Subconsciously Incontinent

Authors note: long time lurker, first time writer. While the story is fictional, a lot of these events are based off of feelings and experiences that I have had. I will label this as part one. But I don’t know if it will continue.

Part 1:

“So what are we watching tonight?” asked Chelsea.

“Maybe something on HBO?” I suggested.

“Those shows and movies are always so dark though.” She replied

“I have no idea then,” I replied while sitting down on the couch. Chelsea and I had been friends for a long time. We went to high school together. We had different groups of friends there, but we both ended up going to the same college. A school on the edge of Minnesota. We started to hang out more there. We never dated, fooled around a little bit while drinking on a couple occasions but it was never more than that. She had been in and out of relationships through college. I had a couple myself, but things
never worked out. She had her own issues, and I had mine.

Speaking of those issues, I’ve been a bed wetter for pretty much my whole life. It’s was never a nightly thing. I’m fairly certain it was stress related, or if I was really physically tired. But I never went to a doctor or a psychologist or anything about it. I just wore diapers to bed. My parents paid for them through high school. But when I moved to college I kind of had to figure it out on my own. I tried a few things to help with it. But I just kind of accepted that I wet the bed and that’s how life was. My big concern was definitely making sure that no one found out.

This was going pretty well until one night, Chelsea had come over after a break up. We sat on my bed in my dorm room and watched a movie. We each had a couple drinks that night. I don’t think either of us were drunk, but the judgment might not have been there. When she asked if she could spend the night in my room instead of walking back to her place, I reluctantly said yes. I had planned on waiting for her to fall asleep, then falling asleep on my couch or something while she slept on the bed. But I must have fallen asleep before she did. We woke up in the morning, both wet. It was awkward. I apologized many times. She didn’t really press the conversation. She just took some of my dry cloths and went home. I was hoping to forget the incident happened. A few days later she asked me about it. I invited her back over. I told her about my issue and that I usually just wear a diaper to bed.

Rather than her being mad at me, or disgusted, she asked me why I didn’t wear one that night. I didn’t have a good explanation for her. I was mostly embarrassed I guess. I spend all my life trying to keep it a secret, I was hoping to get lucky that night and stay dry. She asked me if wearing a diaper would have been more or less embarrassing than peeing on her. That really made me feel stupid. So since then, when Chelsea would come over, I would wear a diaper to bed. She never seemed bothered by it. Rarely even brought it up.

Now that we are both out of college and working, we would often hang out on Friday nights. Watch a movie, have a couple drinks, complain about coworkers. But one thing that was a little different about tonight, was I was already wearing a diaper. Even though it was only 6 pm and no where near going to bed time. You see, I have developed a bad habit over the last couple years since getting out of college. I would often go home, work out, shower, and then put a diaper on right away. It was definitely a lazy thing. I wouldn’t want to get ready for bed twice. And the Abena M4’s were so absorbent that it wouldn’t matter if I used it before bed. It was still just one diaper for the rest of the night.

After a while of doing this, I think that I subconsciously became aware if I was wearing a diaper or not, and it was like if I was wearing a diaper, I couldn’t hold it. I would often times be wet before actually going to bed and have no idea I had gone. I was just fine when I was at work, never had any issues. But when I would get home and put a diaper on. It was like all control was gone. I’m not sure when exactly it happened. But I was a single guy, living in a one bedroom apartment. It wasn’t hurting anyone and it wasn’t really affecting any other part of my life. So I kind of just ran with it.

Today was no different. I got home on Friday, went for a run, took a shower, put on a diaper and some lazy cloths and then Chelsea came over for pizza and a movie. “Lets watch this,” Chelsea said while selecting some newer movie on VUDU. We started to watch while talking about work and other miscellaneous details of the week. After a few more drinks we had finished the first movie. She excused herself to go use the bathroom. I was preparing another round of snacks and beverages. When she came out of the bathroom, she went back to the couch. While bringing everything over and sitting down she must have caught glimpse of my diaper. “Are you going to bed soon?” she asked.

“No, I just was getting ready early.” I replied, some what embarrassed.

“Huh, alright.” she said. She didn’t bring it up after that but I caught her taking a couple quick glimpses at my waist. It was a little weird for me, I knew I was wet too. I didn’t know if she could tell. Half way through the next movie she had knocked her pack of candy on the ground. She bent down to clean it up and I could see her panties peaking out of the back of her pants. I don’t know why, but for some reason the situation was very arousing. Her pink panties were right in front of me, and she didn’t even care. We were both in lazy cloths, so I am sure that she knew I could see. It was far from the first time I had seen her underwear. But for some reason it really got to me today.

