Sophie College Trip (Short Story)

It was 9am on Monday morning and the 18 year old Sophie had arrived at College ready to start her week. This was no normal college day though, today the class would be going on a coach trip to Broadway to watch a musical as part of their history course.

Sophie was looking forward to the day out as were her friends. The coach soon arrived and the teachers wasted no time in getting everyone to make their way out to the coach.

Sophie and a couple of her friends made sure to get on the coach before everyone else so they could get the seats right at the back. They all got their seats and soon the coach was full and ready to set off on their journey.

There were a few complaints from the students that the coach smelled of pee. The coach driver apologised for this and explained that yesterday the coach had been used for an elderly people’s day out and they hadn’t got around to cleaning it up properly yet.

The girls had come well prepared for the long trip and had bags filled with snacks and fizzy drinks which they wasted no time in getting stuck in to as the journey got under way.
After an hour or so of travelling and a couple of cans of soda Sophie began to feel the need to pee. Sophie had always had a slightly weak bladder but she didn’t think this would be a problem as there was an on board toilet, but as Sophie walked halfway down the coach to the toilet she realised there was a notice on the door saying it was out of order.
She knew she would just have to wait until they stopped so she returned to her seat.

After another 15 minutes Sophie was becoming increasingly desperate. She was no longer comfortable sitting down and was stood up hopping about in the aisle with both hands on her crotch area trying to hold back from peeing herself.

She had made her situation well known to the teachers and the coach driver by shouting down the coach but they had said they wouldn’t be stopping just for one person and didn’t have a planned stop for another half an hour.

Most of Sophie’s classmates were enjoying watching her desperation especially most of the guys who were admiring the sight of Sophie’s toned butt and large breasts as she bounced around the coach trying to prevent her bladder from giving out.

She knew it was just a matter of time before she humiliated herself in front of her classmates.
Sophie then heard someone shout to her “put this on” and the girl appeared to be holding up a white item.
The girl walked over to Sophie and said “look Sophie I just found this under my seat it must have been left from the old people’s outing yesterday”.
The girl handed Sophie what appeared to be an adult diaper. “Oh my god everyone Sophie’s gonna wear a diaper” shouted Jessica. This caused the whole coach to erupt with laughter.
“I’m not gonna wear a fucking diaper” said Sophie as she threw it down the coach.

The diaper was soon thrown back to her and it landed by her feet. She had a real dilemma on her hands, did she just pee herself in front of her entire college class or did she put on a diaper. “just put the diaper on Soph it’s better than peeing yourself” said her close friend Amy.

Sophie picked up the diaper and went back to her seat still desperately trying to stop her bladder from giving way. She tried to hide herself from view in the corners and pulled down her sweatpants and panties and slid the diaper under herself. Pulling it up at the sides as quickly as she could she taped the diaper around herself realising it was quite a good fit and quickly pulled her sweatpants back up covering the diaper.
No sooner had she done this and a torrent of pee escaped from her bladder. She felt as the diaper grew warm and swelled up and began pushing her legs apart.
By the look on her face everyone sat near to Sophie knew what She had just done. “Hey everyone it looks like Sophie needs a diaper change” shouted Jessica who was happy to make a joke out of Sophie’s embarrasing situation. This comment caused a few giggles.

Sophie just sat there quietly shifting uncomfortably in the thick diaper. She couldn’t wait for the rest stop so that she could take off the diaper.
After a while longer the coach finally stopped. Everyone started getting off the coach from front to back.

Sophie allowed everyone else to go off ahead before she got off the coach. As she walked down the coach something caught her eye. On top of the toilet slightly out of people view was a plastic bag. As no one else was on the coach Sophie decided pick it up.
In the bag Sophie found 3 adult diapers. This gave her an idea. She went over to Jessica’s bag and stuffed one of the diapers to the bottom of her bag. She also quickly got a pen and paper out and wrote a note which she put with the diaper. The other two diapers she stuffed into her own bag.

