Staying with the Sumpters

This is just a little something I am playing with, I had a few interesting ideas to explore and it kinda blossomed out into the first part of a little story. More to come as I have time to work on it.

Chapter 1: It’s about your father

Todd was startled awake when the bedroom door opened suddenly, filling the room with harsh incandescent light from the hallway. Todd squinted his eyes against the light as he saw four year old Breyden, the Sumpter’s youngest child, run into the room and half jump and half climb onto the ladder going up to the top bunk, all while calling out happily (A little too happily if you were to ask Todd given the hour) “Time to get up! Mom said it’s time to get up.”

From his vantage point of the bottom bunk Todd could look up to see the boys silhouette lean over to rouse his older brother, his pajama top crawling up his back as he reached out toward his sleeping sibling, the waistband of his disposable diaper sticking straight up out of his pajama pants even as he leaned over the bed leaving a gap between the diaper and the small of his back. Todd then thought of his own diaper, putting his arm back under the covers he snaked his hand into the waist of his own pajamas to touch the swollen plastic underneath. Laying there feeling his wet diaper he felt as little as Breyden.

“I’m up doofus, stop it!” Todd heard grumpily from above. He could feel the bunk bed rock somewhat as Blake suddenly shifted his weight to one side pulling away from the smaller boys grasp. With another lurch, two legs appeared dangling over the top of the bed, soon followed by the rest of Blake, who was pajama less wearing nothing but a pair of striped blue boxer briefs. Blake landed softly beside the bed, and stifled a yawn before heading to the hall and what Todd assumed most likely the bathroom.

Breyden said “I’m not doofus” and took one step back on the ladder and jumped down the rest of the way to squeeze past his exiting brother and grab Todd’s shoulder “Time to get up.” he said as he shook.

“I’m awake okay” Todd told him, but the boy kept shaking him saying “get up, get up, get up” only relenting when Todd drew back the sheet and sat up on the edge of bed, the plastic mattress protector crinkling under him as he did. The movement made him realize that he himself needed to pee, so he released his morning bladder out into the already wet diaper before finally getting to his feet.

As soon as he stood up Todd felt the full weight of his freshly re wet diaper as gravity tugged at it causing him to feel as if his pants were the only thing holding the sagging diaper in place around his waist, there was something right about the feeling but Todd couldn’t articulate it even to himself. He just felt ‘whole’ in a way he didn’t realize he hadn’t felt before. Todd found his whole situation was so amazing and surreal that he could only stand still taking it all in even as Breyden scurried into the hall leaving Todd alone in the now empty room.

Todd sat on the school bus, not talking with any of his friends, at the moment they were all too frivolous for his taste, laughing and cutting up about some stupid tv show. Todd was brooding and he knew it. He was thinking back to the same time the year before, it was the week of the fall festival at school, which meant halloween was only a couple of days away. This year was his first year in middle school, but last year he was still going to Jefferson Primary. He had spent that bus ride home cutting up with his friend David, talking about some game on their phones and planning their trick or treat route through the neighborhood.

He had gotten off the bus, making the short walk to his home when he noticed his mom’s car in the driveway, which was strange, she wasn’t normally home until about an hour after school. He was particularly proud that at 12 his parents let him stay home by himself, instead of having to go to child care like some of the other kids he knew.

When he opened the door the very air seemed oppressive and heavy, like a storm front was moving in to his house and a low pressure front was parked over the sofa while a high pressure system was about to set in and cause all kinds of thunder and wind.

“Mom” he called out,”I’m home!” as he hung his backpack onto it’s hook by the mudroom door, Moving into the kitchen it was then he saw his Mom at the smallish dinette table, it was obvious she was upset and had been crying

“Todd, sit down honey, it’s about your father”

Todd pushed the memory away, not wanting to think of those events, he even tried to listen to Sam and David talk about their dumb show, but for some reason he kept going back to his mom telling him “It’s about your father”

Well that’s not entirely true he corrected himself, he knew why he felt that way. He knew that thinking about his dead dad was better than thinking about what was waiting for him at home today. His mom had looked at his browser history, read some of his documents and had gone through his phone, at which point she had freaked out. She cried, and that was the worst thing, he had made his mom almost as upset as she had been the year before, because he was some kind of pervert. To make matters worse his Mom had even called her old college roommate Jinnifer who was a shrink to come by and ‘talk’ with him. He knew ‘talk with him’ was code for see how fucked up he really was.

Todd walked as slowly as he could toward his house, he felt each footfall with a dread, like a prisoner must feel when marched toward the gallows in those old western movies his friend David’s dad liked to watch. “Oh honey, you’re not in trouble, I just think you should talk with Jinnifer to make sure everything is okay, just talking thats all” His mom told him reassuringly yesterday, he was sure she was lying he could practically see the fear and disappointment in her eyes as she told him this, her smile looked forced and fake to him, it was like all she needed from Jinnifer was confirmation and then she could ship him off to some place for fucked up perverts like him.

Looking at the driveway, he couldn’t help but compare today to those events of a year ago, the sky was the same type of relentless steel grey, the air was neither warm nor cold, but when the wind picked up it had an edge to it that said winter was waiting it turn to sweep across the land. Last year it was his mom’s car that was out of place in the driveway, today it was the silver Audi, his Mom’s car was nowhere to be seen, and unlike last year Todd didn’t need to open the door to catch the mood inside, he knew that Jinnifer was going to tell him he was broken and needed to go off to some hospital to get fixed.

He had heard part of the phone call his mom had made two nights ago, asking Jinnifer to make the drive down. “No it’s not just that stuff either, this last year his grades have slid, he’s gotten in a couple of fights at school, he doesn’t seem as interested in his friends anymore, I think losing Tony on top of puberty has been extra hard on him.”

Todd of course didn’t like his mom talking about him and puberty, but he liked her talking about it with someone else even less.

We he left the mudroom and passed the kitchen he found Jinnifer was sitting in the living room her short cropped dark hair concealing the temple pieces of the bright red glasses that contrasted nicely against her darker complexion. Todd’s mom was petite and small, in fact Todd was already taller than his Mom and he had just turned 13, Jinnifer, however was a big woman, broad of shoulder and close to six foot tall, he half expected her to snatch him up by the arm and turn him over her knee.

“Todd, you’ve grown so much since I saw you last! Do you remember me, I’m Jinnifer, a friend of your moms?” She said with a smile that seemed to Todd, surprisingly, to be mostly sincere.

“Yes ma’am”

“Barbara asked me to talk with you about some things, just you and I, would that be okay?”

“Okay” He said, knowing he really didn’t have an option not too.

“Great. Why don’t you put your stuff down and sit here then? How have things been for you this last year, I bet it was pretty tough losing your dad huh?”

Todd spoke reluctantly at first, but soon fell into the conversation full force and was surprised to find he was saying things about how he felt he hadn’t even realized he had been feeling. When the conversation turned toward his internet activity he told things to Jinnifer that he couldn’t believe he was saying out loud.

“So it’s not just diapers, you would want to be treated like a toddler then?” Jinnifer asked as if she were asking him if he wanted butter on his bread, no judgement, just like it was a normal everyday thing

“Yeah, I think so, in some ways at least”

“Which ways are that?”

The conversation continued and Todd got so lost in telling Jinnifer what he wanted that he only took note of how much time had passed when his mom came through the door to the mudroom. Todd felt a sudden swell of panic when he took in the full breadth and depth of what he had shared with Jinnifer. He suddenly felt conflicted, talking with Jinnifer had been so nice, but he also felt like he had been tricked or manipulated into revealing so many intimate things about himself. He felt his face redden like he had been caught doing something naughty.

“Hey guys, you still talking in here? Can I come in?” Barbara asked from the doorway

“We were just finishing up, and I think it was a great chat.” Jinnifer said back

It wasn’t long before Todd was sent to his room, so the grownups could talk. More like deliver the bad news about how crazy he was he thought.

Todd cracked his bedroom door and tried to listen as best he could, he couldn’t make out the entire discussion but he did hear bits and pieces

“I don’t think that in itself is much to worry about. It’s a normal, if not entirely common fetish, and don’t take fetish out of context either. It’s often not just about sex, I think in Todd’s case it’s as much about being in control, I know that’s counter intuitive, but it’s “being in control” by “giving up control”. So much has happened to him the last year or so that had no say in. I think it would be beneficial for him to go through the rituals of being cared for and feeling more insulated from the demands of growing up if only temporarily”

“But we all have to grow up, and be responsible. Isn’t encouraging him to hide from his responsibilities only going to make it harder for him as he grows up?”

