Story: A Survey in the Mall: Part One

Don’t worry, I will get back to Life and Death Choices Made Casually soon. Here is a shorter story I thought up about Lisa and Becky.

A Survey in the Mall
by Write and Left

I came home from my Friday role-playing club meeting about 11:30 Saturday morning. I had planned to get some sleep and then work on recreating my Silk Spectre costume later that afternoon. I had all material cut out and I had just needed the time to sew it together. I didn’t know why I othered. The airline said that tickets to San Diego and back would be $350 and my budget was stretched thin as it was. I was counting on a friend who owned a light aircraft and was going to San Diego anyway. That had fallen through.

My roommate Becky met me at the door and she seemed pretty excited. “Guess what?” she said. That was a question that wasn’t really a question.

“What?” I asked. She would ask me to keep guessing if I started in on her game and I thought I may as well cut to the chase.

“There is a market research company that opened up in the mall,” she said. “They ask you a few questions, and then they pay you money for answering the questions. Sometimes you have to take products home and try them and fill out surveys.” She showed me two bags of chips. One had the name “Brand X” written on it and the other said “Brand Y”.

“Cool, free food,” I said and reached for a handful of chips. Becky slapped my hand away. “You can’t. It will skew the results.”

“How much money are we talking?” I asked. “Can I do it?”

“Well I did a survey every day for a week and made $50 bucks. Some only pay $5.00, but if you bring the products home and test them then you get more.”

“How much more?”

“It varies. I would have done another survey today, but I don’t qualify. I can’t even fake qualifying for this one because your answers have to be consistent, but you never surveyed with them so if you say the right thing, you can get in right away.”

“Cool,” I said. “I need to raise money for plane tickets. Mom and Dad said no, so I got to fund my trip to the convention by myself. So what group of people do I have to be part of.” I had to go to the bathroom, so I said, “Well, hold that thought until I get back from the restroom. You can tell me on the way.”

Becky got between me and the bathroom door. “Well that is just the thing. You have to be incontinent to participate in the survey today.”

“What?” I said. “How do I fake that?” I had an idea, but I did not want to think about it.

“Well you have experience,” said Becky. She was referring to Halloween night and the shameful walk home I had to do. She had even forced me to where diapers a few times, but had relented after about the first day.

“No way am I going to have an accident in public again,” I said. I tried to walk around her to go to the restroom, but she stood her ground.

“You don’t have to,” she said. “Come on.” She pulled me by the arm to her bedroom and pushed me back on the bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked, but I saw what she had in mind. After relenting on forcing me to use up the supply of adult diapers, she had kept them and now she was going to change me.

“There,” she said as she got the last tape in place. “Put some clothes on that hide those.”

I looked at my tight jeans that were laying on the floor by her bed and picked up my jeans and panties and fled into my room. The tight jeans would not even cover the tops of my panties let alone a diaper. I sighed and picked out a pair of baggy pants and a matching top and emerged from the bedroom.

If I could have gone to the bathroom, I bet my face would have been bright red in the mirror.

“Are you ready to go now?” asked Becky.

“No.” How could I feel ready to leave the house dressed as I was? The last time I had worn Depends outside the house was the day after Halloween and that was just because the boys that held the house party wanted to humiliate me.

“Well come on anyway,” she said.

I reluctantly followed her to her car and soon we were off to the mall. It was about a ten minute drive since the campus was originally outside of the city, but the city had eventually grown around it. As soon as we got to the mall parking lot, I urgently had to pee.

“Becky,” I said, “we need to stop at the bathroom.”

“No you don’t,” she said. “Remember, you are incontinent.”


“No buts,” said Becky. “In fact, wet your diaper now.”

“What?” I asked. “What if it leaks?”

“It won’t,” she said. “If it does, we can go home and try this again.” Well at least I had not leaked the last time, but I had been at home and could have changed at any time. Here I would be trapped.

It was at the point that if I didn’t give into her request, I would have an accident anyway. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. The crotch of the diaper I had been wearing suddenly felt warm. I peed and peed for almost a minute before it finally stopped. Once I start, I can stop at all.

I felt between my legs and under my butt, but nothing felt wet. If I sat down, that would probably change. I looked over at Becky. I was afraid to go in the mall. “I’m going to leak soon,” I said.

“I brought you a few spares in case you needed to change,” she said. “They’re in your purse. Do you want to try to get to a bathroom or should I change you in the back of the car?”

