Snuggles and Tears Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

Sharon lay on the bed with Billy right beside her. Looking at the clock on the wall, she felt her pulse quicken. She knew it wouldn’t be long before they came in to wake her little boy up.

She’d spent a good amount of time talking with Rick about what could happen, and even more examining her feelings about it after she’d gone to bed.

Billy had made it clear more than once that he really liked being cared for like a baby. This wasn’t like Becky’s situation, even though she knew that at this point, the binky and blankie really did help when he became anxious and nursing seemed to help calm him most of all.

She smiled as she remembered talking to him as an infant while knowing he was aware of what was going on around him. His reaction to that warmed her heart. His smile and the love in his eyes told her that he loved it. Sharon had every intention of seeing that he had plenty of time as a little baby boy so long as he wanted it.

That was the question though, would he want it? That was the source of her anxiety. As much as she hoped that he would be better physically, she didn’t want him to no longer need her. That was the crux of it. She had gotten her little boy back and she didn’t want to give him up under any circumstances.

She leaned down to kiss his cheek and felt tenderness in her breast. This is the longest she had gone in a while without nursing him, and she hoped that didn’t interfere with her production of milk. She hadn’t stopped using the tubing to provide his formula as a supplement, but she knew he still needed her milk to fight infection. ‘Her milk’. That thought still made her feel wonderful even now. She loved being able to provide what he needed from her body, it made the bond between them stronger.

That bond was worth a great deal to her now. She knew it would devastate her if he woke up now and didn’t want to be cuddled and nursed. “Maybe I made a mistake by nursing him.” she had told her husband at dinner last night. Rick had been quick and adamant to voice his disagreement with that thought.

“There’s no way Billy would have been able to cope with everything that happened if he didn’t have that closeness as a way to pull back from the stress of everything that’s happened. Not to mention, he needs what you’re providing him.” he had told her.

She was so thankful to have Rick in her life, he was right.

When she honestly examined her feelings, she didn’t want to stop babying Billy. The feelings of fulfillment that came with seeing his smile, or hearing his contented sighs when she cared for him were almost addictive. The big, joyful, baby laughs made her heart swell with joy.

Sharon loved being a mother more than anything else she had ever done. Caring for her children was fulfilling in ways that no other endeavor could offer. She had been lucky enough to fall in love with a man that could provide for them without her help. That left her able to devote her time to caring for the kids.

There were those mothers that would think she was crazy for wanting to be a stay at home mom. From Sharon’s perspective, they missed the whole point of being a mother. They looked at changing a diaper as a necessary evil and worked to get it over with as quickly as possible and move on to the next ‘task’ that had to be completed, longing for the day when their children were able to care for themselves.

Sharon didn’t see things that way. While things had been hectic with a two year old and a newborn, and that had forced her to spend less time with each of her children, she had taken the time when it was possible. When the time was available, a diaper change was an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with her baby; Time to touch and smile and laugh in an intimate way that took the child from an uncomfortable situation to a comfortable one, thereby reinforcing the child’s sense of being loved.

It was the same way with nursing. Rachael had asked why people made you feel like it’s wrong. Sharon still couldn’t answer that question. Oh, there were difficulties with nursing, sore nipples, plugged ducts and other issues, but was that a reason to abandon the very intimate closeness that came with nursing? Sharon didn’t think so.

It had taken days to get over the anxiety she felt because she was nursing her nine year old son. She thought back to the ass that had complained about it at the restaurant and was proud she had uncovered Billy’s head and proudly displayed that she wasn’t ashamed to give her baby boy what he needed, no matter what his age.

As Sharon gazed at Billy, she figured it out. Her head had told her five years ago that everyone was right, that she should encourage him to mature and give up his binky and bottle and move toward independence. But her heart had sung a different song. When she had pulled him into her lap, her heart said “He’s not ready. See how he clings to Pooh Bear? It’s not time yet.”

