Snuggles and Tears Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

Peter watched Rick for a moment. He was smiling from ear to ear. Putting his hand out, Peter said “You did great.”

Rick had watched as Becky toddled from one side to the other of the play area, squealing with glee each time she was drenched, completely at ease playing with two and three year olds. Remembering that not long ago, she had chided Billy for wanting to play with Bobby, he chuckled. When they sat down in a circle and Becky joined in the giggling, nursing her binky occasionally with no thought whatsoever to what anyone thought about it, that made his heart swell with joy.

Taking Peter’s hand in a firm handshake, he replied “Thanks.” still smiling. “She’s having a blast, and not afraid of anything right now.” he added.

“Yes, that’s worth all the gold in Fort Knox the way I see it.” Peter responded.

“Me too.” Sharon piped in.

“She’s responding just like they are.” April observed.

“I hope she goes right on responding that way for a while.” Rick told them.

“You do realize that with that comes temper tantrums, and whining and crying when she doesn’t like what she’s told, right?” Peter advised them.

“I’ll gladly put up with all of that to see her not be terrified anymore.” Rick said with certainty.

“Me too.” Sharon added.

“Just making sure you saw the whole picture.” Peter said with a chuckle. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it to me, but I won’t have to see any of that once we leave here.” he explained.

“If you think ‘Uncle Peter’ is gonna just go back to the way things were before all of this happened, you’ve got another think coming.” Sharon said in a no-nonsense tone. “There’s Meatloaf Night once a week in our house, and you need to be there mister.” she added with a mock scold.

“OK…OK.” Peter said holding his hands up like he was at gunpoint. “I’ll be there, I promise.”

“Don’t worry,” April said then, “WE’LL be there every week.”

That made them all laugh.

They all got a good example of what Peter was talking about thirty minutes later. Lisa had came over to let them know that their dinner reservation would be at five thirty, and it might be a good idea to get moving in that direction.

“Alright, you take Becky, and I’ll take Billy. Time for the five minute warning. They’re not gonna like it, but here goes.” Sharon told Rick.

Both got up and moved toward their respective targets. Sharon approached Billy and sweetly asked “Are you having fun Baby?”

Billy giggled and nodded his head.

“I’m so glad you like the water Sweety.” she told him with a kiss to his wet forehead. “Are you hungry for Nummies Baby?” she asked hoping that would lure him from the play area.

“No. Pway.” Billy said.

“Well Baby, we need to go eat, and that means that you have five more minutes to play and then we have to go.” she explained.

“No!” Billy said starting to cry.

“Sweety, settle down and play in the water. Don’t waste your five minutes crying.” she told him, trying to placate him.

That got Billy’s attention and he turned back to the water, nursing his binky.

“I’ll be back to get you in five minutes, and I don’t want you to be upset, OK?” Sharon explained knowing full well that he would get upset.

“OK.” Billy told her distractedly.

Sharon returned to the bench and told Peter “Becky isn’t the only one that’s going to be a handful.” with a chuckle.

Rick approached Becky at the edge of the play area, noticing her diaper was really swollen with water. “Hi Baby Girl, are you having fun?” he asked.

“Yeth Daddy! We Pwayin.” she said around her binky.

“Are you getting hungry Baby?”

“No…” Becky answered, knowing he was going to say they needed to go. Tears started before he even got the next word out.

“Sweetheart, Mommy and Daddy need to eat some food. Uncle Peter made a reservation for us all to eat dinner. If you settle down, I’ll give you five more minutes to play, alright?” he explained.

Becky didn’t want Mommy and Daddy to not eat, but she really wanted to keep playing with all the other kids. When Daddy said he’d give her five more minutes, she answered “OK.”, stopped crying and started nursing her binky.

When Rick got back to the bench, he said “It didn’t work any better with Billy did it?”

Sharon laughed and said “No.”

April said “I’ll be right back.” and quickly headed up the street. About five minutes later, she came back with two towels and what looked like a large blanket.

“I don’t care what you say, you ARE an angel.” Sharon said as she took an offered towel from her.

April blushed and handed Rick the other one.

“What is the blanket for?” he asked.

“While you could change Billy right here on this bench with no problems, you won’t be able to do that with Becky. Since there are a lot of hands available between the four of us, with the blanket, we can form a screen while you change her.” April explained.

Rick took on a sheepish look and said “I didn’t even think about where we were going to change her. I feel like an idiot.”

Peter offered “Hey, with everything that’s been going on, I’m not surprised. Heck, I didn’t even consider it.”

“Thank you April, I don’t know what we would do without you.” Rick said.

“Truly!” Sharon added.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” Rick said as he started toward Becky. He noticed she had moved to the center of the play area.

Becky saw Daddy coming with the towel, and started to get upset. It made her sad that she would have to leave all the other kids. But when she looked up at him again she started giggling wildly.

Rick walked toward Becky, not thinking about where he was. All of a sudden, he set his foot down, and a stream of water shot up in the air just to his left. When he moved to avoid it as it came down, his foot landed on another trigger and another burst came from the ground. Pretty soon he was zig zagging, sometimes away from his destination , in order to escape the water.

Lisa was laughing so hard as she watched Rick dodge again and again, she couldn’t radio the folks in the control room to shut the water off. She finally managed to tell them to turn it off, but all of them were in tears they were laughing so hard.

