Storytime with Yami

Mimi steps in, wearing a diaper and pink top, grumbling softly.
“Greeting ladies and gentlemen.
Tonight, the man the myth the legend…In his own mind, will be sharing a few story ideas. little one shots if you will. sit back and enjoy the ride.”
Turns head off camera.
“OK I said it, now change me back damn it!”

Idea One.

One Piece.

Robin bit her lip…and lowered her eyes.
"Must…I?’ She asked, face burning red with shame.
“You’re well know for screwing over every team you’ve been a part of.” Crocodile said with a sick grin.
“This way, at least if you do fuck us over, we’ll have made it worthwhile.”
Nico robin, the demon child…drifting from shore to shore, always chased by the marine nodded, and then stripped naked in front of pirate lord, and picked up the humiliating garments.
“Only in front of you.” She said sternly.
"Fair enough. " He said again, this time with a chuckle…as the demons child…slipped on her thick diaper…and became the demons baby…

“Wow now that’s something…” Mimi said…sweat dropping.
She was now in a rubber bondage singlet, arms and legs handcuffed together.
“While we show you this next clip…Yami better get in here and fix this…”

Idea number two


Ino smiled as she opened her door, seeing Sakura on the steps.
“I thought you said last time would be the last?”
“I…I couldn’t stay away…” Sakura said red faced.
“You know what you have to do…what my rules are.” Ino said with a grin.
"I already…did part of it…"She said red faced.
“I told Naruto…about…us.”
“Yes…how you…spank me…make me…you’re little girl…you’re…slut…your maid…how I’ve…worshiped your…” Sakura trailed off.
“That’ll do pig…that’ll do.” Ino said, and then pulled Sakura in, kissing her little piggy.

“Well…I guess it could be worse…” A red faced Mimi says, coving herself.
“You only said I had to get you out of the bondage outfit…” A voice calls from behind the camera.
“…next clip…”
Idea 3

totally spies

Clover blushed beet red as she looked at her disguise for the next mission.
"Jerry, you better explain this hella fast!’ she snapped, holding a package of diapers and a baby style dress.
"Simple. you girls are going under cover at a fetish ball, to stop Madam blue balls. each of you have been given a fetish cover. Since domatix’s will be vastly popular, Alex will be going as a leather domatix, in charge of you and Sam.
In her much more adult looking outfit, and holding a whip, Alex grinned.
“Also being vastly popular, are bondage slaves,” Jerry added, pointing to a blushing Sam.
the only thing that still showed Sam as a girl was the mouth hole in the tight tight latex that cover her totally, and the shape of her tits and her camel toe.
“Jerry they forgot eye holes…”
“Sorry Sam, but they didn’t…Alex will be your eyes.”
“Still better than me! You don’t expect me to wear a diaper do you jerry?”
"I expect you to wear and use it if the need comes up. girls…Madam Blue balls is this nations greatest threat. If you don’t pull this off perfectly, the president himself may be in danger.
Each girl gulped…and Clover, red faced, slid a diaper on.

As we join our lovely hostess…
she led back onto camera on a dog leash, wearing a hair band with dog ears on it, and a fake dog nose with gloves and boots to give her paws.
The worst part may be the softly tail, attached to the vibrator in her butt.
Yolei leads her on camera and give her a slap on the ass, and leaves her.
“W-well um…I hope this is getting some rating…cause I’m suffering…” She whined.
“You signed the contract…” a voice calls.
“So Should of let that Starfire bitch take it…speaking of Starfire, as many of you know, Yami has done more than a few teen titans stories. let’s see what great idea’s he has planed for them next, as I try to get back to being a respected member of the digi destined…”
And laughter is heard as the clip is cued.

