Sophie's Fate

(This is the first story I’ve made on here, just keep that in mind. This is inspired by Diapers For Jessica by BabyChris, but he hasn’t had any activity on here in 8 years, so I’m sure he won’t mind. I didn’t create Diapers For Jessica, but I read it and loved it, and I was very annoyed at the sudden cliffhanger he left it on. This isn’t a continuation of that story, and I wrote this entire thing by myself. This first post will be the first three chapters, I’ll put more on a second post. The characters are not real, nor are they based on anyone in real life. I’m not a writing expert, but I don’t consider myself bad at writing. Follow the forum’s rules, please. Enjoy <3)

Chapter 1: It Wasn’t a Dream
19 year old Sophie woke up on her mother’s couch, donning a soft night gown and an adult sized pull-up underneath. Sophie has been wetting the bed since she was a baby, and she’s convinced that it’s because of her deep sleeping. Her mother forced her to wear pull-ups and hasn’t let her sleep without one. She’s gotten used to the pink undergarment and usually enjoys wearing them. To her, they just feel like bigger panties that keep her dry at night.

Sophie checked her pull-up to find it wet. She stretched, feeling refreshed and happy, until she gets a pain in her stomach.
“Nnnngh, my stomach…” She groaned.
“Mom! I need some medicine for my stomach!” She called out. She was unsure if her mother was even home, but she thought it’d be worth a shot. Sophie heard no response from her mother, and assumed she wasn’t home. Just as Sophie was about to get up off of the couch, her muscles started to feel weak. She laid back down and groaned from the pain in her stomach. Just when she thought this couldn’t get any worse, her bladder and bowels were both yelling at her. She felt like crying, but managed to stay strong despite the sickness. She doubted her wet pull-up could withstand any more urine, let alone a load of poop. She felt like she was stuck between a rock and a hard place, given no good options. She struggled to decide whether she should attempt to stand up and possibly hurt herself, or just empty her bladder and bowels into her already wet pull-up.
Sophie slowly got up, taking her time as to not upset her body even more. She held onto the couch as she carefully stood up. She was surprised that she could even stand. Feeling a little better, she smirked and walked twords the bathroom, where she could use the toilet and get some medicine. She slowly walked, but as she was about halfway there, her bowels weakened slightly and she struggled to keep from shitting herself.
“I just have to get to the toilet… easier said than done.” She told herself.
A voice in her head was telling her to just let it go and relax, but she didn’t listen to it. She knew better than to do such a childish thing.
Sophie felt a fart coming and she didn’t hesitate to let it out. When she realized that smelly gas wasn’t the only thing that came out, she started going much faster. She rushed to the bathroom, but it was too late.

Sophie stood there in her night gown as her bowel contents flowed into her pull-up. The smell was awful and she nearly gagged at how disgusting it was to her. Somehow, she hadn’t pissed herself, so she quickly opened the bathroom door, took off her night gown, then pulled down her sagging pull-up and sat on the toilet.
Sophie felt very relieved, but she had still pooped in a pull-up, feeling like a toddler failing to be potty trained. She felt so embarrassed even though nobody was around to see it. She looked down at her wet, shit filled pull-up. A part of her was disgusted completely and wanted to throw up. Another part enjoyed smelling the stench from her pull-up, loved the warm and squishy feeling of her full pull-up, and wanted to fill it even more. For that moment, the side that hated it took over, but she put the pull-up back on anyways.
“Ew ew ew ew, it smells fucking awful… at least it isn’t leaking.” Sophie accidentally said out loud. She looked around the bathroom and found there were no wet wipes or pull-ups. Her only option was to wait in her wet and dirty pull-up until her mother got home.
“Fuck, it’s so gross… Mom’s gonna flip out when she finds out this happened…”
Sophie went to her room. No pull-ups, no wet wipes. Sophie pinched herself and hoped it was just a dream, only to find out it was real. She really pooped her pants like a big baby, something she hadn’t done since she was four years old. Back then, she wore pull-ups 24/7 and was still having severe bowel and bladder problems. And there she was, in nothing but a used pull-up, in her room, with no way out of her situation.

Chapter 2:
Sophie didn’t bother putting on clothes because she knew they would smell like shit until they get washed, but she hated every second of being naked like this. She just wanted her mother to come home. She sat down on the living room couch where she had been sleeping. The warm mush spread to every crevice of her pull-up, engulfing her crotch in a warm sensation.
“It doesn’t even feel that bad… But it’s so fucking gross! Cut it out Sophie, it’s gross and completely disgusting in every way! You hate this!” Sophie told herself.
However, another part of her mind thought otherwise.
“You belong in diapers! You shitted yourself like a little baby and you didn’t even clean it up! You could’ve made it to the toilet, but you’d rather shit yourself and have someone else clean it up for you!”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Sophie began to cry. Tears ran down her face and dripped onto her breasts. She didn’t know what else to do but cry and wait for her mother to come home. While crying, Sophie heard a car pull into the driveway. She was relieved, but was scared and afraid that her mother would see her like this. She got up and stood there waiting to see her mother’s beautiful face again.
“Sophie, I’m home! I brought groceries and some food for you!” Sophie’s mother Maria yelled through the door.
When she saw the door knob turn, Sophie ran to the door and hugged her mother as soon as possible.
“Oh… honey, what is that smell and why are you mostly naked?”
“I-I’m sorry Mom, I couldn’t make it…”
“What are you-? Oh, it’s okay, sweetie, accidents happen. I’m not mad, in fact, I’m not annoyed whatsoever. It’s okay.”
“You… you aren’t mad?”
“Of course not. Please wait in your room while I take the groceries in, your pull-up reeks.”
“Thank you, Mom.” Sophie said, going back up to her room.
Maria could not have been more concerned about Sophie. She just hoped whatever happened was just an accident that she couldn’t have prevented. Maria quickly carried all the groceries in, including a large pack of pull-ups for Sophie. As soon as all the groceries were inside the house, she went to Sophie’s room.
“Can I come in, sweetheart? I’m really worried about you and I need to talk.”
“Y-yes, Mom, come in.”
Maria carefully opened the door and walked in.
“Care to explain what happened?”
“I woke up on the couch in my night gown and a wet pull-up. I felt great until my stomach ached and my body felt weak. I really needed to use the bathroom, so I eventually got up. I couldn’t hold it and ended up pooping myself as I tried to make it to the bathroom. I at least peed in the toilet, but it was so gross…”
“It’s okay, accidents happen. Just lay down and relax, I’ll help, alright?”
“Okay…” Sophie did what Maria told her to do. Maria grabbed the package of pull-ups from the grocery bags, then three packs of wet wipes. She set down the package of pull-ups in the bathroom along with two containers of wet wipes, then took a pull-up from the package and walked off to Sophie’s room.
“Sweetie, I want you to hold still and do as I say. I’m gonna clean you up and put you in a fresh pull-up, okay? I love you so very much and that’s why I’m doing this.”
“Okay, Mom. Just don’t make this weird…”
“I’ll try not to. Lift your butt and your legs so I can clean up. I don’t want your bed getting all dirty.”
Sophie obediently let her mother remove her pull-up and wipe up her bottom. She felt quite embarrassed, but knew her mother was only helping. She also felt like a baby getting its diaper changed, but she didn’t mind the feeling.
“You’re quite calm given the situation, I’m a little impressed. Didn’t think I’d be changing your diaper again.”
“Not funny, Mom. Just please get this over with.”
“Alright, Sophie.”
Maria put a fresh pull-up on Sophie’s now clean bottom, then patted it playfully.
“There, all clean. That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”
“I guess not… that was really embarrassing though.”
“I know. Please, keep your pull-up on for today, I don’t want any more accidents. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And because of what happened, no pants for the rest of the day, or until your sickness goes away. You will lie in bed and I will take care of you, got it?”
“That’s… really generous of you, Mom. Thanks.”
“You’re very welcome. I’m gonna get you a bottle of water with ice, and some saltine crackers that won’t upset your stomach. Don’t bother trying to thank me, just relax and let your body rest. I’m just doing my job.”
Sophie remained silent and covered herself up with a warm blanket. Maria kissed Sophie’s forehead and exited her room. Maria got a bowl of crackers and a large bottle of water that she had promised, then brought it back to Sophie.
“Sit up, sweetie. If you have the energy to do so.”
Sophie sat up in her bed.
“Do you want me to feed you?”
“No, it’s okay, Mom. Thanks for the offer though.”
“I could hold the water bottle for you as you drink.”
“I guess that’s not a bad idea since I could drop it and get water everywhere…”
“Exactly. Is it okay with you?”
Maria opened the water bottle’s lid and put it up to Sophie’s mouth. Sophie drank the water, knowing that she probably would’ve dropped it by now if she was holding it.
“If you do end up drinking it yourself, I want you to use both hands and hold onto it the best you can. I know your muscles are weak and it’s probably only gonna get worse over the next couple of hours, but you’ll be completely fine. I’m gonna bring you a big bowl you can throw up in if you need to, and I’ll change your pull-up if you have an accident, okay?”
Sophie nodded her head and laid back down. She was unsure why her mother was being so caring and kind to her, but she enjoyed being taken care of.
“If there’s anything you need, just holler, I’ll be home all day.”
Sophie nodded again. Maria walked out of Sophie’s room and closed the door behind her. She hoped Sophie wasn’t too sick, but she was being cautious. Maria checked the bathroom for medicine that would help Sophie’s body fight off her sickness, and eventually found some. She gave the medicine to Sophie and went back to the living room to relax on the couch. She watched TV for a few minutes and eventually saw an eye catching ad.