“No one’s saying that, we’re talking about giving him a coping mechanism, a tool if you will, to use the same way someone else might use other forms of intimacy. You know how much you loved it when Tony would lay next to you and read to you? Remember how that was the thing that made you realize you loved him, how it made your problems go away, if only for a little while? It might be hard to understand, but this is the same for Todd. But the downside is, that it needs to be a tool only, and not the entire solution for him, and I think in that way it’s important to let him have this so he can learn now how to keep things in proper balance. Besides you could use some time of your own to process and grieve too. When someone loses a spouse and becomes a single parent their own grieving often takes a backseat. Take some time off work, go see your Mom and Brother, or you could go to a couple of workshops, do something just for you.”

“You sure you want this? That’s going to be a lot of work for you and and Jim.”

“Well Blake will love having a boy his own age around, and I wasn’t planning on looking for work until next year anyways. Breyden hasn’t been moved into Blakes room yet, so Todd can have the bottom bunk and Jim can wait on converting the nursery into an office a little while longer - as he still has a functioning practice in the garage.”

“Speaking of coping mechanisms, I need more wine, can I top you off too?”

Hearing his mom get up Todd pushed his door closed so she wouldn’t notice he had been eavesdropping. What exactly were they talking about? His mind reeled at the possibilities, it surely couldn’t be what it sounded like could it?

Todd didn’t have to wait long until he was summoned for dinner to the kitchen where the two women were now seated at the small table where he and his mom ate most of their meals. Two pizza boxes, stacked on top of each other occupied the center of the table.

The conversation was light and mostly between his mom and Jinnifer about mundane things like Barbara’s job, and Todd spent most of the meal just listening until Jinnifer directed a question to Todd

“Todd, Your mom is going to take a couple of classes out of state, so how would you like to stay with me over the thanksgiving holidays until a week or so before Christmas? I have a son around your age named Blake and another son named Breyden who just turned four.”

“Okay” Todd said feeling like there was more coming

“Your mom and I discussed it and we can even give you some of the things you and I spoke privately about together.“ Jinnifer offered reaching across the table to put an arm on Todds shoulder reassuringly.

“I still don’t really understand it all, but Jinnifer told me enough to not be worried about you, and I just want you to be happy” Barbara said a small catch to her voice conveyed the emotion and conflict underneath.

“Your mom and I will talk some more tonight to iron out the details and then you and I will talk some more tomorrow privately before I leave for home okay?” Jinnifer told Todd when he asked if he could take his laptop.

The rest of the meal was soon concluded and Todd was again sent to his room. He booted up his laptop and found himself on one of those sites reading through stories that suddenly seemed more and more plausible. He ended up turning out his lights and going to bed early so he could see to his needs sooner rather than later.

The next day Todd found himself up at his normal school time despite it being Saturday, the extra bustle of another person in the house must have woke him he thought as he heard people talking in the kitchen. He got a shower and got dressed and made his way to the small table where Jinnifer asked him to again sit down.

“So Todd, your mom has gone to the grocery store, so we have some time to talk about what staying with us might be like.”

Once he nodded she continued “Let me be clear that there are aspects of what you and I talked about yesterday, that are purely sexual in nature. I want to stress that there is absolutely nothing wrong about those things, but these are ways in which we will not interact at all, as it is inappropriate for an adult and a minor. That said, if you want, we can treat you as little as you want to be treated, and there are ways you can experince some of what you said you wanted to do. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am” Todd told her, finding it hard at first to form the words, and not sure he entirely understood.

“Now none of this is written in stone, you just have to let me know what works for you and what doesn’t, we can adjust our plans to suit our situation, okay?”

He nodded again for her to continue even though he wasn’t entirely certain what she meant.

“So you said yesterday that you wanted to be treated like a toddler, correct”

And thus began an hour long exchange which Todd found one half exhilarating and one half embarrassing Would he wear a bib (maybe), did he want potty training (no), did he want an early bedtime (definitely not), diapers (yes), pullups (no), dress himself (yes mostly), change himself (no) and so on through every possible facet of his behavior .

“Now that we know what you want, here is what I need. I don’t want to change messy diapers. My four year old is still in diapers at night and pull ups during the day, but he is finally pooping in the potty now, so I would appreciate not having to deal with dirty diapers on anyone if I don’t have to. Second my kids don’t need to know about our arrangement, Breyden is too little to understand, and Blake just doesn’t need to know. I will simply tell him you need diapers, and if he asks you directly all you have to say is that you need them. Third, this is something your mom is doing that is nice for you, she is worried about you, and she doesn’t understand this. Everything about this is alien to her, and while I can assure you there is nothing wrong with what you want, from an outsiders point of view it can be very challenging to understand, but she wants it for you because I told her it was good for you. Now you can help your mom worry less by maybe doing better in school. Both of my boys are homeschooled, well Blake is officially in school but Breden still has lessons to do even though he is not officially school age. I will get your assignments sent over to us, so you can keep your studies up too. Your price for this experience is to work hard and pull your grades up. It’s obvious from talking with you over the last couple days that you are a very bright and capable young man, so if you want to be an even younger man you will need to do you part, understood?”

“Yes ma’am” Todd told her smiling at her younger man comment.

Jennifer pointed at the list attached to the refrigerator with a magnet “Great now how about you get started on your chores, so your mom knows how much you appreciate all this. This is going to be a challenge for her you know.”

The three weeks between that saturday morning and the day Jinnifer was supposed to come to pick him up dragged on. The closer the date came the more excited he became, but also the more nervous. Fantasising about something was one thing, but living it was another entirely. His mom too seemed apprehensive as well, on Sunday two days before she flew out of town for her class she asked Todd if he still wanted to go through with it all.

“”You want to call it off?” She asked sounding almost hopeful.

“No, but I am a bit nervous.”

“Well you call me anytime and I will come and get you, if you want”

Todd agreed that he would.

A few moments later his mother’s phone dinged and she picked it up.

“Someone’s quarterly progress report came.” She said looking down at the screen.

“What’s it say?” Todd asked momentarily fearful it might be bad, he felt he had been doing better the last few weeks without really having to try too much, he suddenly wondered if he should have put in more effort and hoped the progress report showed improvement and was deficiency free.

“Really good! You’ve pulled your grades up to all low B’s except english which is still a C.”

“I don’t think Mr. Merchessky likes me very much”

“Well we all have to work with people who may not like us, or people we don’t like. That’s just part of life, so you might just have to try harder in her class. Still it’s a nice improvement, and I appreciate the effort a lot.

Two days later Jinnifer was back this time in a large suv instead of the sporty Audi… Todd carried his and his mom’s suitcases to the liftgate which opened on a cargo space nicely organized, with a bunch of sports equipment off to one side. He hoisted the bags up one after another before closing the door and climbing in the backseat. The plan was to take his mom to the airport before making the three hour drive from Birmingham to Nashville where the Sumpters lived.

After hugs and kisses, Todd tearfully watched his mom disappear into the airport, he was suddenly scared he would never see her again, just like it had happened when his father had gotten on a plane only to never come home again. He knew he was being silly but he was still afraid of being all alone in the world.

“She’ll call as soon as she lands buddy” Jinnifer told him before opening the passenger seat door for him.

“We have one quick stop to make” She said pulling out from passenger drop off area and pulling immediately into the free cell phone lot.

Getting out of the car she said “Come on for a minute”

Todd climbed out of his seat and met her at the back of the suv where she had opened the lift gate and pushed the remaining suitcase to the far side of the cargo bay, leaving the middle space pretty much wide open.

“Your mom said you had a much improved progress report, so I got you a present. Seems a boy your age in diapers would need to have a cool diaper bag, so I got you this.” The backpack she fished from a larger bag before handing it to him had an Avengers motif and had what looked like every character who had ever been a member in one montage across the back.

“I have this same poster in my room! How’d you know I love the Avengers?” Todd asked her, his sadness at his moms departure fading somewhat.

“It’s not hard to guess, a) you are a 13 year old boy afterall, and b) I saw the poster in your room. My Blake is going to be very envious of your backpack you know, he’s a little comic book nerd, so you guys have that in common”

“Thank you so much!”

“Well open it up there buddy, there’s more”

Setting the bag in the cargo area Todd pulled the zippers apart at the top and his breath caught in his throat with an audible gasp. Inside were several different kinds of diaper, he recognized them all from his surfing, there were Little Paws, and Space diapers from ABU and Tykables overnights. He hadn’t given the actual diapers much thought, he assumed he would be wearing store brands and stuff which most everyone on the internet said was terrible, this was beyond his imagining.

“We got several brands of diapers for you to try so we will know what works best with you. So what’s it going to be?”


