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UPDATE 10-20-2014: Posted Chapter 4

Still going. The last couple of chapters will probably be a little shorter than my usual ones; also this story isn’t intended to be as long as Two-Way Mirror. Always interested in:

-Aspects of characters people might want explored
-Suggestions for plot (I already have this one mapped but it’ll give me good ideas for my next one)
-Issues of grammar/syntax/style

And, just generally what you like. If I know what people like, I can pander to that in future stories. I’m not an author who writes what I write because of artistic integrity. I believe writing (at least fiction) is ultimately for the audience so if people note what they like, I’ll try to make work next time that suits my audience even better.

UPDATE 09-21-2014: Posted Chapter 3

Thanks everyone, for the feedback. I appreciate it very much. This one is more fast-paced than the last piece, as I expect it’ll cover a much shorter time period than Two-Way Mirror. Hope you all enjoy it.

UPDATE 09-12-2014: Posted Chapters 1 & 2

Sorry I haven’t written anything for awhile. This will be the sequel to Two-Way Mirror that people voted for. I just hit a major block in producing anything substantial for awhile. I wrote half of this right after Two-Way Mirror and then had to drop it and pick it up months later. If that creates inconsistencies, let me know so I can fix them. I’ve got chunks of all of it done but I’ve finished proofing only the first two chapters. It’s not going to be as long as Two-Way Mirror, probably half the length.

This story is certainly more conflict-packed than I had anticipated. Also, more mature than I had intended it to be when I first thought of it. Realize there’s a level of ahem, “mature situations” (R rated) that didn’t occur in Two-Way Mirror. I doubt it’s a huge problem considered a chunk of the material on this site, but just wanted to warn fans of the first one. Hope you guys enjoy it. Also, link to Two-Way Mirror:

Stained Glass - Chapter 1: Red [Alison]

Spring semester had started, although my classes didn’t start until Tuesday. That same week happened to be the same one Chelsea’s second semester started at her school. When Monday came I had no idea Chelsea’s private school had a uniform but she looked absolutely adorable in the skort and collared shirt with her school’s emblem. Her decision to return to school was absolutely for the best; I hoped she’d get back into the swing of things quickly.

After the Disneyland fiasco, everything had been pretty quiet for the rest of winter break. Chelsea had insisted upon returning to her normal cloth diapers as soon as we returned to the house and I was happy to oblige. I wasn’t at all surprised she’d want them after all the stress she’d put herself through. I had thought she would want to spend time playing in her new nursery, but she just wanted to cuddle in her room that day, watching a Disney movie and having me read to her. She saved the playroom for a couple days later.

I had no idea her private school was for gifted kids, but that also came out. We started talking business and I realized that, although it was my major, Chelsea understood practical aspects of business that you just couldn’t get from book learning. It was like I had a practical professor at home, and that was pretty neat. She even started guiding me through some of the decisions she made with Karen once she realized I was interested.

There was an almost unnerving calm settling over the house now that I was fully aware of my position. Karen seemed to warm up to me a little more now that I was “in the know”. She confided in me she’d been purposely cold for fear that if she was too casual with me she’d slip up and I’d realize Chelsea was running the show. It was pretty much the same with the house staff. Now that I knew Chelsea was the boss I was welcomed into the Austin house staff club along with her butler, maid, chef and gardeners. They all must’ve been scared Chelsea would be very angry at anyone who revealed her official in-charge status to me. At least I didn’t have to fear Chelsea, I was the one person in this place paid to tell her “no.”

“Hey Ally,” Chelsea said, coming into my room wearing only one of her new school diapers and a polo shirt. She was holding her navy blue skort and a fresh diaper in her hands. “I need a change before I go,”

“Okay, let’s go,” I replied, taking her hand and walking her into her playroom, rather than head all the way upstairs again. We had to take off pretty soon for school anyway.

As I laid her back on her changing table, Chelsea giggling as she grabbed a stuffed toy from the pile we left on there. I snapped the sides of the all-in-one cloth diaper and began to go to work wiping her clean.

We’d decided on some pull-up style cloth diapers for school, Karen had actually ordered them before Christmas, with Chelsea’s intention being not to use them; I wasn’t sure how that would pan out. The infirmary at her school had agreed to let her store some extras there, just in case, and, because they were pull-up style (albeit with snaps in case of accidents), she’d be able to change herself while she was there.

The upside to these new ones were that, unlike her home diapers, these microfiber diapers were made for discretion. It wasn’t very noticeable under her school uniform and they didn’t make any noise at all. The snaps were colored the same color as the material and, from just looking at the waistband, they could pass for loose panties. Chelsea seemed pleased and I certainly didn’t want her destroying her school life over something as silly as her penchant for wearing diapers.

After I finished cleaning her I pulled up the new diaper and I took Chelsea’s skort from where she’d dropped it and pulled it up over her legs. She hopped off the changing table, and looked around the playroom.

“I kinda just want to play…” Chelsea said, knowing that it would soon be time for school.

“C’mon,” I said, giving her a hug. “You know you don’t want to be stuck alone in the house for another whole semester.”

Chelsea nodded reluctantly and we headed out to the car. Chelsea was apprehensive and excited the whole way, not saying to much as we drove but looking out the window expectantly. When we finally arrived at the school she bit her lip.

“I changed my mind.” She said hoarsely. Her feet fidgeting against the car mat.

“Chelsea,” I said, pulling her in as much of a hug as I could with us both sitting in the car, “get out there and have some fun at school.”

Chelsea gulped, nodded, took a deep breath and stepped outside of the car in the parking lot abutting the school building. I waved to her from the parking lot as she walked up the steps, turning at the end to wave at me. I’d be back in less than eight hours but, after four months of her never leaving the security of her home without me, I could see her being a little apprehensive.

After the bell rang and the students were all in their classes I made my way up the hill towards the elementary school building Chelsea attended. Inside, there was a lot of noise from the first couple of rooms adjoining the main hall. The one on my left was marked “Preschool 2 and Infirmary.” I walked inside and looked at the young kids running around, and the adults corralling them into some form of learning that looked a lot like playing.

“Can I help you?” One of the ladies asked, putting down some paperwork and heading over to the entrance. She looked to be in her late thirties or early forties. She was definitely overweight, though it brought that jolly appearance that comes with a little extra chubbiness. Her hair was in tight curls that fell down around her shoulders in a loose bunch, gathered behind her head with a hair clip.

“Uh, yeah, I work for the Austin family,” I held up the bag that had ten of the new diapers in it, already laundered, of course. “I was told I could put these in here?”

“Oh, Chelsea?” The woman said, suddenly appearing more friendly as I nodded. “I had her in this class for three years before she graduated to the kindergarten, she’s a very smart little girl. I heard about her parents,” the woman sighed before continuing. “It’s really tragic. Her parents were lovely people.”

“I never got to meet them,” I replied, trying to express my regret about that. Of course, if nothing had happened to them, I’d have never been needed but that didn’t mean that I was happy it had happened.

The woman took the bag I offered, looking inside for a moment. “Is Chelsea having a problem getting to the bathroom?”

“Yeah, she’s pretty sensitive about it,” I offered. If Chelsea knew the woman, I was sure she’d want me to downplay the issue.

“Well, of course she is.” The woman replied. “Children that age are very sensitive about that. Anyway, I’m Candice, and I’m the head teacher for the 3-4 year old preschool group. And you’re…”

“I’m Alison, Chelsea’s nanny.” I replied as we shook hands.

“Nice to meet you Alison,” Candice continued. “Anyway, the infirmary is attached to the preschool classes, so Chelsea will have to come through here if she needs one of these.” Candice began walking into the room, with me following.

The room itself, after the door, had a waiting area with a couple of chairs and a raised, three feet high wall that separated the preschool kids from whoever was waiting to check them in or out. The waiting area transitioned at one end into a walkway along the right wall, half encircling the preschool room. Instead of going into the preschool area, we simply continued along that walkway and, at the end, was a separate door leading to the infirmary.

“Here we go,” Candice said, showing me a cubby inside a cabinet that already had “Austin, Chelsea” labeled onto it. The diapers were placed inside and the cabinet closed. The names were not visible with the cabinet closed at least. Hopefully that’d be discreet enough for her, not that I could see too many kids her age heading down to the preschool.

“Who’s this?” A man in a doctor’s coat asked as he entered the room.

“This is Alison, Chelsea Austin’s nanny, she’s just bringing Chelsea’s supplies.” Candice answered for me.

“Oh, hello. I was expecting you.” The man replied, offering his hand, which I shook. “I’m the nurse, Mr. Meritt. We spoke on the phone.”

“Nice to meet you,” I replied, nodded at Mr. Meritt as Candice showed me out, back to the waiting area in the preschool room.

Candice made small talk with me for a few more minutes about how Chelsea was getting on and then said our farewells as she had to get back to her paperwork. I headed down the hill and got back to my car, heading home without much to do and a long while until Chelsea was out of school.

That whole morning I, myself, was filled with a bit of angst, it must’ve been a shadow of what a parent would feel when they sent their kid to school for the first time. Back at the Austin home, it felt oddly empty. I’d never been in the house when Chelsea wasn’t there, every time she’d gone out I had gone with her.

The loneliness was even more acute because I didn’t have a damn thing to do. Classes didn’t start until tomorrow so I was actually was completely free of responsibility for these few hours. I wandered around the house, watching everyone doing their jobs. Carol was dusting the unused downstairs rooms, Karen was making calls up in the office. The gardeners were pruning the front yard hedges. I felt even more like a slacker.

Finally I wandered into the nursery, looking around absently, somehow kinda hoping Chelsea would be in there even if I knew it was impossible; I’d dropped her off at school myself. I sat side-saddle on the full-sized rocking horse, feeling it sway beneath me as I pondered, trying to think of something to do.

I looked over at the armchair, the crib, the pretty, pink-hued walls and white trim. My nose took in the smells, mainly diaper perfume and baby powder masking almost imperceptible scent of stale urine coming from the diaper pail. I always rinsed out the dirty ones quickly, those would stink up the place quick if they weren’t handled, even with the air purifier on.

My eyes ran over to the stacks of cloth diapering and covers sitting on the changing table and I was suddenly filled with a very acute desire to go put one on. It was ridiculous, I was fully aware of that, but the curiosity was also particularly pressing.

“Would I get all relaxed like Chelsea does?” I wondered, propping my chin on hand and my elbow on my knee (not an easy feat when one is swaying on a big rocking horse). “Chelsea sure likes it…”

But, somehow I also felt like it would be betraying Chelsea. I was the strong, responsible nanny. That’s what I was paid to do. I couldn’t wear diapers like Chelsea, no matter how great they might be. Besides, I was sixteen, she was what, ten? Then again, her birthday was coming up in a week or two, Karen had mentioned that. At that point she’d be eleven and still wearing diapers.

I walked over to the changing table, my heart beating faster as I picked up some of the diapers. Funny, it never really made my heart beat faster when I was picking them up to put on Chelsea. The faint yellow stain in the middle of the cloths stuck out as I inspected the diapers like I hadn’t before. I put the layer back down and sighed. What the heck was wrong with me?

Then again, it couldn’t really hurt to just try it out, could it? I mean, Chelsea was off at school, it wasn’t like she was going to come home without me finding out; I was the one who would pick her up when she was out. As long as Chelsea didn’t know, her perception of me could be the same and I could… experiment, a little.

My heart beat rapidly as I walked over to the door, an almost silent click occurred as I locked the entry to the nursery. Was I really going to do this? I swallowed, my breathing erratic as I walked back to the changing table and unbuttoned my jeans, dropping them to the floor. I stepped out of them, hooking my thumbs in my panties and pulling the lacey teal g-string down my legs. I was half-naked in Chelsea’s nursery now. What the fuck was I thinking?

I couldn’t fight it anymore though. I laid out the diaper on the changing table and positioned myself over it. I immediately began to realize diapering yourself was a much more difficult process than diapering someone else but I wasn’t even close to giving up. My whole body trembled slight as I brought the diaper up and clasped it on. I was glad it fit, my hips were a bit bigger than Chelsea’s but, then again, these diaper were made to fit a range of waists. At least I kept a trim waistline.

The diaper on, I looked for the covers that we used when she Chelsea was going into double-thick diapering and tried it on for size. My heart leap as the cover fit. A few moments later I was fully diapered and feeling like a complete moron.

“What now, dumbass?” I thought to myself as I stood there in one of Chelsea’s diapers. I walked over to the full length mirror Chelsea had for playing dress-up and looked at myself. I supposed I did look a bit cute, in a sort of pervy way.

I knew what now though, I wanted to try peeing in it. At the same time, a voice within me was firmly suggesting against that endeavor. I couldn’t stop now though, I was going full bore. I pushed at my bladder and felt it release. The sensation was amazing, my warm piss soaking into the diapers, splashing against my sex. The experience was far, far different than I had envisioned.

As I flooded the diaper my hand jammed down the front of it practically involuntarily, stroking myself in the wet, pissy diaper I was wearing. I was a bad girl, a dirty girl, I scolded myself mentally. What a pervert I was, I thought, staring myself in the eyes in the mirror. I stroked faster and faster, frantically watching myself in the mirror for less than a minute; suddenly, I had the strongest orgasm ever, it ripped through my system like a welding torch through steel, forcing me forward onto my knees as it occurred. Then, just as quickly, it was over.

What had I done? The instant the last wave of pleasure flooded through my system I felt nothing but the deepest sense of shame. My gut churned bitterly as each disgusting action I had taken forced itself back into the forefront of my mind. Masturbating in my little miss’s diapers? What the fuck was wrong with me? I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of nausea and ran to the bathroom attached to the nursery, throwing up my breakfast into the waiting commode.

I wiped the last of the vomit from my mouth, washing my hands in the sink. I rarely, if ever, masturbated, why was it this which pushed me to do it? Sex was not exactly a comfortable topic for me. None of my “partners,” if that’s what I wanted to call them, had ever been lovers. I hadn’t even had sex in two years now. I had reached orgasm before, experimenting on my own just to figure out what it felt like. Those few experiments had made me assume it wasn’t worth the effort of getting myself to climax. I didn’t know at all what I felt now. I was so confused as I wiped at my mouth and slumped to the bathroom floor.

I hugged my knees to my chest and cried softly to myself for a few moments before finally recovering myself. I reminded myself who I was, I was the nanny, a college student, a fucking professional. What the fuck was I doing sitting on the floor in a wet diaper? I got up, took the diaper off and tossed it in with the other wet ones in the diaper pail, wiped myself down and put my clothes on again. I took a deep breath, it was going to be okay.

I considered, as I finished, how completely lucky I was to have no one come looking for me. I mean, there was no reason for them to come looking for me but what if they had? I could never explain what I’d done, I’d be fired for sure. It was okay though, it was just a fluke. It’d never happen again. I steady myself against the changing table as another wave of nausea passed through me, leaving me as quickly as it came. This job was everything to me now, why the hell was I willing to risk it on something so stupid?

After I put myself back together I exited the nursery as if nothing had happened. Everyone was still busy doing their work but I couldn’t help the intense anxiety that followed me now. “They know,” the feeling said but I knew that wasn’t possible.

“Hi Alison,” Karen said, walking down the back hall with papers in her arms. “Keeping busy?”

“Just bored for today.” I replied, “At least I’ll have school work starting tomorrow.”

“That’s nice.” Karen replied. “I hope Chelsea’s first day back at school is going well.”

“Me too,” I concurred. This small talk was definitely making me feel better, more normal. Just as quick though, Karen had to do more work and I was left on my own. I looked up at the clock, eleven thirty. God, I still had three hours before it was time to pick Chelsea up. I hoped I could look her in the eye when that time came.

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Stained Glass Chapter 2: Blue [Chelsea]

Coming back to school was scary. The school felt different even though it was the same as last year. I even knew where my classroom was because it was just two doors down from where my fourth grade class I was in.

That was good, because my school wasn’t exactly the easiest place for a kid to find her way around in. There were four buildings: the elementary school, the middle school, the high school, and the little administration building. The elementary school was the halfway up the little hill that the whole school sat on, while the high school was on top. All the buildings were pretty old and made of bricks and stuff. They were pretty though, the high school building even had vines growing on one side of it.

Inside the elementary school building, the preschool and kindergarten classes were right inside the door, in a section before the lockers and the main elementary school started. The first and second graders were further down the hall, through a door, and all the older grades classes were on the second floor, which is where I had to go to. The kids that lived in one-story houses didn’t like the steps but I was used to them so they didn’t bother me.

I got to the new class and everyone was already lining up along the hallway wall next to the door to our class, just like we used to for fourth grade. Casandra and Stacey waved me over and I got in line with them.

“Hey, it’s so cool you’re back.” Casandra said.

“Yeah, we only hung out, like, once after Disneyland,” Stacey replied, I could tell that meant I was supposed to call them more. At least they hadn’t mentioned the whole Disneyland thing after it had happened. I was still crazy embarrassed that Ally had taken me home for being naughty, even if it turned out okay in the end.

The bell rang and we all filed in, checking on the board at the door for the seating chart and heading into our assigned seats. It was alphabetical, like usual, so I was the second desk from the front on the far left row.

As I sat in the desk my diaper moved against me and I, for the first time since being at school again, became aware of what I was wearing. At least, with a glance, they looked like normal panties. I knew I couldn’t actually go back to panties though. Not because I couldn’t make it to the potty; I hadn’t had a single accident the day I went to Casandra’s house to play with her and Stacey during winter break. It was just that I kept feeling like I was going to have an accident unless I was wearing them. The diapers just made it so I didn’t have to worry all the time.

Class was somewhat boring, as usual. Our first teacher, Mrs. Middleton, went over our daily plan the first thing in the morning. Because our school was a private one, we had different teachers for some subjects instead of one teacher for all of them. The subjects just weren’t that hard: reading and writing in the morning, followed by recess, science, which was kinda interesting (we started learning about electricity), then lunch, social studies, which was all U.S. history, and finally math. For math though, I got to go to the middle school building for my advanced placement class. I also did advanced writing but there wasn’t a special class for it- Mrs. Middleton just gave us different assignments.

The first recess was a welcome break, my body was practically bursting with energy after sitting in the same seat for two hours. I hadn’t had to sit still and be quiet for two hours since the fourth grade. It felt really weird, but it was okay. Everyone chatted as we went out the back and down the steps to the elementary playground behind the building.

“Did you see the homework for the advanced writing and reading?” Stacey whined as we started heading out. “A book report our first week? That’s going to take forever.”

“It’s not that bad,” Casandra argued. “At least it isn’t as boring as the regular work.”

I agreed with them with a nod. Casandra, Stacey and I were all in the advanced language section. They weren’t in my math class though; that class was pretty special, the school was actually letting me take classes with middle school kids.

On the playground I found Sandra was already there, backed by Bethany and Valerie, hanging out near the door as if she was waiting for me. I tried to ignore her, concentrating on my conversation with Casandra and Stacey as we walked past.

“Hey, Chelsea,” Sandra said with a nasty tone. I ignored her and kept walking. Sandra raised her voice. “Are you still wearing diapers even though you’re back at school?”

“No.” I lied, turning around to glare at her. “What the hell is your problem.”

“You’re my problem.” Sandra said, closing in. Casandra and Stacey stood next to me as Sandra walked up, Bethany and Valerie stood behind her on either side.

“What the heck?” Stacey said, trying to get between me and Sandra. “We’re all friends, right? Why are you trying to pick a fight with Chelsea?”

“I’m not going to be friends with a girl that still poops her pants.” Sandra replied, smirking.

“I do not poop my pants.” I replied, stamping my foot towards her, feeling stupid that’d I’d said that the moment the words left my mouth. That was pretty much true, I only pooped when I had a diaper on, so it wasn’t pooping my pants…kinda. Besides, none of my friends had ever seen me do it so it didn’t matter.

A couple more kids were paying attention by now, it made my tummy churn a little, knowing we were being looked at. I was also beginning to realize what this was, during my time out Sandra seemed to have picked up in popularity a lot since the fourth grade. I’d always been really popular before I had to leave school but now maybe Sandra was more popular than me.

“Fine.” Sandra replied, Bethany and Yasmine backing up unexpectedly. “Don’t think you’re so great though, everyone knows you were wearing diapers at Disneyland.”

“Whatever,” I replied, turning to Casandra and Stacey who were looking more than a little worried.

As I faced away I felt a sudden fear hit me, but not in time to let me turn. My skorts were grabbed and I felt them being ripped down my legs toward my ankles. Cheering ensued from some of the boys on the jungle gym as I screamed, frantically reaching down to pull my skorts back up. My pants were down around my ankles less than a second or two but it felt like it lasted an hour.

“Sandra, you bitch!” Casandra said, standing in front to cover me. The use of that word shocked me a little. Stacey just stood there in shock while Sandra laughed behind me.

“Serves you right.” Sandra sneered.

“That was too far.” I heard, looking up and finding a teacher on yard duty had been watching us. She raised her eyebrows at Sandra, handing her a scribbled note “Sandra, office now, give them this referral.” The teacher looked down at Casandra, “Casandra, watch the language.”

“Yes, Mrs. Feinstein,” Casandra replied demurely, lowering her eyes.

Sandra glared at me in a huff as she took the note and headed back inside.

“At least you were wearing panties, right?” Casandra whispered as Mrs. Feinstein went back to supervising the yard as a whole. At that point I realized the new diapers had done their job, Casandra, at least, thought they were panties and hopefully so would everyone else who was further away.

“Yeah, good thing…” I replied, Stacey’s jaw was just slack, looking between me and Casandra as if she didn’t know what to say. We kept walking out into the yard, we still had a good amount of recess time left. We talked about T.V., and I was somewhat up on the shows finally after having paid attention the last time I saw Stacey and Casandra. We were hanging out at our old favorite spot under an oak tree when Katelyn, Phoebe and Samantha came over.

“Hi Chelsea,” Katelyn said, the girls all acknowledging each other as they came up.

As the pack of girls approached my mind started racing, remembering just how good I’d been at surviving school. The recesses these first few days would determine whether I could keep the popularity I’d had in fourth grade or whether I’d be abandoned by my friends. All of the little social cliques were popping back into my mind now. After half a year off I’d been able to forget about this stuff and just have fun with Ally. Now, I had to worry about who was popular and why again. There were two fifth grade classes at my school, and that made about twenty-five girls in the school. Most were divided into cliques of three or four, and those cliques had their own alliances.

My clique was the smart but popular kids clique, and had been me, Casandra and Stacey since the third grade. There was the nerd clique which included: Liz, Amanda, Yasmine and, until this year, Bethany. Yasmine was in advanced placement classes for science and they were all as smart my clique but not popular. Liz and Yamine had glasses and none of the nerd clique’s parents let them wear makeup so our clique was way cooler. Plus, although Amanda’s family had a lot of money, the rest of nerd clique families’ had way less money than our clique’s families did. Katelyn, Phoebe and Samantha were all in the gymnastics club so they were a clique for that reason, it was a middle-popularity clique. Sandra had always been a hanger-on, sort of a half-member of my clique with Casandra and Stacey but it seemed like things were changing.

Valerie used to be a part of the bad-girls clique, but had joined with Sandra, and Bethany had moved up from the nerds (I noticed she had been wearing makeup at Disneyland so I figured she was trying to be more popular). Casandra and Stacey told me that, during the fall semester, Sandra had come around all the time, and eventually invited the Bethany and Valerie to hang around with all of them about two months ago.

The plan was obvious. Sandra was trying to replace my clique’s status with her new clique, with her as the new leader. Casandra was loyal unless I got utterly beaten, she’d been my best friend since we were in kindergarten but I wouldn’t drag her down with me if things got too bad. Stacey was probably loyal but she wasn’t great at keeping secrets. If I could just get Valerie to join me (Bethany wasn’t cool enough, Sandra either already realized that or would eventually), I could easily take Sandra down a peg if Casandra and Stacey stuck with me. But, back to the task at hand and the gym club clique that was approaching me…

“Hi Katelyn,” I replied.

“Is it true that you had to wear diapers when you were out of school?” Katelyn asked, Phoebe and Samantha snickered slightly behind her.

“Who cares?” I replied dismissively, “Are you guys all little kids that just want to talk about peeing and pooping or something? That stuff’s gross.”

“It was a weird rumor,” Phoebe said, “But it was Sandra said Stacey was the one who told her.” Everyone looked at Stacey. I needed her to not fuck this up for me.

“Well, I mean…” Stacey stammered, “I was just saying how I saw pictures of Chelsea in diapers when I went over to her house, you know, from when she was a baby.”

“Oh, is that it?” Katelyn probed. I was annoyed that Stacey was such a bad liar. The lie had been alright but she’d delivered it pretty half-heartedly. “Sandra thought for sure you’d be wearing a diaper today, she told us all to watch when she pantsed you.”

“I knew she was full of it,” Samantha added, “I mean, even if you wore diapers, no one would be dumb enough to wear them to school, right?” She looked over to the rest of us for confirmation and everyone nodded.

We made small talk for a few more minutes until recess was over but I was exhausted by the end. How had I gone through this before? How had I liked school? It had certainly helped that I’d never had a rumor against me before. Now that rumors were being said about me, school was a little scary. Even worse, the rumors were true.

Back in class, we sat down for science and, as soon as Mr. Oatley started going over the lesson, I realized I needed to pee. I should have gone during recess but I’d been so surprised by Sandra that I’d just forgotten. I really didn’t want to interrupt the lesson either, not with my bathroom needs, because of everything that had just gone down. It would be super embarrassing.

My bladder was really starting to ache though and the lesson was just starting. I had to go, and I’d be humiliated if I had to ask to use the toilet right when we came back into class. My heart beat a little faster as I decided I was justified in using my diaper just this once. With a steady, calm breath I released my bladder, feeling my pee splash against me instead my diaper but silent against the loud voice of Mr. Oatley teaching the class. I felt the microfiber get squishy as I finished wetting it, but my thighs were dry. I’d only tried these new diapers out a couple of times but they’d never failed me so far.

I worked hard on my poker face and just paid attention to Mr. Oatley. Finally, he was finished with the lesson and assigned us our work for the next half-hour. I immediately went up and asked for permission to go to the bathroom, which he allowed.

Out in the hallway I breathed a sigh of relief. I had not humiliated myself in front of the class and I hadn’t been caught peeing my diaper either. I headed downstairs and through the bottom floor towards the preschool and the infirmary, I had to get changed somewhat quickly, although they’d probably just think I was doing a number two if I didn’t take too long.

“Well, hello Chelsea.” Ms. Candice said as I walked into the preschool room that led to the infirmary.

“Hi Ms. Candice,” I replied, a little embarrassed. Ms. Candice had taken care of me when I was really little so it was always nice to see her. I really hoped she didn’t know why I was here though…

“Your nanny dropped your stuff off for you earlier, would you like me to show you where your stuff is?” Ms. Candice asked. I cringed as I knew that she knew.

“Yes, please.” I responded. She led me back to the infirmary, and opened a closet showing me my cubby inside. Embarrassed, I took out a fresh diaper and grabbed a plastic bag and a wipe and walked into the adjoining bathroom. “Thanks for showing me,” I replied.

“You going to be okay in there?” Ms. Candice asked.

“Yes,” I replied, turning red. Of course I could change my own diaper, these were pull-ups.

Alone, finally, I whipped the diaper off my legs, peed some more in the toilet, wiped myself with T.P. and got my fresh diaper on. It didn’t take long at all, I just had to high tail it back up to class before anyone noticed. I walked back out into the preschool room, happy to be dry, and headed back to the hall as quickly as I could.

“Don’t forget to pick up your wet ones on the way home,” Ms. Candice said quietly to me as I passed her. I turned red all over again. This was absolutely humiliating, there was no way I was going to pee myself at school again, even if Ms. Candice was trying to be nice about it.

Back in class it was like nothing ever happened. At lunch, my clique sat at our usual and I brought up the issue of Sandra. No one knew what to do yet. Stacey and Casandra wanted to just bring her in and be friends with me, but I wasn’t sure that was possible. The rest of the day, even advanced math, was pretty boring introductory stuff.

At the end of the day I was halfway down the hill from school when I realized I’d forgotten to pick up my wet diaper. I sighed and walked back up to the elementary school, heading into the infirmary. Luckily, the elementary school got out earlier than the middle school so almost all the kids had already gone home by the time I’d walked back up the hill. Ally would probably be waiting for me by now, but I’d be there soon.

I collected the Ziplock bag with my wet diaper out of my cubby and pulled out my backpack to shove it inside. Suddenly, there was a flicker of light in the room and I spun without thinking, finding myself looking right at Sandra who was holding her cell phone up and looking at me. She grinned. My stomach sank as if it’d fallen out through my butt.

“I knew it was a diaper.” She said, triumphantly, checking the picture on her cell phone. “I could tell it was too thick when I pantsed you.”

“Why’re you here?” I asked desperately.

“I got detention thanks to you; I have to stay with my little sister until mom comes to pick her up from daycare. But it’s all worth it now, because I knew the only reason you’d come to the infirmary was to get your widdle diaper changed.”

“Don’t” I begged, “please, delete it.”

“I’ll delete it.” Ms. Candice said suddenly, popping around from the corner and pulling the phone out of Sandra’s hand and flipping through the menu for a few moments, “there we go” she added before handing Sandra her phone back. Sandra glared at Ms. Candice, and then back at me.

“I’ll get you.” Sandra spat, as I shoved the wet diaper bag into my backpack, zipping it up as quick as I could.

I didn’t say anything as I walked out of the infirmary past Sandra. I didn’t know what I could say. She’d declared war and I was her target. I went down the hill as fast as I could, looking for the safety of Ally and her car which was waiting just where Ally had said she would be.

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Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror)

I really like the dynamic between Ally and Chelsea. It has all the ABDL elements I like, and the setup is reasonable believable, especially considering considering the normally unbelievable nursery ABDL trope. I’m looking forward to seeing more of that in the sequel.

I also think you’ve done an excellent job setting up the conflict of this story. Ally’s more mature explorations seem like a good setup for conflict between them - and Chelsea’s conflicts at school are going to be interesting to follow as well.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror)

My only minor issue so far is that Ally’s scene when she locked the nursery door felt a little rushed. You still captured the feelings of curiosity, hesitation, and ultimately shame/regret quite well, & I admit that scene resonated with me; it just seemed as though the entire process was…accelerated a little. I assume this was done to set up the conflict quickly, which is fine, but you could have been a bit more gradual, for example have Ally give in to hesitation the first time, and only act on the desire later, drawing it out over multiple scenes, & I believe it still would have worked. Regardless, it’s very good as it is, and I’d love to see more.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror)

The acceleration was intentional because I was trying to exhibit the… instant, driving force of teenage libido. The quick timing was trying to show how it was in her mind. Now that I consider your point, I think the reason that it didn’t come across better is because there was insufficient foreshadowing. The problem was I wanted the first story to be primarily about Chelsea so I didn’t want to put as much stuff about Alison on this issue. Maybe I should have had a more relaxed one-two chapters before jumping into this, but I didn’t have any good ideas for one-two chapters of done time; I was worried it’d be boring. I’m trying to keep this story kind of short, as well.

When this story is done, tell me if you think I need another interim chapter at the beginning, if so, I’ll consider going back and changing that. I see your point.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror)

I am very glad you got the ball rolling on this sequel. I just delurked so I wasnt around to comment on the first installation, but i certainly look forwards to hopefully helping critique this one… so far, though, it is definitely on point. You make a decent use of lots of rhetorical devices, and allow us to really get into the heads of the characters. keep up the good work.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror)

I liked what I read or at least it was well done. Keep it up.

Stained Glass: Chapter 3 - Green [Alison]

Chelsea was pretty agitated when she got to the car, she immediately spilled out the details of her day to me, along with almost getting a picture of her holding a wet diaper taken by the Sandra, the kid from Disneyland. I immediately began worrying about Chelsea’s chances of hiding this long-term. If some kid was gunning for her, it was only a matter of time.

“Why not bargain with her?” I asked,

“What do you mean?” Chelsea asked back.

“Well, it’s like business negotiations, you know about that, right?” Chelsea nodded. I was just about to start a class in business negotiations this semester, and I’d glanced over the first chapter or two. “I mean, if doesn’t benefit her that much to expose you, there’s has to be something she wants more than that.”

“I guess there could be…” Chelsea said sadly. I could tell her pride was getting in the way of suing for peace with this Sandra kid, but it really seemed to be in her best interest.

“Look, how about I wait with you for a bit and we see if we can work something out with Sandra?”

Chelsea nodded and we chit-chatted a bit, Chelsea giving me the details of the subjects she was working on while we both watched the school building intently. After an hour or so, Sandra came out of the building, her little sister in tow, and started walked towards the parking lot. I motioned to Chelsea and we both started walking up the hill to meet her halfway.

“What do you want?” Sandra asked suspiciously as she realized we were walking toward her. “Gonna get your nanny to beat me up because you’re a baby?” Her voice sounded certain, but her body language suggested she might actually be afraid.

“No,” I said, trying to calm Chelsea down by placing my hand on her shoulder and also trying to diffuse the situation as Chelsea seemed a bit miffed at the comment. “Chelsea was telling what was going on and I thought maybe you two could make a deal and be friends.”

“Why should I make a deal with her?” Sandra asked us huffily. “I’ve already got everything I need to ruin her. Then everyone will know she’s a baby.”

“This can’t just be about hurting Chelsea’s feelings.” I said, “There must be something worth letting Chelsea off the hook.”

Sandra looked at Chelsea, looked at me, then down at her little sister and then over to the parking lot. “I’ve gotta go…”

“Please, Sandra…” Chelsea whined suddenly, “I just came back to school…” I was glad she had said something, we were losing Sandra’s interest.

“Maybe we could talk about a little later? I can drive Chelsea over to your house and…” I began, trying anything to get this girl to give us some opening before it just ended up ruining my little miss’s school days.

“No way, not my place.” Sandra replied emphatically.

“Then, your mom or I could give you a ride over to Chelsea’s and we could talk?” I offered.

“Okay, I’ll ask my mom.” Sandra said. She sounded annoyed but I could tell she was excited at the prospect. This was good, I was making these two realize there were more options than all-out war which, considering my little miss’s diapered state, she would most probably lose.

We walked down to the parking lot again and watched as Sandra helped her little sister into the car and then began arguing with a person that appeared to be her mother. It got a little heated, but finally Sandra threw her backpack into the car, slammed the door, and walked back to us.

“Okay, I can go with you guys.” Sandra replied tersely.

“Umm, okay.” I replied, Chelsea looked as surprised as me. Neither of us were quite okay with the tone she’d used on her mother, even if we hadn’t heard what was being said. In addition, I’d meant later this evening or another day, but there wasn’t much to be done now except roll with it if negotiations were to continue. I shrugged and led Sandra and Chelsea back to my car, Sandra calling “shotgun” and forcing Chelsea into the backseat.

“So, yeah…” I added trying to break the uncomfortable silence that had developed since getting into the car. Chelsea was looking miffed in the backseat (she always sat up front), and Sandra was smirking at her in the rearview mirror. “…Sandra, what would make it worth it to you to not rat out Chelsea?”

Sandra didn’t answer, she was simply studying me and Chelsea, lost in contemplation from the look of things. Chelsea, I could tell, was not comfortable having Sandra around but at least she was putting some faith in my methods. I wasn’t sure I could diffuse stuff, but I certainly couldn’t make it worse. This Sandra kid seemed to be a tough-nut though.

Failing to break the silence, we all just sat in the car with our own thoughts. Luckily, the school was only a five minute drive from Chelsea’s home. Soon enough we were back and Sandra followed us into the foyer, everyone still decidedly uncomfortable.

“I, umm,” Chelsea stammered. “We can talk in my room…”

Sandra nodded and Chelsea led the way, up the stairs and down the hall to the right. Inside the room, I watched Sandra. Her eyes flickered around Chelsea’s room, taking it all in. Chelsea went over to her phone and called down to Carol for some tea but I could tell she was still uncomfortable even though we were back at home.

“Wow, she even has a changing table?” Sandra mused to herself. As she realized I was in earshot the tone, at least in my opinion, morphed from one of appreciation to one of disgust. Suddenly I had a consideration; specifically that there is a fine line between love and hate. Why was Sandra paying attention so closely? Why did she want to come over here? Why was she so intent on ruining Chelsea? I hadn’t paid close enough attention to the girl’s motivations.

“Chelsea, can I talk with you for a sec?” I asked as she came to tell us tea was on the way. She nodded and we excused ourselves out into the hallway for a moment.

“Kiddo,” I said quietly, “What do you know about Sandra? What have you guys fought about before?”

“Why?” Chelsea asked, I could see she was worried.

“Just wondering.” I mused, “Maybe it’ll give me an idea of how to help you.”

“Well, I didn’t know Sandra until third grade and, that first year we were in the same class, she peed her pants and I kinda teased her a bit.” Chelsea said, ashamed, “But mom made me apologize and I did; we made up. We’ve been friends for two years now, I don’t know why she’s suddenly gone all mean. We were never best friends but we were friends.”

“It doesn’t make sense to me either.” I replied, scowling. Chelsea was, perhaps, a little smug because of her intelligence and certainly she was lucky to be rich but there was nothing in her character that should inspire hatred. Kids, at least in my experience, had a hard time secretly holding grudges for two-years. That just couldn’t be it… "Did you do anything else to her?

“I didn’t.” Chelsea said defensively. “I even went over to her house to play a couple of times before… well, before. It was kinda fun, but her mom and her sure yelled a lot. Plus, she would get super annoyed when her mom made her include her little sister. She was only like, three, then.”

“I get that.” I replied. Worried about the time we were taking with Sandra in the other room. I was starting to have my suspicions about motivation but nothing solid. Since I wasn’t the one about to have my secret exposed I seemed to be able to analyze things better than Chelsea could. “Anything else you know about her?”

Chelsea thought for another moment, “Phoebe had class with her for first and second grade, and said she peed her pants a lot in first grade, Phoebe said she’d cry about it. I know she was real upset when I made fun of her that one time in third grade but I thought we were okay after that. Sandra kinda joined my clique in fourth grade, she was sorta like me and Stacey’s sidekick… We hadn’t ever really fought…”

Chelsea gulped a little as she took in what she said. “Ally, do think this is all for revenge? But, we were kinda friends before, has she been waiting since I made fun of her one time to get back at me?”

"I already considered that. It doesn’t make sense. " I said as Carol walked past us and into Chelsea’s room, delivering the tea Chelsea had requested. Perhaps Sandra had developed a hatred of all things pee related, but I doubted it was that simple. Especially if the poor kid had been teased about accidents in earlier school years. “I think she might be jealous of you.”

“No way.” Chelsea said, after the door was closed again. “She hates me!”

“She hates you too much; it all has to do with your diapers.” I replied, reminding Chelsea to keep it down. “Let me test it, are you wet yet?” I asked and Chelsea nodded. “Ask for me to change you when we get back in.”

“No way!” Chelsea said, aghast, as I again reminded her about the volume. "That’s super embarrassing.

“I can judge her reaction…” I replied. “Look, you said she wet her pants, she’s got an obsession about your diapers, she was staring at your changing table like she wanted it… at least, I think she was, until she realized I was looking at her. We’ve got leverage if she’s interested.”

“I just have to get changed in front of her?” Chelsea said with worry.

“She knows anyway, what’s the harm?” Chelsea nodded though she still didn’t seem to approve. We nodded and headed back into Chelsea’s room, our plan agreed upon. Or, at least, the rough outline of it anyway, I could ad lib for my charge if necessary. Hopefully I wasn’t royally screwing up everything. Only time would tell.

“What were you guys talking about?” Sandra demanded, sitting on the sofa in front of her half finished tea.

“Chelsea was just asking me to change her,” I replied, changing the plan to suit Sandra’s demand. “The supplies are all in here though, it’s a lot of trouble to move them all…”

“You can change her here, I don’t care.” Sandra said disinterestedly. It was a put-on though, I could see it in her eyes, though I think it fooled Chelsea a little.

“Well, okay.” I replied, checking my peripheral vision as I led Chelsea over to the changing table. After Chelsea hoped up, I saw Sandra half-standing, out of the corner of my eye, feigning stretching while trying to get a better look. That was good enough, it was as much certainty as I was going to be provided as to my suspicions.

“Look at me,” I mouthed to Chelsea and she stared right back at me. I didn’t want Chelsea’s eyes to meet Sandra’s and scare her off. Chelsea kept looking at me as I unsnapped her school diaper and wiped her up and pulling out the sodden, all-in-one microfiber. I could almost feel Sandra’s eyes boring into my back. I tilted my head a little, so I could see her out of the side of my vision, Sandra had even managed to take a few silent steps closer. I slipped a fresh diaper, the thick cloth ones we used at home, under Chelsea, added a little powder, and snapped up the front.

“All done,” I said, leaning Chelsea up. “Now that’s an idea…” I added, slowly turning around to give Sandra time to get back to her sitting position on the couch as Chelsea hopped off the changing table.

“What is?” Chelsea asked, Sandra’s attention also transfixed on me.

“Well, maybe you and Sandra would be able to understand each other better if she knew how it feels to be in diapers.” I replied casually. “I’m not saying you wouldn’t still need to make a deal, but maybe if Sandra knew what it was like to wear a diaper, she’d feel differently about it. You know, walk a mile in a person’s shoes.”

“I’m not a baby…” Sandra said slowly. “I don’t need diapers like Chelsea does…”

“Hey…” Chelsea started, but I shushed her lest she ruin the whole thing.

“Of course you don’t need them,” I replied, “it’d just so you’d understand Chelsea. Sandra, I know you’re mature enough to know wearing them doesn’t mean you need them.”

It was done, the bait was set, and it was about all I could do not to laugh as the anticipation flashed across Sandra’s face.

“Well, I mean, I guess I -should- try it…” Sandra said snootily, “since I don’t really understand Chelsea…”

Chelsea was displaying a brilliant poker face at this point, now that she understood what subterfuge we were playing at.

“Hop on up then,” I replied, patting the changing table. "Most of Chelsea’s diapers are those cloth ones, they’re really hard to put on yourself.

Sandra nodded, though I watched her gulp as she walked over to the changing table and hopped on it. I unbuttoned her school skorts, pulling them down her legs, and next her butterfly-print panties, folding them and placing them on the shelves beneath the changing table. Next, I grabbed a prepared cover with diaper layering in it from the shelves and gripped Sandra’s ankles, raising them above her head and pulling her butt off the changing table in hopes of giving her the full baby-like experience. I slid the diaper beneath, added powder to her rump and front, and laid her back down on top. Finally, I pulled the fresh diaper between her legs and snapped it on.

“There you go, now you know what it’s like to be diapered.” I said.

“It feels weird…” Sandra giggled, sitting up. Suddenly, she remembered she was in the lair of her enemy and tried to scowl again, though it looked comical now that she was wearing a diaper from the waist down. “I don’t like it at all.” She added, though I knew at this point that it was an utter lie.

“They’re better once you get used to them.” Chelsea suggested. “You can’t know what it’s like unless you wear them for awhile…”

“I guess I can wear it a bit then…” Sandra said, staring Chelsea down, both of them wearing nothing except their school polo shirts and diapers.

Another idea struck me. “Girls, I’ve gotta go check something. You two can be nice and have some tea for a minute or two, right?”

The two nodded at me as I exited Chelsea’s room, running down to Carol and asking if there was a camcorder anywhere. Carol took me into the den and showed me a shelf with some old electronics. I grabbed the camcorder, turned it on, frantically checking the time (it’d been less than a minute) and ran into the nursery. The camcorder had a practically full battery and I nestled it under a stuffed animal on top of a cabinet. From the position I hoped it’d have a pretty panoramic view of the room, but I didn’t have time to check as I hit record and ran back up to Chelsea’s room. I managed the whole mission in under seven minutes.

“Yeah, it’s not bad, I guess.” Sandra answered to whatever Chelsea had said as I reentered. The two were on the couch, inspecting the diapers they were wearing, as Chelsea talked about them.

“Chelsea, it’s kind of boring up here, you want to take your friend to the playroom?”

Chelsea’s immediate expression was one of surprise and terror, but it flashed across her face for just an instant before she nodded. Good girl, trusting me. Of course I had something up my sleeve if I suggested that.

“The playroom?” Sandra asked.

“Yeah, but…” Chelsea started, “you have to promise not to tell anyone about this. I don’t have to let you see it, and we’re going to make a deal so you won’t say anything about any of this at school, right?”

“Yeah, we’ll make a deal,” Sandra said dismissively, as if it was a side note. She was already forgetting about Chelsea’s mortal enemy status. “I promise I won’t tell.”

“Okay them,” Chelsea added, “Cause’ it’s really cool.”

“Really?” Sandra asked hopefully.

Chelsea nodded and the two practically ran downstairs, Sandra finally giving up the pretense that she had no interest in this whole thing. I grabbed their skorts, trying not to chuckle as I followed them down to the nursery.

“Holy shit,” Sandra was exclaiming to Chelsea as I walked in. “This is awesome…” The moment the last word left her mouth Sandra had realized she’d been too open, but Chelsea continued as if Sandra’s appraisal was normal.

“I know, right?” Chelsea grinned happily. Sandra just nodded. “Wanna play dress-up? Or with dolls? Or with the blocks?”