"Does your teen wet the bed or have daytime accidents? Pampers may have the solution to your young lady’s problem. Better than Goodnites or any cheap adult diapers you could buy at Walmart, Pampers Princess is designed to keep your teen dry all day and all night long. Not everyone succeeds in potty training, and Pampers understands that, so we designed Pampers Princess diapers to be protective and extremely effective. They come in various different sizes and designs to fit your teen’s needs and wants. And if your teen is too ‘mature’ for taped diapers, we made pull-ups as well that are just as protective. Thick padding for enhanced leak protection, extended waistband to prevent leaks, modified legholes to keep the mess in, and absorbent padding to keep your teen’s skin healthy and relatively dry. Pampers Princess can be found wherever other Pampers products are sold, and can be bought in packs of up to 36 diapers or pull-ups."
Maria thought they’d be perfect for Sophie, but wasn’t sure how she would react to the girly designs. They resemble potty training pull-ups or even baby diapers, and she doubted Sophie would even wear the pull-ups because of the designs. Maria decided to show them to Sophie and see if she’s willing to wear them. She grabbed her phone, found an image of the diapers and pull-ups, then went back to Sophie’s room. Sophie was fast asleep next to an empty bowl and an almost empty bottle of water. She didn’t want to wake up Sophie, but she really wanted to show the image to her.
Maria gently shook Sophie until she woke up.
“I’m sorry for waking you up, sweetie, but I need to show you something. I don’t know how you’re gonna feel about this, but I feel like these would help you. I know they’re girly, but they’re much better than Goodnites and would fit you even better.”
Sophie looked at Maria’s phone. She immediately thought the diapers/pull-ups looked really cute and comfortable.
“They’re pretty cute I guess, but they’re a little babyish.”
“I know they are, but they would prevent those accidents like none other. Even if you just end up wearing them at night, they would help you a lot.”
“Are they expensive?”
“No, not really. I expected them to be more pricy, but they aren’t. What’s surprising is that they’re being purchased almost as much as the other diapers that Pampers sells. I didn’t think that many teens had the same problem you do.”
“I guess that’s good to know.”
“So should I buy them or not? You can choose which ones you want.”
Sophie felt like the pull-ups would be more mature, but the taped diapers intrigued her. Sophie knew the taped diapers would be easier for her mother to change, and it’d be something new for her to try.
“I want the taped ones.” Sophie said, blushing slightly.
“You’re sure? If I but them, you will wear them, got it?”
“Yes, Mommy. Wait, did I just call you Mommy?”
“Yes, you did.” Maria smiled. She didn’t wanna say it, but she thought it was incredibly cute.

Chapter 3:
Maria ordered a large package of Pampers Princess diapers on Amazon.
“Once this sickness goes away, do you wanna wear pull-ups during the day as well? If you really do enjoy wearing them, tell me. You can tell me anything.”
“I guess I do like wearing them. Probably more than panties at this point.”
“Well, you could always wear them just for the comfort. If you wanna use them, I’m completely okay with that, but I’d rather you be happy and comfortable than having you hide something from me. Whether it’s a fetish or a comfort thing, I don’t care, as long as you’re happy. I’ll gladly change your diapers when necessary. Heck, I could even baby you if you want.”
Sophie pictured herself in one of those pink diapers, sitting in front of a mirror and sucking her thumb. The image in her mind looked so cute and innocent to her. She was so distracted by the cute image in her head that she actually started sucking her thumb.
“Sweetie? Are you okay? You look really cute when you do that, but you looked like you were hypnotized.”
“Wha-… was I actually doing that? I just got so distracted…”
“Want me to buy a couple pacifiers the next time I buy some more diapers?”
“A pacifier?!”
“Well, you were sucking on your thumb, so something to keep your mouth occupied might help. Plus it could help calm you down or help you sleep.”
“I guess you have a point, but it’s just too babyish. Besides, that was just a one time thing, it’s probably not gonna happen again.”
Maria didn’t know why, but she had a feeling that is wasn’t the last time Sophie would be doing that.

Sophie felt a warm sensation around her crotch and realized that she was peeing. Maria heard the sound and smiled.
“I guess you’re already getting used to them.”
“It doesn’t even feel that bad… I thought it’d be more gross.”
“Do you want me to change you before it leaks?”
“No, it’s fine… I kinda like it.”
“Alright then. If you need changed, just holler. I’ll go refill your water bottle and take this bowl too, okay?”
Sophie nodded, blushing slightly.

