Steve’s Little Issues Chapters 1-9

Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 1

Before anyone says anything – or even thinks it – I WILL finish this one! - Sal

‘Steve, we’ve got to do something about this!’ shouted Jan through the open door of the bedroom.

In the bathroom, Steve grimaced as he flung open the glass door to the shower enclosure.

‘No, Jan!’ he replied angrily, turning before getting into the shower and kicking the door shut. He caught the word ‘doctor’ and twisted the mixer tap.

He ignored the continuing muffled shouting of his angry wife.

Jan heard the bathroom door slam and, dropping the wet sheets on the bedroom floor, she pursed her lips and walked into the passage. She halted at the bathroom door, and opened it slowly to hear Steve yelp.

She watched Steve jump to the back of the glass enclosure and curse as he reached forward to adjust the tap.

‘Steve, please,’ said Jan. ‘That’s just the point. You’re not thinking properly. Are you scalded?’ she asked.

‘No I’m not,’ Steve said shortly. ‘And I don’t have to see that doctor again. She said it would stop and it will.’

‘Steve,’ said Jan as gently as she could despite her annoyance. ‘She did not say that. She said it might stop, and it obviously hasn’t. Twice in three nights, Steve,’ she added, looking at the red skin on her husband’s shoulders.

‘And you did scald yourself again? You’re supposed to be relaxing, Steve,’ she said, ‘And taking things quietly. Not charging around like an angry bull and hurting yourself. I’m going to get one of those sheets she mentioned.’

Steve glared at his naked wife through the glass.

‘I am relaxed,’ he said. ‘Or I would be if you didn’t hound me.’

Jan sighed.

‘Steve. Listen to me. Your breakdown was a very serious issue. You’re still having it in some ways, Sue said. You can’t go back to work yet, you are not in good enough shape physically or mentally. That’s not just my opinion, it’s Sue’s and the psychiatrist’s as well. And yours too I think, if you were honest. You need help and you know it, but right now you’re acting like a… a spoiled child about it,’ Jan said.

Steve finished his shower in angry thought. Every collapse is different, Sue had told him and Jan at their first visit to her clinic, although there are common factors. In Steve’s case, his ‘loss of ability to function’ at work had been sudden and catastrophic. Steve didn’t remember anything from turning up on that awful day, to waking up in hospital – with the door to his room locked, as he had discovered when he staggered out of bed to find out exactly where he was,

He was certainly knocked around physically. It was three months since he had left work, and he felt physically weaker rather than stronger. He doubted he could even stand up physically to his wife now. After all, Jan was a gym addict, and worked out three or four time a week. She’d had little trouble lifting Steve from the floor of the shower and half carrying him to the bedroom.

As for his mental state, Steve knew that at the moment he wasn’t the sharp tool he had been. He forgot things. Stupid things like his sister-in-law’s name, even to put on his shoes or once, his pants. Even operating the mixer tap in the shower was a challenge, as he had found that morning. His mind wandered, and he was especially distracted by bright colours an d moving objects.

Even thinking about it all made Steve feel like crying, something he hadn’t done since he was very young. As for ‘ability to function in business’, he was having some difficulty now with figures. Even simple counting needed concentration now, and he was thankful that Jan had managed all the complex paperwork and insurance negotiations when he had left his job.

Steve hated doing the tests the psychiatrist to whom Sue had referred him had made him do, not just because they were insulting to his intelligence – arranging numbered and lettered blocks and so on – but because he actually found them a mild challenge. It was demeaning, and he had to fight back tears then too. And now he’d started having accidents at night. He refused to call it bedwetting – but Jan was talking about putting a plastic sheet on the bed. It was horrible. Steve gave up the struggle as he stood in the shower and for the first time in years he began to cry. He felt a surge of weak ness and vulnerability overtake him as his legs gave way.

He came to lying on the bed, with Jan stroking his forehead.

‘You’re back,’ said Jan. ‘Thank God. I found you on the floor of the shower, with the shower still on, crying your eyes out. But everything’s all right, I don’t think you’re hurt, but I’ve made an appointment with Sue for this afternoon just to be sure you’re OK.’

Steve felt like saying something abut that, but he didn’t want Jan to stop being so nice and gentle with him.

After a few minutes, he felt much better. Almost happy, in fact.

Later, sitting in the waiting room at Sue’s clinic, Steve tried to think objectively. It was hard – his mind kept drifting off. Thinking about the colours of the chairs in the room, or Jan’s hair when he looked at her. He wanted to go to the bathroom, too.

At last it was time to go into Sue’s consulting room. Sue got up form her big desk and asked Jan to sit down in one of the chairs opposite the desk. She asked steve to sit on a comfortable looking sofa to one side.

‘How are you feeling, Steve?’ Sue asked, as Steve made himself comfortable.

‘I have to go to the bathroom,’ Steve replied, feeling a little surprised at the bluntness of what he had just said.

Sue didn’t seem surprised.

‘Of course,’ she said. ‘Just through that door.’

She motioned towards a door, and Steve gratefully got up and went into the adjacent bathroom.

‘…at night occasionally,’ he heard Jan saying as he returned.

Great, Steve thought to himself, looking hard at Jan.

‘It’s alright, honey,’ said Jan. ‘I was just telling Sue about your night-time accidents. She needs to know, sweetie.’

Steve looked at Sue, who was smiling at him.

‘It’s not a big deal,’ Sue reassured him. ‘It’s quite common with your condition. I’ve suggested to Jan that you try a soft plastic sheet to protect the mattress if it keeps happening.’

It sounded so normal, the way Sue said it, Steve thought. Surely there was some medicine or something, he thought. Not a plastic sheet like a kid would have.

‘I don’t want one,’ Steve said.

Again, he was surprised at what he said. He even sounded like a kid, he thought.

‘I mean,’ he began.

‘Steve, lots of people have them on their beds. It’s really nothing to worry about. I have a sheet here you can take home,’ Sue said, picking up a folded package from her desk.

I knew it was a bad idea to come here, Steve thought.

‘No!’ he said forcefully. ‘We’re not having that!’

‘Steve, please,’ said Jan. ‘Sue knows what she’s doing, and she’s trying to help. I want you to apologise for saying that, and then you can thank Sue for helping you.’

