Spider and Fly (Chapter Two Up)

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A dusty and somewhat aged car bounced down the roughly paved road, the vehicle slowing down at infrequent intervals only to speed back up again moments later.

It was very obvious that the driver of the car was lost. The young man’s head – ‘man’ being a bit of a stretch; in truth, he was more in that awkward transitional stage between teenager and adult – turned on a swivel, frantically bobbing back and forth as he absorbed the passing rural countryside, trying to make the road signs match up to the directions scribbled upon the piece of paper that he was tightly squeezing in one hand.

He was young, not even twenty, and had brown hair that was just beginning to creep into the length that could properly be described as long. He had an attractive face in a shy sort of way, with shy being the operative word. He wasn’t exceptionally tall or exceptionally outspoken, and back home in highschool, he fit into the category of students who were neither bullies or those bullied, who weren’t the top of their classes nor the ones at the very bottom. He did well enough, had had a couple of girlfriends and got by.

That was going to be different soon, he thought to himself as these same thoughts passed through his mind. Finally, away from everyone I know with a fresh start, things are going to really change!

If only he could find the house!

He had found the advertisement in a listing put out by the university for students needing housing. It had read that one Sarah Samsa had a room available to rent in a nice house out in the country that was only a twenty minute drive from the university. The young man driving the car was beginning to suspect differently, however. He had turned off the main road over fifteen minutes ago and since then had slowly transitioned from the point of carefully following the directions he had been giving to driving around semi-aimlessly, hoping that he would come upon a street marker that sounded familiar.

As if right on cue, he found one of the roads listed in the directions. He turned onto the road and, back on path, it wasn’t more than five minutes later that his car rolled into a stop in front of Ms. Samsa’s house.

It really was an attractive looking house. It wasn’t exactly new, but an obvious effort had gone into keeping the place in good repair, and a pleasant sort of homey feel was given off the painted white siding. Pleasant flower beds were planted along each side of the house, the delicate purple flowers contained within speaking openly of constant care and attention. The young man’s spirits rose a little as he stepped out of the car and took it all in, the frustration of his drive mildly eased.

In relatively short order, he made his way up the path leading across the carefully tended lawn and, a moment later, he was at the front door. He briefly leaned to the side to glance through the window, though it was a bit too dark to make out anyone inside.After a brief moment, he reached out and pressed the doorbell which elicited a buzzing sound that could even be heard outside and waited.

An answer didn’t take long. He could hear the songs of footsteps approaching and quite soon after the door was pushed open to reveal a cheerful looking woman.

She was a bit older than he had been expecting – she looked somewhere in her early forties, though it did nothing to diminish her warm smile and an almost motherly twinkle in her eyes. Motherly was an appropriate word. She wasn’t so much large as she was just a little padded in certain places. She had blonde hair that looked soft to the touch and that was tied back in a simple ponytail. She looked the young man up and down as if to take him all in and then smiled, as if in approval.

“You’ll be Alex, then?” Her voice was warm and set the somewhat tensed Alex at ease.

He nodded, finding himself smiling back. “Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m glad that you managed to find your way here. I know that the roads can be a twisty if you don’t know where you’re going. Come in, please!”

Alex stepped inside, glancing around as Ms. Samsa moved to close the door behind him before beckoning to him to follow her deeper into the house. He was pleased to find that the interior held just as much appealing charm as the outside, the whole place giving the warm feeling that a home happily lived in does. He was so distracted by his observations that, he realized as he stepped into the kitchen behind Ms. Samsa, he had completely missed a question from his host.

“I asked if you had a pleasant drive over? Eight hours is an awful long way to go in a single drive.”

Oh. “It wasn’t too bad, Ms. Samsa,” Alex returned as he settled down opposite the pleasant woman at the small kitchen table. “It was the longest I ever drove at once, but it really wasn’t too bad.”

“That’s good to hear,” happily said the woman. “Also, please. Call me Sarah. No need to stick to formalities, hun.”

“Alright,” said Alex with a tentative smile. “Ms. S-- Sarah.”

“There we go! Now, I imagine you must be awfully tired after such a long drive, so I’m not going to bore you with a lot of rules. Most everything is common sense, really. You’re expected to clean up after yourself if you make a mess and no loud music after ten o’ clock. No late night visitors, either. I’ll have breakfast ready for you every morning and, as long as you can follow those rules, I’m sure that we’ll get along just fine. Do you have any questions?”

Alex shook his head, replying, “Everything seems pretty clear. Is there anything else that I need to know?”

