Sophie and Jenny

This was my first attempt at writing a story. It is not a great sample of good writing but I had fun with it so I wanted to share. I need to point out that the characters were based upon people because this was a story written for my baby girl at the time but the events are completely made up along with some names.


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Re: Sophie and Jenny

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Sophie and Jenny: Chapter 1

Sophie and Jenny were the best of friends they had been close since they were 2 years old they were now both 18 and in the same college.

Recently they had not seen much of each other, even though they lived in the same flat. They had both been sitting exams and finishing coursework for the tight deadlines they both had so the majority of the time they had been in the library or classrooms. But, exams were nearly over and they both planned to go out and celebrate, just one more week.

Sophies last exam was on Tuesday morning and Jennys’ was Wednesday afternoon. They planned to go out on Thursday night and really let their hair down.

Sophie woke up early on Tuesday morning, she had been tossing and turning most of the night thinking about her exam. It was only 6am but Sophie had already drunk about 5 cups of coffee as well as a glass of orange juice when she had her breakfast. Sophie was doing some last minute revision and trying to concentrate between toilet breaks, she couldn’t wait for the exam to be over. The exam was due to start at 10 am it was now 9 and Sophie needed to get ready she went to her room and put on her tight blue jeans and a white top that showed off her pierced belly button. She checked that she had everything and set off to the exam hall.

When she arrived she went to the toilet yet again then went to find her seat. The exam was only 5 minutes away and was due to last 1 hour. Sophie checked her equipment again, she was going through her revision notes in her head trying to remember everything. The tutors were now handing out the papers and they were given their instructions.

‘Right everybody, the exam will start in a few minutes. It will last one hour and there are no bathroom breaks permitted.’

As soon as the bathroom was mentioned Sophie suddenly needed to go, it was ok she could hold on for an hour.

‘Right, best of luck, you may begin’

Sophie turned over her paper and began. The revision was paying off, Sophie was flying through the exam every answer to every question just seemed to pop straight into her head. In little more than 40 minutes she had completed the paper and checked it through, feeling very relieved she was now a little more desperate for the toilet. She raised her hand. She asked one of the tutors if she could leave, but she was refused she would have to wait until the end then she could leave. It was only 20 minutes so she thought she could wait. Sophie sat in her seat and watched the minutes tick away. She noticed other girls shifting about in their seats they must have needed the toilet as well.
The situation was now desperate, Sophie cursed herself for drinking so much.

Finally the exam was over Sophie couldn’t wait to get out of the place. They were being dismissed row by row, from the front first, Sophie was on the fifth to last row.
Finally they said she could go, she ran out of the hall and straight into a huge queue for the ladies toilet. Sophie was desperate very desperate she really couldn’t wait much longer. Sophie thought about her situation, her flat was just a few minutes down the road, she decided to run home. She ran as fast as she could trying to get her keys ready on the way. She dropped her bag outside the front door and fiddled to get the right key ready, she felt herself losing control, the key was in and Sophie ran to the bathroom door……it was LOCKED!

Jenny had decided to take a shower, Sophie felt so defeated and banged on the door for Jenny to hurry up as she was about to wet herself.

‘I’ll be one minute just getting out’

Sophie was now hoping from one foot to the other grabbing at herself trying desperately to hold on. She heard the shower stop, another dribble made its way into her cotton knickers.

‘Please Jenny hurry!’

Sophie was about to wet herself, the pain was unbearable, another spurt, Sophie was on the verge of tears, she was now doubled over and trying with all her might to hold on. She wasn’t going to make it she couldn’t move her pussy was tingling she couldn’t feel it anymore, was she holding on, she couldn’t tell.

Jenny opened the bathroom door to see Sophie doubled over wetting herself. Sophie was crying she was wetting totally beyond her control, her bladder was emptying and she couldn’t do a thing about it.

‘Jenny I just couldn’t hold it any longer’ Sophie was distraught.

‘Sophie don’t worry about it just get cleaned up’

Sophie dripped her way into the bathroom and turned the shower on, she assessed the damage. She couldn’t believe that she had just wet herself she hadn’t done that since she was 12 and that was because Jenny had tickled her so much. Sophie stripped off and jumped into the shower it felt so good to be clean. During her shower she was thinking of the exam and hoe she had done she was nervous about getting the results and they were not due for another 2 months. She finished her shower and went to get dressed.

Jenny suggested that they both go to the cinema as she was sick of revising, it was just what Sophie needed to wind down. They both decided to go and see the next showing of, National Treasure, noticing it started in a few hours. They left the flat and got the bus to the Odeon cinema. Sophie had forgotten about her awful morning and laughed and joked with Jenny.

They purchased their tickets and went to the sweet counter; they ordered a huge bucket of popcorn between them and a litre cup of Coca-Cola each. They took their seats and watched the trailers, why do they always have so many trailers on Sophie thought. The film finally got under way.

About half way through Sophie felt that she needed to use the toilet but the feeling quickly went away. She carried on drinking her coke and watched the end of the film.

The film ended and they both waited for everyone to leave before getting up. As she stood up, Sophie, felt cold, her trousers were cold, she looked down, they were WET! Oh no she thought. Jenny heard her gasp and turned around to see Sophie standing there with very wet trousers.

‘When did that happen?’ Jenny was confused.

‘I…I…Don’t know. I didn’t even know that I had to go’ Sophie was frightened.

‘Let’s go. You need to get home and change’ Jenny knew that she needed to get Sophie home quickly so that she would feel better.

The girls hurried through the cinema and to the bus stop, the bus ride was uncomfortable for Sophie she was sitting in her urine soaked pants just like any toddler would. Three stops into the journey Sophie felt her leg get warm, to her horror she realised that she was wetting herself again. Sophie didn’t mention it to Jenny and just began to think about what was going on.

Finally they were at their stop, they both got off and went to the flat, when she got there Sophie stripped down again and got a long shower, all the time thinking of what had happened. After much consideration she decided that she must have over stretched her bladder earlier in the morning and it was just taking its time to get back to normal. She decided to just go to the toilet every hour and make sure that she didn’t drink a lot.

Jenny was busy revising when Sophie got out of the shower, she had decided to not mention anything to Sophie unless she wanted to talk about it.

The night passed uneventful with Sophie up and down to the toilet without another wetting, Sophie felt better and even had a couple of glasses of wine with Jenny after she had finished revising. At midnight they both retired to their rooms and Sophie was glad to get to bed having been up since 5 am the previous morning. Sophie got into bed and was asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

Sophie slept like a baby. She woke at 8am and realised that she really had slept like a baby, to her horror her bed was wet not just wet but soaked. Sophie couldn’t believe it she was wetting herself like a complete baby she needed to see her doctor, but first she had to get herself cleaned up again. She stripped her bed down and left it bare to let the mattress dry off. She got a shower and then phoned her doctor and made an emergency appointment for later that day, 2 o’clock to be exact. Sophie decided to just keep going to the toilet every hour again like she had done the previous night.

Jenny had already left that morning she wanted to get some more revision in before her exam that afternoon. She sent Sophie a text asking how she was and Sophie told her about the wet bed and her doctors’ appointment later that day. Jenny wished her well and got back to her revision.

Sophie was successfully keeping herself dry; she was going to the toilet every hour and not drinking as much as she usually did. At 1pm she got herself ready for the doctors appointment she went to the toilet and set off.

When she arrived at the surgery she noticed that it was pretty much empty just her and a little boy with his mother. Sophie took a seat and knew that since there were 2 doctors on she would be seen soon. 20 minutes passed and Sophie was still sitting there so she decided to ask the receptionist what was taking so long. The receptionist told her that the other doctor had been called away to one of his elderly patients and she would be seen by the remaining doctor as soon as he could. Sophie went and sat back down, as she did the tannoy called out for the boy and his mother to see Dr. James in her office. Sophie knew it wouldn’t be long now. Sophie was sitting there reading the posters and booklets when she felt her crotch get warm again. Oh no not her she couldn’t be, she looked down and saw the puddle on the floor. Sophie felt utterly humiliated and buried her head in her hands, just then the practice nurse was walking in from her lunch when she saw Sophie.

‘Are you ok my dear?’ The nurse spoke in a soft and friendly tone of voice.

‘I’ve had an accident, sniff, I’m so sorry, sniff, I didn’t mean to’

‘No need to worry dear, come with me and we will get you cleaned up’

The nurse helped Sophie to her feet and took her to the nurses office she told her to take off her trousers and that there were some moist wipes in the corner. Whilst Sophie was cleaning up the nurse fetched the doctor and they both came to see Sophie.

‘Hi Sophie, I’m Dr. James, I believe you have had some trouble. Is this what you wanted to see me about?’

Sophie told the doctor everything hoe she started to wet herself and her bed and how she couldn’t feel it. The doctor ran some quick tests and asked Sophie some questions.

‘Well I think it is stress. You should get over it, but I want to see you every week so I can keep my eye on you’

The doctor went on to explain that there was nothing that she could give Sophie and suggested that she wear some protection for the time being.

‘What do you mean by protection?’ Sophie was hoping that the doctor didn’t say what she thought she was going to say.

‘Well Sophie, I think you would be better wearing some adult nappies until this thing blows over’

Sophie couldn’t believe it, she really meant it. A nappy an 18 year old girl should not need to wear a nappy.

‘I can’t wear a nappy, there must be another way’ Sophie was searching her mind for another way.

‘I’m sorry, but I think it is best. Nurse Cook here will help you out.’

With that the doctor left and the nurse asked Sophie if she had any spare pants with her. Sophie said that she hadn’t and the nurse said that she could borrow a pair of hers until she came to the surgery next week. The nurse then proceeded to ask if Sophie knew how to put a nappy on herself, of course Sophie knew nothing of how she might do it. The nurse then asked Sophie to lie down on the bed and she would put her in a nappy. Sophie lay down and watched as the nurse put her in her first nappy since she was 8. The nurse was telling Sophie how to change herself but Sophie was in a world of her own in complete shock. The nurse put Sophies wet pants in a bag and slipped in a couple more nappies.

‘You should get more nappies from here.’ The nurse handed Sophie a piece of paper with a shop name and address on it.

‘Thank you.’ Sophie was still very much in shock as she got the trousers the nurse had leant her on and walked out of the surgery.

Sophie could hear every step she took by the loud rustle in her pants. She felt as if everyone on the street was looking at her and knew that she was wearing a nappy. She walked to the bus-stop glad that she could stop and be noise free. The bus didn’t take long to come and soon Sophie was getting off at her stop, nearly home, she felt so relieved. Sophie reached her front door and got out her keys.

‘Sophie, how did it go?’ The sudden voice made Sophie jump. ‘Calm down girl it’s only me.’ Sophie was relieved to find Jenny at the door as well.

‘I’ll tell you inside.’ Sophie opened the door and she and Jenny walked in.

Sophie told Jenny all about the doctors appointment, the accident in the waiting room and what the doctor had said. Jenny was taken aback she thought Sophie was joking about the nappies, Sophie lifted up her shirt to show Jenny the waistband of her new underwear. Jenny didn’t know what to say, she just looked into Sophies deep blue eyes seeing a look of sheer fright in her friends eyes. Sophie needed Jenny to say something, something accepting.