When the water stopped, Rick looked to see Becky laughing wildly at him. He went to her and asked “Are you laughing at Daddy?” with a tickle to her tummy.

“Yeth!” she squealed as he tickled her.

Chuckling, he told her “Come here Baby Girl.”, stood her up and wrapped her in the towel. Picking her up and cradling her in his arms, he patted her very swollen diaper and said “You are soaking wet Baby Girl, we need to get you into a dry dipey.”

Becky was sad that she had to leave, and tearfully said “Bye bye.” to all of the other little ones that had been sitting with her.

Trying to comfort her, Rick said “We’ll come back another day Baby, I promise.” as he held her close. This made her feel a little better, and she settled down to nursing her binky.

When Sharon got control of herself, she went to get Billy. He cried big tears as she picked him up and wrapped him in the towel. “I know Baby Boy, I know.” she said as she cuddled him close. “You’ll get to play again, I promise Baby. Right now you need to get dried off and snuggle with Mommy.”

Billy was really upset that Mommy wouldn’t let him play, but felt a little better when she snuggled him close. While he loved playing in the water, he hadn’t been close to Mommy for a long time as he saw it.

Sharon went to get a dry diaper, wipes and baby powder and headed over to another bench that had just been vacated. Laying Billy down on the towel, she quickly removed his soaking wet diaper, and began to dry him from head to toe.

She didn’t realize until she was finished drying him, she had not even considered his privacy as she dried him off and half the time his little privates were in plain view. What really got her attention was that Billy had no problem having his little naked butt on display for anyone to see. “Peter was right.” she said as she considered that Billy would have definitely balked at being undressed in public just a month ago. He truly was looking at the world as a baby now. She estimated that he was at about a ten to twelve month old level.

Taking her time so he could enjoy her touch, she slid his dry diaper under him and smoothed the soft powder into his bottom. After powdering his front, she taped his diaper closed and then spent some time smoothing more powder into his body.

Billy settled down as Mommy took his wet dipey off. When he felt her warm hand on his cold bottom, he sighed a big blissful sigh. When she started rubbing powder into his chest, he smiled around his binky at Mommy. He just loved the way Mommy made him feel! He also loved the way the powder smelled.

Sharon finished with the powder and picked him up, snuggling him for a bit. She saw April and Peter holding the blanket up, so she figured she would take a couple of minutes to just be close to him. “Did you hove fun Baby Boy?” she asked sweetly.

Smiling a big smile around his binky, Billy said “Yeth.” with a giggle.

“You’re such a cute baby, yes you are!” she told him as she tickled him. That produced an eruption of giggles. After a moment of that, Sharon pulled him close, with his head on her chest and began patting his dipey. “I love you so much Baby Boy.” as she gently rocked him back and forth.

“Bunch-a bunch!” he said with another giggle.

“Yes, bunches and bunches Baby Boy!” she agreed.

When Sharon went to change Billy, Rick stood Becky up and nodded to Peter and April. Once they had the blanket up, he said “Let’s get that wet shirt off Baby Girl.”

Becky smiled at Daddy and raised her arms up over her head and very sweetly said “Tho big.”

Rick smiled and kissed her forehead. That had been a favorite thing when he had dressed her as a toddler. “Yes, you’re getting so big Baby Girl.” he told her as he brought the wet shirt up over her head. Next, he reached to her diaper and pulled both tapes, letting the diaper fall to the ground with a wet plop. The two doublers fell to one side when it hit the ground and he was surprised at how much they had swelled.

Using the towel, he quickly had her dried off and then laid the towel down on the bench. Lifting her up, he laid her down and proceeded to get her diaper ready. After fitting the two doublers in place, he lifted her ankles up and slid the diaper under her. With a shake of the powder, he was soon smoothing it on her bottom. She alternated between smiling at him and nursing her binky as he finished diapering her. When he set her back on her feet, she looked so cute in just her diaper.

Becky loved Daddy so much, she couldn’t help her self and hugged him tight. She didn’t care that she was standing there with nothing but a dipey on, Daddy made her feel so good it didn’t matter. He was so gentle and she just knew he loved her so much because he did so much to make her feel special.

Rick pulled a dry t-shirt over her head, and guided her hands through the sleeves. He clipped her binky to it and then fastened her skirt in place, making sure it rode up enough for her diaper to show. Picking her up, he sat her in his lap as he put her socks and shoes on, taking the time to tickle each foot before putting the shoe on. This caused her to laugh wildly and smile with a look of so much love in her eyes, he couldn’t help himself. He turned her around and just sat for a moment, snuggling her close, telling her “You are such a good baby girl for Daddy, I’m so proud of you.” as he rocked her gently.

Two minutes later they were all ready to go and Lisa said “It would probably be better if we took the train back to main street.” and the all headed back up the ramp.

Fifteen minutes later, they were walking down main street. Both Rick and Sharon had decided to hold the kids this time. Rick wanted to avoid any incidents right away with older kids laughing at Becky. He figured they would be less likely to do so with a big guy carrying her.

Sharon saw that Rick had no intention of putting Becky back in the stroller, so she sat Billy on her hip so he could see everything around them.

Billy pulled closer to Mommy with an anxious expression when he saw all the strange people around them.