She was almost certain that the decision they made was the reason he wanted to be babied now. It didn’t take a person as smart as Craig to figure that one out. She swore to herself that she wouldn’t make that mistake again, no matter who didn’t like it.

April was right, she should have listened to her heart. As Sharon considered all the hurt and frustration that he went through because of that decision, her guilt finally found release and she began to cry. Kissing him, she cried softly “I’m sorry Baby, I made a mistake….I’m so sorry.” keeping her lips against the soft skin of his forehead as she cried.

Peter stood at the nurses station. He had been talking with Gary about what might happen when they woke Billy up. “Well, let’s get this started.” Gary had just said.

Peter turned to see if Sharon was still awake, saw her holding Billy close while in tears, and said “Hold on, let’s give her a few minutes.”

Gary turned to look at Sharon and said “Of course.”

Peter stood in thought a moment and said “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” and left the PICU.

Rick was still asleep as Peter entered Becky’s room. He moved to give April a kiss. Whispering, he said “Sharon’s having a hard time with this, and I want to have Rick come down to be with her. How do you think Becky will do if you stay with her?”

“If we wake her up and tell her, it will probably go a lot easier. Trust me, she’ll be fine.” April answered with a smile.

“I love you.” Peter said as he gave her another kiss.

“And I love you, you wonderful man.” April whispered back with love in her eyes.

Peter hugged her and then moved to the bedside and gently shook Rick’s shoulder. When Rick opened his eyes, Peter put his finger to his lips, leaned down to whisper in Rick’s ear and said “I think it would be better if you came to Billy’s room when we wake him up. It’ll help Sharon if something doesn’t go the way we hope it will.”

Rick nodded and asked “Do you think she’ll be alright with that?”

Peter knew he was talking about Becky. “April will stay with her, but we need to wake her up to let her know. If she woke up and you were just gone, she’d really have a hard time.” he answered.

Rick nodded again. He moved his hand to her diaper and felt that she was soaked. “Good, it will give me some time to interact with her before I go.” he thought. Turning to Peter, he asked “Can one of you go get a bottle for her? It’ll make it easier.”

“Sure.” April answered and got up and left the room.

“Can you hand me a diaper and two doublers and the wipes?” he asked Peter.

Peter got what he asked for and said “Here you go.” as he set them on the bed.

“Thanks.” Rick said just as April returned with her bottle. “Thank you.” he told her with a grateful smile.

Becky opened her eyes as she felt her binky being pulled from her mouth. She saw Daddy and smiled as he replaced it with her ba ba. She began nursing immediately, and watched as Daddy uncovered her and began pulling her dipey tapes free. She loved having Daddy change her dipey, it made her feel so safe. She couldn’t help but giggle as he started wiping her clean with the cold wipe.

“Sorry Baby, I know it’s cold.” Rick told her as he made quick work of getting her clean. It didn’t take long and he had a dry diaper under her with his warm hand smoothing soft baby powder onto her bottom. He smiled as she closed her eyes and snuggled with Minnie. A second later, she sighed in comfort as he pulled the fresh diaper up between her legs and taped it securely in place. “There you are Pumpkin, all dry now.” he told her as he pulled her into his arms.

Becky smiled and then nuzzled her face against Daddy’s chest when he hugged her. She just knew he was the best daddy in the whole world. “I wub you Daddy.” she told him dreamily.

“I love you too Baby Girl.” Rick replied as he kissed her forehead and patted her freshly powdered bottom. Looking directly in her eyes, he hesitated for a second, and then took the plunge. “Baby, I need you to snuggle with Aunt April for a bit.” he told her.

Becky, immediately anxious, asked “Why?” as she blinked tears out of the way.

“Well, You know how your brother has been asleep since yesterday, getting better?” he asked.

“Yeah.” she answered.

“Well they’re going to wake him up in just a few minutes and I need to bee there when they do.” he explained.

“But Mommy’s dere.” she replied.

“I know Sweety,” he said, “But you know how you love to have Mommy cuddle you and give you a bath and all, but when you get scared, you like Daddy to be there to help you feel safe?”