Idea 4

Teen titans

Starfire walked along the hallways. ignoring the hoot and whistles she head, she stopped infront of her sister’s cell.
The guards behind her knocked on the clear glass and Blackfire smiled.
“Has it been a month already sister?” she asked, a wicked grin on her face.
Starfire, who wore a back pack that had been cleared well beforehand, nodded.
“Well, what are we waiting for?” she asked.
With a nod from Starfire, the guard moved in, handcuffed Blackfire and after checking her for weapons, snapped on a power nullifier around her neck.
“Oh my…this is what…the fifth time and you boys havn’t learned that I’m not going to try and escape?” she chuckled.
“While you may still be our model prisoner, not that long ago you tried to kill half of us with poisoned water.”
“Opps?” Blackfire asked with a grin.
led down the halls, they came out to a series of reinforced trailers.
these trailers were used for private visits between lover ones and super powered prisoners.
as they walked in, the trailed was seal. and Starfire meekly handed over the book bag.
“three dozen packs of smokes, $500 to use as you wish, and um…” Starfire said, looking away.
“A couple of nice thick diapers to put on my baby sister.” Blackfire tsked.
“Have you started wetting the bed yet?”
“I…Try.” Starfire said, looking down.
“You try? Starfire, is anyone can know when you’re lying, it’s me. lie to me again and forget our sweet deal.”
“…I did it once and got scared and didn’t wanna do it again.” she said.
Starfire didn’t know how to explain herself.
She used to be a normal strong willed teenaged girl…but ever since Blackfire teased her one visit…
She had come back to Blackfire over and over again. giving her sister gifts in return for being diapered, teased and humiliated, till her diaper sagged, her cheeks were tear stained, and she was exhausted from her cumming.
Blackfire for her part, needed to thank Poison Ivy for her help.

Mimi blinked, watching the screen.
Well um…damn."
Mimi was dressed in a cheerleader outfit, hair in pig-tails.
“well, I think I can live with this one folks…for now, these have been perverted ideas from yami, and lord knows they’ll be more…”
She sighed and then stormed off camera.
“Why’d I sign on for at least three of these things?” she yelled as the end credits started to roll.

A screen goes all snowy, then a smiling face appears.
“More fun than a bag full of thumb tracks, More WTF that OZ…It’s story time with Yami!”

Cheesy music played, as the camera’s go in, and we see our always lovely hostess Mimi.was shown strapped down to a table, with Yolei whistling while preparing a enema for her.
“That better not be oil! I know there’s a no oil clause in my contract!” Mimi yelled, then seemed to realize she was on air.
“Oh um…Hi. welcome back to anther edition of story time with Yami. we have four more clips for you to view, and please, if you have any sense of right and wrong, call you’re cable provider and demand that they remove this show!”
Mimi acked as she got a slap on her butt cheek, before a nozzle was slipped in her.
“you’re no oil clause is for when we’re working with fire…” Yolei says, then turns on the nozzle as we go to clip one.

Kim possible…when Plans go bad.

“You know doctor D…I’ve seen some far fetched schemes but this take the cake.” Shego said, sitting back eating a slice of cake as Draken worked over time modifying a Bebe.
“You just don’t understand these things Shego.” He said waving a hand.
“I understand alright. after you’re last defeat, you went online trying to find a sure fire way to mess with Possible. And then you found some lame brain idea of making a Bebe into a nanybot to make Kim possible a helpless baby girl.” Shego said, rolling her eyes.
“I mean, it sound like the bad plot from a fan fiction…”
Pause as both of them look at the screen and then back to each other.
“You’ll see Shego! I’ll program this Bebe to have Possible in diaper in no time!” Draken said, thumping his chest…and turning the Bebe on before he could make it target only Kim.
“ooo, you’re in for it now Dr.D” Shego grinned.
“Not really…it only targets females…”

“you have a hour to fix this.” Shego said.
The lab was almost a total write off, numerous henchmen were down and out, and sitting on Bebe’s lap, in thick white diapers and being bounced was a fuming Shego.
She’d learned the hard way not to fight Mommy…the robot as her bum still was sore.
“Or what?” Draken asked.
“I’ll fry you!” Shego yelled, powering up a hand, and then having a baby mittens put over both of them, and paci pushed in her mouth.
“Bad bad baby…”

As we come back, Mimi had a bit of a bugling belly, and is in a thick thick diaper and sports bra, with mittens on her hands.
“Oh god…get this off…I need to get to a toilet!” She cried, pawing at her diaper helpless.
“Hey, we’re on air!” a voice from behind the camera whispers.
“Do I look like I care?” Mimi asked, red faced.
The show must go on clause…If you don’t host, you don’t get diaper changes…" The voice whispered back.
Mimi turned pale and then gulped.
“And welcome back to story time with Yami. wow, wasn’t that a interesting clip ladies and gentlemen. Why don’t we hurray up and play the next one, while I try to track down a certain girl who’s going to have her glasses put where the sun doesn’t shine.” Mimi said very quickly, though clenched teeth.

The new adventures of Batman and robin…the fetish files.

