Something Vile (31.10.17 - A third chapter? Could It Be?)

Alright, new story from me. This one is on the lighter side of the fluff, with the chapters being fairly short. I’m basically writing this one on the side and I need to get this concept out of my head, too. Imma attempt to get a lot of fetish content into it along the road, hopefully not to the detriment of the experience. If you wanna know what this is about:
Something Vile is a roadtrip story about two women who start their journey in arizona and drive northwards with the goal of simply not being caught. They thieve, they scam, they lie and attempt to get mixed up in all sorts of mischevious behavior while trying to keep the facade of two girls on a simple trip through the best country in the world. Also, since I’m not american I’m gonna say sorry for any misrepresentation, but I do try to keep up with my research on the locations as we hit them. As for now, have fun reading this amazing tale that will at some point involve ramen soup prepared with steak sauce.

Perfectly Average

Name aside, Deidre had always considered herself perfectly average. Average height, average looks, average personality with absolutely nothing remarkable about her. Not once in her life had she considered something vile in her blood. Yet as the pieces of gum went into the hands of the cashier, were rung up and he grabbed for the American Girl Magazine she felt a tingle run down her back. A cold, excited sensation as she looked at his reaction.

A pretty and slender face, a stubble of a beard, thick eyebrows resting above deep green eyes, he had to be close to his thirties. Or maybe the hair growing out of his face just made him look older. His eyebrows moved as he noticed the next item on the conveyor belt and she felt the warmth rush to her face, felt her fingers tense up because she knew exactly what the hesitation in his hands and the heavy sigh escaping his mouth meant. It meant that the show was on.

“Are you serious, kid?” he asked, emphasizing the last word just enough so she would get that there was no way she’d pass for anything other and the bottle of beer would be out of her grasp for a few more years.

She shrugged slightly, looked down and bit her lip. Her fingers wrapped themselves around her purse and she opened her mouth but let no word escape.

A woman, late fifties, slender, hair dyed in an egregious red, setting up her things on the conveyor belt right behind her. She saw the beer and the one purchased it, couldn’t help but giggle.

She found the courage, more embarrassed that she had to say the well-studied lines than being ‘caught’. “I’m just a bit on the small size.”

“And I guess Mister Teddy there can vouch for you.”

The bear stuck out of her pink backpack, his beady little eyes staring away like he had nothing to do with this mess.

When she said nothing, the cashier sighed. “Well, missus, if you want a drink, you can either show me your ID or get yourself some juice,” he said, somewhere between annoyed and amused.

She would’ve been amused, too, if she wasn’t the victim here.

“I have an ID,” she said and got out a prepared fake. It wasn’t well made, looked like something done with windows paint, with added butterflies and a signature written out in block letters. As she gave it to him, he stifled a giggle and woman behind Deidre tried to do the same.

“Alright,” he said after a second, his expression softening as she stared at him with honest determination. “You know what, you do get an A for effort. If all identification cards looked as pretty as this, my job would be way more fun.”

The compliment made her smile through the embarrassment. She’d put honest work in making that damn thing look like it was done by someone who had wanted to make it look as exciting as possible.

“Tell you what,” he said as he took the beer and put it behind the counter, stood up and reached for the sweets that were placed by the cash register and gave her a Kinder Surprise with a pink top. She took it, eyeing him unsure.

“I’m a nice guy, so I’m gonna tell you this. That egg is your promise to me that you’re not going to do something so blatantly stupid like walking into a shop and purchase adult drinks with a fake ID ever again. If I catch you doing it again, though, I’m gonna go talk to the police and they’ll put you in juvie for a bit. Of course, your parents are gonna know, too, and I honestly don’t believe that they’re gonna like that. And that’s completely disregarding,” he pointed outside to the car from which she stepped, “your sitter.”

Maggie was sitting in the car, whacking away on her phone intently. Again, she bit her lip, felt the tinge of excitement. Clutching the egg with one hand, she looked up at him. “You’re not going to tell her.”

“Do you want me to?”

She shook her head. Maggie knew her lines, had shouted them at Deidre earlier in the car. They were good lines and she was a good actor, but if she didn’t need to, then all the better.

He rang up the rest and told her the price. As she got out her Frozen wallet, she saw him shook his head in disbelief, wondering how she thought he’d take her for someone in her late teens. The woman behind her attempted to stifle another giggle. Deidre knew why, felt herself tense up. He thought it was because she knew she was caught, but in actuality it was because of the cherry on top of it all.

She gave him the money, said thank you for everything, and quickly put the things in her. As she turned to the door, the woman’s laughter rang through her ears, and he couldn’t help but giggle, too.

“Hey, pumpkin,” he said loudly, and she turned around, a question mark over her head.

