Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

The sight Sharon woke up to warmed her heart. Billy was curled up in a little ball facing her, his binky in his mouth. He held Pooh Bear close to his chest, with his blankie in his left hand, pulled up to his face. Becky lay behind him, snuggled up close. She had one arm over him, with her hand holding Pooh’s leg. She had evidently gotten thirsty and taken her bottle at some point because she was sleeping with the nipple in her mouth. Billy’s diaper was wet, but Becky’s was soaked. Sharon had filled Becky’s bottle when she went to bed, and it was almost empty now.

Reaching over, she gently pulled at Becky’s bottle until the nipple was out of her mouth, and quickly replaced it with her binky. Becky opened her eyes then and smiled at Mommy. Sharon couldn’t help but smile back because she looked so cute. “Can you be very careful and get up without waking your brother or Daddy up?” She whispered to Becky.

Becky nodded, then slowly and carefully untangled herself from Billy. Sliding down the bed on top of the covers, she managed to get to her feet just as Sharon was putting her pillows under the comforter so Billy wouldn’t fall out of the bed. Sharon grabbed a clean diaper, two doublers, Becky’s bottle and her bear, took Becky by the hand and left the bedroom, closing the door softly.

“Hold on a second Baby Girl.” she told Becky as she made her way to the kitchen. Rinsing the bottle, she set it in the sink and then filled a bottle of formula for Billy, just in case he woke up. “I’ll be right back.” she said as she went back into the bedroom for a second to put the bottle where Rick would see it. Returning, she escorted Becky to the bathroom. Smiling down at her, Sharon gave a pat to Becky’s very wet bottom. “You made lots of pee pee last night, didn’t you?” she asked.

Becky looked to Mommy to see if she was upset. When she saw Mommy smiling she giggled and nodded her head.

Sharon saw the anxious look and decided to nip that in the bud right now. She knelt on the bathroom floor so she could look right in Becky’s eyes. “Come here Baby.” she said as she pulled her daughter into a warm embrace. “Do you like being a baby girl?” Sharon asked.

Becky looked at Mommy and nodded her head, nursing her binky furiously.

“You need to tell me Sweetheart.” Sharon explained.

“Yeth Mommy, I baby girw.” Becky answered.

“OK,” she replied as she firmly placed her hand on Becky wet diaper. “then I don’t want you worrying about it. Let me make this very easy for you Honey. You’re a good girl for making lots of pee pee’s in your dipey. You were a good girl for going poopy last night at the castle. You make Mommy and Daddy very happy when you drink your ba-ba and take your binky, and Mommy loves to hear you talk like Bobby does.” Sharon explained. She wanted to encourage her to freely be a toddler.

“You might see someone like that nasty man in the restaurant that doesn’t understand, but I don’t want you to let someone like that keep you from being happy. You don’t have to worry, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Peter and Aunt April will keep anyone from hurting you. You just be my baby girl and everything will be just fine, I promise.” she reassured Becky, and then kissed her forehead.

Becky hugged Mommy tight. She didn’t like seeing that mean man get mad at her. She felt better now, because Mommy said she was a good girl for going poopy. She wanted to be a baby girl and go in her dipey.

“Do you know why we put a skirt on you that shows off your dipeys?” Sharon asked.

“No.” Becky answered with a curious expression.

“Because Mommy and Daddy are proud of our baby girl. We also want other people to know you’re a baby and not a big girl. When they see your binky and your dipey, they know you’re a baby girl and won’t expect you to be a big girl and use the potty. That reminds me, you aren’t to be in the bathroom anymore unless a grown-up is with you. Babies don’t belong in here by themselves.” she explained.

“No potty, I pwomith!” Becky said with a smile. She remembered the rules that Mommy explained to Billy, and she saw that Mommy was making her follow the same rules.

“That’s a good girl!” Sharon said with a smile. “Also, you don’t take your dipey off. Mommy, Daddy, Aunt April or Uncle Peter will change you if you need it. I want you to understand Baby Girl, if you ask to use the potty or take your dipey off, then we will put you back in big girl panties and no more Baby Girl. The binky and ba-ba’s will be put away too. You need to be really sure you don’t want them anymore before you ask, because you won’t get them back once you do, understand?”

