Some of Katy's Incidences

Some of Katy’s Incidences
Katy sat in the movie theater with her friends. She was wondering why people went to things like this. She didn’t want to admit it but this was the first actually scary movie she was watching, and she was Seventeen. Her friends were saying that the movie wasn’t even going to be scary but Katy had never been so scared in her life. It was about two thirds in; Katy was completely entranced watching the scariest part so far, she couldn’t stop her leg from shaking. She wasn’t thinking about anything but the movie when suddenly she felt warmth start to spread throughout her lap. She swore in her head and grabbed her bag.

She left the theater and went to the bathroom and into a stall. She couldn’t believe that she peed her pants near all of her friends. She surveyed the damage, the butt and crotch of her jeans were wet, but she had stopped herself from losing it completely. Everyone outside of the theater and on the way to the bathroom saw her. She hoped the seat wasn’t wet or smelled like pee. She pulled another pair of jeans from her bag and wore them without panties. Her mom had made her bring the second pair, with Katy this wasn’t really an uncommon thing. Katy washed off her wet pants and underwear in the sink and then wrung them out the best she could. She put them in her bag and went back to the theater.
Her seat was a little damp but she couldn’t smell anything. She finished up the rest of the movie and went home. None of her friends even noticed that she had had an accident. This was one of the few times that she went out with friends.

Katy was pretty, yet she had never had a serious boyfriend. She was 5’6" with very long light brown hair. Katy had lived a pretty sheltered life. Not because of her parents but because of her bladder issues. She didn’t want to risk having an accident in front of her friends. Her bladder was small and weak. She was known to have accidents whenever she was scared, nervous, exited, was tickled, laughing too hard, or if she just waited too long.
Whenever she went some place new she spent a lot of time thinking about where the bathrooms were, planning on when she would use them, and thinking about what would happen if she didn’t make it. None of her friends even knew about her bladder problems, they just thought that her parents didn’t want her to go out a lot. Keeping this a secret made Katy feel like she wasn’t that close with any of them even though they didn’t think so. Up until a few months ago she had just stayed home, then she suddenly grew up. She started driving, she was looking for a job, she was sending in college aps. Both her mom and she knew it was time for her to grow up.
Katy hadn’t spent a night away from her home since science camp in sixth grade, and that wasn’t a good experience. Now it was about half way through her senior year and college was coming up. To give her some experience Katy’s mom signed her up for a winter camp at their church. Katy had been going to church there her whole life and had never been to camp. She was nervous; she didn’t want to embarrass herself at any point. She did her best to avoid situations where the bathroom was unavailable, but she knew that on this trip that there would be plenty of those.

The night before she had a dream where they were just talking and having a good time. Then somebody did something really funny. Everybody was laughing really hard. Then Katy wet her pants. She started crying but everybody was nice and tried to comfort her like the people at her church do.
She woke up and her bed was soaked. Katy was distraught. This hadn’t happened in a few months. She knew that this wasn’t a onetime thing. Usually she would wet the bed a few more times in the upcoming weeks before she stopped again. While she was cleaning up her bed her mom came in
“Did what I think happen happen?”
“Um, yeah mom…Do you think we can cancel camp?”
“No, Katy, look. You need to go to camp, it’ll be a good experience”
“I don’t want to wet the bed again.”
“You’ll just need to wear some protection. I’m going to go buy you some right now…”
“No one will ever know. Don’t argue with me.” Katy’s mom left.
Katy’s mom was talking about diapers. Katy hated diapers with a passion. She hadn’t worn diapers since science camp. Back then it wasn’t uncommon for Katy’s mom to make her wear a goodnite on long car trips on nights that she might wet the bed (Which was more frequent back then). At science camp Katy wore them on the long bus ride and at night. Some mean girls who didn’t go to school with her anymore, Katy didn’t know if they dropped out or were in jail or something, but they went through her bag and found her diapers. During one of the free times Katy had to go to the bathroom and the girls followed her in. They told her to go into the big stall with them.
“Did you have an accident and then come in here to change yourself diaperbaby? You have to let me change you now.” She pulled out a diaper that she had taken from Katy’s bag.
“If you don’t we are gonna beat you up.”
They stepped closer to Katy. She had to go really bad and them cornering her made Katy wet her pants.
They all laughed at her “Looks like you forgot to put this on today, luckily I’m here to help. Put this on.”
Katy complied, she took off her pants and panties being very self conscious of being naked in front of people, she put on the diaper.
“Now you really are a diaperbaby”
“No not yet” another said “she needs to mess her diaper”
“Poop in your diaper” they commanded
Katy did what they said just wanting the torture to end. Messing herself in front of them was the most embarrassing thing ever. Once they saw she did it they left laughing. She cried a while in a poopy diaper. Katy didn’t want to tell anyone what happened, she had to run back to the cabin in either poopy diapers, or wet pants. She chose wet pants. From then on Katy had an extreme hatred of diapers.

Katy’s mom came back. Katy was dreading wearing them. She could understand their use, she didn’t think it was disgusting to use a diaper, it was a lot better than going in her pants or bed, she just had bad memories.
“We’re leaving soon, I want you to wear one on the car ride, it’s three hours, go put one on.” She didn’t argue. She knew it was a good idea. On long car trips Katy’s mom respected her wishes of not wearing diapers. They kept a stack of towels in the car. If Katy wasn’t going to make it she could sit on the towels to do her business. She did this on more than one occasion. It would be a lot cleaner if she just wore a diaper, but she hated it.
Katy went to the bathroom to put it on. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was a seventeen year old girl back in a diaper. She could still imagine what it felt like to poop in one. She pulled on sweats over them expecting to see a bulge, she didn’t notice anything. She tried on her jeans, again she couldn’t tell. These really were discrete. It made her wonder if they would leak though.

She went to her church; they got packed up and ready to go. She used the restroom before leaving; she also kept her purse with a spare diaper in case she needed changing.

They had been on the road for about two hours. Katy hadn’t drank anything before they left but her bladder was filling up still. She was nervous and exited. She needed to go pretty soon, her diapers didn’t make her feel any safer, she expected to pee right through them.
“Excuse me, can we make I restroom stop pretty soon?” Katy asked the driver.
“Didn’t you go before we left?”
“I did but I need to go again.”
“I’ll see” The driver then talked into the radio “Can we pull over for a second? One of my girls needs the restroom.”
A voice responded “That’s fine, I need gas anyways”
Katy didn’t know how long she could wait. She didn’t want to look too desperate when she got out of the car. Her diaper could at least hold a little bit. She started to pee; she counted to three in her head then stopped. She felt the warm pee pool up before getting absorbed into her diaper. She then walked casually to the bathroom; if she didn’t let that bit out she would have had to run with her hands on her crotch. It was a single use bathroom, when she got there; there were three girls ahead of her in line. She still had to go bad. She anticipated letting out a bit more to keep from wetting herself completely. For now she just stuck her hand on her crotch, she wasn’t potty dancing, she was just putting a little pressure on. Brittney, the girl in front saw this.
“Katy do you want to go in front? You look like you need it more than we do” She said it in the nicest way.
Katy was about to decline, but decided it was less embarrassing to accept Brittney’s offer than to leak more in her diaper. “Thank you so much, I have the bladder of a little girl sometimes.”
“Don’t worry that happens to everyone.” Said Brittney
The door opened. Katy felt so glad that she hadn’t completely lost it. Katy’s diaper was a little damp and she was wondering if she should change it, she also wanted to know how much she could depend on the diapers. She was expecting to have to double diaper herself at night to keep the bed dry, she decided to test them, her bladder was really full. She took her jeans down but sat on the toilet with her diaper still on. She let her bladder loose. It felt weird to go while she had something around her waist, but since she was sitting on the toilet and had to go really bad she was able to let it out. She was peeing as hard as she could. She saw the wetness spread throughout the diaper, she watched it expand as it absorbed her pee. Soon she was done and it hadn’t leaked a bit. She was surprised. To make sure it was safe for her to completely wet one she took it off and went to the sink. She turned it on low and the diaper absorbed quite a bit more water before it leaked. She now trusted her diapers. She threw it away and put on a fresh one.

