her outer diaper. It was visibly wet, and she saw small patches of brown towards the leg bands, even though her pull-up was containing most of the mess. Worse still, Maddie needed to pee again. Being so close to her final change, she decided she could hold it for a few more minutes until she could use the bathroom again. She shuddered to think about relieving herself yet again in her messy diaper, and the warm, mushy sensation that would follow and linger. Maddie pulled her pajama pants back up and took a deep breath. She was ready to finally rid herself of these diapers and move on with her life. She stood up and started walking towards the door.

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Walking through her upstairs hallway, Maddie could her hear mother talking downstairs. She hoped whatever phone call she was making would be wrapped up quick, since she wanted to be changed as soon as possible. Maddie began to descend her staircase and she could she see her mother sitting at their kitchen table, talking to someone just out of view. As Maddie continued down the stairs, her heart sank. It’s was Angela’s mother.

“Mrs. Harper!” Maddie blurted out in surprise. Amy and Mrs. Harper, both smiling, broke off their conversation and turn to Maddie.

“Hello Maddie!” Mrs. Harper said, smiling. “Did you sleep well? I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to see you today.”

Maddie continued slowly down the stairs. “What are you doing here?”

“Your mother and I were just…” Mrs. Harper turned to Amy, looking for guidance on how to phrase it.

“We were just trading parenting tips.” Amy said confidently.

“Right, parenting tips.” Mrs. Harper added.

“You see, Maddie,” Amy began, “yesterday when you were giving me the silent treatment, I decided to call up Brenda and find out what you and Angela were up to the other night. I figured it couldn’t have been anything good.”

Maddie’s heart was beating faster and faster. She was quiet, listening intently, and walking slowly towards the kitchen.

“It was quite lucky your mother called me, Maddie,” Brenda Harper said. “It just so happened that I was being notified about some unusual charges from a nightclub called ‘Garnet Hall’, the same night Amy told me you were there with my daughter.”

Maddie’s eyes grew wider.

“Angela told me she was somewhere else entirely, but after some questioning, she admitted to going to the club and using my money to pay for drinks, and God knows what else.”

“I told Brenda how you had been caught doing something similar,” Amy said, “and I was happy to tell her all about how we’ve been working through that mistake the past month.”

Maddie’s eyes began to water. All the effort to hide her diapers from her friends, and her mother went and explained it all on the last day of her punishment.

“It sounds… unusual, but it looks like Amy’s method is producing some good results!” Brenda said cheerfully. “I just have a few more questions and I will have to see if it will work for our family as well.”

Maddie’s lip began to quiver. Not only was her secret out, but even hanging out with Maddie at all was a liability to her friends. Angela might end up in the very same predicament simply because she decided to include Maddie in a night out.

Amy noticed her daughter beginning to falter. “Honey, don’t be upset. It’s all behind us now, your punishment is over. C’mon, let’s get you changed.”

Maddie took a deep breath, and still trying to process what she just heard, slowly turned around and began to head towards the stairs for a change, customarily in her room when she was messy.

“Where are you going? I have the changing mat set up down here in the living room.” Amy said, matter-of-factly.

Maddie turned around with a pained look of surprise on her face. “What? Mom, please, not down her, not with Mrs. Harper…” she implored.

“That’s why she’s over here in the first place! She wanted to see how this whole system was playing out in person. Now c’mon.”

Amy stood up from the kitchen table and walked towards the living room. Brenda got up and quickly followed, turning to Maddie. “Don’t worry,” she smirked, “it’s not the first messy diaper change for any one of us here. Just pretend I’m not here.”

Maddie tried to think of an excuse, but she soon relented and followed behind Brenda. She could see her mother grabbing a pack of wet wipes and sitting down near the blue changing mat. Amy looked at her daughter and patted the diaper mat without saying a word, as if it was the most routine part of her day.

Maddie began to pull down her pajamas, with her mother and Brenda watching intently. Before she could fully get them off, Amy chimed in, “Brenda, see here? You can see she is wet, and a little messy, but this is actually the second diaper I was talking about.”

“Oh, she’s wearing the double diaper right now?” Brenda said surprised.

“Yes, underneath she’s wearing a pull-up, probably in much worse condition. The same exact pull-up from their night at Garnet Hall.”

Brenda raised her eyebrows and laughed. “Oh! Oh wow.” She looked Maddie with sympathy. “You poor thing.”

