Snuggles and Tears Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

It happened not fifteen minutes after they entered the park. Becky sat in the stroller, nursing her binky and looking in all of the store windows. She turned when she heard laughing, and saw three teenage girls pointing at her and laughing hard. She instinctively spit her binky out and placed her hands over her dipey. The girls laughing at her made her feel about two inches tall.

Sharon wasn’t paying attention to what was happening as she went to hand both Billy and Becky a bottle of juice. It was hot in the sun and she could see both of then perspiring. She wanted to make sure they had enough fluids. When she went to give Becky her bottle, Becky immediately pushed it away and started to cry while trying to hide her face.

That got Rick’s attention and he looked around to find the source of the problem. When he spotted the girls laughing at Becky, he knew he had to help her to come to terms with this. Looking at Sharon, he said “Let me handle this one.” and then turned to Lisa and asked “Is there somewhere where I can take her to be alone for a bit? Somewhere where we can sit down?”

Lisa answered “Yes, get her and follow me.” with concern.

Rick knelt in front of Becky, unfastened the strap holding her in the stroller and picked her up, placing her on his right hip. Reaching out, he took the bottle from Sharon and began following Lisa. They went through a locked gate, into a little courtyard. There were two wood benches facing a grassy area, about four feet apart.

“I’ll be on the other side of the gate. Just knock or call out and I’ll open it.” Lisa told him and went back through, closing the gate behind her.

Rick went to one of the benches and sat down. He sat Becky down right next to him. Wanting to hear Becky say it, he asked “What’s wrong Pumpkin?”

Sitting there, keeping her face turned away from him, Becky answered “They laughed at me.”

Rick, really feeling bad for her, replied “Yes, they did. Do you know why they laughed?”

“No.” she lied.

“I think you do, and you know it’s not nice to lie Sweety.” he told her firmly, but gently.

“Because I had a binky, and a dipey on.” she reluctantly answered.

“I see. What do you think we should do?” he asked her.

“I don’t know.” she said trying to keep from crying.

“Sweety, I need to apologize to you.” He told her as an idea occurred to him.

“What for?” she asked, still managing to keep her emotions under control.

“Well, we asked you to do something you didn’t want to do, and that wasn’t right.” he answered.

“What do you mean?” She asked, fear filling her gut. She knew what Daddy was going to say next, but hoped he wouldn’t.

“We asked you to be a baby, Honey.” he answered with a remorseful expression.

Becky saw he wasn’t calling her ‘Baby Girl’ anymore and that really tested her ability to control her tears. “But…” she started to say, but Daddy interrupted.

"Look Pumpkin, I don’t really think you know what you want. I’m going to make this very easy for you. I’m going to tell you what I expect from a big girl, and what I expect from a baby girl.

If you’re going to be a big girl, then I will need to take you back to the hotel and get you out of your diaper and into some big girl panties and your going to have to use the potty Sweety. Daddy won’t be able to help you here, because you can’t go into the boys potty and Daddy can’t go into the girls potty. You will also have to put your binky away, because big girls don’t take a binky Honey. I know it will be hard, but I will help you to figure out a way to get through your being scared without these things.

A big girl does exactly what you did when those girls laughed at you. She becomes embarrassed and tries to hide her diaper. If you’re a big girl, I don’t want you to have to be embarrassed Sweety, that’s why the baby things will need to be put away." he explained.

He let her digest this for a moment to see how she took it. Predictably, he saw her start to cry softly. A moment later he told her "If you’re going to be a baby girl, then you need to BE a baby girl. Baby girls don’t get embarrassed when someone laughs because they wear a dipey, or drink a ba-ba, or nurse a binky. They love these things so much, that nothing anyone could ever say or do could make them feel bad because they have them.

Baby girls also don’t hide their tears. They cry whenever something scares them, or hurts them, or when they get mad. They smile and giggle when they’re happy, and clap their hands when they’re excited. They don’t hesitate to nurse their binky when they get anxious, because that’s what it’s for. They don’t try to hold their pee pee or poopy inside, they just go when they have to in their dipey. Babies ask for their ba-ba, and if they don’t get it soon enough, they cry for it.