“Billy feels that way too. He’s probably going to be scared, and I just want him to feel safe, don’t you?” he asked trying to appeal to her love of her brother.

“Yeah.” Becky said without reservation. She loved her baby brother and didn’t want him to cry because he was afraid. She knew that if Daddy was there, he would feel safer. After all, she did.

“So I’m going to go with Uncle Peter and be with Mommy and Billy for a little while. I want you to be a good baby girl for Aunt April, OK?”

“OK.” she answered as she gave him a big hug. “I be good, I pwomith.” she said earnestly.

“I know you will Baby, and it makes me very proud of you.” he told her with another kiss as he picked her up and gently set her in April’s lap.

Becky snuggled close to Aunt April and hugged Minnie tightly as Daddy and Uncle Peter left the room.

“That went easier than I thought it would.” Rick said.

“The way you put it left her very few options. I couldn’t have done better if I tried.” Peter said with a chuckle. “Listen, I don’t know specifically why, but when I left, Sharon was in tears as she held Billy.” he explained.

“She’s worried. About a lot of things from what she said last night. One of them being that he may not want to snuggle with her anymore.” Rick offered.

“I suspected as much. I’m not sure she understands what may happen. There are several things that might be different or the same when he wakes up, but he’s still going to need her milk, he’s still going to need her to help him feel secure and I can’t imagine that he won’t want her to hold him.” Peter pointed out.

With a sigh, Rick replied “That’s how I see it, but you know women,” with a smile, “they see things their own way, especially Sharon.”

“You’re a much braver man than I am.” Peter said with a laugh.

“No, I just have a lot less sense, I guess. One of these days my mouth is going to get me in trouble.” Rick told him chuckling.

“There’s some truth in the trouble part.” Peter agreed.

As they entered the PICU, Peter said “Go in and talk with her for a bit. When she’s settled, come out and get me and we’ll get this started.”

“Alright.” Rick said as he headed for the room. When he slid the door open and entered the room, he looked at Sharon and saw her tears. “Hi Sweety.” he said softly as he moved to the bed, sat down next to her and pulled her into his arms.

Sharon laid her head against Rick’s chest and tried to get control of herself. A couple seconds later, she said “Hi. How’s Becky?”

“She’s snuggling with April right now. How are you?” he asked.

“Trying to work all of this out.” she told him.

“Are you any closer to an answer?” he asked.

“I know that I made a mistake with Billy by pushing him to grow up too fast, and I won’t do that again.” she answered as she blew her nose.

“Yes, we both agreed that we would let him decide this time. What brought this up again?” he asked her.

“Well, when we talked about it before, I didn’t think about why he wanted to be babied now. I also hadn’t thought about how much difficulty pushing him had caused him. Somehow, I hadn’t connected his wanting it now and the choice we made then. It bothers me that he was hurt because of the choices I made five years ago.” she explained.

“Honey, we didn’t know then what we know now. I know that I’ve never met a perfect parent, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t either. We’re human, and that means we make mistakes.” he told her. “Not only that, you heard Peter, just like I did, Billy’s been preparing for this time for his whole life. Now I suspect that that’s not the real problem here.” he said as he took her chin in his hand and turned her to look at him. “You’re worried he might not want to continue being close to you aren’t you?” he asked.

Sharon nodded. She didn’t trust herself to say anything and keep her emotions under control.

“Sweety, I imagine the last thing Billy remembers is being scared to death that the waitress was taking him away. He’s probably going to cling to you as soon as he opens his eyes. No matter what physical changes have taken place, that probably won’t be any different.” he told her.

Feeling foolish, Sharon looked away and said “You’re right of course, I didn’t consider that.”

“Tell me something, what will you do if he doesn’t want to nurse?” he asked.

Sharon thought about that for a moment. “Well, if he can’t manage a cup, I’ll use a breast pump and give him my milk in a bottle.” she answered.

