Spring Contest Submission - Acceptance



It was just before 9PM on a Tuesday in late August. Early tomorrow morning, Heidi Schulz, 4th year Nursing Student, will leave her family home, and move back to the city where she attends university.

She was torn this last summer, between returning to her regular, well-paying summer job and family in rural northern Alberta, or finding a way to spend the summer in the city with her boyfriend, James. Heidi had accepted the offer to return to her former summer job, which meant that she and James had seen each other only a few times that summer. It was almost 9PM, which was the time her and James had agreed to call each other, all summer long.

Heidi began to dial……

It was almost 9PM. James Klein was keeping his ears open for the imminent phone call from Heidi, while also cleaning his apartment to impress Heidi when she visited his apartment for the first time in six long weeks.

James was a Geology graduate student at the university Heidi and he attended. He had strong grades as an undergraduate student, which had meant he was sought by several professors, and had good funding, allowing him to rent a bright, spacious apartment, buy a newer car, and eat well.

James was a go-getter, and in spite of good funding, he took on a few side jobs around the university. His friend had gotten him an easy job working the penalty box at the school hockey games. It was after a game early in the season, that Heidi asked James out for drinks after a game. At first, James had thought that Heidi was asking if he would come for drinks with the group after the game. When only Heidi sat with him at the pub, it took several minutes for James to understand Heidi had arranged for her and James to be alone with each other after the game.

In spite of his efforts, James had not had a girlfriend for several years before having met Heidi, and at the time they met, he was profoundly lonely. Beyond loneliness, James was also struggling in graduate school. He was very good at learning, retaining, and applying information, which was why he had done so well in his undergraduate degree. In graduate school, however, he was now expected to design and write about his own research problem. James was very interested in learning, but had almost no experience in experimental design, proposals, and requests for funding, which were now the main aspects of his scholastic life. Furthering his issues, his supervisor expected James to deal with these new challenges as independently as possible. This independence had led James down several frustrating, time-wasting paths, and his supervisor was frustrated with James’ lack of progress. Being a hard worker, James had worked late and on weekends to try to make up for his missteps, to little avail. He was worn out and depressed when Heidi had asked him out, which was why it had taken him so long to realize that night that he was on a date.

Over the six months following their first date, Heidi and James had become slowly and progressively closer. Very slowly was more like it. It wasn’t until Valentines Day that they went on a date other than after a hockey game, and that was a double date with Heidi’s roommates. For a few weeks after that, James and Heidi went back to Heidi’s apartment to watch movies with her roommates. James had tried to cuddle and kiss Heidi during the movies, but Heidi hadn’t seemed interested, and even backed away a bit, like she was scared.

It was the last game of the season, and James had told Heidi that he had arranged somewhere special for them to go after the game. Heidi liked James, but was anxious when he pulled into a driveway and showed Heidi the side door into his basement suite. Her anxiety diminished, however, when she saw James had prepared a romantic cheesecake dessert for them (her favourite), followed by her favourite romantic movie (The Princess Bride). Heidi finally let her apprehensions go, and cuddled up to James on the couch as they watched.

There were only a few weeks left in the semester, and while Heidi and James had date night every weekend at James’ apartment and were growing closer, Heidi knew she would be moving away for the summer. James was hoping that their cuddling was leading somewhere more serious before the end of semester, and had bought protection for what he had hoped was an eventuality. Heidi, however, was not ready for even under-shirt exploration by the time the semester ended, and they parted on a romantic kiss before Heidi drove away for the summer.

Heidi’s summer had been good. She had earned enough money to live comfortably her last year of school, and had talked or texted James nearly every day they were apart. Talking every day with James had really strengthened her relationship with James, and Heidi had told her sisters she was in love with James, and was going to tell him when she moved back to the city.

James’ summer had been the opposite. His research wasn’t going well and was really stressful. His supervisor wasn’t happy, and accused James of not working hard enough, even though he was putting in over 60 hours a week and was at the lab almost every day. At the start of summer, he had had a bad meeting with his supervisory committee after putting in a very long day in the field the day before, getting back to the city just hours before his morning meeting. In spite of working very hard, James received an unsatisfactory review, and was under review by the School of Graduate Studies, as to whether he would be allowed to continue. His supervisor, in the end, was found negligent for providing insufficient guidance, which meant that James could continue his research, albeit after severely straining his relationship with his supervisor.

James had already been having nightmares for months before he ran into serious trouble with his supervisory committee. At the time Heidi first asked him out, he was seeing a psychologist about his anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Heidi had brought cheer and love to his life, and while she was there, James felt like life was manageable. It just wasn’t the same when Heidi was away. Heidi was supportive, and knew James was doing his best and working very hard. She would hug him when he needed a hug, and be there for him. Being alone in his apartment most of the summer was a struggle for James. With graduate school not being a happy, friendly place to spend most of his time, his worries and nightmares mounted. James had even started wetting the bed.

Physically, his doctor told him he was fine. It was dealing with stress and anxiety that was affecting James more and more. James’ doctor put him on antidepressants, and while that slowly took the edge off of his anxiety, James had started wetting the bed a few times a week. The doctor told him it may be a combination of stress and an uncommon side effect of his medication. His doctor changed James’ medication in case that was the cause, but at the time of Heidi’s phone call tonight, he had wet the bed three of the last seven nights.

The thoughts “what” or “when do I tell Heidi?” often entered James’ thoughts, and with Heidi coming back tomorrow, his bedwetting was adding further stress. “Will she still like me?” was James’ biggest fear.

James’ phone started ringing Heidi’s ringtone. He let the opening cords of Sunshine of Your Love by Cream play for a few a few seconds before answering.

“Hey beautiful,” James answered.

“Already buttering me up for when I get back?” Heidi teased.

“It’s more than a little true,” James replied, coyly.

Heidi blushed on the other end of the line, then continued. “So, ready to help move my things back into my room when I get there?” she asked.

“Of course,” James assured her. “I wouldn’t miss a chance to help you unpack and sort your unmentionables,” he teased.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t,” Heidi teased back. “You get to bring the boxes to my room from the car. I get to unpack. We’ll see if you get to unpack anything.”

