Stupid question

A friend at work and I were talking about being spanked or paddled at school by the school principal for swearing, hitting another kid, fighting, or doing other things to break school rules. He was telling me he was one of those kids who was sent to the principals office. I was sent to the principals office once myself but I never had my butt beat from the principal. This made me get a stupid idea.

Here’s my stupid question.
Does anybody know if anybody had to drop their shorts and undies or jeans and undies before the school principal started spanking you or another kid

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I attended a parochial school where, in 4th and 5th grade, we had a principal who (with signed parental consent) paddled kids. I was one of those kids. Regularly. Until my mother found out that she was one of the only parents who signed that form, and therefore we were the only kids getting beat.

No, I was never asked to take my pants down. That’s some creepy fetish shit, dude.

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Doing that, with or without the parents’ consent, with or without pants down, would be considered child abuse and earn you an express ticket to the big house.

Not in 1984 it didn’t.

Back then (I would say up until 1980) Gummybear at least here in the states school principals were aloud to spank as a punishment but you left your pants up so their was something between your skin and the paddle.

Very few states can do it today but they cannot do it without a parents signed consent form

Going to be a pedantic asshole, but it’s “not supposed to” and not “cannot” because they most certainly can, they’ll just be in deep shit when caught.

Different country, different laws.