State Fair Weekend Chapters 10 - 14

Chapter 10 Close call

After leaving the tot store, we headed to Montgomery Wards, when I told mommy I needed to potty.

“Not again, so soon?” she asked me.

“I need to poop”, I told her.

She got a serious look on her face and asked Aunt Cindy where the family bathroom was at. She hadn’t changed one of my poopy diapers in over a year and did not want to today. And if she was going to need the wipes, they were out in my diaper bag. Mommy swooped me up and we took off towards the bathroom.

When we arrived at the family bathroom there were two diaper changing pads, but both were occupied by babies who were being changed by their mothers. Mommy took me into one of the stalls so I could do my business in the potty. As mommy took off my shorts, she noticed the little smiles, as she called them, starting to appear on the seat of my shorts, my diaper had been just starting to leak a little. When I was finished mommy wiped me and then wrapped the wet diaper back around me, the best she could. Then she carried me out to an available changing pad. Mommy laid me down and pulled the clean diaper from her purse. She then lifted my legs just like when I was a baby and slid the clean diaper under my raised bottom.

“That is sure a big baby…um toddler, you have there” said the lady standing at the changing pad next to us, as she diapered her two-year-old.

“Yes mam, and I love every inch of him”, mommy replied as she fastened the diaper tapes around my waist. I was smiling bigger than I had all day as mommy lowered me to the floor and patted my once again freshly diapered bottom.

As mommy and me walked out, Marcy exclaimed, “it’s about time, we have been out here waiting for you, Diaper Butt”.

“Marcella Elizabeth” Aunt Cindy said sharply, grabbing her daughter by the arm. “If you call Robbie one more name, I will spank you. Do you understand me?”

Wow not only did Aunt Cindy call Marcy by her middle name, she threatened to spank her. I remember when we both gotten spankings from our mothers a for getting our church clothes wet playing with the hose, but Marcy is now 9 years old and almost two feet taller than me, I didn’t know she still got spankings.

“Yes mam” Marcy replied as she looked down at the ground. As she did, she too reached her hand around instinctively protecting her bottom.

I guess even big kids get spanked in this family. Marcy’s teasing me didn’t really bother me right now, after what mommy and just told the nosey lady in the bathroom. I knew my mommy loved me and would protect me, and obviously, so would Aunt Cindy.

Chapter 11 Enough time at the mall

“I think both of the children are getting a little tired and grouchy” my mommy interjected, trying to lighten the mood a bit. “We all have a big day ahead of us again tomorrow, so why don’t we end our mall trip and head back to your house to rest a bit before dinner? Besides, I really need to restock this little one’s diaper bag before we do much else” she said as she tried to straighten a tuft of my hair which was standing up after laying on the changing pad.

“That’s probably a good idea” Aunt Cindy replied, I will see if I can move up our dinner reservation a bit as well. I told them we would play miniature golf after dinner and I really don’t want them up much past their regular bedtimes tonight. We don’t want to be dealing with cranky kids at the fair tomorrow”.

Then all four of us headed back to Aunt Cindy’s car. As mommy put me in my car seat, she said to me “I hope you don’t need to potty since I didn’t ask before we left the mall. Not that asking you has made a big difference today, anyways” she added.

“I don’t” I replied in a sleepy voice.

As the car was leaving the mall parking lot, both Marcy and Robbie sat silently in the back seat. Marcy was sad that she had been mean to her little cousin. She really did care a lot about him and enjoyed when they were together. She did not want to hurt his feelings. Robbie’s eyes were heavy as he thought about the day’s events. He too really loved his cousin and enjoyed spending the day with her. He also was excited about going to the fair tomorrow. It had been two years since the last time he went to the fair, and since he was older now, he would get to ride more rides. Robbie knew we wanted to do big boy things, but he also enjoyed the extra attention that being in diapers was bringing him today.

Chapter 12 Nap time before dinner

I was sound asleep and never noticed that Aunt Cindy’s car pulled back into the drive or mommy getting me out of my car seat and carrying me upstairs to our bedroom.

After gently laying Robbie onto the bed, she reached down to check his diaper. She was happy that her baby boy was still dry and getting a much-needed nap. Nikki was a little concerned about how many diapers Robbie had used today. She thought he might wet one or two, but she had already changed him four times since they left the house this morning. A couple of them were not his fault as he knew he had to go but there wasn’t a bathroom available. That, she thought to herself was the reason she decided to keep in diapers today in the first place. She knew that it would be the exact same situation at the fair tomorrow so no sense in changing course now.

Nikki left her sleeping baby upstairs and went back down to the kitchen where Cindy was on the telephone with the restaurant. “Hold on a minute please while I check with my sister” Cindy told the lady on the phone. “They can get us in at 6:00, if you think we can all be ready in the next 45 minutes” Cindy asked her sister.

“Let’s make it happen” Nikki replied. “I can freshen up a bit while I let Robbie sleep a little bit longer, and then get him ready”.

“Thank-you, we will be there at 6:00”, Cindy told the lady on the phone.