“I’m gunna run to the bathroom really quick.” I said. I was a little embarrassed for being noticeably aroused and my diaper needed to be changed. The extra drinks had caused me to fill it up much quicker than a regular night.

“Why? Your already wearing a diaper?” Chelsea replied. I was a little taken back by that statement. The first time she kind of indirectly brought up noticing my diaper. Now she was flat out talking about it. I kind of froze not knowing what to stay. She looked down and noticed the tent in the front of my pants. She started laughing and told me not to take too long. I was confused. What did she think I was going to do? I started to over think the situation, as I usually do when it comes to my problem. I went to my bathroom, changed, and sat back down. Chelsea had a little smirk and a red glow on her cheeks. I could tell she the alcohol was making her a little more outgoing than normal. We started the movie again. A little later she decided to lay down on her side. Sticking her butt in my direction and placing her feet on my lap. I once again could see her panties stick out, and once again, I found very arousing. She began to move her feet around a little bit. I was trying to focus on keeping things flat down there. I had definitely lost any focus that I had on the movie and was definitely focused on the situation below.

She wiggled her feet around and gradually moved them closer and closer to my diaper area. It was very subtle either. I could tell the movie was getting closer to the end. The music was getting more intense but I still had no idea what was going on. It didn’t take her long to eventually have her foot rubbing my diaper and my elevated member along with it. I was embarrassed. I was in a wet diaper, I was turned on from my best friends panties showing, and she was rubbing it with her foot. We had fooled around some in the past, but never anything quite like this. After a little bit of thinking about it I decided to embrace the situation. I slowly would rock my hips into her foot as she would press down. I was basically humping her foot. I think she might have been enjoying it as well though. When I started to accept she let out a louder sigh and had a smirk go across her face.

The movie was over. The credits were playing. She took a drink while her foot remained on my lap. She quickly put something else on. I had no idea what it was. Shortly after she got the new movie going she said she would be right back and went to the bathroom. I was definitely in the mood now. I really wanted to finish what was started. I had my hand on top of my diaper where her foot was before she left. Thrusting with more force into my hand than I was her foot. I stopped when I heard the toilet flush. When she came out she was scratching her belly. Her Shirt was up by her hand and it looked like she had her pants sagging low. She moved in front of me giving me a very obvious look at her pink panties again. I didn’t even try and hide what I was looking at. The drinks have lowered inhibitions and she seemed to be doing it on purpose. She sat down right next to me. Leaning back with her shirt still pulled up to make sure I could see her panties. She then took her hand she wasn’t rubbing her belly with and put it right onto the tent between my legs.

“How you doing?” She asked.

“Fine,” was all I could say as I pushed my hips into her hand. She giggled a little and looked back at the movie. We stayed like that for a little while. After a few minutes of that she had one hand on my diaper and one hand between her legs. She really seemed to be enjoying the situation. I let a moan escape me and pushed a little harder into her hand. She looked at me and whispered, “Are you going to cum?”

“Almost,” was all I said.

She stopped and stood up, and let her pants drop. She sat down next to me in only her panties. She put her hand back on my diaper and continued. She whispers into my ear, “Will you cum for me? I want you to cum in your diaper.” I didn’t say anything. I was staring at her panties. Her hand playing with herself. She was definetly wet, I was hard, I was too in the moment to realize what a weird situation we were in. I just wanted to finish.

“Cum in your diaper for me,” she whispers again. This time she nibbles my ear and moans. That’s what sent me over the edge. I came very hard into my diaper. She new it too. I was sitting down. Leaning back with my best friend next to me with no pants on. I just came into my diaper for the first time. She was very satisfied with herself. A few minutes after the moment had passed. She stood up, put her pants back on, went to the bathroom one more time. And then sat down and fell asleep on the couch. I sat there, wondering what had happened, and fell asleep as well.


Authors note: Don’t know how many parts there will be to this story. Just trying writing out. As stated before. This story is fictional, but the feelings and experiences are based off of events that have happened to me in my life.

Part 2:

I woke up the next day early. Chelsea was still on the other side of the couch. My neck was cramping a little bit. Fell asleep in a weird position I suppose. I got up and showered. For the first time in my life I debated putting a diaper on again in the morning. It didnt last long though and grabbed my usual underwear. I started making some coffee and poured a bowl of cereal. That woke Chelsea up. She used the bathroom and helped herself to a cup of coffee. We spoke briefly about what we had planned for the rest of the day and she took off. There was no mention of what happened the previous night. The first time we had fooled around, we talked about it a little bit afterwards. The couple times after that nothing was ever said. I was suspicious it would be like that again this time.