Harley Quinn whimpered a little, as she took a few steps from her room into the living room, crinkling loudly.
“Hey Harley, feeling better?” Ivy asked, looking up from a newspaper.
They had recently escaped Arkum together, and Harley was still a little broken up about Joker breaking out well before them…and leaving her to rot.
“Yeah…” she said and then sat on the couch, next to Ivy, drawing her legs up to her chest.
Neither were in costume, and Ivy wore a simple jeans and t-shirt looked, while Harley, out of the face paint, wore a T-shirt and thick cloth diapers with plastic pants over them…
“So…How much longer till you know…” Harley asked, sighing a little.
Ivy aww’ed and then wrapped her arms around Harley’s shoulders, drawing her in for a hug.
“the diapers? you’re body will adjust to the toxins by tomorrow or the day after at the latest…so I’ll be able to stop giving you the injections that gives you the runs.” Ivy said, lightly rubbing Harley’s back.
“And the heart ache? that I don’t know about. but I’m here for you sweetie.”
“…Thanks Mom…Ivy.” Harley said, going red faced.

As the clip fades away, we come back to find Mimi strapped down in a wheel chair and wearing a strait jacket…still diapered.
Behind her, Yolei was pushing her a little bit forward in the chair, reaching into the back of the diaper.
“No…No please…I’m sorry…” Mimi whimpered, tears trailing down her cheeks.
“Should…should I tell them we’re back?” whispered the voice behind the camera.
“Hell no!” came anther voice.
Mimi shut her eyes tightly, and the plug which had been keeping her enema in came out with a wet plop…and she made a face as she loaded the back of her diapers.
“Ew ew ewwww!” She cried.
“oh…look, the camera was on the entire time…” Yolei said with a grin.
“W-what?” Mimi whimpered, and looked up, sweat dripping down her face as with a thunderous wet fart, she started crying again.
“what she means is enjoy the next clip folks.” Yolei said and waved.

One piece…yes some shows are getting hit twice. ^^()

Nico robin clicked her touge, as Nami staggered back onto the ship piss drunk.
She was leaning on the walls, red faced and judging from the smell, had pissed herself at some point.
Robin took firm hold of Nami, who drunkenly smiled at her and winked.
“I-If you…wanna have some fun…that’s…100 berri…” she hiccuped, then burped, and Robin could smell the booze and cum on Nami’s breath.
That was the last straw, and Robin dragged Nami off.

When Nami woke up, she was a little confused to find herself in Robin’s room.
shrugging, and playing it off as her being a drunken lesbo.
“Didn’t know robin swung that way though.” Nami yawn and chuckled, and paused as she heard a crinkle.
She then noticed the mittens over her hands and did a sweat drop.
“Don’t tell be she’s THAT kinky.” Nami grumbled, and then got out of the bed, and looked at herself in the mirror, and seeing what looked like a oversized baby staring back.
A pink diaper shirt bulged out at the crotch and butt, clearly from diapers and plastic pants.
Her hand had pink little mittens on them that looked locked on, and she wore pink little booties.

Nico robin hummed softly, as she took a shower, doing a bit of a mental countdown
“5…4…3…2…1…” She said softly.
There was a pounding on the door.
“Robin get out here right this second!” Nami yelled.
"I’ll be out in a sec!’ Robin called, striking the pose needed to use her power.

Nami grumbled and looked around, covered by a thick blanket and then was about to pound on the door again, when arms spurng up around her.
the blanket was pulled off, and Nami was forced onto all fours as Robin stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel.
“very bold fashion statement.” Robin said with a wink, and then started to keep walking.
“Let me up right now!” Nami demanded.
“You have no right doing this to me!”
“And you have no right killing yourself the way you drink and letting yourself be used like a whore!” Robin shot back.
“W-what…” Nami said, going red in the face.
“I know you let at least one man cum in all three holes…but I’m willing to bet it was more.” robin said.
“I…I um…”
“You let them use you for money? why?”
“I…I don’t wanna talk about this!” Nami yelled.
“Fine. but those diapers aren’t coming off till you do wanna talk about it.” robin said, and walked away.
Nami huffed, and then stormed into the bathroom, only to find the locks too hard for her to pick using a hair pin and her teeth…and the need to make her morning glory coming fast.
“Crap…Robin!” She yelled, waddling as fast as she could.