“Well, the faster we get done, the sooner we can spend time together at my place, alone,” James suggested. “I’ve prepared a moderate feast, and your favourite dessert,” James added, enticingly.

“I’m so glad to be moving back, and seeing you again,” Heidi replied. “What are your plans after dessert?”

“Umm, I dunno,” James began, shyly. “Cuddle on the couch, and watch a movie?”

“Till when?” Heidi asked.

“As late as you want,” James answered.

Heidi decided at that moment to commit to her plan. “Can I stay overnight?” she asked.

“Um, sure, if you want,” James replied. James was both excited and scared by this development.

“Is it OK?” Heidi asked. She thought James would be enthusiastic, but he seemed nervous.

“It’s just, I wasn’t expecting you to ask,” James explained. “I mean, I haven’t even touched your chest yet, and you want to sleep over?”

“Yes. Sleep over, literally,” Heidi elaborated. “You still might not get to touch my chest, or elsewhere, depending on how I feel. Understand?”

“Yes Heidi,” James replied. “I want you to feel comfortable and loved, just like you make me feel.”

“Aww you,” Heidi teased back, knowing James was partially trying to butter her up.

The couple talked a little longer, before calling it an early night. Heidi had some packing to do, and it was a long drive tomorrow.

As Heidi finished packing her last few items into a backpack to be ready for her sleepover tomorrow, she occasionally thought “will he still love me.” In her hands were two purple Molicare diapers, which she packed near the top of her backpack, where she could broach the subject of her bedwetting with James. “I’ll suggest we get into our pyjamas for the movie, and I’ll just come out to the living room pyjamas, diaper, and all, like it doesn’t matter. I hope it doesn’t matter…” Heidi left off.

She took the last diaper she hadn’t packed, changed into it, and got ready for bed. After reading for a while, she turned off her light, and went to sleep.

In the city, James was both excited and frantic. “She wants to sleep over!” James wanted to cheer out loud. James went to his bedside drawer and checked for the hundredth time that the condoms and lube he had bought last spring were still there. Aside from a few condoms he had used for practice, James was ready if the night should take that turn.

James then went and checked his other supply. He had never worn diapers for bedwetting before, but he knew they helped his younger brother. Originally, James was too ashamed to buy diapers other people might think were for him. He drove out of town, and bought girl’s Goodnites. “For my ‘daughter’, if someone asks.” No one had. They hadn’t worked. James then went online to try to find a solution. He had found a site which would ship him diapers discretely, to his local post office. After doing some research, he ordered a pack of Tranquillity ATNs and Abena M4s, and let the company pick five more “maximum absorbency” samples to try. He still had Molicare SuperPlus and Tranquility SwimMates samples to try, but had used the Tena Stretch, Prevail Air, and Depend samples already. He had learned he liked plastic-backed diapers better, and the thicker the better, to his mind.

James laid down on his bed, an Abena diaper spread out and ready for him. The plastic sheet on his bed crinkled as he fastened the tapes. He put on his pyjamas, and continued tidying up his apartment. It was getting late, and James continued to get ready well past midnight, not having become sleepy. Eventually, James needed to pee, and decided to use his diaper, rather than wake himself up more. He began rubbing the front of his warm, wet diaper while thinking about how Heidi was going to sleep in that same bed with him tomorrow.

“She wants to be with me overnight, and if anyone would understand and accept me, it’s Heidi,” James thought to himself, remembering Heidi was also becoming a nurse, and had vividly and jokingly told him diaper stories to remind him that Geology wasn’t so bad. With that comforting thought, James fell asleep.

Wednesday Morning

Heidi woke up at 6 the next morning to a soaked and squishy diaper, like most mornings.

“This time tomorrow I’ll be waking up beside James,” she daydreamed to herself. Heidi reached down and started rhythmically rubbing the front of her diaper, like she had every morning for years since discovering that pleasure. Heidi was a virgin, and began thinking about the conversation she had with her roommate, Jess, about sex after she had spent the evening at James’ apartment.

“Condoms don’t always work,” Jess explained. “If you’re thinking about sleeping with James, the pill is nearly foolproof. That, and unprotected sex with a partner you know is clean feels much more intimate.” Heidi knew James was a virgin too, but wasn’t ready to make that commitment before she left for the summer. Beyond talking to Jess, Heidi had talked intimately with her sisters about their relationships, and her thoughts about her relationship with James. Both of her sisters had experience in this area, and agreed that the pill was the way to go, if James was “the one.” On Heidi’s last marathon weekend trip to the city to see James 6 weeks ago, she had nearly proposed they go to the bedroom. On that thought, she climaxed.

After coming down from that high, she remembered why she hadn’t. She didn’t have her pyjamas or diaper with her, and wanted to be honest with James. That, and to be sure he’d accept her problem. Heidi was very sure James would accept her now, and was ready to further their relationship.

Heidi got up, changed out of her wet diaper, and went for a shower. She dressed, and met her family for breakfast.

“Ready to see James again?” Her sister Tabatha teased.

Heidi blushed. Her family knew Heidi loved James, and were happy for her. “Yah,” she replied, shyly. “We have a date tonight.”

“Where?” her Dad asked.

“At his place,” Heidi answered. “We’re having dinner and a movie, and he made me cheesecake for dessert,” she added, dreamily thinking of the night to come.

“That sounds fun,” her Mom added. “I know you love him. Can I ask, have you told him about … bedtime?”

“Not yet Mom,” Heidi answered, irritated. “I’m going to tell him today sometime.”

“Please promise me you’ll tell him, soon?” Her mother asked. “He sounds like a nice guy, and I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“I will Mom. Drop it,” Heidi exclaimed. The rest of the table was embarrassed by this conversation, and her mother took the hint.

“OK,” her mother replied. “He’s going to learn sometime anyway. It may as well be from you directly.”

With that, conversation turned elsewhere. Heidi’s parents had to go to work, and left her with affectionate hugs and kisses. That left Heidi and her sisters at the table.

“So, spending the night?” Heidi’s other sister Krista asked.

“U huh,” Heidi answered, meekly. “I told James that it was just a sleepover, though. I’m not sure if I’m ready.”

