State Fair Weekend Chapters 18-21

Chapter 18 Rides, animals and snacks

Robbie was still too little for most of the big kid rides but there was a whole section of little kids rides. Marcy wanted to go ride the giant swings which Robbie couldn’t, so they settled for the kiddie swings, Tilt-A-Whirl, and mini roller coaster. Marcy was having fun but wanted to go on big kid rides. There was plenty of food vendors, they ate french-fries, cotton candy, and lemonade. Marcy wanted an ice cream cone, but Aunt Cindy told her no.

Next Robbie wanted to ride the merry-go-round. As Nikki picked up Robbie to put him on, she felt his diaper, which was wet.

“Robbie, why didn’t you tell me your diaper was wet?" she asked him. Robbie did not even remember it happening. It must be all the excitement she thought.

“Do we need to walk over to the family restroom in the Community Building?” asked Aunt Cindy.

“That won’t be necessary”, Nikki answered her, “there is an empty bench right here which will work just fine”.

"Mom, are you going to change me right here in front of everyone?” Robbie questioned.

“If you are going to wet your diaper right here in the middle of the fair, I am going to change you right here in the middle of the fair", she responded. Then Nikki laid Robbie on the bench, took off his sandals, slid his shorts down, removed the wet diaper, and swiftly taped a new one in place.

“That was fast” Cindy told her sister.

Robbie wanted to ride the merry-go-round again, but Nikki told him maybe later. They decided to go through some of the livestock barns and come back to the rides later. Robbie and Marcy really enjoyed petting the baby sheep and goats while their mothers talked to the FFA students who had brought their animals to the fair.

“Your little boy looks so cute with his diaper showing above his waist”, one of the FFA girls said to Nikki. “My mom is still trying to get my brother potty-trained too”

“Oh, he’s been potty-trained during the day for a year now but still has some accidents, so we opted for extra protection at the fair” Nikki told her.

Then a second girl chimed in, “My mom did the same thing with my little brother on vacation this summer. She says boys take longer than girls to be fully potty-trained”.

“Yes, some kids can be more of a challenge than others” Nikki responded, looking down at Robbie, who was petting the baby goats.

Chapter 19 Marcy’s unfortunate moment in the spotlight

After leaving the petting barn, Robbie spotted a milk shake stand. “I want a milk shake” Robbie exclaimed.

“OK sweetie, so do I” Nikki responded.

What? Marcy thought to herself, first they make me go on the kiddie rides and now Robbie was getting a milk shake when she asked for ice cream this morning and didn’t get it.

“I am tired of everything being about Diaper Butt”, she said without thinking. “I’m sorry mommy, I didn’t mean to call him that”, she quickly followed up with. That was the first time on this trip that Marcy called Aunt Cindy, mommy. But that wasn’t going to help her now.

“Young lady, what did I tell you would happen if you called Robbie that name again?’ Aunt Cindy asked, as she scowled at her daughter.

“Nikki, do you still have the hairbrush in Robbie’s diaper bag?” She asked her sister.

“Yes, I do” Nikki replied with a look of approval, she too was tired of Marcy’s diaper butt comments.

“I have heard all of the sass I can handle coming from this one’s mouth”, Aunt Cindy said as she reached for the brush. “We will be right back” Cindy told her, walking Marcy quickly towards an empty animal barn, clutching the hairbrush in one hand and a backpedaling Marcy in the other.

“No mommy, please don’t spank me" was the last comment Nikki and Robbie could hear as Aunt Cindy and Marcy entered the barn.

Once inside, Cindy spotted a chair leaning against one of the stalls. Cindy turned the chair around and dusted the seat off. “I’ll be dusting your seat off next, young lady”, Cindy exclaimed loudly as she spun the wide-eyed Marcy around, pulling her daughter across her lap.

“Don’t spank me here mommy, someone will see me”, Marcy replied, trying everything she could to avoid the paddling she knew was coming next.

“This barn is empty so no one will see you, but they probably will hear you in a minute”, her mother countered with. “You and your nephew are usually best of friends”, Cindy lectured Marcy as the wooden hairbrush landed several times in quick succession to the seat of the skimpy little shorts she was wearing.

Tears rolling down her face, Marcy replied, “I’m sorry mommy, I love Robbie, but I am tired of him getting all the attention this weekend”.

“Well, he’s not the one getting all of the attention now, is he?”, replied Cindy as she gave a quick tug on Marcy’s shorts, revealing her already pink backside. Cindy then landed a couple additional swats to Marcy’s bare bottom, just to make sure her point was well received. Marcy was bawling like a toddler herself, as her mother applied one last, very sound whack with the hairbrush…

Chapter 20 Too much fair food

After a few minutes, Cindy and Marcy emerged from the barn. Marcy still had tears in her eyes as Aunt Cindy marched her up to Robbie to apologize for calling him names.

“I am sorry Robbie” Marcy told her younger cousin, as she rubbed her sore bottom and tried to control her sobs.

“Ok” Robbie replied, finishing the last of his milkshake.

“It is really heating up out here and I am pretty warm after my little workout, let’s go get some air conditioning in the quilt museum” Aunt Cindy said as she smiled at Marcy.

Marcy ignored her mother’s comment, still rubbing her sore bottom.

As they were walking to the quilt museum, Robbie exclaimed, “Mommy, my stomach hurts”, peering up at Nikki.

“I told you not to drink your milkshake so fast. In this heat, you probably do have a tummy ache” she replied.

Robbie continued to complain about his stomach as they approached the quilt museum.
Then he suddenly stopped and became very quiet, squatted down and started to cry.

“What’s wrong baby?” Nikki asked with a puzzled look.

