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A black deer is sitting in what appears to be a nursery. She’s reading a kid’s book to 2 toddlers. One drinking from a bottle and the others sucking a pacifier. They both seem nearly asleep as the black deer rubs both their heads as they fall asleep. She smiles and giggles. Closing the book and heading out of the nursery shutting the door and turning out the lights.

A young woman probably in her early 20, she’s a pink bunny with floppy ears. She is sitting in an office chair spinning before she notices the black deer.

“o-oh boss, you already have the little ones to sleep?”

The young lady has a slight blush on her face. The deer giggles and smiles.

“I’m surprised you didn’t want to join them? Heh.”

The bunny girl blushes more and laughs.

“Well someone has to watch them right? Kinda part of my job. I know you’ve been looking for more help so I’ve been keeping an ear out for you.”

The deer puts her hands on her knees and smiles at the bunny.

“Oh really! That’s wonderful Sally. Tell mommy all the information and I’ll go find you some new friend~”

The bunny girl who looked in her early 20s begins to look smaller. She would blush more playing with her ears.

“W-well there are two boys who are very sweet but it turns out they lost their home and are homeless now. It’s really sad but I’m sure mommy can help them! Then they can work wif us!”

The bunny girl gets younger and younger till she’s about two years old, the deer grabs the bunny girl.

“well ok, then mommy will check on these boys. But in the meantime, you need to get some sleep.”

The deer grabs a pacifier and puts it in her mouth. She rests her head on the deer and the deer pets her. Like magic, the bunny girl begins to fall asleep. She takes her to the nursery laying her in a crib and leaves thinking to herself.

“Two young boys who are homeless. That’s so sad… but I’m sure I can give these boys a better life, Heh.”

The deer leaves the nursery looking up at the sign Staries ‘little’ getaway. Was the name of this apparent nursery.

“It’s so hard to find help… No one wants to work here, they all want to stay here.”

She says with a sigh. She heads to a house next door and walks inside. It was a normal-looking home. But it had stuff set up like she had a child or two. But there was no evidence of a husband or even a kid. She heads to her room removing her skirt and brown apron. She gets dressed in some silky pj’s and sits on her bed.

“You’re going to change the world Starie and if not… I’ll make them change.”

She says with a giggle laying down and quickly falling asleep. The next day Starie wakes up stretching. She throws the covers off her and grabs her phone. She had a text from Sally, it was just a random address and some text that said, love you. Starie smiles and texts back. ‘love you too baby bun.’ She giggles grabs a new apron and skirt with some panties from her dressers and heads to the bathroom.

She gets undressed and gets in the shower just relaxing and cleaning up after she gets out, dries off, and gets dressed. She leaves the bathroom and grabs her phone heading to the kitchen. She hums while she makes herself a bowl of cereal. She scrolls through her pictures on her phone and smiles.

“Aww, I can’t believe it’s already been a year.”

There was a pink bunny that looked like Sally. She was covering her face as she was an adult in nothing but a diaper laying on a changing table. In the next few pictures, she was younger, probably about 16. Again she was in a diaper standing in the grass in a dress. Just looking around confused.

More pictures later the pink bunny was a kid. She was crying because she had scraped on her knee a little. The next one though she was about 2 years old. She was sucking on staries boobs, eating while Starie petted her head.

“She would kill me if she knew I took all these pictures. She doesn’t have a huge debt to pay off. I probably still own her for another 10 years at least. I doubt she would quiet after though.”

She giggles and finishes her cereal. She finally gets up and heads to her computer and opens a document on her computer. She works for a few hours before printing it off.

“That should do. All I have to do is get a few people to sign this.”

She grabs the 30-page document and puts them in her purse. Throwing it over her shoulder and heads out of her house.

“Let’s see here.”

She pulls out her phone and looks at the address again.

“307 west peanut Street. Got it~!”

She locks her phone and puts it in her purse and heads down the sidewalk. After about a half-hour of walking, she Finally finds peanut Street. She keeps walking and finds a homeless shelter and frowns.

“I feel like most of my workers should come from here just to give them a second chance. Poor people. We will see.”

She says with a sigh she goes to walk up to it and finds an anthro pony orangish yellowish pony. He had a black eye and is handing a small girl a Halloween bucket.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine! Isn’t that right Resuku? Me and him couldn’t have you without Halloween candy next week now could we?”

A skunk with orange on the back of his tail white belly and brown the rest of the way around smiles shyly and nods.

“Ya… though brave took quite a beating…”

Brave soul covers Resukus mouth.

“Shhh! Yap! Just fine, now go have fun.”

The little girl smiles.

“Thank you, mister!”

She skips off and Starie smiles.

“That was super sweet. How old are you two?”

They both look around before looking at each other. brave spoke up first.

“Us? Well, we are the same age, 26 ma’am.”

She giggles and smiles holding her hand out.

“Oh, I should introduce myself. I’m Starie! You are brave? And your boyfriend is Resuku.”

Resuku blushed and brave blushed a bit. They both shook her hand.

“He’s my friend… we are not uhh together like that. But can we help you?”

Brave asked as Starie nodded.

“Oh right, well I hear you two don’t have a place to call home anymore? Would you like a chance to have a place to live for one year? After that, we will see where it goes.”

Brave looks suspicious but Resuku looks interested as he speaks up.

“Wait… like we pay rent or something? We don’t have jobs but we could with a place to stay! Right brave?”

He holds up a finger.

“Hold on. What’s the catch lady?”

She frowns.

“Aww, already caught on huh?”

Brave smirks.

“I’m not stupid.”

Starie pulls out a bunch of documents from earlier from her purse.

“All you have to do is fill out this. Sign a few papers and for one year you have a free place to stay. I mean you can buy other stuff to make life more enjoyable but we will give you the basic stuff for free.”

Brave and resuku look intimidated by this large document.

“Holy… crap…”

Resuku says.

“Oh ya it’s quite long. Would you prefer me to come back another day, to get time to read it over?”

Starie asks with a smile.

“Uhh let’s go inside and sit down and look it over I suppose?”

Brave says. he’s kinda excited. He couldn’t believe such an opportunity to get back on his feet was here in front of him. They all head inside and sit around a table in the main area of the homeless shelter. They began reading the first page. It was very simple stuff. The normal for a legal document. Reminded them of kinda like a renters form.

“Well… What do you think Resuku? This looks legit?”

Brave asks. Resuku nods.

“Let’s sign it! I’m sick of this place. I’m ready to get back on my own feet and live my own life again!”

Brave smiles and laughs and they begin to work on the document signing everything they need to. After what felt like forever of paperwork they hand the stuff to Starie who’s texting on her phone. She’s texting Sally. All it says is ‘bring the van’. Starie looks up with a smile.

“Oh all done? Well, congratulations on your new home!”

She puts the paperwork away. And brave gets in her face.

“S-so umm when can we go to this home…?”

Resuku also looks interested but too shy to speak. Starie giggles.

“Soon! I got a car coming to pick us up.”

They wait a good half hour before Sally comes running into the building breathing heavily.

“I-im here! Sorry! I was changing-”

Starie puts her arms around Sally.

“Sally! Say hello to Brave soul and Resuku. You two, this is my worker Sally. She’s a bit scatterbrained. But does her best.”

They all shake hands. They head out to the van and get in.

“Smells like baby powder in here.”

Brave says, Sally blushed and was about to say something.

“And? It’s a better smell than something rotten wouldn’t you say?”

Brave shrugs.

“Huh… ya I suppose so?”

Resuku shrugs and smiles.

“I mean…it kinda smells nice.”

Starie nods.

"Yap! Oh while you two sit back there I got one more form for you to fill out. This one doesn’t have anything about boring stuff. This is about what you all want. There’s stuff that costs money here but don’t worry you pay nothing for the full year. Then after you can either pay off your debt or work for me to pay it off. Sally’s a previous customer! "

Sally blushes more and nods.

“Y-ya that’s right! I racked up so much debt on day one… I had to stop and go with the free options.”

They take the paper Starie hands them and looks it over.

Do you want an adult bedroom for $5000, a child’s for $1000, or a baby’s free. (girls bedroom would depend on clothing)

Clothing options, adult $2000, child $500, or baby free. (Girls’ clothes give you money in the opposite way. Baby $2000, child $500 an adult $200)

Underwear? Adult $5000, childish, $2000 pull-ups $500, and diapers free.

Food. Every meal adult $1000, baby food $500, breastmilk free.

Bedtime, 7 free 10 $1000 no bedtime $3000

Fun items can be anything you want.

They both had an incredible blush on their face. Brave speaks up.

“You can’t be for real? Why is all this baby stuff free? You just can’t expect us to pick that?”

Sally giggles and Starie smiles, turning to them.

“Oh right, I forgot to say. The first 3 days you will be regressed, younger and younger. Till You’re both about 2 years old. So the baby’s stuff will come in later. Just depends if you want it earlier. It also won’t make your debt much higher.”

They both blush more.

“it’s not possible to regress someone right…?”

Starie reaches behind Sally who’s driving and pulls her pants down a bit showing her diaper. Sally blushes like Crazy.


Both the boys couldn’t believe this was an adult in diapers. They both looked at each other as Starie kissed Sally’s cheek.

“Sorry baby, but mommy had to prove it to them. Now, are you going to select your stuff? Or do I get to?”

Both their eyes get big.

“W-we will.”

Resuku says filling out the information on his paper. Brave sighs and does the same as they turn them into Starie. She secretly takes a picture of them and sends them to an unknown number.

“… We could just runoff.”

Brave says.

“And risk jail time? The papers you signed give me ownership for one year. Take your choice boys.”

They sigh.

“Guess we are going with you… but I mean what happens if we max out the debt?”

Brave asks. Starie giggles.

“You work for me for the rest of your life. But don’t worry you will get a place to stay and stuff, In the nursery that is. Sally likes it there.”

Sally whines as they Finally make it to the house. They both blush.

“N-nursery? Oh God… let’s try not to make this permanent…”

Brave says, Resuku nods.

“I agree… but this will be so humiliating…”

Sally gets out of the van running into the building with Starie’s ‘little’ getaway written on it. Starie laughs.

“She’s so shy about her diapers. But a year as a toddler will do that to you.”

They both shake gulping. She gets out and opens the door for them.

“Well come on! Let’s head on inside. You were both so excited!”

They both take their time getting out of the van and follow Starie up to her house. They all step inside and she shuts the door.

“Please take off your shoes.”

They both do as she says.

“So uhh… I mean this place isn’t that bad… right Resuku?”

Brave asks. Resuku nods shyly.