Becky nodded and emphatically said “I Baby Mommy!”

“And I’m glad!” Sharon said as she tickled Becky.

Becky giggled wildly at the tickle. She felt her dipey get warm and knew she had started going pee pee. A second later, she looked down in shock as pee streamed down the inside of her left leg to puddle on the floor.

Sharon laughed as she watched Becky’s surprised expression. “Yes Sweety, you’re a baby girl.” she told Becky with a warm smile.

Smiling at Mommy, Becky hugged her tight. She loved Mommy, and she loved being Mommy’s baby! As she felt the warm pee pee still running down her leg, she knew with a certainty that she was NOT a big girl, and that made her very happy.

“Mommy needs to get you all clean and dry Baby Girl.” Sharon told her. “How would you like Mommy to give you a nice warm bath?” she asked.

“Yeth!” Becky exclaimed, clapping her hands.

Sharon smiled and said “OK! Let’s get you undressed and get you into some bubbles.” as she turned the water on in the tub. When the water was the correct temperature, she added a small amount of baby bath under the faucet, and bubbles immediately started to form.

Smiling a big smile, Becky put her arms up over her head.

Sharon pulled her pajama shirt up over her head and only then noticed that the hem at the bottom was wet. She used the shirt to absorb the pee that had leaked onto the floor, pulled the tapes on Becky’s sodden diaper and set it on the shirt.

Lifting her under the arms, she sat Becky gently in the tub, bubbles surrounding her. Reaching over to a plastic bucket, Sharon picked it up and turned it upside down over the water. A cascade of bath toys rained down into the bubbles, accompanied by Becky’s gleeful giggle. Taking a washcloth in hand, she knelt at the side of the tub, and started gently washing her daughter as she played, starting with her neck and working her way down.

“Up on your knees Baby Girl.” Mommy said. Becky obeyed and then started giggling as Mommy washed her bottom. It tickled when Mommy washed her there. When her bottom was all clean, Mommy said “OK, sit back down and lets get those legs clean.”

Sharon had to laugh as she got to Becky’s feet. Becky started squealing when Sharon began running the washcloth between her toes. “Is my baby girl ticklish?” she asked Becky.

“Yeth Mommy!” Becky squealed as Mommy washed another toe.

Once all the toes were clean, and Becky calmed down, Sharon reached for a large cup and told her “OK Baby, time to wash your hair.” When Sharon saw a frown cross Becky’s face, she said “I know you don’t like this part Sweety, but I promise, it will be over really quickly.” Becky had never liked having her hair washed.

Becky scooted forward in the tub and leaned back on her hands. She really didn’t like this part, but wanted to be a good girl for Mommy. When Mommy dumped the first cup of water over her hair, she couldn’t help it, she started to cry.

“It’s OK, Baby. You go right ahead and cry. Mommy will finish this up quickly and give you big hugs.” as she dumped the second cup over her to make sure her hair was well saturated. She didn’t like seeing Becky upset as big tears fell to her cheeks, but steeled herself to do what had to be done. With Baby Shampoo in her hand, she started working Becky’s hair into a generous lather, taking care to cover the ends as well. Reaching for the cup again, she said “OK, close your eyes Baby Girl.” and started rinsing her hair as Becky cried. “I know Baby, I know. Only one more time and we’re all done, I promise.” she told her upset daughter.

Lathering her hair again, she rinsed it. After the last cup was emptied and all of the soap was out of Becky’s hair, Sharon hit the lever to empty the tub, placed a towel over her shoulder and stood Becky up. Pulling her close, she held her close as she gently caressed her bare bottom saying “It’s all done Baby, all done.” trying to comfort Becky.

Becky felt Mommy’s warm hand on her bottom and heard her soothing words and slowly calmed down to nursing her binky.

Sharon turned the water back on and adjusted the temperature so it was comfortable. Releasing her hold on Becky, she stood her back from the faucet, flipped the lever to cause the shower to work, and moved her into the spray to get all of the soap off of her skin. Once she was fully rinsed, Sharon turned the water off and wrapped Becky in the soft towel. “Stand still Baby while I get your dipey ready.” she told Becky.