2 hours later…
“Mom, I really need to use the ba-”
“Hush, you need rest. Your pull-up will take care of it.”
“No buts. If you get up, I’m worried you’ll faint. The last time you were sick, you fainted in the shower and nearly hit your head on the bathtub edge, but I was there to catch you. I will not let that happen again, so you will stay put in this bed until I say otherwise.”
“Yes, Mom.”
“If it makes you feel better, you could always call me Mommy. It’s your decision. I will admit, it was pretty cute when you were sucking your thumb.”
Sophie wondered if she really was that cute. When she pictured herself sitting in front of a mirror, she did think she looked cute, but she wondered if that was truly her.


Actually, he’s not the author of that story. The actual author is not a member here and never was to my knowledge.


(I had to write this all over again after foolishly deleting all the progress on this part, so it may be a little more sloppy because I’m annoyed at technology being confusing and frustrating)
Chapter 4:
Sophie slowly woke up and took a few seconds to figure out if she was still sick. Her body felt completely fine and she felt no trace of the illness she had previously. She let out a sigh of relief and got out of bed. She knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere today and she just wanted to relax, so she grabbed a comfortable pair of pajamas pants and a matching pajama shirt, then headed to the bathroom to shower.

“Sophie, are you still sick? And don’t pretend that your pull-up isn’t wet, I know it is.”
Sophie blushed from embarrassment.
“I feel much better, Mom. I’m not sick anymore, I promise.”
“Good. Do you want me to help you get changed?”
“Mom, I can do it myself.”
“I know you can, but you know I can do it better.”
“Whatever you say.”
“Mommy knows best.” Maria smiled.
“I haven’t called you that since I was 8 years old.”
“And there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re a big girl, bedwetter or not.”
“Can I go take a shower now?”
“Go ahead. Come out in one piece, will ya?”
“That’s real funny, Mom.” Sophie couldn’t help but smile.
“If you think that’s funny, you should’ve seen the look on your face last night when you were sucking your thumb. I’m hoping that was just a one time occurrence.”
“That won’t happen again, I don’t know why I did that. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it, but I don’t know why I didn’t immediately get grossed out and stop what I was doing. Just got really distracted I guess.”
“I think that’s an understatement. Go take a shower.”

Sophie took a hot shower and thought about the events of the past couple days. She thought it was bazaar that she wetted the bed after years of waking up dry. She appreciated her mother’s help and support, but thought it might be a little overkill. “I’m 19, but she treated me like I’m 15 years younger than I really am. I guess I was sick and she was just worried about me. Probably nothing to worry about.” Sophie thought.

While Sophie was showering, Maria thought about Sophie’s strange behavior. Just like Sophie, she knew it wasn’t normal for Sophie to wet the bed, and she knew that Sophie enjoyed wearing pull-ups. She expected her to choose pull-ups over diapers, but she was wrong. She had no doubt that Sophie enjoyed being changed, Sophie had made that quite obvious, but she was surprised that Sophie enjoyed it enough to choose having her mother change her over doing it herself.

While lost in a train of thought, Maria heard the doorbell ring and briefly saw a mailman outside. She opened the front door and picked up a somewhat small package. The only things she remembered ordering were a box of hygiene stuff and a package of diapers, but she assumed it would take a while.

Maria sat on the living room couch and opened the package. She smiled when she saw the bright pink and white pack of diapers. They looked even cuter and more comfortable in person than when she saw them online. While Sophie was still showering, Maria took the pack of diapers to Sophie’s room and put them in her dresser. Maria took all of Sophie’s panties, put them in the package that the diapers came in, then stashed them in her closet. Sophie never entered her mother’s room unless she had a good reason to, and Sophie probably wouldn’t look for her panties anyways.

Sophie finished drying herself off, but realized the panties she had grabbed were replaced by a pink diaper. She picked it up and felt a wave of curiosity.
“It’s so cute! And I thought baby diapers looked cute, these are way cuter!” Sophie thought. She didn’t think about how thick they were and what would happen if someone else found out she wore them, she just laid down on the bathroom floor and slid it under her bottom. She fastened the tapes and patted her now diapered behind. Sophie put on her pajama pants and shirt, taking a few seconds to admire the pure comfort of the pajamas that she usually wore to bed.

“Sophie? I made some breakfast, you can come get some whenever you want. After breakfast, I’m gonna go shopping for your birthday.”
“Okay Mom.” Sophie said, coming out of the bathroom. She felt confident but relaxed, feeling like nothing could bring her down.
Sophie ate breakfast with her mother as usual.
“Does your diaper need changed, sweetie?”
“You say ‘sweetie’ like I’m 6 years old. And no, it doesn’t, I don’t pee that much. Besides, I can-”
“I know what you’re about to say. No, you can’t. You aren’t a baby, but as long as you’re wearing those diapers, you will have me change you. It’s much easier to have me do it for you. I know you like wearing them, and I’m very glad you do, but I’ll be annoyed with you if you try to change yourself, unless you have a good reason for it.”

“I used to babysit, I know how to change diapers.”
“You don’t know how to change your own, though. Sure you may have worn pull-ups and was fully capable of changing yourself then, but that was much different. You bought those, well knowing that I would have to change your diapers for you. No buts, no arguments, no nothing. As I said, Mommy knows best.”
Sophie continued eating, though still aware of everything her mother just said. She decided it was best to not respond.
“I wanna talk more about this after you’re done eating, specifically in your room.” Maria kissed Sophie’s forehead and took their empty plates to the kitchen. Sophie tried her best to hide the amount of enjoyment she got out of a simple kiss. Sophie went back to her room and laid down on her bed. If she didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night, she would easily fall asleep within seconds.

A random thought floated through Sophie’s mind. She wondered what she really wanted out of this. She wondered why she enjoyed wearing diapers and sucking her thumb, two things she hadn’t done in over 15 years. She wondered if it was because she had been suppressing childish desires, thoughts and memories. She heard her door slowly open.
“You can come in, Mom, I’m fine.”
Maria sat next to her daughter on her bed.
“I’m not gonna get all sentimental with you and tell you I love you, because that is still true but you’ve heard it many times. I just wanna know if you’re hiding something from me. I don’t wanna invade your privacy or make you feel uncomfortable, in fact, I want to do the opposite.”

“You promise?”
“I’d be crazy if I didn’t.”
Sophie took a deep breath and exhaled.
“There’s a reason why I did that stuff, Mom. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t wanna tell you that I liked it when you changed me. I chose diapers over pull-ups because I wanted you to do it for me. It felt so wrong at first that I enjoyed it, but I chose to embrace it instead. And when I was sucking my thumb, it felt so calming. I even had dreams that I was still an adult, but I was dressed like a baby and you were treating me like one. It only got better every time and I wished it was real.”

“I… don’t know what to say. Is there anything I can do to help? I could always buy more diapers or even some baby stuff.”
Sophie knew her mother was being serious, but she almost asked if she was.
“You’d do that for me?”
“Sweetie, I’d do anything for you. You’re my daughter and I treasure you more than anything else in the world. If me babying you is what it takes to make you happy, then I’ll make you feel like you’re two years old again. But the question is, how are we gonna start this and how far are we gonna take it?”