“Y-ya… do we get separate rooms?”

Starie frowns.

“No, unfortunately not. I only got one spare room. I never expected to take on two at the same time.”

Brave kinda shrugs.

“I don’t mind. Could be worse right?”

Resuku blushed.

“R-right! Like having to wear diapers… or something.”

Starie giggles.

“Oh that will be a given eventually but I’ll let you try to keep without them as long as you want. But I won’t give anyone false hope. Now let’s check out your new room for the day shall we?”

They all head to a spare bedroom and open the door heading into their new room.

Chapter 2

Inside they had a very normal-looking bedroom, nothing strange one bit probably because they picked the adult bedroom. They had a bed on each side of the room and a closet and dresser of their own. It wasn’t full of stuff but they had the basics. More than they had at the homeless shelter.

“This is Awesome! Right Resuku?!”

Brave said. Resuku nods and smiles walking over and sitting on a bed.

“So comfortable…”

Resuku said, laying back on the bed shyly. Starie smiles seeing brave go and does the same.

“Well, I’m glad you are both happy! Definitely will cost a good amount. But to let you know you can also have pretty much anything you wanted, a game perhaps? Toys? Just anything but you will be billed for it.”

Starie says leaning against the door frame. Resuku leans up, his eyes almost light up.


Brave grones.

“Don’t tell me… you want a 3ds like you used to have at your old house?”

Brave says kinda annoyed. Resuku blushed and nodded.

“I know… it’s silly but if we got to stay here, we might as well have fun with it right? We just got to work off a Bill, Right Starie?”

Starie keeps smiling and nods.

“Yap! Well, there’s also a limit to money spent. Your debt can only go so high. But it would be hard to hit that. If you did, you would be working with me forever.”

She says with an innocent smile.


Brave says nervously.

“You gotta be kidding… I’m not working forever! I’m going to have to cut my spending…maybe tomorrow though.”

Brave grones having to say.

“But yes, we will get you a 3ds resuku. Anything else you would like?”

Starie says. Resuku thinks for a while.

“Well… I always like pokemon. I like the pokemon meowstic…”

Starie nods.

“I’ll see what I can do!”

Brave speaks up after Starie says that.

“Wait… uhh while you’re getting stuff. Would it be too much of a problem to get an uhh… switch?”

Starie nods.

“I’ll see what I can do. Anyways you two relax. As it’s already past breakfast and getting Close to lunch, I’ll be starting lunch and I expect you two to be there for whatever food you selected.”

She says shutting the door and they both look at each other. Brave speaks up.

“So uhh you got the adult food right?”

He nods. Brave smiles.

“Good to know… this place is weird… but something tells me we won’t get to keep this adult stuff long.”

He says with a sigh. Resuku nods and blushes.

“oh right… can we agree if it comes down to it we don’t make fun of the other?”

Brave rolls his eyes.

“Really dude? Do you have that little faith in me? We will both be in that situation best to not make it worse on each other. I mean, am I the only one who thought the girl with starie was cute even if she was in an uhh… diaper?”

Resuku smiles and nods and grabs his pillow and hugs it.

“Ya… she seems very nice… you don’t think we will lose control to need them right?”

Brave shrugs.

“I don’t know man… thinking about this makes me have to piss. Hey, I’ll be right back.”

Brave stands up and leaves the room while resuku explores his dresser. Brave looks around the hallway and walks out and down to the kitchen seeing starie cooking.

“Oh, starie? Where’s the bathroom?”

She looks back at him and points back down the hall.

“At the very far end right in front of your bedroom. Make sure to click your name on the door before going In.”

Brave tilts his head.


Star giggles and goes back to cooking.

“Any use of the bathroom is $50, well if you are wearing underwear. If you have cute little pull-ups on you can use the bathroom still, but it’s half the price. Diapers, well the bathroom is free heh.”

Starie says. Braves eyes go big.

“You’re joking?? What happens if I have an accident because I don’t want to spend money??”

She stops and looks him dead in the eyes with a serious face.

“Guess you wouldn’t be enough of an adult to stay in underwear or pull-ups huh?”

He blushed looking away

“F-fair point I suppose…”

He sighs walking to the bathroom and clicks his name on the pad connected to the door. It unlocks and lets him in. Brave goes in and relieves himself before heading back to the room.

“Man this place… sucks.”

He sees resuku in some very comfortable adult-looking sleepwear, he blushes.

“O-oh hey I found these in my dresser there so soft and comfortable… I’m not used to new clothes. But what were you saying?”

Brave looked interested and shrugs it off going to his dresser finding all sorts of adult clothing, Casual stuff. Sleepwear and even more fancy stuff.

“Holy crap… this stuff can’t be cheap.”

He also pulls out some sleepwear like Resukus and puts them on and they relax on their beds and just chat. Resuku now knows about the bathroom, having gone himself. About an hour goes by before the door opens and it’s starie.

“Time for lunch~!”

They both jump up and head to the kitchen. It was some very nice food. Steak, baked potatoes. It was a bunch of fancy foods. But it looked and smelled amazing.

“It smells so good in here, and the food looks amazing! Is this all for us??”

Brave asked curiously. Starie giggles.

“Yap, I’ll be in the other room. Sally’s going to stop by today, mostly every day to eat.”

They look more Confused.

“So… we need to save some for her?”

Resuku asks. Starie giggles.

“Don’t worry, I have her lunch.”

She says with a wink walking into the living room. They both sit down looking confused.

“Maybe she has a lunch box or something in there?”

Resuku says. Brave doesn’t look convinced.

“Hmm… no, I don’t think so. Something strange is going on. But let’s eat first, can’t let this get cold!”

He says as they begin to eat up. They stopped and heard some quiet talking.

“But… mom they are just in the other room…”

They both looked to the kitchen entrance then got up and peeked around the corner and saw Starie sitting on the couch. Sally was standing in a diaper and shirt. She was pulling down at it as she got up in Starie’s lap.

“oh, you will be fine. Even if they see you still need lunch.”

They blush as they watch Starie pull her apron out of the way to reveal one of her breasts. Sally just nodded and latched on to her and began to breastfeed. They both looked at each other and quickly looked away going back to the table.

“umm… oh my… that’s umm intense. Never expected to see that in my life.”

Resuku says shyly. Brave laughs.

“What boobs? Or an adult baby.”

He goes redder.


Brave laughs more blushing just as much.

“Y-ya… same honestly. This is such a weird experience. Think we could survive in jail if we ran for it?”

Resuku shrugs then shakes his head.

“I definitely couldn’t… I mean there doesn’t seem to be anything mean by it. She is very nice and lets us do basically as we please. This is the most comfortable I have been in a long time… even with the odd things.”

Brave smiles.

“Was thinking the same thing. I don’t want to be some kinda toddler but she says we will regress you believe that?”

Resuku sighs.

“I doubt it. No one can make someone younger, it’s just impossible…”

He says getting up and peeking around the corner again kinda hoping to get a peek at starie. He sees Starie holding a toddler. His eyes got wide as he recognized the young girl in her arms. He pulls away and looks at Brave.

“M-maybe running away isn’t a bad idea…”

Brave looks confused.

“What did you see?”

He gets up and looks, his eyes go wide, and covers his mouth pulling resuku back to the table.

“Y-you don’t think that’s Sally? There’s no way… i-I… say we run.”

Suddenly there’s the sound of someone clearing her throat.

“What is this about running I hear?”

Both their eyes get big and look back at Starie holding a sleeping toddler bunny. Resuku looked scared and ready to spill the beans when brave kicked in.

“We were talking about exercise! Ya going for a run and getting a workout!”

They both kinda gulp. Starie doesn’t seem to react. She walks off and they both take a sigh of relief. But a few moments later she returns without Sally and smiles clapping.

“Wonderful idea! Let’s go out for a good jog around town. How about that?”

They both look at each other and shrug.

“Y-ya sure?”

Resuku says nervously. Starie who was holding some clothes throws them to
Both of them. They looked more confused and looked then over it was shorts and shirt. The short saying ‘Staries Little get away’ It has a phone number under it.

“What are these?”

Brave asked curiously. Starie giggles.

“Free advertising~ now keep up or for every minute behind me you are I’ll be adding $1000 to your bill! But don’t worry, don’t feel pressured!”

She says with a smile and begins to jog out the door. They both look at each other with wide eyes and change running out the door and catching up with Starie.

“Hey now about time, how long can you two keep it up~”

They both looked worried as they jogged around the town a bit. Starie didn’t look tired at all like she had so much energy more than a normal person should. Resuku was the first to begin to get tired and slow down a bit. Brave was doing ok but was also getting kinda tired. They were on the last bit on the return home Brave was about a minute behind falling into the carpet as he breathes heavily.

“H-holy crap… so… tired…”

Some very heavy breathing from resuku as he comes crawling around the corner 2 more minutes late.

"Ok, so brave so that’s $1000 for being a minute late and as for poor resuku he’s got $3000. Sorry, but you both did great! It’s ok don’t feel bad you got beat by someone in her 30s’’

Starie says with a wink. They both lay there exhausted. Starie leans down and pets both their heads.

“Just relax you two you deserve it~!”

They didn’t want to sleep but being so tired and oddly the petting made them more sleepy they both yawned then soon fell asleep. They had a wonderful sleep. Their comfortable beds and pillows were just so soft. Then it hits their beds? Brave jumps awake looking around. He was in his room with resuku sleeping in the other bed.

“How in the world did we get in here…?”

He went to move and felt something on his legs. He looks down and finds a switch, his eyes go wide.

“No way… she wasn’t lying?”

He even had a few games. He looked at resuku bed and found a 3ds with ds and 3ds games. His mouth was wide open as he grabbed the switch and began to play. Resuku began to wake up in the midst of the game noises.

“What’s with the noise…”

Resuku says with a yawn rubbing his eyes. He finds two plushies of a male and female meowstic on his bed along with a 3ds with ds and 3ds games.

“Whoa…When did we…and I really got this stuff?”

He says brave just smiles at resuku with a dorky smile.

“I know right! I haven’t got to play games in so long!”

Resuku gets up and also begins to play. About an hour later the door opens to starie.

“Oh, you boys are awake, wonderful! Supper is ready, so head to the bathroom and wash your hands and go to the bathroom before you come in ok?”

They nod and she giggles leaving. Brave sighs and sits his switch down heading to the door.

“You keep going, I’ll use the bathroom first.”

Resuku smiles and nods.

“Ok, umm brave?”

Brave tits his head.

“what’s up resuku?”

Resuku rubs his arm and looks down.

“I-I think, whatever happens, I want to stay here. So if you want to run go ahead… but I’m going to stay.”