Steve looked at the two women. It was OK for them, they weren’t having accidents at night. Jan was like everyone else – she was dressed in a smart top and slacks, and she’d made the appointment and driven them here. She was confident and assertive, and she was, Steve had to admit, in charge now that he was going through this.

Sue looked like a doctor. She was wearing a woolen skirt and a grey knitted top, and it was her clinic. She was at work, being paid and looked after her own life. Steve realized that he was the object of what was going on here - the done to, not the doer. None of this was his idea. He was even wearing what Jan had given him to wear, not a suit or anything, just track pants, sand shoes and a t-shirt with a windcheater over it. He suddenly felt under-dressed, as well as not in control of what was happening. And Sue wants us to have a plastic sheet on the bed, he thought. It seemed slightly unreal, but here he was. No dream, he thought.

‘Well, Steve? Are you going to apologise?’ Jan asked.

Steve looked at Sue, who seemed to expect that apology.

‘I’m sorry,’ Steve said.

‘And thank Sue for helping you,’ Jan prompted.

Steve felt helpless.

‘Thank you for helping me,’ he mumbled, glancing at Sue.

‘Well, that’s better than nothing, I suppose,’ said Jan, looking at Sue.

‘Your polite apology is accepted, Steve’ said Sue brightly. ‘Now that we’re friends again, I want you to pop your pants off and hop up on this bench, please.’

Sue looked smiling at Steve.

‘My pants?’ queried Steve.

‘Yes please,’ said Sue in a businesslike manner. ‘I need to give you a physical check up.’

Steve looked at Jan, who seemed to be on Sue’s side.

‘Go on, honey,’ Jan said. ‘Sue is a doctor, and she needs to have a good look at you.’

Steve gave in, not wanting to have to apologise again. He put his fingers into the waist of his track pants and began to slide them downwards.

‘Shoes first,’ said Jan with a laugh.

‘Oh, yeah,’ said Steve, and bent to untie his laces.

He remembered that Jan had tied them up while he was sitting on the bed at home, which is why they were so tightly tied. He struggled a bit, pulling on the wrong bits, then Jan bent down too, and in a moment had them untied.

‘Sorry,’ said Steve. ‘They were tied up tight.’

Neither of the women said anything to that, and the room was quiet as Steve stepped out of his pants and stood in his top and blue underpants.

‘Top too,’ said Jan, helping him off with his t-short and windcheater.

Steve felt embarrassed to be standing in his socks and jocks in front of the fully clothed women, and turned away from them.

‘Don’t be bashful,’ said Sue, turning Steve back towards her and helping him up onto the padded examination bench.

Steve wriggled a bit on the disposable paper sheet covering the thin padding. Sue helped him by stretching out his legs, while Steve looked at the ceiling.

‘I can see that your underpants are damp, Steve,’ Sue said as she looked him over. ‘Did that happen because you needed to use the bathroom earlier?’

Steve felt himself blushing. He hadn’t even thought about his damp pants. It had been happening sometimes lately, but he had told himself that it was because he was busy, or because they were out or in the car, and he had to wait to get to the toilet. And it had happened now, of all times.

‘I don’t know,’ he replied honestly.

‘Jan said that this has been happening lately, is that right?’ Sue asked.

Steve nodded, feeling ashamed. It was a private thing, though, and why did it have to happen now?

‘Steve,’ said Sue. ‘I don’t want you to worry too much about it. Now Jan told me that you sometimes have to rush to the bathroom. Do you sometimes feel like that, that it’s urgent?’

Steve nodded.

‘Just sometimes,’ he said.

‘I see,’ said Sue. ‘I understand, and so does Jan. But it’s not very healthy to be damp like that there. And it’s not very nice for Jan to have to wash undies like that, is it?’

Sue was right, thought Steve.

‘No,’ he said quietly.

"That’s right,’ said Sue. ‘Now, we’ll get those wet things off and I’ll do the rest of the examination, OK?’

‘Right off?’ said Steve.

She didn’t mean completely naked, Steve thought with alarm. He didn’t have to strip right off last time.

‘Well, you can keep your stripey socks on,’ Sue replied with a laugh, as she patted Steve on the side to get him to arch his back while she pulled down his wet, white underpants. ‘I like your socks, they’re fun,’ she added.

Steve hadn’t thought about his stupid socks. Why did Jan give him those today, he asked himself as Sue pulled his underpants over his feet and put the wet garment aside.

‘I think we’ll throw those out,’ said Jan. ‘They’re quite marked anyway.’

Thanks, thought Steve. I like those undies. What will I wear home, he wondered.

Steve lay back with his eyes closed. He knew he wasn’t exactly over-endowed, and here he was lying naked in front of this woman, but there was nothing he could do or say at this stage.

For all her professionalism, Sue looked with some surprise at Steve’s diminutive assets. He was certainly at the lower end of the scale, she thought, and glanced at Jan, who smiled back. Oh well, thought Sue, love conquers all. She gently lifted Steve’s small penis and felt the little ball sac beneath it. Small testicles too, she thought, and fine, sparse pubic hair. She thought of Jan’s prominent mons and luxuriant bush, which she’d seen at the gym which she often attended with Jan. She wondered how they got on, in a carnal rather than a medical sense, then returned her thoughts to her professional sphere and continued her examination.

Sue went through the rest of the examination, chatting amiably throughout to Steve to put him at ease as she poked and prodded. Steve wasn’t a large man, and with his slight build, soft, fair skin and by now, soft muscle tone, Sue quite enjoyed the process. Steve wore his hair quite long for a man these days, and hadn’t had it cut since he had stopped working. The net effect was to make him look younger than his 32 years. In a word, cute, Suye decided. His general physical development, not just his genitalia, was certainly at the lower end of the spectrum. Sue decided to be careful with the dosages of any medication she might prescribe for him. He’d definitely only need the small size of the underwear she was planning on giving him.

Sue looked across at Jan’s impressive physique. Even without the gym, she was strongly built. Sue wondered again how they managed, then banished the coarse thought. That was their business, she told herself.

The examination concluded, and Sue turned from Steve to talk to Jan. Steve appeared to have zoned out. He didn’t offer any comment as Sue discussed with Jan the physical effects of Steve’s condition until Sue mentioned the damned bedwetting, and the damp underpants. He opened his eyes and grimaced as Jan recounted the increasing frequency of his night-time problems. ‘Three times in the last week,’ he heard Jan say. Steve closed his eyes again. He felt that horrible, unbidden urge to cry coming on, and managed to resist it. Why me, he asked himself miserably, and tried to shut out whatever the women were talking about.