Sharon felt him cling to her and held him a little tighter as she patted his diaper, telling him “It’s OK Baby, I’ve got you.” She felt him relax a bit then and was glad.

Becky saw all the people and while she didn’t get scared, she was a little anxious because she was sitting on Daddy’s hip nursing a binky and this had been the place those girls had been really mean.

“It’s alright Baby Girl, you just snuggle with Daddy if any kids are mean to you.” Rick told her with a reassuring smile.

That made Becky feel better. She felt better still as Daddy began to pat her bottom and she noticed how good her soft dipey felt. Pretty soon, she forgot all about the mean kids as the castle came into view. “Yook Daddy! Da cathel!” she said, thoroughly captivated. She was ecstatic that they were heading right toward it.

“Yes, isn’t it pretty?” Rick asked.

Becky nodded as she nursed.

Sharon had to smile when she heard Becky so excited. It was wonderful to see her interacting without any fear. She was watching to see other people’s reaction to the sight of Becky riding on Rick’s hip with her diaper exposed, nursing a binky. Most people smiled as Craig had said they would. He was a very smart man, and she wanted to be sure to tell Cathy to thank him for her.

As they continued to walk, a security person approached Becky and with a warm smile, the man said “Hi Baby Girl! Are you having fun?”

Becky smiled back and answered “Yep!” with a giggle.

“Well I’m so glad to here that.” he replied. Turning to Billy, he tickled his tummy and said “Hi Billy.”

Billy giggled with glee.

“OK, you have fun now.” he told Becky.

“OK!” she responded and watched as he continued down main street.

“He wath nithe.” Becky told Daddy with a big smile.

“Yes he was. You’re being such a good baby girl that everyone wants to make sure you’re having lots of fun.” Rick explained with a tickle to her tummy.

She giggled again and hugged Daddy tightly.

Rick felt her diaper get warm and started gently patting her bottom. When she didn’t smile at him this time, he wondered if she was even aware she was going pee.

Becky snuggled with Daddy and when she felt him pat her bottom, she got anxious. She hadn’t meant to wet her dipey, it just happened.

When Rick saw the anxious look on her face as he started patting her diaper, he knew she had not meant to wet then. Leaning close, he whispered “It’s OK Baby Girl, that’s what babies do. Most of the time they don’t even realize when they start to go pee pee.” When Becky smiled at him and hugged him tighter, he knew she was OK with it then.

Sharon watched them interact. She was so thankful that Rick was her little girl’s daddy. Thinking back over the years, she remembered thinking that thought many times as he interacted with her so gently and kindly.

It wasn’t long before they approached Cinderella’s Castle and Lisa said “Wait here a second.” before going to the person standing at a podium outside the entrance to Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant.

Sharon was waiting patiently with Billy snuggled close. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he wanted to nurse and then drop off to sleep. She decided that she wouldn’t sit him in a high chair for this meal. With all of the activity of playing, she was actually surprised he was still awake.

Billy lay quietly, listening to mommy’s heartbeat as he nursed his binky. He was very content right then as Mommy snuggled him while patting his diaper. He was getting sleepy, but was trying not to go to sleep because he didn’t want to miss anything.

A moment later, Lisa got their attention and everyone stood. She led them into the lobby area, past a beautiful, huge throne. Becky noticed it and said “Thindewewwa Daddy.” with a grin around her binky.

“Yes Pumpkin.” Rick said, patting her bottom.

“Awe we gonna thee hewe?” Becky asked curiously.

“I don’t know Sweety, but if we do, you make sure to give her a big hug and kiss OK?” he requested.

“OK!” Becky answered with a big smile.

They were quickly shown to the table, and Sharon sat down with Billy in her lap. She pulled his blankie out of the diaper bag, getting it ready for when he wanted to nurse.

Becky was surprised when Daddy sat down in his chair, holding her in his lap. She had expected to be sat in a chair of her own. That made her feel wonderful as she saw Billy snuggling with Mommy. Turning to face him, she snuggled closer to Daddy, laying her head on his broad chest.

Rick saw Becky look to her mommy and then turn to snuggle with him. She was imitating her brother. He was glad then that he had sat down without thinking to offer her her own chair. He smiled as he understood that as time moved on, he looked at her more and more like a toddler. “That will help.” he thought. While she showed anxiety when in a crowd of people, the terror was gone.

The waitress came to the table, holding her hand behind her back. Once she introduced herself as Christina, she brought the hand around and both Becky and Billy saw she was holding two small toys. Going first to Billy, she knelt down to his level and offered him a small, soft Pooh Bear that was holding a teether ring. She shook it and it made a soft rattling sound.

Billy saw the rattle and giggled. He took the rattle, looked up to Mommy and said “Pooh Mommy!” as he shook it in his hand. This produced another giggle as the rattle made sound. He looked curiously at the teether ring, not sure what it was for.

Christina moved to Becky then. Kneeling on one knee, she asked “Would you like a toy too Sweety?”

Becky shyly nodded her head as she nursed her binky. When Christina handed her a Cinderella doll in a pretty gown, Becky smiled a big smile. When Daddy asked Becky what she was supposed to say, she said “Tank you!”

Christina chuckled and told Becky “You’re welcome Sweety.” and then handed her a tiny hair brush. “That way you can make Cinderella’s hair look really pretty.” she added.

Within seconds, Becky was quietly nursing her binky as she worked to make Cinderella’s hair as pretty as she could.