“I couldn’t help it mommy” Robbie announced between sobs, “I couldn’t hold it” he added. Robbie couldn’t believe what just happened, he was used to waking up every morning in a wet diaper, but he hadn’t messed one in a long time. Standing in the middle of the street with a smelly, loaded diaper was just too much.

“Oh no” Cindy and Nikki exclaim simultaneously. “Thank God the family restroom is just around the corner” added Nikki as she cautiously picked Robbie up, aware of what was waiting in his diaper.

The family restroom was much like the one at the mall, only bigger. There were regular bathroom stalls along one wall and five diaper changing stations along the other. Nikki was glad to see there was an open changing station because she knew Robby’s diaper wasn’t going to hold out much longer.

Robbie was still softly crying as Nikki laid him onto the diaper changing pad. “It’s Ok baby, accidents happen, you had too much junk food this morning and that milkshake did you in” Nikki said to Robbie trying to console him.

As Nikki removed Robbie’s sandals and shorts, she could see the mess which the diaper had so courageously attempted to contain, was beginning to leak out. As she set the soiled shorts aside, Nikki thought about how much worse this messy situation would be if Robbie wasn’t wearing a diaper.

After using multiple baby wipes, Nikki finally had Robbie’s messy bum cleaned up. Nikki then slid a fresh Pamper under his raised bottom and applied a generous amount of baby powder. After pulling the front of the diaper up around Robbie’s waist and taping it securely in place, Nikki Picked Robbie up and gave him a big bear-hug.

Nikki lowered Robbie to the ground and then they walked to the sink where Nikki made her best attempt to wash out Robbie’s messy shorts. After cleaning them as much as she could, Nikki wrapped the shorts up and pushed them to the bottom of Robbie’s diaper bag.

Aunt Cindy and Marcy were waiting on a bench outside as Nikki led Robbie, dressed in just his sandals, a t-shirt and a diaper, out of the bathroom.

“I didn’t think about this happening, so I didn’t bring extra shorts” Nikki announced.

“I’m sure Robbie will not want to spend the rest of the day walking around in just a diaper so I guess this will cut our day short” Cindy said to Nikki.

“Yes, but what if Robbie and I stay a few more days, I have two more weeks before I go back to work at the school and Robbie has a month before he starts kindergarten. Besides, there are concerts you and I would like to see this week. If you could get time off, we can come back with the kids another day and you and I go to the concerts at night, it would be just like old times”.

“That’s a great idea, we could see the Journey concert at the grandstand Monday night. I am sure I can get a few days off and we would love to have you guys stay longer. And I am sure Marcy will be better behaved after our session back at the cattle barn”. Aunt Cindy told Nikki.

“Great, let’s walk over to the grandstand and check out the concert schedule”.

Chapter 21 Happy toddler again

It was a hot day and there were lots of babies and toddlers on the fairgrounds dressed in just diapers. Because of his smaller stature, Robbie did not look that out of place wearing just his Pampers, he looked more like a big toddler than a soon to be kindergartener. Robbie didn’t seem a bit phased by the fact that his diaper was on display for everyone to see. In fact, Robbie requested to go on more rides before leaving. Marcy wasn’t ready to go yet either, so the group walked towards the Midway where the big kid rides were located.

“You two go on a couple rides and we will check out the carnival games” Nikki told Cindy and Marcy.

Nikki noticed that Marcy winced a little as she sat down on the seat of the Scrambler ride. Yep, she thought to herself, our mom’s old hairbrush leaves a reminder when used properly.

“Hey lady, try to win the little boy a stuffed animal” said the man at the ball toss game.

“Well, I used to be a pitcher in softball” Nikki replied, setting Robbie up on the counter and handing the man a dollar.

Nikki made two out of three as she tossed the balls towards the targets.

“Pretty good”, the man told Nikki, “now you can pick anything in that row of animals or for another dollar you can try to upgrade to the bigger ones in the row above” he told her.

“I want the Lassie Dog” Robbie said pointing at a stuffed collie.

“Kind of a big kid to be wearing diapers” the man said with a smirk, handing the toy to Robbie.

“That would be none of your concern”, Nikki told him, picking up Robbie and carrying him to meet Cindy and Marcy.

As the group walked back toward the main fair gate and the kiddie rides, they came upon the free circus. It was towards the end of the show, so they grabbed a seat and watched the elephant performance. As Nikki was holding Robbie on her lap with him snuggled into her chest, she was thinking about how comforting it was having her baby cuddled up with her again. After all, in a month he was going to be starting school and these times would be going away faster than she wanted them to.

Nikki was pulled back to the present as she felt the seat of Robbie’s diaper get warm and start to swell. “Robbie, did you just pee?’ she asked him.

“I guess so”, Robbie said, as he continued to watch the large animals prancing around, not at all concerned about the wet diaper he was wearing.

“I don’t think he even noticed” Cindy leaned over and commented.

“He must have been too occupied with watching the elephants. I’ll just wait until the performance is over then I will change him, again”, Nikki responded.

Once the show was over, Nikki walked Robbie back over to the bench by the merry-go-round, where she changed his diaper on the way in. Since she did not have to mess with taking off his shoes or shorts, Nikki had him in a fresh Pamper in almost no time at all. She deposited the wet diaper in a trash can, and they headed to the kiddie section for a few more rides.

As Nikki watched Robbie riding the merry-go-round again with Marcy, she saw her happy little boy clad in just his t-shirt, diaper, and little sandals. He looks happy, she thought, and very content with his attire. But she was also a bit concerned about the fact that he seemed to be just using his diaper without even telling her. After the ride ended, the group walked to Cindy’s car and headed home.

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