‘Well what do you want me to say Sophie?’ Sophie looked up
‘You wet yourself yesterday, wet the bed last night and now here you are standing there showing off your brand new nappy’ Sophie began to cry.

‘And the most important thing is…I still love you!’ Jenny looked at Sophie.

Sophie broke out the biggest smile ever, her friend had accepted her, she was still crying but this time they were tears of supreme joy.

‘Thanks Jen you are a true friend’

‘Well I suppose you don’t wanna go out tonight now then?’

‘Not in my nappy no’

‘Well then let’s stay in and get a few bottles of wine and watch a film’

Sophie agreed and asked if Jenny would go and get the wine whiles she got changed. Sophie gave Jenny £10 and told her to get about 4 bottles as she really needed to get drunk.

With Jenny down the shops Sophie began to get cleaned up, she went to get another shower and noticed that her nappy was very wet, she hadn’t noticed a thing. Sophie was starting to get really worried, she must have wet her nappy about 5 times and hadn’t noticed a thing. It felt so good to Sophie to be clean again. She got out of the shower and went to her room, she let her towel drop to the floor and went to find something to wear in her wardrobe, going through her casual draw she heard something dripping onto her carpet, she looked down, it was her, she was wetting herself in the middle of her room and she couldn’t feel a thing. Sophie watched as the flow stopped and began to cry again, she felt so helpless and just like a little baby.

After a few minutes Sophie got herself together, picked out some baggy jog pants and a t-shirt, got a nappy out and proceeded to get dressed. Sophie had some difficulty with her nappy but eventually managed to get it on, she dressed and then cleaned up her carpet. Sophie was putting her clothes into the washing machine when Jenny walked in with the evenings relaxation, Jenny playfully swatted Sophies bum, they both laughed.

‘What did you get then?’

‘Well I got us a horror film, a comedy and a soppy one. Which do you want?’

‘I’ve done enough crying today so lets watch the comedy’
Jenny got out the wine glasses and they both went to the living room. They settled on the settee together like they normally did when the watched a film and opened up the wine.

A few hours later after the film and 2 of the 4 bottles of wine they were both very drunk, Sophie was getting very aware of the nappy between her legs sagging a little.

‘Jenny I think I need to change my nappy. I’ll be back in a minute.’

Sophie got up and went to her room, she shut the door over and took her pants down, her nappy was very wet indeed and Sophie still had no feeling of the wettings. Sophie took out another dry nappy and being a little drunker than earlier she really couldn’t get the nappy on properly every time she tried she just couldn’t seem to be able to do it, she needed Jennys help.

‘Jenny, can you come here and help me please’

Jenny came into Sophies room and saw her lying on her bed struggling to get her nappy on. Jenny got down to business and felt sorry for Sophie for what she was going through. Sophie was feeling embarrassed about being changed by her best friend.

‘Jenny, I’m really sorry we couldn’t go out tonight and for you having to change my nappy, I feel like such a baby’ Sophies eyes were welling up.

‘Hey don’t worry about. It’s not your fault, come here.’ Jenny motioned for Sophie to come get a hug.

They hugged and Jenny was telling Sophie how sorry she felt for her and that she would do anything to help even if that meant changing her wet nappies.

‘In fact’ said Jenny ‘if you have to go through all of this then I am going through it with you.’

What do you mean?’

‘Well Sophie I want to wear a nappy for as long as you have to, we can be in nappies together’

‘You don’t have to do that Jen, you are here that’s enough’

‘No Sophie I want to, in fact I think I need to’


‘I’ve just wet myself’ Jenny pointed to her crotch.

Sure enough Jenny was soaked, her trousers were dark and still warm.
‘Did you do that on purpose?’

Jenny nodded. ‘Yes Sophie. I told you if you are going through it I am going through it, now where are your nappies?’

‘If you are really sure of this Jen’

‘I am’

Sophie gave Jenny a nappy but Jenny handed it back to her.

‘You changed your mind already?’

‘No, I changed you so you change me’

Jenny took off her wet trousers and thong and threw them to the floor, she lay down on the bed and talked Sophie through the whole process.

‘I think we should just wear our t-shirts and nappies and go watch the horror film’ said Jenny.

‘Ok, let’s do it’

They both went back to the living room and put on the horror film and opened another bottle of wine. The film scared the both of them, it was about half way through the film when Jenny told Sophie that she had just wet her nappy.

‘Well I can’t tell you if I do cause I don’t know’ Sophie laughed.

Sophie felt so grateful for what Jenny was doing for her, she felt like they were little again.

At the age of 8 both of them had still been in night-time nappies because of their bedwetting and they always slept in the same bed whenever they were at each others houses right up until they stopped the bed wetting when they were nearly 10. They did continue to share the same bed though even now, especially when they had watched a scary film together.

They got the flat tidied up and switched off the TV.

‘That film was really scary’ Sophie said. ‘Will you sleep in my bed tonight?’

‘Of course I will. I’m as scared as you.’

Both the girls rustled into Sophies room and shut the door.

‘I think we should change our nappies before we get to bed’ suggested Jenny. ‘I will change you first then you change me’

Sophie lay down on her bed and Jenny went about changing her wet nappy, after that they switched places and Sophie changed Jenny. They both decided that they stay in just their nappies and t-shirts and sleep just like they had all those years ago. They both cuddled up to each other and fell asleep.

At 4am Jenny woke up, she needed the toilet badly, she was about to get up when she remembered the nappy between her legs. She didn’t want to spend the rest of the night in a wet nappy, but she did promise Sophie that she would go through it with her. Jenny decided that she could hold on till the morning when she could change shortly after. She went back to sleep.

The sun shone straight through the curtains, it was a little after midday and Jenny was first to wake up with a bad headache. She remembered all the wine and all that had happened the previous night, she turned to Sophie who was still sleeping, she looked so cute when she slept especially as she sucked her thumb and had done for all her life. Jenny touched the front of Sophies nappy, it was wet, very wet, she thought about how bad it must be for Sophie to be a bed wetter again. Jenny sat up, her nappy felt bulkier, she looked down, she was soaked. Jenny had wet the bed for the first time in years, she couldn’t believe it and began to cry. Sophie woke up.

‘Jenny. What’s wrong? Why are you crying?’

‘Sophie, I wet the bed or wet my nappy rather.’

‘What’s the problem? You did that last night.’

‘You don’t understand. I did this in my sleep.’

‘Well you did drink a lot of wine last night, it’s a good job you wore a nappy’ Sophie chuckled.

Jenny looked at Sophie and they both laughed. They decided that they should get up, as Sophie got up she cried out in pain.

‘OWWW’ Sophie lay back down.

‘What’s wrong you hurt your back or something?’

‘No it’s my bum its burning it feels like I’m sitting on a hot plate’

Jenny went over to Sophie and untapped her nappy pulling the front of it down. Sophies skin was red raw, she had a case of nappy rash.

‘Sophie, did you powder yourself at all yesterday?’

‘What do you mean powder?’

‘You know talcum powder’

‘No I didn’t why?’

‘You have a bit of nappy rash’


‘Well you have sat around in a wet nappy for too long, you should have used talcum powder to take away some of the moisture’

‘I didn’t know, I will get some later when I go and get some more nappies’

‘You stay here and lay down I will go for the shopping, I wont be long the Chemist down the road should have the stuff we need’

Jenny just put on her jog pants forgetting about the wet nappy between her legs. She got her coat and ran down the road. The Chemist was just about to close for lunch so he asked Jenny to be quick. Jenny was a little embarrassed as she asked the pharmacist for the size of nappies she needed, she got them and some nappy rash cream paid for them and left. On the way back she stopped at the local supermarket to get some baby powder. She got the biggest tub she could find and had a quick look at the other products on the shelves. Her eyes set upon the dummies on the shelf, she remembered how cute Sophie had looked sucking her thumb and picked 2 up. Jenny was in the queue for the checkout when she felt a quite desperate urge to pee. Jenny was hopping from one foot to the other, the woman in front was having an assistant get her a replacement item. Jenny really needed to go then she remembered the nappy again. In all the rushing around she forgot about it, she felt so naughty about what she was about to do. She just let go, she could feel the nappy getting heavier and heavier she thought it was going to leak, it didn’t. Jenny paid for the items and was on the way out when she was knocked over by a kid messing around with a trolley. She fell to the floor on her padded backside stunned. After a few moments Jenny got back up. The kid who knocked her over started to laugh as she turned to go out.

‘Mummy that girl has wet herself’ said the little boy.

Oh no Jenny thought I have leaked. She was running full pelt to the flat hoping she didn’t see anybody she knew, luckily she didn’t she got back into the flat and breathed a huge sigh of relief. She went through to Sophies room and told her about what happened. She helped Sophie up out of bed and removed her freshly wet nappy. Sophie went to the shower at a slow pace as her nappy rash was really hurting her. Sophie got her shower and Jenny stripped back down to her nappy and t-shirt waiting to get in. As Sophie got out Jenny got in. Sophie was drying herself in the bathroom and Jenny was just getting finished washing herself.

‘So Jenny are you still going to wear a nappy with me?’

‘Of course I am I made you a promise’

After their showers Sophie and Jenny went back to Sophies room and got the changing stuff ready. Jenny took Sophie through what she needed to do to prevent the nappy rash.

Jenny took out the cream, powder and a fresh nappy.

‘Lie back then Sophie.’ Sophie lay down.

Jenny lifted up Sophies legs and slid the nappy under her, she then put a large amount of cream on her and rubbed it in. Sophie moaned as Jenny rubbed the cream in her skin was feeling better already. Jenny took the baby powder and sprinkled lots on, she pulled the front of the nappy up and taped it shut.

‘There does that feel better?’

‘Oh yes it feels a lot better, now it’s your turn.’

Jenny lay down and let Sophie return the favour. After they were both in their nappies they went to make some breakfast.

‘So,’ said Sophie ‘you know that I’m gonna be in nappies for quite a while?’

‘Yes Soph you told me and I’m gonna be in them for as long as you.’

‘Jen I really appreciate what you have done for me but you really don’t have to.’

‘Well to be honest with you Soph I’m really starting to enjoy it.’

‘What! How do you mean you enjoy it?’

‘Well earlier in the supermarket I felt so naughty and so turned on I nearly came on the spot.’

‘You did?’

‘Yes I couldn’t believe how turned on I was.’

‘Well Jen, I must admit that I have been a little turned on when you change me and take care of me.’

They both discussed it for a while and Jenny wanted Sophie to come out in public with her.

‘Well Jenny I don’t know what difference it will make, I have already wet my pants and nappy in public and I hated it.’

‘Just please come with me Soph.’

After a bit of persuading Sophie decided to go with Jenny. They decided to go to the city centre and do some clothes shopping. They changed their nappies and got dressed then they went to catch the bus. They had both decided to wear waterproof coats as it would mask the sounds of their crinkling bottoms. They planned to go to most of the clothes stores and to the McDonalds for their lunch.

They had spent a few good hours going from store to store when Jenny felt the urge to pee.

‘Soph I really have to go potty.’

‘Well go then.’

Jenny stood there in the middle of town in front of hundreds of people and wet her nappy. Sophie watched as Jenny turned red.

‘It feels so good’ said Jenny.