“Your shirt’s riding up.”

She turned her head around, looked at her backside and found it true. With one hectic motion, she pulled down the shirt, knowing full well that it was going to stay in place until she put the backpack back on, which she did with seeming obliviousness.

Everybody in here had seen it, all five people, the cameras, even the dog that one person had brought in here despite the sign telling them not to do so. Yet the cashier was the first one who thought it appropriate to mention it and not be stunned by how inappopriate/adorable the girl looked. Even he let her walk away with the shirt riding up again.

Well, maybe it didn’t matter whether the shirt was as short as it was. Beneath the warm summer sun she waddled back to the car, regretting the choice she’d made before going into the gas station’s shop. The shirt was riding up again, resting on the hem of the diaper she wore. The shorts were too tight to obscure what she wearing. When she looked at a mirror before, the thick underwear was bulging out beneath. Now that she filled it, there was no doubt how childish she must’ve looked.

Maggie pushed open the door for her and she seated herself, backpack firm in her hands again.

“Looks like somebody didn’t make it to the potty,” Maggie joked. “Want me to change you before we drive?”

She glared at Maggie from her position, feeling so much smaller than ever before in front of her friend. “Can we not?” She asked, closed the door, put the seatbelt on before she opened the egg’s wrapping to relieve some stress.

Maggie shrugged and put the gas on. As she started to drive, she couldn’t help but wave at the cashier who, with a disarmed smile, waved back.

The road in front of them was close to empty, there was only one car approaching them, and, after a few minutes went past without much of a noise. To their side was the vast emptiness people called Arizona. Well, it wasn’t as empty as Deidre had pictured it for most of her life. There was some green after all.

“So,” Maggie started after a while, taking her eyes off the street to look at Deidre munching away on the chocolate. “Remember how I told you that you could make a convincing fourteen or fifteen year old?”

Deidre looked at her, the chocolate, melted by the warmth of the sun, smeared across her hands and around her mouth. She put on a mischievous smile.

“You’re fucking perfect as a tween. Holy shit!” Maggie yelled the last words before she broke out into laughter. “How the fuck are you doing that? You look so adorable, I can’t believe we ever worried about you pulling that shit off.”

She slammed her hands against the wheel of the car, gripped it tightly. The excitement was written on her face. “This is perfect. You’re an artist.”

Deidre looked at her hands, then back at Maggie. “What can I say. I’m a method actor,” she slammed her knee against the glove compartment so it would open and grabbed a few tissues out of it, she wiped the chocolate off, felt the taste stick to her mouth. “Also, being four foot nine with a pre-schooler figure might help.”

“Don’t get too cocky, Didi, you’d never make a pre-schooler.”

“Is that a challenge?” Deidre asked, leaning down and opening the backpack.

A bag of potato chips, two bars of chocolate and a bag with mixed sweets, as well as package of gum, she went past it and went straight for the two bottles of cold beer she’d snagged when nobody was looking. She went for the bottle opener to the side of her seat and opened both of them. One was for herself, the other for Maggie.

“As they say in the motherland, kampaii,” Deidre said.

“So, you’re japanese then?” Maggie asked as she took a sip from her bear.

“Is that japanese? I thought it was swahili. Eh, whatevs.”

As Maggie rolled her eyes, Deidre laughed. It wasn’t the laugh of an average person, but that was because, ever since she’d met Maggie she understood perfectly well that she wasn’t like the cashier or the woman behind them. She was one of the wolves. Downing the beer she looked in the mirror and what she saw put a smile on her face.

She looked like someone from the eastern parts of asia and maybe that was why she was as small as she was. Deidre didn’t really care, not anymore, not since she was made a part of Maggie’s group. She looked young with makeup, but younger still without it. Maybe it was some strange god’s notion of a joke that, added to her height, she had the most perfect baby face and a womanly figure that was close to nonexistent. Her mother had wept when she’d realized her sixteen year old girl would never be one of those sexy tall blondes that got to hook up with a millionaire. Her father hadn’t cared, he had a son in John and tended to only talk to her when she forgot about John’s birthday. He’d always called her beef with little Johnny childish and might’ve laughed if he could see her now.

The bright pink t-shirt she wore had a large flower stitched on its front, ruffled sleeves and only barely reached down her waist. The lime colored shorts bulged out heavily, the diaper sagging beneath them. She’d held it in ever since the airport, in preparation for a moment like this. It was like the cherry on top of the cake. A part of her felt ridiculous about wearing this outfit, a diaper, using the diaper and then waddling around in it, all to grab two bottles of beer. Another part of her was glad she’d done it, because who else but her could pull off something as ridiculous as this.