Maddie was still standing, wearing a green pajama top with her diaper on full display.

“Maddie, turn around for Mrs. Harper.” commanded Amy.

Maddie did as she was told, and slowly rotated around.

“Normally when I change her, you could see the wetness rises a lot higher in the back. The double diaper method tends to absorb more.”

“I see.” Brenda nodded.

Maddie gritted her teeth. She hated being seen like an academic case study of diaper punishments, being studied and poked and prodded.

Brenda stood up and started walking towards Maddie, who had her back turned to her small audience. Brenda cupped her hand and patted Maddie’s behind.

Maddie shivered and turned around, to a smiling Brenda, “Uh oh, feels like someone desperately needs a change.”

“Is she messy, Brenda?” Amy asked nonchalantly, still sitting on the floor next to the mat.

Brenda nodded, and said “Yes, very.”

Maddie sulked. Why did her mother and Mrs. Harper have to tease her like this? The new, humiliating power dynamic between she and her mother was hard enough, but to have her diaper checked by her longtime friend’s mother was a new avenue of disrespect. She felt like a toy to anyone her mother would like to entertain.

“Maddie, when was your last bowel movement?” Amy asked.

Maddie awkwardly looked around the room and folded her arms. “Umm, last night… I think…” She said sheepishly.

“Last night? You messed in your sleep?” Amy said, surprised.

“No!” Maddie exclaimed, trying to keep a shred of dignity. “It was before I fell asleep, around ten o’clock or so.”

Brenda chuckled. “Oh, Maddie. You messed yourself before you fell asleep, and you didn’t even think to ask for a change? You just…” Brenda paused, embarrassed for Maddie, “…slept in it?”

Maddie’s face grew bright red. “Well it’s not like I had a choice!” She protested.

“It’s true,” Amy said. “I told her early on Saturday morning, she wasn’t going to get any other changes until this afternoon.”

Brenda took a moment and stared blankly. “Wow.” She said. “It’s just that… Amy, when you told me about this whole diaper idea, I was skeptical. I just couldn’t imagine how you could acclimate a college age girl to wearing diapers, let alone using them twenty four hours a day.”

Brenda turned to Amy. “But after everything you told me, how Maddie handled the party at Ruth’s, how she messes in public… and even now. She’ll soil herself and spend the entire night in it, just to wake up in the morning and walk down the stairs like she wasn’t even wearing a diaper at all. I guess Maddie did get used to them like you said she would.”

Maddie furrowed her brow. She didn’t like being talked about like she wasn’t in the room, but the words Brenda said rang throughout her head. Was she truly used to her diapers? Did she even notice them anymore? She hated the slimy, mushy feeling of a messy diaper, but she did have to admit, if she wasn’t actively thinking about, it’s like they weren’t even there. After a week or two, she was practically living a normal life, regardless of how dirty her diaper was at any given time. If her punishment was two or three months long, would she have become even more indifferent to her diapers? She didn’t want to think about it.

“I’m surprised too,” Amy said, “I mean, she even put a used diaper back on after she was changed, just for the sake of going out.”

Brenda laughed. “That too! I forgot about that. If I didn’t know any better, I would say she likes them.”

The accusation of “liking” her diapers was too much for Maddie.

“I don’t like my diapers, alright? Can I please just get changed now?” The embarrassment of her mother and Brenda taunting her was likely even worse than getting changed in front of them. Maddie just wanted this to be over. She still needed to pee and her mother was dragging this change out longer than it needed to be.

Amy and Brenda laughed. “C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up.” Amy beckoned.

Maddie let out a slight sigh and got down on the diaper mat.

Amy reached for the adhesive tapes on Maddie’s diapers and said, “Plug your nose, Brenda.”

Maddie leaned back and stared at the ceiling. She knew this change would be a disaster, and she didn’t want to see.

Amy began to peel back the front of Maddie’s outer diaper and waved her hand in front of her face. “Phew!” She exclaimed.

The usually light purple and pink pull-up that Maddie was wearing was now dark, soaked through, and brown. Even at a glance, Amy and Brenda could see it was packed, with its contents partially leaking out the side onto the larger white diaper.

“Oh my god,” Brenda gasped. “It’s just so… full! It’s practically coming out the top!”

Maddie pulled her hands up to her face in shame, and her eyes began to water.