They arrived at the camp; the girls went to their cabin and dropped off their bags. Katy changed into her panties, she was glad to get the diapers off. Katy noted that there was a single use bathroom in the cabin that she shared with eight girls.
They went to the main hall to eat dinner. There was a bathroom with four stalls and a bunch of showers. After dinner they played a bunch of icebreaker games, even though everyone already knew each other.
After playing games for a while they went back to the cabin. Everyone got ready for bed. Katy reflected on the day. Without her diaper she would have already embarrassed herself. The thought of wearing diapers was beginning to grow on her. She was drifting off into sleep thinking on how she could avoid any future accidents. She then realized that she hadn’t put on a diaper before bed. She got up and went to the bathroom to put it on. She looked at herself in the mirror again. She had some conflicting emotions she felt shame and embarrassment, but also safety and hope. She wanted to sort out how she felt about wearing diapers, but decided it was better to do that in the morning.
She woke up at seven to the leader opening up the blinds and shouting for everyone to wake up. Katy got out of bed; there was a line for the cabin bathroom. She wanted to change out of her diapers as soon as she could. She decided to grab a change of clothes and a toothbrush and go to the main hall, where they would soon go to eat breakfast.
She went into one of the stalls. Another girl came in the bathroom shortly after to brush her teeth and do her make-up.
Katy took her pj bottoms down and realized her diaper was soaked. She took it off and changed but she didn’t know what to do with it. She waited until the other girl left. She came out of the stall. She didn’t know where to put her used diaper. She folded it up and decided to just put it in the trashcan and cover it with paper towels, she knew it wasn’t the best place but it was her only option for now.

They ate breakfast and they were told the agenda for the day. They were going to the snow park to go tubing. Everyone went back to the cabins to put their snowsuits on. Katy had bought hers from the second hand store before she came; it was her first time in the snow. She was putting it on over her jeans and shirt. She thought of how hard it was to put on, and also how far the bathrooms would be when they were tubing. She decided to wear a diaper, the snowsuit was already puffy and made of plastic, no one would be able to tell.
They left. After the forty five minute drive they got there. It was the first time Katy had been to the snow. The parking lot was more like ice. They were walking to go pay to get in. The thickness of Katy’s snowsuit and diaper, along with the snow boots and the slippery ice made it hard for Katy to walk. She took a couple steps and the fell flat on her padded butt. When she hit the ground a jet of pee escaped her. She was already glad she wore the diaper. Her face was bright red
“Don’t be embarrassed” Brittney said as she helped Katy up
“Thank you, I’ve just never been to the snow before.”
“Well there is a first time for everything.”
They got wristbands and some tubes. They went tubing for a bit. After a while the park got crowded. Katy had to hike up the hill, at the top there was a big line. Brittney came to wait in line with her. Soon Katy realized that she had to pee, she was just about as far away from the bathroom as she could be.
Soon after Brittney asked “Hey the lines for the bigger slopes are shorter wanna go up there?”
The big slopes were scary to Katy, and she had to pee. She was probably going to wet herself, but the lines for the shorter slopes were long, she probably wouldn’t make it through the line and then to the toilet. She had a chance on the big slope. If she really wanted to use the toilet her best bet was to walk down, but she wasn’t going to do that. “Ya I’ll go with you”
They got to the top. The slope was really high. Katy was nervous. The whole time she was muttering in her head “Don’t pee. Don’t pee”
Brittney went first. Katy didn’t look. When Katy stepped up to the slope and looked down she peed a little. She was about to walk away, but decided that she had to do it. Without thinking she sat on her tube and went down. She was surprised to have made it.
Brittney congratulated her but Katy ignored her and made a beeline to the bathroom. She got into the stall.
She started taking her snowsuit off. About halfway in her bladder started to give way. She stopped taking off the snowsuit and grabbed her crotch, she stopped the flow. She wasn’t about to have an accident in the stall. She left one hand on her crotch and continued to take off the suit. She got it off, but while she was unbuttoning her jeans she lost control again. She knew she couldn’t stop this one, but she still wasn’t giving up. She had already been peeing in her diaper for about ten seconds, but while she was peeing she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her diaper and sat on the toilet to finish. She took her diaper off , but never stopped the stream. Katy peed a bit on her snowsuit and on the ground before she sat down and finished on the toilet. Her diaper was wet, but not close to capacity. She decided to keep it on in case she needed it later; she forgot to bring an extra one. She tried to soak up some of the pee in her diaper with toilet paper. When she finished with that she grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and folded it up and placed it in her diaper for a little extra absorbency.
The rest of the day passed without incident. They went back to camp, had dinner, played some games, and went to sleep.