‘I’ve been wet for ages, it doesn’t fell that good to me.’

They carried on walking and talking but Jennys head was somewhere else. She was feeling so horny and every time they stopped or got in a queue Jennys hand would drift to the front of her nappy and she would rub it. She loved the feeling of pressing the wet nappy onto her. Sophie had noticed this and had to tell her.

‘Jenny stop that!’

‘I can’t help it Soph I’m so horny. Besides nobody can see me, you are my shield.’

‘Just pack it in, can’t you wait until we get home? Just pack it……UH OH’

‘UH OH what? What is the matter?’

‘I have to go to the toilet.’

‘That’s great you have some of your feeling back.’

‘No Jen I never lost this feeling. I have to go number two.’

‘Oh no, what are you going to do?’

‘I’m just going to have to wait till we get home, I don’t have a spare nappy with me to change into if I have to take this one off.’

‘Well. Why don’t you go in your nappy?’


‘Go on. I double dare you.’

‘I can’t fill my nappy in front of all these people.’

‘Just think of yourself as a hopeless little baby with no other choice.’

Sophie thought about it, she was getting turned on, especially about the baby part of it. She could picture herself.

‘But I will smell.’

‘Is anybody gonna notice out here?’

‘What about the bus?’

‘Nobody is gonna think that a smell would be coming from us anyway.’

Sophie was really thinking about it, she did need to go pretty desperately and it was turning her on big time.

‘Ok I’ll do it.’

‘Go for it girl.’

They walked to a side street to get away from the large crowds, Sophie squatted down as if she was tying her shoe lace. She gave a quick push and began to fill her nappy. Jenny watched as her best friend was grunting and filling her nappy.

‘You finished yet?’

Sophie stood up with a very red face and a huge smile.

‘So, how does it feel baby?’

‘It feels weird but I am feeling very horny.’

Sophie picked up her bags and took a few steps forward.

‘Urgh it’s moving around.’

‘Well it will do silly, just wait till you have to sit on the bus.’

‘Oh my god! I hadn’t thought of that.’

They both walked trough to the bus station ready to go home and get cleaned up. They only had to wait for a few minutes for their bus, it pulled up and they boarded it going right to the back seats. Jenny sat down but Sophie wouldn’t.

‘Come on Soph sit down.’

‘Jen I really don’t want to.’

Jenny stood up she put down her bags and grabbed Sophie and pushed her into a seat. Sophie landed on the mess in her nappy, she felt it squish all over her bum and even up into the front of her nappy.


‘Well you couldn’t stand up all the way home could you? How does it feel?’

‘Actually it feels kinda good. I feel just like a helpless little baby with a wet and messy nappy.’

Sophie moved her bum around the seat feeling her mess spread further round the nappy. For the whole of the journey she was thinking and very puzzled as to why she liked her current situation so much. Their stop was approaching and they began to get up and move to the front of the bus, as the neared the front they passed a group of young lads, one of them smacked Sophies bum. Sophie turned around and looked at the lad, he was in complete shock about what he thought he’d felt, Sophie winked at him and got of the bus. Jenny burst out laughing.

‘Soph that was great, he shit himself.’

‘No Jen, I shit myself.’

They both laughed and went back to the flat.

‘You should get changed pretty quickly Soph before you make your nappy rash worse.’

‘No. I want you to change me. I am a baby and I can’t change myself.’

Jenny looked at Sophie in shock.

‘Did you just say what I thought you did?’

‘Yes Jenny I want you to change my nappy.’

Jenny couldn’t believe what was going on, she agreed and together they went to the bathroom. Jenny went to Sophies room and got the changing supplies. When she got back to the bathroom Sophie was lying on the floor sucking her thumb, she looked so cute. Jenny began to get Sophie undressed. As she pulled down Sophies trousers she saw the messiest nappy ever, there was poo every where all over her bum and in her pubic hair.

‘Soph you are an absolute mess.’

Jenny switched on the shower and got Sophie into it. She washed her down and got her all nice and clean.

‘Come on Sophie, come and lie on the floor for mummy.’

Sophie lay on the floor feeling very turned on. She lay back waiting for the cream and powder, what came next surprised her. Jenny was putting shaving foam onto Sophies crotch.

‘What are you doing Jen?’

‘Well babies don’t have any hair down there and plus it is too hard to clean up.’

Sophie was feeling very turned on again and agreed. Jenny shaved her friends crotch completely bald afterward she put the nappy rash cream on her and powdered her well, she then fastened up the nappy tightly.

‘There you go baby.’

‘Thank you mummy.’

Sophie went to her room and began to put her new clothes away. Jenny was feeling turned on about what had just happened and wanted it to happen to her.

‘Sophie, you know that I have just been your mummy for a bit?’


‘Well will you erm will you be mine as well? We could take it in turns to be mummy and baby during changing.’

‘That sounds great. We can be like two little babies together all the other times.’
Jenny broke out in the biggest smile ever.

‘You want me to change you now then?’

‘No. I had to change your messy nappy so you can change mine.’

‘Okay baby.’

Jenny walked away she already needed to go number two but she wanted to put her new clothes away first. Just as she finished she felt her stomach cramp up, she bent over and gave an almighty push, her bowels exploded into the waiting nappy, she felt great. She pushed on the large load in the back of her nappy. She stood with her legs slightly apart and fell back onto her bum. She was in heaven as the mess moved its way through the nappy. She began to rub the front of her nappy, she was feeling so turned on, faster and faster, harder and harder. She was massaging for little more than 5 minutes when she came. Jenny had never cum so fast in her life she felt so excited. She was moaning really loud as Sophie walked in.

‘You having fun then?’

‘Oh my god, Soph you should try that it’s fantastic.’

Jenny got up off the floor with the waves of ecstasy still pulsing through her. Both girls made their way to the bathroom where Sophie returned the favour to Jenny from earlier including shaving her bald. They both put their hair in pig-tails and walked around in just their nappies and t-shirts. They decided to watch the other film from the night before and to finish off the wine. They got it all ready and curled up on the sofa together. Both of them had wet nappies at the end of the film, they didn’t need to be changed right away though. Instead they both made a snack and watched some TV. It was now getting late and the girls were getting very tired. At 11pm they decided to go to bed. Tonight they slept together in Jennys bed making sure to get on some dry nappies first. They were about to turn off the lights when Jenny remembered her purchase earlier in the supermarket.

‘Soph, I forgot to tell you that I bought us something from the supermarket this morning.’

‘Really? What is it?’

‘Well I saw you sucking your thumb last night and thought that you looked so cute that I bought us a couple of dummies.’

‘Oh wow, really?’

Sophie was getting herself all excited she had always wanted to get herself a dummy but thought herself too big for one. Jenny got the dummies out from the plastic bag by her bed, they were plain pink dummies.
‘Awww they are so cute.’ Sophie was really excited now.

Jenny handed Sophie a dummy and she put it straight in her mouth. That night they both slept cuddled into each other sucking their dummies and dreaming of sweet things.

Just like they had done when they were real babies.

Sophie and Jenny: Chapter 2

Sophie woke up early she looked over at Jenny who was still sleeping. Sophie saw her dummy lying on her pillow next to her, she picked it up and put it back in her mouth. As she lay there sucking on her dummy Sophie was thinking about the previous days events, her messy nappy in town and how she and Jenny had played baby. Sophie put her finger inside her nappy, she was wet again. Sophie began to remember the days when they were both babies and how she had been so happy, oh how she longed for those days to be back. Jenny was rolling over and moaning in her sleep, she was dreaming away, Sophie picked up Jennys dummy and gently slid it back into her mouth, Jenny immediately started to suck on it. Sophie looked at her best friend, she looked adorable. Sophie was starting to feel horny again and started to rub the front of her nappy just as Jenny had told her to do, the waves of pleasure were amazing she was so excited. She was rubbing herself still thinking of her baby state she went faster and faster bringing herself to a mind blowing climax, Jenny was right it felt great.

Sophie lay there with the waves of ecstasy pulsing through her body; she sucked her dummy even harder and moaned with pleasure. She looked over at Jenny who was awake and had been watching her.

‘It’s so good isn’t it?’

‘Oh Jenny it is fantastic.’

They both smiled at each other and cuddled.

‘What time is it Soph?’

‘It’s only 7am; we should stay in bed for a while.’

‘Too right we are staying in bed, I’m going back to sleep.’

They both lay there in each others arms sucking on their dummies as they drifted back off to sleep.

Sophie was lying there with a wet nappy when she suddenly felt the urge to poop; she thought nothing of it and just emptied her bowels into the back of her nappy. Her dummy had come out of her mouth, she tried to pick it up but her hands were encased in mittens. She really missed her dummy and started to cry. At this point a man walked into the room.

‘There, there baby don’t cry. I see my baby has lost her dummy.’

The man picked up Sophies dummy and put it back into her mouth. She looked around the room; she was in a large crib. The room itself was decorated in babyish wallpaper it had pictures from nursery rhymes on it and a border around the middle that displayed the alphabet. There was a large changing table in the corner of the room, the shelves underneath it were packed full of fresh disposable nappies. There was also a large playpen in the room; it was packed full of toys and teddy bears. The man who was standing over the crib was about the same adult age as Sophie, maybe a little older, he had a shaven head and a kind face, he was smiling down on her, he reached down and put his fingers into the front of her nappy.

‘I see my baby is all wet’ the man sniffed in the air ‘oh and messy as well.’

The man reached down and picked Sophie up with little effort, she looked back into the crib and saw Jenny lying there still asleep. He carried her to the changing table he laid her down and proceeded to change her messy nappy. He was so good at it, she didn’t have to move. Afterwards he picked her back up and rocked her, she was feeling sleepy again, and she was soon asleep.

‘That’s it my baby you go back to sleep now. Night night Sophie.’

‘Soph. Soph. Sophie wake up.’

Sophie opened her eyes, Jenny was shaking her.

‘It’s two in the afternoon you lazy mare.’

‘Oh Jenny I had the most wonderful dream.’

Sophie went on to tell Jenny all about her dream, how they had been babies with a proper daddy. Sophie was a little sad that it was just a dream and not the real thing.

‘I think we better get you nappy changed Soph, before you start to leak.’

Sophie got of the bed and laid on the floor, she was sucking her dummy as Jenny changed her soggy nappy. Sophie was deep in thought.

‘What are you so thoughtful about Soph?’

‘Oh nothing; I was just thinking how good it would be for us to have a daddy to change us and look after us.’

‘Yeah it would be great wouldn’t it? But where are we going to find a daddy?’

‘I don’t know Jen but I want one so bad.’

There was nothing either of them could do, they just spent the day tidying up and changing each others nappies. Later on in the afternoon they both went out to get some more nappies and supplies. Jenny went to get the nappies from the chemist whiles Sophie went to the supermarket to get some food in. Sophie decided to get some more baby powder and got very aroused walking down the baby aisle. She looked at all the nappies and saw the dummies that Jenny had bought them right next to the bottles. Sophie done a double take when she noticed the bottles, she picked one up. Sophie looked at the bottle; it had a Winnie the Pooh design to it. Sophie couldn’t resist and put two of them into her basket. She then went to the check out and paid for the items. As she got outside Jenny was waiting.

‘Come on girl lets get back home.’