Amy, less reactive and more accustomed to this ritual, began to point to the pull-up, “as you can see, while the double diaper combo is highly effective at absorbing number one, it becomes much more uncomfortable if she needs to go number two.”

Amy patted the front of the loaded pull-up, causing Maddie to squirm.

Brenda was still fixated on the absurd display in front of her, seeing a college girl getting her messy diapers changed.

“It doesn’t look like that pull-up is doing a great job. Would you recommend them if you had to do it again?” Brenda asked.

Amy, still resting her hand on the pull-up and taking her time, said, “No, I don’t think I would. I only got the pull-ups as a courtesy to make Maddie look like she wasn’t wearing diapers at all, but as we all know, she used that against me. They only hold one use, too, which implies a lot more changes from you or I.”

Maddie, with her head in her hands, cringed to think that Angela might be subjected to this treatment as well in the coming weeks, and that her mother was learning all the ins and outs from Amy and Maddie.

“Gotcha,” Brenda said.

“I would just find the thickest diapers you can find. More absorbent, less changes. Easy enough!”

With the conversation moving on, Maddie was hoping they could finally start removing her pull-up. She let her hands lay by her side.

“Amy, one more question.” Brenda began.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Since her punishment is over, what are you changing Maddie into?”

“Well,” Amy began, “I suppose we’re going to change her into her panties again. Why?”

“Do you think she’s… ready for that?” Brenda asked. “She’s been wearing diapers twenty-four seven for a month, going straight to underwear seems like a bit of a jump, don’t you think? Can she still control herself?”

Maddie grumbled out of embarrassment and rather say anything, she covered her face again.

Amy noticed this, and smiled. With Maddie unable to see her surroundings, Amy brought her hand up to Brenda’s ear and whispered. Brenda nodded dutifully. Amy leaned over her daughter, still covering her face in embarrassment, and began viciously tickling her sides. Maddie pulled her hands away and yelped in surprise.

“Mom! What? No! Stop—“ Maddie protested as she wriggled on the mat. Amy’s position allowed to her keep relentlessly tickling her daughter, who could barely push her mother’s arms away.

Maddie began to panic as her already stressed bladder began to give away. “Please, Mom, what are you—“ she stammered. Amy only laughed and continued to torment her daughter. Brenda smiled and stared intently at Maddie’s pull-up.

Maddie whined as she began to wet herself. Small streams of liquid escaped the sides of the loaded pull-up and Brenda heartily exclaimed. “Aha! She is peeing, Amy!”

Amy pulled back with a wide, self-satisfied smile and let Maddie catch her breath. Maddie managed to regain control of her bladder and compose herself, breathing heavily. She leaked a fair amount, but she still needed to go.

“What was that about?” Maddie whimpered, “That’s not fair…”

“Well, Brenda,” Amy said, ignoring Maddie entirely, “it was just as I suspected. I think Maddie has been letting herself go a little too easily over the course of the punishment, and not thinking about controlling herself. Now, her bladder control is beginning to slip a little bit.”

“That’s not true!” Maddie said indignantly. “I just have to pee is all, you surprised me.”

“Honey,” Amy said, “college girls don’t just wet themselves because they get startled.”

Maddie frowned, and stayed quiet. She knew her mother was right.

“If Maddie was taking this seriously,” Amy said turning to Brenda, “she would choose to wear a pull-up for a few more days just to be absolutely sure she was ready to be out of diapers. If she exhibited complete bladder control, no leaks or wettings, she would feel confident in moving back to panties. But, since she is too lazy and prideful, I’m sure there will be some wet panties and soggy sheets in the laundry hamper over the next few weeks.”

“Or worse.” Brenda added. “Now, are we ready to get this stinker changed? I have to get going soon.”

“Of course.” Amy said.

Maddie breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back.

Amy reached for the sides of the soiled pull-up and tore them off. Pulling the front down, Amy and Brenda grimaced as they were hit with a wave of nauseating smells.

“Ugh!” Brenda muttered.

Maddie was utterly filthy. The pull-up kept most of her mess tightly contained between her legs, while the rest almost squelched out the top in both the front and the back.

