Hi there everyone! Maggie here again, with another story of mine. Just a quick one today. I hope you guys like it!

It was curious really, how much Ali wasn’t sure. Her trembling fingers hovered over the mouse. Her chest felt a mixture of fear, confusion, but really above all pure lust. The thick adult diaper around her waist was a garment that most wouldn’t be wearing at her age. As a 22 year old college graduate, most would be slipping into their pajamas at 11 pm. Not Ali, no she was actually getting ready to slip a few things out of her mind.

“This… is…. Really big, Ali. Do you really want to do this?” She thought to herself. Her skepticism stemmed from the computer program in front of her. ‘Sonic.’ Read the title of the website. There was only one thing on the page, and it was a silver button for the user to click on.

What would happen if someone decided to click on the button? Everything. An intricate web of sonic sounds would begin pulsating into the brain. Unlike your average run of the mill music, these kind of sounds altered the connections in the brain in ways that’s never been done before. Memories, fundamental thinking, basic skills, even someone’s entire personality, it’d be completely scrambled into an unfathomable mess. Your brain would be entirely beyond repair, and that’s exactly what Ali was looking for.

Most people did it because they said it gave the user the greatest high on this planet. Of course, tons of junkies turned themselves into babbling drooling idiots just to feel that peak. However, tons of ABDL ranted and raved about how it was turning people into stupid, diaper filling babies. Apparently even the CEO had come straight out and said it was designed to send someone back into the mindset.

Anyone who has an ABDL fetish thinks about it. It’s always there in your mind, wondering what it’d be like to regress yourself all the way back. All the way until you can’t even remember who you were before. Ali had considered herself and ABDL for as long as she could remember. What really made her edge though, was the thought of her losing it fucking all. No matter what she was rubbing her plastic pants to. It could be the highest quality diaper porn around. The only thing that made her finally reach that climax were images of in her mind of rolling around the floor in a leaky diaper, without a single care in the world.

Now normally she was able to suppress that delicious desire whenever she was close to edging. But lately, it’d been getting harder and harder. Call it certain parts of her fetish growing stale. She needed something new… something to really push that boundary.

Ali stared at the computer screen. Not entirely sure if this was something she really wanted to do. Her final thoughts argued in her mind, “The new me wouldn’t even know the difference…. I would just be looking around for a new mommy to take care of me… nothing that I’ve done in life ever would have mattered…” She thought, feeling herself grow hornier at the though of throwing it all away. “I guess, all I’d ever know is pissing and shitting myself silly after this. I wouldn’t even have the chance to feel any remorse…” She said. Her face grew a little hot from the leap it seemed like she was really about to take.

Her finger was less than an inch away. She wanted it. She needed this. Nothing would matter after words if she did, so why not? She closed her eyes, and told herself to push it…

Nothing. She didn’t move her finger. “FUCK” She yelled, getting up from the chair. Her diaper crinkled loudly from the sudden movement. Her feet began to pace around the room, her mind arguing loudly on both sides.

“You really want to throw EVERYTHING away? Your job? Your car? For Christ sake it took you 5 years to get through Med school!” She reasoned, scratching her face in contemplation. The case against it wasn’t unreasonable. This was her entire adult life she was about to give up to become a perfect mindlessly diaper girl. She paced around for a few more minutes, the arguments in her mind slowly dimming.

The sound of her diaper crinkling took hold of her attention. Her thoughts quieted as she focused on it. The soft padding around her waist had made her feel the most secure in life, ever since the day she taped one on out of curiosity. She stopped and placed her hand on the front of her diaper. The feeling of the plastic on her hands felt like electricity through her arm. Her gaze caught the computer screen.

“No. Fuck this. I’m not an adult anymore.” She thought, pushing on her bladder suddenly. It took a split second later before her diaper started to warm with the wet pee. Her right thumb popped right into her awaiting mouth. “I’m a dumb baby, that doesn’t know how to do anything anymore.” She started walking toward her chair. “I want to be a baby, I want to be stupid.” She said, already trying to slip into her roll before even pressing the button. It’s not like she would remember this moment anyways. Acting like the baby she was about to become just felt right. “Maybe in another world I’m smart, but from now on, I can’t even keep my pants dry. Bye bye brain!” She said. With a devious smile, she clicked the silver button.

In an instant the entire world seemed to stop. A low frequency “BOOoooommm” Was all she heard, before it started to drone out. Her vision became incredibly blurry, and partially pixilated at the edges. She defiantly couldn’t move, but for the most part, she actually could still think relatively normal. She had absolutely no clue how much time had past, but it didn’t feel long before her “Normal thinking” started to change.