They both walked back down the road to their flat laughing and joking. A few hundred yards from the flat Jenny stopped.

‘What are you doing Jen?’

‘I’m wetting my nappy Soph.’

Jenny stood in the middle of the street wetting her nappy, she finished and they walked a few more feet when Sophie stopped.

‘Are you wetting as well Soph?’

‘No Jen; I’m pooping myself.’

Sophie squatted down and filled her waiting nappy. They both laughed again and carried on walking.

‘It’s a good job nobody is around’ said Jen.

‘Well nobody is going to be able to tell we are wearing nappies are they?’

‘I suppose not.’

They reached the flat and went in.

‘Phwoar Soph I think you need a change.’

Sophie giggled ‘I think you are right Jen.’

‘Well go and lie down then and I’ll be in in a few minutes.’

Sophie did as she was told and went to lie down in her room as she lay there she wet her nappy again. Jenny came in a few minutes later bringing in Sophies dummy, she had hers in her mouth.

‘Here you go Soph; now lets get you changed.’

‘Thank you mummy.’

Jenny got Sophie all cleaned up and in a fresh nappy; as she taped it up she grabbed Sophies feet and gave them a little tickle; Sophie laughed really hard.

‘Stop it Jen.’

Jenny just kept going and tickled her even more; Sophie thrashed around.

‘Ha ha ha, Jenny stop please.’

‘What is my little baby going to do about it?’

Sophie couldn’t speak for laughing she was thrashing around; Jenny was showing her no mercy she just kept going. A few minutes later Sophie wet her nappy.

‘See Soph you really are a baby.’

‘Well you know I always wet myself when I’m tickled, especially my feet. Remember that time in school when you tickled me and I wet myself in the playground?’

‘Oh yeah; that was so funny.’

‘It wasn’t for me.’

‘Sorry Soph.’

They went on for hours about the things that they used to do when they were at school; they talked about the teachers, the boyfriends, the subjects and the cartoons they used to watch every night. They even talked about the sweets they used to eat.

‘Whoa Soph have you seen the time? It’s 8pm; we will have to make something to eat.’

‘Is it really that late?’

‘I know we have been talking and playing for hours; don’t forget that we didn’t get up until after 2pm’

They both went through to the kitchen and cooked themselves a ready meal; then they sat down in front of the TV and were watching BBC 3s’ Sex Warts and All Down Under; it is a show about sexual diseases but also deals with strange fetishes this particular one was based in Australia. Just before the end of the programme they went to Sydney and showed a website called; Sophie and Jenny watched in delight as the show revealed more about the site. It turned out that it was a site that dealt with water-sports and panty pissers as well as an adult baby section; they couldn’t believe that there was something like that.
‘Soph go get your laptop quick.’

Sophie went and got her laptop and hooked it up to the internet; they went on the site. It was unbelievable; there were loads of people from around the world that were into exactly the same things as Sophie and Jenny. They found a few other sites where they could post messages to other ABs and even chat live online. They read a few posts as well and found one that particularly interested them; it was a daddy who was looking for a baby girl; what is more is that he was from their area. Sophie wanted to get in touch with him; they looked at his profile and Sophie gasped.

‘What’s up Soph?’

‘This guy looks virtually the same as the one that was our daddy in my dream.’

‘That’s spooky.’

They looked at his profile; he was a few years older than them and he had MSN instant messenger; they decided to leave him a message.

Dear Daddy,

We are two 18 year old girls that want to be babies the problem is we need a daddy. Please can you get back in touch so we can talk.

Sophie and Jenny xxxxxxx

Within minutes of sending the message daddy replied; he told them all about himself and gave them his MSN addy. The girls could hardly contain their excitement as they talked for hours with the daddy. He was very interested in being a daddy to them and they said that they would all keep in touch. They left the chat that night feeling great; at 3 am they logged off and decided to go to sleep.

‘Jenny; before we go to bed I have a surprise tonight.’

‘What is it?’

‘Well we have our nappies and dummies but no bottles.’ Sophie pulled the baby bottles out of her bag ‘so here we go.’

Jennys eyes lit up; she looked at the bottles and grabbed them off Sophie.

‘Awwwwwwww Soph these are fantastic.’

Jenny went and cleaned out the bottles and filled them both up with milk, she warmed them up and handed one to Sophie. They both took their bottles and went to bed. They both sat there in silence and emptied their bottles, put their dummies in their mouths and lay down. Sophie turned out the light.

‘Good night Jenny.’

‘Good night Sophie.’

They both cuddled up to each other and went to sleep.

Daddy was back again; Sophie and Jenny were playing in their playpen when he came over.

‘Right baby Sophie it is time for your bath.’ Daddy reached down into the playpen and gave Jenny a bottle to drink before picking Sophie up and carrying her to the bathroom.

Sophie was in heaven she was completely in her daddies care. Daddy took Sophie to the changing table and undressed her; he wiped her poopy bum clean with the baby wipes and then carried her to the bathroom. He laid her down in the lukewarm water and pulled her dummy out of his pocket, cleaned it and put it in her mouth. Sophie just laid there in the bath as her daddy washed her and made sure she was nice and clean he even washed her hair. When he was satisfied that he had done his job he got her out of the bath and dried her off with the towel. He blow dried her hair and put it in pig-tails before wrapping her in the large towel and carrying her back to the changing table. He went over to check on Jenny who had fallen asleep before coming back to Sophie.

‘Well my little baby, let’s get your skin nice and smooth eh.’

Daddy got out a bottle of baby oil and massaged it into every inch of Sophies skin, she moaned in pleasure as he completely soothed her. The massage done he got out a fresh nappy; he unfolded it and placed it under Sophies bum, he then powdered her and fastened the nappy tightly round her waist. Sophie felt very turned on but also very tired the bath had lavender oil in it; that coupled with the massage had totally relaxed her. Daddy got out her large baby-grow and put it in her he also placed her hands in the mittens; he picked her up and sat in the large rocking chair with Sophie on his knee. He then got out a Winnie The Pooh story book and opened it up.

‘Does my baby want a bedtime story?’ He could already see that she was tired her eyes were closing.

‘Yes daddy.’ Sophie said through her dummy with her eyes half closed.

Daddy started to read the story; Sophie lasted one page before she was asleep; a little drool dribbling down her cheek; daddy wiped it up and put Sophie into the crib.

‘Goodnight baby; see you in the morning.’ Daddy kissed her on the cheek.

Sophie woke up she was so turned on she could feel her pussy so hot and wet; she began to rub the front of her nappy again thinking of what a daddy would bring for them. Sophie came hard her mind racing with all things daddy and baby. She then went back to sleep.

It had been a week since the now life changing wetting that Sophie had experienced and she was due to see the doctor again. A lot had happened in the last week it was quite unbelievable how fast things had progressed. She was scheduled to have a 9am appointment it was now 7:45 am Sophie got up and undressed she took off her very wet nappy and got a shower. Jenny was awake when Sophie got out of the shower.

‘Morning Jenny; will you put my nappy on for me? I’ve got to go to the doctors soon.’

‘Of course I will Soph; you want me to come with you?’

‘No you are ok Jen I will be ok.’

Jenny put a nappy on Sophie and she got herself dressed. Sophie made sure that she had the trousers that the nurse had lent her last time; she packed herself a spare nappy in case she had to take this one off then she set off.

‘GOOD LUCK!’ Jenny shouted as Sophie went out of the door.

Sophie walked down to the bus stop and boarded her bus; soon she was at the doctors.

The receptionist told Sophie to take a seat; she didn’t have to wait long until she was called to see the doctor. Sophie took a deep breath and walked down the corridor and knocked on Dr. James’ door.

‘Come in.’

Sophie entered the doctors office.

‘Ah Sophie how are you doing?’

‘I’m fine thanks.’

‘How are you coping with your problem?’

‘Um ok; I still can’t tell when I’m wetting my nappy though.’

‘Well I’ve had a look at your test results and there are no infections or diseases.’

‘So what is wrong with me then doctor?’

‘Well I would say it is down to stress; have you been stressing a lot about anything lately?’

‘Well I’ve been a little worried about my exams and the results not to mention more stress when this started to happen.’

‘It is a common problem Sophie especially with people who are going through exam pressures. It will sort itself out over time. I will make an appointment for you to see me in a few weeks if you are still having the problems. If there are no problems then just ring up and cancel it. You will be fine; just relax as much as you can.’

‘Well it’s a relief to know that I am not sick; thank you for your help doctor.’

Sophie shook Dr. James’ hand and asked her to give back the trousers to nurse Cook; she left the surgery feeling a lot better. Sophie went to get her bus and decided to get a bottle of wine on the way home to celebrate her clean bill of health. Sophie went home where Jenny was waiting anxiously.

‘So; how did it go?’

‘I’m fine; no medical problems it is just stress the doctor says it will pass.’

‘Oh Soph that’s great news.’

‘Well Jen I have an appointment in a few weeks if it is still happening; she said that I can cancel if I’m better.’

‘That’s great Soph.’

‘Well Jen I’m not going anyway; I want to be a baby.’

‘I thought that you might want to do that.’

‘So Jen you can go without nappies now because I’ve made my decision I’m staying in them forever.’

‘Sophie; I’m as into them as you. I want to be a baby as well.’

‘Brilliant; we can be baby sisters together now all we need is a daddy for us so lets hope that guy will do it.’

With that both girls ran to the living room; Sophie grabbed her laptop and turned it on. She had a new email; it was from him, she opened it up.

Hello baby girls,

I really enjoyed our chat last night and I would love to be a daddy to the both of you. Get back in touch so we can talk on the phone and then meet up.

See you soon

Daddy xxx.

Sophie and Jenny were so excited they went and got their dummies and bottles then went to find daddy. They messaged their daddy and he replied; for the next few hours they chatted and sent pictures to daddy and daddy returned the favour; they spoke on the phone and were itching to meet their future daddy.

‘When do you reckon we should meet him Soph?’

‘Well I want to meet him as soon as possible; how about next week?’

‘Sounds ok to me, lets tell him.’

They phoned their daddy back and told him to meet them in the city centre at noon on the following Tuesday; they were going to meet in the big McDonalds right in the centre.

‘Daddy what is you name?’

‘My name is Daddy to the babies.’ With that daddy hung up.

‘Ooh a mysterious guy I cant wait till we meet him Soph.’

The week passed slowly, there was no university to help pass the time and daddy was not online much because he was working. Sophie was talking to daddy a lot on the phone she spent a lot of time just talking and asking him what he was going to do with her. Daddy was getting Sophie very wet and excited every time they spoke he just knew what to say. The first time was the best; Sophie had never experienced anything like it before; sure she had cum before but never so intense. The telephone conversation started out normal enough but daddy had turned her on so much and she told him. Daddy began to talk;

‘I have just changed you into a dry nappy, you are sucking on your dummy and you are feeling very horny.’

Sophie was starting to put her fingers inside her nappy and began to rub her tingling pussy.

‘I take my hand and starting at your feet I bring them slowly up your legs, past your knees and up your inner thighs. I reach your nappy and begin to rub the front of it; you moan with pleasure and bring your hand on top of mine pushing your nappy into your pussy. I remove my hand and slip a few fingers inside feeling how wet you are; I begin to rub your pussy and you push down on your nappy; I’m in now deeper and getting faster and faster.’