“If he’s respectful and you’re both passionate, those are two good signs you’re both ready,” Tabatha replied. “And you love him.”

“We have a present for you,” Krista added. She got up from the table, and grabbed an envelope she had hidden earlier.

Heidi opened the envelope. Inside was a good luck card from her and Tabatha, in which they had written their first-time checklist for virgins, and taped a flavoured condom, under which they wrote “also good for blowjobs :wink:.” Heidi was a little embarrassed, but also a bit more assured that it was OK if her and James went all the way.

Heidi hugged her sisters, and breakfast continued on with small talk. They then all worked together to load Heidi’s belongings in her car before her long drive. With the car loaded, she said her goodbyes to her sisters, before starting the car, putting her favourite CD in the player, and driving off.

“In 6 hours, I’ll see James again,” she thought to herself. As she drove, she thought about many things, including James, and how she would share her bedwetting secret, and how he would react. She knew that the cases of diapers she had ordered had arrived, and Jess had stashed them in her room, so that she could tell James in her own time and way about that. The only diapers in the car were in her backpack, along with her pyjamas, a change of clothes, book, lube, and the card her sisters gave her. She put her pills in her purse. She couldn’t wait to be back.

James had woken up early, in spite of having fallen asleep late. He hadn’t wet the bed but needed to pee. He got up, took his diaper off, and started getting ready for the day. After breakfast, he took out the trash, including all of the used diapers in his bathroom trash. After that, he made his bed very neatly, set the table elegantly and with multiple utensils for what he hoped would be an elegant start to the evening.

Heidi didn’t know it, but James was taking the rest of the week off school while his supervisor was on vacation. He had worked hard to make up for his absence so it would not be noticed, and the other grad students would assume he was at his field site a few hours away.

James spent much of the morning cleaning and getting ready for Heidi’s arrival. Eventually, everything was spotless. Then, James’ mind turned to how he would tell Heidi that he wet the bed, and wore diapers now. “At bedtime, I’ll tell her,” he promised himself. He went to his diaper drawer, and organized what was there. He then stared at the girl’s Goodnites he had bought when his bedwetting started. A plan hatched. “If Heidi asks, I’ll tell her the truth, then offer her a Goodnite to try if she wants. She’ll find the story funny, like some of the others from her nursing practicum. She’s seen weirder….”

Wednesday Afternoon

After just over 6 hours of driving, Heidi pulled up to her apartment a few blocks from the University. Jess didn’t work until later that evening, so when Heidi arrived she had some help to start unloading. She quickly dialed James’, who said he would be over in a few minutes.

Heidi opened the door to her room. It was just like she had left it four months ago, since she had paid rent over the summer to keep it.

“So, where do you want your Pampers?” Jess teased.

“In your room for now,” Heidi replied.

“You haven’t told him yet?” Jess asked.

“Tonight,” Heidi promised. “I’m sleeping over, so I’ll have to tell him.”

“Ooo la la, a fancy dinner, movie, Pampers, then love?” Jess intimated.

“More like dinner, show him, hope to God this goes like I think it will, movie, then see what we feel like,” Heidi clarified.

“Just remember what I told you. Visit all the bases on your way to a home run. It will feel more intimate. If he goes straight for your pants, smacking his testicles is a natural off button,” Jess teased. Heidi snorted in laughter at that.

As Heidi finished laughing, there was a knock at the door. Jess answered. It was James.

“Heidi, your man-toy’s here,” Jess teased. James could only guess where that comment came from, but he felt confident knowing Heidi’s friends felt like joking around him.

“James!” Heidi yelled, running and leaping onto him, nearly knocking him over as she hugged him and wrapped her legs around his waist. She then kissed her way up his neck, ending in a passionate, lasting kiss that made Jess leave the hallway and go to her room for a while.

Heidi then led James back to her room, where they sat on her bed, and she told him about her drive. Realizing they still needed to unpack the car, they knocked on Jess’ door, and asked her for help unloading.

“It’s safe to come out,” Heidi teased Jess, who opened her door and joined them. James noticed 3 large boxes on Jess’ bed, but didn’t want to pry into Jess’ personal life. It took about 20 minutes for the three of them to unload Heidi’s personal belongings. After the first load, Heidi stayed in her room to unpack and organize her things. She didn’t take many personal possessions with her to school, but she did have a lot of clothes and shoes. One box was just hangers to hang her clothes on, while most of the other boxes were clothes. One box, however, had her sheets and mattress protector. It was that box that James brought up last, and offered to start unpacking.

“Those are my spare sheets, and the bed is already made,” Heidi instructed. “Try this box,” she said, placing the bedding box in the bottom of the closet, and handing James her box of pyjamas and undershirts. James hadn’t seen most of Heidi’s sleep wardrobe before. There were a lot of two-piece pyjama sets, a few teddys, and at the bottom a fuzzy set of footed pyjamas, which reminded James of when he was 4.

“Are these for sleepover night in the pediatric unit?” James teased.

“I like those. For that, I’m going to wear these tonight just to bug you and control where your paws have access to, mister,” she teased back. She took the pyjamas from James, opened her backpack, and stuffed them in. “There,” she winked.

James beamed a smile back, knowing they were so comfortable with each other that they could lightly tease on another. James finished with that box, and Heidi directed him to another.

“Socks! You promised me unmentionables,” James teased.

“I put those away while you were moving boxes, so you wouldn’t get too excited,” Heidi teased back. “And for all I know, you get excited about feet,” she added.

“Well, I don’t,” James replied, slightly embarrassed. “Do feet excite you?” he joked.

“Um no,” Heidi replied, “but if they did, you’d be the first to know.”

“What does excite you?” James asked.

“Being with you,” Heidi replied, coyly. “Excited for tonight?”

“Very,” James answered.

“Good. I have something to show you after supper. Does that work with your plans?” she asked.

“We’ll make it work,” James replied.

“Alright then. I see that got your attention,” Heidi said, directing her pointer finger to James’ crotch. “Tell ‘him’ to settle down. It isn’t polite to point,” she giggled.