Mimi blushed brightly, as we come back, trying to have the camera man keep it on her face, but he panned out, as she was on a changing table, getting her poopy bottom cleaned.
“W-well…that was a interesting clip wasn’t it.” Mimi said, red faced.
“I hope Nami doesn’t stink as bad as you…phew.” Yolei joked, wearing a clothespin on her nose.
Mimi was -still in the strait jacket, and making a few plans to fire her agents.
"It can’t be that bad…I was sitting in it!’ She shot back.
Yolei only smiled to the camera and wagged her eyebrows, then took the taped up dirty diaper and walked over towards Mimi’s face.
“Ah no! I’m sorry!” She cried,the had it pressed to her nose.
"We’ll be back after the next clip folks. " Yolei said with a smile, as Mimi thrashed about and kicked.

Trixie sighed as she sat in class.
It wasn’t easy being popular you know. it took a lot of time and effort to be as perfect as she was.
She was dragged out of her world, as the little buck tooth loser came up, with a present for her.
“Ooooo…he’s learning.” she said to herself, and nodded to her bodyguard to let him in.
“Hiya Trixie…I um…got you a present…for you just being you…” he said, sweating and shifting from foot to foot.
She graced him with a smile, and watched the loser melt, then opened the box…and frowned.
“what is this?” she asked, holding a barbie.
“It’s a doll…” the loser said, looking nervous.
What her name she kept by her giggled and the boys joined in as well.
“only babies still play with dolls loser.” she said and tossed it at him, and snapped her fingers.

The entire thing was forgotten by her as she walked home…but not by Timmy, who made a very very evil wish…
Trixie paused, wondering why everyone was looking at her as seemed to be holding back laughter…
She suckled on her paci, and whimpered a little, and then waddled a few more steps before looking back at mommy.
“They’re -sniff- laughing at me…” she sniffled.
Veronica smiled and patted Trixie’s head.
"Shh, it’s ok baby girl. let’s just get you home…and into a fresh diaper.
Trixie whined as she looked down.
the former popular girl as wearing her trade marked shirt…and a thick diaper that sagged in the back.

“there’s no way this isn’t against da rules.” Wanda said, flipping though the book.
“it used to be, but i ate that page!” Cosmo said.

“maybe I should see if we can get some faries…” Yolei said thoughtfully, as we come back.
She was still making Mimi sniff her diaper and finally pulled it away, the poor girl green in the face.
“Please…no more…I’ll be good.” Mimi whimpered softly.
Yolei smiled, and undid the strait jacket, but Mimi stayed in place and she diapered the girl.
“Finish saying goodbye, then meet me in the parking lot.” Yolei said and pecked her cheek.
“…yes ma’am…” Mimi said red faced.
“Till next time, I hope you all enjoyed the show…” Mimi said, holding a sign begging for you all to complain about it.
“Meep! Coming ma’am!”

the camera fades away, as the end credits roll, showing still shots from the show.

Storytime with Yami

you lost me at “crocodile”. Actually you lost me before that.

Storytime with Yami

I think I am more surprised at this due to the fact that it doesn’t have to do with Teen Titans than anything else.

However, I am also a bit confused by the way this story jumps. I feel as though this piece of writing has attempted to violate my thought process. It was almost successful.

Storytime with Yami

Me too

Storytime with Yami

Haha, fan fiction…who would’ve guessed??

Also, i always wondered: So are you the dog who is owned by YamiJoey? If so, who the hell is YamiJoey?

Storytime with Yami

I’m actually wondering if I will ever see anything that isn’t fan fiction. I’m not saying it’s all necessarily bad, but it’d be nice to see Yami_joeys_Dog try new things. Hmm, I wonder.

That’s what I’ll do! Yami_joeys_Dog, I hereby challenge you to write something that isn’t fan fiction and post it up here! Of course, you don’t really have to accept my challenge…I just want to see what else you can do :slight_smile:

Storytime with Yami

Is this not asking us which idea should be chosen to be done properly, perhaps?

Otherwise it’s just weird, cool, but weird.

Storytime with Yami

I tried a few non fanfictions awhile back…they didn’t workout so well. sweatdrops

Storytime with Yami

Yami_joeys_dog is a username i came up with when i needed one for
At the time, I was really into Yu-gi-oh, and wanted to see Joey wheeler go ‘yami’.
Yami joey was taken so i poped in a dog and volla

Storytime with Yami

It’s mostly just done to get said ideas out of my head so i can focus on others, but it’s meant to be done in a tv clip style. ^^() Sorry if it’s just too weird.