Sophie was very excited she had never been this horny before, he carried on talking more and more saying all the right things; Sophie was playing with herself and was really close to cumimg hard.

‘o…o……o………ooooohhhhh. Daddy.’ Sophie came hard her back arching as she felt every wave of pleasure make its way up her spine.

‘Did my baby like that then?’

‘Oh yes daddy I liked it very much.’

They carried on talking for a little longer Sophie was really looking forward to the first meeting. Sophie spoke with daddy a few more times that week, she was tempted to meet him early a few times and had to try real hard to stay at home.

Finally it was Monday night and the girls were getting very excited.

‘What shall I wear Soph?’

‘Well we can’t wear anything too tight or too short otherwise the whole world will see our nappies. I think it is probably best to wear our baggy jog pants and t-shirts.’

‘Good call Soph.’

They got their clothes ready and got changed for bed. In what was now becoming the routine they drank their warm bottles of milk before taking their dummies and going to sleep. They fell asleep in each others arms again.

Sophie was playing in the playpen with Jenny when Daddy came in and checked Jennys nappy.
‘It looks like baby Jenny is all wet.’

He lifted Jenny out of the playpen and took her to the changing table; Sophie watched as daddy went about changing Jenny. Sophie remembered how much she enjoyed the nappy changes and rubbed her hand over the front of her nappy; she was getting herself off by just watching Jenny get her nappy changed.

Sophie awoke again this time she was rubbing herself; she slid a few fingers inside her nappy and began to work her tingling clitoris; she felt so good she pulled her fingers out and began rubbing the nappy pushing the wet inside of it close to her pussy she rubbed harder and faster; Sophie brought herself to a mind blowing climax yet again. She was really enjoying these dreams and couldn’t wait for it to happen for real.

Jenny was the first to wake up on the Tuesday morning she looked over at Sophie who was still asleep with her dummy in her mouth. Jenny stretched out and felt her nappy, she was wet. Jenny had been waking up with a wet nappy over the last few days, she was wetting in her sleep again. Jenny was about to wake Sophie up when she felt her stomach cramp up she rolled over onto her belly and gave a push; Jenny laid there as she filled her nappy.

‘Soph, wake up.’ Jenny shook Sophie awake.

‘What time is it?’ Sophie rubbed her eyes.

‘It 8am, we will have to start getting ready.’

They both got out of bed and went to shower, they put each other in nappies and got dressed. All of this took 2 hours after which they made some breakfast. They left the flat at 11am to get into the city centre on time. They are both excited about meeting their daddy.

At noon both the girls are sitting in the McDonalds when they see their daddy approach.

‘Hi I’m Sophie and this is Jenny.’ Both girls stand up.

‘Hi Sophie and Jenny, you can call me daddy.’

Daddy shakes both girls’ hands and he offers to buy them a meal, the three of them sit and talk while eating a meal.

‘So, do you both want to be babies then?’

‘Well we both are already, Jenny joined me after I started to suffer some incontinence.’

‘How old do you both like to be?’

‘Well I want to be 2’ says Sophie

‘I want to be 2 as well’

‘Well then girls what sort of supplies do you have at the moment?’

‘We have nappies, a dummy each and a bottle each’ explains Jenny.

‘Well we will have to buy you both some other things won’t we? Eat up we are going to go shopping.’

Daddy takes out his pen and gets a piece of scrap paper from his pocket and begins to write down a list. They then go shopping and buy the things that they need.

‘So daddy when can you start?’ Sophie asks

‘As soon as you want baby.’

‘How about tonight then, you can spend the night in our place.’

Jenny looked at Sophie.

‘That’s a great idea Sophie. How about it daddy?’

‘Well girls it is a very good idea but I have a better one. Why don’t you both come to mine and stay in my adult baby nursery.’

Jenny and Sophie nearly came in their nappies by the sheer thought of what daddy had just said; it didn’t take them long to agree to go to their daddies nursery and very soon they were on the way.

Daddy took the girls on the bus to his house they were excited all the way there. Daddy got them off the bus and walked them to his house; it was a beautiful house it had a garden to the front and back, it was painted nicely and was detached. Daddy took them inside and straight to the nursery; he opened the door and they just stared in amazement.

The room was decorated exactly as Sophie had seen in her dreams; the wallpaper was pictures from nursery rhymes with a border displaying the alphabet, there was a large crib in one corner, a changing table in another and a massive playpen; this was the man of Sophies dreams.

‘So, what do you think then?’ Daddy could see the look in the babies’ eyes.

‘Oh my god it’s gorgeous.’ Sophie was delighted.

‘It’s superb.’ Jenny was just as happy.

'Well I see you two are wearing so we should really get you changed. I will change Jenny first. Sophie you can wait in the playpen. Sophie really wanted to be the first but daddy knew what he was doing. Sophie watched as Jenny was changed into a fresh nappy she was then dressed in a gorgeous baby grow. Daddy brought Jenny over to the playpen and placed her down her hair was in pig-tails and she looked so cute in the baby-grow sucking her dummy.

‘Right then Sophie I think it is your turn.’

Daddy picked Sophie up and took her to the changing table; he laid her down and began to undress her. First he took off her t-shirt revealing the top of her nappy, then he moved down to her trousers; pulling them down her legs he pulled her trainers off with the trousers. Sophie was now lying there in just her nappy and a pair of socks.

‘I see my baby is very wet.’

‘Yes daddy.’

Daddy unfastened Sophies wet nappy and pulled the front of it down, he could see how wet her throbbing shaven pussy was; he pulled the nappy away from under her and got out the baby wipes. He wiped her down teasing her as he made sure her pussy was clean deliberately slowing down. Sophie moaned as he touched her; next he got out a fresh nappy and lifted her bum off the table sliding it under her. He powdered her well rubbing it in and taping the nappy closed. Daddy then got out another baby-grow and started to put Sophie into it, he got out a dummy and placed it in her mouth. Sophie felt completely content as daddy picked her up just like a baby and placed her in the playpen with Jenny.

‘Now you two babies play nice I’m going to get you a bottle each.’

‘Yes daddy.’ They both answered in unison.

Sophie and Jenny sat there in an oversized playpen filled with loads of cuddly toys, blocks and balls.

‘How good is this Jen?’

‘I can’t believe we are doing this Soph, who would have thought that this was going to happen?’

The new baby girls sat there playing with blocks and sucking on their dummies waiting for daddy to bring them their bottles. They were both the picture of cuteness. After about 15 minutes they could hear their daddy approaching.

‘Here we go babies.’ Daddy handed them their bottles of warm milk.

The babies instantly put their bottles in their mouths and started to drink the warm milk. In little more than 5 minutes they were empty. Daddy picked up Jenny and put her head on his shoulder; he began to rub her back giving a little pat here and there, he was trying to wind her. Jenny didn’t know what daddy was doing until she let out a loud burp.

‘That’s better isn’t it my baby girl?’

‘Yes daddy.’

Daddy gave Jenny a kiss on the cheek and put her back in the playpen. Sophie who had just watched what went on was waiting for daddy to do the same for her; he did.
With both the babies now changed and fed daddy had time to do some things himself.

‘Right now my precious little baby girls; I have got to go and do something so I want you to play nice now ok? I’ve left the baby monitor on so I will be able to hear you.’

With that daddy gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and left the room. The warm milk in the bottles had started to take effect and the girls were feeling a little sleepy. Jenny crawled over to Sophie who was by all the cuddly toys and the pair of them cuddled up together amongst all the teddies and promptly fell asleep.

Daddy decided that he would check on his baby girls and went upstairs to see them asleep together. He went over to check their nappies; he bent over and inserted one finger under the leg band of Jennys nappy feeling a very wet little girl she was sleeping so peacefully he decided not to wake her. He went to check Sophies nappy; as he inserted his finger into her nappy she started to wake up.

‘Daddy, what are you doing?’

‘I’m just checking if my baby is wet.’

‘I’m always wet daddy, and right now I am so horny, do to me now what you have done on the phone.’

Daddy needed no second invitations and picked Sophie out of the playpen; he carried her to the changing table and took off her baby grow. Making sure she still had her dummy he went to work. He started to stroke her neck with the index fingers on each hand. He stroked the side of her neck softly and gently spending a few minutes to really get her in the mood; next he brought his fingers around to her front and they met in a point just above her heaving breasts; he opened up his hands and caressed her breasts so softly and rubbed her erect nipples; he worked his way to her torso pushing his hands down her stomach moving closer to her nappies waistband. Sophie gasped as he reached the top of her nappy, her whole body waiting with intensity for daddy to rub her. His hands were inside her nappy and resting just above her pussy, she could feel the tips of his fingers so close to her pulsating pussy. He pulled out his hands and began to massage the front of her nappy she groaned as he pushed the wet inside onto her pussy; keeping one hand massaging the front of her nappy daddy slid his other hand into the nappy and slipped a finger in her. Sophie was very wet she moved her hands to join daddies pushing and rubbing the front of her nappy. Daddy started to get faster and faster moving up and down and in little circles; Sophie was grinding her hips to his rhythm. She was so close to coming; he didn’t let up and just carried on rubbing her pussy. A few minutes later Sophie screamed out in ecstasy she came harder than ever before her body turned to jelly she was in heaven. Daddy let his baby girl enjoy the moment before he spoke.

‘Well it looks like my baby enjoyed that! I’m going to go run you a bath get you all cleaned up you dirty little girl.’

Daddy leaves baby Sophie on the changing table with her body still feeling every pulse. In little more than 5 minutes daddy comes back to the nursery to get his baby girl to the bath. Sophie is still lying there sucking on her dummy as daddy comes to pick her up; he picks her off the changing table and carries her to the bathroom; he has run her a bubble bath in which there are rubber ducks. Daddy checks the water temperature and satisfied that it is ok he picks up Sophie and places her into the warm water. Sophie giggles as the bubble tickle under her arms and she starts to play with the rubber ducks. Daddy takes a jug and wets Sophies hair and then washes it. Then he takes a wash cloth and soaps it up well; he soaps up his baby girl making sure that she is clean. He lets her play in the bath whiles he gets some things ready.

Daddy comes back to see Sophie still playing with the ducks.

‘Right baby girl let’s get you dried and into a clean nappy.’

Daddy lifts his baby out of the tub and dries her; he then picks her up and takes her to the changing table he gets out the baby lotion.

‘Let’s get my baby oiled up, keep her skin nice and soft.’

Daddy then oils Sophie massaging the oil into her skin; then he slides a fresh nappy under her bum and powders her finally taping the nappy up.

‘Time for your pyjamas I think baby.’

Daddy takes out another large baby grow with a picture of Eeyore on the front and puts it on Sophie. He fastens it up and places her dummy in her mouth then he picks her up and carries her to a large rocking chair; daddy sits down and Sophie is on his knee as he picks up a story book.

‘Does my baby want a story?’

‘Yes daddy.’

Daddy begins to read Sophie the story and can see her getting sleepy he begins to rock backwards and forwards until she has drifted off to sleep; he then gets up and carries her to the crib placing her down he gives her a kiss on the forehead.

‘Goodnight baby.’

Sophie had the strangest feeling of déjà vu and remembered dreaming this exact same thing days earlier; only this time it was not a dream.

Sophie rolled onto her side and wet her nappy before drifting of to sleep.

Sophie and Jenny: Chapter 3

Midway through the night Sophie woke up, she looked around and saw it was dark, in fact the room was in complete darkness. Sophie was afraid of the dark she felt scared, her dummy was not in her mouth and Jenny was not in the crib with her. Sophie felt so alone and very frightened, she began to cry. A few minutes later the door opened and in came daddy.

‘There there baby what is the matter?’

Sophie was crying uncontrollably but managed to tell daddy.

‘I sniff don’t like sniff being in the dark sniff on my own.’

Daddy instantly reached down and picked Sophie out of the crib and hugged her really tightly. He found her dummy and put it back in her mouth; Sophie received the dummy gratefully and began to calm down. Daddy took Sophie to the changing table and laid her down. He inserted his finger under the leg band of the nappy and felt it was wet so he proceeded to change Sophies’ nappy.

‘Daddy, where is Jenny?’ Sophie had no idea where Jenny had gone.

‘Jenny is downstairs baby I’ll tell you in the morning.’

‘Ok daddy.’

Sophie continued to suck on her dummy as daddy finished the nappy change. He picked her up and rocked her back to sleep before putting her back in the crib, as he left the room he switched on the night light.

‘Good night my gorgeous baby girl.’ He whispered as he closed the nursery door.

Daddy went back downstairs to where Jenny was sitting, she had calmed down immensely after her tantrum earlier on.

Jenny had woken a few hours earlier still in the playpen and in a very wet nappy, she had seen Sophie asleep in the crib sucking on her dummy. Jenny had felt the need to poop but didn’t want to go in her nappy, in fact she was starting to become uncomfortable with this whole arrangement, and she didn’t like the feeling of not being in control. Jenny had tried to call for daddy but he didn’t come, she also tried to get out of the playpen but found it almost impossible especially when she needed to go so bad. Jenny had felt so defeated and had tried to hang on for as long as she could, she walked the length of the playpen trying with all her might to hold on. After 20 minutes there was still no daddy Jenny didn’t want to shout and wake Sophie up, the pain had become unbearable. Jenny tried to hold on but found her body to be uncooperative and lost control into her already soaked nappy. Jenny burst into tears and fell to the floor landing on her bum and pushing the mess around her nappy, Jenny bawled quite loudly and was still crying as daddy burst through the door.

Daddy was very concerned about Jenny and picked her out of the playpen he helped get her nice and clean before inviting her downstairs.

‘Is Sophie ok?’ Jenny asked daddy.

‘Yes she is fine, just a little wet and scared. How are you feeling now?’

‘Ok I guess, sorry for that little episode.’

‘Hey it’s not a problem. What was it all about?’

Jenny went on to explain how she was uncomfortable being a baby girl, she apologised but she didn’t like being under somebody elses control.

‘Jenny, that is ok. Some people don’t like to be a baby they just like wearing nappies, they are called nappy or diaper lovers.’

Daddy went on to explain to Jenny all about the scene and the websites that she could visit. He explained the different roles people liked to play.

‘So Jen, what do you think you are?’

‘Well, I liked taking care if Sophie you know changing her nappies and that but I also like to wear a nappy myself. I guess I am a mummy who likes to wear also.’

‘Well Jenny I think you are right. So are you going to find yourself a baby?’

‘I don’t know how really.’

Daddy got up of the sofa and switched on his computer, he connected to the internet and went on a site. Daddy was looking over a site called DSDatabase when a MSN messenger window popped up.

‘Evening DC’

‘Who is that?’

‘Oh that is Paul, he is a baby from Northern Ireland.’

‘No I mean DC.’

‘DC is me Jenny. My screen name is DaddyCool. You should know that.’

‘Oh yes I remember now.’

Daddy entered into the conversation with Paul and was telling him about the evening events. Paul asked to speak to Jenny and Daddy was left sitting alone watching TV as the two of them talked for hours.

Jenny was enjoying the chat and liked the fact that he was an ex-soldier, she looked at pictures of him and fancied him a lot. They continued to talk and Jenny was telling Paul about herself. Jenny told Paul about Sophie and how she had worn nappies for the past few days to support her best friend. Jenny told Paul about that nights episode and how she had decided that she was a mummy.

At the other end of the line Paul got very excited hearing about Jenny being a mummy. They had gotten on so well and Paul wanted to meet up with her. He had wanted a mummy to take care of him for a long time, was this his chance?

Paul decided not to push the subject that night, after all he and Jenny had only met that night. No, he would ask for DCs help. In the meantime Jenny and Paul continued to talk and they really were getting on well.

It was 3am and Jenny was getting sleepy so she decided to call it a night and said goodnight to Paul and thanked him for the truly wonderful chat. Jenny turned around and saw daddy still on the sofa watching TV.

‘I didn’t know you were still up.’

‘Oh me, I’ll be up for a few more hours yet. Did you have a nice chat with Paul?’

‘Oh yes, it was brilliant, he is a really nice guy.’

Jenny talked for a while with daddy, they chatted about Paul and daddy told her that he was due to come over for a visit and she was welcome to meet him. Daddy had been talking with Paul for months and he told Jenny anything else she didn’t know.

‘There is something I want to ask you daddy.’

‘What is it Jen?’

‘Well I want to know what your name is, I mean I’m not a baby anymore so you can tell me.’

‘Ok Jen I suppose you’re right. My name is Phil.’

‘Phil, that’s a good name.’

‘Thanks I’m glad you like it.’

‘Well Phil I’m tired so I’m going to go to bed.’ Jenny got up and began to walk out of the room, she stopped and turned around. ‘Phil, where is my room?’

‘Well Jen I don’t think you will want to sleep in the crib so you can take my bed and I’ll bed down on the sofa.’

‘Thanks Phil.’

‘Don’t mention it. But will you do me a favour and check in on Sophie, if she is awake then you can give me a shout.’

‘Ok, no problem. Goodnight.’

‘Good night Jenny. Oh, there are some nappies under the changing table if you want to wear one for bed.’

‘Thanks Phil, I think I will wear a nappy, good night.’

Jenny left the room and climbed the stairs, she went into the nursery and saw Sophie fast asleep in the crib contently sucking on her dummy. Jenny walked over to the changing table took a fresh nappy and went to Phils’ bedroom closing the nursery door on a cute sleeping Sophie.

As the door closed Sophie turned over and moaned deeply, she was dreaming again.

Sophie was lying in her crib sucking on her dummy when daddy came in the room, she could see the early morning light cutting through the thin parting in the curtains. Daddy wished her a good morning and picked her up out of the crib walking over to the changing table. He cursed himself for forgetting something and walked out of the room. Daddy had only been gone a few minutes when another man walked into the room, Sophie had not seen this man before he was huge his face was covered over with a scarf. Sophie tried to call out for daddy but she could only mumble through her dummy. The stranger bent over Sophie and spoke in a deep husky voice, his eyes were black.

‘Your daddy can’t help you now little girl, you are on your own.’

The stranger grabbed Sophie and pulled her to the floor, she tried to get up but her legs wouldn’t work, she began to crawl. The stranger pulled out a long knife and began to chase after Sophie.

‘I’m going to cut you up for my bread’

Sophie began to cry she couldn’t crawl fast enough the stranger grabbed her by the ankles and raised the knife high into the air.

‘Goodbye baby girl’

Sophie screamed out as she saw the knife come through the air.

‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ Sophie screamed.

Sophie sat bolt upright and was crying uncontrollably she couldn’t make out where she was. Suddenly the door flew open, a man filled the light in the door way.

‘Baby what’s wrong?’

Daddy ran over to the crib and saw what a state Sophie was in. He reached down for her and she flew into his arms hugging him as tight as she could.

‘Shhhhhhhhh. Don’t worry baby it was just a bad dream.’

Daddy picked Sophie out of the crib and cuddled her tightly, she was soaked. Sophie had wet that much that her thick night-time nappies had leaked.

It took some time but Sophie calmed down.

‘You ok now baby?’

Sophie was still sniffing a little as she nodded.

‘What was the dream about then?’

Sophie proceeded to tell daddy all about her dream. Sophie told daddy about the stranger.
Daddy laughed.

‘Well I think that somebody has watched too much horror and read too much Jack and the Beanstalk.’

Sophie thought about it and realised that all those Nightmare on Elm Street movies had taken its toll.

‘Right then I think you need a little nappy change.’
Daddy put Sophie down on the changing table and began to clean her up.

‘Daddy, I don’t like bad dreams.’

‘I know baby, don’t worry about a thing dreams can’t hurt you.’

‘Can I sleep with you tonight daddy?’

‘Well I’m on the couch but you can join me if you want.’

Daddy finished getting Sophie changed and carried her downstairs, he sat on the sofa and had Sophie on his knee. Sophie sucked on her dummy and was soon fast asleep.
Daddy put Sophie on the sofa and covered her with the blanket he had on the back of it, he then went to the computer.

Paul was still online so Phil opened a chat window.

‘Alright mate.’

Paul wrote back and asked if Jenny was still there, Phil said that she had gone to bed and he was the only one still up. Paul asked Phil more about Jenny, what she was like and how she looked. Phil went through everything that he knew about Jenny, he told Paul about how he had come across Sophie and Jenny and the events of the last day.

‘Do you think that Jenny would like to be my mummy?’

‘I’m not sure mate, I can ask her.’

‘Would you? I could come over and meet her.’

Phil remarked how he thought it could be a good idea, both he and Paul had planned to meet up when Paul was next in England. They talked for a while about different things, Phil checking on the sleeping Sophie every now and then. At 6am Phil was ready to go to bed so he bid a good night to Paul and shut down the computer.

Sophie was still asleep on the sofa, she looked so cute sucking on her dummy, Phil had to disturb her to get on the sofa though.

‘Sorry baby, daddy needs his sofa to go to sleep.’
Sophie was a little groggy and half sat up, daddy picked her up then sat down with her on his knee, she was still half asleep. Daddy lay down on the sofa with Sophie lying on top of him, he put his arm around her and kissed her forehead then he covered them both with the blanket and they went to sleep.

Sophie woke up a little after 11am, she was still lying on top of daddy on the sofa. The funny thing was is that she didn’t remember daddy being on the sofa with her when she went to sleep and the other thing was she didn’t see Jenny anywhere. Sophie thought for a while Jenny must be asleep in the crib upstairs; Sophies thoughts drifted to her nappy, she reached down and felt it, she was a very wet baby girl and now she needed to poop. Sophie looked around for her dummy which was now out of her mouth, she found it next to daddy. Sophie picked up her dummy and put it back in her mouth, she then lay back down listening to her daddies heart beat. Sophie felt the urge to poop again and gave a little push, she filled her waiting nappy and felt so happy, just like a baby girl again.

‘Daddy’ Sophie shook her daddy ‘Daddy I need my nappy changing’

Daddy woke up a little and looked at the gorgeous baby girl lying with him.

‘Good morning baby.’ Daddy sniffed the air. ‘Well I think my baby girl has a messy nappy.’

Sophie blushed as she nodded her head. Daddy sat up with Sophie still on his knee, he put her to one side, stood up and stretched giving a loud yawn in the process. Daddy then picked up his baby and walked over to the stairs climbing them to the nursery. Sophie was amazed at how easy he seemed to be able to carry her around, she liked it, it made her feel so small. Sophie was getting a little turned on by her situation. Daddy took her into the nursery and over to the changing table. As expertly as always daddy changed the baby girl, he noticed how wet Sophie was becoming.

‘Is my little baby girl getting horny?’

Sophie looked down at daddy nodding. Daddy carried on with the nappy change regardless, he rubbed the talcum powder into her skin, Sophie moaned in pleasure as he slowly rubbed her throbbing pussy, still he carried on he pulled up the front of her nappy and taped it shut. Sophie was aching to cum, she tried to slip her hand into her nappy but daddy smacked it.

‘Naughty girl, you leave yourself alone.’

Sophie looked at daddy, tears in her eyes, she needed to relieve the pressure building up inside of her.

‘But daddy.’

Sophie was so desperate, she closed her legs tight hoping that the inside of her nappy would somehow touch her hot, wet pussy. Daddy saw this and pulled her legs apart, she moaned again. Daddy had a hand on each of Sophies knees, he looked into her eyes and slowly started sliding his hands up her thighs, he got closer to her nappy and touched the front of it pushing hard. Sophie moaned in pleasure as daddy began to massage the front of her nappy, it felt so good. Daddy spent a few minutes massaging her nappy then suddenly he stopped.

‘Daddy why have you stopped?’

Daddy looked at Sophie and winked, he bent over the changing table and kissed her deeply, his hand once again on the front of her nappy. Daddy slid his hand over the nappy and towards the waistband, then he slid his hand under the waistband and inside the nappy. Daddy finished kissing Sophie and put her dummy back in her mouth. His hand now inside Sophies nappy daddy was rubbing her pussy. Sophie was moaning in pleasure as he rubbed, he was using his finger to play with her clitoris. Sophie was so hot inside the nappy, her breath shortened and her body tensed, she was about to explode. Sophie screamed loudly as she cum hard in her nappy, her body shaking all over. Daddy removed his hand from Sophies nappy, he once again removed her dummy and kissed her, then he left the room leaving Sophie to get over the climax she had just experienced.

Sophie was still feeling the effects of the climax when daddy returned.

‘Right then baby shall we get you some breakfast?’

Daddy picked Sophie up and carried her back downstairs to the kitchen, he sat her on a chair and told her to wait. Sophie watched as daddy went over to a door and pulled it open, she couldn’t see what he was doing until the door closed and daddy was standing there with an adult sized highchair.

‘Oh daddy that is brilliant.’

Daddy brought the highchair over to the table and lifted the front of it, he then picked Sophie off the chair and placed her into the highchair strapping her in and lowering the front again. Sophie was in heaven, everything she wanted daddy seemed to have ready for her, she was watching him prepare breakfast.

Daddy placed a bowl of Weetabix in front of Sophie.

‘Is my baby going to feed herself?’

Sophie nodded and daddy tied a huge bib around her neck and handed her a spoon, she began to feed herself the warm Weetabix. Daddy watched as Sophie was making a mess of herself, the Weetabix all round her face and on the bib. Sophie was really enjoying herself.

‘What a messy baby you are.’

Sophie looked up, Jenny was standing in the doorway.

‘Jenny, where have you been?’

Jenny smiled at Sophie and walked over, she collected a cloth from the sink on the way over and proceeded to wipe Sophies face. All finished she kissed Sophie on the forehead and wished her a good morning.

‘Where is your nappy Jen?’

‘Well Soph, there is something I need to tell you.’

Jenny went on to explain the previous nights events and how she didn’t want to be a baby. Jenny was telling Sophie about Paul and how Phil had helped her to realise what she was.

‘That’s fine Jen but I do have one question.’

‘Go ahead baby girl.’

‘Who is Phil?’

Jenny laughed remembering that Phil wouldn’t tell them his name when they were babies.

‘Oh, err, Phil is your daddies name Soph.’

‘Is it? I like it.’

Jenny carried on explaining about her situation and told Sophie that she would help daddy take care of her.

‘Wow, so now I have a mummy and a daddy.’

Sophie was so excited. Jenny explained that she would help daddy look after her but Sophie would now have to call Jenny mummy and not by her name. Sophie agreed still very much excited about having a mummy and a daddy.

For the rest of the morning Jenny took care of Sophie while daddy caught up on some much needed sleep. Jenny played games with Sophie, changed her nappies and fed her bottles. They watched cartoons on TV and drew pictures. It was during the picture drawing that Jenny wanted to speak to Sophie friend to friend.

‘Soph, can I talk to you as a friend?’
‘Sure Jen, fire away.’

Jenny explained to Sophie about Paul, the man she had been speaking to the night before online. Jenny had fallen for him in a pretty big way, she especially liked the fact that Paul was also a baby.

‘I think I’ve got a crush on him Soph.’

‘Good for you Jen.’

‘Only you’ve got your wish, I really want to have mine.’

‘What do you mean Jen?’

‘Well, I want to meet Paul and if all goes well I really want to be his mummy.’

‘Jenny that is great.’

Sophie was happy for her friend, Jenny hadn’t had a boyfriend for ages, and she never could seem to find a decent man.

‘I just need to meet him now.’

‘Well Jenny why don’t you ask Phil to help you out?’

‘That’s a great idea Soph. I’ll do that.’

Jenny was glad of the chat and started to think of how she was going to get Paul.

‘Um Jenny.’

‘Yes Soph.’

‘I err need my nappy changing.’

‘Well then you had better ask me properly.’

‘Mummy, I’m all wet can you change my nappy?’

‘Ok baby, give me your hand.’

Sophie gave Jenny her hand and was led upstairs to the nursery. Sophie had to get herself on the changing table as Jenny couldn’t lift her up like Phil could. Jenny seemed pretty good at changing nappies, she done it almost as quickly as Phil. When the nappy change was done Jenny helped Sophie back down and took her to the playpen.

‘Now then baby, you stay in here and play whilst mummy goes and does some cleaning.’

‘Ok mummy.’

Sophie started playing with the toys in the playpen, Jenny turned on the TV in the corner switching on a Winnie the Pooh video, she then left the room turning on the baby monitor as she went. Sophie started to watch the TV sucking contently on her dummy.

Jenny went back downstairs to the kitchen and cleaned away the breakfast dishes, she had just put the kettle on when Phil came in.

‘Oh hi Phil. Do you want a cup of tea?’

‘Yes go on I’ll have one, thanks.’

Jenny made 2 cups of tea and sat down at the table with Phil.

‘Thanks for last night Phil, I’m sorry I was in such a state.’

‘Don’t worry about it. How is Sophie?’

‘Sophie is fine, she is watching Winnie The Pooh in the playpen.’

‘That’s good. How are you feeling?’

‘I’m fine. There is something I wanted to talk with you about.’

‘What is it?’

Jenny took a sip of her tea and then explained to Phil how she had been thinking about Paul.

‘Well Jenny, I think he feels the same way. In fact I know he has been looking for a mummy for a while.’

‘He has? Do you think that I could meet up with him?’

‘Well we have been meaning to meet up for a while so I could invite him here and you could meet him then.’

Jenny was excited about the idea. Phil told her that he would get right on it.

After his breakfast, Phil went to get dressed then went and switched on his computer. Paul was not online at the time so he sent him an e-mail.

Alright mate,

Good news, Jenny wants to meet up with you! If you are still coming to England next month then you can visit me here and meet her then. Let me know if you are interested (like you won’t be).

Later mate


Phil told Jenny that Paul was not online but she was welcome to go on the computer and wait if she wanted, he was going to see his baby girl. Jenny went to the computer and went on a few of the sites that Phil had told her about. In the meantime Phil went upstairs to the nursery.

Phil opened the nursery door and saw Sophie sitting there mesmerised by the TV, in fact she hadn’t even noticed that he had come into the room.

‘Hello my little baby girl.’

Sophie snapped out of her trance and turned to see her daddy, she smiled a beautiful smile.

‘Hewwo daddy.’

Sophie was excited to see her daddy that she forgot to take her dummy out of her mouth when she spoke. Daddy walked over to the playpen and picked Sophie up, he gave her a big cuddle and a kiss.

‘Has my baby been good for mummy?’

Sophie nodded her head. Daddy walked over to the rocking chair and sat down with Sophie curled up on his knee. He looked down at her and smiled to himself, she looked so cute, not to mention how gorgeous she was. Daddy was rocking the chair back and forth, it was making Sophie very sleepy, daddy could see her eyes dropping.

‘Is my baby tired?’

Sophie shook her head but daddy knew that she was not far off a nap. He continued to rock the chair back and forth watching his baby falling into a peaceful sleep. Carefully daddy picked Sophie up and carried her back to the crib, kissed her forehead and left the room. Sophie heard the door close and turned over, she was thinking of the past few days and felt so happy, she felt her nappy getting wet as she drifted into a deep sleep.

Daddy was back downstairs and could see Jenny tapping away at the keyboard.

‘Paul online then?’

‘Yes he is.’

‘Well is he going to come and see you?’

‘He said he would yes, you don’t mind him coming here do you?’

‘No not at all, I wouldn’t have said otherwise.’

Jenny smiled at Phil and continued to type. With Jenny busy and Sophie asleep Phil got himself down to some work, he was in the middle of decorating the hallway.

A month had passed, Sophie and Jenny had given up their flat, they had both moved in with Phil. Jenny was sleeping in an old camp bed in the nursery while Sophie was in daddies bed most of the time. It was quickly approaching the day when Paul was due over to meet his new mummy, Jenny was getting very excited.

Over the past month Jenny had been wearing a nappy quite a bit, she was enjoying wetting but didn’t like messing. Sophie in the meantime had now been in nappies full time for over 2 months, she was enjoying them so much. Phil was very happy with having both girls in his home, when he was in work Jenny would take care of Sophie as the both of them were still off from university. Daddy would get Sophie up before he went to work, change her nappy and put her in the playpen. Jenny would then take care of her breakfast and see to her through the day. Every evening when daddy returned from work he would give his baby a kiss then change her normally very wet nappy. Jenny would make the dinner and afterwards daddy would bath his baby girl. Occasionally they would all go out to the pub, it was one of the few times when Sophie was a big girl although she still had to wear her nappies because she was still wetting. The fact of the matter was is that Sophie wasn’t really interested in becoming in control of her bladder anymore, she liked her nappies too much. Jenny would also wear a nappy most of the time when they were out and got some funny looks when lads tried to feel her bum. The three of them were getting on really well.

Paul was due to visit in 2 days and Jenny was getting very excited, she had prepared a few things that she would need, it was decided that Paul would sleep in the nursery with Jenny looking after him whilst Sophie would sleep with daddy in his bed, she liked that better anyway.

‘So Jenny what have you got planned for Paul?’