The next morning Katy woke up. She checked her diaper, it was dry. She was glad because she had to pee pretty bad and there was a line for the bathroom. One time about a year ago Katy woke up in her house needing to pee, both bathrooms were taken. She ended up dancing outside of one of them until she peed in her pjs. She didn’t want to wait for the bathroom. She wet her diaper while sitting up in bed. She now didn’t mind wetting her diaper, if it was on purpose.

After lunch they had some free time. Katy was about to spend her time playing cards, but Brittney came up to her. “Katy do you want to go hiking with me?” There were a bunch of trails in the woods around the cabins
“Just us?”
“Ya, unless you want to invite anyone else.” Said Brittney
“Na, let’s go.”
It was cold outside. They both got on warm clothes. Brittney found the trail that she wanted.
“Is there something special about this trail?” Katy asked
“Ya it leads to an old abandoned cabin, the previous owners of the land were about to build another set of cabins, but it changed ownership and they only finished one when they decided to stop. Nobody’s used it in years.”
“Sounds creepy.”
“You don’t even know, a few of us found it when we were here last year. They were saying that a crazy guy might be squatting there, or it was haunted or something. The door was open, but no one wanted to go in and look around. That’s what we are gonna do.”
“I don’t know if I wanna go in.”
“Come on Katy it’ll be fine. That stuff isn’t true; they built one cabin and then abandoned it.”
“I’ll think about it.” Katy didn’t think it was haunted, or that a crazy person lived there. But if something did happen they were screwed. They weren’t allowed to have their phones during camp and they didn’t tell anyone where they went. She also didn’t want to have an accident.
It was about a ten minute walk. They had arrived. The cabin was like the ones that they were sleeping in; just it looked like no one had been there in years. You could tell that they had cleared out the trees to make more cabins, but those spots now were overgrown with shrubs and weeds.
“Alright let’s go explore.” Brittney said
“How about you go in and make sure it’s safe and then I’ll go in.”
Brittney thought about it “Ok fine.”
Brittney went into the cabin. Katy was pretty creeped out. She was by herself now outside the creepy cabin. About thirty seconds later Brittney screamed and then yelled “Katy Help!”
Without thinking Katy ran in. Brittney then jumped out and yelled. Katy jumped back surprised. Brittney laughed and then looked at Katy and stopped. Katy knew what happened, she wasn’t even going to try to stop it, it was all coming out. The all too familiar warmth running through her jeans. Katy had soaked her pants all the way down to her shoes.
“Oh, Katy” Brittney said sympathetically. She gave Katy a hug leaning over as to not touch Katy’s pants. “Sorry Katy I didn’t mean for this to happen, it’s all right.”
Brittney kept apologizing, she felt really bad.
“Please, just don’t talk about it.” Said Katy. She wasn’t mad at Brittney, she was more mad at herself, but more embarrassed than anything.
They started walking back. Brittney kept apologizing. Soon Katy told her she was fine and to stop apologizing.
“Ok here is what we’re gonna do” Brittney said “Just before we see the cabins you are going to wait behind a tree and I’ll go get you a change of clothes from your bag.”
“No don’t”
“Why, I wanna help. I promise no one will ever know about this.”
“It’s fine.”
“What, so you are just going to go back like that?”
Katy didn’t say anything
“Well I’m gonna pee in my pants too.” Brittney stopped and closed her eyes.
“No, stop that’s just stupid.” But Brittney saying that did make Katy feel better. “Can I trust you to keep a secret?”
“Of course.”
“Kay, you can get clothes from my bag…” Katy said quietly. She was quiet a second “…but I want you to know that I have a bladder problem and there are some diapers in there.”
Brittney thought a second. Katy thought that she was taking it bad, and that Brittney now thought she was the grossest girl ever. “Well everyone has a problem with something, I don’t judge. It could always be worse.” Brittney said. “Don’t worry I won’t tell a soul.”
Katy was glad. She felt closer to Brittney than any of her normal friends. Brittney was also a senior at Katy’s high school, but she usually never even acknowledged her outside of church.
They were almost at the cabins. “Wait here, I’ll be back in a few.” Brittney said as she left.
Katy was freezing. The pee in her pants cooled off and was making her cold. It felt like it was turning into ice on her jeans even though she knew it wasn’t cold enough for that to happen. She was alone and her pants were soaked. She emptied out what was left in her bladder. She felt the new warmth spread through her pants. Hopefully Brittney would be back before it cooled off.
Soon Brittney returned. She handed Katy another pair of jeans and a diaper. Katy was both embarrassed and offended that Brittney brought her a diaper to wear, but she decided to tell her politely “Brittney I don’t usually wear diapers.”
“Well I thought that we could be twinsies.” Brittney said cutely and revealed that she was wearing one of Katy’s diapers.
At first Katy thought that Brittney might be mocking her, but she knew she wasn’t. Brittney might be the nicest girl Katy knew. Katy smiled and said “thank you.”