Christina took Peter and April’s orders first and then wrote Sharon’s and Rick’s orders down.

Just before the waitress left to put the orders in, Rick reached to the diaper bag sitting on the floor between him and Sharon and retrieved an empty bottle. Motioning to Christina to move behind and to the side of him, he handed it to her and asked her, in a whisper, to fill it with milk and add a teaspoon of sugar to it.

Becky was so involved with playing with her toy, she had not even noticed her daddy hand the bottle over.

Rick glanced over to Billy and noticed he had put the teether portion of the toy in his mouth. He would keep it in his mouth for a moment, then pull it out, look at it, giggle and bring it back to his mouth again.

Sharon smiled as he played with his toy. She patted his diaper several times and said “You like that don’t you Baby boy?”

Billy was so engrossed in the sensations of the bumps and other textures of the ring, he didn’t even respond to her question.

Rick smiled at Sharon and said softly “He’s not the only one caught up in their toy.” with a soft chuckle.

Sharon watched Becky for a moment. She had seen her little girl do this very same thing before, only it was eight years before that she sat combing a doll’s hair as she nursed a binky.

Looking to Rick, she said “When is it our turn to turn back the clock? I could use the same figure I had eight years ago.” with a chuckle.

“Yeah, and I could use the energy I had back then.” he answered laughing.

“Couldn’t we all.” Peter added with a laugh.

A little while later, Christina brought their food out. As she put the plate in front of Sharon, she made sure it was back a bit so Billy wouldn’t touch it. “The plate is very hot, and I wouldn’t want the baby to burn himself.” she explained to Sharon.

She had just finished saying it as Billy saw the plate and reached out for it. Sharon caught his hand and said “No Baby, no touchy. It’s hot and will give you big owwies.” Billy fussed when she wouldn’t let him reach the plate. Knowing that he had to be getting hungry, she laid him down, covered him with his blankie and offered him her nipple. He was nursing contentedly a second later. Sharon was able to start eating her food a moment later.

Rick saw the large portion of prime rib on his plate with the mashed potatoes and was satisfied that he’d made the right decision to not order an additional plate for Becky. He smiled as the waitress produced a plastic bib and gently tied it around Becky’s neck.

Becky giggled when the waitress put her bib on her, it tickled her neck as it was being tied. When Daddy picked up his fork, scooped some mashed potatoes onto it and then offered it to her, she smiled at him and opened her mouth to take the bite.

“That’s my good girl.” Rick told her when she’d taken the bite. For the next couple of minutes, he alternated between cutting the meat up and feeding her bites of meat, potatoes and green beans. When he finished cutting, he saw she was taking a lot longer before she swallowed what he gave her. “Are you almost full Baby?” he asked.

Becky nodded her head in answer and sighed with a fairly full tummy. As she nodded, she burped and then immediately giggled.

The waitress returned to the table just then with the bottle of milk. Rick laid Becky across his lap and handed her her bottle. “Drink your ba-ba Sweety.” he told her. She took the bottle, holding it with her left hand, and laid nursing as she inspected her doll.

It wasn’t two minutes later that she felt the urge to go. Trying not to let Daddy know that she really didn’t want to go poopy in her diaper in front of all of these people, right in the middle of a busy restaurant, she fought the urge to squirm. She lay wondering what she should do. She was certain that if she asked to go poopy in the potty, or asked to leave the restaurant to go, that Daddy would tell her that she was trying to be a big girl and make her put her baby things away.

This forced her to evaluate what was really important to her. For the first time, without the prompting of a grownup, she honestly looked at whether she wanted to be a big girl or a baby girl. She loved her binky, it felt so good to nurse on it and made the fear go away. Considering the sensations she was feeling and the wonderful taste of her Nummies, she really didn’t want to have to give her ba-ba up. Shifting slightly, her dipey made her feel warm inside, loved and cared for, and she didn’t want to ever lose that feeling.

On the other side of the coin, she thought about the mean girls laughing at her the first time, about how it made her want to hide. When she remembered the second time though, she felt a lot better about it. That time, she had just let her tears come and told them to leave her alone, and it hadn’t made her feel near as bad. Mommy coming to make it all better had helped a lot too. Becky knew she would have to face that again, but knowing Mommy or Daddy would hold her and make it better helped her to decide.

Having made her decision, when the urge came again she thought about the best way to deal with it and embraced it.

Rick noticed Becky stop playing and saw her anxious expression. He didn’t know what had brought that on so looked around to see if anyone was laughing at her. A few seconds later, she got his attention when she pulled her knees up toward her chest, setting her feet down on the arm of the chair putting her entire diapered bottom on display, and started making grunting noises. A very audible noise from her diaper followed almost immediately. Keeping her bottle in her mouth all the while, she filled the seat of her diaper with no trace of anxiety.

Sharon heard the noise from her bottom and focused on Becky. She saw a toddler with a red face working hard to mess her diaper. The look of relief on Becky’s face when she finished and started nursing her bottle again told Sharon that Becky was happy to have just messed in her diaper. Any question as to whether Becky wanted to be a big girl vanished at that point. She had just showed everyone that could see and hear her that she was emphatically a baby girl.

Peter and April both smiled as they watched this little girl show them without a question that she was a baby girl. Peter was glad that she had made her choice and had no problem with the decision she made.