Storytime with Yami

A screen goes all snowy, then a smiling face appears.
“More fun than a bag full of thumb tracks, More WTF that OZ…It’s story time with Yami!”

The music plays and as the camera’s screen in, we’re treated to the site of TK dressed in Mimi’s old cowgirl setup.
“Howdy y’all. Welcome to story time with Yami. our usual host Mimi was unable to make it in today, as she’s healing from some really hard-core sex…ew…”
He read, reading the teleprompter.
"Since we were planing a sissy special anyways, they called me in ahead of time.
“So everyone sit back and relax…and prepare to see the boys get used for a change.” Kari said, walking out and wagging her eyebrows, holding one of mimi’s diapers.
“Now hold on…I signed up for cross dressing.” TK Is heard yelling as we pan away to our first clip.

Pokemon- this never leaves the camp alright!?

Ash blushed hotly, as he looked down at the items misty had spread out in front of him.
“I’m not going to do it!” He yelled red faced.
The trainer had been having a bit of trouble with his bladder lately.
When he didn’t find a bathroom, when he was scared, when he was over excited…hell if a strong wind hit he seemed to soak his pants.
tired of smelling his wet jeans and them always having to stop to wash them, Misty had finally broke down and agreed with Brock, that a certain trainer needed to go back in diapers.
“Ash, is wearing a diaper really much worse than pissing your pants?” she asked.
“What if I wear one while you do?” She asked.
“…That could work.” He said.
She rolled her eyes, but pushed him back.
“Alright, you first though.”
“Kay.” he squeaked, going red faced as his jeans were tugged off.
he went into a dream like state as she undressed him, sprinkled him with baby powder.
It wasn’t until he heard the click, that he realized she had gotten yellow plastic panties over his diaper, and he was now locked in them.
“Hey what the…”
“that whole bit about wearing too, I lied.” She said and patted his head.

“ooo, that was just mean.” TK huffed.
“I know, she should of been clear about what she was going to do.” Kari said, patting TK’s puffy butt, which made his cowgirl dress puff out.
“I wasn’t talking about the clip.” he snapped, and then found himself over her knees, dress hiked up and diapers coming down.
“I’m sorry folks, she didn’t get a nap today…why don’t you enjoy this next clip while i calm a certain sissy down.”
“I’m so telling you’re brother!”

X-men evo When psychic’s get bored.

Nightcrawler sighed as he sat in the library, tail twitching slowly as he looked around.
He was suppose to be doing his math homework, but kept finding himself looking over at him.
Him was beast, and for the life of him, he couldn’t understand why he felt like he did about beast.
every time he saw the big guy, Kurt had to fight the urge to teleport over and ask for a bottle.
A bottle?
Now images of him, in a diaper, sitting in beasts lap, playing happily ran rampet in his mind.
“Kurt? Kurt are you OK?” Hank asked, walking over.
“F-Fine sir…” he meeped, scooting more under the table to hide his hard-on.
“Listen, I know that you’re young, and that you can’t really help it, but there’s a time and a place for these sort of things.” Hank lectured softly, sitting down.
“You need to do your homework, not fanatazie about the girls.” Hank said.
“I ah…Yes sir.” Kurt said, wishing he could just die.
“You’re giving off a powerful scent…and it’s affecting a few of the others…if you wouldn’t mind?” Hank asked.
Kurt was mortified, and nodded his head, but stole a quick kiss from beast before popping out.
Watching all this from the back of the library, Jean grey chuckled to herself. sure messing with someone’s head wasn’t quite allowed…but it was still funny.

Coming back from the clip, TK was sitting in Kari’s lap, now in just his diaper, head buried in her should as she rubbed his back.
“Aww, There’s a good girl.” Kari coo’ed
Suckling could be heard, and as Kari forced the sissy to turn, he had a big pink pacifier in his mouth.
“It’s shaped like a cock, to help put her in her place.” Kari said with a grin.
“This is all sorts of messed up…” Whispered the camera man…

Danny Phantom- Your wish is my command…

It was dumb, and it was wrong, but every-time she looked at him, she couldn’t help but think…what if.
Sam’s eyes traveled up and down Danny’s body, watching him in gym class, sweating and panting after only a few laps.
So weak yet so powerful…She was one of the few that knew that Danny Phantom who everybody loved was really Danny Fenton, the geek that was ignored.
“Come on Danny, keep running.” She called, catching up to him with ease, and running along side of the panting boy.
Tucker had long since collapsed on the floor, and was being poked with a stick by Dash.
“Hey….Sam…What’s…Up?” Danny panted, and she snickered a little.
Such a wuss sometimes.
“Nothing much, watching our city’s hero almost throw up from doing laps.” She answered.
“Up…Yours…” He groaned and then tripped, smacking his face off the floor, and having everyone point and laugh, save for Sam who helped him up, and offered to help him to the nurses office.

