Sophie's Fate (Pt 2)

(I wanted to make a unique title for this, but after 20 minutes of thinking, I couldn’t come up with one. As the title suggests, you should read the first part of this story before reading this. I took a much more wholesome or cute approach with this rather than sexual or kinky, just like the first part. This is legitimately my first story I’ve ever posted on any platform and I’m still very new to writing. Also, I still don’t know what “diaper dimension” is, since there’s no description for the category. Idk if it’s a big thing in diapers/ABDL, but it annoys me that I don’t know what it is. I just assume it’s for stories with an alternate universe with differences relating to diapers, but I could be wrong.)

Sophie sleepily opened her eyes to see Ava laying next to her, fully asleep. She adjusted her position so she was closer to Ava, then planted a soft kiss on her cheek. She didn’t wake up, nor did she respond to it in any way, but she hoped Ava felt it.
“Shhhh, go back to sleep, Sophie. Mommy’s right here.”
Almost as if her mother’s words were a magic spell, Sophie felt more sleepy. She tried to say something back to her, but nothing came out as coherent words, just babbling.
“Shhhhh, just relax.”

Sophie could already feel herself losing control over her body, but she fought to stay awake. When Maria noticed that Sophie still wasn’t asleep, she began singing Omnia Sol, Sophie’s favorite bedtime lullaby. She wanted to listen to the whole thing, but she felt so tired. Her voice was beautiful like a mermaid’s hypnotizing song. She couldn’t stay awake for very long, however, and she soon fell back asleep.

“Ava, sweetie, you need changed. Careful, don’t wake up Sophie.” Maria whispered.
Ava rubbed her eyes and slowly sat up. Her pants were gone and her pull-up was almost soaked. Thankfully the only place she felt any wetness was covered by her pull-up.
“You’re real lucky the couch is still dry. Now get up and change before I do it for you.”

“Just a few more minutes…” Ava mumbled, laying back down and covering back up with a blanket.
“You’re not going back to sleep until you get changed, young lady.”
“Don’t wanna…”
“Alright then, I’ll do it for you. You aren’t a baby, y’know.”
Ava yawned and closed her eyes.

“Didn’t think I’d be taking care of two toddlers today.”
Maria took the blanket off of her, slid a changing pad under her, took off her pull-up, covered her crotch with baby powder, then put her in a clean pull-up.
“Since you were too lazy to change your own wet pull-up, I doubt you’ll have the energy to make it to the bathroom. Perhaps you belong in diapers like Sophie.”

Ava had an overwhelming impulse to speak and argue, but she was busy struggling to stay awake in the first place.
“I’ll leave you two be for now. Just holler if you need anything.”
She desperately tried to stay awake and stop Maria from leaving, trying to gather all the strength she had to just move her body, but couldn’t find any. She felt like crying, but couldn’t do that either. She looked back at Sophie, who was still very asleep, before joining her in a deep sleep.

“Wake up you two, somebody desperately needs her diaper changed.”
Ava quickly realized she was in a crib, in a room that was clearly meant for a baby. Almost everything was either pink or white, she was in one of the two cribs, a large toy box sat in a corner, and a changing table stocked with diapers and changing supplies.
“Alright, you first little Sophie. I know you’re sleepy, but I’ll let you go back to sleep soon. Let’s see…”
From what Ava could see, which wasn’t very much, Sophie held relatively still while she got her diaper checked.

“Seems decently clean to me, just a little wet. You get some more rest, sweetie.”
Ava wanted to escape, she wanted to scream for help, she wanted to cry, but nothing happened. She laid there and waited for the inevitable.
“Your turn Ava. I think it’s pretty obvious that it was you.”
Maria picked her up and talked to her like she was a baby.
“Poor girl, I hope you didn’t do that very long ago. I’ll get you all cleaned up.”
Ava began crying, but she didn’t know why. She couldn’t control anything and she hated it. She felt more helpless than an injured animal, more trapped than a rabbit in a bear den, but couldn’t do anything.

“Awww, don’t cry. Shhhh, I’ll change your diaper, don’t worry. I think you need a lullaby.”
She stopped crying as soon as Maria stuck a pacifier into her mouth. The flavored tip only made her want to suck on it even more, the little heart dangling from her pacifier, the warm onesie she was encased in, and the soothing lullaby Maria was singing. All her worries and fears washed away and she suckled her pacifier like nothing else mattered.
“There you go. Such a good girl.”

Ava woke up again, thankful that it was just a dream. Sophie was gone and Ava couldn’t see her or Maria from where she was. She had always dreamed of being a baby again, but she enjoyed her adulthood and the freedoms that came with it. She didn’t like the idea of being mostly helpless and dependant on someone else, nor did she like the idea of being completely diaper dependant, but she couldn’t help but think how easy it would be to be a baby.

Not wanting to dwell on the thought, she tried to ignore her dream, though it was quite difficult for her to forget such a strange dream. She knew she couldn’t just leave without telling Maria or Sophie because Sophie would cry about it and Maria would be worried about her if she just left.

The second she heard Sophie crying, her babysitter instincts kicked in and she hurried to Sophie’s room. After years of taking care of toddlers, she couldn’t resist going to investigate. She hated hearing babies cry, even if that baby may actually be an adult. Whatever was making Sophie upset, she was determined to fix it.