Grown-ups don’t expect babies to use the potty, they don’t even offer to take them in there. They expect them to want their binky and their ba-ba. They also expect them to cry when they’re hurt or scared. They expect a baby girl to want to snuggle a lot, and sit in their lap, or to want their dipey patted because it feels good.

But most of all, they expect that when a baby girl is scared, that she will want all of the things that make her feel better. Her binky, her ba-ba, her dipey and her favorite stuffed animal."

He sat for a moment letting her think about what he said. "Honey, you need to ask yourself what you want to be. We asked you to be a baby girl because we saw that you felt a lot better when you had baby things. We don’t want you to be anything that you don’t want to be.

Now I’m going to sit here and let you think about what you want. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just going to sit here and give you time to decide what you want to be. When you decide which it is, then you tell me, and we will help you to be the best big girl or baby girl you can be, but understand, you cannot be both." he explained.

Rick really felt bad. He saw her get scared the second he mentioned putting the baby things away. He knew however, that she was trying to have both, and that would make things worse. Craig had said to encourage toddler behavior for several reasons. Rick suspected that needing baby things and trying to act eight or ten would be hard on her, and was one of the reasons he said that.

While he really hoped she chose to be his baby girl because that was what he thought would be best for her right now, if she chose the other option, he would do everything he could to make it as easy for her as possible.

Becky sat crying softly. She was very torn. While she didn’t want to have to sit and watch other kids make fun of her, the thought of putting away her binky and her dipeys terrified her. She really loved the way the binky felt, and it helped make the fear go away. She really didn’t want to give up her dipeys at all. They allowed her to be cared for and that made her feel safe.

Shifting slightly, she felt the thick dipey between her legs and it filled her with warmth. She had to admit that she loved nursing a ba-ba. It just felt so good, much better than drinking from a cup.

Rick saw that she was torn. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t just sit and leave her to figure it out without help. Reaching out, he picked her up, pulling her close.

Becky was so glad that Daddy picked her up. When he snuggled with her, she started crying harder.

“Hey Sweety, I think I can help you with this.” he told her as he patted her wet bottom. “Do you think you can give up your binky?” he asked.

Becky thought about it for only a second before lifting the binky to her mouth, nursing furiously on it and shaking her head no.

“Do you want to drink from a cup instead of a ba-ba?” he asked.

Again Becky shook her head no as tears ran down her cheeks.

“How about your dipeys? Would you rather use the potty like a big girl?” he continued.

Instantly, Becky firmly said “No!”

“I guess what I’m asking Sweety, is do you want to be a big girl?”

With shuddering sobs, Becky said “Nooooo.” and started crying in earnest.

Rick held her tightly and said “That’s it Sweety, let it out. Daddy’s got you.” while patting her diaper. He rocked her gently and let her cry for a while before shifting her so she was laying in his lap. Pulling her binky from her mouth, he offered her the bottle, holding it for her.

Becky took the nipple, immediately stopped crying and started nursing.

“So what is it you want to be?” he asked wanting to hear her say it.

Becky hesitated for a moment and then made her decision. Softly she answered “A baby.”

“I don’t think you’re sure about that. I can’t let you be a baby if you’re not sure.” he said with a sigh as he started to pull the bottle from her mouth.

Bursting into tears, Becky quickly grabbed the ba-ba, keeping the nipple in her mouth, and cried loudly “No! I wan’ my ba-ba. I wanna be a baby Daddy! I weawy do!”

Trying to get her to understand, he asked “But aren’t you going to try to hide your dipeys when big kids laugh at them?”

“No! The’we MINE!” Becky told him with a tearful but determined look.

Rick tried not to smile as he remembered Becky adamantly telling him she didn’t want to wear a diaper at the hospital. With a solemn expression, he looked directly into her eyes and told her “Listen Baby, this is what I’m going to do. Uncle Peter, Aunt April, Mommy and I are going to watch you closely Sweety. Between now and bedtime tonight, if you show any signs of wanting to be a big girl, then you’re going to have to put the baby things away. All you have to do to be able to stay a baby girl is to be the best baby girl you can be.”

While Rick had no intention of taking anything away from her, he wanted her to work at it. He specifically didn’t give her any more instruction on what she should do so that she had the freedom to do what felt right.