“I don’t know. I always wondered what it’d be like to be a baby again.”
“Well, I’ll do the best I can for now. I’m getting a big paycheck tommorow that’ll help out with buying your birthday gifts. Trust me, you’re gonna love your birthday gifts.”
Sophie got up and hugged her mother as tight as she could. She didn’t even try to hold back her tears, she just cried tears of happiness as Maria comforted her.
“Shhhh, it’s alright, Mommy’s right here. There there, let it all out.”
Sophie cried for another minute before calming down.
“All done, sweetie?” Maria smiled and wiped away Sophie’s tears.
“Good. Do you wanna cuddle with Mommy for a little while?”
Sophie nodded. Maria grabbed Sophie’s hand and took her to the living room, where she sat on the couch with Sophie.
“You can lay down or sit in my lap, whatever you feel the most comfortable with. If you want, I could even turn on some cartoons on the TV.”
Sophie nodded again, then put her thumb in her mouth as she sat down in Maria’s lap.
“There you go.” Maria smiled.
Sophie relaxed her entire body and embraced the warm feeling surrounding her.

Maria heard a soft hissing sound coming from Sophie’s diaper area.
“Sweetie, you’re peeing again. And that’s why I put you back in diapers, isn’t that right?”
Sophie didn’t respond.
“Sophie.” Maria said, snapping her fingers in front of Sophie’s face.
“Huh? Oh, sorry Mommy.”
“It’s alright, you just spaced out again. Does your diaper need changed or can it wait?”
“Not yet, Mommy.”
“When you do, just let me know. Don’t worry about using the bathroom, you’re in diapers for a reason. You just relax for now. You can take a nap if you’re feeling tired, and I have plenty of melatonin that can help you sleep, okay?”
Sophie nodded again. She yawned and put her arms around her mother. Maria smiled and pulled her daughter into a tight, but gentle hug.
Maria felt a tear of happiness fall from her eye. She felt like she was holding two year old Sophie, even though she was 19. Maria patted Sophie’s back.
“Shhhhh, you get some rest, little one.”

Sophie felt too sleepy to say anything back. She quickly drifted off into a deep sleep.

Chapter 5:
Sophie woke up in her bed and slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she noticed was an awful stench in the air. Her adult instincts kicked in and she panicked, but she remembered she had a thick diaper on and she didn’t have to worry about it. Sophie calmly got up and checked her diaper. A part of her thought it was disgusting that she had pooped herself in her sleep, but another thought it felt amazing.

Maria knew it’d been almost half an hour since Sophie fell asleep, and she was well aware that Sophie was a very deep sleeper, but she couldn’t help but check if Sophie was still asleep. The second she opened Sophie’s door, she smelled the stench.
“Sweetie? Did you have an accident? It’s okay, you can tell Mommy, accidents happen.”
Sophie nodded her head.
“It’s okay, just lay down and Mommy will get you all cleaned up. You’re lucky I have a few changing pads lying around from when I was still changing your wet pull-ups.”

Maria eventually found the changing pads she was looking for, grabbed one, then went back to Sophie’s room to change her.
“I’ll be gentle. I know how sensitive you are.”
Sophie got up and laid down on the changing pad.
“Just hold still and do as I say as usual.”
“Yes, Mommy.” Sophie replied before putting her thumb in her mouth as a makeshift pacifier.
“Good girl.” Maria said, patting Sophie’s bottom and beginning to remove her diaper.
“Mommy, I want toys.”
“I know you do, sweetheart. I’ll buy some tommorow, I promise. I’ll buy more diapers, pacifiers, a few bottles, toys, and some more appropriate clothes.”
“More appropriate clothes?”
“Onesies, rompers, skirts, etc. You’re gonna look so cute, I can already picture you in a pink onesie.”
“Thanks for changing my diaper, Mommy, I really stink sometimes.”
“I know you do, and you don’t need to thank me, though I appreciate your manners.”
“Mommy, do we have any stuffed animals I can cuddle with?”
“Considering you used to get upset and threw a fit whenever you lost a stuffed animal, I’ll look for some, assuming they aren’t almost completely ruined. You would chew on your plushies like a dog chews a chew toy. You eventually realized you were hurting your stuffed animals and even apologized to them.”

Sophie looked down at her crotch, which was covered by a fresh diaper again. She didn’t even feel anything or notice she was being changed in the first place. She giggled at the thought of her mommy using magic to change her stinky diapers.
“What’s so funny, you little stinker?”
“Nothing? I find that hard to believe.”

“I’m sewious, I didn’t do anythin’.”
“Whatever you say, sweetie. Come here and give Mommy a kiss on the cheek.”
Sophie immediately got up and kissed her mother on the cheek, letting out a giggle again.
“Let’s get you some lunch before you get all upset from hunger. You used to do that all the time, you really hated being hungry. The second I heard your tummy growl, I knew I’d have to prepare for a possible blowout or you getting mad.”
“Yeah, I don’t wanna be hungwy.”

“I have lots of fruit, I could make spaghetti, and I’m planning on making a meatloaf for the two of us tomorrow. Spaghetti would be messy, even if I fed it to you. Though you are a very clean eater usually.”
“Mommy, can you pwease cawwy me? I know I’m big, but I really want you to hold me.” Sophie gave her mother puppy eyes and tried to make herself seem as convincing as possible.
“I’m sorry, but you’re too heavy for Mommy. I doubt you’re gonna get any smaller physically.”
“But you’re strong, Mommy.”
“And you’re a nearly full grown woman. I don’t think my back bones would enjoy carrying you, even if you’re considered skinny and light.”
“Pretty pwease?”

Maria sighed, “The things I do for my little girl.”
Sophie sat there in confusion as she wondered whether her mommy was gonna pick her up or not.
“Come here, baby.” Maria smiled, extending her arms out to Sophie.

Sophie nearly squealed from excitement, something she used to do very often when she was little. She held onto her mother as she was lifted into her arms.
“I guess I overestimated how light you are. Now, let’s finally get some lunch.”
“Awe you gonna feed me, Mommy?”
“Of course I am. I think we both know you’re too little to eat by yourself.”
Sophie imagined how wonderful it would be to have her own mother feed her again, especially in a high chair. She didn’t care what Maria was going to feed her, she just wanted to be fed.

“You just wait here for a moment while Mommy gets you some food. For now, you’re gonna have to sit in a big girl chair and sleep in a big girl bed, but don’t forget that you’re still my baby girl.”
Maria set down her daughter at the dining table and gave her another kiss on the cheek.
Sophie quietly sat there and watched Maria prepare a meal for her.
“You’re being such a good girl. I expected you to be more noisy, but you’re silent as a mouse.”
“Uh-huh, I’m a good guwl.”
“You sure are.”

Maria set down a plate in front of Sophie. Sophie drooled when she saw all the fruit in front of her. Watermelon, peaches, oranges, pears, all cut up into bite sized pieces. Maria wiped up Sophie’s drool and smiled at her.
“I hope you’re ready to eat. I wish I had a high chair and a bib for you, but I haven’t bought anything yet. I get a big paycheck tommorow and we’ll go shopping together. How does that sound?”
Sophie nodded her head rapidly.
“Good.” Maria said as she began feeding Sophie with a spoon.