They went back to their cabin. The whole group ate dinner, packed up and left to go back home. Brittney requested that she ride home in the same car as Katy.

They stopped about two thirds home for a restroom and gas stop. Their driver parked. “Anyone need to use the restroom?” Everyone got out of the car except Katy and Brittney.
“I already used the bathroom.” Katy told Brittney
Brittney giggled “I’m about to.” She closed her eyes and relaxed. Katy could tell she was peeing.
Katy was glad she went on this trip.

Winter break passed. The new semester started, now it was almost the end of Katy’s senior year. She wore diapers every night still even though she hadn’t wet the bed in months. She had been good about getting to the bathroom on time. Her life was very scheduled and she had it under control.
It was close to the end of the semester. For Katy’s psych final she had to publicly break a social norm. Katy was nervous about it. She didn’t like think of what she was going to do. She had three weeks; she decided to put it off a little.

One day while Katy was at church Brittney came up to her. “Katy, do you know what social norm you’re going to break.” They had the same psych class, just different periods.
“No, I’ve been dreading it. I can’t think of a thing.”
“I know what I’m gonna do, can I borrow one of your diapers? I’m gonna wait in bathroom lines in an adult diaper.”
“Ya sure” That reminded Katy that she should wear a diaper while doing this. “Actually could I do that with you?” They were supposed to do it by themselves but Katy didn’t think she could.
They set a date, Memorial Day at a mall about half an hour away. They wouldn’t dare do this in their mall.

Katy wet the bed the two nights before. She hadn’t wet the bed since she was doing her college aps.

Memorial Day finally came. Brittney met at Katy’s house. They both go into diapers and sweatpants and drove over to the mall.
“Man I forgot how these feel. It’s so…different. It’s fun though”
“Not for me. What exactly is the plan?” Katy asked
“We are going to remove our sweats and head over to the bathrooms, which will no doubt have huge lines. We’ll just wait in the lines in our diapers.”
They took off their sweats and left them in the car. Both girls walked towards the mall with their diapers in full view. Katy was extremely embarrassed and nervous, while Brittney looked like she was having fun. Katy kept repeating in her head “I’m never going to see these people again” and “My teacher is making me do it”
Everyone was looking at them. Some were laughing and some were even whistling.
They went over to the bathrooms. The women’s line, as they expected was far out the door. Katy stood in line as casually as she could, but Brittney was potty dancing. She was really getting into this project. As they got near the bathroom door Brittney gasped loudly and stopped grabbing her crotch. She seemed to have everyone’s attention. “Oops.” She said
Katy didn’t exactly know what was happening but looked at Brittney’s diaper. It was slowly filling up and the wetness indicator was changing color. Katy admired Brittney’s bravery. She had just peed herself with everyone watching.
“Come on Katy let’s go.” They left the line “Well that was fun.”
“Ya, but I actually need to go, we should have stayed in the line so I could pee and so you can change.” Katy said.
“Come in here.” They went into a clothing store. Brittney went into one of the dressing rooms. She came out with a clean diaper on and a wet one in her hand. “See that was faster than that line and you can just go in your diaper.”

They walked over to a different set of bathrooms and got in line. After a while Katy actually was desperate and was showing it. Brittney was pretending like she needed to pee really bad. Brittney was saying things like “Come on Katy, we can’t have any more accidents” and “I’m so glad I wore diapers to go shopping.” After a while Katy just lost it. It just snuck up on her; she let out all of her pee. Everyone saw.
“It’s okay Katy, let’s go get you changed.” Brittney said as they left the line. They went back to the car and drove to the library. Katy changed her diaper in the bathroom, then they both sat down to write their reports about the day, they were supposed to include all of their thoughts and the reactions of other people.
Katy wrote hers, she left out a lot of the details that she was embarrassed about. When they were done they read each other. Brittney had not only included that she peed in her diaper, but also a description of how it felt. Katy was going to miss Brittney, after the summer Brittney would stay here and go to community college, while Katy was accepted to UCLA.

