Subproject 70

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The clock on the wall counted each second methodically as Douglas waited impatiently.

‘These spooks always love to keep us waiting, probably just another way for them to to assert their authority over the situation. Sydney’s always been one for toying with his employees’, even the contracted one’

He took notice of the off white walls stained near the ceiling with what he could only assume was from countless cigarettes smoked over the various meetings held in this room, the stains made only more evident by the wash of blinding florescent lighting. The low buzz of the lighting was periodically punctuated by the echos’ of foots steps and various doors being opened, shut, in the labyrinth of hallways.

His head began to pound from the lighting.

‘How much longer do I have to wait here, it’s been over tw….’

His train of thought immediately broken by the sound of hard soled shoes rasping incessantly against the slick tiled floor, growing louder and louder until it was clear someone had just turned the corner to his hallway.


He thought to himself, letting out a loud audible sigh, and trying to organize his thoughts for what was sure to be a grilling from the projects handlers. The footsteps grew closer and closer to his rooms door. Suddenly, the steps stopped, and the hum of the lighting was broken.


The door opened slowly, as two men in black wool suits entered the room.

“Mr. Shulze, apologies about the wait, Mr. Rogers and I were brought up to speed on the current state of MKU-subproject 68.”

“And your name was?”

“Mr. Smith”, he stated in a dull monotone manner, the pomade in his hair caught glints of light from over head

‘Rogers and Smith, not even their real names I’d wager’ He sarcastically thought to himself.

“So, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Smith, what is the exact point of me being here today? I have been kept waiting here for the past two hours and as a result have missed a guest lecturing appearance I had given my word I would speak at. I hope what ever it is is more important than my professional reputation.”

The agents turned to look at each other, the movements mirrored in each others suit. Exchanging a few hushed whispers, they paused and then nodded to each other.

“Well Doug. May we call you Doug?”, asked Rogers, now speaking in a friendly, chummy manner.

“Sure, if it helps move this meeting along quicker.”

Douglas, now rasping his fingers slightly against the cold, steel table top in the hopes of moving things along.

“Well Doug, the reason we have called you here today, is to deliver you a message for Dr. Cameron as he seems unwilling to take our calls or respond via correspondence.”

“That message is?”

“We are canceling MKU-subproject 68, direct orders from Mr. Gottlieb. The project has yet to deliver any concrete or viable data that can be used to further the over arching mission goals. In addition to this the college students that were coerced into further participating in Mr. Cameron’s project have families, and these families are starting to ask questions. Usually this would be a non-issue for us, but considering the institutions the student pool was recruited from the project should have had a more thought out vetting process. Our primary concern however is the fall out from the psychic driving experiments and the methods used in conjunction with it.”, Smith now stated in a droll manner becoming of his suit.

“We have furnished all the paperwork on the methods used with the psychic driving experiments.”

“The paperwork provided has proven to be less than truthful. Our on site team has confirmed this for us this very morning. Hence our tardiness Do-”

“On site team, what do you mean?”, Douglas interjected, losing his composure and rising from his seat both hands now firmly placed on the table.

“Well, after receiving reports from our own staff placed covertly within the subproject, we decided it would be pertinent to investigate to what extent Mr. Cameron has let this run wild.”

“Reports? What reports? I can assure both of you that we adhere only to the utmost scientific practices and have respect for the Hippocratic Oath.”

“Again, with the lies Doug. We have reports of subjects being broken down to a regressed state, among some of which are the aforementioned students. Practices, oaths? Please, Doug, Ilsa diligently reported on the techniques employed. Care for us to list them off?”


“Yes, Ilsa Schwartzenbaum, she will be taking lead on cleaning up Dr. Cameron’s mess up at McGill.”

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There’s room for improvement, but it’s an interesting hook. I’m short on time, so I’ll just say that this one caught my attention and I hope your inspiration doesn’t fizzle out any time soon.

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Interesting beginning. Starting with the ‘tick, tick,’ was certainly a different and surprising way to do it. I can’t comment much as it seems this is only the lead in to more, but I’d like to see where this goes.

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Ended up spendjng most of the break with my father, hes getting old…

This story is outlined completely, just a matter of finding the time, that and i need to bring something else over here as well.