Sharon positioned the doublers inside the diaper and laid it down on a dry towel already laid out on the floor. She then started drying Becky from head to toe, making sure any creases were dry, before putting the wet towel aside and picking her up. Gently laying Becky down with her bottom centered on her diaper, Sharon lifted her legs and, taking her time, powdered Becky’s bottom.

“Puff puff Mommy.” Becky said with a loving smile. She just loved the way Mommy’s warm hand felt as she powdered her bottom.

Sharon set her down on the diaper and picked up the baby powder. “Yes, puff puff.” she said as she sprinkled powder on the front of Becky’s diaper area twice, each sprinkle in time with the words. She saw Becky smile a contented smile as she smoothed the soft powder into her skin, making sure the area was well coated. When she pulled the diaper up between Becky’s legs, she smiled as she saw her legs move as the thick padding forced them apart. “With diapers this thick, there’s no way she can forget she’s a baby.” Sharon thought.

Becky smiled as Mommy pulled her dipey up. It made her legs go far apart, and that felt so good.

Sharon then took her time smoothing baby powder onto the rest of Becky’s skin. When she finished the front, she turned her over on her tummy and worked at the muscles of her legs and back to knead out any tension she found. Seeing Becky’s thickly diapered bottom sticking up in the air, she couldn’t help but smiling. Once she was well powdered, Sharon stood her up and held her close.

When Mommy picked her up and hugged her close, patting her dipey, Becky felt safe and secure in Mommy’s arms. “Wub you.” Becky said softly as she lay with her head on Mommy’s shoulder.

“And I love you soooo much! You are such a good baby girl for Mommy.” Sharon said following Craig’s advice and continuing to encourage Becky to be a toddler. After holding her close while still firmly patting her diaper, Sharon said “OK Baby Girl, let’s get your hair brushed and put into pigtails so everybody knows you are my sweet baby girl.”

Becky gave Mommy a tight hug and a kiss before stepping back from her. She stood while Mommy got the hair brush and four pretty pink hair ties. Mommy took her by the hand and led her out of the bathroom toward the couch.

Sharon smiled as she watched Becky waddle a toddler’s walk in her thick diaper, as she hummed a happy tune. She looked so cute in just her diaper. When they reached the couch, Becky scrambled up onto it as Sharon sat down. Pulling Becky into her lap, Sharon sat her facing away from her. Picking up the doll and small brush Becky got last night, she handed them to her and said “You make Cinderella’s hair look pretty while I make yours pretty.”

Becky smiled around her binky as she took the toys. She immediately started brushing Cinderella’s hair as Mommy began working on hers.

Sharon had to smile as Becky started talking to the doll in childish prattle, continuing through the whole process of getting her hair done. It didn’t take long to get Becky’s beautiful blonde hair into two cute pigtails with hair ties at both the tops and bottoms of each pigtail. Sharon shifted Becky over onto the couch and said “I’ll be right back Baby, I need to get some clean clothes for you. Sit right there for Mommy.” When she didn’t get a response, she smiled. Becky was caught up in playing with her doll.

Sharon returned a moment later with clean clothes. Sitting back down, she lifted Becky back into her lap, facing her this time. Sharon didn’t say a word as she pulled the shirt over Becky’s head. Becky didn’t react to the interruption in her playing as her mommy took her hands and pushed them through the sleeves of her shirt. Next Sharon put socks, and then her pink sneakers on her feet. Last, she stood Becky up and put her short wrap around skirt on her, making sure to fasten it so it rode up just above the crotch of her diaper.

“No.” Becky said as Mommy took the doll from her hand, and started to cry.

“Hold on Baby, you can play with it in just a minute, I want you to see how pretty you are.” Sharon told her as she picked her up and sat Becky on her hip. She went into the bathroom where a big mirror was mounted on the wall above the vanity. Looking in the mirror, Sharon pointed to the reflection of Becky and said “Who’s that?”