“I can get to a bathroom,” I said.

The first thing we did at the mall was use the restroom. I pulled down my pants and wadded up the wet plastic thing and let it fall to the floor. Then I took the new one out of my purse and put it on. I forced myself to lean against the stall door as I put the new one in place. It wasn’t as tight or secure as the one Becky put on me, but I was sure that it was tight enough around my legs to prevent leaks.

“All set?” asked Becky as I opened the door.

I bent down and picked up the used diaper and threw it in the trash. If I would have tried to fit it in the little trash cans in the stalls, it would have filled the whole thing. “Let’s get out of here before someone else comes in.”

“Yeah, you got survey’s to answer. Remember, you were in a car accident last year and that is why you have incontinence issues.”

“Thanks a lot,” I muttered.

“Hey you are the one that wants to dork it up with your friends at the Star Trek convention,” said Becky.

“It’s a comic book convention,” I said.

“Whatever. You need the money and this money will not hurt your chances at scholarships.”

Near the center of the mall was a woman with a clipboard. She spoke to a person now and then and they shook their heads. She ignored me as I walked up, but she greeted Becky.

“Have you had any luck getting survey participants?” asked Becky.

“No,” she said. “It is hard to find people in all the categories they want. We’ll be doing energy drinks on Monday though.”

“Can I participate in a survey?” I asked.

“We are looking for incontinent people today.”

“I’m, uh…” I looked at Becky and she nodded. “I am,” I said.

“You’re incontinent?” asked the lady.

“Yes,” I said. I felt my face burn with embarrassment.

“That’s wonderful,” said the lady. She paused a moment. “I mean not that you’re incontinent, but that I can survey you.”

“So what do I got to do?” I asked.

“Well, let’s go into our offices.”

“Can my friend come with me?”

“Sorry,” said the lady. “It will skew the results.”

“That’s okay,” said Becky. “I’ll wait out here for you.”

The lady took me back into her office and handed me a multiple choice test that asked a bunch of questions about incontinence products and such things. Question like what is most important to you: absorbency, discreteness, comfort, or fit? What type of product do you use? There was a big page of products. I checked the kind of diaper that Becky bought for me. The rest of the questions were common sense, but a few of them asked about how often I leak, and do I change right away. I had to guess on those. I filled out the survey and brought it to the lady.

“Thanks,” she said. She handed me a ten dollar bill. “Now, I can get you more money if you like,” she said.

“What is the catch,” I asked. Ten dollars was easy money for answering bullshit questions on a survey.

“You got to compare two kinds of incontinence products,” she said. “Then you answer survey questions about them. It is a bit of work and it will be using products you are not used to and you have to change yourself on a schedule, but if you agree to test the products, we can pay you $245 for helping us out.”

“How long do I have to do this?” I asked.

“About two weeks,” she said.

I needed to raise the cash for my plane ticket in two months. I wasn’t going to be getting a job soon. I was in fashion design. I had to spend time sewing to get my final projects done and I would be at home quite a bit until then. However, I would have to wear diapers for two whole weeks. I thought about just telling her no and leaving, but that lady was smart.

She counted out the money on the table as I thought about it. Finally I couldn’t resist. “Sure,” I said.

She handed me a large box and $25.00. I slid the money into my purse and blushed as one of the spare diapers peeked out that Becky had put inside. I picked the large box up and started to walk out.

"Oh, by the way, we will see you a week from Saturday and give you the rest of your money plus bonus if the surveys are done correctly.

“Thanks.” I was red-faced as I walked out.

Becky sat on some benches outside the market research place. “How’d it go?” she asked.

“They gave me $35.00. To get more I have to test these products.”

“What are they?” asked Becky.

“They are some kind of adult diapers,” I whispered.

“Oh this will be fun,” said Becky.

I felt my face heat up again. I felt so embarrassed.

We got home about 1:00 PM and I was exhausted. I had spent the whole night playing role-playing games and I hadn’t gotten any sleep however. Now that we were home, I just wanted to go to bed, but Becky insisted I open my box and read the instructions.

The box contained two different product lines. There was one overnight diaper a night for both weeks and then there were three regular diapers for each day of that time period. The brand of diapers alternated by day, but they all had the time and day I would have to put each on.