“Yeah now, you need these, or did you forget? Anyways, you’re not riding in my car and wetting my seat.” Jinnifer told him as she reached into the bag and pulled out a folded rectangle which she spread out like a towel on the bed of the cargo area.

“Yeah but here?”

“Well yeah, lots of kids get their diapers changed in the back of an suv. I’ll be blocking you anyways, no one is going to see anything. Now pick something out and hop on up here, or I’ll decide for you. The parenting books say it’s best to let little ones make choices for themselves, it helps build independence and all, but I’m not waiting all day for you to decide what diaper your going to wear.”

Todd reached in the bag and pulled out a Little Pawz, which he set down next to his suitcase and the changing mat. Dumbstruck he just stood there unsure of what to do next.

Jinnifer tapped the mat with her hand and Todd sat down on the shiny vinyl surface and laid back, his legs sticking straight out into the air. She pulled his shoes off one at a time and then tapped his foreleg saying “relax”, he then let them bend down over the bumper

“Here play with this” she told him handing him a tablet from somewhere else in the back. “This always kept Breyden’s hands occupied during changes”

Todd did as he told, but no amount of distraction was sufficient for when she undid his belt and she swept his chinos down and off in one complete smooth motion despite the fact that his legs were bent.

His erection was obvious, but Jinnifer’s only comments were that his Snoopy boxers while cute were maybe for boys who kept their pants dry, and like his chinos they were removed just as quickly and easily.

“Okay buddy, arch your back and lift that butt up for me please.” she said as she pushed his shirt up onto his chest and off his belly.

He lifted his butt up like asked and then when he relaxes the diaper was under him, some powder was sprinkled on his groin and the whole thing was taped securely on him despite his boner.

“When that erection goes away, you need to make sure you point it down okay? Otherwise you’ll leak all out the top.” She told him as she worked the chinos back up over his legs and put his shoes back on him.

He stood up, feeling exposed to all the waiting cars around him, his pants around his thighs and shirt covering just the top of his diaper. He tried to finish pulling his pants up, but the waist in the back kept getting caught under the diaper, until he reached behind him and made sure the back of his pants were out far enough to clear the padding in the back. He found that his belt needed let out one notch from where he normally wore it. In that moment at least he was grateful that his mom bought his back to school clothes with some room for him to grow into. When he tried to walk he felt the bulk distinctly between his legs…

“All right Kiddo, let’s hit the road okay? We’ll stop for lunch in a couple of hours” She said handing him his diaper bag and closing the liftgate.

She led him to the back of the vehicle and opened the door indicating that Todd should sit in the booster seat this time.

“Lets see how you fit.” She told him as she adjusted the sides of the booster to be wide enough for him, before she grabbed the seatbelt and buckled him in.

“This is Breydens, but we borrowed one from a friend of ours whose kids have outgrown it. If you like riding in it Jim will install yours back here too, and if not we will return it to our neighbor so it will be entirely up to you.” And with that said she pulled out of the lot and headed toward I65

Breyden noticing that Todd hadn’t followed him returned to the room and tugged at his sleeve. Although this was his second morning at the Sumpters, Breyden was still taking his role as host very seriously and led Todd to the bathroom shared by the nursery and the boys bedroom. Blake had his back to the door peeing with one hand and scratching his back with the other…

With no consideration for his brothers privacy (Although Todd supposed if Blake wanted privacy he would have shut the door) Breyden grabbed his toothbrush and motioned for Todd to do the same. Blake finished up, washed his hands at the other vanity and likewise brushed his teeth.

“How’d you sleep?” Blake asked him when they had finished

Like a baby Todd thought with an inner smile, but instead told the boy “like a log. You?”

“Good. We’re going to my cousins house today for thanksgiving, they live way out in the country, he has a bunch of airsoft guns and we can play out in the woods, it’s really cool”

“I wanna play eggsoft” Breyden said enthusiastically

“It’s airsoft doofus and you’re too little to play” Blake told his brother

“I’m not doofus and I can too play” Breyden said planting his hands on his hips in the doorway as if he would take no argument.

“What evs doofus” Blake said as he muscled by the boy who look to Todd like he didn’t much care for being so readily dismissed. But instead of launching into a tantrum like Todd expected he simply smiled and ran after his brother toward the kitchen.


Todd followed too and took his place at the table for breakfast

Jinnifer walked from the kitchen into the breakfast nook to point a spatula at her eldest. “Blake, what have I told you? You are getting too old to sit at the table in just your undershorts. I’d think if nothing else you’d be cold, now go get dressed, and then put all that stuff by the door in the car, I’ll let you know when breakfast is ready”

As if noticing Todd and Breyden too she raised her voice to an almost shout “Jim could you get these two ready to ride and dressed please?”

Jim appeared a few moments later in blue jeans and an undershirt. “Sorry hun was shaving and couldn’t hear you over the water, what was that?”

“These two, can you get them ready please? So I can finish breakfast?”

“Oh sure. C’mon you two, let’s go get you ready to ride okay?”

“I want breakfast?” Breyden said somewhere between a question and a statement, from any other kid it might have been whiney sounding but from what Todd observed Breyden was the most chill four year old he had ever seen and instead of sounding ready to have a tantrum he instead sounded kind of hope full.

“In a minute buddy, let’s get you changed first okay?”

So he led them both to the Breydens room, which they still called a nursery despite the fact that it looked like a normal little boys room with a toddler bed, a dresser and some cubicle toy storage. The only thing that seemed out of place to Todd was a therapy table that had been brought in from the garage to be used apparently as a changing table to accommodate Todds bigger size. In the two days Todd had been at the Sumpters so far he had been changed only by Jinnifer and mostly in the living room floor, with the exception of last night after his shower he was taken from the bathroom still wrapped in a towel to be diapered on the impromptu changing table where he was also given the new pair of pajamas that had been bought for him after the first nights discovery that he didn’t bring any pjs at all to wear. Todd had no idea what to expect from getting his diaper changed by Jim.

“So who’s first?” Jim asked the two boys.

“ME, ME!” Breyden said jumping up and down.

“Okay sport, we’ll show Todd how we get ready for road trips in this house.” Jim said scooping the boy up onto the table

“First we get your pjs off” Jim narrated as he pulled the dinosaur themed shirt and pants off the boy.

“Then we get a new diaper”

“Nuh uh. Pull up” Breyden corrected

“Nope buddy, not for the car okay? Pull ups might leak, and no one wants that okay?”

“Okay” he conceded without a fuss and only the mildest look of disappointment.

Jim untapped the boys diaper with one hand and placed a cloth wipe over his privates before sliding the old diaper out from under him.

He grabbed the boys ankles and lifted his butt up, slid a new diaper under him, but rather than tape it up he went to the dresser and pulled the top drawer open to fish out a bag labeled diaper doublers. “Now we can go the whole ride there with no leaks.”

After taping the diaper on he returned to the top drawer this time bringing back a snap on diaper cover.

“I put your clothes out on the bed there bud, see if you can get dressed by yourself while I change Todd here Okay?”

“Okay!” Breyden said as his dad helped him down from the table. Between the doubler and the plastic diaper cover the boy looked a bit unsteady on his feet at first, but he quickly got his sea legs back and waddled to the bed and picked up his shirt and tried to find which way was the back.

“All right champ, let’s do this” Jim told Todd after wiping down the surface of the table with a baby wipe. Todd started to sit on the table when Jim put a hand in each armpit and helped lift him onto the table.

“Jesus boy, you are a heavy wetter aren’t you?” Jim asked after removing Todd’s pj’s and untapping his very wet diaper “Lets cover up that firehose so I don’t get sprayed there” he said laying a hand towel over Todd’s genitals just like he had done for Breyden.

“Stay put for a second” He told Todd as he stepped out into the hall to call out “Hun, did you remember to get adult doublers for Todd? Also where are his plastic pants? I looked in his bag and didn’t see them.”

“Store was out, so just use a two of Breyden’s up front and one down in the channel, and his pants should be in the bag hanging on the closet door knob”

“Got it, thanks” he said returning to the room and fetching one of Todd’s overnight diapers.

Jim then lifted Todds legs up himself rather than asking Todd to help raise his butt up. Todd truly felt 3 years old in that moment.

Soon enough Todd found himself likewise diapered with his own pair of plastic pants snapped on over his disposable. Todd set up on the side of the table where he could see himself in the mirror and aside from his height he might as well have really and truly been the same ages as Breyden.

“All right there champ go get dressed and we’ll get some breakfast before heading out.”