“Well, girl. That’s a good thing, cause the regrets of the past are the problems of today. Did I ever tell you how hard my childhood was? I am barely a functioning adult today because of it,” Maggie told her, attempting (and failing) to fake a tear.

“If you had a bad childhood, Mags, it was because you are and always were an asshole.”

Maggie looked at her with doe eyes, before she flashed a grin and lifted the beer. “You’re right when you’re right, potty princess.”

She lifted her beer, too and drank a bit.

“So, I think you might’ve done without the diaper, though. I mean, shit, I don’t think I would’ve dared.”

Deidre shrugged. “I almost regretted it, but in all honesty, I think they really stopped to take me seriously once they noticed. It’s plenty helpful, plus, I didn’t need to use their restroom. However that shit looks, it’s probably less sanitary when going into my own underwear.”

“Fuck, you’re weird.”

Deidre smiled at that. “Thank you,” she said, completely honest.

As both of them sipped on their beers a sign passed them by. A hundred kilometres ago she’d stepped out of her plane and onto american soil, where Maggie waved at her excitedly. She’d looked all grown up, a woman in her early twenties ready to take on life. Deidre must’ve looked similar, simply like a small woman who just came from a business trip, all dressed in a blazer and well applied make-up, or maybe not. People had stared at her for a bit, but only until she’d hit the bathroom and gotten into the clothes she was dressed in now.

A hundred kilometres ago she’d willingly decided to leave the old Deidre behind and finally get to do what she and Mags and all the rest of them did the best. Thinking back to the amazing shit Mags, Lucy and Roger had promised her on Discord, she wanted nothing more than this trip to be worth it. And even if their promises couldn’t be kept, now she knew she could at least have some fun on her own.

Re: Something Vile (20.08.17 - Introduction and First Chapter-thingie)

This does seem like it has real potential, but, um, does this mean From This Day Forth is not going to be continued? Either way, more Frostwyrm is an excellent thing, but that story, at least so far, was more personally appealing to me.

Re: Something Vile (20.08.17 - Introduction and First Chapter-thingie)

Welcome back Frostwyrm.
It’s nice to enjoy some more of your writing, even if it’s in a form of a new story with so far pretty unknown characters. You managed to build up quite an interesting atmosphere already, which makes me curious of what Meggie and Deidre plan to do next.

I miss Leslie :3

Re: Something Vile (20.08.17 - Introduction and First Chapter-thingie)

As mentioned, I’m writing this on the side. So I hope I’ll get back to From This Day Forth by the time I get to my vacation.

Also: Next Chapter!
[I]Broken Girl

The time had been 6 AM, her sheets were soaked with sweat and her liner had gone missing during last night’s drunken escapade, leaving her in a literal puddle of her own blood. When she escaped from her apartment she hadn’t showered in two days and her home looked like a crime scene. The underwear she wore might’ve been washed, but she doubted it, same went for her shirt and pants. It hadn’t mattered at all, though. Right now, she was pushing the gas, stared at the road in front of her and felt the blistering heat of the sun as it started to descend ever farther down.

At 4 PM she’d seen Deidre step out of the plane, yawning and stretching. The other girl had looked as tired as she felt, but as she saw Maggie, she lit up, like a switch was pushed within her.

“I talked with Lucy about it and I got the perfect disguise,” she had told her moments later; after they’d both settled down on a bench. A wide, perfect smile had been on her face.

Whenever Lucy involved herself with Deidre, things tended to go down a weird path. Once they’d been to some rich kid’s birthday party, dressed up as clowns, and got away with every little trinket the parent’s had so carefully hidden from stranger’s eyes. Then, due to the slippery nature of the two of them, even though the caught Lucy, they could not pin a crime on them. It made it great to be friends with them, but sometimes their collaborations scared Maggie.

Deidre had taken out a small backpack from her baggage. It was pink with floral motives and looked like it belonged to a grade schooler. People stared but Deidre smiled that mischievous of hers. With that backpack, even though Maggie didn’t want to admit it, she looked positively childish. “I’ll go and get dressed for the journey. You wait here and be surprised.”

Then she departed for this small airport’s public bathrooms. Apparently she asked the way and people seemed confused at this woman’s mannerisms, who folded her hands behind her back and bouncing on her toes. A man she asked chuckled later on as he passed, telling the woman by his side, “I’d taken her for a young woman, children do seem to grow up so fast.”

And all Maggie could think at that moment was; What the fuck?

Half and hour later and what came out of the bathroom into sight stunned her into silence. Rainbow striped socks, lime green shorts and a pink shirt that barely covered the top of her pants. And Maggie found her eyes lingering on the crotch, wondering for a moment whether Lucy had come up with this. The didn’t do much to hide the bulge underneath and neither the length of the shirt or the backpack helped her looks much.