‘Steve, Jan and I will be back in a minute,’ said Sue, resting her hand lightly on Steve’s bare thigh. ‘Sit tight.’

I don’t have much choice, thought Steve, and lay there, wanting to go home.

Sue and Jan returned a few minutes later.

‘OK, Mr Steve, down you hop,’ said Sue, holding Steve’s hand as he climbed down from the bench. ‘Jan’s got some pants for you.’

Steve blinked as he looked at the underwear Jan was holding open for him. The pants looked big and white.

‘What are these?’ he asked as he stepped into the garment.

He could here a soft crinkle as Jan pulled the pants up to his waist. They came a long way up over his hips, and he could feel the leg holes tight around his thighs.

‘They’re just like normal underpants, except they’ve got an extra layer to keep you more comfortable,’ Sue said in a kind voice.

Steve looked down. The pants were much bigger than his jockey briefs, and seemed to puff out a bit. They looked like girls’ big panties, he thought.

‘They’re girls’ pants!’ he blurted out.

‘No they’re not, honey,’ said Sue reassuringly. ‘Girls and boys who need them wear exactly the same thing.’

Sue turned Steve around, and satisfied with the fit, patted him on the rump. Steve pressed the broad white front of the pants uncertainly. At least in his old pants you could see where his willy was. Sue was wondering whether she should have said ‘women and men’ instead of ‘girls and boys’ but Steve seemed oblivious. He seemed so slight with no clothes on that Sue had momentarily slipped back into her former role of pediatric nurse, before she had qualified as a doctor.

‘Let’s get you covered up, honey,’ said Jan, who had been watching the proceedings with silent interest.

It wasn’t every day that you got to watch your naked husband being handled by another woman. Then it was Sue’s turn to watch with equal interest as Jan basically dressed Steve. Neither Jan nor Steve seemed to think doing that was anything out of the ordinary. Different strokes, thought Sue as she watched Steve put up his arms for his t-shirt, and mentally formulated a note in her report. She was fairly sure that Steve’s condition was still changing, and it was fascinating seeing how the couple were adapting their relationship to cope.

Sue turned to the examination bench as Jan was helping Steve with his shoes. She was surprised to see a large wet patch on the paper sheet on the bench. She waited until Jan had finished dressing Steve.

‘Steve,’ Sue asked. ‘Did you want to go to the bathroom while you were up on the bench?’

‘No, why?’ replied Steve, now sitting back on the sofa.

‘No reason, just wondering,’ said Sue.

She had noticed a few dribbles from Steve’s flaccid little penis while she was examining the slight rash around his inner thighs, caused no doubt by wearing wet underpants for too long. At least the ‘trainers’ as they were causally referred to in the clinic would reduce that, provided Jan kept up the change regime Sue was going to recommend. If the lining of the pants didn’t wick away the moisture sufficiently, a sprinkling of talc would help, although she doubted Steve would like it much with its childish overtones. Sue was pleased that he seemed to accept the transition to the trainers so well as it was. The likely move to diapers at night that looked inevitable was a different matter, but she had some strategies to help Steve and Jan with that when it became necessary. The main thing was to keep Steve happy.

Sue caught Jan’s eye, and Jan, still standing, looked across at the football sized wet patch, and looked questioningly at Sue.

‘It doesn’t matter,’ said Sue. ‘Steve, why don’t you use the bathroom now, just in case, while I just tidy up some paperwork with Jan.’

‘OK,’ said Steve, standing up and trotting towards the adjacent bathroom.

‘You’ll have to pull those pants right down, Steve,’ said Sue as Steve reached the door. ‘You might even find it easier to sit down.’

‘OK,’ said Steve.

‘Oh, he sits down anyway,’ said Jan. ‘So he doesn’t make a mess.’

Thanks a lot, thought Steve as he shut the door behind him. The sitting down to pee had started because sometimes when he was in a hurry he made a mess on the floor. Not every time, thought Steve with some annoyance, and he tried to clean things up when it happened, but Jan was a bit obsessive about clean bathrooms. She would even ask ‘Are you sitting down?’ when he went to the bathroom, and it was easier to sit then try to fake sitting, and there really was no chance of making a mess on the floor then either.

While Steve was in the bathroom, Sue explained that Jan would have to make sure to check on Steve’s underpants a couple of times a day if he didn’t volunteer any information, either through embarrassment or as it seemed from the wet bench, through being unaware of his condition.

Steve finished peeing, stood up and pulled the big pants up from his ankles. He put his fingers into the crotch and felt the layers of material between his fingers. He could feel the dampness there. That often happened, but it was only a bit damp. He could feel the layers of material sliding over one another. There was a thin inside layer then a thicker layer of something like towelling, then a plasticcy layer, by the feel of it, then the fine outside layer. At least Sue said lots of people wore them, and she would know. Steve pulled the pants right up. They certainly were big, coming right up to his navel, but they didn’t feel too bad. Nice and warm, in fact. He pulled up his track pants, and felt the waist of the track pants stop well before the top of the underpants. His top would cover that, he thought. Steve had to admit that they made him feel a bit special.

To be continued.

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That is a very nice start Miss Sally, thank you.

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This one’s slow and steady. I’m working on another story which will break out of the groove I seem to be in (quite happily! :slight_smile: ). Meanwhile, back at Jan and Steve’s…

Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 2

When Steve returned from the bathroom, he found Jan sitting in the visitor’s chair in Sue’s room and Sue on the sofa with a file.

‘Hi darling,’ said Jan, looking up at him. ‘Ready to go?’

Steve nodded and said ‘Yep.’

He was trying to get used to the strange feel of the big plastic-lined pants around his hips and was glad to get out of the place, nice as Sue had been to him. Steve felt a bond with her that hadn’t been there before. He wondered if it was due to her seeing him naked. Steve had grown up with just his mother and his four sisters after his father had left them, and had always felt more comfortable around females.