Brave sighs.

“All it takes is a few fun games to change your mind?”

He blushes and keeps looking down. Brave smiles and opens the door.

“No matter what happens, I’ll be here with you bud… God this is going to be weird though.”

Brave says as he leaves the room. Resuku sighs.

“Ya… very weird…maybe a little exciting…”

Time goes by both resuku and brave clean up and uses the bathroom. Then head to the kitchen and sit at the table for supper. It smelled great as they quickly dug in after lunch, They headed back to their room before it got late. A knock at the door and Starie walks in. They both lookup.

“Couldn’t you know, wait for us to say something before walking in? We might be doing something dirty.”

Resuku blushed and yelled.

“BRAVE! He only speaks for himself!”

Brave and starie laugh.

“I’m joking, relax resuku sheesh you’re so easy to embarrass.”

Starie continues to giggle.

“Anyways I thought I would bring your bill for the day. Don’t worry about the price. You don’t have to pay any of it, only pay it back after one year. Remember that.”

They both looked nervously as they are handed papers with their bill so far. Resuku reads his first to himself.

“Adult room $5000, underwear $5000, clothing $2000, food x2 $2000, $3000 no bed time. Plushies x2 $100, 3ds ds and 3ds games $500. Bathroom breaks x4 $200, time loss on run $3000. Grand total is $20,800”

His heart sinks as brave reads his out the same being mostly the same.

“Adult room $5000, underwear $5000, clothing $2000, food x2 $2000, $3000 no bedtime, Switch and games $700. Bathroom breaks x4 $200, time loss on run $1000. Grand total is $18,900”

Braves mouth dropped. Neither of them could believe how much their bill was.

“So… resuku? How much is yours…?”

“Over 20k…that’s like easily a year or so of work! I didn’t expect this to be so crazy! What about you…?”

Brave sighs.

“Nearly 19k, not more than you but still crazy high…how can we reduce this Starie?”

She smirks and pulls out new forms and hands them both.

“You both get to fill out new forms for tomorrow. Change anything you like. If you want to decrease your bill I suggest you go more childish clothing or even select the opposite gender clothing~”

They both blush.

“You can be serious… but we are allowed to still do what we want on the day right?”

Brave asks, She smiles and winks.

“At least for a few more days.”

They both gulped, shaking some. They begin filling out the new paper this time being a lot more cautious about their spending. They turned it in and starie smiles.

“Thank you very much! Now you two have fun tonight! But please be able to get up for breakfast tomorrow.”

Suddenly there’s the sound of a baby crying.

“Uh oh… I forgot all about Sally. I bet she’s soaked! Uhh, anyways you two have fun!”

Starie says leaving the room. They both just look at each other blushing.

“So… what did you Pick?”

Resuku asked Brave, he shook his head.

“uhh… how about you first?”

Brave says to resuku he looks away.

“Uhh, g-good point let’s not talk about it for now…”

They both nod and just go back to playing their games after it got quite late they both lay down to sleep. But while they slept their bodies began to change not a huge amount but there were like sparkles falling on them. They looked younger, about 18 years old. But they wouldn’t know till they woke up. They both would have a brand new experience.


Both Resuku and Brave both slept great in their beds. This was the best night’s sleep they have ever had, but it wasn’t long before Brave twitched and sat up with a yawn covering his mouth. He rubbed his eyes, stood up, and stretched.

“man….my body feels great. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t sleeping on the floor? Not a sore spot on my body, odd?”

He then looks around the room then blushes. His side of the room and Resukus were completely Different somehow. His was very childish, It had cartoon characters on the wall and his bed was even changed a bit, being smaller with covers of some kids cartoons. Resuku on the other hand didn’t look different today. He grones remembering his choices last night.

“How did she do this already…? That’s impossible.”

He sighs. He kinda expected Resuku to do something like him, But guess not. He shakes his head and heads out the bedroom door and to the bathroom. He hits his name but an error comes up.

“Dang it, come on! I have to pee! This stupid thing’s broken!”

Someone clears their throat.

“Well, actually it’s not broken. It just knows you have not dressed appropriately for your selection yesterday.”

He blushes and turns to see Starie who’s just smiling.

“Wait… look, I changed my mind. It was a stupid idea I thought Resuku was going to spend less today too! So give me a new paper to change some stuff.”

She smirks and pokes his chest.

“No changing your options till the next day. Head into your bedroom and get in your dresser and get dressed. If not, well I suppose you won’t be using the bathroom now, will you? At Least not in the toilet like a big boy~”

Brave growls and blushes going back to his room and get’s in his small childish dresser. The top drawer was nothing but pull-ups. They looked like they were for kids about 7-12 years old. They had different cartoon characters on them. Most he recognized but the oddest part, They were all in his size.

He wasn’t what they would call fat but he was definitely bigger than a size for a 7-12-year-old. Who would make adult-sized Pull-ups that look like there for kids? He looks to Resuku who’s sleeping with both his pokemon meowstic plushies. He pulls off his pants and underwear and slowly puts on some SpongeBob pull-ups.

He quickly grabbed some pants and a shirt. They were also childish. The shirt had on it SpongeBob as well saying I’m a big kid now. He quickly got dressed and ran to the bathroom and it let him in. He relieved himself with a sigh before undressing to take a shower. Back with Resuku, he gets woken up by the door slamming.

“huh? Brave must have gone to the bathroom? Did he have to slam the door?”

He smiles and hugs his plushies and gets up stretching then looks at Brave’s side of the room and giggles. Then more giggles leave him as he sees in his dresser. Pull-ups and childish clothing. He was glad he decided to stay with mostly adult stuff today. He thought he might as well wait before doing anything crazy. He sat on the bed and waited for Brave to return.

He didn’t seem to return for a long time. Suddenly the door opens and it’s starie.

“Oh, Resuku! Good morning!”

She says with a smile and he smiles back.

“Suppose Brave is still in the bathroom? Well once he’s done you need to get in and take a shower. Then come into the kitchen for breakfast.”

Resuku nods.

“O-ok…hope it’s good today.”

He says shyly.

“Oh and don’t worry I’ll help you and Brave into your highchairs.”

He blushed insanely as she left. He so regrets picking the baby food option.

“At least Brave will be there… maybe it will be less weird…”

Finally Brave comes into the room with a blush on his face.

“Not. A. Word.”

Brave says sitting on his bed Resuku giggled to himself.

“Oh, starie said after our shower we should head to the kitchen for breakfast.”

Resuku says heading to the bathroom after grabbing some new clothes to put on. Brave sighs.

“This is humiliating… glad I didn’t pick diapers. But still what kinda weird adult wears Pull-ups.”

In the kitchen, with Starie she’s just sat up some high chairs. One with Resukus’s name on it and the other had Braves’ name on it. They even matched their colors. There was a bunch of baby food sitting on the table.

“Hmm, Resuku is going to take more encouragement to pick some more babyish options. Oh, idea maybe I let them pick each other stuff tomorrow~”

Just then both Resuku and Brave walk in.

“Were you saying something?”

Brave asked before he blushed seeing the high chairs.

“No… there’s no way… you can’t be serious?”

Resuku blushed.

“She is… as serious as your Pull-ups.”

Brave glares at Resuku.

“We promised not to mock each other! Remember?!”

Resuku looks down and starie giggles.

“S-sorry Brave…”

Starie jumps in.

“Ok, ok. Braves Pull-ups are adorable but you two need your breakfast!”

Brave blushes more making sure it’s not showing and keeping it covered. He wanted to be madder but it was his own decision. He just lowers his head. Starie removes the trays from the high chairs and helps them both into their high chairs. As much as they let her anyway.

“Now that you’re both 18 years old again you’re both much lighter! Though size doesn’t change much from 18 and older, unfortunately. But you both have lost a bit of weight heh.”

Both their eyes get big as they are strapped in by starie Brave blushing more feeling his pull-up being touched.

“18? Wait but we don’t look that much different… I didn’t even notice.”

Brave says. Starie giggled.

"You won’t notice one bit. Because it messed with your minds just a bit. We find it less stressful for the little ones. Because if you could understand you are not supposed to be this age people begin to freak out more. I don’t want you all to feel freaked out or scared. I want you both relaxed and happy. This is a vacation in a way. "

They both blush just sitting in the high chairs.

“But are the high chairs needed?”

Resuku asks. She opens a jar of baby food.

“Of course! How else would I feed you?”

They blush more.

“F-feed us? Look, we can feed ourselves! Come on, we aren’t baby’s!”

Starie smiles and giggles.

“Uh-huh sure, says the boy who basically asked to wear pull-ups.”

This humiliated him so much. He wanted to fight it but it was true he dropped his head in defeat. As a spoon comes close to his mouth.

“Nowhere comes the plane! Brrrrr!”

She makes fun noises with her mouth. Brave makes a disgusted face but opens his mouth while being fed something. He was surprised it tasted pretty good. Just as good as the food from last night.

“tastes… kinda like pancakes…”

Starie claps.

“Good job! Yep, this is, it’s just mixed up to make it easier for little ones to eat. Your next Resuku! Here comes the Choo Choo!”

Resuku couldn’t help smiling as she did this, he just opened his mouth. This was a different jar of food though. Even with a new spoon, lucky they didn’t have to eat after each other.

“Biscuits and gravy?”

Resuku asks. Starie nods and claps.

“You’re both so smart! But to be expected of the older one!”

Brave was going to say something but knew it would only humiliate himself more. Starie smiles.

“But we are the same age…?”

Resuku asks, confused. Starie shakes her head and keeps feeding them.

“For today Brave selected all the childish options to save money. But today he will be treated as a child. No, if and or buts. Even if he is 18 years old.”

She hands Resuku a cup of milk and a sippy cup to Brave. Resuku giggles more.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry! It’s just funny…”

Brave sucks on the sippy cup drinking down some milk. Resuku also drinks some milk. Brave was so embarrassed and kinda mad with Resuku. Starie looked pleased. Almost like this is what she wanted. After breakfast, she helps them both out.

“Now you two go have fun. Mommy’s got to clean up.”

They both almost accept that before they look back at her with a confused look.

“Oops, that just slipped out, ignore that hehe.”

They both shrug and head back to the bedroom. Starie sighs.

“Forgot, they won’t see me as mommy for another day at least. Nearly messed that up heh.”

Starie washes up all the dishes and heads into the front room when Sally walks in. She rubs her arm looking down.

“Sorry, I don’t have time to eat today… but umm how are they doing?”

Sally asks starie smiles.