“Well,” said Ms. Samsa, looking briefly disconcerted. “There’s something you should probably know about the room. It’s, ah…. Well, why don’t we go up now?”

Ms. Samsa pushed herself up from the chair and began heading towards another door, leading to a short hallway with a flight of stairs leading upwards at the end of it. Alex followed in tow, listening curiously to Ms. Samsa’s explanation.

“You see, the only other visitor that I get on a regular basis is my niece who flies in to spend the summer with me. She’s only seven now, you see, so a couple of years back I thought it’d be a nice idea to decorate the room up for her. She doesn’t visit anymore and I’m, err. Well, still in the process of changing the decoration. You can see…” she trailed off, gesturing to a door in the upstairs hallway that they had finally reached. Alex, looking a bit unsure, took the doorknob in his hand, twisted it and then pushed.

Ms. Samsa had not been kidding. The room had been painted a pink color that would be especially pleasing to a young girl and there was even a cartoonish unicorn-themed border going across the top. The floor was done in plush white carpeting and even the furniture had a girlish slant to it – the dresser was a bit on the small side, held together by pink-painted wood and the desk leaning against the wall was similarly coloured. The only piece of furniture not overtly feminine was, thankfully, the bed, which was done up in white sheets with an unpainted wooden headboard. Luckily, it looked large enough to accomodate Alex’s frame.

Ms. Samsa hovered around behind Alex, helpfully saying, “It’s only a temporary thing, of course. You’ll fit in the bed easily enough and first thing I’ll do tomorrow is get started on making it a little more appropriate.”

Alex took the room in, swallowing. The room was girlish bordering on downright childish, but he didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot. “I don’t mind sleeping in here for just one night, Ms. Samsa. I’ll go ahead and, uh, start moving my stuff in.” The older woman rewarded Alex with a warm smile. An offer was made to help Alex move his things in, but he politely refused, saying that he could manage things himself. Ms. Samsa nodded, smiling again before moving off, leaving Alex there to contemplate his girlish room. Oh well, he thought to himself. It’s only for a night.

Alex began the process of moving boxes from his car into his new room and then unpacking them. The whole ordeal passed much quicker than he had expected to take and, soon enough, he was seated upon his bed, most of his possessions stashed away in the pink dresser a few feet away from him or hanging up inside the closet. A sudden weariness overtook him. He hadn’t realized how much energy the drive over had taken from him and the chore of unpacking was the final nail in the coffin.

A loud yawn escaped unburdened from his mouth as he stretched his arms. He lazily kicked his shoes off his feet and then ambled over to the light switch, flicking it off. A moment later he had wiggled out of his pants and, a few moments after that, he was securely ensconced in the surprisingly comfortable sheets and blanket of his new bed. He curled up to keep warm, a pleased smile overtaking his expression as he daydreamed about the next coming days, his first at the university. Big things were going to happen.

Alex had no idea how right he was.

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An excellent start. The forshadowing leaves much to anticipate. I hope that the story lives up to the promise I see.

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Feedback all hella appreciated.


Alex woke early in the morning. He experienced a brief moment of confusion as he came to, opening his eyes and taking in the girlish decor that surrounded him on all sides. The feelings faded once the memories of the night before sloshed back into his mind. As he lay there, he became aware of a decidedly delicious aroma wafting into his room from the floor below and, with a grunt, he rolled himself out of the bed. A few lazy gropings for his previously discarded clothes later and Alex was dressed and soon ready to wander downstairs.

As promised, in the kitchen was Ms. Samsa, going enthusiastically about the business of preparing breakfast. She cheerfully responded to Alex’s grunt of good morning, turning briefly to tend to some eggs in a pan before wondering, “What time is your first class, dear?”

“Eleven, Ms. Samsa,” answered Alex, eying a glass of milk that had apparently been set for him on the table. He hadn’t drank milk since he was much much younger but, not wanting to offend, he picked it up with both hands and drank thirstily. After drinking a sizable amount, he added, “I was thinking about leaving a little early, since I’m not sure that I got the route learned from here to the school yet.”

“Good idea,” agreed Ms. Samsa, transferring the prepared food onto plates. She bustled over to the table and set one down in front of Alex and settled one in front of herself, adding reprovingly, “And didn’t I say that you didn’t need to bother with Ms. Samsa? If you have to be polite, say Ms. Sarah. Ms. Samsa makes me feel old.”

Alex reddened a little and responded, “Sorry, Ms. Sarah.” The rest of breakfast passed uneventfully and soon it was time for Alex to be off to school. Ms. Sarah waved him away from the porch and he was soon on his way.