Sophie then headed off the coach and over to the toilets. As she was making her way there she passed Jessica and her group of friends. She fully expected a comment from Jessica which was exactly what she got. “Have you changed out of your wet diaper yet then baby” “I’m just going to chuck it away now” replied Sophie “I’d hurry before it starts leaking and you get diaper rash” laughed Jessica to which all her friends started laughing also.

Sophie carried on and went in to the girl’s toilets. She waited for everyone else to leave before untaping the wet diaper. Sophie had decided that she didn’t want to risk anymore embarrassing situations on the coach so she pulled out one of the adult diapers she had found from her bag and put it on. She thought this would be safer than a repeat of the previous event.
She made sure to strap it on tightly to try and stop the bulge from being too obvious. Satisfied it was on tightly she pulled up her sweatpants and left the stall. There was a couple of members of the public there who looked a bit shocked as they saw Sophie roll up the used diaper and put it in the trashcan.

Sophie then wrapped her sweatshirt around her waist to hide the diaper before heading back to the coach. She was very aware of the bulkiness and crinkling from the diaper which she really hoped no one would notice. Sophie was the last one to get back on the coach, fortunately though everyone was talking which meant no one heard the diaper as she made her way to the back of the coach.

Everyone soon quietened down as the coach ws ready to leave. Amy asked Sophie if she still had the diaper on to which she replied that she had disposed of it.

Jessica soon chirped up with another comment shouting so it was heard by the whole coach “Have you still got your diaper on then Sophie in case you have another accident” “I don’t really think your in a good position Jessica to be making remarks like that with a secret like you’ve got” “what the hell are you on about you little pest I don’t have any secrets” “Listen to this everyone, Jessica Clarke is a bedwetter, her Mom even makes her wear an adult diaper to bed every night” everyone started laughing “you absolute bitch that’s a complete lie” “it wouldn’t surprise me if she even gave you a diaper to wear today in case you had a little accident”. Kate who was sat across the aisle from Jessica grabbed her bag, pulling it open she emptied the contents out onto the floor. Her lunchbox and sweatshirt fell out first and then the diaper fell out for all to see. “oh my god everyone it’s true Jessica actually wears diapers” shouted Kate. The note fell out next to the diaper also “it’s looks like your Mom wrote you a note as well Jessica, let’s see what it says” Kate opened the note and read it " Dear Jessica, I know you normally only need to wear a diaper at night, but I thought it would be a good idea to pack one for you to wear on the way back just in case you fall asleep on the coach, love Mom". “Aaawww how cute do you need someone to help diaper you as your Mom’s not here to do it for you” Everyone was in hysterics and Jessica was absoutely mortified and furious that people believed this. “This isn’t true Sophie must have put this diaper in my bag i’ve never wet the bed” “Don’t try and deny it Jessica your sister let your little secret slip to me a few months ago” lied Sophie.

Jessica struggled to hold back from going for Sophie. She then started crying as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Sophie felt very satisfied as she had diverted the attention away from her own predicament and had led everyone to believe that Jessica was a bedwetter. Little did anyone know that Sophie was actually still wearing a diaper and she had planted the diaper in Jessica’s bag.

Things soon calmed down and they finally arrived shortly before the musical was due to start. Sophie felt a slight need to pee before going in to be seated, but she knew it would be difficult to use the toilet with the diaper on. She did contemplate ditching the diaper to save the possible embarrassment of being found out as she didn’t think she would really need it. The class eventually got seated ready to watch the musical.

All the time Sophie was well aware of the padding between her legs. After about 45 mins Sophie started to get bored, musicals really weren’t her thing and it was making her now feel quite tired. She eventually dozed off for afew minutes before waking up to an aching bladder. Sophie felt really desperate to pee but she knew getting out to go to the toilet could be a problem because it would mean pushing past many people’s seats.

