Strange conversations

I just had the strangest conversation out of the blue from nowhere. This guy adds me to his buddy list and so I ask him who he is-

Jackie: and you are?
xyzxyz: Alex
xyzxyz: :slight_smile:
Jackie: erm…that does nothing for me
xyzxyz: Hi there… I am a sociology graduate and 22 yearsold. Loved ur gallery on DeviantArt…
xyzxyz: told u
xyzxyz: lovef u galler
xyzxyz: y
Jackie: ah, ok
Jackie: what’s your DA name?
xyzxyz: deathext
Jackie: good
xyzxyz: but i dont have a gallery there
Jackie: you’re not the asshole who just pissed me off
xyzxyz: what?
Jackie: sorry, some dude decided to go on an all out flaming fest on some of my images
xyzxyz: i am not
xyzxyz: must say that u look so so beautiful in photos
xyzxyz: really impressed :slight_smile:
xyzxyz: really really impressed :slight_smile:
Jackie: thanks
xyzxyz: thats reality :slight_smile:
xyzxyz: u have a cam there?
Jackie: no
xyzxyz: wished to see u a bit so so so so so so so so much
xyzxyz: :frowning:
xyzxyz: plz
xyzxyz: i can beg u
Jackie: erm…
xyzxyz: i can send u my photos
Jackie: I said no as I don’t -have- a webcam
xyzxyz: ok
xyzxyz: bye then
xyzxyz: plz erase me
xyzxyz: i will follow ur gallery
Jackie: fuck you too asshole
xyzxyz: bye
Jackie: too much to ask to have a decent conversation?
Jackie: You’re such a pig, I’m not a piece of meat
xyzxyz: sorry
xyzxyz: bye
xyzxyz: be happy
Jackie: I don’t take commands from people inferior to myself
xyzxyz: bye then
xyzxyz: sorry
xyzxyz: bye

In light of how strange that conversation went, feel free to use this thread to post your own strange conversations through IM or what have you alongside talking about them.

EDIT: Oh and yeah, this conversation happened seconds after someone decided to call me an “uptight tranny loser fuck nut fag dick fungus licking cock fondler” in one of my images.

Re: Strange conversations

I’m boring. I’ve never gotten any strange IMs.