sp3 arg!!!

[start rant]

I hate service pack 3 from M$

I downloaded it without thinking last night and it fragged the imagining drive on my portable and a docked HD I had attached firewire.

I just wanted to say I HATE SP3 for XP Pro.

[end rant]

EDIT: Imaging software, I do apologize for the typo I was working from a mini-netbook while reloading my pc.

sp3 arg!!!

and it fragged the imagining drive on my portable and a docked HD I had attached firewire.

What in gods name does that mean?

sp3 arg!!!

when I downloaded Service Pack 3 it “unintentionally” erased my all of the images that I had stores, ISO’s of DVD’s and video games all gone. 1tb on one drive, and 500gb on another.

Edit: Granted these were DVD’s from years of collecting movies and games some of them I have only found on ebay.

sp3 arg!!!

I’m pretty sure SP3 doesn’t have the capability of doing that. You sure you just don’t have a virus or something?

sp3 arg!!!


I asked one of my profs at school who said she heard of a similar problem when using Norton Ghost, and Zone Alarm before updating SP3.

Although when I talked to the student who was who had the same problem his OS became corrupted, as mine appeared to be.

I had a corrupted MBR (Master Boot Record) after the update.

My Prof believes that is what caused the mass corruption.

sp3 arg!!!

I read on M$ forums is can happen but it is a rarity, I guess I was one of the unlucky few, but i managed to get my PC back up and running with an emergency repair disk.

sp3 arg!!!

As a general rule with any Micro$hit OS… before installing updates or service packs… BACK UP YOUR DATA FIRST. Common sense, really. And don’t use M$'s “system restore” nonsense. Use a real backup solution. Like an external drive that you use to save all your data. Oh, and before performing the updates…disconnect said drive.

sp3 arg!!!

that was my mistake Fred, I normally disconnect the back up drives before I bother doing an update, but it slipped my mind when I decided to do an update before going to sleep.

As an M$oft certified professional I feel like a complete donkey, but I managed to restore it from an old backup my brother had from when my PC was at his house thank gods.

In the future, I will be more cautious before trusting anything on my main PC, I did not test on my spare box I use for school. If it dies no harm no foul.

sp3 arg!!!

I definitely got caught when you called your ‘imaging’ drive ‘imagining’ drive - unless I’m making a mistake now?