High school was now over. During graduation Katy made sure to wear a diaper for the ceremony. It was a good choice. She knew that the excitement, or just the length of time would make her have an accident, and she didn’t want to be the girl who wet her gown. Other than that and a few times to sleep Katy didn’t spend much time in diapers.
Summer for Katy was fun, but uneventful. She said goodbye to all of her school friends, Katy wasn’t going to miss them much even though she spent almost all of high school with them, plus they would always be connected with the internet.

The week before she moved out Katy slept in diapers; it was a good choice on her part. Stress always made her wet the bed.
Katy’s whole family helped her move in. It was work, but not too bad. Katy only brought the important things.

Katy’s family left, but she didn’t. Her classes started in about two weeks. Katy decided not to go home and come back; she needed to figure out how things worked around here. This was a little much for Katy, in the back of her mind she knew she wasn’t ready, but she knew things always worked out.
Katy wanted to look around campus and get familiar with her new area. But before she went out Katy put on a diaper. She hadn’t worn them in the daytime for a while, but she didn’t want to embarrass herself, she didn’t know where any of the bathrooms were and she didn’t want to take any chances.

Katy took a nice stroll through her campus. It was huge. Tomorrow Katy was going to find her rooms, but today she was just looking around.
Katy wandered for a bit before she realized she had to use the bathroom. Katy instantly became nervous. It was suddenly really hot outside. Katy usually looked and made sure she knew where the bathrooms were. Right now she only knew where one was, and that was all the way back at her dorm.
Katy calmed herself down. It wasn’t an emergency yet. She hadn’t seen any bathrooms, but she also hadn’t wandered into any of the buildings, so they must be in the buildings. She was putting her college brain to work. Katy walked in to the closest one. She walked half way down the hall and sure enough there it was. Katy used the bathroom. “There that wasn’t that bad” She thought. She probably didn’t even need the diapers. But she knew that this was a onetime thing, she wasn’t even on a schedule yet. And making it to the potty for an 18 year girl shouldn’t be a victory.

Katy got back to her dorm. She didn’t know what to do now. She knew nobody here. Katy’s roommate had moved her stuff in, but wasn’t here yet. Katy lay back on her bed and looked at the ceiling. She wanted to think about plans for the next week or how she was going to meet new people, but all she could think about was her bathroom problems. How not to make them noticeable. She had already decided to wear diapers every night for who knows how long. She had a roommate, Katy could predict when she would wet the bed, but sometimes it just happens out of the blue. She didn’t know which would be easier to hide from her roommate, diapers every night, or the occasional wet bed. She chose diapers.
Then there was the day time. She had lectures and places to be. It sounded hard. In high school Katy had a very structured bathroom schedule. She didn’t have that here and didn’t want to risk having an accident. She should probably wear diapers 24/7 once her classes start, at least until she knew she could handle it.
Katy touched her lap. She could feel her diaper. She knew that it would become a familiar feeling again. She just wondered how long she could hide it.

Katy woke up, in a wet diaper. She wasn’t too surprised. That had been a recent trend. Katy grabbed a clean one. Katy didn’t like the bathrooms at her dorms, they were shared with three other dorms near her, plus she didn’t like leaving her room to go to the bathroom, but she had to live with it. She changed out of her wet diaper and put on her clean one. She now had a dilemma, the same one she had last winter. What to do with her wet diaper.
Katy looked outside. She saw no one. She took it to her dorm and wrapped it up. Katy didn’t want to find her classes today. She wanted to check out the famous LA beaches. She put a light blue bikini on with her diaper and clothes over it. She didn’t care if her bikini got peed in. (Not that she wanted it to happen) but Katy always peed in the pool anyways.
Katy looked up online to see which busses would take her to the beach. She packed her bag and then she was off.

Katy was sitting in the bus listening to music when she realized she that she should have already been there. She looked at the map of bus routes. Sure enough she was on the wrong bus.
She studied the map. She wasn’t too far out of the way. In three stops she could switch onto a bus that would go directly to the beach.