“Alright, and if he doesn’t want to drink from a bottle?” he continued.

“I don’t know, he may not have a choice. It depends on if he chokes or not. Why do you ask?” she answered.

“Well, tell me what you’ll do if he does choke and doesn’t want a bottle.” he said.

“Probably not give him the choice at that point. It wouldn’t be safe to do anything else.” she told him.

“So would you make him drink the bottle or nurse?”

Sharon had to think about that. Her first thought was that she would give him the bottle. After thinking about it, she couldn’t justify the time and difficulty it would take to use the pump if he couldn’t manage a cup. “Probably have him nurse. There would be no sense in wasting the time and having the problems associated with a breast pump at that point. Why?” she asked again.

“Because you just showed me you’ll do what’s best for him, even if he doesn’t like it.” Rick answered. “Do you think it would be best to allow him to just pull away?”

Sharon smiled then. “No, I don’t.”

“Please do me a favor and worry about things that have happened. Don’t borrow trouble as Cathy says.” he told her with a smile.

“I’m sorry, I’m just worried things will be worse and not better.” She told him.

“We’ll deal with that if and only if it happens, alright?” he asked her as he kissed her.

“Alright.” she said as she hugged him tightly for a moment.

“OK, I think it’s time we stop speculating and find out just what is and what isn’t going to happen.” Rick said as he got up from the bed. Sliding the door open, he said “Peter, let’s see how he does.”

Peter nodded his head and he and Gary made their way into the room. Faith followed them in and laid a tray with three syringes and two small foil packages on it. “I’m going to give him a suppository. He still hasn’t had a messy diaper and it would be better to give it to him while he’s still out of it.” she told Sharon.

Sharon had mentioned that Billy normally goes twice a day, and he hadn’t since they knocked him out. She watched as the nurse untaped his diaper, wiped him clean and then inserted the suppository after using a lubricant. When he was back in a diaper, Peter told her “Sharon, I want you to be holding him when we wake him up.”

She picked Billy up and cradled him in her arms, positioning him so her face was directly in his line of sight, making sure she could pat his bottom. She placed his blankie over his tummy and put Pooh Bear on his chest. With his binky in his mouth, she knew he could at the very least get comfort from nursing as soon as he woke up.

Peter said “Sharon?”

Sharon looked up at him and said “Yes?”

“Whatever happens, I need you to keep your head. If I tell you to put him down on the bed, I need you to do so right away.” he explained.

That didn’t make her feel better, that’s for sure, but she nodded her head.

Picking up one of the syringes, Peter said “We’ll take this slow.” as he connected it to the port on the IV tubing and began very slowly injecting the medicine.

Sharon watched Billy closely as she waited. After a minute, his breathing changed slightly and he sighed. A few seconds later, he moved his legs and began nursing on his pacifier.

Billy felt his binky in his mouth and began nursing on it, enjoying the sensation. His nose told him Mommy was holding him and that made him feel warm and comfortable. He could feel her hand holding his bottom. A moment later, his tummy began hurting and he started to fuss. That brought his thoughts into focus and his eyes flew open as he remembered being taken from Pooh Bear. Seeing Mommy, he reached out and clung tightly to her as he began to cry hard. “Mommy!” he cried needing to be as close as possible to her.

Sharon’s eyes filled with tears as her little boy cried for her. No matter how many times she had talked about it, how she tried to rationalize it, she couldn’t make her fear of him not needing her go away. That single cry accomplished it in a second. Pulling him tightly against her, she said “I’ve got you Baby, It’s OK, Mommy’s got you.” as she began patting his bottom.

Billy felt Mommy hold him tightly and felt much better. When he heard her words, he calmed down to a fussy cry. His tummy got his attention again and he said “I’m hungwy Mommy.” continuing to fuss.

That got everyone’s attention. That wasn’t the talk of a year old child, or even a toddler. Sharon suspected that if he hadn’t had the pacifier in his mouth, it would have been clear as a bell. She looked quickly to Peter, and he nodded to her.