Todd likewise waddled to his room to find some clothes laid out on his bed, his favorite striped polo was on top of some pants he didn’t recognize as his own, they looked like normal kahki type pants but had a complete elastic waist like sweatpants. He pulled them up over his diaper and pulled his shirt down. His normal pants had been tight enough that his diaper noise was somewhat silenced, but these pants were big enough in the seat that his diaper and plastic pants crinkled right through them. Todd wanted very badly to go to the bathroom to ‘relieve’ the urgent pressure he was feeling in his body, but the only excuse he could think of to get to be alone in the bathroom was to claim to need to poo and he knew that the Sumpters would rightly want to know why he didn’t say he needed to go before his diaper was changed. Maybe his erection would go away on its own, but he kinda doubted it would, because every step he took simply served to remind him of how little he felt.


After breakfast when getting in the car Todd found Jim had dutifully put out Todd’s booster seat and moved Breyden’s to the center of the bench seat between him and Blake

Breyden took everything in stride, climbing past Todd’s booster to sit in his own, but Blake on seeing his new friend sitting in the booster asked “Why do you have to sit in a booster seat still when you’re as tall as me?”

Todd wasn’t prepared to be asked this question and he just sat there not knowing what to say, but Jim jumped in with a “Shush, don’t embarrass the boy. His momma thinks he needs to, and we promised Todd would still follow her rules when he stayed with us.”

Blake didn’t look even a little bit convinced, but he didn’t say anything further, instead pulling out his phone and putting his headphones in, Todd followed suit, while Breyden had a small tablet of his own.


Re: Staying with the Sumpters

Really AWESOME start can’t wait to see what happens next

“Remember when car trips with kids were hell?” Jim asked his wife as they pulled out of the driveway.

“Yeah well, all this screen time isn’t really good for them, but it does make the road trip easier. Now if only there was an invention that made inlaws easier”

Jim laughed “Hun you love my mom and you know it.”

“Your Mom is a sweetie, it’s your dad and Andrew that are the handfull.”

“True that, But every family has one, and my family has two”


Todd started to feel nervous when they got off the interstate and started to get near their destination. He had felt a little nervous on the ride with Jinnifer to her house two days ago, wondering how Blake and Breyden and Jim were going to be about his diapers, but Jinnifer had said several times he had nothing to worry about that Jim was on board with the program, and that her kids had been told he had a need for diapers and both had promised to be nice about it which they had been. Blake seemed to pretend that he didn’t notice his friends diapers and Breyden seemed to think it was very novel having a big boy in diapers in the house. Breyden even went so far as to show Todd where his extra diapers were stored in the hall closet, his packs being stored alongside Breyden’s Huggies size 6 overnights and 4t pull ups.

But here he was going to the Sumpter’s extended family for thanksgiving dinner, where he would be around many strangers, and he wasn’t certain of anything. Jinnifer had taken him aside last night after his shower. She led Todd to Brayden’s room and shut the door behind them.

“I just want to check in on your first full day here? How’s it going? Is this what you wanted? Do we need to do anything differently,”

“I’m loving it really, thank you so much. I was a bit worried about how Blake would feel about it, but he seems cool with it”

“Blakes a good boy, and as far as he is concerned you need them. Still he’s not dumb and I’m sure he might begin to suspect, hopefully he comes to me, but you might want to be prepared for him to ask at some point.”

Todd just nodded, that was something he would have to think about. But probably not tonight,

“Do you want to stay ‘on the program’ tomorrow?”

Jinnifer kept referring to it as ‘on the program’ and had stressed several times that Todd was the one in control, but Todd also felt kind of overwhelmed too, like wasn’t he supposed to be the toddler? Why was he the one calling all the shots.

Todd was silent thinking about his options, Jinnifer gave him time

“Well I am really really enjoying all this” was all he could articulate

“Okay then, just so I can plan tomorrow do you want to be a big boy, or little, or do you want to just play it by ear? Keep in mind you’re going to have a lot of peers your age there who might react strange if you were sitting at the table in a bib. But you’re in charge here” She asked

“I guess by ear, but maybe be a bit bigger, Maybe just diapers tomorrow? “ Todd managed sounding very indecisive.

“Well then you feel free to take me aside privately if there is something you want to change okay?”

“Yes ma’am:” he said appreciating her concerns, but kind of wishing she was calling all the shots.

The van pulled up to a rambling old white farmhouse, a handful of small kids were running around the yard, and Breyden bolted straight from the van to join them. Blake and Todd climbed out of the backseat and Todd followed Blake away from the farmhouse toward the barn like structure in the back where some loud music was coming from.

In the barn there were two boys that looked to be around the same age as Blake and Todd, and one boy a bit younger who looked to be about 8 years old The biggest boy was a little bit bigger than husky, wearing a backward baseball cap, shorts and a t-shirt despite the cooler weather. Blake introduced him as Jim, his uncle Andrews oldest son. The other older boy, Eric, was Jim’s step brother who was dressed more sensibly for the weather wearing some camouflage bdus. Finally the smaller boy was introduced as Chandler, who was Blake’s uncle Andrew’s youngest Son and second youngest child overall.

“We’re gonna go back out in a minute, we just came in here to rest between games” Jim told the new comers.

Blake introduced Todd to the group “This is my friend Todd, he’s staying with us until Christmas”

“Yeah Mom told us he was coming with you”

Jim held out a hand to Todd and said very loudly and slowly “It’s nice to meet you”

Todd shook his hand and said it was to meet him too and kind of sheepishly waved to everyone else.

Blake went over to the bench by the wall and picked up what looked like an ak 47 rifle.

“Can I use the AK? Please?”

Everything look so real to Todd, it was hard to believe they were toy guns, Blake had gone on and on about how much fun it was shooting the plastic bbs at each other in the woiods…

“Sure I guess so. I’ll user the M4” Jim said scooting the m4 away from the pile of guns before picking up a handgun that did not look real, at all, in fact it was held together in part by duct tape. Jim handed it to Todd.

“This is your gun” Jim told Todd again being very loud and very slow, before turning to Blake and lowering his voice to less than shouting “you’re sure it’s okay? It don’t have any BB’s anyways””

“Huh? Why no BB’s and why that piece of crap? We haven’t played with that gun in a couple of years” Blake said

“Well you know” Jim kinda stammered looking at Eric with a please help me look.

Todd found himself feeling embarrassed but he didn’t know why, he thought he should say something but wasn’t sure what was going on.

Eric came to the rescue of his step brother holding up a hand to cover his mouth “Isn’t he ummm, you know “special”?”

Blake looked confused “ummm No”

“Well Momma told us you was brining a special needs boy here” Jim clarified

It must have hit Todd and Blake at the same time because Blake started laughing and Todd felt himself flush deeper red.

“No he’s not special like that. He’s probably smarter than you, I don’t think he ever couldn’t spell the word eagle” Blake laughed

It was Jim’s turn to blush deep red and look embarrassed “ I knew how to spell Eagle. I just typed it wrong”

“No he has something wrong with his bladder and still needs diapers, that’s what she meant” Blake said.

It felt odd to Todd for everyone to be discussing him as if he weren’t even there, he was looking away from the two older boys trying to will his embarrassment away, but he felt himself getting aroused despite the circumstances.

Had Todd not have had his head turned away from the older boys, he might not have missed Chandlers reaction. Chandler kinda stiffened at the word diaper and looked eyes with Todd before Chandler himself looked embarrassed and suddenly broke off eye contact. Todd knew almost for certain that Chandler felt about diapers the same way he did.

“Bummer. I’m sorry man, here” Jim said handing Todd a better gun, Todd didn’t recognize it, but Jim said it was a p90 and that it was cool.

Blake and Todd were given some olive coveralls to wear as well, and Jim pulled some coveralls back on himself.

Jim explained the rules for Todd, speaking normal now, and each boy grabbed some safety goggles off the bench before heading out into the woods. Jim and Blake forming one team, while Eric and Chandler led Todd off to their base making small talk about their strategy referring to landmarks in the woods as if Todd should know what they were…

Todd got so caught up in playing airsoft that he completely forgot about the awkward introduction, they rotated bases after each round and Todd found playing from the high ground did in fact offer a substantial tactical advantage, but even when coming from the lower elevation Jim was a skilled player as was Eric.

It wasn’t until Jim called time and said his Mom had texted that it was time to eat that Todd kinda came back to himself and realized that they had been playing for hours, that the sun was getting low enough that the gloom had begun to set in. It seemed the last time they had went to the barn to resupply and get something to drink it had still been full daylight, now they had to turn on the light to see so they could removed their coveralls put the airsoft guns away.

Todd followed the group into the house through a carport directly into a kitchen where a woman in an apron told them dinner was in 15 minutes to hurry and go wash up.

The boys walked past the living room where Andrew, Blake’s dad Jim, another man Todd didn’t know and a much older man that he assumed was Andrew and Jim’s father were watching a football game on TV.

Todd could hear several children playing down a set of stairs so he assumed the smaller kids were down in the basement. He briefly wondered if he might like to be down there playing with them too, but he quickly cast the idea away as dumb, that he couldn’t imagine having more fun than what he had with the airsoft guns.

Jinnifer and and two other women were working in the dining room placing out dishes of food and setting the table, she spotted the group of boys as walked past and called as they walked by

“Com’ere for a second kiddos.”

Todd and Blake went into the room, where Jennifer ruffled Blakes hair, “You guys had a good time playing airsoft?”

To which both boys replied yes

“You having a good time too Todd?”

“Yes ma’am, it’s very nice.”

“You need changed?”

Todd reddened a bit but sheepishly replied “Yes”

“Well go wash up and as soon as I am done in here I’ll get you and Breyden changed then”

The younger of the other two women in the room said, “You’ve been running like mad since you got here, you sit and relax. I bet I need to change Alecia and Cameron, so I can take care of your two too.” She turned to address Todd “I am a pediatric nurse, so this won’t be my first time changing a boy your age. If that’s okay with you young man?”

Todd nodded feeling his cheeks redden again even as he felt himself stiffen. Jinnifer interjected “Todd this is Emily, Jim’s younger sister”

Emily patted Todd’s shoulder as she moved over to the door leading to the cellar, “Come on up kids, it’s about time to eat.”

Jinnifer continued “I put their diaper bags in Chandlers rooms, Isn’t that where you guys are staying?”

While she was speaking five kids all six or under came running up the stairs in one herd. Todd would later learn the the six year old girl was Ruth, Jim’s and Sylvia’s youngest. Bryce was also six years old and Emily’s oldest, followed by Lucas who was also Emily’s but was an african american boy (Blake later explained to Todd that Lucas was Emily’s god son, adopted after his parents passed away - Lucas’s Mom had been Emily’s best friend - that almost made Todd cry to hear and made him think about his own father). Finally there were twins Alecia and Cameron which were Emily’s youngest.

All the kids waited in line at the hall bathroom to wash their hand before dinner, crowding around the sink in groups of three or four at a time.

Emily singled out the diaper wearing kids as they left and sent them to the back bedroom. Todd was almost the last to get the sink and was therefore walked by Emily down the hallway to Chandlers room where the other three diaper aged kids were already waiting.

Emily closed the door behind her and set out a couple of small plastic grocery bags on the bed.

She started with her twins which she diapered, both of whom were messy and made Todd kind of gag from the smell. He could understand why Jinnifer had wanted to make sure there would be none of that with him and why she had been so glad that Breyden wasn’t pooping anywhere but the potty, When she was done she put each spent diaper into the shopping bag

When she had Breyden on his back with his pants around his ankles she told him “Your plastic pants are always so cute. Your parents really bundle you up for car trips don’t they? Bet I won’t get to see you in them next year will I, your growing up so quick”

Breyden giggled and agreed as Emily rediaperd him.

“Okay you kids, get” Emily said shooing the three younger kids from the room, handing Breyden the full sack of used diapers “Take this stinky mess to the trash can for me please”

As soon as Breyden pulled the door closed Emily picked up Todd’s backpack. “I bet this one is yours, so hop on up here, okay buddy?”

Emily unzipped the backpack and pulled a diaper out pausing a bit to mutter to herself rhetorically “I’ve never seen a brief like this before” Todd imagined her nursing experience exposed her only to institutional type diapers and nothing like tykables.

Todd laid down on the changing matt spread across the bed. Emily had changed the other kids across the width of the bed which was fine given their size, but Todd being much longer his legs hung over the side of the bed.

Todd helped her as best he could, he pulled his shirt up into his armpits while she pulled his khakis down.

“I see you got the same road warrior treatment too, didn’t even know they made cute plastic pants this big either” Emily told Todd as she unsnapped his plastic pants. “And like I said I don’t think I’ve ever seen briefs like these before”

She had untapped one side of his diaper when the door swung open and Chandler came in the room

He kind of did a double start and said “Sorry, I thought you were done in here, I just wanted to get my tablet charger”

Todd didn’t think he sounded too convincing and given the way Chandler was looking at him laying on his bed getting his diaper changed Todd was pretty sure he would have given anything to be there too - Todd was certain Chandler was a kindred spirit, and he felt bad for the boy and excited at the same time by being watched, thinking about Chandler being envious of his diapers Todd got harder still.

Emily chased Chandler back out of the room and then finished untapeing Todd’s diaper which with the removal of the last tape sprung open on its own from the force of his erection.

Emily was obviously embarrassed by this unexpected turn of events, but she quickly recovered “Don’t be embarrassed, I had two brothers so I know what boys your age are like.” She handed him a couple of diaper wipes and told him “I’ll give you some privacy and be back in just a minute”

Todd was embarrassed by this too, adding to the overall humiliation of the day, he didn’t even really need to touch himself as much as just think through everything that had happened to him since coming to the Sumptors. He especially focused on how his lifetime of wanting this had finally came to pass, that he didn’t have to just fantasize about it like poor Chandler did.

By the time she came back he had already cleaned himself up and put the used wipes in the second grocery sack. But it was clear that Emily was now a little uncomfortable when she returned, perhaps her few minutes away let her deduce Todd’s real relationship to diapers or something. Maybe it was just the after effects of having masturbated, but he felt like he had done something wrong to Emily, like he had used her somehow. He had to remind himself that she had volunteered, still he made a mental note to ask Jinnifer her thoughts next time the touched base ‘on the program’

Emily diapered him professionally enough while making nervous sounding small talk about the upcoming holidays. She was nice enough and didn’t seem too rattled, but Todd doubted she would ever volunteer to change him again, should the opportunity arise.


Returning to the dining room Todd was directed to the kitchen where the older kids were set off on their own to eat, The little kids had two card tables set up in the living room directly across from the adults in the dining room where they could eat under their parents watchful eyes…

At the big kids table, which Todd really was grateful to be at tonight, conversation was mostly around retelling the events of earlier today in the woods, with each boy telling his own most heroic story. The age difference between the boys was most apparent when Chandler was saying his piece and adding shooting noises, that the older boys hadn’t felt the need to add. Todd found himself feeling simultaneously superior for being more mature, but also kind of at odds with his own desire to feel little. That was something he would need to think about.

After dinner the boys took to the cellar, the smaller kids were all gathered around the TV watching the minions movie which Chandler had decided to watch as well, while the older boys took over the other half of the room which had a pool table and a dart board.

They were playing some dart game called Crickets, Todd didn’t really understand the rules but he was just aiming at what he was told to shoot at by Blake who was playing as his team mate.

Todd was aiming for a shot when his phone range, the relative quiet being broken with his ringtone.

Seeing his Mom’s picture Todd felt a sudden stab of guilt. He hadn’t even thought of her once today, the first thanksgiving they had ever had apart.

“Hello” he said to the phone trying to sound excited

“Hey scooter, having a good time?”

“Yes ma’am! Very Nice. Are you at Uncle Tony’s?”

“I am, and he and your gramma and gramps wish you were here too”

“I do too” Todd half lied, but realized he did miss his mom a lot.

“You being good for Jinn?”

“Uh huh. She’s super nice”

“Everything going how you wanted?” Todd could hear a bit of discomfort in his moms voice creep in.

He didn’t know what to say, if he said yes would she be disappointed, Todd got the impression she didn’t like this at all. But if he said no would she feel guilty instead of good? Seems like there was no right answer, so he might as well be honest then “Yes ma’am, it’s everything I imagined”

“That’s good honey.” She sounded sincere to Todd so that made him feel a bit better about his answer.

“Have you ate yet?” She continued

“Yes, have you?”

“Soon, it’s only 5pm here”

Todd corrected his math, they had driven far enough across Tennessee to be in easter time instead of central time.

“Well sweety I’m gonna go. You have fun and be good okay ?”

“Yes ma’am. Tell everyone I love them” Todd said missing his Mom more and more


Todd fell asleep on the ride home and after being roused he assumed that Blake and Breyden must also done the same as both were bleary eyed and zombie like when they were ousted from the car, Jim carrying Breyden inside on his shoulder Todd would remember only bits and pieces of being moved from the car to the house. His initial instinct was to hold his bladder for the bathroom, but somewhere in the hall he remembered his diapered state and he flooded his diaper. Blake didn’t even wait to get to his room before he started shedding his clothes to climb into his bed, but Todd was steered to Breyden’s room where he was helped to get undressed. His plastic pants removed and diaper changed while Breyden snoozed on the bed still fully clothed.