“I got them both kinda fighting a bit. Not like bad but one selected all childish stuff and the other stayed with adult stuff. Now one of them is very upset with the other.”

Sally tilts her head.

“How’s that a good thing?”

Starie walks up closer to Sally.

“Well, I’m going to have them pick each other’s stuff. That should put one or both of them in baby stuff tomorrow. Speaking of.”

Starie pulls down Sally’s pants as she stands there in her pink bunny diapers. She blushed looking away as she had a diaper check.

“Just as I thought. You are soaked and messy. I could smell you back there. Sheesh, why didn’t you just ask?”

Sally nods.

“Well… t-that’s why I came by…”

Starie giggles and lays her on the ground getting Sally all cleaned up.

“But mommy? I’m confused? How can someone select adult stuff twice? I thought that was all the money you could spend?”

Starie giggles.

“Oh that, right. I lied to get you into baby stuff quicker. You just accepted it like that. It was so cute as you were waking up and seeing I had you naked on your bed and was beginning to diaper you.”

Sally blushed.

“Wait, you lied…”

She wines.

“I should have known… but I remember quickly falling in love with the feeling of diapers and using them. I’m glad you lied to me.”

After being diapered, Sally gets up and hugs Starie. She hugs back and pats her diaper.

“Well, I need to get back to work. Bye, mommy!”

She smiles and waves as Sally leaves. She looks down and sees her pants still there.

“Oops… forgot to put her pants on her.”

She waits but she doesn’t return. She shrugs.

“Oh well, baby bunny’s need to show their padding off to the world.”

She giggles and takes her pants in the laundry room with the boy’s old clothes.

“Calm down starie, take it slow you will have these boys padded before you know it just doesn’t rush it. But… maybe we could have a game night~”

Most of the day goes by they have supper in their highchairs again but before they leave starie asks them a question.

“Ok boys! Today we are having a game night.”

Resuku tilts his head.

“Sounds fun… what kinda game?”

She leads them to the front room. There’s a wheel of some kind in there and a bunch of board games.

“Whoa, I haven’t got to play a board game since I was a kid.”

Brave says Resuku nods

“same! This could be fun. Are there rules?”

Resuku asks, Starie smirks, pulling out a large wheel.

“Oh yes. Each player spins this wheel what they get they must accept no matter what. You get a win and a loss thing.”

Brave sighs.

“And let me Guess? We have to accept this game?”

Brave asks. Starie shakes her head.

“Nope but it is a chance to lose a bunch of your debt.”

Both their ears perk up.

“Oh? Then what can we get?”

Brave asked curiously, starie shakes her paw at him.

“If you want to find out you gotta roll the wheel.”

Starie says, Brave looks at her suspiciously.

“And you will force us to do the loss thing if we don’t want to?”

Starie shakes her head.

“I won’t force you to do it. You have to just do it.”

Both Brave and Resuku look at each other and shrug.

“Well ok then? What’s the loss stuff anyways? More debt?”

Brave says going to the wheel and spinning it. They remove the cover in the win and loss. He reads it.

“Win, all debt resolved, nice! Lose, permanent bladder Loss… uhh what heck? This is a joke right?”

Starie claps.

“Oh, that’s the best one! If you win you just get a relaxing year and no work. But losing can suck!”

Brave shrugs.

“Not like you can just do that to someone but whatever.”

Resuku looks nervous as he spins his. They remove the cover and he reads it.

“Win. $50,000 whoa but if I lose pacifier.”

He looked confused.

“Uhh… ok then? That doesn’t make sense?”

Star claps.

“Oh, another fun one! If you keep from spending over 50k you will get back what’s left at the end of the year!”

Resuku looked excited.

“That’s a lot of money ok! What are we playing?”

Starie pulls out a random game.


They both shrug and sit down to play with starie. It was a great game. both Resuku and Brave were doing good. But quickly went downhill as they began to land on starie places over and over going more and more in debt. It was getting crazy. But neither of them wanted to lose, they even worked together to try to keep up. By the end, Brave had to pee badly but was not wanting to leave in case Starie was cheating. But first Resuku goes bankrupt then Brave shortly after.

“T-that’s not fair there’s no way we both lost so quickly.”

Brave says. Resuku looked confused.

“I have never seen a game go so quickly either… were we just that unlucky?”

Starie shrugged.

“sorry. Don’t be sore losers, it’s ok.”

She smiles.

“But unfortunately you get the losing condition.”

Brave stands up.

“too bad, I’m going to go pee-”

Suddenly his mouth drops and he feels wetness going down his leg. It even filled up in his pull-up. His face went a beat red. His shame grew deep. Resuku couldn’t even laugh; he was just surprised as he watched his friend piss himself. But as Resuku watched he put his thumb in his mouth and sucked on it subconsciously.

“Oh did I forget to mention it’s magic? The rules become real. Sorry Brave but you’re going to need diapers. As for you Resuku-”

She pulls out a pacifier and hands him.

“Try this and not your thumb. It will help.”

Resuku was embarrassed and grabbed it and put it in his mouth. He knew he shouldn’t but there was something in him that needed it.

“Ya, you won’t ever be able to break that habit either. Make sure you keep a pacifier nearby, Resuku.”

He just blushed and sucked as starie grabbed Braves hand, she took him to a room that looked like it was for a girl, age toddler. He was so embarrassed and ashamed of himself, he couldn’t even speak. Starie pulled down his pants and he spoke up quickly.

“W-wait… please you can’t do this…”

Brave was nearly in tears. Starie hugs him.

“Hey, it’s ok to get some help. I’m just helping you ok? You don’t want to sit in wet clothes right? With a wet pull up. Diapers come after a wet pull-up.”

He didn’t know why but a part of him was staying. She was right. He did have an accident in his pull-up. Why shouldn’t he wear diapers? Brave began to cry, hugging her. After he calmed down she laid him on the changing table and removed his wet pull-up. He blushed when he was naked he covered himself.

“no need to hide it. Not something I haven’t seen before.”

She begins to clean him up with a baby wipe and pulls out a white diaper.

“see nothing babyish. Just enough to make sure you don’t leak on my floor again ok?”

Brave wipes his eyes and nods. He’s lifted up and put on the diaper. He’s powdered and then strapped into the diaper. He was blushing a lot as he was put on the ground.

“Now you can go play with Resuku.”

He sniffs.

“But… my pants?”

She smiles.

“Go to your bedroom and put some on. Sorry, this is Sally’s room. I don’t think you want a skirt or something.”

She giggles Brave blushes.

“N-no not really!”

Brave says as he rushes to the bedroom. Resuku was sitting on the floor by his bed and looked up seeing his best friend in a shirt and diaper. He giggled through his pacifier. Brave blushed.

“don’t laugh at me, pacifier boy!”

Brave says grabbing some new shorts and putting them on his diaper bulge is still obvious if looking. Now his crinkles are louder with pants on.

“S-so umm you need those forever?”

Resuku asks with a bit of a lisp from the pacifier. Brave sits down with a loud gust of air leaving from behind him. He blushes and grabs his switch and shrugs.

“Are you going to suck on a pacifier forever?”

Resuku blushed, sucking more.

“These days only get worse and worse…”

They go back to playing for a while before supper, soon starie comes in and takes them to supper. After they go play some more before Starie walks in holding a plain diaper and some papers, and what looks to be the total spent today.

“Before you two head off to bed for bedtime, I need to change Brave and have you both fill out some stuff.”

Brave blushed.

"I-I don’t need to be changed! Second bedtime? Oh right… "

Starie rolls her eyes.

“Mhm, I can see your diaper sagging from here. Now lay back on your bed. Or we can do this the hard way.”

He blushed more

“I-it’s… wait not in front of Resuku!”

Starie walks up and pushes him back on his back and pulls off the squirming boy’s pants to show his very soggy diaper. This only made Resuku giggle a lot. Brave was so embarrassed as she gave him a full diaper change right there. After she was done she handed him a paper along with the debt total.

“Now tomorrow’s special! You each get to select each other’s stuff.”

Starie says giving another one to Resuku. Along with his debt paper, his eyes got big.

“Wait… you mean Brave gets to pick my stuff and I pick his?”

She nods and Brave smirks at him. He blushes and sucks more on his pacifier. They begin to fill it out and turn it in.

“ooh Ahhh ohhhh~”

She says looking over the papers and smiling at them both.

“Great! See you both in the morning now it’s 10 pm off to bed.”

They both sigh and get ready for bed knowing they put down a 10 pm bedtime on the last one. Brave doesn’t even put pants back on. Starie pets both their heads and they both easily fall asleep. The crinkling of Braves padding and the sucking of Resuku’s pacifier was the only noise in the room. Neither of them got to see their debt either.

As they sleep more sparkles fall over them both their bodies shrink a lot more tonight they lose more than half their size. They both had to be about 10 years old. Brave looked even younger being padded. But Resuku didn’t look much older sucking his pacifier. But what options did they select for each other?

Chapter 4

While sleeping Resuku groans as he feels like he’s being moved around. Then suddenly his lower half felt colder then something was pulled up over his head. He opens his eyes slowly to see Starie standing beside him.

“Well, good morning sleepy head. Don’t worry mommy’s just getting you changed for the options little Brave picked for you~”

Resuku looked down at his little body, much younger than he used to be. But that wasn’t what freaked him out. It was that he was completely naked. His covers were a girly blue with sparkles on them. Looking around more his whole half the room was this color. His bed wasn’t even a bed anymore it was a crib. He blushed insanely as Starie grabs out a cute pink diaper with bunnies on it. He goes to speak, his pacifier falling from his mouth.

“W-wait… I don’t need any of this! Please don’t do this mommy!”

He looked very confused but this confusion gave Starie a chance to begin to diaper him up. She made sure to use lots of powder and Resuku just blushed and whined. His little body was too weak to fight her. He didn’t feel freaked out about being 10 years old again. But he knew it wasn’t normal. After he was diapered, Starie pulls out a blue sparkly dress and puts it on him.

“Aww, you look like a princess!”

Resuku was so embarrassed he barely said anything. Just grabbing his pacifier and sucking then hugging his plushies. Starie went all out with some makeup then gave his fur on his head some pigtails. By the time she was done, it was nearly impossible to tell he was a boy let alone not a toddler.

“Aww, you make such a cute girl Resuku~”

She says kissing his cheek, this makes him only blush more. After they were done he Finally looked over at Brave’s side. He knew Brave was going to select bad stuff for him so he had to do it back right? Well looking over his side was just as babyish. But no girly stuff, it seems only Resuku got the girly stuff. Brave had kicked all the covers off himself in his crib, his yellowed diaper exposed.

