Space travel: Sanitary Revolution

Let’s think about the idea: In 2060 space travel is normal, and space travel often comes with diapers. The world became less embarrassed about the idea of diapers and slow and steady the toilets are removed and changing rooms are built. Because not only do they fit in space, but they’re also handy on earth. What would this world look like?
Write short stories under here. I’ll start.

You are feeling your messy time comes. You push the brake and stop next to the biking lane. You never thought about wearing diapers, you were one of the first children never potty trained. There are still some countries where diapers are for children, but that are only some developing contries in Africa, or the latest tigers. You couldn’t buy anything what is not somehow produced in Nigeria or Congo, some of the late tigers. You are stopping thinking when you feel the mess slightly coming out of you. You push and fill your diaper. The cloth diaper holds it well and you step on your bike and feel the mess spreading. It’s still a good feeling, but you’re glad you reach home to change your diaper.

Challenge accepted. And I think I can do it in the classic six-word format.

Zero-g. Diaper not sagging. Feels weird.