Katy was just getting off her first bus; the second bus was already there. Katy paid and took her seat in the second bus. Just as she sat down she realized she needed to pee. There were plenty of bathrooms around this area. But Katy was on the bus already and it was about to leave. She could just catch the next one. But the bus started moving.
It was a good half an hour to the beach. Any normal person would be fine. Uncomfortable but fine. To Katy this would definitely be a test for her bladder.

Katy was desperate. There were a lot of people in the bus and she wasn’t trying to show it. It was agonizing. Katy wanted to give up. She had extra diapers, but the thing was Katy was trying to convince herself she didn’t need diapers. Her current situation was proving that statement untrue. She imagined the relief of emptying her bladder. Katy felt a warm wetness in her crotch. She had just leaked a little bit.
The bus stopped. Katy carefully got out of the bus. She was walking down the stairs to the beach. It was cloudier than she had imagined it. It smelled to. She couldn’t wait to enjoy it. Just as soon as she got to the bathroom.
Katy got onto the beach. The bathrooms were a bit far. She could probably relieve herself faster if she set down he bag and towel and went into the ocean to pee. But if she took off her pants, she didn’t want anyone to see her in her diaper. She thought that she could hide it, but wasn’t sure. It was too complicated for her right now. She decided to walk for the bathrooms.
Katy felt herself leak again. “That shouldn’t happen to a girl her age” Katy thought. Her bikini was getting damp. Katy wanted to make it. She put her hand on her crotch. She didn’t care who saw. It was hard for her to walk.
Katy had to slow down or she would leak more. Her bikini was already pretty wet. It was hopeless now. Katy accepted defeat and just let it out. Katy could hear her pee jetting out into her diaper. The waves were loud no one else could hear. To The rest of the world Katy was just standing still on the beach. Katy was really embarrassed. She consoled herself. These were difficult circumstances, with going on the wrong bus and such.
The bathrooms all had their own sink and toilet. Katy went in and locked the door. She took off all her clothes except for her bikini. She threw the diaper away.
Light blue probably wasn’t the best colored bikini to wear. It was wet on the crotch and the bottom of her butt. It looked like she peed herself. Katy took it off and ran it under the sink. She then splashed her legs with water to make it look like she had been wading in the ocean.
She then set down her bag and towel and enjoyed the beach.

It was Katy’s first day of classes. She sat in her lecture hall feeling the now familiar feeling of a diaper beneath her.
This was the first class that she was attending in college, it was dragging on and on. Katy had to pee. She always had to pee when she got nervous, and she was definitely nervous about her first day of college.
Katy held it in quietly not sure what to do, she had always heard that they couldn’t have bathroom breaks in college, or that if she left the lecture that she wouldn’t be allowed back in. Her options were leave, wet herself, or try to hold it. Holding it was out of the question, and she didn’t want to leave.
Katy slowly released her pee into her awaiting diaper. There were people sitting next to her on both sides. It felt weird that she was peeing while so close to these people.

He made her way out of the classroom. A boy was waiting for her outside.
“Hey, have we met before?” he asked
“No, I don’t think so.”
“Well you look really familiar. You’ve got those cute facial features I’ve seen before. My mistake.”
Katy couldn’t help but blush. She usually didn’t get this kind of attention. Besides this guy was cute. “I’m Katy”
“Michael, do you think I could buy you something to eat?”
Katy thought about her wet diaper that needed changing. “Not right now.” Katy thought about it. “You could buy me dinner though.”
He smiled. “Alright let me get your number and I’ll call you.”

Katy made her way back to her dorm to change. She was a little bit sad, she knew she needed diapers. This would mean wearing them full time for years, at least. And it would be a secret that she would need to keep for all that time. But she was happy, she had a date.

Katy was glad she had a date, she didn’t like spending time in her dorm, especially with her roommate Melissa. Michael had called. She was about to go meet him, but she had a problem, she didn’t know what to wear. Should he dress up, or look casual? She decided casual and to pretend that she wasn’t that into him.
Now what to wear under? She didn’t want to risk an accident. She was sure she could make it through one meal. She made it through high school. But this was her first actual date ever. She had no idea what to expect and she was definitely nervous.
Katy had it figured out, she would wear the diaper and if he found out she could say one of two things: first that she wore it to stop him from advancing on her too quick, or she could tell him the truth, that she needed them.
That second one would be better in the long run, she needed a man that could accept her in diapers, but she knew she couldn’t be that picky.