After she left I did my usual Saturday things, errands, exercise, etc. When by the time I was finished it was late afternoon. I was starting to think about supper. Even though I had just spend all kinds of money on stuff from the store, I didn’t feel like cooking. I started looking over my options to find something for delivery or take out. Its fun to scroll through your phone and act like there’s going to be a new option that you haven’t considered before. I had received a message from Chelsea asking of Chinese sounded good. She said she was craving Chinese but you its impossible for her to eat it by herself. I asked her where she wanted to meet and she said she would bring it over. She would be there in about an hour.

The exchange of messages was weird to me. It wasn’t anything that she said that was weird. All her messages seemed like normal, Chelsea things to say. But it was rare that we hung out two days in a row. Did it have something to do with last night? What do I wear? I did need to shower. Should I wear a diaper and lazy cloths like I’m getting ready for bed? That’s what I did last night. What would Chelsea be wearing? After a few minutes of this I realized I was over thinking the situation and I needed to do something. I put everything away from the errands I ran and then started a shower. I eventually was going to have to decide what to wear. Thoughts of last night were going through my brain and I found myself getting excited. I had never used my diaper like that before. To me, they were always a necessity and never a pleasure. I was aware of the ABDL community. Its hard to google bedwetting stories without stumbling onto some of them. But I never really considered myself part of that category. I don’t know what brought me back to reality but I had realized that I had been in the shower for a while. I needed to finish getting ready. Maybe it was the thoughts in the shower that pushed me this direction, maybe it was just habit at this point. But after my shower I used the bathroom and put on a diaper.

Not long after that Chelsea had come over. I was basically in my pajamas. She was wearing casual cloths. Some worn out pair of jeans and long sleeve shirt. I had some fantasy show from Netflix on. She just sat down and we started watching like normal. The Chinese was good, the conversation was good too, but I couldn’t help but feel like something was different. Maybe it was me over thinking again. I have a bad habit of doing that. Not long after we finished Chelsea suggested we watch something else. I told her she could pick whatever she wanted. She said she would after she ran to the bathroom. I could tell that I was a little wet already. I had no idea when I used my diaper, which was common for me at this point. Its like my body knew. I was kind of just hoping Chelsea couldn’t tell I was wet. I’m sure she knew that I was wearing a diaper. That was my norm in lazy cloths. The M4’s are thick and noisy. When Chelsea came out of the bathroom, she had taken off her long sleeve shirt. She was just wearing a tank top and her jeans now. When she sat down on the couch and leaned forward to grab the remote her panties were showing again. They were light blue with purple lining thing time. I was trying to keep my thoughts clean but was getting excited about it again. The thoughts and feelings from last night were washing over me.

“What ya looking at?” She said.

I was caught. She remained leaning forward. she also seemed to be waiting for a reply. “Your panties are showing again.” was my reply.

“Your so cute,” she said. “After all these years you still get excited about panties showing.” Then proceeded to not towards my waist. “I’m kind of curious though, do you wear them all them time now?” Obviously referring to my diapers.

“No,” I said, “I usually put one on after I shower for the end of the day. No need to get ready for bed twice.”

“Then how come you used the one last night? I could tell when I put my hand there that it was used. It was very warm and I can tell from many years of babysitting what a wet Diaper feels like.”

“Wow, that’s very direct,” was what I replied.

“Sorry,” she said, “I was just kind of wondering what was going on. All those years you just wore them to bed and now you are wearing during the day. Just wondering if everything was ok.”

“Yea, things are fine. I don’t know. Its hard to explain.”

“Well, we have all night.” She said.

I then explained that since finishing college I would put on a diaper after showering for the night. I started using it before bed if I needed too, basically out of laziness. And that I had basically lost control while I was wearing one. That I had become subconsciously incontinent while wearing a diaper.

“Well, that’s all?” she asked. I gave her kind of a stupid look. What did she mean that’s all? I just opened up about something that was really personal to me and she says that’s all?

“I guess so,” I replied, still a little surprised and kind of emotionally exhausted after that.