He stood next to Jan and caught sight of the pair of them in a tall mirror he’d hardly noticed in Sue’s room before. He was a little shocked at what he saw. At home, Jan had a big mirror inside the door of the part of the wardrobe she used, but Steve never looked at himself in that, only at his face in the small mirror in the bathroom. He’d lost some weight since his trouble at work, and with his loose windcheater and track pants, not to mention his famous stripey socks and the bright green sneakers he’d picked out a few weeks ago on a shopping trip with Jan and his blonde hair flopping around his oval face, he didn’t look very manly. He had always had a slightly rounded tummy, and with his track pants pulled up under his windcheater to make sure that his underpants couldn’t be seen, he looked young compared with Jan. They shared the same golden blonde hair, and Steve had a weird feeling that he looked like his wife’s younger sister. He discreetly adjusted his track pants to try to make his male equipment show, but there were just the same creases of interlock fabric curving over his tummy down between his legs. He didn’t even have a fly down there.

Sue laughed as she watched Steve checking himself out in the mirror. She got up from the couch, walked towards him and surprised Steve by giving him a kiss on the forehead.

‘You look great,’ she said. ‘Now, I’ll see you both in three weeks. And Steve, I’ve made an appointment for you to see the psychiatrist next week, and another to see Alison, who’s a urologist in this building – that’s on Monday – to see if we can’t sort things out a little for you. Everyone’s helping you, so I don’t want you to worry about anything. You have your new pants, so you won’t even get itchy and red any more. OK?’

Steve closed his eyes for a moment. He had the same feeling of unreality as he’d had before. Combined with how normal everyone seemed to think things were, he felt confused. He felt himself peeing slightly – nothing much, just a bit which happened sometimes. He tried not to think about it.

‘OK,’ he said, although he didn’t feel very OK. Instinctively, he reached out for Jan’s hand.

Sue said goodbye to them both and watched them leave the room. She hadn’t realized how much Jan had toned up at the gym. The woman looked positively powerful next to Steve’s slender form. Poor Steve, Sue thought. I hope he’ll be alright.

In the waiting area, the receptionist had a parcel for Jan, who seemed to be expecting it and signed for it before they headed for the door. The only other people in the waiting room were a woman and a girl of about 18 in a wheelchair. The girl was slightly chubby, but quite pretty. Her mother was holding a large x-ray envelope, and the girl smiled at Steve who smiled back. The girl giggled.

‘She’s got shoes like mine,’ Steve heard the girl say to her mother as they reached the door. Steve swung his head around as he followed Jan out the door and caught a glimpse of the same green shoes as his on the girl’s feet.

The afternoon outside was dull and the air was crisp.

‘She thought I was a girl,’ said Steve as Jan tugged him towards the carpark.

‘That doesn’t matter, darling,’ said Jan. ‘You look very nice, that’s the main thing. That hair of yours is getting untidy,’ she added, giving Steve’s hair a stroke as they walked to the car. ‘I’m going to give it a good brush when we get home.’

Steve felt confused again. Was everything as normal as everyone seemed to think? He tried to imagine himself in the suit he used to wear at work. It wasn’t easy. He felt a quick spurt of pee escape into his new underwear, and was glad he had the special pants on. He wondered if he should tell Jan.

The drive home was quiet and uneventful. Steve put his hand in his lap and tried to feel himself through the thick track pants. He couldn’t feel anything there, and for a shocked moment, thought that somehow everything had gone.

‘Do you need the bathroom again?’ Jan said as they headed along the freeway.

It really was a gloomy late afternoon, and Jan flicked her lights on.

‘No, I don’t think so,’ said Steve, taking his hand from his crotch.

‘Well, we’ll be home soon,’ Jan said. ‘You can pop into the bathroom first thing. Sue thought you should have an early night tonight after your meds, so you can get straight into your jammies. How are the new undies?’

‘Good,’ said Steve, looking out of the window at the seashore whizzing past in the dim light.

He was actually glad to have them on.

To be continued.

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Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 3

Jan swung the SUV into the drive, and pulled up in front of the garage door.

‘Hop out here, honey,’ she said to Steve. ‘I’ll leave the car here - I have to go out later on.’

Steve wondered where she had to go. Lately, Jan often announced things like that to Steve. It worried him, in a way. She seemed to have a busy, orgainsed life, full of things to do, while Steve found his day organised by Jan around her activities. He didn’t like it when she left him alone.

Steve climbed out of the car and walked around to the driver’s side. Jan got out, and went to the back of the car where she raqised the tailgate and removed the package she had picked up at the clinic.

‘I’ll take it,’ Steve said, keen to be of some use.

‘It’s OK,’ said Jan.

She put the package under one arm and headed to the front door. Steve followed, watching his wife’s trim denim behind as she unlocked the door and turned on the hall light.

‘Why don’t you have a shower, then you can get into your jammies. Sue thought you should have some early nights to try to settle your sleeping a little,’ Jan told him.

‘OK,’ said Steve.

He was still feeling slightly strange after the visit to the clinic. It reminded him of the viists to the family doctor when he was little. As a child, Steve seemed to have been prone to catching whatever was going around, and the memory of coming home and going to bed earaly while his sisters and mum stayed up came back to him. He’d sit at dinner in his pyjamas while his sisters, all dressed, chattered away, then he’d be put to bed by his mother. It didn’t seem that long ago, given the present situation.

Steve followed Jan into the kitchen, and watched as she placed the package on the big central table.

‘Well, off you go,’ said Jan, turning to see Steve standing behind her. ‘I’ll get dinner ready.’

Steve felt less odd now. At least Jan seemed to think things were normal again. It was weird at the clinic, with the examination, and the new underpants, and the girl in the wheelchair thinking he was a girl too. It was good that it was just the two of them now, and things were normal once more.

Steve took care to think about what he was doing in the bathroom. He took off his windcheater, t-shirt and trackpants, then looked down at his new underpants. They looked very different from his jockey briefs. Big and puffy, and there was a lot of them. He pulled them down and felt the crotch. It was more than damp, it was wet. He picked up the trackpants and checked them for any damp spot. Nothing. Well at least that’s good, he thought, but he was surprised the underpants were so wet. Maybe he went a bit more than he thought. He went to the toilet and sat, thinking for a moment, then began to pee.

The door opened and Jan walked in.

‘Good boy,’ she said, seeing Steve seated on the toilet.

She leant down and picked up the underpants.