Turning Billy, she lifted her shirt and uncovered her nipple. She watched him closely as she did so, looking to see any indication that he didn’t want to nurse. She noticed him start to nurse harder on his binky as soon as she uncovered her nipple. When she moved his mouth closer, he spit his pacifier out and immediately latched on to her breast and began nursing. When she saw him bring his hand up next to his face and lay it on her breast in a fist, all concern that he wouldn’t want to nurse vanished.

Peter watched Billy nurse and smiled at Sharon when he saw the relieved look on her face. He turned to Gary and waved him to the other side of the room. When they got there, he asked softly “What do you think?”

He didn’t get a chance to hear Gary’s response before he heard Sharon say “Peter?!?” with a bit of panic in her voice. Turning quickly, he moved to the bedside and noticed that Billy’s hand and arm were shaking. As he watched, he saw the shaking become worse as time went on.

“Is it a seizure?” Gary asked.

“No.” Peter answered. “It’s not rhythmic. There’s no pattern to it.” Moving so Billy could see him, he asked “Billy, can you hear me?” When he saw Billy nod his head in a spastic motion, he told him “I want you to relax completely for me. Stop nursing for a moment, but keep Mommy’s nipple in your mouth.”

Billy whimpered but did as Uncle Peter asked. He hadn’t noticed his arm moving, he was so caught up in filling his tummy.

Peter watched as suddenly the all motion stopped. Reaching down, he said “You can nurse now, but take my hand and squeeze it hard for me.”

Billy quickly resumed nursing as he lifted his arm and then noticed that he had a hard time getting his hand anywhere near Uncle Peters hand. After three tries, he managed to grab his fingers and gripped as hard as he could.

Peter noticed his hand gripping and releasing in an irregular pattern. “It’s an intention tremor.” he told Gary. Turning to Faith, he said “Get a bottle for him of his formula, quickly.”

Sharon asked “What’s going on?” with worry clear on her face.

“Give me a little bit to figure this out Sharon. When she brings his bottle, I’m going to need you to lay back and lay him on his back on your belly. I need to examine him.” Peter answered. Looking to Gary, he said “Order an MRI of his head and his spine with and without contrast. Also an EMG of all four extremities and a Chem-24.”

“I’ll go write the order now.” Gary said and left immediately.

Faith came in a moment later and handed Peter the bottle. “We’ll need a syringe with two doses of Thiamylal.” he told her.

Faith looked at Peter with an apologetic expression and said “I’ll need Dr. Roach to order any barbiturates Doctor.”

“Just get the med, he’ll write the order. In fact, he’s writing orders now, so please go tell him I need the Thiamylal.” Peter told her trying to keep his patience. He understood how she felt. He wasn’t licensed to practice medicine in Florida and therefore had no ability to order any medication or procedure.

Faith left the room to find Gary.

“Alright, lets get him on his back.” Peter told Sharon.

When Sharon broke Billy’s seal on her nipple, he started crying. When she attempted to move him, he cried harder. She took the bottle from Peter and offered the nipple to Billy saying “Here Baby, drink your ba ba.” When he started nursing on the bottle, she told him “I’m going to lay you on your back Sweety.” and saw him start to tremble all over. “I promise Baby Boy, I’m not going to let anyone take you off my tummy. I’ll hold your ba ba for you while you nurse.” and noticed his tremors become less pronounced.

“They’re affected by his anxiety level.” Peter observed.

Sharon shifted him around so he was laying with his head between her breasts. She held his bottle as he continued to drink.

Billy lay there nursing hard on his ba ba. He wasn’t sure what all the activity was all about, but he had a pretty good idea that something was wrong. His arms and legs were acting weird. As he considered that, he suddenly understood that his thoughts were more like they should be. He wasn’t having any problems concentrating, and understood most of what everyone was saying around him when he could hear them. Taking his mouth off the nipple for a second, he told Uncle Peter “I’m thinking better now.” and then started nursing again.