At 6 PM they’d reached a gas station along a smaller route that would get them to the Lost Love’s Motel and Deidre wanted to try out her disguise. She and Maggie had practiced some lines as they approached it, but there still had been doubts on her mind. Deidre was a grown woman and some silly disguise couldn’t hide that fact. Yet, looking the way she did seemed to come easier for her than wearing more adult clothing.

“You want a beer? I’ll get us some beer.”

Maggie had frowned when Deidre offered. “You know, they’re gonna ask you for you ID?”

Deidre’s laughter was the most disturbing part about her. It was the most girlish giggle that always ended in a little snort, so utterly undignified she only managed to pull it off now, dressed like a child on a field trip. For a second, Maggie could suspend her disbelief, but there was too much doubt on her mind.

Then came the moment when they stopped, Deidre had been fidgeting, wanting to go to the toilet. Maggie told her to ditch the infantile garment and her friend seemed to consider it. Yet, a few seconds after getting out, she visibly changed her decision. Stopping before the door of the station for a second, she breathed out and continued her walk as Maggie was sure she was actually going in her diaper. She wanted to ask why Deidre did that, but after all the shit they’d been through, she couldn’t help but laugh and that only intensified once Deidre got back with a chocolate egg and two bottles of cool alcohol. As she approached though, her blush was real, and the shadow between her legs seemed a bit too dark, which was almost weird for Maggie.

After finishing her own she’d taken Deidre’s. The girl had fallen fast asleep, probably because the jet lag finally had caught up to her. Girl, Maggie thought. She referred to other people her age by that descriptor, but looking at Deidre now, it seemed so appropriate, almost insultingly so. Still smiling, she sipped on the beer, freeing the last drops from the confinement of the bottle. Then, she opened the window to Deidre’s side and threw the bottle out.

A few minutes passed in silence, she sighed, let her fingers run along the steering wheel. The road was going ever on and Maggie felt the alcohol rise, making her light-headed. With a groan, she strengthened the grip of her fingers and looked at the blinking signal in front of her, spelling out how little fuel was left in the tank. It could only be a matter of minutes now. Enough time to accelerate and crash the car into the side of the road, she figured.

Deidre stirred, her arm wondered up her stomach, pushing the shirt up. Maggie was once again surprised how naturally she made herself look like a child. Yet as the girls hands rubbed her own belly, as she snorted and giggled at something in her sleep, Maggie couldn’t help but sigh again. Maybe she could have some fun with this before the car broke down.

Still looking in front, she made a grab for the backpack and lifted the bear from it. It was rather nice looking, with a red bow around his neck and a face that Maggie found pretty cute. Looking at Deidre for a second she put the bear on the girl’s stomach and then guided one hand towards the bear. Deidre hugged it instinctively, giggling once more.

“Fuck,” Maggie stated eloquently, making a grab for her own phone to take some pictures. “I musta been blind for the past few years if regression’s this easy for ya.”

When she’d met Deidre, she hadn’t made any inquiries about her height, looks or build. She fell just short of 4 foot 9, was flat as a washing board and, thanks to Roger, would later also lose a tooth. Lucy always told her that she looked precocious, but Maggie had never cared about that.

“You know,” she said after a second. “This trip probably won’t take long, but I’m glad you’re with me. To hell and back, eh?”

The other girl was sleeping and gave no answer, for which Maggie was extremely grateful. The motor rumbled and she turned the wheel, turned the car to the side of the road where she let it roll out. After a solid minute more of slowly moving forward, the car came to a halt.

Maggie stared in front of her, towards the endless road which seemed to end in an horizon that was distorted by the desert’s heat. Once more she sighed, let her head fall against the seat. Her white shirt had stains from chicken wings and beer on it, her mini-skirt did little to hide her underwear as she let herself slide down slightly more, revealing the underwear, which covered barely anything. Risque was her style, after all.

“Shit,” she said, before opening the door of the car and standing up. Looking to both sides. Not seeing anybody, she nodded to herself.

They were far away enough from the station so that walking back was impossible, her phone, she decided, was dead the moment she saw a car approach on the horizon.

Without the howling of the motor, the wind blowing through open windows and the thoughts running through her head like crazy, she finally realized that she hadn’t had a proper sleep in a few days. Here hands seemed more shaky then before and as she looked in the rear mirror she noticed how little make-up actually did to hide how ravaged she looked.

With a smile, she turned to Deidre, where she only now noticed something. A stain on the inner side of her left leg, not too big, but still visible. “Character actor, was it?” Maggie asked the still sleeping girl. She didn’t want to know if this was practiced.