“Alright then, lets get back to the movie,” was all she said. We started watching the movie. Half and hour into the movie, the laid down again. Same position as last time. Her panties showing again. Then she put a blanket on. I imagine she was cold with out her other shirt on. Makes me wonder why she took it off in the first place. “Can I have a drink?” she asked, “like a drink, drink?”

“Definitely, yes!” I replied. I was wanting one myself after the stress of opening up about my wetting problem. We each had a couple and it was starting to get late. She ran to the bathroom again. I wasn’t soaked but I was in a slight need of a change. Was I just suppose to announce it? I guess I didn’t know how to handle the situation.

She sat back down and I brought the drinks over. I sat down next to her. She was sitting close to the center of the couch so we were much closer after I sat down. I still wasn’t sure how to tell her that I needed to go change. Especially if we were going to have some alcoholic beverages. As we sit down she takes a sip of the drink. I feel her hand go to my groin area and places it on my diaper. “Do you need to go change? I’ve been here for a while.” I sat there a taken back while she cupped my diaper, which was obviously wet.

“Yea, I’ll go take care of that,” I replied. I guess that was one way to get passed that awkward situation. I went to the bathroom to change and I was thinking about the situation. I wondered where it was going to go. I was having a hard time processing things. In about 24 hours I had gone from my best friend knowing that I wet the bed, to having my diaper checked after watching a movie. It was really overwhelming. I couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever though. I put on a new diaper and went back out.
I sat on the couch, had a sip of my drink, and started watching. Chelsea stayed in the same place on the couch when I came back so we were sitting much loser. As the movie progressed we inched closer together. It seemed very silly when I look back on it. But it was making me more comfortable with the situation. Eventually she had her hand on my diaper again and I was rocking my hips in rhythm with her hand. My arm was around her and I was playing with her hair. Her hair was long and wavy. She usually had it down when she was over.

I was very excited. The feelings from last night mixed with the sensations going on right now. I could feel myself getting closer. I wanted more though. With the arm that I had around her. I lowered it to her back and lightly rubbed her skin. After a minute or two of this started to play with her panties. She seemed to like this as her breathing increased. She stood up, dropping the blanket down again. She slid her pants down again, revealing her panties too me. I stared. She turned to me and sad down on my lap, grinding herself into me. “Will you cum for me again?” she whispered, “I want you to cum in your diaper again.”

I moaned and pushed myself into her. She was grinding into me, I put my hand on her butt, keeping her tight with me. It felt amazing. She moaned and kissed me neck again. “I need you to cum.” she said. I had never done the talking dirty thing. But I had no issues with it. I picked up the pace. Not long after that I exploded into my diaper again, I held her tight to me as I did. She continued to rock slowly and gently as I started to come down from my high. I was once again speechless and overwhelmed by the situation.

“How does it feel to cum in a diaper?” she asked. I was again, taken back by how forward she was about this.

“That’s a hard question for me to answer.” I stated. “It obviously feels good, but I have mixed feelings about this. I’ve never used a diaper, like… this… before.”

It was difficult for me to talk about this. I didn’t even know how I felt myself. I didn’t know how I felt about Chelsea. This was all so sudden and I needed time to process it.

“Well, I really enjoyed that too.” Chelsea said. “I don’t know why, exactly…” I felt like she was going to have more to say so I didn’t respond. “There’s just something about you, finishing in your diaper, and using your diaper, right next to me. I don’t know.” I was so confused. I had no idea where she was going with this. I was trying to figure out how something that was usually off putting to most of the people was a turn on.

“It just seems…” she continued, “naughty, I guess. Like your doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Right there, next to me.” I think I understand what she was trying to get at. It seemed a little bit exhibitionish to me. Using the bathroom in your living room instead of the bathroom. I wouldn’t expect that to be a turn on for someone outside the ABDL community.

“Well,” I replied. “I don’t judge as long as you don’t.”

“Sounds good,” she said after taking another drink, “Now cuddle with me, I’m cold.”

I laid down next to her on the couch and covered ourselves in the blanket. She fell asleep not long after. I reached across her to grab the remote. Noticing her pants were still on the floor. I chuckled to myself as I turned the TV off and fell asleep.


Great story so far keep writing

Authors note: As always, I don’t know how long the story will continue for. And I just wanted to say thanks for reading!