When the odor of Becky’s diaper found its way to Rick’s nose, he chuckled at his baby girl and said “Someone is a stinker butt.”

Sharon laughed as well and added “And she worked hard to make that mess. I could hear her grunting from over here.” wanting to see how Becky responded.

Becky smiled at Mommy, not embarrassed in the least. She knew that every one of the people at the table loved her very much and were comfortable with her being a baby girl.

April chuckled when she saw Becky smile. “I think it would be best if you took her just up the street to the baby center to change her diaper.” she told Rick.

“Good idea.” he said as he folded his napkin and laid it on the table. Shifting Becky so he could stand, he sat her on his hip.

As Rick turned to leave, he heard a man at the table next to him say “God, she’s got to be nine or ten. What the heck are they teaching kids these days?”

Rick was instantly angry at that, but ignored it as he took the offered clean diaper bag from his wife. Checking Becky, he saw she was comfortably nursing her bottle, ignorant of the idiot at the other table. “I’ll be right back.” he told them and walked from the dining room and left the restaurant. Following the signs for the baby care station, it was only a moment later that he walked in the front door.

“Can I help you?” the woman at the counter asked, a second later when the odor of Becky’s diaper got her attention she said “I see, let’s get you to where Daddy can get you all nice and clean little girl.” with a smile.

Rick was about to thank her, when Becky adamantly said “Baby girw!”

The woman immediately put a sorrowful expression on her face and replied “I am so sorry Baby Girl.” as she took her glasses off and cleaned them with a tissue. “I needed to clean my glasses.” she explained and then put them back on. Looking at Becky, she showed a look of surprise and said “Well of course you’re a baby girl. Anyone can see that!” with a warm smile.

Rick smiled at this quick thinking woman and said “Thank you.” as she led them back to an area that had several changing stations separated by curtains. Once he closed the curtain, he decided to test Becky’s resolve and sit her down on her bottom once her spread the changing pad out. She showed absolutely no difficulty with sitting on what had to be a huge mess in her diaper.

Becky felt the poopy squish against her bottom and giggled. She knew that she’d made a big poopy in her dipey and Daddy was gonna have his hands full cleaning it up for her.

“OK Stinker Butt, let’s get that poopy dipey off and get you all nice and clean.” Rick told her with a smile. He laid her down and removed her skirt because it would be easier to clean her up with it out of the way. Once he released the tapes, he pushed her feet toward her and used the diaper to wipe most of the mess from her bottom. “Peeeee Yewww!” he told her. “You made a big poopy Baby Girl.” he added.

Becky giggled and thinking back to Christmas morning with Bobby, she said “Poopy!” and giggled again.

It didn’t take Rick’s experienced hands long to get her cleaned up with a clean diaper under her bottom. As he started powdering her bottom, Becky smiled a big smile with a contented sigh. “You like baby powder on your bottom don’t you Sweety?” he asked.

Becky nodded vigorously as she continued to nurse her ba-ba.

“Well, if Mommy or Daddy ever forget the powder, be sure to let us know Baby. We want to make sure you’re all nice and comfy in your dipeys.” he explained.

“Puff puff.” Becky said with a smile.

Rick chuckled and responded with “Yes Baby Girl, puff puff.” That had been the term she used for baby powder before she’d been potty trained.

It didn’t take long before she was diapered, her skirt back in place and she was riding comfortably on Daddy’s hip as they made their way back to the restaurant. As they arrived back at the table, Rick heard Peter saying “Doesn’t keep his mouth to himself, I’m going to have a chat with him.” and all of the adults at the table looked angry.

“What’s going on?” Rick asked as he sat back down, laid Becky back across his lap to nurse her bottle.

Before any of them could respond, the same man he had heard before said “Jesus, not again.”

Rick turned to look at the inconsiderate idiot, and was a bout to speak up when Peter got to his feet and said loudly “Do you have a problem mister?”

The man said “Yeah, what the hell is wrong with you folks, dressing a nine or ten year old as a baby and letting her drink from a bottle. Why in the world didn’t you reprimand her when she messed her diaper? And the lady there is nursing the four year old for crying out loud.”

Before Peter could say a word, Sharon pulled the blanket off of Billy’s head, showing that she would proudly nurse this sweet baby boy and spoke up with “I don’t know who you are mister, but my son just had brain surgery about a week ago. It left him an infant. The medicine that he needs to take inhibits his immune system, so nursing my milk allows him to fight infection. And just so there’s no confusion, he’s nine not four.” with an angry expression.

Rick sat Becky up and held her close as she began to cry. The man scared her and she didn’t want to even look at him.

The man answered “Well, I’m sorry to hear about his medical problem, but why in the world would you bring him out in public then?”

That question infuriated Sharon! Before she could frame a response, a woman sitting four tables over stood up and said angrily “I guess by your estimation, we shouldn’t be here either.” gesturing to her son who was sitting in a wheelchair and obviously had physical as well as developmental disabilities.

“Well, since you asked, no, you shouldn’t.” the man answered.

A gentleman stood on the other side of the room. “I suppose we shouldn’t either then, huh?” he asked. He stood next to a six or seven year old with Down syndrome. The boy had a baby bottle sitting on the table in front of him and was nursing a pacifier.

“Look, I feel for your children, but nobody wants to see a nine or ten year old take a dump in her diaper while we’re eating.” the man balked.