Jinnifer powdered his diaper area and rubbed something cool but soothing into his diaper area and even a small dollop into his chest that smelled very babyish to Todd. He sighed contentedly on the verge of sleep, yawning deeply as she taped his new diaper up before pulling a pair of short pj pants on for him.

“Get some sleep - tommorows black friday.”

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Chapter 2: Black Friday

Todd was awoken in much the same way as the morning before, with Breyden waking Todd with the enthusiasm only 4 year olds have for 6 a.m. 8 a.m. Todd corrected himself looking at the clock on top of the Blakes dresser, which made sense to Todd as he noticed the room had some natural light coming in the windows around the blinds.

Getting up and looking around Todd wondered where Blake was at as he wasn’t in the top bunk. He also noted his diaper was dry, which disappointed him, he really wanted to wake up wet, he must have been out like a light last night after getting changed. He followed Breyden to the bathroom for oral hygiene and corrected his dry diaper. The house was oddly quiet to Todd and he made his way to the front of the house where the family room and kitchen were located.

Jinnifer was at the table working through a small stack of papers a pen in her hand absentmindedly tapping her forehead as she read. There were two glasses of apple juice out on the table and two saucers on top of matching playful dinosaur vinyl placemats The rest of the placemats were cream colored vinyl. Todd took his place behind one of the toddler themed placemats feeling a bit embarrassed but enjoying it too.

“Morning boys, you sleep well? Did you brush your teeth?” Jinnifer asked

Todd managed a sleepy sound that might have been yes, while Breyden said “yes!” clear as a bell and pumped his fist in the air like it was a triumph of somesort.

“There’s my morning boy! Todd would you mind starting the toaster for me please? I put pop tarts in there for you two.”

Todd got back up and crinkled his way past the table and entered the kitchen area proper, where he saw a 4 slice toaster with three slots taken up with pop tarts. The sumpters kitchen seemed old fashioned to Todd for some reason that he couldn’t quite figure out, but something there reminded him of his gram’s kitchen, but he since he couldn’t quite figure it out he got back to the task at hand, pushing down the two levers making the toaster pastries sink into the depths of the toaster.

“Thanks hun” Jinnifer told him as soon as she heard the toaster click “Jim and Blake got an early start to try and get in line to see if they could score some good deals”

Todd took his seat back and Jinnifer continued “I’m gonna get some of my shopping done today too, so I am dropping you guys off at Brain Games if that’s okay?”

Feeling that she was prompting him Todd asked “Sure. What’s Brain Games?”

“It’s a daycare and tutoring service, like an afterschool program, but unlike normal daycares they are open some holidays, weekends, and they stay open late too, they will keep kids up until 2am Jim and I have used it for date night for a few years.”

Todd jumped a bit when the toaster dinged and the pop tarts popped up, it caught him off guard he was so completely caught up in the thought of actually being sent to daycare. It’s like Jinnifer had somehow read his mind or something and knew the exact things that he fantasized about.

The “Brain Games” sign had a cartoon brain and a chess piece dancing with each other on the sign, it was at least whimsical whereas the rest of the building was not. It looked to Todd like a library or doctors office, the building was square with tan brick with decorative crenelations and those tiny windows of frosted glass that let in light but nothing else. Jinnifer parked near the sign and told the boys to stay put, she would help them up.

Exiting the car she walked to the passengers side where she unbuckled Breyden first and led him by the hand around the car to where Todd was waiting patiently in his booster. She unbuckled him and held the door for him while he got out. Once she closed the car door she handed Todd a large paper sack with handles containing his diaper supplies.

“Carry this please and hold my hand” Jinnifer told him and stretched out a hand to both Todd and Breyden before walking them across the parking lot toward the entrance.

Inside the vestibule, Jinnifer pressed the buzzer and a few moments later a young lady appeared and opened the door.

“Mrs. Sumpter hello, hello Breyden” She said tossing the boys hair.

“Hi Miss Cindy!” Breyden giggled.

“Okay Breyden lets go get you settled in then!” She said taking the boy buy the shoulders and turning back to Jinnifer “What time will you pick him up?”

“Sometime this evening. But first I need to register this guy here” Jinnifer told Cindy

“Sure Rachel is back in the admins office I think, you can go back there and I’ll take Breyden here to go play, it’s group play at the moment. Come on Breyden, let’s get your coat off okay?”

Breyden waved goodbye to his mom and followed Cindy off down a hallway. Jinnifer walked across the lobby and past an empty reception desk, knocking on the door marked Administrator.

The door opened to reveal an older woman with coal black hair pulled back in a bun so tight it looked like she might be trying to smooth her wrinkles out with the strain. She had glasses on a gold chain hanging around her neck like necklace. She sniffed before speaking “Hello may I help you?”

“Hello, I’m Jinnifer Sumpter and my boys are enrolled here”

“Yes Mrs. Sumpter I recall you have Blake and Breyden correct?”

“Yes ma’am. Well This is my friends son who is staying with us through the holidays, and I know we will be bringing the boys here some before Christmas and I would really like to get some shopping in today.”

“I See. Unfortunately legally we can’t take a child in which you are not the legal guardian. “

Jinnifer rummaged in her bag “I have temporary guardianship”

That made Todds head snap, He had no idea what that really meant or entailed, but was surprised all the same that his Mom and Jinnifer had thought this through.

Todd, who assumed the small severe looking woman was the Rachel Cindy had mentioned, saw that she seemed to be at least as surprised as him.

Rachel sniffed and put her glasses on to study the offered paper, before stepping out of the way and back into the office “Please have a seat and we can fill out the paperwork”

“The boys age?” Rachel asked

“Just turned Thirteen, birthday was in October ”

Rachel addressed Todd for the first time “Happy belated Birthday, young man”

“Thank you” Todd told her smiling as he felt was appropriate.

Rachel opened the drawer on her desk and rummaged through some files “infants, toddlers, four to five, six to nine, and ten to thirteen” Accentuating the ten to thirteen as she pulled out a packet of paper and put it on her desk.

“Oh I already filled out the paperwork and brought it in, I downloaded it from the website” Jinnifer said handing the big stack of paper she had been working on earlier

“Oh great.” Rachel said accepting the stack and then frowning “It looks like you filled in the wrong paperwork, this is the toddler packet”

“Well I filled out the ten to thirteen, but I needed a couple of sheets from the toddler packet to supplement his information”

Rachel flipped the first sheet over and a her visage became a look of astonishment, she sniffed again “I see, and he um doesn’t take care of that himself”

“Well he does go number two in the potty by himself. But he has too many skin problems that his Mom and Pediatrician are just more comfortable with someone helping to get the fit right”

“I see” Rachel said, the look of astonishment banished from her face, she sniffed again, and with what even Todd could see was effort she picked up like it was normal “Did you complete the educational track assessment?”

“That should be in there?” Jinnifer said as Rachel started going through the papers again.

“Here it is” Jinnifer offered as she pulled it from her purse “It must have gotten separated”

A few minutes later Jennifer signed a couple of papers and Rachel printed some labels and made a file for Todd’s paperwork. Rachel took a picture of Todd for his file before picking up the phone on her desk. She used the temple piece of her glasses to press a button on the keypad and after waiting a second for it to be answered she asked for an aide to come to the admin office

A couple of minutes later Cindy stuck her head in “Hey what you need?”

“This young man will be joining us today, here is his name tag and here are his cubby labels for the supply room” Rachel said handing the packet to Cindy and the grocery bag of diaper supplies.

After reading through the packet, Cindy ruffled his hair just as she had done to Breyden, “Hi Todd, I’ll show you around, but first lets go hang up your jacket okay?”

Todd waved goodbye to Mrs. Sumpter, remembering how Breyden had done the same a little while ago, feeling very little in that moment.

Cindy opened a door marked coats took Todd’s jacket and hanging it on hook number 9, she tapped something into her ipad “That way we know that coat number 9 is yours!”

“This will be your group room, the rocket room, it’s for our kids ten to thirteen years old” she said as they passed the room with a Rocket Ship on the door “There was only one other kid in your age group today, so I mixed the kids in from the compass group (That’s our six to nine year olds) in. No one is really doing any learning play today, it’s mainly just goofing off and having fun.”

They passed a room with a compass on the door, its lights were off and the room was quiet. There was one more door were down the hall, this one with a bumble bee painted on it, and despite being closed you could hear kids playing on the other side.

“That’s where Breyden is at, our Bumblebees are our kindergarten aged kids.” She narrated.

At the end of the hall a small hallway led off in either direction, turning left toward the back of the building was a door with a large crayon covering, which Todd assumed was the baby and toddler room. To the right was another hallway with some water fountains and a couple of restrooms.

