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Normally I just lurk and read posts, but for some reason I felt like posting tonight. Since I’ve started college and have been living in a city much much larger than the rural town I grew up in I’ve encountered a lot more stress than I’m use to. Part of it is due to personal problems, and I normally cope by letting my AB/DL side out. Unfortunately, at the moment I have a friend living with me, and since he is unemployed and out of school for the time being I don’t have much alone time. He is leaving for good next wednesday to pursue a great oppurtunity, but being abrutly cut off of being able to let my little side out has been tough. It had become my main coping strategy for stress, and was wondering if anyone else has had anything similar happen?(becoming to accustom to freely opening up their AB/DL side and having to stop) I’m definitely looking forward to next Wednesday when I can finally have some me time again, but the last month of not being able to even sleep with my pacifier has been even more stressful. Does anyone think its possible to become to dependent on relying on a coping method?

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I think it has less to do with a coping method being ineffective and more to do with a far more stressful life. I know it seems like those two go hand in hand but many coping methods can be universally helpful while levels of stress can be different for everyone.

For me, my two biggest stresser’s (and yeah I know it’s not really a word) are disorganization and pain. For the unorganized, a messy room is one thing, but a room I cannot walk through where I should be able to walk through is something I just cannot stand. As for pain, I fear it immensely so much so that I cause my own pain through that fear. Things inevitably hurt much more than they ought to because I imagine they hurt more.

In reality, stress is kind of just a part of every day life, some days are fine, and others, many many others can be much worse and nothing you can do will help it.

I highly doubt your dependent on a pacifier, I imagine it’s a lot more of a mental addiction as opposed to a physical one in that you want it more when you know you can’t really have it.

My suggestion, play a video game that requires little to no major concentration or effort on your part to play. A tower defense game ( is usually a very simple time waster and it really works for me to just mellow out to.

Either that, or find something else simple and fun you could do that no one could really question you for doing as an adult. Draw some pictures, write a short story, lie down in the grass outside, ride a bike, doesn’t really matter. It should basically just be something that you cannot fail at doing and consequently frustrate yourself for failing.

It may work, it might not, I don’t know. I hope it does as I too know the stresses of college life (hell I failed out of college once).

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Thanks Jaclyn, I will definitely try to find something like that. I agree most of my “addiction” is psychological. I just got so use to sleeping in nothing but a diaper and having my pacifier and bottle for a couple months that when I had to just stop when I took my friend in that it was tough. I completely forgot about tower defense, I use to play that all the time to have some relaxation time.

Kita, I actually am sharing my bedroom with him for the time being. I have two other roommates, and I normally would just shut my door. Since, there is four of us and only three rooms and he is living with me I have hardly any time alone or just being able to be in my room alone. Hopefully when he does leave next week I will be in the clear for quite a while and I can get some time in just to relax and go back to everything.

Thanks for the posts guys, I appreciate it.

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I spent 4 hours playing yesterday. It was definitely a much needed relaxation day.

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Good to hear :slight_smile:

Anyway, just a suggestion - if you’re really feeling stressed, maybe just diaper up under some jeans and go watch a movie or something. You can at least indulge that bit a little.

Alternatively, you can install a door lock. Thats what I do when my parents are around. I’ve managed to train them to respect my privacy when that happens (mainly by arranging them to walk in on me naked and screaming at them when that happens, hehe) so I can pretty much do what I want.

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Well I have a dead bolt on my door, but with my friend living with me and not having transportation it’s hard to get any alone time….he flies out wednesday anyway. I’m sick right now though and I really wish I could indulge a little and just relax and go to sleep. Alas I suppose I can make it two more days!