Snuggles and Tears Chapter 88

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I have put a poll in place with this chapter. It’s purely to see if the “toddler speak” get’s on your nerves. I prefer to see it myself, but I have read in some boards where it irritates some people. Just let me know which way you want me to take this.

I love this particular chapter, but “I have a soft spot for the sweet stuff” as Lafrique so eloquently once put it.

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Chapter 88

Rick felt Becky relax immediately after the woman finished her explanation to her daughter. He was grateful to the woman for explaining things the way she did. He knew that it would help Becky come to terms with what she needed.

Angy was a bit taken aback when she first looked at the girl sitting in her father’s lap, her diaper in clear view and obviously wet. The fact that she was nursing a pacifier was the next thing to get Angy’s attention. When she saw and read the placard resting on the girl’s chest, she felt bad for a moment because she had immediately come to the conclusion that it was wrong for her parents to allow her to dress and behave this way.

She thought for a moment before answering Beth’s question. She wanted Beth to understand that there was a reason that the girl wore a diaper and took a pacifier. When the girl’s mother mouthed ‘thank you’, Angela really felt for her. She wondered how many times this woman had to endure rude comments or stares at her little girl.

“Hi, I’m Angy.” she told Sharon with a smile.

“Hi Angy, I’m Sharon, and this is Billy.”

Angela smiled at Billy and said sweetly “How are you little boy?”

Billy giggled around his binky at the nice lady.

“Beth, say hello to Miss Sharon and Billy.” Angy prompted.

“Hi Billy.” Beth complied with a big smile at the cute little boy.

Angy then said “And what’s your name little girl?” in a very kind manner.

Becky smiled around her binky and answered with a shy “Becky.”

“Are you having fun Sweety?” Angy asked.

With a giggle Becky answered “Yeth!”

Billy chose that moment to say gleefully “Choo choo!” with a great big giggle.

Beth laughed at Billy’s excitement and said “He’s cute!”

“Yes, he sure is.” Angy agreed.

Rick smiled and told Angy “I’m Rick, Becky and Billy’s Dad. I really appreciated your explanation.” with a thankful look.

“Oh, no problem. I’m a first grade teacher and have to answer some really tough questions all the time. If you thought college was hard, try explaining why frogs are green, or why leaves change color, or make a six year old understand the concept of how long a year is.” she said with a laugh.

“I can imagine.” Rick responded with a chuckle.

“I think the hardest question I ever had to answer was ‘why do people die?’ from a sweet little girl who’d lost her mother. That one was rough.” Angy explained.

“Wow.” Sharon said, not wanting that job for anything in the world. She thought about it for a moment and immediately had much more respect for her kid’s teachers. It hadn’t occurred to her that kids would ask questions that weren’t related to their schoolwork.

Billy heard the whistle blow and again said loudly “Whooo….Whooo.”

This made both Beth and Becky laugh. “He’s just adorable.” Angy told Sharon with a smile.

“Yes, he is. And he’s so excited to be riding this choo choo, aren’t you Baby Boy.” Sharon answered.

“Yeth!” Billy said with several claps of his little hands.

Becky not wanting to be left out said “Choo choo!” and clapped her hands as well.

Sharon seeing jealousy in Becky’s behavior for the first time ask “Hey Sweety, why don’t you sit with Daddy for a moment, he wants a big hug.” and picked Billy up, holding him out to Rick.

Rick understanding, shifted Becky to sit on one leg while sitting Billy on the other. “I think Mommy wants some snuggles Baby Girl.” and gently urged Becky off his lap and into Mommy’s arms.

Sharon pulled Becky into her lap, facing away from her. With the thick diaper keeping her legs from coming together, Becky’s legs fell to either side of hers. Wrapping her arms around Becky, she hugged her and gave her a kiss to her cheek saying “You are such a good girl.” with a tickle to her sides.

Becky giggled wildly. She loved Mommy’s hugs. Mommy made her feel all snuggly inside.

Beth, looking to her mother first, then to Becky asked “Do you like Cinderella Becky?”

With a shy smile, Becky answered “Uh huh.”

With a smile, Beth said “She’s pretty and so nice.”

Becky, nursing her binky, nodded her head vigorously. She didn’t know if Beth thought she was silly because she wanted her binky, and wanted to see how she responded. When Beth smiled as Becky nursed, Becky said “I wode in hew cawwiage.” with a smile of her own.

“You did?” Beth asked with true awe that only a small child could feel.

“Uh huh.” Becky answered, made to feel wonderful that she had done something that really impressed Beth.

“Wow.” was all Beth could say.

Sharon, wanting to take advantage of this development, reached to the diaper bag and pulled Becky’s bottle from it. Removing the nipple cap, she said “Here Sweety, drink your ba-ba. It’s hot and you need to drink Baby.” She wanted to see if Becky would balk at it with Beth watching.

Becky couldn’t help it. She got anxious as she wondered what Beth would say. She nervously spit the binky out and started nursing on the nipple. She had to admit, the juice tasted really good, and she loved the feel of the nipple as she nursed.

“Ba-ba Mommy.” Billy said when he saw Becky drinking her ba-ba.

“Here you go Baby.” Sharon told him as she handed his bottle to him.

Rick smiled as he watched Becky nurse. She looked at him just before she took the offered bottle.

“Was her carriage pretty? And were there horses?” Beth asked Becky excitedly, showing no concern that her new friend was nursing from a baby bottle.

“Uh huh, pwetty horthieth.” Becky answered without taking the bottle from her mouth. She hoped Mommy or Daddy didn’t see her worry before.

“That musta been neat?” Beth offered.

Becky nodded enthusiastically as she nursed.

Beth smiled as she watched Becky nurse. She had not really believed that Becky was a baby until now. She knew she would never want to sit and nurse a baby bottle in front of other people, so Becky had to be a baby inside.

“Well this is our stop.” Angy said.

“Thanks for taking the time and effort.” Sharon said gratefully.

“No problem. I imagine not everyone does.” Angy responded. “Say good bye, Honey. We’re getting off here.” she told Beth.

“Bye.” Beth said with a smile to Becky.

“Bye bye.” Becky answered, smiling.

The train slowed to a stop with the whistle blowing. Billy again imitated the whistle, making Mommy smile at him. When the choo choo stopped and people began to get off, but Daddy didn’t move, he looked up at Daddy and said “Out Daddy.”

Daddy told him “No little fella, we get off at the next stop.” with a reassuring smile.

Becky had been wondering why they didn’t get up as well. When Daddy explained, she understood. Her bladder told her that she needed to go pee pee. Relaxing, she just laid back against Mommy and enjoyed her ba-ba, feeling very, very content as the warmth spread through her dipey.

Sharon felt Becky’s diaper get warm against her leg, smiled, kissed Becky on her cheek and said softly “You are being such a good baby girl.”

Becky smiled at that. As the train started moving again, she was lost in thought, and the feel of her ba-ba. She loved being a baby girl. The feel of her binky and her ba-ba as she nursed them were something she definitely didn’t want to give up. As her dipey swelled even thicker, absorbing her pee pee, the tiniest movement of her bottom filled her with a sense of security, and she knew right then that she would do whatever she had to to keep her dipeys.

Several minutes later, the choo choo started slowing again. Billy, while he had been excited to ride the choo choo, had gotten bored now, and excitedly wiggled in Daddy’s lap. “Out Daddy! Out!” he exclaimed.

“Hold on, little boy.” Rick said with a chuckle. “We have to wait for the choo choo to stop first.”

Billy settled down a bit after hearing that. As they came into the station, he exclaimed excitedly “Yook Daddy!” and pointed in the direction of his gaze.

Becky turned to see what Billy was so excited about and when she saw Donald’s Boat, she giggled and said “Yook Mommy a boat!”

Rick saw a huge tug boat painted in blue, yellow and red with white smoke stacks. He stood with Billy on his hip as the cast member indicated it was time to get off. He had thought about handing Billy to his wife, but decided to let Becky walk for a bit.

When Rick got off the train, she understood that he wanted Becky to walk. Thinking about it, she whispered to Peter “Don’t offer the stroller this time.” and led Becky off the train. She allowed extra time for Becky when she saw the pronounced waddle from her thick diaper.

Becky walked onto the platform, holding Mommy’s hand with her left hand and holding her ba-ba with the other. She was surprised when Mommy led her on down the ramp instead of putting her in the stroller. It was harder to walk, she noticed, because her dipey was so thick now. More than once, she would have tripped if she didn’t have Mommy’s hand to steady her.

Peter kept the stroller folded up and pushed it on it’s wheels. He smiled as Becky toddled ahead of him, looking at the big boat while nursing her bottle. She appeared to accept her need for the comfort items now.

Pretty soon they had approached Donald’s Boat, and Billy exclaimed “Donna Duck Daddy!” pointing to the big statue of Donald in front of the area.

Rick saw an empty bench and headed for it. He noticed that there was a covering on the ground that was spongy. “Probably helps a lot when toddlers fall down.” he thought.

Sharon looked around as she led her large toddler along. She was looking to see several things, one of them was how many people where around and what their reaction to Becky would be. Another was how many toddler were in this area.

Anyone they came close to responded as usual. There were some further over on the other side of the area that looked at her and Becky distastefully. She was surprised by the number of little ones running around with nothing but a diaper on. The toddlers would move to some predetermined area, stomp their little foot on the ground, and then laugh in glee as a stream of water headed straight up in the air from a nearby hole in the ground. They would move to stand under it as it came down, ending up dripping wet and laughing gaily.

When she got to the bench, Rick handed Billy to her and took Becky by the hand. She didn’t know what he had in mind, but was certain that he wouldn’t put her in harms way.

Rick sat on the bench and pulled Becky into his lap. He noticed how wet her diaper was and decided this was perfect, because even if her diaper was dry, it would need changing before she was done getting under the water. He quickly untied her shoes and removed her socks, before standing her up and, without any mention at all, removed her skirt leaving her standing there in just her diaper and her t-shirt, nursing her bottle.

When Daddy sat her in his lap and started taking her shoes off, Becky smiled. But when he stood her up and removed her skirt, she felt anxious. Of course that increased her need to nurse and she didn’t want to take her bottle from her mouth. She looked around anxiously to see if any kids were laughing at her. No one she saw even noticed her, they were too involved in playing.

When Daddy took her bottle, patted her diaper and told her to go play in the water, she immediately took her binky and just stood there.

“Don’t you want to play in the water Honey?” Rick asked, knowing exactly what the problem was. He thought about telling her that babies loved water, but decided to take a different approach. He looked to Sharon and when he had her attention, he looked to Billy and nodded his head toward the play area.

Sharon understood and began taking Billy’s onesie off. He was excited to get out there and play in the water so whined when she laid him down to undress him. “Hold on Baby Boy, we need to get your clothes off before you go get wet.” As soon as she had him down to just his diaper, she carried him to the play area and set him down on the ground. “Have fun Baby Boy.” she said smiling as she gave him a pat to his diaper.

Billy was glad when Mommy put him down to play. He immediately got to his hands and knees and began crawling, nursing his binky, as he headed toward a group of toddlers all giggling as they kept making the water spout into the air. About halfway there, he was intercepted by a two year old that had just found another spot to stomp his foot and make the water come out. Billy got there just as the water came back down and was surprised as he was instantly drenched.

He sat back on his diapered bottom and looked up and then to the toddler to see where all the water came from when the little boy started to giggle and stomped his foot again. As soon as Billy saw the water head for the sky again, he giggled wildly and clapped his hands in glee. He watched as the toddler stepped two waddling steps forward and the water landed square on his head. Billy laughed big, baby laughs at that. Soon, the two of them were giggling away as they played together in the water.

Rick asked Becky “Don’t you want to go play in the water Baby Girl?”

Becky still feeling self conscious, replied “No Daddy, not wight now.”

“Well, OK, but you’re missing all the fun Baby.” he told her.

Becky just moved to sit in his lap. He decided to let things take their course and see what happens.

Becky sat in the sun, feeling hot and really wanting to play. It took a few minutes of watching her brother thoroughly enjoying himself before she couldn’t take it anymore. She got down off of Daddy’s lap and stood watching them.

Rick, thinking she could use some encouragement, leaned over and whispered “It’ll be OK Baby Girl. If you have any problem, you just come back to Daddy. I’ll be sitting right here just in case.” and gave her a pat to her bottom.