Resuku couldn’t help but giggle seeing his now 10-year-old friend in a soaked diaper. Then looks down at himself giggling thinking how cute he must look. Starie goes over and puts down the crib bars and begins to change Braves diapers.

“Now Resuku just because you are in a diaper doesn’t mean you have to use it but it’s an option in case you can’t make it ok?”

Resuku seemed relieved.

“Oh ok, mommy…? Why do I keep calling you that… I can’t remember your name.”

She giggles and smiles at him.

“Because I am your mommy princess.”

She throws away the soggy diaper and gets a new diaper on Brave, this one being much more baby-like. Brave was starting to wake up at his point.


He went to scratch his leg, his hand touching his diaper, and leaned up with a crinkle. He blushed.

“d-did you change me while I was asleep?”

Brave asked Starie who nods and pulls out a onesie that says ‘I soak my pamps.’ he blushed more and looked around to see his side of the room being very baby-like then looked over to see Resuku’s was just as baby-like but also girly. Brave laughs.

“Aww, you make a cute girl Resuku.”

He looks down.

“i-I do…? I-i mean and you make an umm cute baby!”

Brave blushed as the onesie was pulled down over him and snapped into place at the crotch. He was then helped into some shorts.

“Come on mommy, is this stuff needed? We are 10 years old!”

Braves eyes go big and cover his mouth.

“M-mommy? 10? What’s happening to us?”

Starie hugs him and kisses his cheek.

“you’re becoming my little ones. Don’t worry mommy’s here for you. Mommy’s little girl over there and mommy’s very special little boy needs extra attention and diaper checks.”

Brave blushes and looks down suddenly he’s picked up and goes over and picks up Resuku the same.

“Ahh! Put us down!”

Brave says. Resuku shakes, sucking his pacifier trying not to look down. Resuku gets put in a highchair. But she keeps a hold of Brave.

“h-hey look I’m not going to complain… but do I not get to get in a highchair?”

Brave asks. Resuku looks guilty-looking away, suddenly feeling bad as he knows what he did.


Resuku says Braves eyes get big then looks to Starie. She just smiles and pets his head.

“Don’t worry mommy’s got some yummy milk for you.”

He blushed insanely and began to squirm.

“no no no! I’m done, I want to go! I will not do that! I can’t believe I was nice enough not to do that to you Resuku! But you did it to me! Really?!”

Starie pets on Braves head who begins to calm down. Resuku begins to cry, feeling super bad. That was till Sally walked in.

“Oh Sally, wonderful timing!”

She smiles and giggles.

“Aww, you got them both in diapers! Oh, you even got one dressed as a girl? Heh, he’s super cute~”

Resuku blushes a lot pulling at his dress to hide the diaper. But Brave was just really relaxed, half-asleep in Starie’s arms oddly.

“Yap. But can you feed Resuku? Little Brave here threw a little fit finding out he’s got to drink some of mommy’s milk.”

Starie says, Sally, licks her lips.

“Umm can-”

Starie just smiles at the few words Sally gets out before interrupting her.

“Yes, you can cutie. First, feed the little princess.”

Starie goes and sits on the couch and Sally giggles and goes in with Resuku and pulls his pacifier. Resuku frowns.

“Oh no don’t cry, little guy! Sally’s just got to feed you can do that through your paci.”

He nods and wipes his eyes.

“I-I know but I feel super anxious without it now… look you got to help me and Brave we don’t want to be here anymore.”

Resuku says sniffing, Sally frowns, opening a jar of food.

“Really? Well, I’m sorry little one but once you have gone this far it’s impossible to get out of it. Let’s say you did run away. Most people change back after a year here. But you would probably have to age entirely back up if you somehow escape. Say Ahh!”

Sally says Resuku looked terrified but opened his mouth, starving.

“But just have fun! Relax! It’s not bad, the diaper changes will take forever to get used to… I’m still not used to it.”

She said shyly. Resuku looks back then smiles at Sally.

“I mean… I-I would be lying if it wasn’t a little fun. But you are super cute in diapers…”

Resuku says. Sally smirks.

“Aren’t you just a flirt? Thanks, cutie, but that doesn’t work as well as it should when you are 10 years old.”

He blushed a lot.

“I-I wasn’t a-”

His mouth was filled more with food.

“We will talk more next year, ok?”

Sally says with a wink. Resuku seems to be overtaken by her looks and smiles all the food in his mouth squishing out and on to his dress.

“Oh no, you’re getting your dress dirty! I should have got you a bib… babies are not to be trusted. Sheesh, come on Sally remember how to take care of children. I know you’re just learning. But come on.”

She says to herself, hitting her head with her hand. Resuku just blushed. Back with Brave Starie moves her apron out of the way to reveal a breast. In his mind, he was freaking out but his body was so relaxed he didn’t understand why. Starie had to be doing something to him.

“Now I know this is new to you but open your mouth and just suck. It’s very easy I promise and you will feel just as full.”

He just did so and just began to breastfeed. The taste, the feeling of safety, the love. Everything felt so good. He couldn’t imagine a world where he didn’t do this. His wild mind calmed down and also relaxed along with his body before he knew it he was basically asleep and eating. Unfortunately, he was also wetting his diaper during this time.

Sally made Resuku eat till he couldn’t move. He sat there and grones shaking his legs some.

“Sally… umm I got to go to the bathroom. Could you let me out of this…?”

Sally smirks big.

“Oh really? Did mommy say you could use the big girl toilet?”

He blushed and nodded.

“S-she said I didn’t have to use these… Come on, please don’t tease me.”

Sally smiles and giggles.

“Hmm well ok. Let me get you all cleaned up and get stuff put up before I take you to the potty like a big girl.”

He wines holding his legs together as she takes a baby wipe and cleans his face off. After she got all the food together and put it all up just took her sweet time. Resuku hits his head on the tray of the highchair and is trying to undo it but can’t reach the trigger to unlock it.

“N-no please, Sally hurry I can take this.”

Resuku begs. Sally sighs.

“Well ok.”

She undoes him from the highchair and picks him up and gives him one big hug with a slight evil smirk. His mouth opened wide as his belly was pushed and that’s all it took as he began to flood his diaper. She sat him down and he stood there awkwardly as his diaper began to sag a little.

“Well get going to the toilet. Or do you need help?”

His face goes a deep red. As emotions overcome him and he begins to cry.

“Y-you made use it…”

Resuku says, crying more. Sally smiles and pets his head.

"Hey hey there’s nothing wrong with that? Accidents happen sweetie no one’s judging you. No one’s upset. No one’s shaming you. We understand here. It happens in this line of work. Even though I’m wet and I barely noticed it. I even walked home in nothing but a shirt and diaper yesterday… I completely forgot my pants wondering why I was getting so many strong looks. But nearly everyone I know knows I wear diapers uhh now. "

Resuku sniffs and looks up at her.

“No one thinks you’re weird…?”

Resuku asks Sally, she shrugs.

“If they do, I don’t care. I’m happy to be like this. Trust me it is so much better than being a boring adult. Getting to enjoy childhood again. Or just the safety of always having a toilet around just makes me feel comfortable and relaxed all the time.”

Sally says, bopping his nose.

“Just have fun. If you really don’t enjoy it after a year you never have to do it again… well maybe after you go on potty training again.”

She grabs his pacifier and sticks it In his mouth.

“For now pretend to be a cute little girl.”

He blushed and nodded, hugging her as she hugged him. Back with Brave he was just filled up with milk and taken back to his room for a nap. She walks in and sees both Resuku and Sally talking.

“Heh, you two have fun? Anyways Braves taking a nap, you need to take a nap too Resuku ok?”

He looked confused.

“But my-”

He was picked up.

“No buts Resuku nap time.”

He sighs just hoping for a diaper change at the very least. He’s laid in his crib, the bars put up and she leaves. He hugs his plushies and falls asleep sucking his pacifier. A few hours later Starie comes back in the room first to Brave giving him a diaper change. He slept through the whole thing. Then to Resuku.

“Uh oh… does little Resuku have accidents in his sleep?”

She had his dress flipped up giving a diaper check. He wakes up and blushes.

“N-no s-”

Starie begins un-taping his diaper and gives him a stern look.

“Now Resuku don’t lie to mommy. I can tell when a little one had an accident. Or did you do it on purpose?”

She said with a smirk. He blushed insanely just getting a diaper change but was made worse by this.

“n-no! I-i… I… had an accident… sorry.”

He said with a sigh. Knowing she wouldn’t believe him anyway. Starie smiles and nods.

"Good girl. But don’t worry Sally said what happened. I have had to punish her. She knows I don’t play with force in this. I want your choices to be your own in the end for the most part. Or deal with the consequences of your choices like when you choose to play my game and lose. You made the choice and took the chance. You could have gotten out of all this stuff if you play your cards right. "

Resuku sighs and nods. She was right even though he hated this situation, well maybe hate was the wrong word. But he didn’t enjoy it. But he never felt like this was being forced on him. He just made a lot of wrong choices. The first is signing that document.

“You’re right… We did this to ourselves. Thanks for the help mommy.”

He smiles and she smiles back.

“No problem princess.”

She gets him in a clean diaper with lots of powder and removes his dress, getting a different kinda dress. It was blue still but wasn’t long enough to hide his diaper, He blushed.

“O-ok… can’t I get something longer? It’s cute and all but…”

Starie shakes her head.

“Nope, I Need to Be Able to change you easily just in case.”

She goes over to Brave and wakes him up.

“C-change? But I won’t be having any more accidents!”

She giggles as Brave slowly wakes up.

“huh? Uhh…”

Brave said groggy being picked up. He laid his head on Starie falling back asleep.

“Didn’t say you would, it’s just in case. Now come on let’s go get in the car you two have to pick out Halloween outfits~”

Resuku’s eyes get big and he blushes bright red.

“W-wait you’re not taking us out in public like this?!”

She grabs his hand and he tries to pull away

“No no! Please don’t do this, I can’t be seen like this!”

Starie stopped and leaned down.

“Don’t worry, no one will recognize you. I can 100% promise that. Well except maybe your real mom and dad but I doubt we will see them right?”

Starie says to calm the skunk. He looked confused.

“Why do you say that?”

Resuku asks curiously.

"Well for one you’re both 10 years old you look completely different. But two while my effects are on you two. No one except your parents will know who you are. It’s kinda like baby’s you technically haven’t had a life to know people out there. Honestly, you probably wouldn’t recognize anyone either. "

Resuku sighs and pulls down at his dress.

“Fine… but what about Brave? shouldn’t you wake him up? Why is he so sleepy?”

She pets his head and suddenly Resuku begins to feel sleepy.