‘I’ve got another pair for you to wear tonight,’ she said, putting a folded pair of white pants next to the hand basin.

Interrupted! More soon.

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Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 4

Steve watched his wife as she stopped for a moment, and looked carfeully at the big underpants, her fingers on the soaked crotch.

‘These are very wet, Steve,’ she said, looking across the bathroom at Steve. ‘When did this happen?’

‘Don’t know,’ said Steve, wishing she’d just take the washing and leave.

‘Well, it’s a good thing you had them on,’ she said. ‘I should have put you in something like this a long time ago.’

‘What do you mean “put me in”’? said Steve, suddenly belligerent.

He remembered his mother saying that when she delivered Steve for a sleepover. “I’ve put Steve in a diaper,” she explained to one of Steve’s schoolfriends. He’d been upset then too. Not everyone knew he still wet the bed at 10 years old, and even if it were true, he didn’t like hearing her tell people.

‘Oh, come on Steve,’ said Jan. ‘You know what I mean. When you first started wetting the bed. Even before you stopped working, on occasion. It would have saved a lot of wet sheets, and the mattress.’

‘It was hardly ever,’ said Steve angrily. ‘And it’s a latex mattress. It washes out and dries.’

‘Steve, please,’ said Jan. ‘Calm down. You know what I meant. You weren’t going to get them for yourself. I don’t think you’d even know where to get this sort of thing. Anyway, I think you should have your meds, including a pink one, and have yhour early night.’

Steve was quiet. It was an argument he couldn’t win. He didn’t like the pink pills much, although they stopped him feeling cross. He’d started having them after he’d seen the psychiatrist. They made him sleepy, too, so perhaps it was a good thing he was going to have one.

Steve got off the toilet, and stood on the mat in the middle of the bathroom. Jan obliged by holding out the new pair of underpants for him to step into.

‘And I haven’t stopped working,’ Steve said suddenly. ‘I’ll go back as soon as I’m better.’

Jan’s heart went out to him.

‘Oh, Steve,’ she said, pulling him towards her. Steve could feel her toned biceps around his shoulders, and gave in to the warmth of her embrace.

He wondered if he was going back to work soon. He’d have to beat this bedwetting, that was for sure.

‘I won’t wet the bed tonight, I promise,’ he said.

Jan hugged him tighter.

‘We’ll see, honey. Just do your best,’ she said, releasing her hold.

She looked down, past Steve’s rounded tummy, bulging gently under the white, thinly padded pants as she pulled the waist up.

‘Now,’ she said, ‘Jammies on, meds and then and into bed, OK? Off you go - I’ll bring your pills in in a minute.’

Steve let her finish dressing him, and went to the bedroom. Jan arrived shortly after he had climbed into bed and gave him his few tablets and a small glass of water to wash them down. The pink pill soon did its work, and Steve drifted off to sleep, having forgotten all about his concerns. He just felt happy and warm.

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as always, great stuff sally, keep it comming

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Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 5

When Steve woke the next morning, the first thing he did was reach out to Jan for a snuggle. He found her side of the bed cold and empty, and it took him a few minutes to gather his thoughts. It was still very early - outside the window there was only the golden beginnings of the dawn and Steve could hear the early morning warblings of birdlife. Where was Jan?

The next thing Steve did was slide his hand down to his crotch. He was dry! I knew I wouldn’t wet, he thought happily.

He climbed out of bed, and pulled his pyjama pants up.

‘Jan!’ he called.

‘Morning, honey,’ he heard from beyond the bedroom door. ]

Steve rubbed his eyes, and walked into the hall.

‘Jan?’ he saaid.

‘In here, honey,’ he heard. ‘Guest room.’

Steve walked the few steps along the hall and opened the door into the spare bedroom. He saw Jan, propped up on her elbow in the double bed there.

‘Are you OK?’ Jan asked.

‘Yep,’ said Steve. ‘Why are you in here?’

Jan swung her legs out of bed.

‘You looked so snug last night, I didn’t want to disturb you,’ Jan said, standing up.

She was wearing only a pair of pink, lace-trimmed bikini panties. Her full breasts swung forwards as she bent to the floor and picked up her blouse.

‘Hey!’ came a voice from the bed as someone rolled over and stretched out their arms.

Steve stood still and tried to make out in the early light the face in the bed beneath the glossy dark hair that fell across it.

‘Oh, I went out last night and Sue and I had a few drinks. She stayed rather than drive all the way home,’ explained Jan as Steve looked agog at Sue, who was now sitting up with the bedclothes pulled up to her neck.

‘Good morning, Steve,’ Sue said.

Steve stood with his mouth open for a moment, then said ‘Er, hi Sue.’

‘I’m dry,’ he added, looking at Jan and putting one had to his crotch. ‘I didn’t wet.’

‘That’s good,’ said Jan.

‘Well done,’ said Sue.

Steve watched Jan buttoning her blouse. He was still trying to deal with finding his doctor here, in bed.

‘You’re a bit wet,’ Steve said, pointing at a wide dark streak on the gentle bulge of his wife’s panties.

‘Oh,’ replied Jan. looking down a little flustered. ‘Er, that happens to ladies sometimes. It’s quite normal.’

Steve hadn’t heard of that. He felt confused, and he also felt that he wanted to sit on the toilet, as he usually did when he woke up. But he didn’t want to rush off - he wanted to know why Sue had spent the night with Jan instead of sleeping on the couch or something. It wasn’t fair. He had missed his cuddles, and while he was pleased that he was dry, and happy that both Jan and Sue had praised him for it, it still wasn’t fair. A sudden wave of resentment washed over Steve, punctuated as it subsided by his bladder releasing.

Steve shot his hands to his crotch, and bent forward in an awkward attempt to hide the shame of his wetting in front of Jan and Sue. That was his undoing. Despite his efforts as he focused away from the odd situation to his tummy, his body seemed unresponsive except to its own needs. He stared at Jan helplessly as he grunted quietly, filled his training pants with a large, soft bowel movement, and began to cry.

Another necessarily short chapter - to be continued.

Re: Steve’s Little Issues Chapters 1-7

Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 6

Before his breakdown, and all that had happened since, Steve would have enjoyed the sensual experience of having two partly dressed women strip him, help him shower, then gently change and dress him. Change. Steve lay back on the marital bed while Jan and Sue attended to him, assuring him all the while that everything was OK, that they were looking after him.

