Story idea-Need help Editing and Adding Detail to it

I’m not a writer, but I have a detailed story plot with characters. It’s partially written with several detailed holes that I need added. ***(Seeking a Writers help to help me complete this. I can also pay a small commission too if necessary). It’s about a typical hard working family. The Mom and Dad have two kids. Their first born Son is a late developer with potty training and is small for his age. When their son turns 5, the mom has another baby, a little girl. The older son loves having a new baby sister to take care of. However over the next 2-3 years, things change. The baby sister continues to grow in height and develop into a full grown toddler. Certain life events also cause the older son to begin regressing in his potty training. He also hasn’t grown much in the last couple of years and is still very small for his age. His baby sister has narrowed the gap in their size difference significantly and she continues to mature, despite her still being a toddler in diapers. How will the dynamic of the older son’s potty training regressions and his baby sister’s progressions play out in how the two siblings are treated by their mom.

Hmmm… Sounds interesting. I want to do this. No commission would be necessary.

Excellent thank you Jaspy for your services! I appreciate your time and help taking this on. Let me know the best way to send you what I have so far.