Soul Calibur IV

I’m not actually a huge fan of the Soul Calibur series, though the third was okay, if only for the character creation system.

But, anyway, I just thought I’d post this news that people probably already know. At any rate, Soul Calibur IV is going to have Darth Vader and Yoda as guest characters. Other than looking rather out of place (and Vader’s head looking pretty small in proportion to his body), they look pretty cool.

I don’t really have anything else to say about it… Does anyone here play Soul Calibur?

Soul Calibur IV

I used to play the Dreamcast version with my friends in the garage, and then fell in love with SC 2. After that things went awry IMO. SC 3 was nearly unbearable for me to play. I hope that the new features and being on next-gen consoles will breathe new life into the franchise and keep it from going the way of DOA.


Soul Calibur IV

I play both SC2 for Gamecube (nothing better then kicking people butt with Link :P) and SC3 for PS2. SC3 was ok but was based SC2 with a create a character mode and I was somewhat piss that they didn’t have SC3 for GC or Xbox.

Anyway, Darth Vader is for PS3 and Yoda is for 360 (based on the same idea with Spawn/Link/Tekken Old Guy character for SC2). It suck that you can’t have a match between the two of them but it rumor that when SC4 cames out that you can download the other character for your system for a price (remerber, nothing is free).