“’He’ can’t hide how happy ‘we’ are to see you,” James asserted. “It’s not like you have that big a ‘tell’ when you’re interested.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Heidi told James, while biting her lower lip. James had seen her do that before, the last night six weeks ago when she visited.

“Get folding,” she told James, snapping him back to reality. “Or don’t you like doing housework with me?”

“I could get used to it,” James answered back, winking.

They continued unpacking, and were soon finished. They sat on the bed. Heidi heard the faint crinkle of her mattress protector, but James didn’t seem to notice. Heidi turned toward James, giving him a big hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m so glad to be back here, with you,” she started. “I know me going away was hard on both of us, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you as much as I could have been. I want to start making it up to you now,” she added. Heidi went to the door, and closed it.

“Lay back,” she requested, and James quickly did as he was told. Heidi proceeded to crawl on top of James, then sat up when she was astride of him. “Hands behind your head,” she requested, and once James complied, she bent down and gave him a long, passionate French kiss. Once finished, she sat back up again, and started unbuttoning her blouse, slowly. Her blouse unbuttoned, she slowly took it off, exposing her chest and bra.

“Now, if you can behave yourself and be respectful, I’ll let you take off my bra. Understood?” Heidi asked. James nodded. Heidi showed him the front clasp, and soon her breasts were exposed. “What should we do with these?” she asked James, leaning forward and placing James’ hands on her breasts. “Squeeze gently,” Heidi instructed, and James did as he was told. As James squeezed, Heidi began riding James’ re-emerging erection through their pants, biting her lower lip as her pace increased. Soon, a wave of pleasure overtook her as she climaxed, and stopped.

“Don’t stop!” James murmured.

“What, and soil your pants?” Heidi interjected.

“Worth it,” James protested.

“Nu uh, not worth it,” Heidi countered. “James, I’m going to undo your zipper and pull your pants down. OK?”

“OK,” James replied, quietly. Heidi undid his top button, slowly lowered his zipper, and pulled his pants down.

“Now your underwear, OK?” Heidi asked, and James nodded. James penis sprang to attention once clear of the waistband. “May my hand finish what we started,” she asked, and James quietly nodded consent. Heidi slowly and carefully grabbed James, and started pulling up and down, like she had heard about. James was experiencing obvious pleasure and breathing heavily, when he warned her he was about to cum.

“Shit, my comforter,” Heidi realised, quickly pulling James’ underwear over his spewing rod. Heidi was in time, but James’ underwear were a mess.

“I’m so sorry,” she told James.

“Worth it,” James comforted her. “But, these will stain my pants. I guess I’ll go commando, if you bring my underwear with you back to my place, in your bag.”

“Sounds good,” Heidi smiled back at him. She got a small bag, and placed the sticky mess into her backpack.

“Well, I guess we should get back to my place, now that we’ve had an appetizer,” James teased. They both started dressing, and were soon ready to go. Jess had gone to work around the time Heidi’s car was unloaded, so they had the apartment to themselves. As they left, James noticed Jess’ door was open. Inside were the three big boxes, and he now noticed they were labelled “Molicare.” James knew what that was, from the sample he had received.

“So, Jess needs diapers, too,” he thought. “Purple would be a cute colour on her.”

Wednesday, 17:00

James’ basement suite was a few blocks away from Heidi’s apartment. After a few minutes, they pulled into his driveway.

I’ll carry your bag in, if that’s alright?” James asked, trying to be gentlemanly.

“Sure,” Heidi replied, a little unsure, knowing the unusual contents of her bag.

They walked around to the basement suite entrance in back. James unlocked the door, and held it open while inviting Heidi in.

After a short downward flight of stairs, they entered James’ kitchen.

“I have a romantic supper planned,” James winked, while walking past the kitchen and into the living room. “And a cuddly, romantic movie,” he added, walking through the living room and into his bedroom, with Heidi hesitantly following behind. James’ bed was neatly made, and he had added an extra pillow for Heidi. “I’ll just leave this at the foot of the bed, for later,” he told Heidi, who shyly nodded.

“Well, it’s a little early for supper,” James suggested. “What should we do.”

“I think I get to pick out a pair of underwear for Mr. Commando,” Heidi teased James. “I don’t want you to get excited and ruin your pants,” she added jokingly. “Which drawer?”

James’ heart jumped into his throat. “Should I tell her now?” He thought. Heidi had been incredibly calm and matter-of-fact about their first orgasmic experience together. And if there were diapers in Heidi’s apartment, she could be trusted to be discreet, not telling about Jess’ problem. And Heidi was a nursing student, who dealt with diapers as a part of life. But, would it make their relation awkward?

“The second drawer from the top,” James told Heidi.

Heidi went to the drawer, and opened it. James’ underwear were there. “Tighty-Whities it is,” she told James, “and I’ll know if you’ve had naughty thoughts before bed,” she half-teased, half threatened. She left James alone in his room to get dressed, not wanting to seem too eager. She heard him open a drawer, and after a few minutes, he came out of his bedroom.

“As you wished,” he told Heidi, pulling up the waistband of his underwear to show he had honoured her request.

“Good,” she answered. “I’ll let you choose my underwear after supper,” she told James, coyly. James started getting an erection, which was barely noticeable in the tight underwear he was now sporting. Heidi noticed, but chose not to acknowledge it.

It was 5:30, but neither of them were hungry. They sat down on James’ couch. James put his arm around Heidi’s waist, and Heidi did the same while laying her head on James’ shoulder.

“It was a long drive, and I’m tired,” she told James. “Can we just spoon on the couch for a while?” They both laid down, with Heidi in front of James. James was slightly taller, and his lower arm made a comfortable cradle for Heidi’s head. They laid there for fifteen minutes, relaxing in each-other’s warmth and love, which they had missed for most for the summer.

James’ upper arm had been resting on Heidi’s hip, when Heidi decided to try something. She shifted slightly, and undid the top button on her pants. James’ then heard Heidi unzip her fly, after which she gently took James’ hand, guiding it to her private area.

“With your middle finger, start making gentle, slow circles,” she instructed. James started rubbing Heidi’s clitoris as instructed through her underwear, which was slightly damp from before. James continued on for a few minutes, guessing what he was doing to the small mound inside Heidi’s panties.

“Is it good?” He asked after a few minutes.

“Mmm Hmm,” Heidi answered, biting her lower lip in ecstasy. In a minute more, she was leaning her pubic area into James hands, with gentle instructions like “a little harder,” and “faster,” added. Soon, Heidi climaxed, her juices soaking her panties. James could tell by her body language Heidi was finished, and they lay on the couch, savouring the experience.

In a few minutes, Heidi got up. “I need you to choose some new underwear for me now,” Heidi requested. “Bring my bag out here, please?” James complied silently, not wanting to ruin anything Heidi had planned.

Heidi unzipped her bag. “I want you to lay out everything I have in there,” she instructed. “I don’t want any secrets between us, and what’s in there should let you know how special I think you are,” she told James, kissing him up his neck and to his lips. She indicated she and James should place the bag between them on the floor, and invited him to start by grabbing the footed pajamas and putting them in James’ hand.

“Cute,” James told Heidi, laying them out. Below that, Heidi had placed some pants, jean shorts, a sweater, and cute top. Below that, things got more interesting to James.

“You might get cold wearing this teddy,” he smirked to Heidi.

“Then keep me warm tonight,” she answered.

Below that were regular panties, and some more revealing panties, on top of a paper bag.

“What do we have here?” James asked coyly.

“A surprise,” Heidi answered, sounding almost reluctant. “Open it.”

James unfolded the end of the bag, reaching in without looking, excited for the surprise. What was inside was smooth, plastic, and squishy. Curious but still excited, he slowly removed his hand.

James was shocked, knowing Molicare diapers when he saw them. “Umm, what are these?” James asked, playing dumb.

Heidi took one, and unfolded it. “I need these at night, since I … wet the bed. They’re diapers,” she explained.

James was shocked for a moment, but immediately compassionate, seeing Heidi was becoming distressed. “It’s OK,” James replied. “Have you always wet the bed? My brother used to wear diapers too, and they helped him,” he added, hoping to make Heidi feel better.

“Always,” Heidi answered, kissing James passionately for his understanding, compassionate answer. After a moment, she added “keep looking in my bag.”

James continued on as instructed, to get past what Heidi might have seen as an awkward moment. Heidi was thankful too, for how casually James had handled the moment she had dreaded all summer. The lube came out, followed by the card and the condom Heidi’s sisters had given her.

“James, I’m in love with you now more than ever,” Heidi began after the backpack was emptied. “If you are ready, I would like to take you into your bedroom now, and make love. Is that alright?” She got to her feet, and took a stunned James by the hand. James slowly got to his feet, not believing what was happening, and followed Heidi to his bed.

“I’m going to undress you now, OK?” she asked. James nodded. Heidi slowly unbuttoned James shirt from behind, kissing his neck slowly upward at each button. She sucked on his earlobe while pulling the shirt off of his arms. Next, she unbuttoned the top of James’ jeans, slowly and seductively unzipping the zipper. She let James pants fall to the floor, exposing his underwear. Still behind James, she reached and grabbed his erection through his underwear, which felt more soft and squishy than expected. She grabbed James’ waistband, and slowly lowered his underwear past his hips, where they dropped to the ground. She grabbed at James’ erection again, but felt something cloth-like and squishy. She looked down, seeing James’ bum wearing his Goodnites.

“Have something to tell me?” She asked, taken aback.

“I started wetting the bed,” James admitted. “It was stress, my doctor thinks. I bought these first to get a handle on it. I didn’t want anyone to think I was buying them for me, so I bought girl’s Goodnites, they’re called. They didn’t work, so now I wear diapers, like you. Take a look in my middle drawer.

Heidi was a little angry James hadn’t told her earlier he was that stressed, but also relieved this wasn’t an elabourate prank to make her feel uncomfortable. She opened her drawer, and saw James’ Goodnites, Molicare’s, Abena’s, ATNs and trial pack of swim diapers.

“Swim diapers?” she asked.

“Just a free sample that came with the Abena’s,” he admitted, a little ashamed. “They’re the ones with the striped pattern.”

“I know,” Heidi admitted. “I like my Molicare’s more, since they’re softer. What do you think of them?”

“I haven’t tried them yet,” James admitted.

“I think you should, tonight,” Heidi implied, leading James to the bed. Before James sat down, Heidi suddenly and aggressively ripped of James’ Goodnites, revealing his private area.

“Still hard after all that,” she teased. She had James sit on the bed, and tickled his feet while taking off his socks.

“No fair,” he complained while laughing.

“Very fair,” Heidi replied, teasingly. “My turn.”

James slowly took off Heidi’s shirt and pants, leaving her in her underwear and socks. Heidi leaned back on the bed, allowing James to work her panties off her legs. It was the first time he had seen her vagina, with its neatly trimmed, natural hair.

“Stop staring and finish undressing me,” she instructed. James was slightly perturbed at being told to get a move on, so he pinned Heidi’s legs and tickled her feat mercilessly while taking off her socks, while Heidi begged for mercy. Having finished, Heidi slapped James’ erection, telling him “behave, or else.”

Heidi grabbed the condom her sisters had given her, and asked James “may I?” to which James nodded affirmatively. Heidi expertly rolled the condom onto James’ penis, which was already glistening with pre-cum.

“Put your hands behind your head,” Heidi instructed, controlling the situation, to which James complied. Heidi grabbed James’ erection, and started stroking up and down, making him as hard as possible. Heidi then slowly crept back on the bed getting on one elbow, and slowly swallowed James.

James gasped. Between her tight lips and her tongue, James was in ecstasy. After a minute, James was ready to blow. “I’m going to cum,” he told Heidi, as his large, white load emptied into the condom while Heidi felt him pulse between her lips. Heidi didn’t stop right away, and James continued to be hard afterward.

“That was amazing,” he told Heidi, sitting up.

“I don’t think we’re done yet,” Heidi told James. “You’re still hard, and I want you in me more than ever. Is that OK?”

James nodded yes, then rolled over and reached into his nightstand drawer. He brought out his lube and the variety pack of condoms he had bought earlier that summer.