With a series of taps she freed her friend from the happy realm of her sleep. Deidre groaned, hugged the bear, twisted her legs, and then suddenly her eyes went wide open as she turned to look at Maggie who used the chance to smile at her. Instantly, she dropped the bear and pulled the shirt down.

“Hey, sleepyhead,” she said with a smile too wide.

"I, look… this is… "

There was a heavy blush on the cheeks that told Maggie that none of this was rehearsed. “Did you go again in your sleep, Didi? Don’t tell me you actually need those.”

“Well, I … No,” she blushed more, her lips trembled.

Maggie took the sight in, thinking back to words another friend spoke, but dismissing them instantly. She’s my equal, isn’t she? Maggie told herself and at that moment thought back to when Deidre walked out of the gas station. Instantly, she knew when the stain had come to be.

“Your diaper must’ve leaked when you went. You already had it when you walked out.”

Deidre looked at her. “Wait? You’re saying I wasn’t just parading my diaper around, but that I leaked?” The shock was clear on her face.

“Well, you did say you could make a convincing pre-schooler. So, hat’s off to you, I guess,” Maggie answered after a moment of hesitation.

“Fuck you,” Deidre looked down. “How the fuck could that happen, aren’t these things supposed to not leak instantly?”

“Maybe you put it on wrong?”

“How the fuck do you put a diaper on wrong?”

“The elastic could be pushed down, you could’ve placed it a bit too much to the side so it didn’t spread out properly, and…”

Deidre looked at her curiously for a moment. “Elastic?”

“Have you ever actually put a diaper on anything on before?”

“What? No, why would I?”

Maggie sighed. “How did it feel when you put it on?”

Deidre tilted her head and the way she looked thinking about it made her look ever so young again. “I guess it felt a bit loose, is that wrong?”

There was another pause. “Has anybody ever told you how much of a dipshit you can be sometimes, Didi?”

There were tears in her eyes, Maggie noticed. Of course there were, anybody would cry in this situation, so the girl sighed and put an arm around her friend’s shoulder. “It’s okay, we can just get you out of the one you’re wearing. New pants, new underwear and everything’ll be nice and dandy, kay?”

Deidre took a moment to pat her friends back. “Yeah, thanks,” she said, trying hard to not let her voice crack.

Maggie threw the car door open and stood up. Only then did Deidre turn to look at the situation. “Why’re we in the middle of the desert, Mags?”

“Because we don’t have anymore gas.”

“Oh,” Deidre said, before she screamed out loudly. “What?

Maggie looked at the street. No car was approaching. “You want to keep on wearing diapers for the rest for the day or do I get my grown-up Deidre back?”

Behind her, Deidre thought for a moment. “Are you comfortable changing me?”

Maggie shrugged. “Not gonna lie, it’s probably the weirdest thing you ever wanted me to do with you, but yeah. I can dig it.”

Yet she couldn’t bring herself to look at Deidre while saying this.

Another moment passed. “I lie down on the backseat, there’s more diapers like this in my baggage.”

She opened one door, then another, Maggie heard. She couldn’t help but smile. Deidre’s conviction to a cause, no matter how silly, was something she always admired.

“So, this is our dynamic now?” she asked and walked around the car.

She saw that Deidre was pulling down the pants, revealing that, at least, she’d put the front where it belonged.

“Anything to make me look more helpless,” Deidre answered her and laid down on the backseat of the car. “Also, if we’re gonna make a thing out of this I don’t want there to be anything I’m not prepared for along the road.”

Maggie pushed open the trunk and then went for her friend’s baggage. To her surprise, the only things she found were four more diapers, a book on child development, the set of clothing she’d worn before and … nothing more. That made her raise an eyebrow. She took one of those diapers and walked back to where Deidre lay.

“Can you promise me one thing, Mags?”

“I’m just gonna gush over how adorable you look like this for half the change, I can’t guarantee more.”

“Again, go fuck yourself.”

Maggie shook her head. “Girl, you need to lay low with those cuss words. What will the people think of a sweet little angel like you cursing like a sailor?”

She unfolded the diaper and began her work ever so professionally. She was used to changing kids diapers, but this was different and weird. Not wanting to think about what exactly was going on beneath Arizona’s hot sun, she decided to instead reveal why they were stuck here.

“You know how our deal with Roger is to meet him up in Montana, right?”

“I was in the chatroom, so you don’t have to do the whole ‘As you know’-shtick.”

“Well, as you know, most bratty half-pints get a spanking down here. So how about you drop the 'tude?”

Deidre looked at her, she looked at Deidre. The other girl shrugged and turned away just as Maggie motioned her to lift her behind. Dominance established, woohoo!

“The thing is, I thought that buying a car and driving there was boring. So, I thought… Why not take the car from somebody in town I know, drive around with it until the tank’s almost empty and then leave it behind in the desert where nobody will ever find it.”