A man in the uniform of the Disney staff approached Rick’s table and said loudly “Sir, I want to make it clear that Disney is to be enjoyed by all of our guests, not just by those that fit into your view of what is and what isn’t acceptable. Disney makes a huge effort to cater to the needs of folks with special needs, and I must ask you to keep your comments to yourself.”

“Look, I was fine until they brought that overgrown toddler in here and she stunk up the place.” the man said angrily.

Lisa was at the table by then and when Peter started to move, she grabbed his arm and told him quietly “Don’t. If you assault that ignorant ass, then you will be banned from Disney properties for life.”

Peter got a hold on his anger and stood his ground.

The Disney staff member replied “Please leave sir, I am the manager of this facility and I will see that your meal is not charged to you, but I want you to leave this restaurant now.”

“Why do I have to leave? I didn’t bring a nine year old into this restaurant and nurse him at my breast.” the man balked.

“If I have to, I will call security sir. Please just go.” The manager told the man with no room for negotiation.

“Fine, I’ll go, but don’t think I wont complain about this to the management.” the man said as he got up from the table.

“Feel free to do what you need to sir, just go.” the manager explained.

When the man started walking toward the exit, about seventy five percent of the diner’s began applauding at his exit. “Right, have your fun now, but when the whole park is taken over by freaks, don’t blame me.” the man yelled hotly.

Becky was scared now. When the man looked right at her and spoke angrily, she started crying heavily. Looking to Daddy, she asked him in a little forlorn voice “Baby Daddy?” She knew she was different, but hadn’t had to deal with a grown-up getting angry because of it before.

Rick was really angry now. He had just watched Becky make a big step that would help her to heal, and this ass had to screw it up with his intolerance. “Yes Sweetheart, You are a baby girl just like you’re supposed to be.”

The manager immediately moved to stand before Becky and Rick and said "“You listen to your daddy Sweetheart, he’s right.” with a warm smile.

Becky clung to her Daddy crying. She didn’t like the way the mean man had looked at her. He had looked angry with her. While she wasn’t fond of the kids laughing at her, at least it didn’t scare her.

Rick felt Becky trembling as she cried. He cuddled her close, telling her over and over “It’s OK Baby Girl.” He worked to get his anger under control, fighting the urge to follow the idiot.

The manager looked to Sharon and said “I really want to apologize, that man’s comments were ignorant and uncalled for. The worst part was, he actually believed what he was saying.”

“It’s not your fault, but thank you for making him leave before he made Becky feel worse than she already does.” Sharon responded.

Rick finally got Becky to settle and offered her the unfinished bottle. When she refused it, he told her “No, Baby Girl, don’t you let that terrible man make you feel bad about drinking your ba-ba. Drink for me Baby.”

When Becky refused her bottle a second time, the manager excused himself and left the room.

Becky hoped Daddy wouldn’t get mad at her, but she was scared someone would get angry because she wanted it and yell at her. A few moments later, she felt the nipple offered to her lips again and as she opened her eyes and turned to tell Daddy that she didn’t want it right now, the sight of the person offering the ba-ba caused her to open her mouth and take the nipple.

“It’s alright little one.” Cinderella told Becky with a kind voice and a warm smile. “Drink your ba-ba Baby Girl, it will help you to grow in many ways. Are you afraid little one?” she asked Becky.

Tears still falling, Becky nodded as she nursed. “Come Back?” she asked in a soft tearful voice.

“No Baby Girl, that man will not be back. He is no longer welcome at my castle.” Cinderella answered.

Becky relaxed after hearing that. She was surprised and overjoyed when Cinderella asked “Would you like to sit with me for a little while Becky?”

When Becky gave a tearful nod in answer, Daddy gently set Becky down on her feet. Cinderella took Becky’s hand and led her to a large chair sitting before the windows overlooking the magic kingdom. She sat down, and gently lifted Becky into her lap. Laying Becky back against her, she took the bottle from Becky’s hand and held it for her saying “You are such a good baby girl, you drink your ba-ba’s, and take your binky, and you snuggle so well.” as she hugged her tighter for a second.

Becky couldn’t believe that Cinderella was cuddling her and holding her ba-ba. Snuggling close, Becky sighed and continued to nurse.

The manager told Rick and Sharon “Cinderella will hold her while you finish your meal. Please, have some desert and perhaps some coffee. You can be sure Becky is in good hands.”

As they sat back down, Rick noticed the woman with the handicapped child approach Cinderella, kneel down on one knee and smile at Becky. “You are such a good girl.” she said. “You drink that ba-ba Sweety and enjoy it.” with a gentle pat to her knee.

Becky smiled around the nipple of her ba-ba when the nice lady told her to enjoy it. She shrunk back in fear when a man approached, but when she saw the little boy holding his hand drinking his ba-ba, she relaxed.

The gentleman with the six year old told her “You’re doing just what your supposed to Honey, don’t you let that nasty man make you feel like you shouldn’t have your ba-ba.” with a smile. “Say hi Justin.” he told his son.

The boy smiled around his ba-ba and said “Hi.”

Becky smiled as well and offered a sweet “Hi.”

“OK, you be a good girl and finish your ba-ba for Cinderella alright?” the nice man asked.