“Umm, can we play dress-up?” Sandra said, her face turning bright red as she finally began realizing she’d been suckered into this whole thing. I allowed myself a quick glance in the camera’s direction, still filming quietly from its corner. Victory was ours.

The two girls ran to the full-length mirror on the far wall and started looking through the dresses and other clothes inside. It was interesting how quickly Sandra was willing to drop the feud in favor of playing with diapers but, as I’d considered, intense emotions have a fine line, love and hate, and jealously and friendship. That thought reminded me once again of the morning I’d spent in here on my own. Hopefully covering for my little miss like this would be sufficient payback for my morning indiscretions.

The nature of what I’d done over the last hour suddenly hit me full-on as the kids were playing. What the hell had I been thinking? Even if I noticed Sandra’s interest, why do this? Why had I gone to such lengths to keep Chelsea from being exposed? Was it a knee-jerk reaction to my own fear of being exposed? The questions began whirling in my head now that my immediate involvement wasn’t necessary for protecting Chelsea. I felt a little sick again, memories from this morning flooding back into my mind in lurid detail.

Just six feet or so from where Chelsea was helping Sandra into a satin princess dress I had brought myself to orgasm in a pee-soaked diaper less than five hours ago. My stomach wrenched a tiny bit just remembering it. Even as the memory disgusted me a part of me knew I wanted, somewhere deep inside, to put on a diaper myself and play with them.

What the fuck was wrong with me? I asked again, to the ethereal place inside my mind but, yet again, no answer returned. I wasn’t sexually excited now, I didn’t want to masturbate, I just wanted to put on a diaper and play with them like I was a kid again. When I’d actually put on the diaper, though, that wasn’t how it’d been at all. This was all incredibly confusing, I took a deep breath as I watched the pair.

“Heh,” Sandra said, fluffing out the yellow, satin dress, “It sticks out where the diaper is.”

“It’s cute on you,” Chelsea said, stripped down to her diaper, her polo shirt lying next to Sandra’s on the floor.

“You girls want something to drink?” I asked, desperately trying to find myself something else to focus on.

“Yeah, more iced tea.” Chelsea asked, her demeanor having cheered up immensely. The girls were giggling now, having forgotten the whole reason they’d gotten together in the first place. “Put it in a baby bottle.” Chelsea added, stressing the “baby” part.

“Baby bottles…” Sandra started with interest.

“You want one?” Chelsea offered excitedly, Sandra’s head nodding quickly the instant the question was asked.

“Two bottles,” Chelsea added, emphasizing with two fingers, and I forced an audible chuckle I didn’t quite feel as I left the nursery after grabbing the bottles and over-sized nipples from where we kept them in the cabinet on the close wall.

Outside, a feeling of relief came over me, just to be away from the scent of diaper powder and the sounds of Chelsea and Sandra playing. This feeling was ruining everything, I never, never should have tried on the diaper. When it’d been a fantasy, a weird, remote possibility like it had been for the last month, it wasn’t a big deal. Now that I had broken down and actually tried one on…

It was so much more intense than I had ever expected. It wasn’t how I expected it to be either. For Chelsea, she just relaxed, kicked back, and maybe wanted to cuddle when she wore them. The stupid thing had turned me into a sex-crazed pervert in mere seconds. I walked slowly and deliberately down the hall trying to push all these thoughts out of my mind. It was too much. Was it cause I hadn’t gotten laid in so long? But that didn’t make sense; sex had hardly ever done anything for me, nothing like what that diaper had done.

It was so awful afterwards though, if I felt so sick and humiliated after I got off, I didn’t want to ever feel that again; no orgasm, however earth-shaking, was worth what I felt sitting in that pissed diaper in the nursery earlier in the morning. I poured the iced tea into the first bottle, trying to compose myself before I had to go back to the den of my sin.

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Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 3 posted

I just finished two way mirror and now this. Whetoric, if you’re still here, please finish this story. When Alison put that diaper on for the first time… My ears and temple burned. In a good way. I have never felt that level of… Whatever it was that I felt as I did in that scene. Satisfaction perhaps? I’ve read so many stories where I wanted a particular girl to be diapered and they never were. Now you delivered it.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 3 posted

I’m really happy to know someone’s enjoying it. It hard to tell sometimes whether anyone’s into it or not. You inspired me to get back to work on it and, so, I actually sat down and completed Chapter 4. Hope you enjoy it.

Stained Glass - Chapter 4: Yellow [Chelsea]

This was awesome. Just an hour ago I thought my life was ruined because Sandra was going to tell everyone about my diapers. Now, Sandra was playing with me in my nursery and even wearing a diaper. It was like a dream come true. I’d always wanted to play with someone down here.

I had thought about asking Casandra or Stacey but they’d always thought the diaper thing was weird. If I’d showed them this they probably wouldn’t even want to be my friends anymore. Ally was awesome to be able to tell that Sandra would play with me. It was like we were friends again already. We’d never been best friends, but we’d been kinda-friends in the fourth grade.

Sandra was fiddling with her dress and the diaper beneath it. I knew how it was, that new feeling when you aren’t used to diapers yet. She gripped the side of the cover, trying to bring the diaper up snug like panties under the dress. It took me awhile to just accept diapers always sagged a bit.

She was helping me put on a teal taffeta dress that I liked playing in. It was really pretty and shiny. It wasn’t mature or classy but that wasn’t what I wanted when I was playing in the nursery anyway.

“Hello girls,” Ally said, as she came back. “Are you two ready for your bottles?”

“Yep,” I announced for both of us, grabbing Sandra’s hand and taking her over to the crib. “We can lie down in the crib while we have it, right?”

Ally nodded and handed us each a bottle, and I got Sandra down into the crib with me.

“Do you want the bars up?” Ally asked, and I nodded. Soon me and Sandra were enclosed in my crib. It was the size of a full bed so there was plenty of room but this was the first time someone had laid in it with me. Ally would read me stories while sitting on the side but it was fun to have playmate. I took the nipple of the bottle into my mouth and began suckling on it, the iced tea slowly but surely coming into my mouth, the sound of the air coming out my nostrils calming me.

I turned my head slightly to see Sandra, trying her best to figure out how to drink from a bottle. It’d taken me a bit to figure it out again when my bottles had come. She started sucking slower and longer and I realized she was getting the hang of it. Ally went over, looked for a book, and then turned to me.

“Chelsea, I left that book up in your room, want me to get it?” Ally asked as I nodded. She took off again, leaving me and Sandra alone in the crib.

Sandra finished her bottle a bit after me and rolled on her tummy, the dress I’d lent her wrinkling beneath her (not that it mattered, I could just have Carol iron it again). She looked around in a weird way before whispering to me.

“I’ve gotta pee.” She said quietly.

“So, pee,” I replied, giggling a little.

“It’s okay?” She asked. She was obviously a little scared about it. I might’ve been too if there was anyone to punish me for it. As for me, I’d never had to worry about wetting myself since I was in charge.

“Yeah, do it.” I said, challenging her.

“Eww, no way,” Sandra replied, giggling back at me.

“I’ll go first,” I offered.

“Really?” Sandra’s tone had changed immediately once I was willing to go as well.

“Yeah, really.” I replied, relaxing as my half-full bladder emptied itself into my waiting diaper. It wasn’t much of a wetting at all, but Ally had changed me less than an hour ago.

“Are you going?” Sandra asked again.

“Yeah, I’m going.” I replied as the stream died down to a trickle.

“No way, you didn’t?” Sandra said with a big grin.

“See,” I hiked my dress up, revealing a diaper cover. I realized that you couldn’t really tell through the cover, so I took her hand and moved it towards my diaper. Her arm immediately tensed up.

“What’re you doing?” She hissed.

“It’s how you check a diaper.” I replied matter-of factly, guiding her finger into the leg band so she could feel the wet diaper cloth inside.