Peter smiled at Billy and said “Well that’s certainly good to hear. Are you in any pain?”

“No.” he answered.

“Good. Anything feel different or strange?” Peter asked.

“My hans don’ wowk.” Billy said around the nipple.

“I see that. Don’t worry, it’s what we call an intention tremor. It means they shake when you try to use them. I’m going to take a good look at you and see if anything else is different.” Peter explained.

Peter took Billy’s hand in his and began testing his reflexes in his arm. He did the same to the other arm and then moved to his legs. As he lifted Billy’s leg by his foot, Billy showed a surprised expression on his face. “What’s wrong?”

With a blush, Billy said “Poopy.”

Peter chuckled and said “That’s just fine little boy. Did you have any control over it or did it just go on it’s own?”

“By ithewf.” Billy answered.

“Just what I expected.” Peter said with a smile.

Billy felt better when he heard that. When he thought about it, he really didn’t know why he was surprised that he went without being able to stop it, it had happened many times before.

Sharon was concerned that Billy blushed when he said he’d messed his diaper. “Why would he be embarrassed?” she wondered.

Peter looked at Billy, noticed that he had drank half the bottle and reached out and took it from his mouth. “The medicine you’re taking will upset your tummy. I think we need to wait a little bit before you drink any more OK?”

Billy couldn’t help when his eyes teared. He wanted more. He began looking around for his binky.

Sharon noticed him looking and didn’t understand why he didn’t ask for it. “Do you want your binky Sweetheart?” she asked as she put the nipple to his lips.

With a blush, Billy took the pacifier and started nursing as he nodded his head in an awkward manner.

“OK, we’re going to have to have a talk about this later.” Sharon thought to herself. She had no idea why he was blushing, but wanted to nip that in the bud quickly. She would wait until Peter finished what he was doing though. Wanting to see how he responded, she brought his blankie to his face and began caressing his cheek with it. He looked at her and blushed again but made no attempt to get her to stop.

Peter noticed his response and that he didn’t ask for his pacifier. He didn’t know what to make of that at this point. Too many questions needed to be answered. He took a pen light from the table and said “I’m going to shine a light in your eyes Billy, just look straight ahead.” and held first his left and then his right eyelid open as he shined the light at the pupil, moved it away and repeated it. “Did that hurt?” he asked.

“No.” Billy answered.

“Good.” Peter told him. “We need to do some tests. We’ll need to take some blood from your arm,” he said and noticed Billy begin to tremble a great deal as he started crying. “it’s alright, we’ll put you to sleep little boy before we draw it alright?” Peter asked.

Billy didn’t understand what was going on. He hated needles, but it bothered him that he couldn’t keep from crying at the mention of getting one. This scared him. Nursing on his pacifier helped, so he concentrated on that.

Peter watched as Billy began nursing furiously on his pacifier. He noticed that his tremors all but died down as he did so. He wanted to wait until the tests were done to ask about that though. The sooner he gave the sedative, the better, as he saw it.

A minute later Faith came in with the sedative. Taking it from her hand, Peter smiled and said “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Doctor.” she told him.

“You did the right thing Faith. I’m sorry if I was short at all.” he told her.

She smiled and said “No, you were fine Doctor.”

Turning to Billy, he said “I’m going to give you medicine to make you sleep now. We’re going to do some tests and then wake you up when they’re over. Understand?”

Billy nodded his head in response as he continued to nurse his binky. He was surprised at just how good it felt to nurse it.

Sharon caressed his cheek with her hand and said “I love you Sweety, you’ve been a really good boy.” with a smile.

Billy smiled around his binky as he looked at Mommy and said “I wub you Mommy.”

Rick moved to the bedside and said “Yes you have, I’m proud of you little guy.” and bent to kiss Billy’s forehead.

Billy smiled and said “I wub you too Daddy.”

“And I love you.” Rick said with a smile. “Night night little boy.” he added.