“Awight.” Becky answered, took her ba-ba from Cinderella’s hand and shifted in Cinderella’s lap so she was facing her. Hugging her tight for a second, she laid her head on Cinderella’s shoulder as she nursed her ba-ba. When Cinderella started patting her dipey gently, Becky closed her eyes and just relished the feeling of being cuddled by this special princess while she drank her ba-ba.

Sharon sat a sleeping Billy up and held him close, burping him as he nursed his binky. Once he burped twice, she just held him close, patting his diaper. It wasn’t long before he was sleeping soundly. She told Rick “It’s a quarter to seven. I wanted to get them both in the bath, but I’m not sure Becky’s going to be awake to do it.”

Rick looked to see that Becky had finished her bottle and was asleep with her binky in Cinderella’s arms. “Hey, we’ll bathe her in the morning. Let her sleep. If she wakes up when I take her, then I want to take her to a shop on main street and get her a new stuffed animal. She’s really been good today, despite all of the difficulty.”

“You’re right, the poor baby needs some reward for handling everything as well as she did today.” Sharon agreed.

“I was surprised when she messed her diaper. Not that she did, but the way she did.” Peter told them.

“I know.” Sharon agreed. “She didn’t just let it happen, she made it happen and didn’t appear to have a problem with it.” she added.

“Exactly, the behavior she demonstrated would be common for a two year old.” Peter explained.

“Yeah, that’s about where I would put her right now, at two years.” Rick agreed.

Thirty minutes later, he took Becky from Cinderella, and she didn’t even stir. Rick felt her diaper and saw that she had a very wet bottom. He told Sharon that and they decided that they would go directly to the hotel. That way she could get a dry bottom and into bed.

It took fifteen minutes to get to the hotel and another five to get Becky into a dry diaper and her pajama top. She didn’t stir through the whole changing process. Rick picked her up and brought her out to the livingroom where they had a recliner. Sitting down, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it rocked, so he lay her on his chest, and rocked the chair as he patted her diapered bottom.

Sharon sat on the couch cuddling Billy. She watched him as he slept on her chest. “I missed this so much.” she told Rick.

“So did I.” Rick admitted with a smile. “They grow up way too fast.” he added.

“Isn’t that the truth.” she replied.

Peter came out of his and April’s room. His hair was wet, telling the other two that he’d just gotten out of the shower. This made Rick long for a shower himself. Looking to Peter, he said “Well Uncle Peter, I think it’s your turn to snuggle with a certain baby girl while I get a shower.” with a grin.

“With pleasure.” Peter answered. He sat down once Rick got to his feet. When Rick gently laid Becky down, Peter held her close and patted her bottom in a slow rhythm.

Becky stirred and sleepily said “Ba-ba Daddy.” not even opening her eyes.

Peter said “Daddy will get your ba-ba Baby, you just snuggle with Uncle Peter.”

Rick went to the kitchen area and retrieved a bottle from the fridge. Handing it to Peter, he left to take his shower.

Peter waited until Becky stirred again to give her the bottle. He was surprised when she woke again, but this time started crying and said “Ba-ba.” in a tearful voice.

“Here it is Baby Girl, here’s your ba-ba.” Peter told her has he put the nipple to her lips. She immediately began to nurse hungrily on the bottle. Before the next minute was up, she was sound asleep, but still nursing as he held her bottle for her. “It’s astounding how quickly children can adapt to what they think is normal for their situation. Look at her, she’s nursing in her sleep.” he said softly to Sharon.

“Yes, she’s definitely regressing. Seeing her like she is right now brings back memories.” Sharon told him.

Peter chuckles softly and was surprised again as he felt Becky’s diaper get warm. Sharon seeing his expression, asked “What?”

“She’s wetting in her sleep.” he answered.

“It was inevitable.” Sharon told him.

“Yes, I guess it was. I’m glad actually.” he replied.

Sharon looked at him with a questioning expression and he elaborated with “Well, it shows that she’s not just doing what she thinks we want her to. She really does want to be a baby.”

About two hours later, Becky had been put to bed, a bottle within her reach in case she got thirsty. Sharon sat with Billy nursing again. Rick, Peter and April all sat with her on the balcony, looking over The Magic Kingdom. It looked wondrous with all of the lights.

Suddenly, a sparkling light rose up in the air above the castle, and burst into a beautiful pattern of light. “Uh Oh.” Rick said.

“What?” Peter asked.

“Fireworks. That means loud noises and I’m not sure how Becky will do with that.” he said starting to get up.

“Stay put. It’s still my turn.” Peter said with a grin. “I didn’t get enough snuggles the last time.” he added with a chuckle as he went in just as the first big boom sounded from the fireworks. He hadn’t taken but one leisurely step toward the bedroom, when Becky cried out for her Daddy. Moving quickly, Peter was at the bedside and picking her up as she trembled.

“Thundew Unca Petew?” she asked fearfully through her tears.

“No Baby Girl. It’s alright, I promise. It’s just fireworks making the sky real pretty. Do you want to go see?” he asked her.

“Pwetty?” she asked settling down instantly.

“Yes, let’s go see.” Peter said. Taking her out to the balcony, he snuggled her close as he sat down. Turning her away from him, he held her back against him as he offered her the bottle he picked up from the bed.

Becky handed him her binky as she started nursing her ba-ba. She had been afraid that it was thundering and lightening. A second later when the sky lit up in green red and gold, she giggled, kicked her legs excitedly and said “Yook!” with a gasp.

Peter, worried that she would slide off his lap, grasped her thigh at the crotch of her diaper and pulled her bottom back toward him as he said “Yes, it’s pretty.” with a smile.

Billy had sat up in Mommy’s lap when the first boom sounded, crying out of fear as he clung to her. When Mommy pointed toward the castle and said “It’s OK Sweety, look at the pretty lights Baby, the lights are making the big noise.” reassuringly, he settled down and watched. With the next explosion of color he squealed with excitement and clapped his hands.

Peter had let go of Becky’s leg, but had to pull her bottom back again when the next set of fireworks went off and he decided he would not let go this time. A moment later, he felt her diaper get warm, with no indication at all that she was even aware she was wetting.

Twenty minutes or so later, the finale went off and both children clung on, scared at all the noise. When it was done, they relaxed with soothing words. Peter told Becky “Give hugs and kisses Baby Girl, it’s time to go night night now.”

Becky started to cry. She didn’t want to go back to bed. “I don’ wanna go night night Unca Petew.” she said through her tears.

“I know Baby, but if you don’t then you’ll miss all the fun tomorrow because we won’t be able to take you for breakfast in the morning.” he explained.

That got Becky’s attention. She didn’t want to miss anything! Reluctantly, she got down off of Peter’s lap and gave first her Daddy and then her Mommy hugs and kisses. Then, moving to Aunt April, she hugged her tight and said “Night night.” very sweetly.

“Sweet dreams Baby Girl.” April told her.

Peter picked her up and snuggled her close. He carried her first to the kitchen where he filled her bottle back up, and then carried her to the bedroom. He laid her down and sat on the edge of the bed. “Did you have fun today Sweety?” he asked.

“Yeth.” she answered with a concerned expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked kindly.

“I good baby girw.” she said worredly.

Peter understood then. She was worried that they had seen her cover her diaper or take a while to mess her diaper, and thought that she might have to put up her binky and the other baby things. Wanting to see her response, he told her “Well, I saw you cover your dipey when the girls laughed the second time Sweety.”

He barely got the last word out before she burst into tears, jumped up and hugged him tightly saying “Pweath don’ teww Daddy! I don’ wanna be big girw!” with huge sobs.

Peter felt terrible. He didn’t expect such a drastic reaction from her. “Settle down Sweety, It’s OK.” he told her as he hugged her close. “You hadn’t really decided which you wanted to be when you covered your dipey, did you?” he asked.

Looking down at the bed, she shook her head as tears fell. Softly she said “No.”

“I saw that Sweety. You didn’t really decide until you went poopy in the restaurant, did you?” he continued.

“No.” she answered.

“But you decided you wanted to be a baby girl, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yeth, I weawwy do Unca Petew. I pwomith.” she told him with big tears falling and a pleading look in her eyes.

“It’s OK, Sweety, Daddy already knows.” he explained. When he saw her getting very upset, he added “Besides, you can’t be a big girl.”

She heard Uncle Peter tell her she couldn’t be a big girl and that surprised her. “Why?” she asked halfheartedly, not caring that she couldn’t.

Turning her in his lap, Peter patted her firmly on the front of her diaper twice and told her “Because big girls know when they are going pee pee Baby.”

Becky immediately looked down with a surprised expression as she reached down and pushed on her wet diaper. She didn’t remember going pee pee.

“Baby girls do what you did when you were watching the pretty fireworks, the just go pee pee, they don’t even think about it.” he told her with a smile and a hug.

Becky smiled a big smile. She WAS a baby girl. She had gone pee pee in her dipey and didn’t know it and that made her a baby girl. She remembered vaguely, having been told she wouldn’t be a big girl until she knew when she had to go potty, a long time ago. She gave Uncle Peter a big hug and just snuggled with him.

“Don’t worry Baby Girl, no one is going to take your binky or your ba-ba’s or your snuggly dipeys away, I promise. Mommy and Daddy are going to wait until you ask to be a big girl again. They’ll help you get big again when you’re ready.” Peter reassured her.

She cried softly for a bit as she released the anxiety of losing these things. “I don’ wanna gwow up.” she said.

“No, not right now Baby, and I’m glad. But there will come a time when you will want to be a big girl again.” he told her as he patted her bottom. “But until that time comes, you just be a sweet little baby girl OK?” he asked her.

“OK!” she said with a smile.

“Alright, it’s night night time Baby Girl.” he said as he laid her down on the bed and covered her up. Giving her Charley Bear, he leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead and said “I love you Baby Girl, night night.” with a pat to her diaper.

Becky kissed Uncle Peter on the cheek and said “Night night Unca Petew, I wub you tho much.” with a loving smile.

“Close your eyes Baby and before you know it, it will be morning and time to go see more of Disney.” he said with a smile.

Becky turned over on her side and wiggled her butt as she closed her eyes and said “Pat Unca Petew, pat.”

Peter shifted his position so he could reach her bottom, and sat patting her diaper as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Getting up, he checked to make sure her ba-ba was in reach, kissed her cheek softly as she nursed her binky in her sleep and whispered “That’s a good Baby Girl. Enjoy being a baby for a while.” and made his way out of the room.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 89

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 89

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 89

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 89

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 89

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