“There, all done. You’ve been a very good girl, don’t you agree, little one?”
Sophie felt a warm, fuzzy feeling inside her, something she felt more than enough that day. She smiled and hugged Maria.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
“Mommy, I wanna watch cartoons.”
“You need a bath first, sweetie.”
“Is it gonna have bubbles?”
“I know how upset you’d be if I didn’t give you a bubble bath. You used to squeal and smile the entire bath as long as it had bubbles and you could play with toys. You were so easy to bathe since you didn’t care what I did or when I did it, you were too busy having fun. But, you refused to get in the tub unless there was bubbles. You’d get so mad and stomp your little feet until I gave up and either put bubble bath in the water or just decided to wait.”

“I not gonna do that, imma good guwl… I think.”
“You are, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have moments.” Maria chuckled.
“Uh-uh.” Sophie said, adamant that she was a “good girl”.
“Oh really? I recall you throwing a fit over wanting to wear pull-ups and ‘not needing diapers’.”
“I didn’t do that! You’re lyin’!”
“I don’t think two year olds are supposed to raise their voices at their mommies, are they?”
“No, Mommy.” Sophie said in a defeated tone.
“I’m glad we have a common understanding. You’d best be glad I have some bubble bath lying around in the bathroom.”
“Yay! Bubbles! But we don’t have any toys.”

“I know, sweetie. We’ll get toys soon. I’ll let you pick them out. We’re gonna need either a large crib or a custom made bed tailored for your ‘needs’, a high chair, toys, more diapers, more cute outfits, pacifiers, bottles, more food that I can feed you without making a mess, bottles, and drinks to put in said bottles. If my wallet could speak, it wouldn’t be happy with me.”

Sophie felt bad for costing her mother so much money, so she wrapped her arms around her mommy again and squeezed her as hard as she could.
“Awwwww, it’s okay baby, Mommy can afford it. I’m not saving up for anything important anyways, don’t worry about it. I care more about you and your happiness than some stupid pieces of paper.”
Sophie giggled, “Uppies! Uppies!”

“What? Oh, you want me to pick you up?”
“Yeah, you’re strong, Mommy.”
“I am, but carrying you again would be hard on my back. You weren’t heavy at all until you were 15, but it was still more than enough strain on my body.”
“Pretty please? I promise I’ll be good for my bath.”
“I’ll try, but if I break anything it’s your fault.”

Maria surrounded Sophie’s body with her arms and tried to pull her up into her arms. Maria thought Sophie felt surprisingly light for a mostly full grown woman.
“I guess Mommy’s still got some strength left.” She smiled.
“I told ya you was strong, Mommy.”
“Was? I always have been. Been in shape since middle school and I assure you that won’t change.”
Sophie relaxed as she realized how safe she felt in her Mommy’s arms. She vaguely remembered sleeping in the same bed as her mommy when she was 5 years old, but only when she was scared.

“Let’s get you all clean before bedtime.”
“Bedtime already?”
“I know it’s not bedtime yet, but I’d rather bathe you now than at night.”
Sophie felt pressure in her bladder again, making it clear that she had to pee. She squirmed and whined in response to her body’s warning.
“What’s wrong? Do you have to poop again?”
Sophie shook her head.
“Have to pee again?”
Sophie nodded.

“Sweetie, I don’t need to remind you that you wear diapers for a good reason.”
“But I don’t-”
“No buts, no excuses. You like your diapers and I know it. If you tried to use the potty, you’d fail every time. Your toilet is your diaper and it always will be.”
“Yes, Mommy.”
“Good girl. I’m gonna change your diaper before your bath, so you should get it over with.”

Sophie stopped trying to hold the pee in. She was unsure why she was doing it in the first place, since Maria had already made it clear that Sophie’s only option was to embrace her diapers. She felt a warm sensation quickly surround her private area, alongside a soft hissing sound.
“There, isn’t that much better? Let’s get you changed before you make that diaper leak.”
Maria carried Sophie with one hand under her diapered bottom and another patting her back.

Sophie calmly sucked her thumb, soothed by the gentle back pats. She slowly fell asleep, thinking of all the fun things she’ll be able to do with her Mommy.

(It took me a while to write this because I’ve been rather busy recently, but I feel like I improved somewhat, especially since I was terrible at spacing in the first part. Expect to see another part within the next few weeks. I’m not much of a writer and the only experience I’ve had was in AI Dungeon before it was ruined, but that barely counts. I’m trying not to worry about if I’m doing it correctly or if I’m doing something wrong, I’m more focused on having fun while writing it. I would like some criticism, just please don’t be rude or harsh about it. I wanna get better at this and it’ll happen in due time, might as well speed it up. So far I’ve been really liking this forum and there are some very talented and wonderful people here.)


Chapter 6:

“Sophie, wake up. I know you might be tired and it’s easy to fall asleep like that, but you gotta at least try to stay awake.”
Sophie slowly opened her eyes and looked at Maria.
“Mommy, I’m sleepy.” She mumbled.
“I know, baby. Hold still.”
Sophie smelled the distinct aroma of baby powder. She was thankful that talcum powder had been made inferior a few years ago and was replaced by a mostly organic substitute that was much easier to make and much safer to use.

“I’ll let you stay in the bath tub for up to 15 minutes, after that it’s bedtime. I’ll tuck you in and sing a lullaby for you, how does that sound?”
“Good.” Sophie yawned.

Maria finished changing Sophie’s diaper and picked her up again.
“There, all better now. Let’s finally get that bath over with.”
Sophie was carried into the bathroom and stripped down to just her diaper. Maria began filling the tub with warm water while keeping Sophie from falling asleep.

Sophie struggled to stay awake after the eventful day she had, causing her to get mildly upset every time she nearly fell asleep.
“Hush, it’s not your fault that you’re tired. You can go to sleep after your bath, I told you. Relax, but don’t relax too much. If you start falling asleep in the bath tub, I’m not gonna be happy.”

“I’m not gonna fall asleep in the bath tub!”
“And how do you know that? You can’t eat by yourself or use the potty, let alone time travel.”
Sophie pouted defiantly, letting out an audible “Hmph!”
“I was gonna buy you some really soft stuffed animals, but since you’re acting like this…”
“No! I’m good!” Sophie quickly replied. Her voice was a mix of several emotions, but she was quite upset by the thought of not getting any stuffed animals.

“I don’t think whining is very good behavior, but I don’t expect you to behave perfectly. You are little after all.” Maria said as she put Sophie into the warm water.

“Bubbles!” She whined.
“Oh, forgot about that. Just wait a second, baby.”
Sophie waited, though very impatiently. She wanted to stick her tongue out and splash water on her mommy, but she was smart enough to know she wouldn’t get any bubbles if she did that.

Sophie giggled as Maria poured the bottle of bubble bath into the water. Like an amused toddler, she clapped her hands while she giggled.
Maria smiled at Sophie’s reaction to the bubbles. She remembered how Sophie would react the same way when she was actually 2 years old.