The first Semester was close to over now. Katy and Michael were going steady now. Katy couldn’t remember the last time she wore panties. Michael knew about the diapers, except Katy told him it was her choice to wear them, and that she didn’t need them. No one else knew. Katy had finally come to terms with her new diaper wearing identity. She actually liked them now.

Katy sat in one of her lectures. Something was wrong, she could feel people looking at her. She swore she could hear people whisper her name. They all knew something that she didn’t. Katy felt she should be embarrassed about something. Had she leaked? He poked her crotch, she wasn’t even wet.
Katy exited the lecture. She always met Michael on the bench outside her lecture to go to lunch, but he wasn’t there. There was no text explaining why. Katy waited a while.
Michael didn’t show. Katy texted him. A man Katy had never seen before snickered as he passed her.
Michael replied with “Can’t meet you for lunch today”
She replied with “When are we going to see each other then?”
“Don’t know”
“Are you doing something today?” Katy texted
By now Katy was getting lunch. Michael hadn’t replied.
Katy ate alone. She drank a little bit from her water bottle, it was then she realized how full her bladder was. Without thinking twice she emptied her bladder into her diaper.
Katy finished eating and made her way into the bathroom to change. She took off her wet diaper and taped it up. She was taping up a clean diaper when a voice from outside her stall said. “Look who finally made it to the potty.”
“Who’s there?” Katy asked. She heard the door shut.
Katy quickly got her new diaper on and ran outside the bathroom hoping to see who it was. She couldn’t find them.
Something was wrong. Someone had found out her secret. The only person who knew was Michael. Katy texted him “Can we meet up?”
He messaged back “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“Well I need to talk to you.”
“Katy, I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”
Katy was on the verge of tears. “Why, did you tell anyone my secret?”
“I didn’t, but someone else did.”
He sent a picture, it was of Katy asleep on her bed. Her covers were off and her diaper rose an inch above her pj bottoms. The comment was “My roommate still wets the bed.”
Katy burst into tears. Her life here was over. She ran back to her dorm and called Brittney while she was still crying. Katy told her everything.
“I don’t know what to tell you.” Said Brittney
“I don’t know what to do, I can’t go to school here anymore.”
“Well, I’m going to a community college near home, but my parents thought that I should have my own apartment. I wouldn’t mind if you came to live with me.”
This cheered Katy up instantly.

Katy dropped out of UCLA and moved in with Brittney and started going to her school. Katy’s parents insisted that she press charges on Melissa, but Katy couldn’t handle talking about that in front of people.

Brittney sat down on the couch next to Katy in a diaper and a tank-top. Katy wasn’t scared someone would figure out her secret for the first time she could remember. Another person to help her was all she ever needed.

Re: Some of Katy’s Incidences

Several times for me, at least at home, but that has everything to with the type of incontinence I have and the fact that the part of the house I tend to stay in is extremely quiet most of the time. In public, yeah, not happening unless there’s no one around and no background noise at all.

Re: Some of Katy’s Incidences

I could hunt for and send you links to diaper videos where this happens. I don’t really have the time now.

Re: Some of Katy’s Incidences

I do agree with Kita on… everything she said really.

I can look past the students caring too much about Katy’s diapers. I can ignore audible wetting if no one actually hears it (I can’t remember an example from this story that I just finished reading moments ago, so it can’t have been a problem). My biggest problem is with the pacing. Most of the time the story feels like a summary. Dialogue is avoided most of the time. The scene with the abandoned cabin was decently paced but still rushed. You need to spend more time and develop the characters. I should care about Katy and her friends and her relationship. They shouldn’t be glossed over. The roommate (who the de facto main villain I might add) should at least have screen time, some interaction with the main character, some dialogue at all (the voice in the bathroom does not count, assuming it was even her, because it wasn’t made clear who it was). There’s no build up for anything in this story.

All in all it has a lot of potential but no focus or content, really. The story has more to it than most of the stories I see (it’s not a completely empty shell) but it never really becomes… complete, I guess. You seem to be a good (or at least decent in some respects) writer as far as grammar and basic description goes. I’m not going to deny the effort you put into this story (I have no way of knowing that) and I think you have the potential to write a great story one day.

Keep writing and always try to improve. I look forward to seeing more from you.