“Pick the one you’d like to try,” James offered.

However, at that moment, Heidi’s cell phone rang. “Shit, it’s probably my Mom. I should answer,” she told James, getting up from the bed, and heading to the living room.

James observed Heidi was dripping from her crotch, and didn’t want her to stain his sofa or carpet. He grabbed a Goodnite from his drawer, and touched Heidi’s arm to get her attention before she sat down.

Heidi quickly understood. “Thank you,” she mouthed, as she stepped into the Goodnite, while James pulled it up for her. Heidi hadn’t tried the new Goodnites with the stretchier, “Underwear-Like Look & Feel.” The pastel butterflies on the front were also cute, she thought.

James wasn’t sure if giving Heidi a diaper would make her feel bad, so he also put on a Goodnite, to make her feel more at ease. He once again chose the heart pattern Goodnite, putting it on, and joining Heidi in the living room.

“He knows, Mom,” James heard Heidi whisper to her Mom. “He was the best about it. I knew he would understand.” Heidi talked a while longer with her Mom, before she handed off the phone to her sister Krista.

“So, he knows?” Krista half-teased.

“Yah. He totally understands,” Heidi explained. “I think we’re going to eat supper and watch a movie after,” Heidi continued. Heidi indicated to James she was hungry and the weren’t going to continue what they started in the bedroom right away. James understood, and went into the kitchen to finish his supper preparations. Heidi also wanted James out of the room to talk more privately.

“So, we’ve already used your gift,” she told Krista. “Strawberry was an interesting flavour.”

“Have you…?” Krista asked.

“Mom kinda ruined the moment phoning when she did,” Heidi admitted. “I was so ready. James put me in a Pull-Up so I wouldn’t drip on his furniture. He even put one on too to make me feel better.”

“Jeez, TMI!” Krista admitted. “But I’m glad you no longer have that secret. And since when do you have Pull-Ups?”

“That’s for me to know. Enough about that,” Heidi told her sister, who didn’t need to know James also needed diapers. They continued to talk about other things for another 15 minutes, when James came into the living room to tell Heidi dinner was served.

“I’d better go,” Heidi told Krista.

“Bye, Krista,” James said, speaking into the phone bye Heidi’s ear.

“Bye you two,” Krista answered teasingly, while hanging up.

Wednesday, 18:30

“James, you’re adorable, but let’s get dressed quickly. I don’t want to drip food on my bare bosom,” Heidi explained. They both went into the bedroom, where Heidi put on her cute pink top and jeans, and James put on a black polo shirt and jeans.

“After you,” he told Heidi, as they entered the kitchen.

The table was beautiful. While James was not allowed to light candles in his rental, he had brought out a fresh flowered centerpiece with blue and purple flowers, which were Heidi’s favourite colours. James’ inexpensive black Ikea tableware highlighted an amazing meal.

“I remember Moe ordering the finest food stuffed with the second finest at The Gilded Truffle, and you laughing hard at it. Well, here’s lobster thermidor with taco salad on the side,” James explained. They each had half a lobster shell, filled with chunks of lobster and sauce, crusted with parmesan cheese, which James had prepared and broiled in the oven to finish before supper. The taco salad was quickly mixed, with crushed spicy Doritos chips and dressing on the side, so the salad wouldn’t be soggy. Heidi had enjoyed James’ taco salad before, and she knew James was trying to be romantic, even it the food pairing was a little strange.

“It’s wonderful,” she said, kissing James and cuddling his waist.

“I also have sangria to go with supper, or would you like something else?” James added.

“Sangria is perfect,” Heidi answered, releasing James and taking her chair. James had wanted to help seat Heidi like a gentleman, but Heidi was too fast, and also voraciously hungry.

James got the jug of sangria from the fridge, and filled both of their wine glasses. He passed Heidi the chips and dressing, after which she heartily dug into her meal. James also dug in before the lobster got cold. Between bites, James asked Heidi about the drive down, and how her family was. Eventually, Heidi was done, and waiting for James to finish.

“So, I see that condom box was already open. Been practicing,” she teased James.

“A little,” James admitted, blushing a little.

“Well, I’m glad you want to be responsible. I’m not ready to have kids yet,” Heidi admitted.

“Me either,” James admitted. “I’ll be very careful,” he assured Heidi.

“I’m sure you will,” Heidi replied reassuringly.

“So, ready for dessert?” James asked, finally finished.

“Absolutely,” Heidi answered.

James went to the fridge, and brought out a chocolate covered cheesecake, with 12 whole pecans arranged circularly around the edge. “Turtles cheesecake, like the first time you came over.”

“It looks wonderful, James,” Heidi admitted, almost tearing up, while leaning up to kiss James, who had bent down to meet her. It was a wonderfully romantic gesture.

James got out his big chefs knife, and cut one of the twelve slices for Heidi. It was a big slice for Heidi, but she didn’t want to ruin the moment by telling James otherwise. James then served himself a similar slice, and sat down to enjoy his portion. The stickiness of the caramel and chocolate ganache layers made conversation difficult, so little was said during dessert. James refilled Heidi’s and his sangria during dessert to help wash it down, and soon, they were finished.

“I’ll start clearing the table,” James told Heidi once they were finished. Heidi instinctively got up and helped clear the plates and cutlery, while James put away the leftovers. “It’s nice having help with dishes,” he thought to himself, as they worked together. Soon, everything was put away, except the beautiful centerpiece.

Wednesday, 19:15

“Well, what would you like to do next?” James asked Heidi, seductively.

Heidi had just eaten a lot, and was a little drunk from the sangria. She wanted their first time to be perfect, and bloated and drunk wasn’t that. “I think we should get into our pyjamas so we can cuddle up and watch a movie,” she suggested.

James was also feeling about the same after the meal, and was understanding if Heidi didn’t want to continue what they had started in the bedroom, yet.

They walked hand in hand to the bedroom. James saw the bed was a mess from earlier, and started making it again so it would be ready for later that night. Once done, he turned around and saw Heidi already stripped to her Goodnite, holding her night diaper.

“I was up so early to move back down, I don’t wan to fall asleep during the movie and ruin your sofa,” she explained. “Can I lie down and get changed?”