Peter pushed the medicine into the IV then and Billy slowly drifted off to sleep.

“OK, what in the world happened?” Sharon asked Peter with fear in her voice.

“Yes, and why was he embarrassed?” Rick added.

“I don’t know. But I promise you, we’ll find out. Once the tests come back, I’ll have a lot more information to figure this out.” Peter told them. “Did you notice that he was talking more like a nine year old? But his emotional response was a lot more immature?” Peter asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I did.” Sharon answered.

“What does it mean?” Rick asked.

“I don’t know yet, but if it doesn’t change, he’s in for a bit of a difficult time.” Peter warned them.

“What do you mean if it doesn’t change?” Rick asked worriedly.

“We talked about this once before. Having the intellect of a nine year old, especially a very intelligent one like Billy, and the emotional control of an infant or toddler would be very difficult to handle for anyone.” Peter told him. “This might change, it might not. He still has three more doses of the Toradol to go, but I have no intention of giving them to him until I figure out what’s going on.” he explained.

“Alright, so what now?” Sharon asked.

“We do the tests, and then we see what they show.” Peter answered. “And until his situation changes, be gentle with him.” he added.

Sharon gently picked Billy up and cuddled him close. She kissed his cheek and said “I love you Baby Boy.” as she began rocking him gently. She was scared now. When Peter didn’t know what was going on, that frightened her. Looking to Peter, she asked “Will he be alright?”

Peter looked at Sharon, thought about lying to her but dismissed that option. “Sharon, the shaking you saw, there’s a good chance that that won’t go away, or if it does, it will take a long time. I haven’t seen the films, but I have a feeling there’s some damage from the inflammation.” he told her.

Sharon sat with tears falling now. “The medicine didn’t cause it?” she asked tearfully.

“No. Toradol doesn’t work that way. In fact, the Toradol probably prevented much worse damage. We just didn’t know it until now.” He explained.

She began crying softly as she rocked her little boy. Rick sat beside her and wrapped his arms around both of them. What would life for him be like now she wondered. When he shook, he looked like he was having a seizure the tremors were so bad.

Peter put his hand on Rick’s shoulder and said “I’ll send the folks in to draw blood in a minute. We need to get him down for the MRI as soon as possible.”

Rick covered Peter’s hand with his own and replied “Alright. Do what you can Peter.”

“You can count on it.” Peter told him with a determined voice.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 98

Tough chapter. Still too much uncertainty about Billy’s recovery. Make it better soon!

Seriously, this was another solid chapter. Everyone’s love for each other really shines through, from Sharon’s determination to Rick’s ability to make everyone around him feel better.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 98

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At this time I’m going to engage the fasten seatbelt signs, and the flight attendants will be making rounds ensuring everything is in order.

As always, we thank you for flying BabyButt airlines. We know you have a choice of airline, and we’re happy you chose us.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 98

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Very clever having his emotions needing to be a baby but his mind being not quite sure about it any more.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 98

No stings left BB are you happy now?

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 98

Yes, that’s true richbaby.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 98

Hi Folks,

Tommy, I was glad to see your post last night just before I went to bed. I was curious how this chapter would be recieved. Thank you for the kind words. Things will get much clearer soon.

DA, again you had me laughing. This time at 1:30am. I woke up not feeling good. Your post was a pleasant distraction, thanks.

Lb, Sorry about the wait, my hands can’t type near as fast as my brain works, so unfortunately there’s more time between chapters than I would like.

Just FYI, there will probably be a longer wait for the next one. Those tremors that you read about in this last chapter are really kicking my butt and it takes forever to type right now (20 minutes for this so far). The tremors never did go away.

Billy being put back to sleep is a very temporary thing this time.

As for Billy growing up? You’ll just have to wait and see how that moves forward, it just might surprise you. :slight_smile:

richbaby, I warned you to hold on tight to it! :lol:

Thanks Everyone for taking the time to post,


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 98

I can’t wait to see what happens to becky and Billy in chapter 99.