“I take people’s energy with pets to the head. It lets me stay up all night watching my little baby’s~”

He begins to relax then falls into her arms falling asleep she smiles and picks him up.

“You’re both so adorable but Braves a little bit more… adventurous.”

She takes them both outside and puts them both in car seats and straps them both in tight.

“I need some way to bring out that kid in him. Resuku won’t be hard to convince. Diaper changes are not making Brave feel smaller so we need something else.”

She gets in the car staring it up.

“Maybe a bunch of childhood toys?”

She says with a smile and heads off to the shopping mall. A while later both Brave and Resuku begin to wake up; they both look out their windows before their eyes both get big.

“A-are we outside?”

Brave asks, looking at his attire.

“While we look like this?!”

He moved around only crinkling. Resuku sighs.

“at least you’re not in a dress… I can’t get it low enough not to be seen…”

Resuku wines pulling down at it but the straps from the car seat keep it pulled up. Starie giggles at them both.

“Hey Brave?”

He stops squirming in his seat.


Brave says looking at Starie’s eyes through the rearview mirror.

“Well, I was thinking, what were some of your favorite toys when you were a kid?”

Brave sighs.

“I can’t remember that-”

Suddenly it was like it was only a few years ago he remembers a lot of toys he used to play with.

“Well… actually I remember loving the toy cars and this mat that had a road and stuff on it. Huh? How can I remember that? That was many years ago? When I was like 8?”

Brave says, Starie laughs.

“Because you’re only 10 years old kiddo.”

He looked confused Being told that.

“huh… I suppose I am?”

Resuku sucks on his pacifier.

“That’s right… We are only 10 years old.”

Brave says he then shakes his head. As they Finlay park at the store, Starie grabs a cart that has seats in it for kids and helps first Brave out of his car seat. He blushed and stood there awkwardly. Next, she helped our Resuku who also blushed. She took them to the cart and put them both in each seat and went inside. They felt so awkward. Other than a few smiles and mentions of how cute they were, no one seemed to know them. They felt more relieved.

They went through the store buying a bunch of random stuff, Baby stuff mostly. Starie giggles and gives Brave a pacifier like Resukus but less girly.

“Want to try one?”

He blushed, pushing it away.

“N-no… I really don’t. But I’m getting thirsty…”

Brave says, Resuku nods.

“I am too. Can we get something?”

She smiles big and nods.

“Why of course little ones!”

They head to the Food Court and she gets Resuku a drink but pours it into a baby bottle and hands him. He blushed


She nods and he sighs Brave giggles as he pulls his pacifier out and begins to drink from it.

“I wouldn’t laugh, your next young man.”

She picks up Brave and throws a cover over them. She pulls out one of her boobs. His face went bright red.

“N-not in public… oh my God… at least no one can see me…”

He says being under the cover he just latches on and drinks to quench his thirst but he just keeps going for a while till he is also full again. She fixed herself and pulled out Brave, sitting him in the cart and putting the cover back in the diaper bag.

“Ok, are you little one ready to get back to it?”

Brave grones and nods having eaten too much milk dripping down his cheek. Resuku giggles.

“Would you like some milk too, Resuku?”

He shakes his head.

“N-no please I can’t… I’ll do a lot of stuff but not that.”

She smiles.

“Well, I respect that. I’ll keep it in mind, ok?”

He nods and smiles as they begin to walk around more, she grabs a bunch of toys. Both of them seem distracted by the other toys catching their eyes. Being kids again it was hard to resist some urges.

“You kiddos want to pick out a few toys for yourself?”

They both nodded and jumped down then began to go through all the toys just as though they were really children. This was definitely a push they needed to feel more childish. They throw in toy after toy. She would let them know they will have to pay it back eventually but why ruin the mood. They were told the rules a few days ago. After that, they laughed and talked in the seat of the cart. That was till they hit a baby section for Halloween costumes. There was no way any of these would fit them right now.

“Ok boys, what do you two want to be for Halloween?”

Resuku is still being in this childish mindset.

“Oh, I Wanna be a Zorua! It’s a pokemon! And it’s scary!”

Resuku giggles and so does Starie.

“What about you, Brave?”

He puts his hoof to his mouth and thinks.

“Hmm… maybe a kitsune?”

She grabs them both the costumes they want but it’s got to be for a two-year-old.

“Huh? Mommy those won’t fit us… we are much older than that.”

She laughs and boops Braves nose.

“Still such a smart boy. But soon you will be~”

He gulped as his mind was knocked from this childish place.


They did some more shopping and had quite a bit of fun. Resuku and Brave both can’t remember ever having so much fun spending money. Starie let them buy anything they wanted. But it stopped quickly when Resuku grabbed himself.

“Mommy I gotta pee!”

He says while they are checking out.

“oh no! Umm, do you have a bathroom close by?”

Starie asks the cashier. He frowns.

“Unfortunately the only one we got is in the back of the store. I can watch your stuff.”

Starie nods and picks up Resuku.

“Brave come on! Let’s hurry and get your sissy to the bathroom then I’ll change your soggy diaper.”

Brave feels humiliated as he takes her hand and they rush to the bathroom. But unfortunately, as soon as they get in and Starie begins to un-tape his diaper he begins to wet himself. Resuku starts to cry.

“I tried so hard!”

Starie hugs him tight.

“Oh no…It’s ok princess. Don’t worry mommy’s here. Accidents happen, it was mommy’s fault not yours, don’t worry.”

Suddenly Brave speaks out screaming.

“Ewww!!! Mommy!”

Looking back, Brave was leaking as his shorts were soaked. He also began to cry. Their emotions as a kid are more out of control. Starie sighs and lets go of Resuku.

“Can you handle a little wet diaper for a bit while mommy changes your brother?”

Resuku nods, wiping his eyes. Starie goes over and removes Braves clothes, laying him on a changing table that comes out of the wall. She cleans him up and gets him in a fresh diaper. He’s in absolutely nothing but a diaper.

“Unfortunately I didn’t pack new clothes…”

Brave blushes.

“No… I can be seen naked!”

He stomps his foot. Starie giggles.

“A diaper is not naked Brave. Look at your sister, she’s showing off her diaper.”

He crosses his arms and pouts. Resuku blushes pulling down on his dress. All this girl talk really was embarrassing.

“Not because he wants to…I just want to get out of this place… I’m so tired of not knowing when I wet myself. I-im just nothing but a stupid baby…”

He begins to cry again. Starie sighs and hugs him.

“Sorry Resuku, can you wait for that change till we get home?”

He whines but nods they both get picked up and taken back to pay. Brave was so embarrassed still crying as they left. He was the first one strapped in the car seat along with Resuku’s second. Who had to feel his wet diaper all the way home. Starie put everything in the car and headed home. Brave had got over crying. Resuku smiles at him.

“I-I also wet myself, it’s ok…”

Brave frowns.

“Ya but you can use the toilet… I can’t, if you really cared you would just not use the toilet anymore like me…”

Resuku whines and sighs.

“I’m sorry… mommy?”

Starie looked confused.

“Yes, princess?”

He blushed.

“You’re not to let me use the big boy potty…”

Resuku says. Starie looked surprised.

“Whoa, you sure? I’ll keep you to that. But it’s your choice, Remember.”

He nods.

“I’m sure.”

Brave was brown away.

“Y-you would give up the potty to make me happy?”

Resuku nods blushing a lot.

“I think… I just don’t care anymore, whatever happens, happens. I’m just going to try to have fun. Whatever the situation.”

Resuku says with a smile. Brave smiles big.

“You’re a good friend… but maybe you’re right? It would be better to stop seeing all the bad parts of this and look at the fun stuff. Like that shopping trip, other than the accident it was a blast.”

Resuku nods and once home all their toys were taken to their room. Starie let them play for a while. Brave didn’t even ask for pants, he just ran around in a diaper for the rest of the day and Resuku played in his dress. He was the princess and Brave was the prince. It was very cute. But they had a blast.

Resuku would stop, begin to blush, and say he had to potty. Use his diaper then go back to playing. He had to admit he could have more fun without having to leave to potty. Soon supper got there and Resuku was bottle-fed while Brave was breastfed by Starie. They both seemed to care a lot less just having fun and letting themself relax. But they would be lying if they weren’t having any fun.

It was about 7 pm Starie goes into the room, sitting them both in their cribs, and hands them both one more sheet of paper.

“Now you two select your last stuff. Whatever you select here will be permanent for the rest of the year. As it will be hard to read and write after tomorrow.”

They both looked worried.

“Umm Resuku don’t have to be a girl anymore right? He had fun but that was definitely a one-time thing heh…”

She smiles and nods.

“Ya, he doesn’t have to be. But you both just want the baby options right? Except for Resuku, you want baby food and not breastfeeding, correct?”

They both shrug.

“Ya sure. Sounds fine… diapers are kinda fun…”

Resuku says shyly. Brave giggles.

“Ya… they kinda are especially when you got a cool friend to enjoy them with! Let’s just enjoy the rest of the year! I can’t wait to trick or treat tomorrow, it’s going to be so fun! We haven’t done that in forever.”

They both turn in their papers and Starie smiles.

“Well, I’m happy you’re both having fun. Tomorrow will be the beginning of your year-long life as a 2-year-old.”

She got ready to leave but Brave stopped her.

“Umm… can me and Brave sleep in the same… uhh crib? It gets lonely…”

She smiles and takes him to Resuku’s crib making them both blush and hug.

“Be good you two. I’ll see you both tomorrow.”

She says as she pets their heads. They both slowly fall asleep. Starie replaces Resukus’ thumb with his pacifier and then tries to put one in Braves mouth. Who surprisingly accepts it in his sleep. They both hug tight sucking pacifiers. It was super cute looking. Starie just watched for hours. She even watched as the two little ones became even smaller. They both regress to 2-year-old toddlers. With barely an ability to walk and talk. She couldn’t wait to have some fun with them.

She leaves the room and heads to Sally’s room where the adult Sally was sleeping, sucking her thumb in nothing but a soaked diaper. She smiles and heads in changing her diaper.

“You are so close to having some Friends Sally.”

Starie says before leaving the room. Where she begins to set up the boy’s room for the rest of their year here. Tomorrow was probably going to be the final hurdle before they both accepted this treatment 100%.

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Both the two little two-year-old toddlers Resuku and Brave are cuddled together sucking on their pacifiers. Brave was still only in a diaper. Resuku was still girly but starie walks in the room and picks up Resuku. She lays him on a changing table and begins to undress him. This begins to wake him up. Her hand went in the side of his diaper.