James stepped back from the bed. As Heidi passed, he quickly reached around and tore off her Goodnite, like she had done to him a few hours earlier.

“It’s only fair,” he teasingly explained. Heidi rolled her eyes, and started unfolding the diaper on James’ bed. James looked at the inside of the Goodnite, which was slightly stained from Heidi’s wetness.

Heidi saw this, and was unimpressed he was checking to see how wet she had been. She tore the Goodnite out of his hands, and slapped him with it. “It’s ungentlemanly to check how wet I was or wasn’t,” she explained. “That’s my business.”

James stood there, stunned, looking crestfallen.

After a while, Heidi continued. “My Mom used to be indiscreet and ask how wet I was around my sisters and friends. I hated it! It wasn’t their business knowing about my accidents. I know we’ve been really intimate today, but checking up to see if I was wet is a hard boundary. Understand?”

“Yes, Heidi. I’m so sorry!” James replied, starting to cry. Heidi knew she had been too harsh, and went up and hugged him, consoling him that they were still OK.

After a while, with James feeling better and understanding her more, she released him and arranged her naked self on her diaper. In a few seconds, her purple, padded self got up from the bed.

“Your turn,” she told James.

“But I don’t…” James tried to explain.

“I think you had better,” Heidi explained, opening his middle drawer and selecting a Molicare. “You looked so good in your pull-up, I want to see your diapered butt. It’s only fair,” she encouraged, unfolding the diaper, like she had her own.

James undressed, taking off his Goodnite and settling himself on the diaper. Heidi instinctively knelt over and started to put the diaper on James.

“I don’t need help,” James told Heidi, irked.

“OK, but I always found it nice when Mom diapered me. Besides, I’m a nurse,” Heidi explained, hoping she could help James, and also make him feel more comfortable about his own diapers.

Heidi looked compassionately at James. No one had put him in diapers since he was a toddler. James realized Heidi wasn’t being critical, but trying to care for him. “OK,” he relented.

Heidi expertly brought the diaper up over James’ flaccid front, and expertly taped him in. The Molicare was softer than his Abena’s, like Heidi had told him.

“All done,” she declared, matter-of-factly.

James walked over to the mirror, seeing himself and Heidi both in purple diapers. Heidi hugged him from behind, fingering his waistband.

“If you’re good, I’ll let you out for a little playtime tonight,” she seductively whispered into James’ ear, nibbling his earlobe. James started getting an erection, which Heidi noticed, but didn’t comment on.

“It’s a little warm in here, so I’m just going to wear my top,” she told James. Heidi put on her lavender pyjama tops, which matched her diaper nicely. James wasn’t comfortable hanging out with his diaper exposed, so he put on a deep blue pyjama set. Once dressed, they both went out to the living room and sat n the couch, in their usual places.

“What should we watch?” James asked.

Heidi went over to James’ DVD collection, and selected The 40-Year-Old-Virgin. “I think this is apropos,” she winked at James, bending over and putting the DVD into the machine. Heidi’s padded bum was turning James on more, and Heidi turned around to see James had pitched a tent in his pyjamas.

Heidi walked back to the sofa where James was sitting. “You have a problem there, mister,” she pestered, poking his boner a few times with her finger. “Don’t mess yourself. I saw the cutest diapers on this college student we treated last spring. They were adult-sized, with ‘BABY’ written in block letters along her waistband. I know where to buy those online, if you start messing yourself on purpose.”

“So do I,” James replied. “I can get them from where I ordered my diapers. I think they’d look cute on you,” he teased.

“And I think a pacifier would look cute in your mouth to stop you from saying dumb things,” Heidi answered, glaring at James. “We’re not babies.”

“Still, I find it a little erotic how confident you are about your diapers, and how cute you look in them,” James explained.

“I thought you looked cute in Goodnites, too,” Heidi admitted. “Why don’t you take off your bottoms? It’s not like I’m judging you about needing diapers, right?” Heidi gently grabbed James’ pyjama waistband, and started pulling down. James didn’t resist. Soon, they were both in tops and diapers. Heidi lay down on the couch with James behind her, spooning him, like they had on many dates before. And like many dates before, it took a few minutes into the movie for James erection to stop poking her in the bum. Soon, James grabbed and arranged a blanket over them, since his legs were getting cold. It was very warm under the blanket, which, combined with how full and slightly intoxicated they were, caused them both to revel and doze in each other’s warmth. Soon, they were asleep.

Thursday, 00:00

Heidi woke up first. The TV had shut itself off, and she was very warm. James’ arm had been draped over her, and his slow, rhythmic breathing told her he was still asleep. She was still dry, and thankful she didn’t yet have discover what James’ reaction would be to her wet diapers.

“Is James still dry?” she wondered, rolling over. She lifted the blanket, and saw that he was soaked. “I’d better get him changed,” she thought, her nurse’s instinct kicking in. She wrapped herself around James, and started kissing his neck and nibbling his ear to try to wake him.

“Mmmm, what is it?” he moaned, realizing Heidi wanted to wake him up.

“It’s time to get changed and go to bed,” Heidi requested.

“Get changed?” James wondered, then quickly grabbing the front of his diaper. “Shit,” he cursed quietly.

“It’s OK,” Heidi intimated. “I know it was an accident. I understand,” she reassured.

“Yah, I see you aren’t wet,” James moaned. “I’m the big baby here.”

“No you’re not,” Heidi answered. “A big whiner, maybe, but it’s not like I can judge. Let’s get a fresh diaper on you.” Heidi took James by the hand, led him to his bedroom and sat him on the edge of his bed.

“Lay down,” Heidi instructed. She left the bedroom, returning with her purse, from which she removed a package of baby wipes. “Let me clean you up and get you ready for bed,” she told James compassionately.

“OK,” James relented.

Heidi undid the tapes on James’ diaper, after which James raised his bottom, allowing Heidi to take the soiled diaper, roll it, and dispose of it in the trash nearby. James was naked below the waist, and looked a little embarrassed.