Steve returned to his considerations of what was normal now and what wasn’t. He was a grown adult, and he had just wet and messed his training pants - he called them what they were now - in front of his wife and her friend, his doctor. His wife and her sleeping partner, in fact, for last night at least. Steve’s tears had subsided, and he was now just passive. This was actually happening - he couldn’t do anything about it. So be it.

‘Up, honey.’ said Jan, patting Steve’s thigh. Automatically, he raised his behind. He remembered this so clearly now, and almost expected to see one of his sisters, or his mother’s face as he looked up at Jan.

Sue had unwrapped the new garment from the package she had given Jan. She had told Jan that the diapers would be needed at some stage, if Steve’s bedwetting advanced to full wetting. Jan at least hadn’t expected that Steve would need them during the day, but Sue was right. Steve’s accident had been involuntary and he was wide awke. There was no option for him, Sue had said.

Steve realised what was happening as tugged and fixed the adhesive tabs on the front of the diaper.

‘I don’t need this,’ he said, his eyes wide as he looked with concern from one woman to the other.

‘Steve, you do, honey,’ Jan said, putting her warm hand on his brow. ‘You had a big accident in your pants, and your other undies aren’t made for that.’

‘But it was an accident,’ complained Steve. ‘Just once. I never do that.’

‘Steve, several times when you’ve made your pants wet, they’ve been a bit messy too. That’s why I’ve had to wipe you up front and back. You didn’t seem to know you’d done it, and I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to worry you any more than you are. These are just like the other pants, only they are a bit thicker and they go on differently,’ Jan explained.

Sue joined in.

‘You do need them, Steve,’ she said. ‘For now anyway. You’ll be very comfy, and you’ll soon get used to them. You know the girl you saw in the clinic, Sandra, she’s been wearing these for two years now. She can even put them on herself sometimes.’

‘But I don’t need them. I ju… just wet the bed sometimes,’ said Steve, his emotions beginning to rise again.

‘Steve,’ said Sue, in a serious tone. ‘You don’t just wet the bed. You wet your pants too. Most days. Medically, you’re at least partially incontinent. That means you can’t help wetting, and this morning, messing your pants. What’s better, having an accident like this morning and everyone seeing it, or wearing these under your clothes, so you can just ask Jan to help you and it’s all fixed up?’

Steve looked at Jan, who looked back kindly, stroking his hair.

‘Fixed up,’ he said quietly.

‘Good boy,’ said Sue.

Sue and Jan exchanged smiles as Steve closed his eyes.

‘You’re done,’ said Jan, and helped him to his feet.

She left Steve standing quietly while she found a big t-shirt and pulled it over Steve’s up-stretched arms. She tugged the long shirt down past Steve’s bulky diaper.

‘You’ll be OK just with that for breakfast,’ said Jan, to Sue’s mild surprise. 'With the heating on, it’s quite warm and after breakfast we’ll see about some pants for you. ’

‘But I look…’ began Steve.

‘You look adorable,’ said Jan. ‘Look at us. We’re practically undressed, and you have a great big t-shirt on as well as your new pants.’

Jan was right. She had on only her blouse and panties, and Sue had just her panties alone, her small breasts bare.

Sue giggled.

‘I’m a little professionally undressed for this, actually,’ she said.

‘You look adorable too,’ said Jan with a laugh.

The two women’s eyes met. Sue smiled at Jan, and said something about forgetting herself before leaving to go to the spare bedroom where her clothes were.

What a night, she thought as she cupped her little breasts into her bra.

Sue was so glad she knew Jan. And Steve. She had often admired Jan’s wonderful body at the gym, never thinking that she’d ever spend a night with her. First, the drinks, then the amazing night. Sue had experimented with women before, at school and off and on afterwards, but she’d never had such a lovely time with anyone as she’d had with Jan, she decided. She didn’t know where to start with her delightful memories, and here she was, still making them.

‘He’s in the kitchen getting his cereal,’ Jan said as she entered the room. ‘Let me help you,’ she added, gently taking Sue’s fingers from the clasp of her bra and sliding her own hands around Sue’s chest and pressing her hands over her breasts.

‘Good things in small packages,’ said Jan, and kissed Sue lingeringly on the back of her neck.

Jan could feel Sue’s small nipples hardening under her fingers. What a girl, she thought. Jan slid her hands down Sue’s sides, letting the doctor’s bra dangle loosely. Sue shivered as Jan’s fingers traced their way across her vulva and began dancing over her clitoris. Sue shivered again, and giggled.

‘I’ll be as wet as you are, Jan,’ she said. ‘Stop!’

‘Do you want me to?’ asked Jan.

‘No,’ said Sue.

Jan turned Sue slowly and the women embraced.

‘Do you think he has any idea?’ Sue asked quietly.

‘Of course not,’ said Jan. ‘Now, young lady, I think you should make yourself decent.’

Sue laughed.

‘Can I borrow some knickers?’ she said. ‘And a shower?’

‘Feel free,’ said Jan, releasing her embrace. ‘Top left drawer. I think you need a panty liner, too, they’re in there as well.’

‘Yes Mum,’ said Sue with another giggle.

Jan gave her a light smack to the bottom as Sue turned to the chest of drawers.

‘No backchat,’ she said as Sue did a happy pirouette and stopped to take off her bra before she headed to the ensuite bathroom.

In the kitchen, Steve was sitting at the table, feeling the thick padding beneath him as he ate his cereal from a bowl. He’d felt himself wet slightly as he had poured the milk into the bowl. Maybe Sue was right, he thought. He did need to wear something now.

Re: Steve’s Little Issues Chapters 1-6

Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 7

Steve felt himself wetting again, and tried hard to stop the flow. With considerable effort, he succeeded, and enjoyed a small feeling of victory. After all, he thought. I’m a 32 year old adult. I have a few little medical issues at the moment, but they’ll clear up. Onwards and upwards, he thought with optimism, before he felt another slight spasm, and his body released more pee into his diaper. Again, Steve triumphed, with some difficulty.