“Wow. That’s unbelievable,” Brenda said, getting up off the ground beside Amy and standing up. “I don’t think I need to see the rest of this cleanup, Amy. You have you hands full. I’m going to make a trip to the bathroom and thank my lucky stars I’m not the one wearing a diaper.” Brenda laughed and walked towards the downstairs bathroom and closed the door.

Amy laughed and began to clean Maddie up with wet wipes. Maddie stared off at the ceiling silently while her mother went to work.

“Maddie, I know this was hard for you.” Amy said, as she cleaned. Maddie remained quiet.

“I know you’re mad at me right now, but just know that I love you and I always want the best for you, even if the lessons I teach are difficult ones.”

Amy continued to work in silence for a minute.

“I’m sorry I stole that money from your checkbook.” Maddie said, still looking at the ceiling. “And I’m sorry I lied to you about Garnet Hall.”

“I forgive you, honey. Lift up.” Amy said.

Maddie arched her back so Amy could reach underneath her. After she was finished Maddie laid back down, now clean.

Amy grabbed Maddie’s hands and pull her up to seated position.

“I love you, and I hope we can move past this.” Amy said, giving Maddie a kiss on the forehead.

Amy reached into the diaper bag next to her and pulled out a white pair of panties.

“Here you go, you earned them.” She said, handing them to Maddie.

Maddie reached for them and thought back to what her mother said about her losing her bladder control. Should she accept these panties? Was she ready? Her mother had been right about everything from the start: what Maddie did, how she went about her plans, how she was feeling, and how she would react in the future. Maybe she was right. Maybe she should wear a pull-up, just for a few days. It was all in her control now, it couldn’t hurt. Maddie hesitated for second, but pushed the thought of her mind.

“Thanks, mom.” She took the panties and slid her legs into them, and pulled them up to her hips. She felt a wave of relief. She felt normal and confident again, like she could finally start moving forward.

Amy and Maddie stood up from the diaper mat. Amy collected the used diaper and wrapped it up to take to the trash bin. Maddie still had to pee, after only relieving a bit of her bladder when her mother tickled her nearly fifteen minutes ago. Maddie quickly walked towards the bathroom, but stopped short when she saw the door was still closed, signaling that Brenda was still inside. Maddie turned and headed to the kitchen instead.

Amy saw Maddie briskly walk over bathroom and then turn away. She smiled, knowing that Maddie must still have to go. She knew her daughter was mad at her, but she was still amused that Maddie thought she could continue to flaunt her warnings. Amy knew it was only a matter of time until Maddie absentmindedly peed her pants, or wet the bed. She might as well accelerate the point just to drive the lesson home.

Quietly stepping into the kitchen, Amy saw Maddie reach into the cabinet for a bowl of cereal. She was wearing only her green pajama shirt and white panties, and her right leg was bouncing. Amy crept up behind her and grabbed her, half holding her in place and half tickling her sides.

“GAH! Mom! NO, please not again—“ Maddie yelled, trying to squirm away. Amy only laughed and tickled her harder. Maddie tried to break free but her mother had total control. She began to cry in frustration as she knew exactly what was happening. Being pushed closer and closer to the edge with no end in sight, Maddie pleaded one last time, “Stop! I need to pee!”

A few drops of liquid splattered on the floor.

“Do you need a diaper?” Amy asked, still holding and tickling Maddie.

Maddie didn’t reply and tried to pull her mother’s hands away from her. She felt more warm droplets on her leg

“Madeline,” Amy asked again, “Do you need a diaper?”

Maddie’s bladder finally gave out and released a hot stream of pee onto the kitchen floor. Tears began to stream down her face as she struggled and whimpered.

Amy stopped tickling and laughed, pulling Maddie close to her.

“Oh, sweetheart.” Brenda interjected. Amy and Maddie both turned their heads towards the living room, where Brenda stood with her arms crossed.

It was clear as day, from Amy bear-hugging her daughter from behind, to Maddie’s wet panties and the puddle on the floor, as to what happened.

Brenda gave a knowing glance to Maddie, who was fighting back tears.

Maddie looked up to Brenda, and then over her shoulder to her smugly smiling mother.

Amy released Maddie from her grip. Maddie sniffled and stepped out of the puddle she was standing in. She took off her soaking panties and started walking towards the blue diaper mat in the living room.

As Maddie began to lay down, her mother called out from the kitchen. “Do you want me to grab you a pull-up, honey?”

“No,” Maddie said meekly, “grab the thicker diapers.”

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