“You’re really kinda…wimpy in human form you know that.” Sam said.
“Oh god…not this again.” He groaned, holding a cold wash cloth to his bloody nose.
“Oh I see. when you want me to dress up like you, it’s hot. when i want you to dress up like me…” She huffed.
“You know it’s not like that…”
“I just wish I could have a pretty little sissy boyfriend sometimes, is that so wrong?” She asked, blushing.
“You’re wish is my command…” Came a familiar voice.
“Oh crap.” Both teens said, as Desiree floated into the room, and there was a flash…

“I hope you’re happy!” Danny huffed.
Sam had to cover her mouth, because standing next to her in a school girl outfit, with a certain bit of puffy padding poofing out the skirt, was Danny.
He opened his mouth to yell more, when the bell rang, and Dash walked by…making him blush.
“Um…More than just my clothes were changed…” he whined, blushing and looking down.
“And Dash is kinda…cute…”

“Now that’s just funny.” Kari giggled, as she rocked TK in her arms, the little sissy having gone to sleep. He was still only in a diaper, and Kari stood up, walking over towards a crib and set him in it.
“Well, I know the contract states that someone needs to be teased during these breaks soo…”
Davis walked in, looking at a piece of paper.
“Kari? I’m hereeee!” He called and then looked at her and smiled…then saw TK.
“Whoa, what happened to TA?” He asked, running over.
“The same thing that’s gonna happen to you.” Kari said with a smile, holding a pink diaper in one hand, and a paddle in the other.
“HELP!” He screamed, and went to run away, only to find the doors locked.
“This might take awhile. while we’re waiting, here’s our last clip of the day folks.”
As Kari advances on Davis, the camera cuts away.

Ben 10- Ben to Jen?

Gwen sighed and closed her laptop, looking at Ben oddly.
Something about him…just wasn’t right ever since that last fight with Charmcaster.
Ben had been engulfed in pink energy while in four arms, and then had zapped back to human and passed out.
Luckily Gwen had managed to take Charmcaster down with a little help from Grandpa, but since waking up, Ben had been…odd.
“Oh my god…All my clothes are ugly!” he complained, looking over all of his clothes.
“Not one cute outfit!” he whined and then stormed over towards grandpa.
“Grandpa, can we stop at a mall soon? please oh pretty please?” He asked, hands together and begging.
“Why? is there a sumo slammers conversation?” Grandpa asked.
“No, I need to get some clothes that aren’t totally butch.” He said, rolling his eyes.
“This totally sends the wrong message, duh.” he said and then giggled a little.
“Ben, are you sure you’re alright?”
“for the final time, yes! God! what’s wrong with you people?” he asked and then stormed into the bathroom.
“Is it just me, or is Ben going diva?” Gwen asked, eye twitching.
“And then some. Maybe we should turn around and go ask our friend Charmcaster what she did to him…”
“It’s all over the net, she already broke out…local police are worse than useless.” Gwen grumbled.

Inside the bathroom, Ben smacked his lips, and made sure his lipstick was on right, then clipped a pretty purple bow in his hair, and slipped on a set of gwen’s clothes.
“Doesn’t she wear any skirts?” he whined and then grunted as he did a tuck job.
“Perfect. Hey.Hello…Howdy…” He said over and over, till he had a good enough girl voice.
“Hey, I’m Jen, whats you’re name?” He asked his reflection, then blew a kiss.

Kari smiled, as she laid Davis in next to TK, the two sissy boys whining and then cuddling a bit.
“Awww.” Kari coo’ed.
“Well, thats all for today folks. Next time it’s back to girl being padded and teased, and Mimi will be back to host. till the next sissy special, be good little boys and girls…or else.” Kari said, then waved to the camera as the show ended.