“You really did it.” She said amazed.

“You saw me get changed.” I replied.

“Yeah, but I didn’t really see it.” Sandra said.

“Come on, it’s your turn.” I demanded finally. Sandra nodded and sat there for a bit. I waited a few seconds before breaking the silence. “Are you doing it?”

“I’m trying, okay.” She responded, annoyed. Her face turned bright red as she shifted her butt around the crinkly plastic crib mattress. After a few more seconds she breathed out huffily. “I can’t do it.”

“Just relax” I said, trying to encourage her. Sandra just shrugged and sat there was I started crawling around the crib a little for fun, which was a little hard to do in the dress.

“I’m doing it.” Sandra said softly, and I turned around to see.


“Yeah, it’s weird” She added, turning bright red, probably because she was embarrassed. After a few seconds she started moving again. “You can check if you want.”

I moved my finger into the side of her diaper and felt the wet cloth inside. She’d actually done it. Both our smiles grew big as we realized we were both in wet diapers together.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Sandra replied. “It’s like we’re babies.” We smiled at each other like we shared a secret.

The door clicked open and Ally came back with a large picture book. She sat in a chair next to the crib and started reading to us, pointing the pages toward us so we could see the pictures from the crib. The calmness of her voice while reading put me half to sleep.

“That was nice,” Sandra mumbled as Ally finished the book.

“I know, and Ally is the best nanny.” I replied happily.

“Does anyone need a change yet?” Ally asked as she put the book away.

I nodded but Sandra just blushed and looked down at the crib mattress. I held her hand to make her feel better.

“Sandra needs a change too.” I added, as Sandra looked at me in shock.

Ally took down the bars and carried me over to the changing station, Sandra following close behind, as Ally set me down on the changing table. I kicked my legs playfully at Ally, as she rolled her eyes.

“Hamming it up for your friend?” Ally teased.

I stuck my arms forward, reaching up and making demanding noises that didn’t count as words until Ally handed me a stuffed giraffe. I clutched it close to me as Ally pushed up my dress and began unsnapping my diaper cover.

The smell of my pee and baby powder was a little stronger as Ally pulled down the diaper cover. Sandra was watching closely this time as Ally changed me. She wiped up my privates, cleaning the pee off my with a cool wipe. I clutched my giraffe closer, feeling a little embarrassed. It’d be Sandra’s turn in a second though. Ally lifted my legs up, giving my bottom a once over too as she slid out the mildly wet diaper and replaced it with a fresh one, setting me on top of it. Diaper changes always felt good. I felt the dusting of baby powder hitting me and blushed as Ally smiled at me as she rubbed it into my skin. Soon enough though, it was finished and Ally helped me sit up and hope off the changing table.

Sandra seemed really tense as Ally looked down to her. Her breathing was raspy too. I put a hand on her back and she seemed to calm down a little as Ally offered to help her onto the changing table.

“You alright, kid?” Ally asked Sandra as she hoisted her onto the changing table.

“I, umm, is it okay?” Sandra asked apologetically.

“Yeah, no worries, I don’t mind changing my little miss’s friends too. She’s been wanting a playmate down here forever.”

I had said to Ally about how fun it would be to be able to play with someone my age down here. All Ally ever said back was how kids might really tease me for having all this and to be careful who I told. I always paid attention to her advice.

Ally laid Sandra back, handed her one of my toys, and unsnapped her diaper cover. Her diaper cloths were stained a deeper yellow, probably because she’d been holding it longer. She blushed big time as Ally pulled the cloth away from her privates. It was super cute. I was worried it was too embarrassing for her, so walked back over to my crib to grab my pacifier.

By the time I got back, Sandra was pretty much finished. Ally was just snapping up the cover. I watched as I sucked on my pacifier. Ally helped Sandra off the changing table, and she looked around the room quizzically.

“What’s up?” I mumbled through the pacifier.

“What time is it?” Sandra asked. There weren’t any clocks in the nursery. Ally checked her cell phone.

“About four,” Ally responded.

“Oh…” Sandra replied to no one in particular. “I have to get going in a bit. Dinner’s at five-thirty and mom’ll be pissed if I’m late…” She turned to me, “Do you think I could come over to play again sometime?”

“Totally!” I replied with all my energy. “You have to go, though?”

“Yeah,” Sandra replied, thinking for a moment. “You want to come to my house for dinner?”

I looked up at Ally, wanting to know her opinion. Ally just shrugged, so I guess it was okay if I wanted to go. I nodded in agreement, I wanted to hang out with Sandra more.

“You can’t say anything about diapers though. I’ll get in big trouble if my mom finds out.” Sandra said, and I could tell it was really important by the way she said it.

“Why would you get in trouble?” I asked.

“My mom just hates diapers.” Sandra replied. I nodded, not quite understanding.

“Well,” Ally said, "If you don’t want to go home smelling like diapers, maybe you two ought to get a bath first."Ally opened the door to the nursery, expecting us to head up to my room.

“Is it okay to go out there like this?” Sandra asked, clutching the hem of the satin princess dress she was wearing.

“Yes, it’s okay.” I replied. “No one says anything, but they know.”

Sandra nodded but she was still blushing as we headed out of the nursery and up towards my room. It was funny how uncomfortable she looked wearing that stuff outside of the nursery. I was sure she was still very conscious of the thick diaper between her legs. We walked out of the hall, through the foyer, and started heading up the stairs towards my room.

When we passed Carol, on her way to change the linens, Sandra practically shoved up against me, as if she could hide behind someone who wasn’t even as big as her. Soon we were in my room though, and then into the bathroom where Ally started undressing me for the bath.

“The bath’s big enough for both of you,” Ally said and she unclasped my diaper. Sandra had already carefully placed the play dress on the counter and was waiting for Ally in just her diaper. I hopped into the bubble bath, happy to get my cold feet off the marble floor as Ally undid Sandra’s diaper and she quickly got in after me.

“I haven’t had a bath with someone else in -forever-” I stressed as she got in.

“I take baths with my little sister to help her sometimes.” Sandra said, climbing in the tub. “But I never take baths with anyone our age.” Both of us giggled at that.

“I’ll go get your clothes from the nursery, okay?” Ally asked and we nodded. I laid back in the bath happily, glad I’d made a new friend today, as Sandra scrubbed herself to make sure all the pee and diaper smell was gone.

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Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 3 posted

Omg… Really? (I’m typing this having not read it) I didn’t know. I am sooo happy to have helped. Great artists are never appreciated in their times but man… You write so smoothly and elegantly I am jealous and impressed.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 4 posted 10-20

I’m reading. The narrative is up to your usual snuff, but I had refrained from commenting to this point because I’m still waiting to see where you’re going with it…

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 4 posted 10-20

Please continue this Im really enjoying it

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 4 posted 10-20

I really like this story. Normally I’m not into stories with more mature themes, but in this one it’s very well done.

I also like that Chelsea has a friend who’s also into diapers. I’m looking forward to seeing where the at goes, and Ally’s reaction to it.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 4 posted 10-20

I hope you’re still here! I’d love to see how it continues.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 4 posted 10-20

I am. You may have read from the author’s notes in “A Weekend for Babysitting” (still annoyed at my crappy title) that I’ve run into some writer’s block on this one. I’ve got another 3 chapters written, but not chapter 5. I’m having some difficulty keeping Chelsea’s side interesting because I’m really more focused on Ally. Still, I know some, if not more, readers prefer Chelsea so, until I can do her section of the story justice, I’m brainstorming and putting it on hold.

Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 4 posted 10-20

That’s interesting because I find ally interesting XD What ever it takes man :slight_smile:

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Re: Stained Glass (Sequel to Two-Way Mirror) Chap 4 posted 10-20

If you need help let me know I can give you some Ideas