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i am afraid this story was a little confusing.

I am not certain if English is your first language, but please try to study the rules of grammar.

As a first story, it left something to be desired, but keep trying.

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ummm what? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Ab/Dl + balloon fetish i assume?

it’s much less of story than you think Unicornia. it seems like a story seed an erotic fiction generator might have if i typed in keywords “AB/DL”+ “BALLOON” +“NO PLOT TO DISTRACT ME”

on top of that it is unclear how the boy in the stroller got the red balloon from the young girl.

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This isn’t a story at all. It’s a paragraph summary of a fantasy.

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Okay, this may be one of the worst, but come on…. this may be one of the very, very BEST of the very, very worst!

Look at that thing. So perfectly brief for our sound-bite age, so agonizingly specific in its kink.

Hey, consider this; there are hardly any actual spelling our punctuation mistakes; this author is competent. I don’t believe it’s a story-generator at all, it’s way to easy to see it as a highly specific kink from an easily distracted mind.

I love the first line most: “A woman was driving to the city with her little boy with diapers on in a stroller one morning.” Does that parse out to say the woman was driving a stroller, or was the boy in a stroller in a vehicle (strapped onto the bed of a pick-up? Crammed sideways into the back seat? The mind boggles), and besides all that, it could even mean the woman was the one wearing the diapers.

Please, oh powers that be who run this place, don’t delete this post.

It’s just so weird that it’s adorable.

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Oh hell yeah, this should win an award. My favorite part is that, because we never learn if/how the boy gets out of the stroller, I just picture him being strapped in the stroller for the entire story. Reread it with that in mind.

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You know I almost never post unless it’s a tech issue related thing but I just have to say that if this had been this user’s first post? Yeah, it wouldn’t be here…

Seriously, I think my phone writes better stories when I fall asleep with it in hand than this…

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Technically speaking, every phrase after “driving” is a descriptor of the woman, not the boy. “with her little boy”, “with diapers on”, “in a stroller”, “one morning”.

Proof: Reverse the descriptors. Forward or backward, they all refer to her…

So she was driving one morning, in a stroller (didn’t know they made motorized versions - cool!), with diapers on, with her little boy, to the city.

Come to think of it, THAT is a much more interesting story…

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Wow Justme… You single-handedly turned the worst fragment of a thought into comedic gold. Kudos to you on that.

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I recall, many a year ago, that Something Awful forums targeted ABDL Camp and Balloon Fetish World in a single article. Now, years later, together against at last, Balloon Diaper Fetishism at it finest. Although, I do wonder why the kink is people in diapers rubbing balloons. Instead, it could be people inside balloons which had diapers strapped around the balloon to absorb the waste people eliminated through the fill-hole (whatever they’re called) of the balloon. Or, even better, inflatable balloon diapers.

In all fairness all kinks are weird but this one has such a small audience. If it was well-written and plausible we’d have probably taken it seriously but, as it stands, hilarity is all anyone can absorb from that paragraph.

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A little kid in diapers sat in a car one spring evening after being at the beach with his mother. The kid sat on a carseat with a large, hard, orange and shiny clear beach ball he got at the beach. After the kid had been hugging, kissing and petting the creaking and clear beach ball in the car for nearly two hours was his diapers full of urine and poop. The mother was stopping up in a quiet little suburb, and changed the diaper of the little kid that kept on petting the creaking and shiny beach ball. Then was the mother and the boy grabbing and releasing the creaking beach ball in the empty suburb until late at night.

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The child abuse in this story is unacceptable.

I don’t know how he fit between his mother and the cushions but a child should always be in a carseat, not crammed between his mother and the seat back.

In all seriousness, this is just got really creepy. I don’t think I want to know what “strinted” is but the fact that you refer to the character as “the aroused kid” means, for the good of the forum, the moderators should probably consider how good a fit this stuff is for the forum. I’ll not be reading anything by you again.

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Dude, modifying your post to hide the creep after being called out on it doesn’t work when I get notified of every post when it’s made.

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3 words… “What The Frell?”

There are several things wrong with this post. This isn’t even a chapter, just a mismatch of rambling thoughts that appears to have been slapped together after being run through a word processing blender set on smut.

If this is the work you want known for then you will have little to no readers.
To improve, try reading the advice for new writers (again if you already have), or read some of the completed stories that are here. Also have a plot in mind when you start writing and let it grow. Once you have a story, read the section before you post it to catch what you and a Spell checker may have missed.

Please try to post something that has an actual plot, with characters that anyone can visualize, that can be easier to read than your post of one handed typing that is displayed as the first post.