“Do you hate that person?” Deidre asked, visibly shaking as Maggie put the new diaper beneath her.

“He’s a nice guy, bought me coffee, always treated me like lady. Had a horrible taste in hats though and constantly talked about how nice a guy he really was. So I took his car, all the money he deposits at home because banks can’t be trusted.”

One tape, two tapes, three, then four.

“Didi. There’s a few people along the road I don’t particulary like.”

“What? More nice guys?”

“Some of 'em, some of them not,” she told her friend as she leaned down on the backseat, looking straight into Deidre’s big, brown, innocent eyes. “I just wanna fuck some people up while I’m still young. You can dig that, right?”

Didi always looked at her like this. For the longest time, Maggie hadn’t wanted to admit it, but she did look innocent. Like an angel that just needed protection from all the bad things in the world. Yet her smile revealed her true nature. “Well, I don’t quite get why you’re sounding that sad,” she stated and Maggie giggled at that, “but sure, let’s have some fun while we’re still young.”

There was the roar of a machine in the distance. A car approaching from whence they came. Maggie looked up. “Wanna start with them?”

“Sure, but, first, Maggie?”


“Can I have my pants back?”

Re: Something Vile (02.09. - Second chapter? Ohmigosh)

An AB Bonnie and Clyd(ia?)

Re: Something Vile (02.09. - Second chapter? Ohmigosh)

Sweet Nectar

“And that’s the reason why I believe the chinese control the democratic party through radio waves,” were the last words Jonathan needed to decide that he would never return to this goddamn city. The heat had gotten to his old friend’s head and the crowd he hung with nowadays were all the same type of conspiracy loving assholes.

He disliked democrats, especially nowadays where the left was obsessed with populistic ideas of feminism and socialism, throwing themselves down into a puddle of ideals he doubted anyone with common sense would agree with. How anyone could think of american when they saw them talk about social welfare and climate change, about how god didn’t belong in the classroom and how immigrants weren’t as vile as everyone thought they were, all that was beyond him. Everything was going down the drain and he was wondering what to do next.

Jonathan Romero looked at the far front of him. He rushed past a gas station, northwards down this fucking route to nowhere. His eyes went to the mirrors and a stray glance lingered on himself. Every girl he’d ever known had wanted to sleep with him and those who told him they didn’t simply said so because they knew that they were too ugly for him. White skin with a soft tan, the blonde hair, blue eyes, a well kept beard shadowing his chin while his hair was styled expertily.The shirt did little to hide his manly stature. He wasn’t just a straight A or even an A+, he was the epitome of what an alpha male looked like. Not a single person who ever questioned that remained in doubt for long. A smile crept across his face and he let himself feel the leather of his carseat. Yes, no matter how shitty the world looked, he was still the same good-looking young man with a plan. The true blue boy with the business back home.

He just needed to make due without his friends now.

He half-heartedly took the wallet from his jacket, both from expensive brands and went with one hand through the papers in it. He kept some few thousand dollars cash on hand, his cards, as well as a paper where he’d scribbled all his passwords down. The money was mostly there so people would see just how rich he was, he even loved to pay small purchases with hundred dollar bills just because of how fucking amazing he looked.

Everything important was there, all ready. He’d planned on giving a few of these things to Mike, but he now swore on tinfoil and chemtrail poisonings. It was almost sad that only crazy remained where once a man with ambitions for a leading job someplace in a pharmaceutical company had been. He couldn’t help but sigh, but in a way, despite having wasted hours on this trip, he also felt relief. Mike might’ve proven too ambitious, too impulsive for the schemes Jonathan had laid out. Yeah, considering his plans, maybe it was better to remain alone.

His smile widened, only to immediately fade as he spotted something by the road in the distance. A car, probably parking or broken down. He hoped for the first, another distraction wasn’t what he needed now. Well, even if, he could just drive on and pretend he hadn’t seen anything. “Right,” he told himself, “serves ‘em for driving a broken fuckin’ car … ?”

He blinked, looked at the person by the side of the road, the one who lifted her thumb as a signal. Yet it wasn’t the thumb that caught his attention, but instead the fine tits and ass of the girl. As he drove past her he already slowed down, looked at her as he went past. She had a smile on her face, a smile he’d seen way too often. Oh shit, how fucking lucky can I get? He wondered and put the breaks down. A thirsty bitch in the middle of the desert, now that’s what I’m talking about.

He drove a few meters backwards and halted right in front of the young woman, who leaned down on the car, carefully resting her arms on the door and smiled at him seductively. The way she placed her arms only pronounced her tits even more. Were they a C or a D?