“Time to wipe you off,” Heidi told James, grabbing the wipes. “Lift your bum,” she instructed, quickly wiping it, since it hadn’t been that wet. Heidi then grabbed a new wipe, and started wiping James front, finishing with his private area. The cool wipe and Heidi’s hand felt wonderful to James, who was once again getting an erection.

“Heidi, I love you,” James told her. “If you’re ready, can we try having sex now?”

Heidi was ready and eager. “Yes, my love,” she replied.

Heidi stepped away from James, and un-taped her diaper, followed by her taking off her shirt. Meanwhile, James followed suite, taking off his shirt, and grabbing the condom box and lube, certain they would need protection in a few minutes. They both sat down on the side of the bed.

“James?” Heidi asked, “you are very special to me, but if it’s alright, I’d like to be on top so I can control being penetrated. Alright?”

It wasn’t quite what James had expected, but, Heidi had been in control most of their evening together, leading him, telling him her darkest secret, and being compassionate. He wanted to show Heidi he was also understanding and compassionate. “That sounds wonderful,” he enthusiastically replied.

Heidi got up for a moment, turned James, and with a playful shove laid him out on his back. She then backed down his body, like before, and lightly gripped his penis with her right hand, making him harder as she gently yanked up and down, slowly and seductively. After a few moments of this, Heidi pivoted 180 degrees, placing her private area over James’ face.

“Get me ready,” she instructed. “Massage that little bump, like you did last time.”

James could clearly see Heidi’s clitoris, and started rubbing it with his finger. Heidi moaned, and he could see her vagina starting to lubricate itself. With his free hand, he grabbed the lube at his side, and took a moment to apply a generous amount to Heidi’s slit, slowly working inward.

They were both ready now. “Choose a condom, James,” she instructed. While James was choosing, Heidi grabbed the diaper she had taken off. She observed James place the condom on his penis with care, at which time he looked up, puzzled.

“What is that for?” he asked.

“I’m not sure if I’ll bleed, or how much, and I don’t want to ruin your bed,” Heidi explained. “I’m going to unfold this below both of us, to catch any mess.

James was so eager, he did not protest. He laid down again, and compliantly let Heidi place the unfolded diaper under his bum. She once again knelt on one hand, making sure James was rigid and ready, while also savouring the moment.

After a few moments, she asked “James, we’re both virgins, right?”

“U huh,” he moaned, enjoying Heidi stroking him as they talked.

Heidi started slowly rolling the condom back off James’ penis. “And I can’t get pregnant, since I’m on the pill,” she told James, then finishing taking the condom off and throwing it aside. “There’s no real reason for us to use a condom then, right?”

“Nope,” James admitted, excitedly.

“Well then,” Heidi exclaimed, taking the lube from James’ side, and applying it to his rigid shaft, “I think I’ll have to screw you like God intended.”

Heidi shuffled her knees up beyond James’ waistline, straddling him. She started rubbing his stiff slick member up and down her slit, exciting both of them immensely. After a few dozen rounds, she knew she had teased James long enough, and started settling herself down on James. There was some pressure, but mostly a feeling of warmth and fullness as James entered her, slowly. At one point she felt especially tight, but after that it was easier to slide the remaining fullness of James into her to the hilt.

“I’m no longer a virgin!” they both thought.

Heidi laid herself down on top of James, enjoying the fullness and intimacy of the moment.

“Are you OK?” James asked, after a minute of stillness.

“Yes, my love,” she answered.

Heidi sat up, and started slowly and rhythmically humping James’ erection. They were both in heaven. After a minute or so, James arm brought Heidi closer to him, and he began humping upward in sync to Heidi’s motions. He was penetrating deeper, which rubbed Heidi’s clitoris more, driving her wild. The rhythm grew faster, and the pounding harder.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Heidi yelled, climaxing. She stopped, but James kept going, gently.

“I’m not done yet,” James implored.

Heidi wasn’t done yet, either. “Then fuck me like an animal,” she cried, getting on her hands and knees, beside James. James got up, and started positioning himself. Heidi moved the diaper below them, which she could see was a little bloody from their tryst. She spread her legs wide, and started guiding James erection into her again.

They were both in a heat of passion, and while James started gentle, it didn’t last long. Heidi started pushing back to meet each of James thrusts, which in that position were going even deeper, and hitting the end of her love canal.

“Yessss!” Heidi yelled as she came again. She stopped pushing back, and James looked at her.

“I’m not done yet,” he told Heidi, lovingly but forcefully guiding her to her back, and placing the diaper beneath her.

James passionately and forcefully entered Heidi a third time from on top. He found a rhythm that worked for him, and Heidi thrust up with her hips to meet his downward strokes. The pace and forcefulness of the rhythm increased, and Heidi came again while James did not stop. Another few minutes, and their rhythm was more forceful and passionate than ever. James exploded with pure ecstasy into Heidi’s eager womb, and Heidi climaxed a fourth time upon feeling it.

James collapsed, breathing heavily on top of Heidi, who let him lie there for a minute. After a minute, she rolled him onto the other side of the bed, and started checking herself out. There was both blood and semen on the diaper, but not much. She positioned herself and taped herself into the slightly soiled diaper, getting herself ready for bed.

James was still dazed. Heidi could see his penis and crotch were a little bloody, so she got her wipes, and started wiping down James. She grabbed his 2nd Molicare sample from the drawer, and got James ready for bed.

“How was that?” James asked Heidi, as she taped him up tight for the night.

“Now I understand what everyone’s been telling me,” Heidi explained. “When you came in me, it was the most complete moment of ecstasy and fulfillment in my life.”

“Me too,” James replied.

“But, I think I can do better tomorrow…….”


James and Heidi woke up the next morning. Both were wet, and after changing out of their wet diapers, both felt like having a shower.

“You’re still dripping,” James pointed out, as Heidi’s slit still exuded James white manhood. “I think you need this,” he told Heidi, reaching into his drawer and handing her a swim diaper.

“You too, mister,” she said, looking at his boner, feeling the tip with her finger, and detecting pre-cum.

They both kissed passionately, and got into the swim diapers. James had a large 4x6’ walk-in shower that came with the apartment. On the way out of the room, James grabbed his lube.

Round 2……