Despite Alex’s big hopes for a sweeping change from his high school years, the day passed more or less uneventfully. Alex went from class to class, going through the same routine of listening to the teachers introduce themselves and the classes they were teaching. He mustered up the nerve to talk to a couple of people between classes and was pleasantly surprised to get into a couple of real conversations. While he wasn’t as entirely as charismatic as he had imagined himself to be, the beginnings of a few friendships did start up and Alex was feeling more or less content with himself when he left to drive himself back home after purchasing the books that he would need for his classes.

Soon enough, he was back at Ms. Sarah’s house. He went through the motions of arranging all the school supplies he had purchased, along with doing some more straightening up in his new room. He vaguely wondered about Ms. Sarah’s promise to get to changing his room into something more suitable for a man his age, but when he had come home he had seen her tending to her flowers in the yard and he vaguely felt that disturbing her about it so soon would be rude. The rest of the afternoon was spent puttering around the house, watching some television and, eventually, having supper with Ms. Sarah. More time was wasted after supper and, soon enough, he was tucked back into bed in preparation for the coming day.

That night, the first unusual event of many that were to happen occurred.

Alex knew something wasn’t quite right when he awoke the next morning. The smell of breakfast was still there, but there was another smell laying atop it, something powerful that was at once strange while still being quite familiar. He groggily pushed his eyes open and sat up in bed. The movement immediately pointed him to the location of the problem and, vaguely dreading what he was about to find, Alex pulled away the covers.

He had wet the bed – no, soaked was a more appropriate word. An embarrassingly large puddle saturated the sheets, centered directly right over his crotch. Pulling away the sheets made the smell that much more strong and Alex’s nose automatically wrinkled up in response. He shifted slightly as if to pull himself away from the embarrassment that his body was centered over but the movement only forced the cold and wet fabric of his underwear against his crotch, a feeling that was in no way pleasant.

Wincing, Alex eased himself out of his bed and, with a grimace, went about the unpleasant task of peeling off the soggied underpants. The second that they were off, he kicked them into the hamper and quickly wrapped a towel around himself, moving quickly to the shower that was across the hall.

Even under the wonderfully cleansing streams of the shower, Alex was consciously aware of the incriminating evidence of the bed back in his room. His panic was intermingled with confusion – why had he wet the bed? He hadn’t done so since he was a young child and the fact that it had happened last night had mystified him. Even worse, the thought occurred to him, how was he going to explain his accident to Ms. Sarah?

He fretted as he returned to his room, hurriedly tugging the sheets off of the bed and placing them in the hamper alongside his soggied underpants. The idea suddenly occurred to him that he could take care of it himself without ever mentioning it to Ms. Sarah if he did the laundry as soon as he got back home from class. Content with the idea, Alex dressed himself and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Breakfast was much the same affair as it was the day before, though throughout the whole meal his mind kept embarrassingly slipping back up to the soggy accident that was even now lying in his hamper. He was quite pleased when the time came to finally leave.

School passed uneventfully enough. Alex drifted from class to class, speaking to the same group of friends that he had made the previous day. In particular, he found the nerve to strike up a conversation with a girl that sat beside him in his English class that occurred right after lunchtime. Her name was Mary and the two seemed to get along particularly well. His spirits felt considerably brightened after the class ended, even though they hadn’t talked about very much at all.

Throughout the day, the accident that he had niggled in the back of his mind and, truth be told, he was somewhat pleased when his last class bell rang, just so that he could get back to Ms. Sarah’s house to do something about it so that he could quit worrying about it. The ride home passed quickly. As he pulled up to the house, Alex noticed Ms. Sarah working at the back of the house in her flower garden. He didn’t stop to say hello as he quickly walked up the path into the house and, from there, into his room. What he found waiting there was almost as big of a surprise as the one that he had had earlier when he woke up.

There was his bed, the covers folded as neatly as they had been the day that he arrived. Alex loosed his backpack and let it settle on the floor, taking a step forward just to make sure things really were as he saw them. The sheets were neatly folded and entirely clean, containing not a hint of the embarrassing accident that had covered them earlier. In fact, the only thing out of place was the small piece of paper sitting atop his pillow. He picked it up and began reading.