He smiled at her, went up from her well proportioned body to look at the most womanly seductive face he’d seen in a while. This was a bombshell of a girl, right here, and she needed a big, strong guy like him. Porno material right here.

“Well, good to see we both enjoy what we see,” she said, slightly chewing on her lip.

He wanted to giggle, but caught himself, fixed his posture. “That scrap of metal of yours seems to have broken down. Wanna ride in a real car?”

“Oh we’d love to, would you be so kind as to escort two young, helpless girls to the Motel a bit further down. I need to make some calls so we can get on.”

Jonathan looked at her curiously. There’s two? With that question came the hope that it wasn’t the ugly friend, this one didn’t need an ugly friend. How could you prep up perfection? Maybe it was another hot one. Maybe they could have a threesome for the night, as thanks for his prestigious rescue. “Well, sure, who’s the other one?”

She stepped a bit to the side, smiling at the car, where, from within, a girl looked straight at him. Not the kind of girl the one with the bouncing breasts–was she even wearing a bra?–was, but a different sort, the sort that had no body and who’s only ideas of romance came from her playing around with Barbie and Ken. In other words, a child, which was, of course, not bangable.

His enthusiasm was curbed immediately, but one look at the other one made him wonder. “You don’t look much alike?”

“Oh, she’s an exchange student. My family decided to take her in. I’m getting her to experience Phoenix, the right way,” the girl said, leaning in. “Sadly, our car’s a bit broke and little missy over there couldn’t hold it in for more than five minutes.”

She noticed his frown, giggled to herself and waved at the girl who seemed confused as to what they could be talking about. The tall one leaned closer into the car, her lips pursed, almost as if to kiss him, but he knew it couldn’t be that kind of development, not with a little kid watching. And he kind of didn’t feel like kissing anyone after that declaration just now, whatever that declaration was.

“She only had one pair of pants, too, so she’s a bit shy.”

“Aside from a shirt she’s naked?” He asked, actually getting offended.

Her laughter diffused his mood instantenously. “No, no, silly. If I left her naked, she’d make another puddle.”

Not quite getting what she meant, he also leaned closer to her, smelled the air around her. Even her perfume was perfect. “A puddle of what? She on her period?”

For a second she looked at him with a blank expression, then, after a second more, she raised an eyebrow. “No, dude, she’s way too little for that. What I’m saying is, to make a rather boring story short, that the little tinkler over there isn’t quite potty trained yet, so she’s in the cutest little diapers. You know what, you should see her, it’s super cute,” with that she turned around. “Come on, Lilli, this nice man won’t take us unless we’re, like, super-nice to him. And you greeting him properly is kinda important for that.”

He saw the child stir, first slowly. She bit her lip and once more, he couldn’t help but see the dissonance. The one he just talked to made the gesture alluring, she just looked like what she was, a little kid nervous about stepping forward.

The treatment the other girl seemed a bit cruel, but, if the little one did indeed pee on her carseat, he could understand the salt. Also, if that was the case, he kind of wanted to make sure it couldn’t happen to his ride. So, Jonathan put on the most welcoming smile he could muster. “Come on, sweetheart, where’s your manners?”

A few seconds passed as the girl deliberated with herself whether she should come out, then decided that, yes, she should. She hugged a teddy bear in one hand, while using the other one to steady herself while stepping out of the car.

She couldn’t be more than eleven, wearing a shirt, with ruffles and a flower motif, that couldn’t even have covered the diaper if she attempted to pull it down. She wore pink and white shoes that fit with the shirt, rainbow striped socks and her hair was done in a single ponytail held by a bow. Of course, all that might’ve just appeared normal, but the diaper was the thing that stood out. It wasn’t even just a white piece, instead adorned with a colorful stripe with motifs of animals and bubbles outlining the proclamation ‘KIDS’, just so the wearer wouldn’t need to say that she wasn’t a baby.

This little chinese girl looked like the biggest baby he’d ever seen, though.

“Well,” he said after a moment of looking her over. “How old are you?”

She opened her mouth, but it was the tall girl that answered. “Oh, she just got ten. The sweetie had a big party with cake and disney princess dresses and everything. I should show you the little dance she did,” she laughed. “Come on, Lilli, step up, greet the man. If you’re nice, I’ll even let you have your candy.”

There was an exchange of looks between the two, then Lilli stepped up, more confident than before and stretched out her hand. Her face was red from blushing and up close, Jonathan could tell that a little something had already gone in the diaper. She had to go on her tippy toes to even reach him and as he took her hand, he noticed how weak her grip was. This was a nervous little thing.

“So your name’s Lilli, huh? I’m Jonathan, but you can call me Johnny if you want,” he said with a softness that surprised even him.