“Aren’t you the most adorable little sweetheart in the world.” Maria kissed Sophie’s cheek and began bathing her.

After a few minutes, Maria felt like Sophie was completely clean, and Sophie had already gotten bored without anything to play with.
“Alright, bath time’s over. I’m gonna get you into your pajamas, then I’ll tuck you in, okay?”
Sophie nodded and yawned. Maria helped her out of the bath tub and dried her off with a towel, then helped her into pink footed pajamas.

“There, isn’t that comfy? You’ll be sleeping like a baby tonight. Pun intended.”
Sophie reached her arms out, “Uppies!”
“You’re adorable. Come here, you little stinker.”

Maria slowly carried Sophie to her room, rubbing Sophie’s back to help her fall asleep.

Sophie hadn’t felt so much like a baby since the last time her mother carried her, which was 12 years ago. She felt an overwhelming feeling of safety, which was lulling her to sleep like a relaxing lullaby. By the time Maria was opening Sophie’s door, Sophie was peacefully asleep. Maria couldn’t see her face, but she could imagine how cute Sophie looked.

Sophie slowly opened her eyes to see Maria laying her down in her bed. She felt too sleepy to say anything or move at all. She quietly looked up at her mother with half-closed eyes.
“Shhh, go back to sleep, sweetheart.”
Maria covered her daughter up with her favorite blanket, then kissed her forehead.

“Sweet dreams, little one. I’ll wake you up in the morning and I’ll make you breakfast. Mommy loves you, don’t you forget that.”

Sophie awoke in an empty void. She saw nothing but herself and the unsettling blackness that surrounded her. She felt a cold chill down her spine. She looked down at her body and wondered if she was an adult anymore. She questioned her own maturity and age, something she never thought she would do. A part of her told her she was an adult, but adults don’t wear diapers, let alone use said diapers.

She felt uncomfortably lonely, vulnerable and confused. She looked around and expected her Mommy to be right there, but she only saw black. She felt her eyes tearing up. Her lips started to tremble, her legs soon doing the same. She started to cry, as any lonely toddler would do. Her crying soon turned into wailing and bawling, but her depressing nightmare ended abruptly.

“Sophia! I swear if you don’t wake up you’ll never hear the end of it! Just wake up, please! I don’t need to lose another loved one!”
Sophie could hear the pure desperation and fear in her mother’s voice. She had never heard her sound so scared before. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at her mother.
“Oh thank the heavens, I thought you were gonna die! You scared the daylights outta me!”

“Sowwy Mommy…”
“It’s not your fault at all, don’t feel bad about it. You were crying and talking in your sleep, you sounded so scared. You’re sleeping in my bed with me tonight whether you like it or not. Now come here, you little monster.”

Sophie happily let Maria pick her up, her face forming a very visible smile. Her quietness soon turned into uncontrollable laughter when she felt her mother’s hands tickle her.
“Stop it! Mommy! I can’t breathe!” Sophie said in between squeal filled laughing. When Maria felt like she’d had enough, she stopped. Sophie felt even more tired after that experience, enough to make her feel like she was about to fall asleep right in her mother’s arms.

“Let’s get you to sleep now, preferably before 6 AM.”
“I won’t last a few minutes.” Sophie mumbled, tiredness showing very clearly.
“When I ordered my bed, they accidentally gave me a different version of it with movable side bars, but I don’t need them since I barely move in my sleep, unlike you who falls out of your bed at least once a year.”

“Nuh-uh, I don’t do that.”
“Then explain why I found you next to your bed, wrapped up in a blanket, completely asleep a month ago. I think it’s caused by your deep sleeping, just like your nighttime accidents, but even a urologist couldn’t figure that out.”
“I was really sleepy and I couldn’t help it!” Sophie pouted.
“I know you couldn’t. You looked really cute though, even when you weren’t diaper dependant.”
“I’m not that cute, Mommy.”
“Oh yes you are, I could just eat you right up! You just wait until all the stuff I ordered arrives, you’ll look and feel like Mommy’s big baby.”
Sophie opened her mouth to say something, but Maria put a finger to her mouth.
“No buts. You are a baby, isn’t that right?”
“Yes, Mommy.” Sophie said, defeated.

“Good girl. Now hold still.”
Sophie felt the waistband of her diaper being pulled back, then a hand touching the front of her diaper.
“Seems pretty clean. You’ll have trouble keeping dry once I start bottle feeding you, but I doubt you’d want to stay dry anyways.”
Though it was too dark to see Sophie’s cheeks, they were red as tomatoes.
“Is my little Sophie sleepy? Don’t you worry, we’re right here.”

Sophie panicked for a brief moment as Maria laid her down, but she quickly relaxed as she sank into the soft mattress.
“There you go sweetie, just relax. Mommy’s gonna lay down right next to you, okay?”
Sophie heard nothing but her own breathing, the faint hum of a heater, and her mother moving around. She covered herself up with a blanket and closed her eyes. She felt like something was missing, until she felt her mother wrap an arm around her.
“Sweet dreams, little one.”

“Wake up baby, Mommy’s got something for you.”
“Huh? What is it?” Sophie rubbed her eyes slowly sat up.
“Mommy’s got a warm ba-ba for you.”
Just as she opened her eyes, the nipple of a bottle was put into her mouth. She moved her hands up to the bottle to hold it, but she quickly realized she wouldn’t need to.
“There you go, take it nice and slow. Relax, but not too much.”

“Such a good little girl I have. You wouldn’t struggle even if you could.”
Sophie knew she was right, she wouldn’t struggle, that was what she asked for. She savoured every drop of milk, not one piece of her mind wondering what kind of milk it was or what was in it. She highly doubted there was anything in the milk, let alone something bad, though she knew her mother had a tendency to sneak medicine in drinks. Lost in a train of thought, she slowly gulped down her bottle’s warm contents.
“Sweetie, it’s empty now.” Maria said, pulling it away from Sophie’s mouth.
Sophie snapped out of the trance she was in and blushed at the realization that she had been trying to drink from the bottle after it was empty.
“You must’ve really enjoyed that. Want another one, little stinker?”
Sophie nodded, “Ba-ba!”
Maria laughed and picked Sophie up.
“I bought a pack of pacifiers for you, but you can only have them when it’s naptime or bedtime, or if you end up getting really upset and I somehow can’t find any way to calm you down. I was a pediatrician, and before that I was a babysitter, I know how to calm babies down.”

“But I-”
“No buts. Mommy knows best.”
Sophie hated those words, but she knew she was right. She pouted with a “Hmph!”.
“Do you want that bottle or not?”
“I want it!”
“Then come here and I’ll refill your bottle.”
Before she could whine, Maria lifted Sophie into her arms and kissed her cheek.
“Mommy, can I please have a paci? Pretty please?”
“Your pretty please isn’t gonna work on me after years of dealing with children. I know every trick in the book and how to counter it.”