She decided against getting up and just relaxed in her chair. Eventually a warmth spread across her diaper as she released her bladder, Sophie just prayed that the diaper didn’t leak which luckily it didn’t. She soon drifted off back to sleep and was only woken up by Amy when the musical had finished. It took Sophie a few seconds to remember that she was wearing a wet diaper.

Everyone soon made their way back to the coach. Sophie found that wearing a wet diaper was very uncomfortable but she knew that she would probably now have to keep it on for the rest of the trip. They did stop around halfway through the journey for a rest stop but Sophie didn’t get a “safe” opportunity to remove the diaper.

She kept the diaper on and the homeward journey continued. About 40 mins from getting back and Sophie became really desperate to pee. She held on for as long as she could but eventually she couldn;t hold it any longer. She knew she was going to have to take a chance by using the already wet diaper again. She slowly let her bladder go, trying not to let anyone realise that she was wetting herself. Fortunately for Sophie the thick adult diaper held her wetting without any leaks. She was thankful that she’d finally made it through the day and that she’d got the better of Jessica.
Sophie ditched her diaper on the walk home down a back alley. She was extremely glad that she didn’t actually have to wear diapers as she had found wearing diapers for a day to be very uncomfortable.

Once Sophie arrive home she was greeted by her Mom who didn’t seem very happy. Her Mom, explained that she had received a phone call from one of the teachers who said that she had embarrassed another girl on the trip called Jessica. Sophie told her Mom that Jessica had been mean to her at the start of the trip and that she had got revenge on her by putting a diaper and a note in Jessica’s bag to make everyone think that Jessica wore diapers.
Sophie’s Mom said that despite what had happened before that she was really unhappy that Sophie had humiliated Jessica. She then explained that the teacher had given her Jessica’s address and that they were going to go over there right now so she could apologise to Jessica.
Sophie asked if they could leave it until tomorrow because it was getting late but Mom insisted they went right away.

After a short drive they arrived at Jessica’s house. Mom waited in the car and watched as Sophie walked up to the door. Sophie rang the doorbell and she was soon greeted by Jessica’s Mom. “Hi I was wondering if I could see Jessica for a minute?” “Yes of course you can i’ll just call her down from upstairs…. Jessica can you come down a minute darling” “Ok Mom” Jessica soon came down the stairs where her Mom told her that someone was at the door to see her. As Jessica walked to the door Sophie couldn’t help but admire how cute she looked in her pj’swhich really showed off her gorgeous butt. Jessica looked shocked to see Sophie and she asked her what she was doing there. She explained that she was there to apologise for making everyone think that she was a bedwetter and that she would tell everyone that it wasn’t true at school tomorrow.
Just at that moment Jessica’s dog came up to her wanting to be petted. As Jessica bent forward to pet it the dog pawed her legs which slightly pulled down her pj pants which exposed the top of her underwear. Sophie was shocked as it looked like the white waistband of a disposable diaper was sticking out but she couldn’t be sure. She wasted no time in running up behind Jessica before she had a chance to pull her pants back and yanking them down revealing that she actually was wearing a thick bedwetting diaper. “Oh my god no way you actually do wear diapers you’re 18 and you still pee the bed like a little baby. I bet your 4 year old sister is even out of diapers” Jessica just burst into tears. “I can’t wait to tell everyone at college that I’ve seen you wearing a diaper” Sophie swatted the back of the diaper “that’s seriously thick you must really piss yourself” chukled Sophie. Sophie quickly got her phone out and managed to get a good picture of Jessica before Jessica pushed Sophie outside and slammed the door on her.
Sophie couldn’t nelieve what she had just seen. She hadn’t suspect for one moment that Jessica actually did wear diapers.
She was in shock that she had just seen Jessica Clarke, one of the most popular and mean girls in the school wearing a diaper because she still wet her bed at 18 years old.

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Re: Sophie College Trip (Short Story)

I really like your story, It hits all the right marks for what I enjoy.
I actually made an account just so I could tell you to keep it up.
Cheers :smiley: