Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

April came out of her room crying with a very upset baby boy. “Please tell me it’s over.” she begged.

“Yes, it’s over, and you won’t have to hear that again while you’re here. Cathy will take the next step with her.” Craig explained.

“Thank you.” April cried.

Billy saw Mommy and cried for her as he held his arms out to her.

“It’s OK Baby, it’s all done. Becky needed to let the owwies out. She’s much better now. Here, lets go see.” she told him and made her way into the bedroom.

Craig told April “I’ll let myself out, If you have any problems, give me a call.” as he handed her his card.

“Thank you for coming.” She said and then went to the bedroom to see that Becky was alright.

Rick saw Sharon enter with Billy and told Becky “Baby, Billy’s come in to see that you’re alright.”

Becky sat back in Daddy’s arms, turned to Billy and tearfully said “I’m OK.” feeling sad that she had made him cry.

Sharon nodded toward the bed and sat Billy down on it. Rick taking her hint, sat Becky next to him. A second later, Becky hugged Billy close. That calmed him a great deal. Trying to get comfortable, she laid back on the bed and pulled him to her, snuggling with him.

A moment later, Billy remembered what Craig had told him and said “Ba-ba Becky.” with a smile.

Becky not understanding, asked “You want your ba-ba?”

Sharon answered for him with “Yes, he wants his ba-ba, but he also wants you to drink your ba-ba at the same time. With all of the tears you need a drink Baby Girl.”

This produced a smile from Becky and a great big hug for Billy. Becky looked to Mommy and said “Ba-ba Mommy.”

No one could prevent themselves from smiling at that. “That’s my good baby girl.” Rick told her. A second later, April handed both of them a bottle of juice. Becky laid nursing as she held Billy close, and he nursed his bottle, holding it with both hands.

Billy smiled around the nipple as Sharon added “And you are such a good baby boy for reminding Becky she needs to drink her ba-ba.”

Rick wanting to further impress the similarities between them said “I think both these babies need a dry dipey.” with a smile.

Both kids smiled around their bottle nipples at hearing that. Becky loved that Daddy referred to her right along with Billy as a baby.

Sharon brought in a package of both the bigger Huggies and the diaper doublers. She opened both packages and set a diaper and two doublers aside. Going to the dresser, she got a doubler and a diaper for Billy. Grabbing the wipes and the powder as well, she took everything to the bed.

Looking at Becky, Rick said “You’re not going to be able to wear your little girl dipeys any more Pumpkin.” When he saw fear show in Becky’s expression, he quickly added “Babies wear baby dipeys.”

That produced the biggest smile he had ever seen from his little girl. Sharon picked Billy up and slid him the end of the bed, as Rick slid Becky along side him with only a foot of space separating them.

Becky saw Mommy open Billy’s clean dipey and smiled when she saw Pooh Bear on it. Her eyes went wide and then happy tears flowed when Daddy picked up her dipey and spread it open showing her it looked just like Billy’s but only bigger.

“See, baby dipeys for my baby girl.” Rick told her with a big smile.

Becky was in heaven as Daddy started changing her dipey. She saw that Daddy did the very same things that Mommy was doing for Billy. Nursing steadily on her ba-ba, she closed her eyes and sighed contentedly when she felt Daddy’s warm hand smoothing baby powder onto her bottom.

When Daddy sat her bottom down on the dipey, it felt very different than her little girl dipeys. Laying on this dipey was like laying on a pillow. When Daddy finished powdering her front and pulled her dipey up between her legs, it forced her legs apart, it was so thick. When he taped it snug against her tummy, she smiled a big tearful smile and said “I wub you so much Daddy.”

“I love you Baby Girl.” Rick told her. Picking her up and snuggling her close, he asked “Do you like your new baby dipeys?”

“Yeth!” she said with a giggle.

“I’m so glad Baby Girl.” he told her with a firm pat to her thickly padded bottom. Wanting to see how she looked, he said let’s go out and see Uncle Peter and Aunt April as he set her down on her feet.

Becky almost fell when she tried to take the first step. A second later, she had adjusted her pace so she could stay safely on her feet as she walked.

“Hi Baby Girl!” Peter said as he held his arms out to her. He watched from his seat on the couch as she waddled a very obvious diaper waddle on her way to him. She looked so cute dressed in a thick diaper and a t-shirt, nursing a baby bottle.

When Becky got close to April on her way to Peter, April stopped her. “Hold on Baby, let’s make sure you don’t lose your binky.” as she clipped one of the spares to Becky’s t-shirt. “All set.” she said with a playful swat to Becky’s diaper.

A second later, Becky was snuggling with Uncle Peter as she felt him repeatedly patting her baby dipey. She loved the way the dipey felt so much!

Sharon leaned over to whisper to April “Do me a favor will you please, get Becky a bottle of milk with a teaspoon of sugar added to it.”

April smiled as she understood what was going to happen.

Sharon had Billy in her arms and loudly asked “Do you want to nursey Baby?”

Becky heard Mommy ask that and immediately looked up. She hoped that Mommy was talking to her. When she saw that Mommy was looking at Billy, tears formed.

Sharon seeing the reaction she had been hoping for, asked Becky “Did you want to nursey Baby Girl?”

Becky nodded her head with a big smile.

“OK Baby, come here.” Sharon told her. April approached with the bottle behind her back. Picking Billy up, Sharon said “Snuggle with Aunt April for a moment Baby Boy.”

Billy, with a look of jealousy, forlornly said “Nummieth Mommy.”

Sharon saw his expression and really felt bad for him. She needed to make this point though, so she told him “You’ll get Nummies in just a little bit Baby, I promise.”

Sharon smiled as Becky toddled over, her thick diaper making her waddle. “Up you go Baby Girl.” she said as she pulled Becky in her lap and laid her on her side. Baring her breast, she took Becky’s bottle and pulled her close, filling Becky’s mouth with her nipple. She felt Becky start to suck and had to really give the girl credit when she actually managed to suck six times before she pulled back suddenly and gagged.

Becky felt so good lying in Mommy’s lap like Billy did. When she saw Mommy’s booby, she couldn’t wait to feel it in her mouth. She just knew this would make the fear go away forever. As she closed her mouth on Mommy’s nipple, she was sad because the warmth of Mommy’s nipple wasn’t a good feeling. She began nursing and immediately didn’t like the warm milk that came out. Trying desperately to ignore that sensation, she managed two more sucks before she couldn’t do it anymore and pulled back, reflexively gagging, then breaking down into tears. Crying she said “Yucky.” thoroughly upset that she couldn’t enjoy what Billy did.

Sharon feeling for her daughter, said comfortingly “Oh Baby, I forgot you don’t like warm milk. I’m sorry Baby, I really am.” with a kind expression. “But you know what?” she asked sweetly.

Tearfully, Becky answered “What?”

“I have something that you will love, that Billy can’t have.” Sharon said as she shifted Becky so she was cradling her.

“What is it?” Becky asked with interest, her tears almost forgotten.

Sharon took the bottle from April and brought it to Becky’s mouth. Becky hadn’t taken more than three pulls on the nipple before exclaiming “Nummy!” with a big smile around the nipple.

“That’s right Baby! These are your Nummies.” Sharon told her with a big smile. “You see, Billy has to get his Nummies from Mommy’s boobies and as you saw Mommy’s milk is always warm. Your Nummies come from the refrigerator so they’re cold just the way you like them Baby Girl.” she explained.

Becky was so happy! Her Nummies were sweet just like Billy’s but they weren’t yucky and warm. She laid nursing her ba-ba contentedly as Mommy began patting her dipey.

When Becky finished her bottle, Sharon told her “I think you need to get dressed and ready to go Baby Girl. We need to see more of Disney don’t you think?”

“Yeth!” Becky exclaimed around her binky with an excited smile and then got up from Mommy’s lap and gave her a big hug and kiss.

With a firm pat to her thick diaper, Sharon told her “I love you sooo much Baby Girl!”

“I wub you too!” Becky said.

“OK Baby, let’s go get you ready.” Rick said as he took her hand and led her toward the bedroom.

Sharon took Billy from April then and said “Alright Baby Boy, let’s get you some Nummies now.”

“Nummieth!” Billy said with a big smile as Mommy laid him down.

Twenty minutes later, as she was burping Billy for the second time, Sharon heard April say “Awww…” and looked toward the bedroom. Becky stood there looking impossibly cute. Rick had put her hair in two ponytails this time which, with her binky, made her look six years old. Her t-shirt barely came to the top of her skirt, which had the plastic of her diaper peeking over the top. Just below the hemline of her short pink skirt, at least two inches of her thick diaper showed below her skirt. When Rick asked Becky to turn around, Sharon repeated April’s words. A good five inches of the back of her diaper was clearly visible with Pooh Bear centered squarely on her bottom. She looked so cute Sharon wanted to pick her up and cuddle her.

“You look so cute Baby Girl!” Sharon told her with a big smile.

Becky was beaming. She loved it when Mommy said she looked good.

Sharon asked April “Can you give Lisa a call, she said she’d meet us up here.”

“Sure.” April answered as she pulled her cell phone from her pocket.

Sharon set Billy on his bottom on the floor and told him “I need to get your dipey bag ready Baby, play for a bit.” and headed to the bedroom to get the bag. She made sure that she had six diapers for each of them and a dozen or so doublers along with a change of clothes for both kids. She had just put Becky’s clothes in the bag when she heard “Look at YOU Baby Boy!”

Stepping through the door, back into the living area, she saw Billy on his hands and knees. A second later he moved his hands forward, one at a time, and then almost dragging them, brought his knees up one at a time in an awkward crawl. Tears stung her eyes as she witnessed him making another big step. The smile on his face was priceless.

Peter, smiling hugely, knelt down on the carpet a ways in front of Billy and said “Come here Baby Boy, come get some big hugs.”

It took a bit, but Billy made his way to Uncle Peter. Smiling he looked at him and said “Unca Peetah!”

Peter laughed and picked Billy up, gave him a big hug and said “You are getting so much better Baby. I’m so proud of you!”

Billy giggled wildly when he heard that. He loved his Uncle Peter and it made him feel so good to hear Uncle Peter tell him he was proud of him.

After a moment, wanting to make sure that Becky understood, he handed Billy to his Daddy and went to Becky. “I’m also very proud of you Baby Girl.” he told her as he picked her up and hugged her close.

Smiling around her binky, Becky asked “You awe?”

“Yes Baby, I am. It was a very difficult thing you did in the bedroom earlier. Facing your feelings is scary and hard to do sometimes, and you did it Baby.” he explained.

Becky giggled and gave Uncle Peter a big hug. She didn’t want to do that ever again, but she had to admit, she felt a whole lot better afterward. This was most evident when there was a knock on the door and Becky didn’t bat an eye.

Rick was pleasantly surprised when April answered the door and Becky didn’t show any sign of fear. He would be sure to tell Cathy to thank Craig the next time she talked to him.

Lisa came into the room pushing a large double stroller. It was sized perfectly for Becky, with a cushioned insert in the right seat to make it comfortable for Billy.

Peter saw Becky’s curious expression and sat down on the couch with her in his lap. Clearing his throat loudly to get everyone’s attention, he asked her “Baby, can you do something for all of us here?”

“What?” Becky asked with curiosity.

“Well, Mommy and Daddy and Aunt April and I know you just love having your binky and your ba-ba, and your nice thick dipeys, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yeth!” Becky said with a big smile.

“I’m glad!” Peter told her. “Right now, you are dressed like and look like the cutest little baby girl I ever saw. What we want you to do is to not just dress like a baby, but be a baby for a little while.”

Smiling as tears formed in her eyes Becky asked “How wong?”

“The whole time you’re here Baby Girl.” Peter explained.

“Weawy?!?!” she exclaimed with a huge smile, almost dropping her binky.

"Really Baby, I mean it. If you wonder what you should do, just watch your brother and all the other baby boys and girls.

Looking to her Daddy, she asked tentatively “You wan’ me to?”

Rick bent to give her a kiss and said “Yes Baby, I want you to.”

“I do too.” Sharon said as she kissed Becky cheek a few seconds later.

“And so do I Baby Girl.” April said with a smile and a kiss.

Becky giggled wildly and clapped her hands like she’d seen Billy do many times.

“I need you to understand something Sweety.” Peter said a moment later. When Becky looked at him curiously, he continued with “Well, you are a lot bigger than most babies. Some people won’t understand why you have a binky, or a ba-ba or why you’re wearing dipeys. We’re going to all try to help them understand, but there might be some children that will laugh at you or call you a baby in a not nice tone.” He saw Becky get anxious and start nursing harder and faster on her binky. “It’s OK if you want to cry if this happens, in fact it will probably help. I want you to think about something if another child is mean to you because you’re wearing dipeys.” he told her and then with a wink, he leaned in close and whispered loudly “They’re just jealous. Their Mommy or Daddy won’t let them wear dipeys or have a binky or drink from a ba-ba. So the best thing you can do Baby Girl, is to ignore them and nurse your binky.” and pulled back from her with a smile.

Lisa smiled at this and pulled two placards from a bag, both of them with string on them. “This will help the grown ups to understand.” she explained and then added “can you take your binky out and read this tome Baby?”

Becky removed her binky and looked at the placard. The first thing she noticed was that it had Cinderella on it, and that made her smile. She started reading a second later. “I may look like I’m ten years old on the outside, but I’m really two years old on the inside. Please treat me that way.” she read with a smile.

Lisa reached out and hung the placard around Becky’s neck so it was prominently displayed on her chest. The other one she secured to the stroller so it sat above Becky’s seat. “That should make things easier.” she said.

Becky gave her a big hug and kiss. She was so happy that everyone was working so hard to make her feel less scared.

Peter asked Becky “Do you promise to be a good baby girl, cry if you get scared and try your best to talk and act just like you were two years old?”

“I pwomith!” Becky said sounding just like a toddler even though she didn’t have her binky in her mouth.

“OK! Let’s get downstairs, get you and your brother in your baby stroller, and go to The Magic Kingdom and see what there is to see then.”

Both Billy and Becky clapped their hands and yelled “Yeah!!” at the same time.

Sharon picked Billy up and set him on her hip, her hand firmly on his diapered bottom. She had decided to leave him in just his onesie.

Rick picked Becky up and held her on his right hip, not having to worry about her needing her thumb anymore. He too held her diaper to support her weight. The way she clung with her legs, her skirt rode more than half way up her diaper, proudly displaying to the whole world that she was his Baby Girl.

Billy looked over and saw Becky didn’t have her binky and said “Binky Becky!” with a giggle.

With a big smile, Becky picked up her binky and started nursing it. She felt Daddy pat her on her dipey and then he told her “That’s my good baby girl.” with a smile.

Sharon smiled at Billy and said “Good boy! You’re helping your sister a lot!”

Billy giggled with glee.

April put two bottles of juice and two empty bottles in the diaper bag and hung it on the stroller.

Several minutes later, after a difficult elevator ride for Billy, Sharon cuddled him and soothed his tears with a soft didey. Once she got him calmed down, she sat him in the stroller and buckled him in.

A moment later, Rick had just finished securing the strap to keep Becky in place, making sure it held her skirt so her diaper was in view. He felt the telltale warmth that told him she was going pee. Smiling, he told her again “That’s my good baby girl.” and gave her a kiss before taking his place behind her.

With a gentle push, they were soon strolling through the lobby of the hotel. Billy and Becky steadily nursing on their binkies, while there was no doubt that either of them were well diapered.

Rick watched the people they encountered. After a few minutes, it was predictable. They would look at Becky with a frown, and then their gaze would move to the placard and their expression would soften instantly, offering a smile or a kind “Hi there.”

Becky was so happy! Here she was sitting in a baby stroller on her way to this most wondrous place. The warmth of her freshly wet dipey made her smile around her binky. Mommy and Daddy wanted her to be a baby! That was probably the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to her in her whole life. Not only that, everyone kept smiling at her and saying hello in a real nice way.

Once they got to the gate for The Magic Kingdom, the guard that inspected the contents of the diaper bag smiled at Billy and said “Hi Baby Boy. Are you having fun?”

With a giggle and a clap of his hands, Billy said “Yeth!”

Becky was overjoyed when he spoke to her. “Hi Baby Girl. Do you like Cinderella?” he asked. Still nursing her binky, with a shy smile, she nodded her head.

“Let me see your hand Baby.” he told her kindly. When she presented her hand, he put a sticker on the back of her hand with a picture of Cinderella on it.

Smiling a big smile now she said “Tank you!” and turned in her seat to look to Mommy and told her “Yook Mommy! A thicker!” with glee.

A moment later, Billy said “Yook Mommy! Pooh!” as he held his hand out proudly.

Sharon smiled and said “Yes!” to each one in turn and then smiled to Rick. Seeing Becky not terrified and Billy able to sit in the stroller made this trip all the more special.

Rick felt wonderful as he watched the childish glee Becky showed with such a simple gift. “Thank you very much.” he told the guard.

“Oh, no problem Mr. Avery.” the Guard said. Then leaning in closer, he whispered softly “Most of the staff you meet will talk to her and treat her just the way I did. It was handed down about an hour ago that that’s what she needed.” he explained. After moving back, he added “The placard is a great idea.” with a smile.

After Lisa explained how the ticket system worked and they made their way through the turnstiles, Rick watched both of the kids faces as they came out of the tunnel and into Disney proper. It warmed his heart to see the wide eyed wonder as both mouths worked overtime on their binkies.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

Cuteness :smiley:

Great job.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

thank you BB for another great chapter.

It was cute

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

I just finished the last three chapters and as usual I was blown away. The depth of emotion you convey is phenomenal. I’m very happy with the way the story is progressing. Billy’s recovery so far is remarkable (but wholly believable) and I’m pleased wuth the way Becky’s difficulties are being handled. Enlisting Billy to aid her is pure genius; it can only benefit them both. Good job, BB.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

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The placard on the stroller says Becky is 10… but as I recall in earlier chapters, she was understood to be 11.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

Very nice, BB!! This chapter was very cute & healing, keep up the good work!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

Hi All,

Well, actually the quote is:

I may look like I’m ten years old on the outside,

The operative part of that statement being ‘look like’. Becky is 49 inches tall which would put her at the low end of the height scale for a ten year old girl. That’s why it stated what it did.

Thank you all for your encouragement. I must admit, when I first posted chapters 1-3, I was anxious about exposing a difficult time in my life. I can honestly tell you that I’m glad I did.

Just FYI, the person that Craig was based on was one of the most influential people in my life, but that comes later in the story.:smiley:

Thanks again,


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

I read this chapter again and I saw that Billy was starting to crawl.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

Hi Folks,

Just a note to let you know that I’m working on the next chapter, but it won’t be done until tomorrow night. It’s late and I gotta work in the morning.



Snuggles and Tears Chapter 86

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Honestly it has made me reassess how I treat people in my own life.

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