Jenny had been getting on really well online with Paul they seemed to talk non-stop, even on the phone, they could be there for hours. Paul was also looking forward to meeting his new mummy. Jenny was planning to completely baby him for the few days that he was there. It still seemed so far away.
There was no such wait for Sophie though, her baby fantasies were being lived out every day. Sophie was enjoying being a baby especially having a daddy. She enjoyed bath times with daddy, he would run her a nice warm bubble bath and then undress her, he would then wrap her in a towel and carry her to the waiting water. Daddy would wash his baby well and let her play with the toys for a while. He would leave her for 10 minutes to play whilst he got her things ready. Daddy would let the water out and take his baby out of the bath and into the huge fluffy towel to get dried. Next he would take her back to the changing table and massage baby oil into her skin which now was very soft. He would powder her well before putting her into a nice clean nappy. Recently Sophie had just been wearing a nappy and a t-shirt for bed as the weather was quite hot. Bed times were also something that Sophie was really enjoying, she would stay up really late with daddy sometimes as late as 11pm. Daddy would carry her to bed and she would fall asleep in his arms sucking on her dummy. The whole experience was still turning Sophie on so much and many times daddies hands would be inside her nappy whilst he took care of her big girl urges.

With less than a day to go until Paul arrived Jenny was hyper, she couldn’t stay still. Jenny was cleaning the house and moving furniture around in the nursery.

‘Jenny will you please stop and sit still for 5 minutes.’

Phil had had enough of the constant moving around.

‘But I can’t I’m too excited.’

Jenny wouldn’t stay still.

‘Right, I’m doing this for your own good.’

Phil stood up and grabbed Jenny, he picked her up and took her to the nursery.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Well seems as you can’t seem to sit still for more than a minute, you are going to be put in the crib so you can’t get out. Then at least you will be still or in one place at least.’

Jenny protested but knew in was useless, Phil proceeded to place her in a nappy and put mittens on her hands, he then took her to the crib and put the sides right up, there was to be no escape for Jenny. Phil placed a dummy into Jennys mouth and left the room making sure the baby monitor was switched off. Jenny looked at the high bars on the crib knowing that she wouldn’t be able to get out, she began to cry a little but understood why Phil had done this to her. After a while Jenny lay down and slowly drifted to sleep.

‘Jenny…….Jenny wake up.’

Jenny slowly opened her eyes seeing Phil looking down at her.
‘Come on I will let you out now.’

Jenny smiled as Phil lowered the side of the crib and took off the mittens from Jennys hands.

‘There you go, now you can do whatever you want as long as you are not going to go hyper again.’

Jenny jumped up from the crib and went to the changing table, she felt the inside of her nappy which was a little damp so she decided to leave it on for a while. She went downstairs to see it had been cleaned up real nice, not only that but a man was sitting in one of the chairs drinking tea.

Jenny looked once then looked again. It was Paul. She flew over to the other side of the room and virtually rugby tackled Paul as he stood up to meet her.

‘You’re not meant to be here until tomorrow.’

‘Well me and DC thought we’d surprise you.’

Jenny was over the moon, it was the best surprise that she had ever had. Sophie was crying in the corner seeing her friend so happy. Together the four of them sat down, Sophie was on her daddies knee and Paul was on his brand new mummies knee. They chatted for a while about different things all of them getting on well.

After a little while Paul whispered into Jennys ear.

‘Mummy I’m wet, can you change me?’

Jennys heart skipped a beat, she was about to change her new babies nappy for the very first time. She told him to stand up and took him by the hand leading him up to the nursery. When they had left the room Sophie was talking to her daddy.

‘Did you see the look on Jennys face when she saw Paul?’

‘Yes baby I did, I knew she would be made up.’

‘I am so happy for Jenny now she has somebody and I have somebody as well.’

‘How is your nappy? Do you need a change?’ Daddy put his finger inside Sophies nappy, she was wet but it would wait.

Meanwhile in the nursery Paul was getting his nappy expertly changed by a very happy Jenny. She was so gentle with him like he really was a delicate little baby. Paul was also very happy and it showed when Jenny took his nappy down.

‘It looks like my baby is a happy boy.’

Paul just nodded and smiled behind the dummy he had in his mouth. Jenny thought about it and then gave him the best hand-job he had ever experienced. When she had finished Jenny casually cleaned him up and taped his nappy shut kissing him saying nothing about what had just happened. They both went back downstairs both of them beaming from ear to ear.

‘Well it looks like you two are getting on.’

Paul just smiled at Phil. They all sat back down and continued to talk. That night Paul slept in a crib under the watchful eyes of his adoring mummy, he was so happy.

For the next few days of Pauls visit both he and Jenny were rarely seen outside of the nursery. They were really enjoying talking with each other and their new found roles. On the evening before Paul was due to leave for Ireland he spoke with Jenny.

‘Jenny I want to ask you something very important.’

‘You can ask me anything Paul you know that.’

‘Well I’ve been thinking about our relationship and I really want it to continue.’

‘So do I Paul, I really like you a lot, but it is going to be hard with us being so far apart.’

‘Well that is what I wanted to say, I want you to come back with me.’

Jenny was taken aback, did he really mean it? Could she do it if he did? What about university?

‘Paul, I’d love to but what about my life here?’

‘Well I’ve been thinking of selling my house and then trying to move over here. We would only be back for a month or so whilst I find a buyer then we can move back to England and get a place of our own.’

Jenny thought about what Paul had just said, it did make sense, university didn’t start up again for a few months so it could be like a holiday.

‘Ok Paul. I’ll do it.’

Paul made the biggest smile Jenny had ever seen, he hugged and kissed her.

‘Brilliant Jen you won’t regret it.’

‘I’m sure I won’t baby, I’ve got to tell Sophie though.’
Jenny was dreading the moment when she would have to tell her best friend of 16 years that she was moving away, even if it was just for a short time. Sophie and Jenny had not been apart for more that a week in those 16 years, it was going to be tough. Jenny prepared herself for the moment rehearsing the words in her head over and over. Satisfied that she had all the right words she went to find Sophie.

Sophie was downstairs watching TV, she was sitting on the floor wearing nothing but her nappy and a t-shirt that had Piglet on the front.

‘Soph. Can I talk with you a minute? You know friend to friend.’

Sophie took her dummy out of her mouth and went and sat next to Jenny on the sofa.

‘What’s up Jen?’

‘Well Soph, me and Paul have been getting on really well these last few days and you know he is going back home tomorrow.’

‘Yes, that is a shame Jen, you seem so happy with him.’

‘Well Soph, he has asked me to go with him.’

Sophie looked at her friend on the verge of tears as she spoke.

‘What did you say Jen?’ Sophies own eyes were beginning to well up.

‘I said yes.’

Sophie looked at her best friend of 16 years telling her that they were going to be apart. Sophie couldn’t hold it back any longer and burst into tears, one look at her by Jenny and she to started crying.

‘Don’t worry Soph I’ll be back in about a month.’

Sophie looked at her friend, she was so upset. Sophie held her arms out and they both collapsed into each others arms. Both the girls were crying, their shoulders moving up and down.

‘You will be back won’t you Jen, you’re not just saying it?’

‘Of course I’ll be back, Paul is going to sell his house and we are going to move back over here.’

‘You make sure you do Jen, I need you.’

They were still crying in each others arms as Phil walked in from the kitchen.
‘Wow, what happened?’

Phil sat and listened as Jenny told him what was going to happen, Sophie was on his knee still crying, he gave her a huge hug.

‘Don’t worry baby, they will be back.’

Daddy wiped away Sophies tears and put her dummy in her mouth. Just then Paul walked in he saw the site in front of him.

‘I take it Sophie knows now then.’

Paul went over to Jenny and sat next to her, he cuddled her and they all just sat in silence for a few minutes.

Phil broke the silence. ‘Well mate I guess congratulations are in order.’

‘Thanks mate.’

‘You both deserve it.’

Sophie had stopped crying, she took her dummy out of her mouth.

‘Yes you both do. Sorry for being so dramatic’

‘Don’t worry Soph, I will take good care of Jenny and we will both be back once I have sold my house.’

Sophie was starting to become a little more ok with the idea, she was settled down a lot now.

‘You know you can both come back here when you have sold up. You can stay here while you find a house to buy.’

‘Thanks Phil, we might have to do that.’

‘Anyway, why are we all sitting here upset when we should be out enjoying our last night together.’ Phil lightened up the atmosphere a little.

That night the four of them went to the local pub and enjoyed there last night together, Phil was the only one of them not wearing a nappy. They all had a good time and returned back to the house just after 1am. Jenny and Paul went to the nursery and Phil and Sophie to his room. They all went to sleep.

The next morning Sophie was awake at 8am, she was thinking about Jenny leaving later that day, she got upset again. Her crying woke daddy up who instantly knew what she was thinking about and pulled her close to him.

‘Don’t worry baby, I’m staying with you.’

Sophie felt a little better with daddies arms around her.

Jenny and Paul were due to leave at 3pm their taxi was booked to the airport and they were all packed. They were all up and eating breakfast at 9am they ate in silence as if they were in mourning.

‘Well Soph, I think you need a bath and a nappy change my baby.’

‘Phil, would you mind if I done it?’

‘Ok Jen go right ahead.’

Jenny got up and went upstairs, she ran the bath and got some things ready, then she went back downstairs for Sophie.

‘Come on baby Sophie, let’s get you sorted out.’

Jenny lifted up the front of the high chair and unbuckled Sophie. Jenny then led Sophie upstairs. In the nursery Jenny undressed Sophie and wrapped her in a towel then led her to the bathroom.

‘Here we go baby, you get yourself in the bath and mummy will wash you.’

Sophie got herself in the bath and picked up her rubber duck.

‘Soph, I’m going to miss you so much.’

‘Don’t Jen you will have me crying again.’ They both laughed.

‘I really am going to miss you though.’

‘I’m going to miss you as well Jen but it won’t be for long. Promise me you will phone as much as you can.’

‘I will Soph. I will call everyday if I can.’

The pair of them reminisced about times past, laughing and joking about some of the things they had got up to. They each talked about how lucky they had been to meet nice guys and to be in the position they were now.

‘Well I suppose we better get you washed and put back into your nappies.’

Jenny took the flannel and washed Sophie, she got her all clean and than let out the water. Jenny took Sophie back to the changing table and put her back into her nappies. They then went downstairs.

That last morning with all of them together was a sombre affair, the atmosphere would lift but then get sad again. Three o’clock was approaching fast, soon they would all have to say goodbye. They were all talking about what they were going to do the next time they were together when they heard a beep outside.

‘Well that is out taxi Jenny.’

Sophie and Jenny looked into each others eyes, a sad look across each of their faces. Paul stood up and shook Phils hand.

‘Thanks for everything mate.’

‘No problems, you two have a safe journey.’

Phil and Paul carried the bags to the taxi leaving Sophie and Jenny alone in the living room.

‘Good luck Jen.’

‘And you Soph.’

‘Stay in touch.’

‘I will.’

‘I love you Jen.’

‘I love you Soph.’

They were now both hugging each other and sobbing.

‘Come on Jen or we will be late.’

Sophie followed Jenny to the door, they once again hugged each other, Jenny gave Phil a kiss on the cheek.

‘You take good care of her now.’

‘I will Jen, good luck girl.’

With that Jenny got into the taxi and closed the door. Once again Sophie and Jenny looked into each others eyes. The taxi starts to move Sophie was crying and so was Jenny. Jenny waved, Sophie waved back as she watched her best friend in the world disappear down the street.