[i]Alex –

Found your sheets this morning and decided I’d go ahead and clean them up. Don’t worry about, hun. These things happen.[/i]

His cheeks gently reddened as he finished reading through the note. So, his Ms. Sarah had found out about his accident. A small tendril of embarrassment wormed its way up his spine and he crumpled the note up, stopping to look at it before throwing it in his wastebasket. It was just a one time thing, he told himself as he moved his way towards his desk, grabbing his backpack so he could begin the (surprisingly large) amount of homework that he had been assigned in class earlier in the day. He buried himself in his studying as a means of avoiding thinking about the embarrassing incident and, before long, he heard Ms. Sarah’s voice calling him from downstairs for supper.

The first few minutes were initially awkward. Alex came down, the hints of a worried expression lurking about his face. Ms. Sarah, maybe aware of his nervousness, seemed eager to put him at ease and ask him about how his first couple of days at school had been going. Not a word about the early morning accident was mentioned and soon Alex was put entirely on his ease. Soon enough he was finishing, thanking Ms. Sarah and heading back upstairs.

Between all the homework that needed to be done and his own personal reading, Alex found himself quite occupied and, before he knew it, it was time for bed again. He slipped between the thankfully clean covers and, pleased to have the whole incident of today behind him, settled his head on his pillow and was soon fast asleep.

Alex awoke with a yawn, his balled fist coming up to rub sleepily at his eyes as consciousness returned. He sat up and, almost immediately, realized that something was off. His hand crept down between underneath the sheets tentatively, like a tongue probing an aching tooth to see if it will hurt, and confirmed his groggy suspicions: he was completely soaked. If anything, it was even worse than the first night.

He couldn’t stop himself from giving a wail of despair. The first accident, while embarrassing in and of itself, could be put down as a fluke that could of happened to anyone for any number of reasons, but now it had happened again. He shifted, moving to swing his legs over the side of the bed so that he could get up. The movement forced wet fabric against his cold skin, the feeling unpleasant in and of itself and because of how much more childish it made him feel. As he pushed himself into a standing position and, wincing, bent slightly so that he could tug down his soggied underwear. It ended up being kicked into the corner of the room, followed quickly by his t-shirt. Not even bothering to strip the bedding yet, Alex quickly scampered off to the shower, eager to get himself cleaned.

Standing underneath the cleansing streams of the shower, Alex fretted over what could be happening. It had been years and years since he had wet the bed, and he couldn’t understand why he would start having them again now. He was vaguely wondering if it had been stress in a new place when another unpleasant thought bubbled up into his mind. He was going to have to tell Ms. Sarah this time – he simply couldn’t sneak out of the house, this time.

Alex made his way back to his bedroom in just a towel, still fretting about the inevitable admittance. He dressed himself quickly before going to strip the sheets off of his bed, deciding that he would carry them, along with his clothing, to the laundry room first before he told Ms. Sarah what happened. Everything was gathered up into one damp pile before he set off.

The smell of another breakfast was in the air. Alex brightened slightly – if Ms. Sarah was in the kitchen, he’d be able to settle the wet lump in the laundry room before having to talk with her, saving him the embarrassment of confronting her with the soggy evidence right there in his arms. He quietly made his way down the short hall, hand working the knob before slipping in.

“Oh, good morning Alex. What is it that you’ve got there?”

Of course. There was Ms. Sarah, bent over the washing machine. She straightened up, giving Alex a cheery smile before her eyes drifted down to the bundle in Alex’s arm. “Is that… oh.”

Alex could feel a warm blush breaking out in his cheeks. “There was, uh. When I woke up…” He drifted off, his eyes drifting off Ms. Sarah and down to his feet, not quite able to meet her eyes. There was a brief but infinitely awkward moment in the laundry room.

The moment was finally broken by Ms. Sarah, who was obviously making a spirited attempt to sound cheerful and casual, as if there was no big deal and it was completely normal for a young man Alex’s age to recurringly wet his bed. “Well! Accidents do happen. Just, ah, hand that over…” She gingerly took the sodden bundle and transferred into the laundry room, then straightened back up, rubbing her hands together. “Why don’t you go ahead and go sit down for breakfast? Your plate’s waiting and I can, mm, finish up in here.”

Alex nodded his head and mumbled a quiet agreement, his face burning as he slunk out of the laundry room and back into the kitchen. He quietly picked through his food and ended up running upstairs before he had finished very much, grabbing his backpack so that he could leave for school without risking another run-in with Ms. Sarah.

Alex tried to put the embarrassing incident out of his mind as he went through the school day, losing himself in his classes. Things went much the same as they had the previously – the classes were interesting at least and he was able to successfully push all thoughts of his embarrassing accidents out of his mind by keeping his mind on his lessons. He passed through his morning classes without ever speaking a word to another person and might have continued doing in such if, during his English class, he hadn’t felt a gentle prodding from his side from Mary. Startled, he sat up and looked over at her.