“Why can’t I have it now?”
“Because I’m worried you’ll fall asleep because of it. Those pacifiers are all flavored as well, and somehow it never goes away. They only started making them a few months ago but they looked cute and sounded perfect for you.”
Sophie watched Maria make her bottle, mouth watering and longing for the sweet taste of milk again. She couldn’t see what it was, but she saw her mother mixing a white powder into the milk. She assumed it was a flavor enhancer of some sort.

“You’re being such a patient girl, though you are drooling. Let’s get you a bib so you don’t get your shirt covered in saliva.”
Only a couple minutes later, Sophie was quietly sucking milk out of her bottle in a high chair. Her relaxed expression was quickly turned to one of surprise when she heard a doorbell ring.
“I’ll be right back, sweetie.”
Sophie sat and watched as Maria opened the front door.
“Sophie, Ava came over to see you!”
She immediately panicked at the thought of her best friend seeing her in a high chair while drinking from a bottle, but she was so soothed by the warm milk that she managed to keep calm.
“I apologize for not telling you earlier, but Sophie has changed since you last saw her, so just try to be gentle with her. I know that you’re her absolute best friend and you know her just as well as I do. She’s right over there.”
Ava came over to Sophie, more curious than anything.
“I know she’s an adult, but she’s still really cute like that. So how did she end up like this?”
“Confession, simple as that. She told me all about it, and here she is. I don’t know how long she wanted to do this, but I’m glad I got to help her. I don’t think I’ve seen her so happy in years.”
“I’m guessing she’s in diapers as well?”
“Very much so. She’ll slowly get more dependant until she’s lost all of her potty training, and soon I’ll completely refurnish her room. Poor girl had a nightmare last night and had to sleep with Mommy.”
“I’d love to babysit her some day, if you’re ever in need of one. I’ve got plenty of spare time and I’d do babysitting for a low price.”
“Sounds wonderful. Did you hear that, baby? Ava’s gonna babysit you when Mommy’s busy.”
Sophie kept drinking from her bottle quietly, attentively listening to Ava and her mother.
“Here, let me hold that for you.” Ava said as she grabbed the bottle and held it for Sophie.

Sophie’s expression became much more calm, her eyelids partially closing as she sat there and quietly let Ava feed her.
“Awwww, I knew she would trust you. There you go little one, drink all your milk.”
Ava wondered if Sophie even knew she was still an adult, but didn’t feel worried for her. If anything, she was happy for Sophie. She couldn’t help but question the morality of her becoming an adult sized baby, and if she was forced into it. No matter what thought went through her mind, she thought Sophie looked adorable.

Sophie felt a noticeable pressure in her bladder, squirmed uncomfortably for a few seconds, then let a stream of pee flow into her diaper. She was confident that both her mother and Amy could hear the hissing sound.
“Is she…?”
“I think she is. Don’t worry about it, her diaper could last two or three full bladders before leaking. I wouldn’t buy anything but the best for my little girl.”
At that point, Sophie had been blushing deeply. Her red cheeks stuck out even more when she finished her bottle.
“All done?”
Sophie nodded.
“Come here sweetheart.” Maria smiled. Her tone mimicked that of a mother talking to a 2 year old.
Sophie protruded her arms out and giggled as she was lifted out of her high chair.

Sophie was quickly turned around, her back now facing away from Maria. She felt a few strong pats on her back, not strong enough to hurt but strong enough to make her belch multiple times. Ava stood and watched the whole scene, still smiling.
“Hold still sweetie.”
Sophie obeyed and let her check her diaper. Maria pulled back the waistband of Sophie’s diaper and found that it wasn’t wet enough to change yet.
“I promise I’ll change you the next time you pee. Do you wanna play with Ava now? I put plenty of toys in your room. Or you could watch cartoons on the couch with her. It’s your decision.”

Sophie pointed to her room.
“I thought you’d wanna play. Ava, I’m gonna do some work in my bedroom, so just knock on my door if you or Sophie need anything. I know you’re a proficient babysitter, so I’m not worried whatsoever. And Sophie, try not to cause any trouble.”
“Okay Mommy.”
“I don’t think I could carry her any day, Ma’am. And if she needs changed, I can’t say whether I’ll get your help or do it myself. There’s just something about changing my best friend’s diaper that sounds wrong.”
“That’s fine Ava, don’t worry about it.”
Maria set Sophie down in her room and walked away with a reassuring smile and a wave.

A part of her mind told her to start crying, and that’s exactly what she did.
“Sophie? What’s wrong baby, do you need changed?”
Sophie kept crying and didn’t respond.
“Not even a nod? I’ll have to check myself then.” She said, pulling back the waistband of Sophie’s diaper again. She smelled nothing except a very faint smell of pee, but she knew the smell would be much more noticable if she’d peed again.

“Oh, you didn’t want mama to leave, didn’t you?”
Sophie nodded, still crying.
“Mary! Sophie’s crying!” Ava yelled. She hoped it was loud enough to get her attention.
Maria quickly came out of her room and hurried to Sophie’s room. Her face was panicked and worried.
“What happened? Oh don’t tell me she already hurt herself.”
“She’s fine, she just really didn’t want you to leave. I think you waving made her think you were leaving the house. If I were her, I would’ve cried too.”
“You poor thing, come here.” Maria said in baby talk.
Sophie hadn’t noticed the diaper bag that Maria had been wearing, somehow. She stared at it for a few seconds, wondering what was in it and how it took her that long to see it.
Maria unzipped the bag and pulled out a pretty pink pacifier with cartoon animals on it. The nipple had a permanent strawberry flavoring to it and the front of the pacifier had a little heart dangling from it. Sophie didn’t keep her mouth closed or argue and say she didn’t want it, she just opened her mouth and gleefully accepted it.

“Awww, it fits you perfectly. I’ll let you keep it for now, but just keep in mind that I’m not going anywhere and I’m still in the house. You know that my room isn’t very far from yours.”
Sophie nodded and kept nucking away on her pacifier. The taste made her mouth water and the calming effect it had on her made her oblivious to the fact that she was drooling on herself again. This time a bib had caught it and kept her clothes dry. She didn’t even notice that her mother left.

“You must really like that thing. I can’t blame you, I really did like pacifiers as a baby, according to my mom anyways.”
Sophie sat on her room’s carpeted floor and mindlessly suckled on her pacifier. She started to get sleepy so she laid down.
“Sophie, you can’t just fall asleep on the floor. If you’re tired, I could have your Mommy come put you in your crib.”

Sophie groaned in discomfort and wanted to tell Ava why, but she wanted to keep her pacifier in her mouth.
“Sophie, you need to speak or I can’t help.” She took the pacifier out of Sophie’s mouth.
“My head hurts…” She whined.
“Let’s get you some medicine for that then. Can you walk?”
“I think so…”
“I guess we’re about to find out.”

Sophie stood up and wobbled for a few seconds, but managed to keep her balance.
“I’ll hold your hand so you don’t fall. Don’t be scared, I’m not gonna let go.”
Ava held Sophie’s hand with a tight grip.
“I want my paci back.”
“Here, just don’t go falling asleep again. I think you need a nap.”