He finished his bowl of cereal, and stood to take the empty plate to the sink. As he walked across the kitchen, he felt the sodden bulk of the wet diaper between his legs, and had to waddle a little to accommodate it. The memories came rushing back, almost as if they were really happening. He was five years old, still diapered despite his best efforts to respond to the potty training regime imposed by his exasperated mother and big sisters. He saw himself as he was years ago, waddling across their old kitchen in a sagging diaper after finishing his breakfast, with his sister Anne standing in the doorway in her underwear, watching him and asking him rhetorically if he needed yet another diaper change. At the memory, Steve paused, plate in hand.

‘Oh Steve, do you need another diaper change already?’ asked Jan from the doorway.

Steve turned to see his wife, standing confidently in the doorway in her bra and thin bikini panties. He felt his diaper sagging heavily between his thighs, and his bottom lip quivered as he answered her.

‘I… I’m OK,’ he said, fighting a losing battle against his memories and emotions.

‘I don’t think you are,’ said Jan. ‘Come on.’

Jan stepped forward and took the cereal plate and spoon from her husband and placed it next to the sink. She took Steve’s hand, and led her now volubly crying husband from the room.

Back in their bedroom, Jan helped Steve out of his wet diaper and guided him back onto the bed.

Steve wiped his eyes with his forearm, and lay still, staring at the ceiling. I’m grown up noww, he told himself. I am. I just have a medical problem, and Jan is helping me with it.

‘It’s alright, honey’ Jan said. ‘No need for tears. You just need a diaper change, and I’m here to help you. Calm down, sweetie.’

As Steve lay on the bed waiting for Jan to take another diaper from the package on the chest of drawers, Sue emerged from the bathroom. She was still adjusting around her slim waist, with her burgundy coloured bra in one hand, the full cut white panties Jan had given her. Sue was thin, and the bulge of the thick napkin in her crotch was qquite obvious.

Jan smiled at her friend as she unfolded Steve’s fresh diaper.

‘That’s much better, Sue’ she told her. ‘Here, give me that,’ she added, reaching out for the bra in Sue’s hand, which Sue offered up without protest.

‘You don’t need that on today, it’s Saturday,’ said Jan, taking the bra from Sue, who looked a little uncertain.

Jan turned the slight, lacy garment over in her hand. She squeezed one of the shaped pads between her fingers, and noted the little label saying 32B.

‘You don’t need to impress anyone today,’ Jan said. ‘In fact, I don’t know why you bother with this at all, with your sweet little boobies.’

In involuntary response, Sue put her hands across her breasts, and stood demurely, staring at Jan.

‘Jan, I…’ she said before Jan cut her off.

‘Oh, I know why you think you need a bra,’ replied Jan, tossing the bra onto the bed. ‘But you don’t. You can put your pants on, please, and I’ll find you a top. Your work blouse is due for a wash.’

‘Jan, it’s fine, I want to wear it,’ said Sue defensively, still holding one hand across her breasts. ‘I’ll just go and get it.’

‘Sue, it’s all smoky from the club last night,’ Jan said firmly. ‘Here, this will fit you,’ she said, going ot the chest of drawers and handing Sue a t-shirt from one of the drawers. "Oh, and I think this might be better for you,’ she added, showing Sue a bulky Kotex pad. ‘Come here please.’

Sue stepped towards Jan, and stood still while Jan slid down her panties, removed the liner and laid the thick pad in the crotch. Sue closed her eyes as she felt Jan’s knuckles brushing her vulva. Jan finished her work and pulled Sue’s panties up again.

‘There you are, all done,’ she said. ‘Now, go and finish getting dressed, please, quick sticks. I need you two ready to go out.’

Sue stood open-mouthed.

‘Oh, come here,’ Jan said and smiled warmly at Sue.

Sue found herself responding by walking towards Jan, who hugged her before kissing her firmly on the lips. Sue’s body relaxed as she returned the kiss. Jan let her go after a moment, and propelled her towards the door with a gentle push to her full-pantied backside.

‘We’re friends,’ Jan said to Steve, who was watching wide-eyed from his position laid back on the bed. ‘Friends do that. Now, bottom up,’ she ordered him and slid the diaper beneath him, wiggling it to get it properly positioned.

While Jan was diapering Steve, Sue returned from the bathroom. She was wearing the tight pink t-shirt with a lace neckline Jan had given her, and was fiddling with the crotch of her thin, tight slacks, trying to reduce the little bulge of the thick sanitary pad at the zipperless crotch of the pants.

‘Don’t do that, Sue,’ Jan said. ‘It’s not nice to fiddle like that. You look fine, and very sweet. Can you go to the kitchen and tidy up Steve’s brreakfast things before we go please?’

‘OK Jan,’ said Sue, swallowing hard and turning to the door.

Jan returned to her diapering, and pulled the thick padding up between Steve’s legs. She tucked his delicate willy downwards and fixed the tapes before helping Steve stand up and getting him into his track pants. She tugged the pants up over Steve’s little tummy and turned him around to admire her work. She patted Steve’s behind and ran a hand over the smooth, rounded front of his pants.

‘You’re all set, honey,’ she said with satisfaction. ‘Except for your hair. It’s getting so long, but it looks lovely. I think we’ll put you in a ponytail for today. That way it will stay out of your eyes, and stay nice and shiny.’

Steve was aware of his androgynous looks, especially now with his diaper and smooth-fronted pants, and protested.

"Please, Jan, I just want it like it is, please,’ he said, looking pleadingly at his wife.

‘Nonsense,’ said Jan. ‘It’s windy out, and anyway, it’s not styled to just wear down. If you want it that way, I can get it properly cut for you.’

‘OK then,’ said Steve. ‘But just in a rubber band.’

‘What else?’ said Jan. ‘You’re a little boy, not a little girl, after all.’

‘I’m not a little boy,’ retorted Steve.

Jan’s answer was to smack him on his thickly padded bottom.

‘Of course you’re not,’ she said with a laugh.

To be continued.

Re: Steve’s Little Issues Chapters 1-7

Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 8

Both Steve and Sue felt conflicted in their own ways as Jan drove them away from the house.