“There’s the restrooms if you” and then she looked embarrassed and looked at the bag she was carrying. “If you were wondering”

Todd could tell she felt bad for him, he wanted to tell her it was okay that he loved diapers, but he didn’t think he could or should tell her that. Still he didn’t want her to feel like she had embarrassed him, she was really trying to be nice to him.

“I um, um.” He started becoming truly embarrassed by having to say it out loud “I poop like normal. It’s just my bladder that has problems” He said tasting the lie, wishing he wouldn’t have implied there was something wrong with his bladder. Still that was probably for the best for her to think that.

“Oh well, super! Then that’s where the bathroom is if you need to you know” Cindy held a hand over her mouth in a conspiratorial manner “poop” she finished pushing her voice as low as she could make it.

Todd laughed feeling both of their embarrassment melt away.

At the end of the hall, where the three hallways came together there was a set of unmarked swinging saloon style doors that pushed open as she led Todd through.

Inside was a large room with counter and sink, a small child’s hand sink near the ground, a small partition containing the smallest toilet Todd had ever seen, it looked comicly small to him

There was also what looked like a basic exam table along with another set of double doors which from their position gave direct access to the Crayon room.

On the wall straight across the entry way was a wall of cubby holes. Each hole was labeled with a child’s name and contained their diaper, wipes, powders, creams and other supplies. Cindy walked over to an empty cubby and removed some of Todd’s diapers from the package and stacked them in their along with his can of powder and rash cream. She finished by peeling off one of the stickers and labeling the cubby with his name. The other label she placed on the paper bag with the rest of his diapers which she placed in a large cabinet at the end of the rows of cubbys.

“One more thing real quick - I need to read over your instructions, we’ll do a diaper check, and then we can get you settled in to your group after that.” Cindy said reading over the pages that had been printed from the toddler packet.

Todd heard the doors open and another worker brought a girl in “let’s get you changed sweetie”

“Hey Ellen, great timing, can she wait a few minutes?”

“Sure, she can wait a few”

“Thanks, Can you spot me?” Cindy asked before turning back to Todd “Sorry champ - because of your age we have to have two adults in here”

Ellen took the little girl back out and returned by herself a moment later.

“Todd this is my bff Ellen, she usually works with the little ones, but she fills in on bumblebees and compass from time to time.”

“Hi Todd, I’m Ellen” Ellen said speaking in a way that reminded him of Blake’s cousin Jim when he thought Todd was cognitively challenged.

“Hi” Todd managed back

Todd thought he saw Cindy shake her head a little as if telling Ellen to knock it off “Todd is going in my Rockets Group, I’m thinking he might beat this years room score.”

Ellen looked confused, and Todd had no idea what they were talking about, and they all three just stood there in an awkward silence until Cindy asked him “Do you need changed?”

“I’m fine” Todd told her, he had only wet once after he was changed after breakfast.

“Well cool, less work for me, but the rules say we still got to check okay? You want to undo your pants and hop up on the table for me?”

Todd opened his pants and was about to get on the table

“No need, you’re right, I can see it from here, just a little wet, but you’ll last a while yet. I’ll check you again after lunch. If you need to number two, you let me know okay?”

Todd pulled his pants back up

“Nice meeting you Todd” Ellen told him in a more normal voice as she made her way back to the crayon room to find the girl she was about to change before she was pulled in on Todds task.


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Love your story, dprtodd! Looking forward to the next installment. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the kind words @Baby boy 415 , @Daddy94 , @Bizmarkie - I’m glad you are enjoying the story. Next chapter is in the works and is mostly done, but might be a little while before I finish it. I just got inspiration on another one of my stories that I write, Branded, (which is now been in progress literally forever) - so I always give it top attention when I feel like I can make some head way on it. If you haven’t already please check it out and see if you like it, maybe that will hold you over until I come back to The Sumters

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This is still a story I look back on from time to time. I hope you find the inspiration to get back into it. I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you! I’ve tried to pick this one back up a couple of times, and have some stuff already written, but I just kind of fizzled out on this story overall (the whole content review thing although resolved favorably did put a bit of damper on my enthusiasm - not that I need much of an excuse to leave a story half done, mind you, I’m good at that too) I’ll try and get something out at some point - I’ve got a couple of other irons in the fire - but I’ll try and have something even if it’s small in the next couple of weeks. Thanks Daddy94 for the encouragement.

I really enjoyed it. I would hope you will continue the story.


Todd was led back to the Rockets room where he was introduced to Teri the aide in charge of the compass group as well as the five children in the combined room. They were all huddled around a large central table that looked like it could accommodate twenty or more kids. The group was all bunched in the middle of the table working on a catapult when Cindy walked Todd in.

“Everyone, this is Todd, he’s joining us today.” Cindy told the group.

“Hi Todd” the group of kids said in unison

“Were working on a trebuchet, we are about to test it!” said one of the two girls from the compass group (Todd guessed that the two girls were maybe related as they were both dark skinned like they were from the middle east or india - he wondered if thinking that was racist, but decided it was probably just a good guess since there were so few kids here today.)

The girl continued “I’m Lashmi, and this is my older sister Veda”” Todd scored one point for himself in his head.

Teri handed Todd a pair of safety goggles and told everyone they needed to don their eye protection. Cindy stacked some plastic cups up at the end of the table, while one of the boys put a marble in the pouch.

“Okay Everybody back behind the trebuchet. Joshua, you get to try the first shot” Teri called

The lanky boy who Todd guessed was the other Rockets enrolled student stepped forward and reached for the small trebuchet where he pulled at the string connected to the stick that was holding the throwing arm in place. The arm swung down and with a clap the marble hit the table in front of the trebuchet.

“Aww” the kids said collectively registering their disappointment.

“Good job Joshua. Does anyone have a theory on why the marble didn’t fly?” Teri asked

One of the compass boys blurted out “Too much weight?”

“Very good Owen, let’s test it and find out” Teri sounded very pleased

They worked on the model for the next hour tweaking everything from the weight to the throw arm length. Todd was completely engrossed in the activity by the time they knocked the stack of plastic cups over. Teri and Cindy instructed the group to clean up the building supplies, put everything away and to get ready for lunch.

Once the room was clean Cindy brought a cart in from the hall that had two pizza boxes (one cheese only and the other peperoni, along with 5 juice boxes and three bottles of water. The compass kids really took to Todd and asked him all kinds of questions about where he was from, they asked after his school, which seemed very novel to them all, as all the kids here seemed to be homeschooled. Joshua however didn’t really talk much to Todd or the other kids for that matter, he answered almost any question put to him with a monosyllable yes or no.

While lunch was being cleaned up Cindy took Todd aside and into the hall.

“Doing after lunch changes rotates through the staff, but since today was my day I didn’t really have to come get you. We don’t have anyone in the Compass group to pick up, so we’ll stop by Bumblebees and see if they have anyone. ”

Cindy knocked on the door and a plump middle aged woman with red hair answered the door.

“After lunch check,” She Cindy told her.

“I got two, but one of them just used the bathroom so I think they’re good, but I’ll send them out”

A moment later Breyden and another boy joined them in the hall and the small troop made the quick trip to the changing room.

“Hi Todd! This is my friend Bryce” Breyden said pointing to the other boy

“Hi” Todd told him but Bryce didn’t say anything at all, he just kind of stared at Todd making him feel very awkward.

Cindy meanwhile poked her head out the other door and asked for Ellen to come back in for a few minutes.

“Bryce, do you need changed?” Cindy asked the boy, who looked like he might nod, but then shook his head

“I think you’re fibbing, so over here for a minute, let’s check those pants” Cindy said grabbing a pair of gloves and “Yup you’re a fibber, go ahead and step out of your pants”

Ella handed her a pull up and the box of wipes from his cubby, before taking out the log sheet and writing something down. Cindy tore the sides off his pull up before having him step into a new one and having him pull it up.

Cindy turned on Breyden then “How about you?” she asked him as she peeled off her gloves and threw them along with the used pull up away.

“I went to the bathroom!” Breyden said excitedly

“I heard. Well let’s just make sure there weren’t any accidents”

Breyden dropped his pants and thrust out his pelvis to make his dry pull up very visible

“Good job buddy! Ella is gonna write that down for you okay?”

Breyden was all smiles as he pulled his pants up, but he fumbled with the zipper a bit before getting it. He turned to Todd and held up his hand for a high five “Hi Five!” he told him

“Good job” Todd told him and high fiving him, it felt kind of silly but it was hard not to be enthusiastic around Breyden.

“Okay fella, how bout you, you need change?”

