Starting Over

Prompt: Write about a character being put into a bad situation

Disclaimer: the usual disclaimer applies

“So, you’re basically going to be publicly and privately humiliated and forced into the position of a baby,” a woman who earlier introduced herself as Cherry explained. She was smiling warmly, but it had a condescending feel to it.

“But don’t worry, you’re also going to be given plenty of love, cuddles, and consoling to help you adjust to the treatment,” a man who earlier introduced himself as Henry, explained. Unlike his female friend, he was wearing a full-on cat-who-ate-the-canary smirk.

Alex cringed as the two very tall people spoke. She was here in the diaper dimension because she was an activist in the United States who got a very bad reputation thanks to the media constantly catching her at the wrong place at the wrong time. She opted to go to the diaper dimension to escape her reputation only to have agents waiting for her and ready to demote her to Little status. Somehow, important people had gotten wind of her escape, and they apparently weren’t going to let her go unpunished.

Littles were like second-class citizens in many parts of this dimension. From what she’d gathered about this place, being a Little was like being a criminal. The status was achieved usually after committing some sort of crime or displaying other blatant signs of “immaturity.” Amazons and tourists who received Little status were purposely publicly humiliated and tortured, to what extent depended on what the “caregiver” chose. Alex cringed at the memory of the embarrassing horror stories she’d read as she felt someone grab her by the hand.

“Okay, step into the chamber now,” Cherry directed. Alex was pulled out of her worried flashback to be met with the sight of a giant glass tube. Her brain was screaming at her. She felt like running, but there was no way out and she knew it. Resigned to her fate, she followed the giant’s request and stepped into the weird-looking cylinder.

She heard a click and the machine whirred to life. A bright flash temporarily blinded her, and some kind of sharp saw-like device sliced through her clothes and removed them while she was stunned. Briefly, thoughts of what had happened to activists in other countries involving weird chambers that looked like shower stalls flashed through her head, but she tried to put those fears to rest as soon as they came. After all, if they intended to kill her, she couldn’t do anything about that now, could she?

“Pop!” she was again pulled out of thoughts by a loud mechanical sound. She looked around to see thousands of tiny holes opening up all along the walls of the cylinder. “Nanite injection commence,” a mechanical voice droned. A second after the announcement, something like strands of straight metal hair poked out of each of the tubes. Before Alex could react further, they shot out, piercing every inch of the girl’s body and burrowing inside. Alex winced as she started itching all over. She would have tried to pull whatever was injected into her out, but any evidence anything was ever there was gone before she knew what to do.

As she was reeling from whatever was happening, she was hit with another bright flash, this time a burning painful one. When the heat finally stopped and she opened her eyes, she noticed that all of her body hair was gone. Well, that was one plus about this odd treatment, she guessed. She scratched her arm in discomfort. Her skin still felt really tingly; she wasn’t sure if that was from the hair removal or whatever was injected inside of her earlier.

While she was contemplating her situation, the giant glass tube opened up to reveal her standing naked in front of the two giants. “Aw, welcome to your new life, baby girl,” Cherry cooed. She reached out her hand and ruffled Alex’s hair. Alex fought the urge to push it away and didn’t try to run because she realized they’d just catch her.

“Alrighty, let’s get you diapered and ready for shipping,” Henry said in a childish condescending tone.

“Wait! What? Diapered?! Shipping?!” Alex said with surprise.

Before she knew what was happening, giant-sized hands picked her up and hoisted her onto an oversized changing table. “Lie down, baby,” Cherry cooed. Alex found herself blushing profusely at the thought of being naked in front of someone. Her handlers acted like they didn’t notice, though.

Alex desperately wanted to protest, but she felt herself being pushed back onto the table, strapped down, and wiped clean before she could even argue. She experienced the strange sensation of her legs and rump being lifted and a warm soft cottony diaper being slid underneath it. It was a small relief to her still tingling skin. She let out a sigh of content, prompting a low laugh from Cherry.

“Hey!” Alex let out a yelp as a hard plastic paddle loaded with diaper rash cream was scraped across her butt and privates. The cream felt cold, slippery, and foreign, and clashed uncomfortably with the warm softness of the diaper. “Sorry, baby, but we don’t want you getting rashies,” Cherry said playfully as she continued to diaper the girl. Alex would have protested further, but the diaper change was almost over. The next sensation was the diaper being pulled tightly between her legs. She heard a loud “scrrrch,” as the tapes were fastened.

“All done!” Cherry cooed. Alex wiggled her legs around while she was still strapped to the changing table. Her brain was screaming at her to figure something out and escape, but another part was just enjoying a sensation she hadn’t experienced since she was a toddler. Her hand almost made its way to her mouth when she felt the straps restraining her loosen. Cherry pulled her back up to a sitting position. Alex almost told her she could do it herself, but stopped herself at the last minute.

Her curiosity was quickly replaced by panic. Henry was holding a giant syringe with a very sharp needle. It was Amazon-sized and looked like it could go through Alex’s arm and reach the other side. “Hold her still,” Henry instructed. Cherry’s giant hands grabbed her and held her down.

“No, no, no, please, I’m afraid of needles!” Alex suddenly shrieked. It was almost reflexive. She quickly covered her mouth when she realized she was protesting. It was too late, though. Her hands were pulled away and something thick and rubbery was shoved into her mouth. She felt the ball inflate and push her tongue down.

“Shhh…relax, baby. This is just a little medicine to help you go sleepy-bye so that the trip doesn’t make the little baby cranky. Just suck on your paci and let the grown-ups do their work like a good baby,” Cherry cooed. Henry let out a low laugh. She gave him a pointed look. “What?”

“You sound like a natural,” Henry quipped.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Cherry retorted.

Alex winced and mumbled protests behind her pacifier as the monstrous needle was shoved into her forearm. She closed her eyes as it contacted her skin. It was so big and sharp that she expected it to come out the other side, but to her surprise, all she felt was a little prick, about like a bee sting. It was painful compared to injections she had recently but nothing like what she imagined.

“There we go, all ready for beddy bye,” Henry said in a monotone voice.

“Yes we are, yes we are,” Cherry cooed in a sing-song voice as she lifted Alex up in the air playfully.


I am very very excited for this i love diaper dimension stories they are my absolute favourite I how you plan to make a nice long detailed story line and I can’t wait to see where this story goes!

Good luck with writing and can’t wait to see where it goes from here awesome start! :slight_smile: