Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

Billy woke slowly, the feel of his binky as he nursed being the first thing that got his attention. The next thing he noticed was the soft blankie he was clutching in his hand, holding it against his cheek. The blankie brought security to him, and that made him smile. He stretched his little legs and noticed his pee pee wet dipey felt so good. He opened his eyes and saw Pooh Bear laying next to him. With an effort, he managed to pull Pooh into a hug. Nuzzling his face against Pooh’s soft head, he giggled as the fur tickled his chin.

“'Morning Baby Boy.” Rick told his infant son. He had watched Billy sleeping for a while. Smiling as he nursed occasionally on his binky in his sleep, he still couldn’t get over how much like an infant Billy was. He hadn’t had much time to watch Billy with all of the craziness of the last few days. Becky had monopolized his time, not leaving ten minutes to spend with Billy.

Rick had been glad when he woke up to find that both Becky and Sharon were no longer in bed and the pillows set up so Billy wouldn’t fall out. While he had really enjoyed spending the time with his daughter, helping her get to a point where she wasn’t terrified, he had begun to feel a bit overwhelmed as her only source of comfort. When Becky had made the decision to be like her baby brother, it took a huge weight off of Rick. As he sat contemplating this, he felt guilty at first for wanting some breathing room, but finally realized that it was a good thing. Becky needed to feel close to her mommy as well, and that gave him time to spend with Billy.

A giggle erupted from him as Billy turned to his back to look at Daddy. He loved Daddy very much! He had missed Daddy and was overjoyed to see him. Smiling, he said “Wub you!” his little arms flailing wildly with his excitement.

Rick chuckled as he reached to pick Billy up and lay him on his tummy in the center of his chest. He hugged Billy close, giving his forehead a gentle kiss before patting his wet diaper and saying “And I love you Baby, you’re Daddy’s little pee butt.” with a smile and then added “Yes you are.” with another firm pat to his wet bottom.

Billy couldn’t help but giggle again as Daddy made his bottom tickle with his patting. He felt so good laying there. Nuzzling his face against the soft material of Daddy’s t-shirt, he sighed a contented sigh.

“I’ve missed snuggling with you Baby Boy. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more of it, but Becky really needed Daddy for a while. I promise, we’ll spend more time together now.” Rick told him.

Billy turned to smile at Daddy. The thought of being able to be close to Daddy made him feel warm and snuggly inside. Mommy was really important to him, but he liked being with Daddy too.

Hating to move him, Rick felt how wet his diaper was and decided not to risk a wet bed. “Daddy’s gonna get a nice dry dipey on your bottom Baby Boy, and then how about I give you a ba ba?” he asked.

Billy clapped his hands and said “Ba ba Daddy!” with a big smile around his binky. The familiar owwie in his tummy had started to get his attention just then. It wasn’t bad, but Billy knew it would hurt more as time went on.

He smiled more as Daddy laid him on his back and reached for a clean dipey. When Billy saw Daddy pick up the baby powder, he giggled.

“Does my little boy like when his bottom’s powdered?” Rick asked with a chuckle, knowing the answer.

“Yeth!” Billy answered with a giggle.

“Well then let’s get that wet dipey off then and get to powdering!” Rick responded with a tcikle to Billy’s tummy.

Big baby laughs filled the bedroom as Billy squirmed. He loved it when Daddy played with him. As Billy settled down to nursing his binky, Daddy unzipped his sleeper and pulled his little feet free. When Daddy undid the dipey tapes, Billy closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feelings of having his dipey changed. He felt the pee pee wet dipey pulled down between his legs and then felt a warm wipe gently move against his pee pee. When Daddy finished cleaning his front, he lifted Billy’s bottom up off the bed. Billy felt a wipe cleaning his behind and then Daddy’s warm hand smooth soft baby powder onto his bottom and couldn’t help but smile with a sigh. It just felt so good and it smelled so sweet. Daddy quickly powdered Billy’s front and pulled the soft dipey up between his legs, taping it snug against his tummy.

With a gentle pat to the front of his diaper, Rick told him “There, all snug and dry Baby Boy.” with a warm smile.

Billy reached both arms toward Daddy and said “Uppy.”

Rick picked him up, cradled him in his arms and offered him the bottle of formula that sat on his nightstand. “Here Baby, drink your ba ba.” he said as he began to rock gently back and forth.

Billy felt safe and warm in Daddy’s arms. He spit his binky out and immediately began nursing the ba ba hungrily, enjoying the flavor of the fluid as he nursed. When Daddy began patting his dipey, Billy closed his eyes and snuggled closer.

“You love to nurse don’t you little boy?” Rick asked with a warm smile.

Billy was so caught up in the warm feelings right then, he didn’t even hear what Daddy said.

Rick smiled wider when his son didn’t answer. It felt wonderful to be able to make this little boy feel this good. Billy’s needs were simple to meet and seeing his reaction to a gentle touch and a bottle to nurse made the work so very worth the reward of his smile or contented sigh. Rick understood then why Sharon told him that she didn’t want to stop babying Billy on Christmas day. To be able to make this little boy feel so good with such simple tasks made Rick feel warm inside.

Sharon opened the bedroom door gently and the picture of Rick cuddling Billy close as he held his bottle for him was so sweet she had to smile. Rick was a big softy, but tried not to let it show. She stood watching him for a minute, realizing Rick was so caught up in this special time with his little son that he hadn’t noticed her come in. She softly said “He’s captured your heart as well I see.”

Rick looked up with a bit of a blush and smiled saying “Yes he has.” and then a moment later added “It’s incredible how much pleasure he gets from his bottle.”

Sharon smiled and replied “It’s not so much the bottle as it is who’s holding it. It’s being cuddled by Daddy and having him hold his ba ba that makes that baby boy so happy, especially when you pat his bottom.”

Rick smiled at that. He didn’t know if that was it, but hoped so.

Seeing a bit of doubt in Rick’s expression, she said “He sees the same thing I did when I walked in here when he looks at you. He sees Daddy loves him so much in the way you look at him. He feels it in your touch and the way you hold him. Trust me, it’s not the bottle, it’s you.”

Rick, trying to speak around the lump that suddenly formed in his throat said “Thank you.” as his eyes misted. A moment later, when he got control of himself, he said “I understand now why you didn’t want to stop babying him. Seeing him so happy like this makes what we had before seem pale and empty.”

Sharon couldn’t help but smile at his words. “I couldn’t have put it better if I tried.” she told him. “I thank God every morning that he’ll be a baby for some time. I just love holding and caring for him so much.” she added with sincerity.

“I’d like you to do something for me.” she told him still smiling.

“What’s that?” he asked with a curious expression.

“Try to see Becky as you see him right now, the next time you give her a bottle.” she answered.

“What do you mean?” he asked even more perplexed this time.

“It’s easy to see Billy as a baby boy. Seeing Becky that way is harder, she’s bigger. Try looking for the baby girl, you’ll find it like I did this morning as I bathed her and gave her her bottle.” Sharon answered.

Rick thought about that. While he had tried to treat her like a toddler, he hadn’t seen her that way. That was startling to him. “You’re right. I’ve been treating her the way I would a toddler, but I still saw the eleven year old.” he admitted.

“So did I until this morning when she peed in her diaper and it leaked all over the floor.” Sharon said with a chuckle. “It surprised her as much as it did me.” she added.

“Wow, she’s really becoming the toddler then. She wet without warning?” he asked.

“Yes, and I think for now that’s a good thing. It helps her see herself as a baby girl and that will keep the terror away.” She answered, and a second later added “You’ve done wonders with her Rick, thank you.”

“Hey, I wasn’t alone. After all, you made the promise to let her keep her binky. Although the more I think about it, the less I would have supported taking it away anyway.” he told her.

Sharon smiled a big smile then. She knew this man loved that little girl with all of his heart. Enough to brave carrying her around Disney with her wet diaper clearly on display as she nursed a binky or a bottle. It was easier with Billy, he was very small for his age. While Becky was on the lower range of a girl a year younger than her, she certainly didn’t look like she should be nursing a bottle, or a pacifier for that matter. The only response she could think of was to walk to him and give him a kiss telling him “I love you Richard Avery.”

“You have no idea how happy that makes me.” he responded with a smile. Two seconds later he added “Knowing I’m not alone in helping the two kids feel more secure is wonderful, but knowing that I love the lady that’s helping to get them through makes it so much better.”

They sat there just enjoying each other’s quiet company for a while. Billy had slept through two rounds of burping and now laid comfortably in Mommy’s arms. Rick looked up from him and asked “Where is Becky?”

“She’s sleeping on the couch. She went to sleep as I gave her her bottle.” Sharon explained.

“I think she needs another one.” he said with a smile.

With a kiss to his cheek, Sharon said “Yes, I think she does.” and watched as Rick headed out of the bedroom. A moment later she kissed her baby boy gently on his cheek and began rocking him as she hummed a lullaby. She would give Rick some time alone with his baby girl.

Rick walked out into the livingroom area and purposefully kept his eyes off of Becky. He wanted to try what Sharon had asked and thought it would be better if her did so once he held her close. He went to the refrigerator and got a bottle of the sweet milk for her and returned to the couch. Without looking to her face, he gently picked her up and cradled her in his big arms.

The first glimpse he allowed himself was after he sat in the recliner. When he cradled her head in the crook of his elbow, he studied her as she slept. Like Billy, she nursed her binky in her sleep, nursing vigorously for a moment and then slowly easing up on the speed and force of her suckling until her mouth was still again. As he continued to watch her, he began to see the baby girl. It required him to quit looking for what was familiar, and see her as she was. Glancing at her bottom, he moved her skirt just a bit to see her diapered bottom. She was so cute dressed as she was.

The more Rick thought about it, the more he understood that he had tried not to see her as a baby girl because she had insisted so many times that she wasn’t a baby. He had had doubts when Craig suggested that they encourage her to be a toddler. The more he looked at it though, the more he believed that it was the right thing to do. As he let his reservations evaporate, it was much easier to see the baby girl laying in his arms. He couldn’t help but smile as it became clear that the big girl wasn’t there anymore. She was a toddler. A big toddler, but a toddler still. He resolved right then to see her as she was, not as she had been. This would help him interact in a way that would help her feel more comfortable with who she was now.

He reached over and pulled her binky from her mouth. As he did, she opened her eyes and smiled up at him. Rick couldn’t help but smile back at this cute baby girl. When he offered her her bottle, she took the nipple in her mouth and began to nurse with a contented sigh. He couldn’t help himself, he leaned down and kissed her gently on her forehead as he whispered “Hi Baby Girl. Daddy loves you so much Baby, so much.”

Becky smiled at Daddy when she opened her eyes, she couldn’t help it. She didn’t know what it was, but something was different about the way Daddy was acting. She felt so comfy in his arms and when he gave her her ba ba, she was in heaven. When she heard Daddy tell her how much he loved her she smiled around her ba ba and said “I wub you too Daddy!” and hugged him tight.

“My god she’s so cute!” he thought as she talked like a toddler. Snuggling her close, he began rocking her as he held her bottle. He watched her nurse for a bit before he began gently patting her diaper. When he saw her sigh and then close her eyes and continue to nurse, he smiled to himself. Feeling her relax a little at a time until her breathing was steady and even, he leaned down and whispered to his sleeping baby girl “That’s right Baby, you just snuggle with Daddy.”

A couple of minutes later, her bottle was half empty and he felt her wet in her diaper as he continued to pat. That completed the picture. He had thought that she was waking up to go pee in her diaper as she had in the hospital. He knew now that she had truly regressed. Giving her another kiss, he said “That’s it Baby Girl, you go pee pee in your dipey just like your supposed to and Daddy will get you a nice soft dry dipey when you wake up.” as he felt the warm wetness continue to spread across her bottom.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 91

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