“Oh, Johnny, huh. Why, you seem like you’ve got a strong, big … Darn, I wanted to go somewhere with that,” the one not called Lilli shook her head and looked him straight in the eyes. “I’m Allison, but you can call me whatever you want.”

“Can I call you fatty?” Lilli asked immediately, looking at her compatriot with a strange sort of fury.

She looked taken aback, and Jonathan wasn’t quite sure what to do, but, well, since he was the man here, of course the path of action would be the right one. “Lilli, language. If you were my kid I’d put you over my knee for talking like that in front of strangers.”

Now they both looked at him, and on Allison’s face there formed a thankful smile.

“Sorry,” Lilli said instantly, putting her head down. “I didn’t want to be mean. Can we still ride in your car?”

He sighed, looked at Allison. “You want to the Lost Love Motel, right? Yeah, I can take you, but,” he looked at Lillie again, “No more potty language, or I might just follow up on that threat.”

“Well, you’re not only handsome and nice, you’re a real knight in shining armor, aren’t you?” Allison spoke, as Lilli just nodded, not wanting to provoke him anymore.

“You just gotta show 'em who’s boss, that’s it,” he told her truthfully.

She nodded in agreement. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

With that, he let them grab their things. There was a bag, which Allison told him had contained her backpack, some comics, and, of course, as the people with a medical would scientifically call them ‘diapers’. No clothing, because little Lilli had been allowed to pack her own things and nobody checked twice on the overgrown toddler. Her backpack didn’t fair much better, as the moment she seated herself, she instantly grabbed some candy from it. While precocious, there were several doubts on his mind as he looked onto her from the rear mirror. Not only did she smear melting chocolate across her hands and face, but as she looked around for something to wipe it off, the diaper almost seemed to come into focus again. He gave her a stern warning as to not touch the leather, gave her a tissue.

Luckily, she dozed off after a while.

“So, hot stuff,” Allison then said, reminding him that there was another adult in the car with him. “What takes you down here?”

She’d seated herself beside him, and he would not dare to complain about having those sweet melons next to him. Jonathan doubted she’d understand the intricacies of what he did. The way she’d taken hours for her make-up, the almost stand-offish sort of clothes she wore, as if to proclaim her beauty, all meant that she was a shallow person. He knew shallow girls. She didn’t even want to get to know him, she wanted to look interested, wanted him to just take her and have his way. That’s the way women worked, after all.

“Oh, just a little business. I want to do a start-up thing, nothing big, wanted a friend to join.”

“That didn’t work?”

“I think he’d use the business to undermine the reptoids.”

She blinked. “The what-now?”

“Their lizardpeople who’ve taken over the world.”

She gasped, then went closer in, her hand touching his arm. “Really?”

He rolled his eyes. “No, Allie, no. He’s gone insane. Insane people don’t make good businessmen.”

She shrugged, then nodded. “That sounds right.”

And he knew he was right. About her, that was.

“And you, you don’t seem to fond of babysitting?”

“What’s the oldest you’ve ever seen a kid in diapers?”

He laughed. “Not that old.”

She nodded. “I still live with my mom and dad, and they always take in these exchange students. I like 'em, most of the time. This one’s got a rough start, got out of the plane tired and cranky, her diaper was almost falling off, as I just found out. She almost hit me when I wanted to change her.”

“She seems to lack discipline. As Phil Robertson once said, you have to discipline your children, or they won’t respect you, law enforcement or god or anyone else. If you’re responsible for her, she looks in need of learning some of that responsibility.”

She looked at him again, this was obviously too high for her. Either that or that chinese kid was some kind of buddhist, worshipping tree spirits and sacrificing rabbits to their moon gods or some shit like that. If that was the case, she needed god’s embrace more than anybody else.

Not that he cared or anything.

“So, you know your way around children, huh?”

“Not really, just what my own parents taught me. Never settled down, myself.”

There was a glint in her eyes, or there must’ve been. He was sure of it, though his eyes were glued to the road.

“So, you have a boyfriend?”

“Parents don’t like me with guys. Something about how all men are predators, how a girl like me needs to be always careful.”

“So you step into a stranger’s car without a second thought?”

The sun was going down and in the distance there were buildings coming up. A small town in the middle of nowhere, and a hotel to the front of the town. In the quiet he heard the little one snore a bit, her face and clothing a mess already. His eyes went over to hers. There was a playful smile on her face and, as he thought, a glint in her eyes.

Had he been someone else, maybe he would’ve seen it all for what it was, but right at that moment the only thing he knew was that he got her.

“Only when they’re hot.”

The sign of the motel came closer, flickering. It declared: “Welcome to the Lost Love’s Motel, where we wait for your loving patronage, always”

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