“Oh, it’s still dry. Such a good boy.”

Starie stays with a kiss on his forehead. He just smiles still groggy. He rubs his eyes as starie puts him in a cute onesie saying ‘little stinker’.

“No more being a little girl. Now you’re just a sweet baby boy heh.”

Resuku grones and his pacifier fall from his mouth.

“Mowning mommy…”

He blushed and looked confused. Starie giggles.

“Mowning? Mowning…. M-morning?”

He giggles.

“Got it! Mowning! Aww…”

Starie laughs and hugs him.

“Sorry about that. Ya talking might be kinda tricky. It depends from person to person. but it’s super cute either way~”

She puts him on the ground on his butt. She goes to grab Brave, whose diaper didn’t even need to be checked as it was completely soaked.

“Poor baby nearly leaked.”

Resuku goes to stand up putting his hands on the ground and pushes up his butt in the air and pushes back and wobbles.


Resuku screams falling on his padding. He looked scared. Starie laid Brave on the changing table, the scream waking him up. Brave opens his eyes as his diaper is being taken off.

"Oh forgot to say you also might have problems walking. You’re both 2 years old. Completely different from the bodies you’re used to. These bodies will be very fragile so do be careful. If you get scared or can’t walk, try crawling. Or ask mommy I’ll gladly Carrie you somewhere. Oh, good morning Brave. "

He blushed and reached his hand to his mouth to remove the pacifier. As his old wet diaper was thrown away and he began to get cleaned up.

“i-I dweamed I was… uhh no wonder… how did you get me to suwck on this tupid thing?”

Resuku and Starie both giggled at his lisp. He blushed more.

“Sorry Brave I couldn’t resist, You two sleeping together I just got it close to your mouth and you accepted it. Most kids find pacifiers relaxing as it’s like when they eat from mommy.”

Resuku only giggled more.

“Bwave dweamed about drinking mommy’s milk!”

Starie had finished diapering him at this point. Brave growls and blushes more.

“n-nuh uh!”

Brave says in defense but Resuku comes back with a.

“ya huh!”

This went back and forth starie giggles at how cute they were, being like two siblings fighting when Brave throws his pacifier at Resuku. It hit his head. It was honestly a really weak blow but for their age, it probably hurt. Resuku began to bawl.


Brave’s eyes got big and felt very bad as starie out Brave on the floor quickly then grabbed Resuku.

“BRAVE! That’s a very naughty boy! Go sit in the corner and think about what you did.”

Even Brave began to cry, crawling to the corner and sitting there in nothing but a diaper bawling.

“I-I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry Resuku! Please don’t hate me!”

Starie smiles and hugs Resuku who calms down some.

“I-I don’t hawte you but dat hurt…"

Starie whispers to Resuku.

“So does he deserve longer or do you think he’s served his time.”

Brave keeps crying before Resuku smiles and nods at Starie who puts him down and he crawls to Brave and gives him a big hug. Brave turns and hugs back he Finally stops crying.

“I super sorry wesuku…”

Brave says Resuku nods.

“I know shesh… I getting hungwy though. What about you.”

Brave licks his lips and nods. Starie claps making them both jump.

“Great! It’s breakfast time anyways! Tonight I’ll bring a few bottles while we trick or treat! But the rest of the day is to get you both ready to go.”

She picks them both up and goes and grabs a bottle of milk for Resuku and sits on the couch. She pulls out a boob for Brave. Who shyly latches on and begins to drink as Brave is laid back and begins to be fed from the bottle. After a while Resuku begins to Squirm. Starie removed the bottle from his mouth.

“Something wrong little one?”

He nods.

“I gowwa pee…”

She smirks and puts the bottle back in his mouth.

“You told me to tell you no big boy potty remember? Just relax and just go. I promise it will be ok.”

He blushes but closes his eyes and just focuses on eating when suddenly it begins to flow, his eyes open wide and cheeks light up. But starie didn’t even react, she just kept feeding him which made him feel more comfortable. It was about 30 minutes later and they were both full. Their little body now only needs a small portion of what it needed before. They lay in Starie’s arms taking a nap.

Starie just smiles and takes them both to their room now with only one large crib and one dresser. A bunch of toys all around from last night, And a changing table. This room was set up to take care of baby’s for a long time it seems. Starie laid them both in their crib and left the room. She grabs Resukus and Braves costumes and cleans them and gets them ready to be used tonight.

The babies were sleeping for about 30 minutes before Resuku woke up, his wet diaper being very uncomfortable. He sits up and pokes at his wet diaper. Then just sighs. He looks up at the crib bars and tilts his head as he goes to stand up. Holding on to the crib bars he was able to keep up. He smiles big, feeling a lot bigger just being able to stand up. But the crib bars were so high there was no way he could get over them.

Suddenly his legs gave out on him and he fell on Brave, his diapered butt going right in his face. Brave lets out some muffled screams before pushing off Resuku.

“I-I sorry! Me fell!”

Resuku says. Brave sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“Whatevew… Did we just weally take a nap? We just woke up?”

Brave asks. Resuku shrugs.

“We are baby’s…”

They both blushed.

“Thanks for weminding me…”

Brave grones saying.

“This tupid wisp! Ahhh I sound adowable and I hate it…”

Brave says, crossing his arms pouting. Resuku giggles.

“You do sound supew adowable.”

Resuku says hugging Brave he blushes and hugs back.

“so… how do we get mommy’s attention? I don’t Wana stay in hewe all day…”

Brave asks Resuku. Resuku just shrugs.

“what do babies normally do to get attention? Cwy?”

Brave grones hearing Resuku say that.

“I hate to cwy… even though it’s happening a lot more lately.”

Resuku pokes Braves clearly wet diaper. Brave blushes and Resuku giggles.

“Just say you want a diaper change!”

Brave glares and pokes Resuku’s diaper and smirks. He blushes now.

“Oh really? You seem wike you need one just as bad!”

Resuku’s shame and embarrassment got to him as he just bawled. Braves eyes got big.

“Wait no, don’t cry, me sorry!”

Brave begins to cry just feeling bad for Resuku when starie walks in.

“Goodness? What’s going on little ones? Are you both ok?”

They both couldn’t respond just crying so much. She checked both their diapers.

“Ya, you could both use a change. Then how about I let you two have some playtime before lunch then we will get ready for trick or treating!”

Brave seemed to calm down some as Resuku was picked up and laid down to get his diaper changed first. Brave in an attempt to calm down, put his thumb in his mouth and sucked on it. The sucking reminding him of breastfeeding relaxed him. Starie put a pacifier in Resuku’s mouth, calming him down. After Resuku had his diaper changed she put him down on the ground to play while she grabbed Brave and smiled.

“Would you like a paci Brave?”

He sniffs and nods. She giggles and grabs one for him, pulling out his thumb and replacing it with the pacifier. He relaxed during his diaper change. Then was put down to play.

“Ok, you two play and have fun. But don’t get rough now, remember your bodies are very fragile.”

She pats them both on the head and they both at the same time smile and say.

“fanks mommy!”

They look at each other and giggle. As starie leaves, also giggling.

“They’re both so cute. Oh well with all the toys and stuff from the past few days. Their debts are very high. I’m going to have a little baby skunk and pony for quite a while. My baby bunny will Finally have some friends.”

She says with a big smile walking to the kitchen. She sits down at a chair and begins to open some mail.

“hmm? Odd this has no address?”

She opens it up and begins to read it.

"I hear you are looking for help? I hear you have Regression magic. We would love to work with you here on an easy way to ‘regress’ people with the help of an app that would only be accessible to mainly you and me. If you would be interested please get a hold of me. "

Starie sighs.

“That would make things easier I suppose? Hmm, maybe I’ll call them up and think about it.”

Starie grabs her phone and calls this company. Back with the baby’s Brave is making car noises playing with a toy car driving it around this playmat that has a city on it. Resuku was building blocks, then would look over at Brave and giggle.

“I’m glad you are having fun too.”

Resuku says to Brave who stops and blushes.

“uhh oh wight me don’t think I knew what I was doing till you said something. Heh”

Brave says embarrassed. Resuku just smiles.

“It is nice huh? No wowwies about how we will get food… no wowwy about how we get sleep. No wowwies except when we need changed it’s… super relaxing. Embawwassing ya but welaxing heh.”

Brave nods to Resuku.

“Agweed though… I kinda wish I could at least use the potty again…”

Brave says looking down. Resuku crawls up to him and smiles big.

“Why not ask if mommy can potty train you?!”

He sighs moving his car back and forth on the mat.

“Maybe… I’ll think about it later. For now, let’s just have fun. Heh, I’m getting excited to twick or Tweat. Oh, I hope that little girl got to go…”

Resuku’s eyes go big.

“Oh ya I forgot about her! Whoa… I just realized we are now younger than her…”

Brave blushes.

“D-don’t Wemind me… that’s so weiwd to think about.”

They both looked at each other embarrassed but they couldn’t deny how cute each other looked as they both laughed.

“Hey Wesuku, Wanna play cars with me?!”

He quickly nodded and crawled over. He grabbed his favorite car and they pretended to drive around and just having fun as kids should. They honestly were having a blast, that was till Starie walked in.

“Almost lunchtime little ones~”

They looked confused.

“Alweady? We just had bweakfast?”

Brave asks Starie giggles.

“That was over 5 hours ago, silly boy.”

He looked more confused.

“5? But…”

He was suddenly diaper checked, he blushed and stopped talking.

“As expected you are soaked. Poor baby.”

He whines. Resuku blushes and begins to use his.

“I-I also need a change… I’m wet too…”

Starie giggles.

“Ok, I’ll change you right after your brother.”

Resuku nods and Brave smiles as his diaper change begins and gets his clothes removed and is put in a fresh diaper only.

“I’m going to have you both just padded for lunch. Because I need to get you both a bath then get ready for trick or treating.”

They both looked at each other and blushed.

“B-bath? Like one at a time W-Wight?”

Brave asks. She shakes her head.

“Nope. That would take way too long.”

They both wined and blushed as they were both picked up after being changed. She takes them in and feeds them both like normal. Brave gets breastmilk and Resuku gets a baby bottle of milk. They relaxed in her arms as she took them to the bathroom and expertly started some bathwater. She removed both their diapers and placed them both in the water. It barely went over their legs.

They both sit there blushing just looking away from each other. It was definitely awkward. That was until starie gave them both some bath toys they began to relax and play some and by the end of the bath, they were laughing and splashing playing. The bathwater being drained knocked them out of playtime.

“Ok boys, come on time to dry off.”