“I pwomith Daddy! I be a good baby!” she told him with a worried expression.

Trying to reassure her, he said “Baby, don’t misunderstand me. Some times baby girls can’t help themselves and don’t behave. If that happens, you won’t have to give up your baby things. You’ll only need to give up your baby things if you try to be a big girl.”

Relief was clear on her face as she smiled at Daddy. It scared her that she would lose her binky because she wasn’t being good.

“Now, let’s dry those baby tears, and go have some fun, OK Sweetheart?” he asked with a smile as he kissed her on her forehead.

“Yeth!” Becky said clapping her hands.

When Rick knocked loudly on the gate, Lisa immediately opened it and asked Becky “Are you feeling better Sweety?”

Becky smiled at Miss Lisa and nodded her head.

“Great! Because I’m going to take you to a place that’s lots of fun!” Lisa told her with a tickle to her tummy.

Becky giggled loudly, her tears forgotten.

When Rick got Becky back into the stroller, he took the adults aside, leaving Lisa talking to the kids. He quickly filled them in on what had transpired.

“Poor girl.” April said with empathy.

“I’m glad you made her admit what she wanted though, things should go a lot easier for her now.” Peter offered.

“Yeah, we all saw what she wants, but she needed to see it.” Rick replied.

“You’re not planning on going through with that are you?” Sharon asked with concern.

“Absolutely not. Actually, I would only if it was necessary to keep her from getting hurt.” Rick answered.

“Thank you.” Sharon said with relief. “Heck you had me scared, you can bet she won’t even attempt to be a big girl now.”

“I know, I hated doing it, but I think it will help.” Rick said feeling guilty.

Giving him a kiss, Sharon said “So do I.”

When they got back to the stroller, Lisa had both kids giggling wildly around their bottle nipples. “Since it’s so hot, I think a water area would be a good idea for starters.” she told them. A second later, she whispered to Rick “When she gets there, take her skirt, shoes and socks off. You will see a lot of toddlers running around in just a diaper there.”

Rick smiled. “Perfect.” he thought.

Just then, April told Lisa “I’ll be right back.” and headed up Main Street.

Lisa looked at Sharon and said “I think someone is going to be really happy with what comes next.” with a gesture toward the train station above Town Hall.

Becky sat in the stroller, nursing her ba-ba. A moment later, Becky emptied her ba-ba and immediately took her binky. She held the ba-ba out to Mommy and said sweetly “Aww gone.” with a smile.

Sharon smiled warmly and told her “That’s my good baby girl.”

Becky was very glad to hear that. She didn’t want Mommy thinking she wanted to be a big girl.

Rick smiled when he heard. He knew then he did the right thing by putting things the way he did when they were alone. She was actively trying to behave like a toddler, and that would make things a lot easier on her, the way he saw it.

April approached Sharon then and handed her a carton of milk and a bottle of water. “Drink both. You need fluids with a nursing baby.” She explained. Taking the empty bottle from Sharon she filled it from a container of juice she had just purchased.

Billy finished his ba-ba just in time for Aunt April to fill it up again. He watched as she put it in the pocket of the diaper bag.

Sharon drank the milk quickly. As she finished it she noticed the three girls standing and watching Becky as they pointed and snickered. Her first instinct was to tell them to find someone else to bother, but she was spared the need.

Becky saw the girls laughing at her again. She almost spit her binky out, but remembered at the last second that she would have to give it up if she did. She quickly pulled her hands away from her diaper so Daddy wouldn’t think she was covering it up. Remembering what Daddy said about not hiding or trying not to cry, she looked right at them, burst into tears and yelled around her binky “Leab me 'lone!”

Sharon, wanting to encourage her behavior, immediately went to Becky and released the strap holding her in the stroller. Kneeling down, she pulled Becky to her feet into a hug and asked “what’s wrong Baby?”

“Deir bein’ mean.” Becky told Mommy through her tears. She hugged mommy tightly and laid her head on Mommy’s shoulder.

“I know Sweety, sometimes big kids can be really mean. But you know what?” Sharon asked.