Becky had obviously felt her dipeys, and seen them when she sat down and they forced her legs apart. She had felt her binky as she nursed on it, but what she saw both shocked and warmed her. She was looking at a bigger baby girl. Her hair looked cute with the pink hair ties in her ponytails. She noticed the white shield and ring of her binky as it moved in rhythm with her nursing. She saw her pink t-shirt and that made her smile. When she looked lower, she saw her skirt didn’t cover even a third of her diapered bottom where she saw and felt Mommy’s hand patting. The Pooh Bear designs she had seen many times on Billy’s bottom were on display for everyone to see. The thickness of her dipey was very evident as the gathers held it close to her bottom. This caused a two inch thick bulge as the diaper made it’s way between her legs. The pink socks and sneakers completed the image. In answer to Mommy’s question, she smiled a big smile and said “Baby girw!”

“That’s right! You’re Mommy and Daddy’s baby girl.” Sharon agreed with a big smile. The look on Becky’s face was priceless. While she had obviously been trying her best to behave like a toddler, seeing herself in a mirror looking every bit a toddler made all the difference. The happiness she displayed at seeing her reflection was wonderful to witness. “Alright Baby Girl, are you ready for Nummies?”

“Nummies Mommy! Nummies!” Becky said with glee while clapping her hands excitedly.

Sharon chuckled and kissed her daughter gently on the cheek. “Alright, let’s go get you a ba-ba with Nummies.” as she carried Becky out to the kitchen and took the prepared bottle from the fridge. Walking to the recliner, Sharon set Becky on her feet and sat down in the chair. Pulling Becky up into her lap, she laid her down, pulled the binky from her mouth and offered her the bottle. “Drink your ba-ba for Mommy Baby Girl.” she said. Becky had started nursing before Sharon even finished her sentence. “That’s my good girl.” Sharon said with a smile.

Becky smiled when Mommy called her a good girl. She loved the feel of the ba-ba, and the taste of Nummies! When Mommy started rocking the chair back and forth, she was in heaven and closed her eyes, relishing the feel of the nipple, the thick dipey on her bottom and Mommy’s tender touch as she patted her dipey.

Sharon was thankful for this time. She loved being close to Becky, and hadn’t had the opportunity to be alone with her since they left. She began humming a lullaby as Becky nursed her bottle. Before too long, Becky was sleeping, still nursing her bottle. Sharon hoped that there were many mornings just like this one before Becky asked to use the potty and become a big girl. She missed this time, and didn’t want things to rush forward, but for Becky to take her time with this.

Sharon thought about the rules she had listed to Becky. She would need to revise them. Beck’s situation was different than Billy’s had been. While she wanted to be a toddler right now, it would be necessary to allow her to become a big girl in the daytime while offering her the security of her dipeys, binky and ba-ba in the evening and at bedtime during the transition. While they were here, she would leave things as they were. Once they were home for a month, she would let Becky know that if she wanted to use the potty in the daytime, that she couldn’t have her baby things in the daytime, but would have them when Mommy or Daddy got her ready for bed.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

Another wonderful part. I really like the time Sharon and Becky had together.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

Cute chapter :slight_smile:

Didn’t know some children hated getting their hair washed, though.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

BB, a very nice & cute chapter!! Keep up the good work on this story!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

Hi All, and thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, two of mine didn’t mind the washing part, but hated the rinsing part. No matter how “tearless” a shampoo is reported to be, it always seemed to irritate their eyes. I couldn’t seem to get them to avoid looking down when they felt the water over their hair. :slight_smile:

This chapter was to show several things, most importantly, Becky’s reaction when she saw herself in the mirror.

I want to let you know, that I am going to take a break from this story for a little while. While I love this particular story, sometimes I’ve found that walking away from it for a bit will allow new ideas and perspectives to form and that will help in the long run.

In the mean time, I have another going that I want to post here. It’s alot different than this one in that it doesn’t involve children. It’s also an erotic one that should prove entertaining.

Please bear with me as I try a different style, and I would appreciate any input on it once I post it.



Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

Entirely understand the walking away part for a bit.

And I’m sure that with the “erotic” story, I’ll probably fap as much to that as I had “Awww and warming feelings” moments to this one, considering the amount of detail and emotion you put in everything.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

Ok, call me dense, but until you posted this, I was really, REALLY happy to be ignorant of the meaning of that particular term. :lol:


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 90

I was just ignoring it and hoping it would go away.