Steve was feeling odd again, very conscious of his thick diaper. This was the first time he’d been outside the house wearing anything like that, and he was feeling nervous. He’d asked Jan where they were going, and she just said, you’ll see. It was bad enough being taken somewhere entirely at Jan’s whim, even without being dressed in track pants and a colourful t-shirt, sneakers and his stripey socks - and his hair in a ponytail - but having his doctor sitting beside him in the back seat was even worse. When Sue had opened the front passenger door, Jan had firmly told her to sit in the back seat ‘to keep Steve company on the trip’. For the first time in a few weeks, or was it months, Steve had turned his thoughts to as objective a view of his behaviour, and Jan’s, as he could in his unusual situation. He’d had a kind of breakdown, and he was recovering, or trying to recover. He had some undeniable medical issues, and Jan was helping him with those - that was what the training pants and diaper were about. He was glad to have them in a way. As Jan had said, it was better to wet his diaper in public than his pants. But he couldn’t help feeling that she was treating him like, well, like a child, he thought. He knew he forgot important things a bit now and then, but he didn’t seem to be making any decisions. Surely his making at least some decisions was a good thing for his recovery. But Jan was just doing as the doctor and psychiatrist recommended, she had told him several times. But here was his doctor, dressed like one of his sisters when he was young, sitting next to him ‘to keep him company’. He looked across at Sue. She was staring out of the window, so Steve’s eyes could linger on her girlish breasts, with her little nipples pushing against the thin fabric of the t-shirt. He was surprised to see Sue sniffle, as if she were silently crying, and watched her wedge her hand between her legs and clench her thighs together. He wondered what she was thinking.

‘Look, Steve, sheep!’ said Jan suddenly.

Steve looked out of the window and grinned. A dozen or so big white sheep were milling about near a fence as they passed. They lived near the edge of a large rural town, and it wasn’t far to go to reach broad farmland. Steve was glad of the pleasant interruption. He felt he wsn’t getting very far with his consideration of his circumstances, and he liked farm animals just as much now as when he had been a kid. He decided to count the sheep out loud as they passed.

‘Eight, nine, ten, twelve…thirteen,’ he said happily as the drove sedately along.

‘Eleven, honey, you missed eleven,’ said Jan kindly.

Dammit, thought Steve, embarrasssed and regretting that he had counted aloud. Eleven wasn’t an easy one to remember, but he knew he should be able to count easily enough. He realised to that in his embarrassment he was peeing in gentle bursts. He concentrated on stopping and managed to after a few more spurts. He really was glad of his diaper.

‘Are you OK back there, sweetie?’ asked Jan turning her head slightly to Sue’s side of the car as she drove. Sue felt the same wave of euphoria flooding over her as she returned Jan’s smile and brief eye contact. She was simultaneously deliriously happy, and appalled at her own feelings. She remembered a line from a poem by Catullus she had learned in the Latin she took alongside her medical degree. ‘Odi et amo’ - ‘I hate and I love’ - ‘Why do I feel this way, you ask?’ the poet had gone on. ‘I do not know, but I feel it, and it is tearing me apart.’

Sue’s tears rolled down her cheeks. This wonderful woman, who had just called her by the simple, childish name she had used during the night, dressed her like a schoolgirl and told her what to do just as she had taken the lead last night, and seemed to have the capacity to push Sue’s slight frame to the heights of ecstasy just with a smile and a word, was either an angel or a demon. Or both. Sue caught her breath, her sobs covering the orgasm she experienced as she squeezed the big Kotex pad hard against her clitoris.

‘Oh, Jan. It’s… I’m… Jan, please…’ sobbed Sue.

Steve wondered what was going on as Jan pulled into a wooded lane off the main road and slowed to a stop.

Jan got out of the SUV and rushed to open Sue’s door. Sue practically fell into her arms.

‘Jan, I don’t know… oh, please…’ she sobbed.

Jan held Sue close.

‘It’s OK, sweetie. I’m here. You don’t have to worry. Everything’s OK now,’ she said, pushing Sue’s glossy black hair to one side and kissing her ear.

Sue felt the pulsing waves of bliss and despair subside, replaced by the calm, enveloping warmth of Jan’s arms and body. She felt Jan’s beautiful, generous breasts pressing against her bony frame, and closed her eyes. Gradually, Sue’s sobbing faded as she held onto her friend. Even her urge to press her crotch hard into Jan’s firm thigh didn’t appall her. Jan lowered one arm and pulled Sue’s little buttocks towards her.

Jan glanced across at Steve in the car.

‘Hop out, darling, and stretch your legs,’ she said.’ Sue’s OK, she’s just a bit upset.’

‘But you’re OK now,’ Jan said softly to Sue. ‘I understand, sweetie.’

‘Thank God,’ thought Sue, and shivered as she felt another spasm of joy course through her, radiating from what were now her damp, padded loins.

To be continued.

Re: Steve’s Little Issues Chapters 1-8

Steve’s Little Issues Chapter 9

As Steve got out of the car, he was pleased to feel that his diaper wasn’t too wet. At least, he couldn’t feel the big lump between his legs that he’d felt before. He hoped Sue was OK. Itwas funny, seeing his grownup doctorin tears, with Jan consoling her. He wondered again what Sue was upset about. He shrugged and looked around the nearby farmland for some sheep.

Sue was feeling genuinely alarmed. She had the training to realise that something psychologically unsettling was occurring between her and her friend Jan, who both appalled and attracted her. Sue had known about her feelings for other women for some time, and part of her well-known commitment to her work had been a mechanism for denying those feelings, but this submissiveness to her friend… erotic submissiveness, thought Sue, as her feelings swirled in her mind. Poor Steve, she had been thinking. Poor me, she thought now. They were both caught, it seemed.

Jan had helped Sue back into the car, and was now atthe other side of it, coaxing Steve back inside.

As they rejoined the main road, Sue satwith her eyes closed, trying not to believe her predicament. Steve had told Jan that his diaper wasn’t too wet, and Jan had checked by squeezing his crotch. Steve now sat quietly, as they drove on to their mystery destination.

Steve summoned up the courage to talk to his doctor.

‘Are you OK, Sue?’ he asked her quietly, looking at the slightly built woman huddled in the corner of the back seat, he hands wedged between her legs.

‘Yep,’ said Sue.

‘Good,’ said Steve.

He couldn’t think what else to say, and looked first at Sue and then towards Jan who appeared oblivious as she drove along.

‘You two OK back there?’ asked Jan brightly, glancing at them in the rear vision mirror.

‘Yes,’ answered Steve.

‘Yes,’ said Sue after a moment.

Only a few more words, but more soon. Sal.

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