Becky turned to Daddy, smiled and then gave him a kiss on the cheek before tentatively waddling out toward the group of two and three year olds that were playing.

Just then, Lisa picked up her radio and spoke into it a couple of times. Turning to Rick, she said “This will really get fun now.” with a smile. Ten seconds later, the spots that the children were stepping on didn’t appear to work any more. Just as Becky made it most of the way to the group, water shot up out of the ground directly under her, splashing off her diapered bottom.

Becky was startled when the water hit her dipey. She giggled despite herself. When it happened again, she squealed. That got the attention of all of the other children and they started heading toward her, completely oblivious of the fact that she was at least a foot taller than they were. They saw that she had a diaper on and had her binky and automatically counted her as one of them.

When it hit her the third time, Becky took two steps backward to get away from the water and squealed again when it squirted up directly under her again. By then, most of the kids had gotten to her and were all giggling as they saw her get drenched. She started toddling away from the water then, and every couple of steps, she would get drenched again, no matter which direction she moved. This had her laughing with glee! It had inadvertently become a game of follow the leader. All of the toddlers were following her around. Every so often, two other jets of water would shoot up among the pack and that produced lots of giggles and kept the children following her.

Peter, laughing with tears coming down, turned to Lisa and said “I don’t know who designed this system, but they should get a Nobel prize for peace among children.”

As the minutes passed, Sharon saw that Becky’s diaper was swelling more and more. This had the benefit of slowing her down as it interfered with her gait, preventing her from out distancing the toddlers. Fifteen minutes later, “Time for a bit of rest.” Lisa said and spoke into the radio again.

Suddenly, right in the middle of the pack of children, a circle of streams began rhythmically spouting into the air. Sharon was astounded at the genius of whoever was controlling it, because the circle was exactly big enough for each child to stand or sit right over their own spout. Within seconds, everyone was sitting in a circle on the ground giggling as they played in the water.

It struck Sharon right then as she looked at Becky. She didn’t see an eleven year old, or even a six year old. Becky had finally let go. She was giggling and slapping at the water while occasionally nursing her binky just like every other toddler out there. She felt so happy for her little girl that tears stung her eyes. Becky would be so much happier this way, and would really enjoy this trip. They might have a bit of a time getting her to grow up for a while, but “to hell with it.” she thought. The fear was gone, and that would allow for healing.


An excellent chapter BB.

That was sweet :smiley:

That’s really all I have to say about that.



You really upped the cuteness quotient in this chapter. I enjoyed it very much.

I love how you have slowly regressed Becky, it was done very well, BB!! You are still doing such a good job with the emotion in this story!! Also all the small details, are great, as it makes for a more enjoyable read!!

Small instance of irony (maybe?)…

I was re-reading this story a bit from the beginning. I do that when the emotions start to wear thin and I get kind of jaded with it… always manages to re-awaken my senses and such.

But anyway…

Back in Chapter 40, you were responding to a comment that you wanted to split the story into two so people wouldn’t drop off and stop reading… and you specifically said so they wouldn’t have to read 40, 60 or even 80 chapters.

Well, here we are at Chapter 88 and I do believe most (if not all) the original people are still reading.

So, go you :smiley:

Hi All,

Thanks for the encourgement!

I know I said I loved this particular chapter, and that sounds a bit pretentious coming frm the author, but you have to understand, when I write, I go into a different place inside. More times than not, I go back and read what I’ve written and ask “Where the heck did that come from?” sometimes astounded at what I read.

I’m sorry it’s taking so long to get the next chapter out, but it’s a bit of a pivotal moment for Becky, and I don’t want to rush it. the holiday shopping isn’t helping either! :smiley:

Thanks DarkAngel, honestly, I really didn’t (and still don’t) know how long this story would end up being in the end. As you said, it appears not to matter so I keep chugging along, exploring the experiences of these two special children.

Thank you all for your patience with the mistakes, occasional misspellings and words that appear to have dropped into a black hole.

If it wasn’t for your feedback, I wouldn’t have put the time in to get this far.


I can’t wait for chapter 89 to see how Becky and Billy are doing.