Cindy and Marcy changed their clothes as Nikki went upstairs to do the same. After getting herself ready, she checked Robbie’s diaper, which was wet. Nikki opened the box of Pampers on the dresser and laid one on the bed next to Robbie. Then she added a few to the diaper bag. She would need to be sure to fill it before the fair tomorrow.

“Time to wake up for dinner, sweetheart” Nikki told Robbie as she gently roused him from his nap.

Robbie was still groggy as she changed his diaper and changed his clothes, getting him ready for dinner. After combing his hair and brushing his teeth, Nikki carried the still somewhat sleepy boy downstairs where Cindy and Marcy were waiting.

Chapter 13 Little Sicily’s Italian Restaurant

The restaurant was nice but not overly fancy. “Welcome to Little Sicily’s, my name is Sherry, I will take you to your table” said the young hostess at the door. When she noticed my diaper bag and the top of my pampers sticking out above my shorts, she told mommy she would bring us a high chair. Mommy just assumed she meant a booster seat like I use at home.

When the girl returned with the high chair, I shouted “I’m not a baby, I don’t need that!”

Mommy quickly replied, “mind your manners, young man!” She then told the hostess “I am sorry about that, I thought you meant a booster seat”.

“I can get you one” the hostess replied, a bit startled by my outburst.

Aunt Cindy looked at her sister and said, “somebody’s nap was obviously not long enough”.

If I hadn’t already created enough problems for myself, I back-talked again when mommy ordered me a child’s spaghetti, telling here “I am a big boy and I don’t want baby food”.
To which she replied, “don’t be silly Robbie, I am ordering an appropriate dinner for a five-year-old, it’s not baby food, that comes in jars. We have had a fun day today and I know you are a bit tired but if your attitude doesn’t change, I will change it for you”.

I just crossed my arms and waited for dinner. My spaghetti and meatballs were good, and I had almost cleared my plate when the owner’s wife stopped by to thank Aunt Cindy for bringing her family in to the restaurant. She looked at me and said, “what an adorable little boy you are”.

“I am a big boy” I protested loudly, getting a dissatisfied look from mommy. I unfortunately pushed her a little too far when banged the table with my hand caught the end of my fork, flinging spaghetti into the air”.

“I am so very sorry” mommy told the owner’s wife in a shocked and disappointed tone. After apologizing for my outburst, she reached for my diaper bag.

“Mommy, my diaper is not wet” I told her.

“Oh, I’m not getting a diaper” mommy replied, as she retrieved a hairbrush from the diaper bag.

I had no idea it was in there but knew what was going to happen next. “I’m sorry. I’ll be good. Please don’t spank me” I protested as mommy grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards the ladies’ room. Passing several approving faces along the way.

Once we arrived in the ladies’ room, mommy sat down on the couch inside the door, and quickly removed my shorts. In her haste to expose my bare bottom, she tore the front of my diaper while trying to remove the tapes, making it unable to be reused. I think the fact that she wasted a diaper added to her frustration. In a flash, I was across her lap staring at the floor. She quickly went to work applying the hairbrush to my unprotected bottom. I received five swats, one for each year. So much for being a big boy, I was wishing I hadn’t just turned five.

After the spanking ended, mommy told me to wait on the couch while she went for another diaper. I didn’t feel much like sitting but I did not want to risk any more spankings.
When she returned, she quickly diapered my bottom which felt as though it was on fire, all while lecturing me about the inappropriateness of my actions. “If you want to be treated like a big boy, you need to act like a big boy, I don’t care if you are wearing a diaper or not” she told me.

“Yes mam” I replied between sniffles.

My eyes were still a bit tearful as mommy marched me back to the table to apologize. “I am sorry guys, I was acting like a little brat” I said rubbing my diapered bottom. It felt like a thousand bees were stinging my butt as mommy sat me back in my booster seat, but I was thankful for the extra layer of padding my diaper provided between it and my spanked bottom.

Chapter 14 Minatare golf

Once back in the car, Aunt Cindy asked, “Do you think we should just skip miniature golf tonight since Robbie is obviously tired and not controlling his emotions very well”.

“No” Nikki replied, don’t let what happened at the restaurant ruin or day. It’s on the way home and I am pretty sure Robbie will be well-behaved after our little trip to the ladies’ room. Besides we have all been looking forward to it and I am ready to beat you like always”.

“Game on” replied Aunt Cindy with a smile, pulling into the miniature golf park.

As mommy lifted me out of my car seat, she whispered in my ear, “you will be good, right, young man?”

“Yes mam”, I replied.

The golf game was rather uneventful except for the second to last hole. As bent over to pick up my golf ball, my shirt rose up leaving a good portion of my diaper exposed in the process.
“Look mommy, that little boy is wearing a diaper too” said a little girl playing golf next to us.

I just smiled at her and she smiled back, mommy was right, I needed to act like a big boy even if I was wearing a diaper. Her name was Amy and she lived next door to my Aunt Cindy, I found out later.


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