Part 3

Chelsea woke up in the middle of the night. We were close on the couch so when she got up it woke me up as well. I honestly don’t have any idea what time it was. She got up, went to the bathroom, and grabbed a glass of water. She came back to the couch and nudged my shoulder, realizing I was awake. “We should go to your bedroom. It’ll be more comfortable.” I agreed. laying on the couch with another person can make for a pretty awkward sleep. So we got up moved to the bedroom and fell asleep again. I woke up as the sun was coming up. I got up and went to the kitchen. Poured a bowl of cereal and sat on the couch and started scrolling through my phone. My diaper was wet. It almost always is. But the nice thing about super absorbent diapers. You can afford to be a little lazy. An hour or two after that Chelsea work up.

“Good morning,” she said. “How long have you been awake?”

“A while,” I replied, “the only day I really ever sleep in is Saturday. Some weird habit I suppose.”

“You seem to have a few of those,” she replied, eyeing my diaper. It wasn’t the first time she had brought it up, and it really shouldn’t be awkward given what had taken place the last two nights. But I still didn’t know how to respond when she did stuff like that.

“Whatever,” was all I could come up with. She laughed and went to grab herself some breakfast.

“You have any bagels, I really want a bagel,” she said.

“No, I never get those. I have butter and bread if you want toast though.” I replied.

“I want a bagel, you should come.”

“I already had breakfast,” I replied. “You can go get one if you want.”

“No, you should come with, I’ll get you a coffee or something.” She said, “I’m bribing you, now you have to come.”

The situation was once again a little weird for me. Chelsea had never been as forward with me as she has been in the last couple days. As always I wasn’t sure how I felt about the situation. “Fine,” I replied, “Let me go change first.”

“You should still wear a diaper.” Chelsea said quickly.

“What?! Why?” I was really taken back.

“Well… Obviously I like it when you wear them.” She said.

“I didn’t know I was wearing them for you,” was my snarky remark. At this point I think Chelsea had realized that maybe she was being a little insensitive and she kind of looked away. “Look, I’ve never really worn them in public before. Sometimes I will wear one later at night to the gas station when grabbing a snack or something. But never at a coffee shop on a Sunday morning. I’m sure the place will be packed and I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that.”

“Sorry,” she replied “I suppose this is obviously a lot different for you than it is for me.”

“Ya think?” I said sarcastically. I wasn’t mad. But I was frustrated. “Chelsea, I have spent pretty much all my life trying to keep my diapers a secret and you want me to just walk into coffee shop filled with people and be ok with it? Why would I do that? Or, better yet, why do you want me to?”

“Which should I answer?” She replied. I gave her a really weird look. I guess in my brain I thought all of them but the last one were rhetorical.

“I don’t know, all of them I guess.”

“Well,” she replied, “You should be ok with it because your underwear isn’t anyone else’s business. I also don’t think they could tell if you wear jeans and it could be our little secret.” I was listening, and while she wasn’t wrong I was not convinced. “You should do it because I want you to.” This was a little surprising for me. “And I want you to for the same reasons I told you I liked it last night.”

“Wow, ok.” I said. “I don’t know, Chelsea. I really need sometime to think about this.” I still didn’t fully understand why she liked it when I wore diapers during the day time. I was fine with it around my apartment but it just seemed so careless to go out in public like that.

“Ugh, you always need to think about everything!” She was right. I overthink everything. “Please this one time, will you indulge me and wear a diaper in public for me.” I looked away for a minute. I didn’t really like this idea. It was almost starting to seem like a trap. Everything happened really fast and none of it was making sense to me. When I looked back at Chelsea I was a little surprised. She had her shirt pulled up a bit and she had lowered her pants a little so her panties were showing. “Obviously I really want this, we can go to my place after.” she said and winked.

“Ugh, fine. But I want to shower and first.” I replied.

“Yes!” She exclaimed. “Thank you!” She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. “Now hurry up, I’m hungry.”

I went and showered. I still wasn’t happy about this, but Chelsea was super into this. I don’t know exactly what she meant by going to her place. Was she going to “reward” me for doing this? Everything seemed weird. Not wanting to be in the shower too long I tried to push these thoughts out of my mind. After getting out I put on a diaper, some jeans, and a sweatshirt that was a little too big. I also had a small back pack that I put an extra diaper and some underwear in, incase I chickened out or needed a change. It did seem odd to put both a diaper and underwear into a bag though. Shouldn’t I only need one or the other? Chelsea was more than ready for me.

“Finally, I am so hungry!” she said. We went out to her car. I was trying not to think about it but while walking to her car she kept taking very obvious looks at it. “I honestly can’t really tell,” she said.