Todd blushed deeply and just kinda nodded at Cindy.

“Okay then, lower your trousers and lay on the table please. Ella, would you watch these two get back to class?”

Ella watched from the door as the two boys made their way back across the hall to their classroom.

Cindy put on new gloves and untapped Todd’s diaper. “I hope you won’t be embarrassed but those are the cutest diapers I think I’ve ever seen, I love puppies. Your file says here you’re having some skin problems though? “ She said as she wiped his front down with a wipe. Todd was grateful he wasn’t hard for once during a diaper change, that would have probably skeeved out Cindy or embarrassed her (and himself) to death.

“Lay on your tummy please” She told him after she had put the new diaper under him.

Todd complied, rolling over. He felt her spread some cream across his butt using a baby wipe to apply it. She then tapped his butt and said “Flip” and he flipped back over and she did the same to his front. Thankfully the cream was cold enough that his parts were well behaved, but he could feel that they wouldn’t be too much longer.

His worry was unfounded because Cindy taped his diaper closed almost immediately after he had the thought.

“All right let’s get you back to class then, thanks Ella!” Cindy called out as she maneuvered Todd toward the door.

When they returned to the classroom it was mostly silent, each of the kids was seated at the table with a laptop and headphones. There was a laptop for him as well next to Joshua, and unbidden Todd sat down.

“Like I said earlier we’re not doing a lot of learning stuff today, but we do have a one hour session after lunch. I think Mrs Sumpter said you needed to focus on Literature and English, so have at it. Just hit the get help button to call me or Teri over okay?”

Todd slipped the headphones on and pressed the start button.

“Welcome to Brain Games English curriculum assessment, please choose the answer you think fits best, press skip to skip a question, and press help to call your learning assistant for help” the computer told him

“Section 1, read the following scenario”

The first reading passage was about a robot who looked human but had a hollow belly which she used to smuggle items past the police on the moon. Todd was actually sad to come to the end of the passage, and had wanted to read on. Instead he answered the questions and went to the next section and the next, until finally he ran out of sections.

Todd took off his headphones and looked around and noticed that Joshua and Owen, the boy who had guessed there was too much weight on the trebuchet were gone. Lashmi, Veda, and a compass boy who Todd thought might be named Jeff were all talking and playing what appeared to be a game of some kind.

Cindy came over to him “Your file says you’re having trouble in English, but the assessment you took said otherwise, you are well above your grade level.” Cindy was careful not to add “Which is surprising for someone going to public school” but she did think it. “Next time you’re here we will do a different assessment and might even work on the few problem areas the software identified for you”

Todd was surprised to hear her say this, English was his worst subject at school, and although he liked to read the whole thing about parts of speech and grammar and all that drove him crazy, there were too many rules and too many exceptions to those rules.

He joined the other kids at the end of the conference table where they were collectively making choices about a lunar colony. It took Todd a few minutes to realize it, but it was really math problems disguised as a game. Setting ratios for the co2 scrubbers and oxygen generating greenhouses, to optimizing power levels for the lighting and habitation areas. Stil collaborating with the other kids was fun, and while the math was simple ratios, the game itself was rather fun.

Todd played until suddenly Mr Sumpter, Breyden and Blake were at the doorway of the room.

Cindy printed off some papers and handed it to Mr. Sumpter. “It was a pleasure to meet you Todd! Bye Breyden, Hello Blake!” Cindy told him as left “Don’t forget your jacket okay? Number 9”

When they got to the car, Todd climbed into the backseat while Jim told him “I don’t have a booster for you in this car buddy, but you’ll do okay, we won’t tell your mom, it’ll be our little secret.”

Blake wrinkled his forehead a little, before climbing into the passenger seat. Todd wondered if maybe Jim would have been better off not drawing any attention to the fact.

“Okay so here’s the plan, I’m taking Breyden here to shop a little, I’m going to drop you other two off at the house for a bit, where you guys will play video games or watch tv and be good until either Breyden and I get done or Jinnifer gets home”

When they pulled in the driveway, Jim interrupted Breyden’s story of his day at Brain Games “Todd you need changed, or are you good for a little while?”

Todd squeezed his legs together trying to gauge the wetness of his diaper. “I think I’ll be fine, thanks”

“Okay you boys be good then, see you in a bit”

Blake unlocked the door and both boys were inside the house by the time the Audi had pulled back out of the driveway.

Todd and Blake soon found themselves in front of the big screen in the family room playing on the ps4.

“We got a Switch today for Breyden for christmas.” Blake told Todd as he booted up Rocket league “I’ll play it some too I guess” he continued almost keeping a straight face.

“Sweet” Todd told him with a high five “One of my friends, David, has one and it is pretty sick.”

Todd didn’t have a console, he mostly played games on his phone and on his laptop. He kinda wanted one, but didn’t want to ask his mom for one now that she was a single parent. He knew his dad had life insurance and that they weren’t destitute, but he could see how his mom was worried about the bills.

His friend Sam was in a similar situation, he was being raised by his dad after his mom left and signed over custody. From what Todd understood Sam’s mom had some kind of drug problem and mental health issues and she just couldn’t be around. Sam’s dad struggled with the bills and there was even a time in the spring when Sam stayed at his house for a few days when their electricity was out.

“Boo ya son, that’s in your face” Blake yelled as Todd realized he was scored on

Todd pushed away his thoughts of Sam and David, realizing he kinda missed them. This was his third day here and he missed his friends and his mom. He felt little again, but not in the way he wanted.

Todd’s face must have shown his thoughts because Blake paused the game and set the controller down “What’s up? Something wrong?”

“Nah - just thinking about one of my friends. Feeling bad, I was kinda an ass to him the last week or so ago. So just kinda thinking I need to tell him I’m sorry”

“Cool. That’s a good friend who apologizes. I don’t have a lot of friends, since I am homeschooled. There are some kids at Brain Games, but it’s not like we hang out.”

“Yeah I met a couple of kids there today that seemed pretty cool. The only kid our age was Joshua, and he seemed really quiet.”

“Joshua is really quiet, but he’s kinda okay once you get to know him”

Blake trailed off and just looked at Todd for a few minutes until Todd noticed his stare “What?” he asked.

“Can I ask you something? “

Todd’s stomach lurched into his throat, he didn’t know exactly what Blake was going to ask him, but in Todd’s experience most questions that you had to ask if you could ask them were trouble…

“Sure I guess,” he told him.

“Don’t be mad at me for asking this. But you like diapers and stuff don’t you?”

“Huh?” Todd said trying to buy time to think

“You ‘like, like’ diapers don’t you? You seem so happy every time my Mom changes you, and it seems like you like other little kid stuff too.”

Todd didn’t know how to respond, so he just sat there heart pounding in his chest like he was cornered.

“It’s, okay I’m not judging - it’s just the whole car seat thing, and I saw there were two dino placemats at the table from this morning, you getting juice boxes like Breyden, hell you even let my Mom change your diaper in the middle of the living room floor and you were grinning the whole time.”

Blake picked back up the controller but left the game paused.

“Umm, yeah I guess so” Todd finally said at not much more than a whisper.

“It’s okay, I’m not judging, just curious is all.”

Todd didn’t know if he had said the right thing or not. He didn’t know if he should tell Mrs. Sumpter or not. Blake really didn’t sound as if he cared, so maybe he was being truthful, but Todd wondered if his honesty was a mistake, wondered if the whole trip here was a mistake.

“Ready?” Blake asked him, and although it was definitely a question, he didn’t wait for a reply, simply pausing the game and turning back to the TV as if they had not been discussing anything important at all.

They played games like nothing had happened, but Todd’s heart wasn’t really in it, all he could think about was if this wasn’t all some big mistake. Was Jinnifer going to be mad at him? Should he tell her at all? When he thought about telling her he wondered if she might get mad at Blake for asking? Or would she instead get mad at him for admitting it? Or worse yet maybe she would get mad at both of them?


I’ve moved it out of Abandoned, it was set to autokill the topic, welcome back

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So so so happy to see this story back cause it’s amazing keep up the awesome work!!!

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Thanks Jackchef! I had gotten a couple of messages about the story recently and realized I had a part that had never been posted. I’m a couple of paragraphs into another part now - but I am very slow, so no telling when I will actually post it. :slight_smile:

You forgot to remove the abandoned tag though :wink:

I’ll take care of that in a moment. :slight_smile:

@dprtodd we have a few different tags for story status now. Since you’re still working on it, but slowly, so I’m updating to in-progress since you’re still working on it. :slight_smile:

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I have enjoyed the story up to this point. I wonder if Blake will accept Todd’s little side and even treat him like a little kid now that we know he accepts that Todd likes his diapers.