They both ‘aww’ at the same time as they were both removed, dried off, and quickly put in a new diaper. The worst part was for Brave as he was being ready to be diapered he began to pee all over the floor and himself. He felt so much more ashamed than when he used his diaper. He began to bawl. Starie got it cleaned up and him diapering him before he had another accident and hugging him.

Resuku even came over and hugged them both to try to calm down Brave. It took a while but he finally calmed down and wore himself out. Beginning to fall asleep in starie’s arms. She takes them both to their crib and lets them take a nap together. She gave them both pacis and they napped for a few hours. Later starie came in with both their costumes.

“Oh, babies! time to waky waky~ who’s ready to go trick or treating?”

They both wake up quickly.


Brave says

“Mee too, I’m more excited!”

Resuku exclaimed. Brave glared.

“Nuh-uh! I’m more excited!”

Resuku glares back.

“No me!”

This went back and forth before Starie stopped them both.

“You both won’t be super excited if you are both grounded from fighting now will you?”

They both looked at her and at the sametime said.

“Sorry, mommy…”

She smiles big and goes to dress them both.

“Good boys. Now let’s get you both in your costumes!”

She gets them both dressed. Resuku was a Zora from Pokemon but his diaper is still easily able to get to. Next was Brave, his was a kit-sune. But same with him both their diapers were easily exposed for easy changes. They both blushed.

“What happened to the part that hid our diapers…”

Starie giggles.

“Sorry, needed a way to change you both so I modified it a bit~”

They both sigh and starie smiles

“What do you tell mommy?”

They both look at each other and smile then giggle.

“Thanks, mommy!”

They both say at the sametime making them both begin laughing. This causes Starie to also laugh.

“Gosh, you are both so cute. Now I got 2 buckets. One is blue and the other is yellow. What color would you both like?”

Resuku surprisingly was the first to speak up.

“I want buwe!”

He then stands his legs shaking and holding his hands out. Starie nods and hands him the blue Halloween bucket. They probably wouldn’t be able to hold them when full of candy. She then hands the yellow one to Brave.

“Now let’s get going. You will both have a full night!”

They nod and get picked up and taken to the car they are both strapped in and starie begins to drive them around stopping at the first house they see. Starie gets out.

“try and be as cute as you can you might get more candy~”

She carries them both to the door and is about to knock when Brave pulls on her shirt.

“momma… Can I knock?”

She smiles great big and lets him knock on the door and a scary-looking witch opens the door both Brave and Resuku hide their faces in starie who laughs. The woman at the door also laughs.

“Aww I’m sorry did I scare you? It’s ok you kids want some candy?”

They had both wet themselves from being scared but neither noticed. They turned back and held out their buckets shyly.

“Now what do you two say?”

Starie says. They both looked confused then smiled big they haven’t got to say it in so long. They look at the witch and yell.

“Twik or tweet!”

The woman laughs and grabs her chest.

“God there both so adorable you are such a lucky lady. My son is nearly 30 and still hasn’t moved out, not that I want him to. Just wish he was as cute as these two.”

She says giving them both a bunch of candy they smile and giggle at each other. Starie hands the woman a card.

“I suggest you give me a call sometime. We can probably work something out.”

The older woman looks at the card. ‘Staries Little getaway. When you just miss that feeling of being a kid or want the feeling of raising a kid you could never have again.’ it then had her number. The woman looked confused but smiled.

“Well ok then, thank you. I’ll give you a call I suppose?”

They leave and she locks the baby’s in their car seats. They head from house to house getting more and more candy. It was about 7 this has been their bedtime the past few days. They were both falling asleep with chocolate all over their mouths. Starie giggles.

“I think I need to get you two home.”

Brave grones half asleep.

“noooo… I don’t Wanna stop… too fun…”

Resuku just nods, having his pacifier in his mouth pretty much asleep. Starie sighs.

“Sorry baby. Maybe you can go next year. But you will both have to ask mommy starie to regress you again.”

She winked and they were both asleep at this point. She drives them home and takes them both inside. She undresses them and changes Brave. Next, she checked Resuku and was surprised to find him soaked. She changed him and left them both in nothing but a diaper and laid them in their crib.

“Today is the beginning of your one year of childhood.”

Starie says coveting them both up and putting a pacifier in Brave’s mouth and leaving. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. She goes and opens it Sally was in a Halloween costume as a pokemon. She was a bunnery. But her diaper bulge was obvious if you were looking for it. She blushed and smiled.

“trick or treat~”

Starie pulls her in and hugs her.

“I choose trick and treat~”

She quickly regresses the bunny girl and they play and tease her till Sally falls asleep as well. Starie yawns for the first time in the past few days.

“I didn’t take any energy today… I’m beat.”

She carries Sally to her room, lays her in her crib and heads to her own room, and throws on pj’s. She then falls asleep.

One year later.

Starie stretches and gets out of bed hearing the baby’s crying. She gets up and heads to Resuku and Brave’s room. She grabs them both and smiles.

“Oh my goodness it’s ok little ones. Mommy’s here.”

They still cry clearly, their diapers being so soggy she gets them changed.

“Well I got good news today is the end of your time as cute baby’s.”

They don’t look like they quite understand but they know mommy’s happy so are they. They clap and she sets them on the ground and pets both their heads suddenly they both begin to age back up to their previous ages of 26. Brave grones and rubs his head.

“Man… that was an experience.”

Brave says Resuku nods.

“Though it was quite fun.”

They look at each other and laugh seeing each other as adults in nothing but large diapers. They both stopped then blushed insanely.

“Well, this is much more humiliating than when we were kids…”

Brave says Resuku just nods as starie hands them both their adult clothes she was holding on to till this day.

“Do you two need help getting dressed?”

They both blushed.

“I-I think we can handle it, mommy…”

Brave said then sighs.

“That’s going to be a hard habit to break huh?”

Resuku again just nods as they both get dressed. They decided to stay padded.

“So Resuku I suggest diapers at night till you strengthen that bladder. Brave umm, I suggest potty training if you want to get back to normal.”

They both sigh.

“Ok, mommy…”

They both say. Suddenly they are given a paper for the whole year.

“Here is your debt. I’ll talk more about it after you see everything.”

Definitely, the most expensive stuff all happened the first few days. But over a year all these things were crazy expensive. Braves was easily over half a million and Resukus was about 50k cheaper because he got some money added to his by being sissy for a day. They look up at Starie who just smiles.

“So… I guess you own us now huh…? Nothing but slaves.”

Brave says in a depressed tone. Starie goes pfft and pets both their heads.

"Yes, you both work for me. But I’m still your mommy and I love you both just like my little Sally you both my darling little boys. I just need more help taking care of little ones at work. You work for Starie’s little getaway. You will have all food and living accommodations paid for as long as you work for me. As high as your debt is I doubt you will pay it off for a long time. "

She giggles.

“But that’s ok.”

She pats both their diaper butts and they both jump and blush.

“I’m ready to change diapers for as long as I need to. But it’s time for you two to learn to take care of little ones. I’ll send you to Sally who will teach you everything you need to know. We even got a new device to regress little ones. But I’ll show you that once you two learn the basics.”

They nod.

“Ok mommy… umm c-could I get maybe some bottles of milk for working…?”

Brave asks, very embarrassed. Starie tilts her head.

“You mean breast milk. Heh why of course. I got you addicted. I won’t just cut you off sheesh. Maybe you and Sally can drink together some time. As for you Resuku, I think Sally might like you.”

Resuku blushes looking down.

“I-I like her too, she’s very cute…”

Starie laughs.

“Great, I’ll be sure to give you both time off to get to know each other.”

Brave pats him on the back.

“Nice job man! Here I thought I might be the one with a girlfriend first.”

He sighs and Resuku hugs him.

“You will! don’t worry brother…”

Brave smiles and hugs back.

“Thanks, bro…I know we’re not really brothers but being kids together made it feel like it. So let’s keep it up. I really like it.”

Resuku smiles big and nods.

“Me too.”

Starie smiles.

“Adorable, here when I met you I thought you were both lovers.”

They both blushed letting go of each other. So they began their first time back in the world as adults but having this time off gave them a lot more confidence. Not having to take potty breaks also speeds up the production of taking care of baby’s.

Weeks later.

An older woman walks in holding a small toddler. She sees both Resuku and Brave and smiles.

“Wow, has it already been a year? You both are just as cute as adults as you are baby’s!”

They both looked confused. They clearly didn’t remember her.

“Umm, thanks. But can we help you?”

Brave asks. She smiles and hands them the kid.

“I have to go out of town. Starie made my son a toddler again. If he wants to stay at home and not get married or live on his own he’s got to be my baby.”

The other woman says. They laugh and the toddler has his arms crossed and looks mad.

“I not Wana wear diapers! I not Wana be baby!”

The kid yells, Brave sighs.

“No problem ma’am! We will have him using his diapers and sucking pacifiers before you even get back.”

They all laugh and the boy blushes.

“Y-you will do what?!”

Brave hands the boy to Resuku who was sucking a pacifier already and pushes on in the boy’s mouth holding it there. It wasn’t long before he stopped fussing and fell asleep. Resuku takes the boy to the nursery with a few other adults who are babies. Brave shakes the woman’s hand.

“That will be $1,500 for the day, more if you take longer. This is a very expensive business… me and Resuku know this first hand heh.”

She pays them and smiles.

“Anything to have my baby boy back.”

She leaves and Brave giggled remembering when he was that grumpy baby but knew he would eventually like it just like him. Back with the kid, Resuku gets him laid down and smiles when someone grabs him from behind and turns him around. It was Sally. She was smiling and pulled his pacifier from his mouth and gave him a smooch. They had been dating for a few weeks now. He blushed and she put the pacifier back in.

“You’re are such a cutie. So have anything planned for Christmas? If so, want to come to my place?”

Resuku just nods.

“I would wove Dat.”

He says lisping behind the pacifier. She giggles and hugs him. This was their new life now. Back with Starie she gets the mail and finds one from the local prison.

"Hello, Starie, from Staries little getaway! We would like to work with you and get you a lot of money. We have a bunch of criminals we would like to pay you to take care of and teach to be children. We will pay very big. Please get back to us before December. We will have a test prisoner for you then. "

Starie smiles big.

“Prisoners to baby’s to grow back up correctly? Sounds like a fun way to make some money. I wonder who will be my first test subject.”

She says with a phone In hand she has an app opened up and it has a large warning on it. Do not point the camera at yourself. Do not point cameras at random people. This app can and will change people’s lives. Regression is 100% once you are loaded into the app. It also had buttons at the bottom called potty training test, adult test, brains test, optional gender test. But that was just a few of the options.


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