“Good!” I replied. We sat in the car and things started to seem a little more normal. We talked about other random stuff, current events, work, whatever. Then I saw the coffee place she likes to go to and as expected it was pretty busy. What was worse is I could tell I was a little wet. Apparently my subconscious incontinence still holds true.

When we parked before getting out she just went right ahead and grabbed my diaper area. “Oh, my, goodness your already wet!?” She genuinely seemed excited about it.

“Yea, I don’t want to talk about it,” was all I could come up with to say, “let’s just go.”

We went and ordered. I got some coffee, she got some crazy bagel and something to drink. We sat down somewhere and visited some more. One thing that was nice, is Chelsea and I rarely had a hard time keeping a conversation going. But it also was never awkward when we didn’t have anything to say. I guess after years of being close that kind of happens. After sitting there for an hour I was pretty comfortable and for a while I had even forgot I was wearing a diaper. She went to go get another coffee and when she came back, she had got me one too. “That was nice but you didn’t need too.” I said.

“It’s fine! Your doing something for me so I wanted to be nice.” She said and winked. I just chuckled and put my head down. “I have to pee, be right back,” She said. If I was not wearing a diaper I am sure I would have been in a similar vote. Coffee does that.

“Alright ready to go?” she asked after she got back.

“Yup!” was all I said. While walking out to the car she stopped and looked at my butt. I just got into her car and sat down. I felt like she was making it more obvious.

I just wanted to get back to the car. I might not have thought much about it if she didn’t do that. “Honestly, I can only tell because I know its there. If I didn’t know, I don’t think I’d suspect anything.” She reached over and grabbed my diaper again. It was much more wet this time. “Your so naughty,” she said to me, “ready to go to my place?”

“Yup,” was all I said. I was starting to feel excited. I could feel myself starting to grow a little in my diaper. As she drove she kept reaching over and grabbing me and then laughing a bit.

“Good grief, just drive.” I said after the third time.

“Sorry,” she said, “I just can’t believe that you were wearing a diaper surrounded by all those people and its really wet now. And no one had any idea!”

“Yea, neither can I.” I replied. I don’t think I quite understood why she liked it so much. But I guess it does seem kind of “naughty” as she described it. Instead of going to the bathroom like a normal adult I just went where I was sitting. But no one knew. It was our little secret. Like we were getting away with doing something wrong. When we arrived at her place we went up stairs. She told me she had to shower quick and then she would be back out.

I sat on her couch and scrolled through my phone. I don’t remember what I was looking at though. All I could think about was what was going to happen when she got out of the shower. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. But I was excited. I could feel myself growing in my diaper and shortly after that I had my own hand rubbing my diaper. I was thinking about the previous night. I was so distracted by what I was doing I didn’t hear her bathroom door open. She came up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder from behind her couch.

“What you doing?” she said.

“Don’t worry about it.” I said after a few seconds. She came around to the front of her couch. She was just wearing a tank top and panties. They were light purple and lacy this time. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Let me help, I want to have fun too.” she said sitting on my lap. She started to grind into me and kissed my neck. “You should take your jeans off. I want to see it.”

I sighed. I wasn’t sure about this, when I hesitated she nibbled my ear and said, “Please, I really want to see it.” So I started unbuttoning my jeans and she got off me for a second. I slid my jeans down and sat back down. “This is so hot” she whispered and got back on top of me. She was grinding into me again. I could hear my diaper crinkle as our rhythm picked up. I moaned as we went on. After a couple minutes of this I could feel myself getting close. My hands explored her back and her bottom and enjoyed the sensations of her kissing my neck. “Don’t cum yet baby, I need to get there first.”

I pushed some of her wavy hair back. I kissed her neck moaned into her ear. She seemed to love this. After a couple more minutes of exploring her neck and chest with my lips she let out a loud moan and dug her nails into me. “Now you can cum.” It only took a few more seconds and I exploded into my diaper again. She gently kept moving on top of me. Obviously satisfied with the results of the day. She lifted up my chin and kissed me.

Out of everything that happened just now, that was probably what took me most by surprise. We had fooled around, but kissing on the lips was intimate. Did this mean she liked me? Was this more that us fooling around with her weird naughty feelings? “Stop, I can see you over thinking it.” She said to me.

“Fine.” I said. “But I should probably go change. I don’t want to leak on you again.”

“You brought another one?” she asked smiling.

“Yup.” I replied. I changed and laid down next to her and we put something on the TV. It wasn’t even lunch time and today was already one of the craziest days of my adult life.


Nice direction, very different having a reluctant protagonist