Patting her gently on her diaper, her mommy told her “You are being such a good baby girl for me Sweetheart, and because of that, we’re going to take a ride on the choo choo train.” purposefully using the toddler term.

Becky immediately forgot about the mean kids and pulled back to look at Mommy with wide eyes and a big smile and gasped “We goin’ on da choo choo?!”

“Yes we are Sweety.” Sharon assured her with a big smile. “Why don’t you ask Daddy to hold you until we get on the choo choo.”

Becky hugged Mommy tight for a second and then went over to Daddy and held her arms up saying “Uppy Daddy.” with a big smile.

“Come here Baby.” Rick told her as he picked her up and set her on his hip.

“We goin’ on the choo choo Daddy!” Becky said as sweetly as she could. While Daddy didn’t look like he had seen her cover her dipey earlier, she didn’t want to take any chances. She wanted to make sure he knew she was a baby girl.

“Yes we are.” Rick said with a big smile. She was doing exactly what he had hoped she would do. He had seen her initially cover her diaper with her hands and then quickly uncover it. He was glad to see her cry openly instead of trying to hide her tears. He knew she was trying really hard to make sure that they knew she didn’t want to be a big girl.

Just then the train whistle went off. Becky squealed and pointed at the train as it came into view on its way to the station. “Dere it is!” she exclaimed, not having to try to be childish, such was her excitement.

“Well let’s go up and get on it Baby.” he told her with a chuckle and a pat to her diaper.

The train cars were open air models with a roof. There were no windows. It was red with wooden bench seats. As it pulled to a stop at the station, the hiss of steam made both Becky and Billy smile.

“Choo choo Mommy!” Billy said bouncing up and down in her arms. He was so excited! He had never been on a choo choo before!

Becky smiled big at Billy and said “We get to wide it!”

Billy giggled and excitedly clapped his hands.

Sharon couldn’t believe how excited they were over the train. But when she thought about it, this was the first thing that had happened in the last few days that hadn’t been the cause or result of painful or frightened tears. “I hope the rest of our time here is just like this.” she thought with a smile.

A moment later they were ushered to board the train. Both Billy and Becky were so excited as they sat down.

When the whistle blew two times, Billy immediately said “Whooo….Whooo.” and made everyone around them laugh.

Rick sat with Becky in his lap facing away from him. She was thoroughly captivated.

Sharon noticed a seven or eight year old girl sitting with her mother further along the bench staring at Becky. The girl was clearly perplexed.

The girl asked “Mommy? Is she a baby?”

Her mother looked at Becky and after a moment smiled. “Well Sweetheart, you know how your body is getting so big and tall?” she asked her daughter.

Smiling, the girl said “Yeah.”

“And on the inside you’re getting to be such a big girl by riding your bike and going to second grade?” she continued.

“Yeah.” The girl said smiling wider.

“Well, her body grew big, just like you, but on the inside she stayed a baby.” The mother explained.

“Is something wrong with her?” the little girl asked.

“No Honey, she’s just different, and you know it’s OK to be different, don’t you.” Her mother said.

“Yeah.” the little girl said, satisfied with that explanation. She lifted her hand and waved to Becky with a warm smile.

Becky smiled around her binky and raised her own hand up, opening and closing it as she had seen Bobby do. She felt much better because the girl’s mommy had said it was OK to be the way she was.

Sharon saw Becky’s demeanor change immediately, and turned to look at the girl’s mother with a very grateful expression and mouthed the words “Thank you.” with glassy eyes.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 87

Another excellent chapter BB.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 87

That was cute. :slight_smile: All of them have been in some form or another… almost to the point of cuteness overload.

Not complaining, mind you :smiley: just sometimes it’s hard to have more tears or feelings or…whatever else I release when I read this story.

You’ve just gotten me used to really long chapters, and that one seemed very short by comparison.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 87

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 87

Way to go BB!! I love, just love the interaction between Rick & Becky, he has a way with her!! This was a very cute chapter & I loved the other girls mom explaining things out the way she did to her girl about Becky!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 87

Yeah I agree it was great seeing the dynamic of the two responses, one negative with the other girls laughing and then the mother understanding and explaining to her daughter.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 87

Thanks Folks for all of your kind words.

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