Ava looked around Sophie’s room and saw Maria’s diaper bag sitting by the door. When she opened it, all she could smell was baby wipes and baby powder, but she knew Maria was smart enough to put headache and stomach ache medicine in there. Fortunately, she was right.
“Sophie, come here. I found some medicine that’ll make your headache go away. I’ve had to babysit screaming and squealing toddlers before and this stuff was a life saver. Just swallow these pills, they’re coated with berry flavoring.”

Sophie didn’t even consider arguing with her, since she knew Ava was only trying to help and she had no reason to decline her offer. She swallowed the two small pills with no hesitation, not even bothering to look at the container they were in. She assumed they were the very average pills that she took whenever she got an annoying headache.

Ava double checked the pill container and sighed in relief.
“Mommy, my headache isn’t going away.”
“I’m not your mommy, and that medicine takes a little while to kick in. You just have to be patient.”
“Has my little stinker been a good girl for Ava?” Maria suddenly appeared in the doorway.
“She’s been a little angel, though she has a headache and she probably needs a nap.”
“Already? I could’ve sworn she got 9 hours of sleep last night. Well, if she’s tired, I’ll let her take a nap. I don’t want her falling asleep while you’re playing. Come here to Mommy, little one.”

Sophie looked at Maria, then at Ava, then back at Maria. She wanted to keep playing but she knew she was too tired to do so. Feeling too overwhelmed, she began to cry. Before she could even shed a tear, Maria quickly walked over to Sophie and scooped her up into her arms.

“Oh you poor thing, don’t cry, Mommy’s got you. Shhhhhh, just relax and close your eyes.” Maria softly said to Sophie. She gently patted her back and slowly bounced her up and down. Sophie had stopped crying the second she got picked up, but Maria wanted to make sure she wouldn’t start again.
After a minute of cuddling, Maria laid Sophie down on the changing table. She put Sophie’s pacifier back in her mouth before grabbing her changing supplies and a clean diaper.

“After lunch, I’ll let you have some ice cream. Specifically strawberry, since you’d be annoyed if I gave you anything else.”
“Stwawbewwy?” Sophie said behind her pacifier.
“Yes sweetie, your favorite flavor. Ava, why don’t you stay and have lunch with us? You could stay as long as you’d like, I really don’t mind.”
“I’ll leave after dessert. It’s been way too long since I’ve had ice cream, let alone ice cream with Sophie.”

“It’s your decision. You could even nap with Sophie, she’s a great cuddler, but you probably already knew that.”
“Well I didn’t get very good sleep last night and I didn’t have breakfast this morning. A nap would probably help.”
“You could always make a makeshift bed next to Sophie’s crib, or you could use our couch. That big thing can fold out into a pretty good bed that could fit both of you.”
“I’d rather sleep on a couch than the floor.”
“I would’ve said the same thing. What about you Sophie, do you wanna nap with Ava?”
Sophie loved her crib, but she thought it’d be better with Ava.

Pacifier still in her mouth, she pointed at Ava.
“You wanna sleep on the couch with her?” Maria said as she imagined how cute it was gonna look.
Sophie nodded.
“Baby, I’d prefer it if you just talked, even if you may talk like a toddler.”
Sophie looked down and saw that she was in a clean diaper, which she doesn’t remember having on nor does she remember why she needed changed.

She laid there and stared at her diaper for a few seconds before snapping out of it.
“She was so distracted that she didn’t even know I changed her diaper. Probably the pacifier that did it.”

Sophie and Ava simultaneously yawned and looked at each other, causing them both to erupt into laughter. Afterwards, Maria lifted Sophie into her arms and cuddled her.
“Oh, I almost forgot, I found a few really cute onesies and a couple of rompers that would be great for sleeping in. What do you think, Sophie?”

Sophie tried to say ‘onesie’ but failed miserably.
“Poor girl’s so sleepy she can barely talk.”
“I think she was trying to say ‘onesie’.”
“Let’s hope you’re right or she’s not gonna be happy.”

Maria changed Sophie into a pink onesie covered in cartoony animals. It fit her perfectly, despite it’s adorably babyish appearance. Sophie felt even smaller and more like a baby now that she was fully dressed like one.
“Um, ma’am?”
“Yes, Ava?”
“I… forgot to bring pull-ups. Do you have any lying around?”

“Oh. I happen to have a couple packages stored in Sophie’s closet, of which I keep securely locked. You help Sophie lay down and get comfy, I’ll get you a pull-up. Would you like some powder or…?”
“No, ma’am.”
“I don’t suggest keeping them on for very long then. Now go help Sophie get comfy and I’ll be right back.”

Maria came back with a pink pull-up in her hand. Sophie had already been tucked in and was fast asleep.
“And if you aren’t confident in these pull-ups, I stocked up on diapers for Sophie and you two probably wear the same sizes. Now lay down and let me help.” Maria laid out a changing pad and gestured for her to lay on it.
“I can do it myself, but thanks for the offer.” Ava said with visibly red cheeks.
“That wasn’t an offer, it was a command. Now lay down, I don’t want my couch stained with pee.”

Ava could hear Maria’s stern tone of voice and knew she had no good way out of this situation. Maria was well aware of her bedwetting situation that had been equally as embarrassing and frustrating as Sophie’s was. Ava was the same age as Sophie, but she had moved away from her parents mere months ago.

“I know you and Sophie used to date. Do you still… love her? I know this is a very personal topic for you and her, but I really want to know. Not saying that I don’t love taking care of her, because I love her more than anything else, but I wanna know if you’d be capable and willing to take care of her if necessary.”
“I’m confident I will. And, don’t tell her I said this, but I started having thoughts about her. A year ago, I thought of her as my best friend. Months before that, I loved her. Our breakup was surprisingly smooth and we both took it well after I told her I didn’t have feelings for her anymore.”

“And now you do again?”
“Yeah. I don’t know if she thinks the same about me. A part of me likes the fact that she’s wearing diapers, another thinks it’s weird. I wanna tell her that I love her again but I’m worried she won’t think the same and our friendship will be worsened.”
“I’ll help in any way I can.” Maria said, sliding a clean pull-up onto Ava.
“Can I at least wear my pants over this?”
“Go ahead, but if your pants get wet don’t blame me for it.”

(I’ll likely make a sequel to this, but I can’t say when I will. This is more just a side hobby that I do in my free time and I’m still crap at writing, but I try anyways. I’ll start another story soon, but with a male protagonist and a reasonably different storyline. This one wasn’t all that unique and I’ve seen more interesting stories that are similar to this, though it could’ve been much worse. If you want more of this particular story, I’ll probably do it no matter how much support it gets. Have fun and stay diapered <3

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For what it’s worth from a reader who can’t be bothered to post their own work, I appreciate the time you put in. Thanks!

I wouldn’t mind seeing it :slight_smile: It’s an easy read, and the end of the last chapter seemed abrupt. Ava did just drop a bombshell that she wears pullups too. How can the story end without us learning if she ends up in that crib too?

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I’ve seen stories on here, and even physical books that I’ve read that leave big cliffhangers and never finish them. I’m not gonna do that, I plan on making a sequel. My lover/caretaker hasn’t given me very much time to write, nor has she helped me. Normally I write when I’m bored and she’s not home.