Stargate Universe

Ok….I kind of have a problem with this series. They have 15 seasons of a TV show and 4 movies made/being made, in all honesty they’ve done this series quite enough and I’m not sure they can really add anything new or interesting to it.

The only thing the Stargate series HASN’T touched on were the Furlings. They have like 3 episodes with that and none of them encounter an actual furling or see anything about their species, its all a medium to enhance the original plot of said episode.

But even so, I don’t think that if they did something with the furlings it would have any sort of merit to the series anymore. I like the series, don’t get me wrong, but I just think it’s been done quite enough.

And yet….now they’re coming out with a 3rd series, Stargate Universe. I’ll likely watch it but the series just wasn’t the same ever since Atlantis and the Ori came about, so I guess they’ll have to work bloody hard as hell to impress me with this one.

Thoughts from you guys?

Stargate Universe

K, first off, Continuum kicks fucking ass. Great story, and it’s all about the Goa’uld (and as I stated, they’re the best enemy created).

Ark of truth was kind of meh, not that great.

Third…how could you possibly say Richard Dean Anderson is better than Kurt Russel? I’m not saying Richard is a bad actor, but Kurt Russel is just awesome. Just my opinion though, I guess.

Lastly, they’re making an Atlantis movie as they somehow turned the last episode of Atlantis into a cliffhanger. I say “somehow” because I watched the last episode and it was a logical and rational closure point, not a cliffhanger. But apparently I’m wrong.

I don’t have high hopes for this movie. Atlantis was okay, but not my cup-o-tea.

Stargate Universe

The only cliffhanger I could think of with ST-A would be what are they going to do with the city now that it’s in the San Fransico Bay? are they going to take it back to Pegasus, or move it to a more remote location on earth like middle of one of the oceans :?

Stargate Universe

I’ve never watched any of this and never intend to.

Stargate Universe

Then why post here?

Stargate Universe

You asked for thoughts on Stargate. But perhaps more important than that, I thought I’d give them to you.

Stargate Universe

I asked for thoughts on this series based on how I think the others have been done to death already.

I can’t forbid people from posting here who have never seen Stargate and aren’t interested, but other than to increase their post count why bother anyways? Seems retarded to come into a thread you already don’t give a shit about just to say “I don’t give a shit about this.”

Stargate Universe

I dont give a shit about this…… :stuck_out_tongue:
i used to watch sg1 every now and again, but i thought the atlantis series is retarded. i think they should have kept with sg1 or if they were going to do a spin off to have oneil in it

Stargate Universe

Eh, unfortunately it looks like he’s retiring sort of.

He has no projects going on, his last appearance was as MacGyver on Saturday Night Live, and to be fair, he is 59.

He may have guest spots, but I doubt he’ll be doing anything with Stargate again, which sucks.

And Atlantis has its own good points. I treat it like the newest Indiana Jones movie, and say that it’s shitty for being part of the series but if it were a lone series, it would’ve been alright. Otherwise yeah, it’s not that great.