It started with recent memories. She remembered herself picking up a gallon of milk to put her carriage. As quickly as she thought of it, it instantly popped away. When she tried thinking of that memory a split second later, her brain lead her to the sensation of touching wood. Then just as quickly as that was the connection, it was rewired into her core concept of the color red.

She tried saying the words, “Oh fuck” but it came out as, “Phhrsshhhhh baaa…” with lines of heavy droll suddenly flowing out of her gaping mouth. Her entire head was becoming a mushy scrambled mess. The more each memory or skill got rewired and chopped up, the more her brain devolved into a lesser state. Some connections in her mind just simply didn’t make any sense anymore. For example, if she tried thinking about sitting up, her brain would think she meant she suddenly wanted to push a messy load into her awaiting pants. If she wanted to ask someone for a glass of milk, she would instantly start pouring tears out of her eyes. None of it really made sense, but that’s just how a mind broken diaper girl thinks.

A lot of her just started to melt away as well. Her core personality started to collapse into one of a mindless baby. Every experience she’d ever had to shape herself as the person she was today vanished in an instant. All she was now, was a blank slate of a girl. One that would literally have no knowledge about anything in the world when she finally got out of her trance.

The sonic program started to get toward it’s end, ramping up for the finale. “Ploo Ploo daraa!!” She squealed, not every trying to form any sort of cohesive sentence. Her diaper was literally about to burst at the seams from how messy it was. The processes of using the bathroom had been connected, detached, and then reconnected so much by the program, that she had been practically continuously using her diaper the entire time it had been running. The program started to make her more aware of the severe mess around her waist. It was the first sensation that Ali could actually kind of concentrate on since clicking the button.

The program flicked on the part of her brain that caused her to orgasm, then turned it up a hundred fold. The entire world seemed to become super wavy from the consecutive mind melting orgasms Ali was suddenly feeling. Her pussy was practically drenching her diaper without pee anymore, it was all straight from orgasming time after time into her diaper. Suddenly the connection between these earth shattering orgasms and diapers plugged right into her mind. Every time she’d feel her diaper, she’d collapse into another mind scrambling orgasm. Everything she’d “learned” up to that point would be completely thrown out the window again, and her mind would reset all over again.

“DING” The screen came right back into view again for Ali. The program had ended, and the words, “Thank you!” Flashed across the screen. Not that she could read that though, or even comprehend what was even in front of her.

Ali’s mouth opened a little, then a thumb glided right into it. She softly sucked on her thumb, while she started to swivel her neck to look around the room. “Wooobrood…” She muttered to herself, it didn’t mean anything. She didn’t even know she was actually speaking. She meant to move her leg a little bit, but her mind was so fucked up, it caused her to just utter nonsense instead.

“Prooppzz” She babbled to herself, before slipping out of her chair. Her bum fell with a Squish onto the ground. Her diaper finally split open from how absolutely full it was. A squeal of delight echoed from Ali from that development. She bounced up and down in the mess as stupid giggles started escaping her.

“Brada bradaa ddoo!” She screamed, lifting the front of her diaper up, and pressing her hand on the crouch of her diaper. It sent her right into a world blurring orgasm. “WOOOO” She yelled, as her brain started rearranging a bit. She just laid there on the floor, staring right up at the ceiling, mind completely blank from the waves of pleasure she felt in her vagina. A stream of pee escaped into the diaper, and it made Ali feel warm all over her body. Second later there was a knock on the door.

“Ali are you- OH MY GOD!” Ali’s mother screamed from the slightly open door. She flung it open, and rushed to her daughter’s side. “WHA- WHA-?!” Was all her mother said. She was in too much shock to even move. The sight of her daughter sitting on a very messy diaper, sucking on her thumb, and babbling nonsense was just too much. She just stared for a few moments, then looked toward the computer screen.

She rushed over, wondering if that had anything to do with the fact her daughter was this fucked up. The “Thank You!” still flashed. Ice ran through her veins at the realization. “What?! DID YOU FUCK WITH THAT PROGRAM THE NEWS IS TALKING ABOUT?!?” She yelled, her hand grasped the mouse to click out of that message, but instead, she hit the button.

“BOOoommmm” Echoed through the speakers. “Fuck nooooo…… rrss…” Her mother said, before falling on her own butt. It felt wetter than she’d expect it too. That suddenly didn’t matter anymore, before the program started working on her brain. A happy squeal escaped Ali, before sinking into oblivion again. The booms and noises started to echo through the room. Sinking one women into babyhood, and one further than she ever thought possible down the same hole…

VERY good story and a very busy character.

Now for the real question, who would hit the button?