The instructions said that starting Sunday morning, I would put on the first one, then I was permitted a change once at lunch, once at supper, and once again at bedtime. I scowled when I read that I was not permitted to change myself at any other time. I sighed. The rules also required me to use the diapers as needed and keep a log of each time I used the diaper. I was not permitted to use the toilet anytime during the study.

“It looks like I got another day until I have to be in diapers,” I said. “I’m going to go take a shower and change into panties now.”

“No you’re not,” said Becky. “You may as well get used to wearing a diaper now.”

“No, Becky,” I said. “Not going to happen.” I went to my room and got my underwear and some clean clothes and brought them to the bathroom. I stripped off my shirt and kicked off my pants and then started to take off my socks and bra. I stood there in just the diaper and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My long brown hair fell over my boobs, but even long hair couldn’t hide the fact that I wore only a diaper. I had to pee, but I was not going to give Becky the satisfaction. I ripped off the diaper, balled it up into the trash, and stepped into the shower.

As the water rained down on me, I could feel the pee residue rinse off of me. Showers were pleasant. At least it wasn’t the freezing cold weather outside. I was still mad at Becky for hosing me off at Halloween after I came home with an accident in my costume.

I dried off and quickly dressed, ready to begin my lazy week. Next week was dead week and after that was finals. It should have been my last day to goof off, but I had a costume to sew. I had to go to my room and work on it all afternoon. I managed to finish about six and just fell asleep after that.

“Lisa, it’s time to wake up.”

I rolled over and groaned. “It’s Sunday. Just let me sleep.”

“But you have to do your study,” said Becky.

I opened my eyes. She stood by my bed holding a diaper in its plastic bag. The label said, “Sunday morning.” I glanced at the diaper and then looked at Becky. It was 7:30 and I had to pee. I also felt dirty and gross.

“Fine,” I said.

“Well put on your diaper,” said Betsy.

“I’m showering first,” I said. “In fact I am showering every morning until this study is done.”

“Oh,” said Becky. “I didn’t think about that. Good idea.” I grabbed a towel and a robe and went to the bathroom to start the shower. I turned on the water and peed for what would be the last time before I was in diapers 24/7.

The shower was good and I felt cleaner. Not so much awake, but cleaner. Finally, I emerged from the bathroom and returned to my bedroom.

I grabbed the diaper and stared at it. It was thicker than the Depends that Becky had made me wear. The tapes wider as well. I unfolded it out on to the bed and lay down to diaper myself. The diaper felt very soft as I slid it into place. I started taping the bottom tapes first. The first thing I noticed about the tape was it was stickier than the Depends. It was stickier than duct tape. I made sure I got it on tight to begin with because there would be not adjusting these without ripping the plastic on the diaper.

I stood up and looked in the mirror. The diaper was tight around my hips, but the thickness would bulge out the tight clothes I sometimes wore. I tried to avoid visible panty lines and I knew what to look for in my wardrobe. I wasn’t going to be leaving the house, so I just pulled on some flannel pajama pants and walked out to the living room.

“Did you put on your diaper?” asked Becky.

“Isn’t it obvious?” With every step I took, I heard a slight crinkle and I am sure my butt stuck out a lot more.

Becky looked me up and down. “Actually, I can only tell because I know your butt isn’t that big, but no one else would even notice.”

“I hope you’re right,” I said. “Fourteen days of wearing these.”

“I’ll help you out the best I can,” said Becky. “I locked the bathroom door, so let me know if you need to take a shower and I will open the door for you.”

I suddenly realized I had given up toilet training. I realized somewhere I would have to wet the diapers, but I had never been in a diaper longer than a day. I was not only expected to pee in the diaper, but I also was expected to poop in the diaper. I hadn’t pooped since yesterday morning I expected I would have to go sometime that day or the next.

I stood up and turned toward my room. “I’m sorry. I can’t do this. It’s going to be too embarrassing. I’m taking off this diaper.”

“I saw your new costume on your bust form when I went to wake you,” said Becky. “Too bad you won’t have the money to go to your convention.” Becky sure knew how to manipulate me. I played right into her hands.

“Fine.” I sat down on the couch and covered up with a blanket I kept there for when I watched TV. “I’ll keep doing the experiment.” I picked up my laptop and started doing the paper I had been putting off.

It took me a few hours to do my paper and by then it was eleven-thirty. Becky turned to me. “I’m going to get a pizza. Do you want some.” I nodded and smiled. I liked pizza a lot.

“Where are you getting it from?” I asked. “Pie Caldron?” Pie Caldron was my favorite pizza place. They had the greasiest, yummiest pizza with piles of meats and cheeses on top of a thick crust.

Becky nodded and called in her order.

I realized I had to pee and got up to use the bathroom. I found the door to the bathroom was locked. I almost yelled to Becky to open the door, but I remembered I was wearing diapers and would have to use them eventually. I stood in front of the bathroom door and tried to relax enough to pee. The warm feeling started in my diaper and it continued until I was empty. It spread the warmth around my crotch and I waited for the pee to start to run down my legs. Of course, even in the diapers Betsy got me that didn’t happen. I would get a wet spot on the sides after a few wettings instead.

Betsy had let me change after peeing my diaper, but the rules of the study said I had to stay in the diaper until after lunch. I sighed and went to my room. I had to finish a contest for my design class and it was due that Friday. I still had a bit to work on and I wondered if diapers would interfere with my project. I sat down at my sewing machine and started working on the dress I had to design for my project. I had the dress, a top, some pants, and a blazer that I had to finish before my final design fashion class. I had already cut out the pieces and just had to sew them together. I picked up some of the pieces of the pants and begin sewing.

“Pizza’s ready,” said Becky.

I came out to the kitchen and we started to eat. The logoed box featured a witch pouring meat onto the top of a pizza which was balanced over a caldron. I opened the box and greedily pulled out a few slices onto my plate.

“Hungry,” asked Becky.

I nodded.

“Me too,” she said and filled her plate with pizza. The two of us finished the pizza within fifteen minutes. When we finished, Becky said, “It’s time to change your diaper.”

I blushed. I was wet, but I had completely forgot about needing a new diaper. I got up and quickly changed.

I came out of my bedroom after I finished sewing the pants.

“How’s it going so far?” asked Becky.

“I’m fine,” I said. I had to pee again from all the Mountain Dew I had drunken with my pizza but I was going to try to hold it a little more. I didn’t want to constantly sit in a wet diaper.

“Okay,” she said. “If you need any help, let me know. I babysat a while before college and–”

“No, you are not treating me like a baby.”

“I meant I know what kind of supplies you might need.”

“Oh, I’m fine, but I don’t think I need anything else.”

“Well let me know if you get uncomfortable.”

“I will,” I said. I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a Mountain Dew, even though I knew it would end up in my diaper. I opened the can and took a long sip and then returned to my room to work on the dress I was sewing.

While I sat at my machine sewing, the urge to pee got overwhelming. I would have gone an hour and a half ago if I could have used the toilet. I relaxed and just let it flow. Peeing from a sitting position felt completely different than standing. The hot wetness formed at my crotch and under my butt. It felt so warm.

I shivered with the feeling. It was almost enjoyable. “I can’t be enjoying this,” I murmured and went back to my sewing. It took until four o’clock to finish the dress. I came back out to the living room.

“How are you doing?” asked Becky again.

“I’m wet,” I said with a pout and grabbed another drink from the fridge.

“You still got a few hours before you can change,” said Becky. “Are you about to leak?”

I shrugged. “I sure hope not,” I said. “However, I do not want to find out if the diapers leak when I am at class.”

The diaper did not leak, but I had another problem. I had to poop. Normally, I would go use the toilet, but again I was denied. I planned to hold it until my shower that night and sneak a quick poop in the toilet.

Supper came just in time. I peed again at the dinner table and was sure I was about to leak. I sat very still and ate the lasagna that Becky had made. Lasagna is one of my favorite foods.

“Do you like the dinner?” asked Becky. “You’re awfully quiet.”

“Nope, just thinking about the diaper.”

“How does it feel to pee in a diaper?” asked Becky.

“It’s okay,” I said. I left out the part about the warm pee warming me up in a almost pleasant way. Pleasant, but pretty gross. It was not gross like pooping myself had been. I took the server and picked out another square of lasagna from the casserole dish and smiled. I took my fork and had a second and then a third piece of lasagna.

“I don’t know how you can eat all that,” said Becky. “It swells up in my stomach when I eat that much pasta.”

I put my fork down. I had one more bite of lasagna on my plate, but my stomach felt tight from all the lasagna I had eaten. The greasy pizza hadn’t helped either. I would have to poop and bathtime would not come too soon tonight. I knew it was cheating to poop in the toilet, but they really didn’t expect me to use my diaper.

“It’s time for a diaper change,” I said. I took my Sunday evening diaper and went into my room to change. When I took my diaper off I reeked of pee and I just wanted a bath. I could probably wait until bedtime. I put the new diaper on and went out to the living room to watch TV.

“What you watching?” I asked Becky and sat beside her on the couch.

“Oh, just MacGyver,” she said. “They are having a marathon on channel 41.”

“Is that the show where the guys fight each other with swords and someone gets their head chopped off at the end?”

She gave me a funny look. “No, it’s a different show.”

“There can be only one,” I said.

She shrugged. “No, MacGyver is a smart guy who can build anything with just a Swiss Army knife and this brain. My older brother was a fan and he got the DVD. I got hooked then.”

I was only fifteen minutes into the episode when the cramping started. I had to poop right then and it wasn’t going to wait until bedtime.

I pretended not to notice and tried to watch the show, but the urge kept getting stronger and stronger. By the time the hero made a device to stop the bad guy, I couldn’t sit still. Of course Becky noticed.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I got to go to the bathroom,” I said.

“Well go,” said Becky. “You knew you had to use your diaper if you wanted to do the study. You wet two diapers earlier. Wet this one.”

“I kinda got to go number two,” I said. My face burned with shame.

Her eyes widened. “Well just go before we put you in your night diaper. That way you don’t have to sit in it for hours. I am not surprised you have to go given all the pizza and lasagna you had.”

“Shut up,” I said. If I didn’t know better, I would think Becky thought up my predicament as a way to embarrass me.

The next episode came on and before the first commercial break I farted which made Becky giggle. “Eww,” she teased.

“It’s not funny,” I said. “I don’t think I can hold it much longer.” I squirmed in my spot on the couch and tried to keep my sphincter shut by sheer will.

“You look like you’re in pain,” said Becky.

I held my stomach which really was cramping. I was ready to cry, and I felt very uncomfortable. My butt was sore from the effort of holding it. I nodded. “I can’t hold it much longer.”

She put her arm around me. “Just let it out,” she said. “You won’t be in such pain.”

I didn’t really want to, but I knew I couldn’t hold it until bedtime. I sat on my knees on the couch and pushed. I grunted just a bit and pushed. It started really slow and then it got faster. The seat of my diaper was pushed away from my body as I pushed until the poop had nowhere to go, then it started spreading as it squished between my butt and my diaper. I stayed on my knees with my ankles just under my butt cheeks. I was not going to stand for three more hours and I did not want to sit in it.

The diaper masked most of the smell, but a little bit seeped out. “Did you just poop?”

“Yes.” Tears welled into my eyes. “Can I change now? I know it is against the rules of the survey, but there is a lot.”

Becky shook her head. "Tell you what: just lay down on your side and we’ll watch a bit more TV. You can just forget about the poopy diaper.

I did what she said and lay down with my head on her knee and my diapered butt pointed away from her. The load in my diaper still touched my skin and I could not stop thinking about it. I really missed my panties. At least if I pooped my panties I could change out of them. Having to wear diapers for hours after messing them was too cruel and I wondered if the end users of the diapers would really sit around in a crappy diaper anyway. What were they testing for?

We watched two and a half more episodes and I started to feel more and more uncomfortable. My butt itched and I just wanted to reach in and scratch until I thought about what my hand would touch. I wrinkled my nose in disgust at the thought. I would have to wait until my bath. Finally after the fourth episode of MacGyver ended, Becky announced, “Bath time.”

I got up and waddled to the bathroom and rattled the locked door. “Open this up.”

Becky felt both her pockets. “I can’t find the key. Hold on.” She ran away to her room.

It was uncomfortable standing in front of the bathroom door. My butt felt so sore and so uncomfortable and Becky was just leaving me standing there.

“I’m back, Lisa,” she said. She took the key and unlocked the door. “Go ahead and try to get cleaned up. I’ll get your things together.” She gently pushed me into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I took off my clothes and stood naked except for my very dirty diaper. I didn’t know where to start. I never remember pooping myself except for Halloween. It was now December and I had no desire to stand out in the yard having poop hosed off my but with ice cold water. That was terrible even one time.

I left the bathroom and grabbed some plastic grocery bags and returned with them to the bathroom. I untapped my diaper and wrapped it into a ball and stuffed it into the bag. I triple bagged it and threw it in the trash. Then I stepped in the shower.

The house was old, but someone had decided to put a massaging showerhead in. I liked it because I am short. I can detach the shower head and hold it in my hand and massage my back and shoulders without having to spin around. I used it today to spray the water directly on my crotch and butt. I felt clean again as I rubbed soap and clean water onto my skin.

My butt felt sensitive and it was a bit red when I got out the shower. I dried off and it hurt. That was not normal.

The door opened. “I brought your stuff,” said Becky. She looked at me funny. “You got a rash.”

I covered up with a towel, but she grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to my bedroom. She took my towel away and pushed me back on the bed. She then took my night time diaper and diapered me. First she sprinkled powder on me. It made me smell so babyish. “I can diaper myself,” I protested. “What’s with the baby powder anyway?”

“I’m powdering you to keep you dry,” said Becky. “You have a diaper rash. You really need Desitin, but I don’t have any. Just get some sleep and I will put some on you in the morning before I diaper you for class.”

“I can diaper myself,” I protested.

"Obviously not, since you have a rash, I am taking over your diapering responsibilities at least until your rash goes away.


“Your butt is probably really sore, Lisa,” said Becky. “Now go to sleep. You got class in the morning.” She shut my door and closed it.

I just laid there in bed and stared at the ceiling. Soon I heard the front door open and close and I knew it was time to make my escape. I got up and when toward the bathroom, but found the door locked. I went to Becky’s room to get the key. It wasn’t there. Becky must have taken it with her when she went somewhere.

I sighed and started filling out my logbook. I felt so babyish wearing just a diaper, but I could see the Silk Spectre costume on my bust form and knew that I needed to do the study to get the rest of the money. The logbook had spaces for me to list what I did in my diapers and how well each one held after I’d used it. After I filled it out, I went to bed.

My alarm rang and I sighed. I rolled over and felt something thick between my legs. I felt down there and remembered about the diapers. I felt inside and they were wet. I groaned. I normally don’t wet the bed unless alcohol is involved. However, I had woken up about two needing to pee very bad and didn’t feel like staying wet until morning. Somehow I had held it and gotten back to sleep. It must have overwhelmed the ability for me to hold it though. I still had to pee some more and released the bit of pee I had left in my bladder. I figured, I may as well wet now than wait until I had on my clean diaper and couldn’t hold it. I got up and went toward the bathroom.

Becky was waiting for me at the bathroom door. “Hurry and take your shower. I got something for you last night.”

I ignored her and went inside the bathroom and showered. My skin was still red and sore, but it wasn’t any worse. I dreaded it getting worse the next time I had to poop. I hoped no one would notice my diapers today.

Once clean, I put on a robe and did my hair. I hardly had finished before Becky came in and dragged me back to my bedroom. She had my Monday morning diaper laid out along with a tube of cream and some baby powder. “I can change myself, Becky,” I said.

“You won’t last two more days if we don’t do something about that rash,” she said. “I did babysit during high school. I know how to treat diaper rash, but if you don’t want my help, you can always go to your doctor and tell him how you got a diaper rash.”

“Fine,” I said. I took off my robe and lay back on the bed.

“First, I am going to put diaper rash cream on you,” said Becky. I tried to squirm away as she smeared cold Desitin on my most sensitive parts. She slapped my leg hard.


“Then stop squirming.”

“You’re tormenting me,” I complained. I watched as she sprinkled powder on me and then taped me into my diaper.

“You can get dressed now.”

I got up and looked around for an outfit that hid the diapers. Jeans were out as too low cut. I finally settled on a concert t-shirt and some khaki cargo pants. I did my make-up and finally was ready to get out the door.

Becky handed me the tube of Desitin and a small thing of baby powder. “Rub the Desitin where you are rashy and then sprinkle the powder everywhere when you change after lunch.” I stuffed everything in my purse including the Monday afternoon diaper.

I stepped onto the bus to class and I was nervous. Everyone was looking at me. I didn’t think it was noticeable with a thick coat over myself.

“Hurry,” said Becky. “It’s cold out.”

I flashed my bus pass at the driver and found an empty seat next to the window. Becky slipped in beside me.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “No one will know.”

Re: Story: A Survey in the Mall: Part One

This is well done. I like where it appears to be going.

The only thing that came to mind is that there is no real indication of what the relationship is between the two characters. After all, it’s outside the norm for a room mate to do what she’s doing, and there has been no explanation of their relationship to justify it. Just an observation.

I’m interested to see where this is going. Thanks for taking the time to post it.