“Gosh, you’ve been sitting there like a zombie,” observed the young woman. She was about Alex’s age, though a bit shorter than him and, Alex though, very pretty. She brushed her chestnut-coloured hair out of her eyes and continued. “I’ve asked you twice about what you’re doing later and I don’t think you’ve heard either time!”

Alex was taken aback. “Doing? What do you mean, doing?”

“Doing. You know, what you’re doing when you’re not in class. Later?” Mary repeated for what was then the third time.

“Oh. Oh!” Alex straightened up, blinking before coming up with an answer. “I didn’t really have, um. Anything planned.”

“We should hang out sometime,” suggested Mary, a light smile dancing about on her lips. “You doing anything in a couple of days?”

“Not really,” gulped Alex. “If you wanted to do something, I could g–”

Any further conversation was cut off by the class coming to an end. Mary and Alex exchanged a few more words, the latter promising the former to find some time to do something before Mary headed off to her next class, leaving a somewhat bemused Alex in her wake. He found his spirits considerably brightened and quickly rushed off to make it in time for his own class.

Alex passed through the rest of the school day in an obscuring but pleasant haze. Thoughts of spending time with Mary occupied his mind and he more or less drifted through his final classes without thinking about anything else much and it wasn’t very long at all before he was on the drive back home. He was even humming quietly to himself as he entered the front door. He moved on up to his room and dropped his backpack on the floor and would of continued on in his pleasant and untroubled thoughts had something unusual on the bed had not grabbed his attention.

The bed was clean and made up again, which wasn’t too surprising, but what was was the rectangular shape in a white plastic bag. He moved over curiously and tugged away the plastic, finding inside a plastic package containing, as revealed itself after a moment of curious ripping, even more white plastic objects. He poked at them curiously before another note caught his eye and, still holding the plain white package under his arm, picked up the note and read it.

[i]Alex –

I know that they’re just accidents, but I’m worried about the mattress being damaged. Maybe just while this is happening you could help me out and when this all stops, as I’m sure it will soon, we won’t say anything else about it.[/i]

Foggy understanding drifted into Alex’s mind and the realization came upon him: what he was holding was a pack of disposable diapers. He felt his cheeks begin to redden as the childish embarrassment that he felt the two mornings prior come back upon him. Of course, he couldn’t be upset at Ms. Samsa. It only made him feel even more little to reread the note, hearing her try to phrase it as a favor to her to make it less embarrassing. As if there was any way that she could make wetting the bed less embarrassing!

A sudden spark of emotion rippled through Alex. He wouldn’t let this go on any further! He was a mature grown-up and this was simply going to have to stop! Thoughts of Mary entered his consciousness, only strengthening his resolve. There was something about the woman that he felt deeply attractive, and it just wouldn’t do, trying to pursue a relationship with her while having this embarrassing secret at home. This would stop right now! There would be no bed wetting anymore!

Alex groaned groggily as the buzzer on his alarm clock pushed him into another morning. Moving entirely on routine, he stretched his arms out and yawned loudly, sleepily rubbing at his face. He sat up and, for a few moments, simply sat there as the process of waking up happened. The thoughts of the night before gradually entered his consciousness and, able to latch onto the promise that he had made the afternoon before, he shifted tentatively where he was. He was elated to feel only warm and comforting dryness underneath his legs. Feeling better than he had in a long time, he swung his feet off the bed and stood up.

Immediately, he was aware of a sudden weight around his crotch. He blinked a couple of times and looked down.

Hugging Alex’s crotch was what was obviously a soaked disposable. He immediately became aware of its sudden warmth, the soggied padding causing the diaper to droop down between his legs and giving the soft crinkly plastic a gentle yellow tinge.

In no way was he comforted by the sudden realization that he was right, in a sense. It certainly wouldn’t be the bed that would be wet anymore.

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Keep up the good work. I am enjoying the he@@ out of this.

However, there is one question. How did he wake up in a disposible, if he didn’t do it the night before? Not that it take away from the story, in fact I think it foreshadows things I hope come.

I usually look for errors in grammer and spelling, but I think this time I will be disapointed(not really).

As I said before, please keep the story coming, and I will keep reading.

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Yeah this story very good and the way sound when read it is very easy to understand what happen than most story find on the ABDL community keep it up.

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great stuff! do please keep it up!

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While there is nothing original about the story, abdl stories don’t necessarily have to be. Your writing clearly comes easy. Keep it up.

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