Snuggles and Tears Chapter 85

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This is another hard one, but with this, Becky’s healing begins.

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Chapter 85

A thought occurred to Craig and he said “You might want to pick up some tank top t-shirts for Becky if she doesn’t have any here. Oh, and some swim diapers. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer than today.”

Sharon smiled at that. The picture that formed in her mind of both Becky and Billy dressed in swim diapers playing in the water warmed her heart. “That’s a great idea, thank you.” she told him.

“Anything else before we go?” Peter asked.

“Yes, pacifier clips, at least two. Can we get them with Cinderella on them here in Disney?” Rick asked.

“Yes, you can. Best to wait until we go down to The Magic Kingdom. The kids will love it if you take them to the toy store.” Craig answered.

“OK, then we’re off then.” Peter said as he offered his hand to Craig. “Thank you for coming over, it means a lot to me.”

“Oh, no problem. Cathy and I have been friends since college. She went off to private practice, and I went into the Marines, but we never lost touch.” he explained.

Rick was astounded at that thought. Here was this big, muscular ex-marine and he had an incredible grasp on the feelings and needs of a little girl.

“Alright, lets go so we can try to get back before Becky wakes up.” April told Peter.

“OK, see you all in a little while.” Peter said.

“Ask the front desk for directions to the stores. They aren’t far, so with any luck, you should be back before she wakes.” Craig offered.

“Thanks.” Peter said and then April accompanied him out of the suite.

Craig turned to look at Billy. He had sat watching them as they talked, snuggling close to his mommy. Putting a very warm smile on his face, Craig reached out and tickled Billy on his tummy and said “How are you Baby?” in a really sweet voice.

Again Rick was struck with the disparity between Craig’s appearance and his behavior. He was doing the same thing Rick did, but never when he was around other people.

Billy giggled wildly and smiled around his binky. He liked this man, he was nice.

Craig surprised Sharon when he held his hands out to Billy and said “Come her Baby Boy, I’d like to talk to you.”. She was really surprised when Billy leaned toward Craig and put his arms out.

As he pulled Billy close, Craig told him “You are such a good boy!” with a big smile.

Billy snuggled close and laid his head down on Craig’s shoulder, as he nursed his binky.

Turning to look at Sharon, Craig whispered “Can you please get him a bottle of juice?” Looking back to Billy, he asked “You love your binky, don’t you Baby.”

Billy smiled a big smile as he nodded his head enthusiastically.

“You love your dipeys too don’t you pee butt?” Craig continued.

Billy giggled and nodded as he felt Craig’s hand squeeze his wet dipey gently, tickling his bottom.

As Sharon handed Craig the requested bottle, he asked “Do you like your ba-ba Baby?”

“Yeth!” Billy exclaimed in answer, with a big smile.

“Good!” Craig responded and shifted Billy so he was cradling him. Switching his binky for his bottle, he said “Drink your ba-ba Baby, I need to explain something to you.”

Billy started suckling as he squirmed into a more comfortable position with his head resting in the crook of Craig’s left elbow.

“OK Billy, you’ve seen Becky get really upset over the last couple of days haven’t you?” he asked the little boy.

Billy, tears forming, nodded slowly.

“It’s OK Baby, Becky will be alright, I promise. But I need you to help Becky get so she isn’t so scared, will you help her to not feel so scared?” Craig asked.

Billy quickly nodded. He didn’t like it when Becky cried. It made him uneasy and cry himself.

“You are such a good boy, wanting to help your sister feel better.” Craig said with a smile. “I want you to do something very very important for Becky. I want you to try and help her be a happy baby, can you do that for me?” he asked.

Billy would do anything to help Becky not have to cry. The only problem is, he didn’t know how he could help. When a perplexed expression showed on his face, Craig started to explain.

“Don’t worry Baby, it’s easy. When ever you think of it, I want you to drink a ba-ba just like this one with nice juice in it. Before you start to drink though, I want you to tell your sister ‘ba-ba Becky’. Can you say that for me right now?”

“Ba-ba Becky.” Billy said, smiling around the nipple.

“Good boy!” Craig told him with a warm smile. “That will help a lot! That will remind Becky to drink her ba-ba. Also, if you see Becky without her binky, I want you to tell her ‘Binky Becky’ and point to her binky. It will be attached to her shirt just like yours is.”

Billy immediately said “Binky Becky.” and smiled again.

“Very good! You see Billy, Becky has big owwies inside. She needs to let them out so she doesn’t hurt anymore and won’t feel so scared. There’s one more thing you could do that would really help Becky feel better. It might be a little bit scary for you, but I think you’ll do just fine, I promise.” Craig told him.

Billy didn’t like the idea of being scared, but he didn’t want Becky to have big owwies either.

“I want you to ride in a stroller with your sister. You two will sit right next to each other, and can snuggle if you get scared. Mommy and Daddy will be right there with you, so you don’t have to worry. If you get too scared, then Mommy will pick you right up and snuggle you close I promise.” Craig explained.

Billy started to nurse faster on his ba-ba when he heard Craig say Mommy wasn’t going to be holding him, but calmed down when he heard she would be close and snuggle him if he got too scared. “OK.” he said with a worried expression.

“I promise Baby Boy, I’ll pick you up and snuggle you tight if you need it.” Sharon told Billy with a tickle to his tummy.

Billy giggled and felt much better with that. Mommy promised!

Sharon was just flabbergasted that Craig could get Billy to agree to that. She understood that sitting in a stroller would help both of the kids. Billy would learn to be physically separated from her, and Becky would have people respond to her like she needed because her diaper would be on display for everyone to see. It would also let them hug each other, turning to someone other than Mommy or Daddy for comfort.

When Billy yawned a big yawn, Craig said “Here sleepy Baby, let’s get you back to Mommy so you can sleep for a little while.” and lifted him up as he stood. Moving closer to Sharon, he laid Billy in her lap.

“OK.” Craig said softly so Billy wouldn’t hear him. “I want to do one more thing, and I guarantee you’re not going to like it, but it will help Becky a great deal.” Seeing the unhappy expressions on Sharon’s and Rick’s faces, he pushed ahead.

“I’m going to have to break your promise to Becky for a little bit and take her binky long enough to force her to feel what she’s trying to hide from. Essentially, I want her to get angry and cry.” he explained.

“Throughout the whole explanation of what’s taken place, not one of you said one word about her getting angry at how she was treated. That and her behavior tells me that she’s running from the hurt, and not even attempting to deal with it. I want to force it for a short while. She will cry, and probably scream, but it will help, I promise. If you really don’t want me to do this, I won’t, but I honestly think it will help her a great deal.” Craig finished.

“I don’t know if I could sit through that.” Rick told him honestly.

“And I promised nobody will take her binky.” Sharon reminded him.

“I know, Sharon, that’s why I want you to leave the room when I do this. Actually, the best way to do this would be for Rick and I to go into the bedroom and right when you hear me say ‘It’ll be alright Baby Girl.’, come back into the room and demand that I give her her binky back. She will see that you are honoring your promise and I will look like the bad guy.” he told her.

“You on the other hand aren’t so lucky.” Craig told Rick. “If you’re not there, things will get much worse for her. While she will be very upset, nothing will harm her. She will undoubtedly cry for you to take her away from me, but you need to tell her this will help her to not be so scared, but not touch her in any way until you see her cry really hard for a good five minutes.”

“Are you sure this is the best way to handle this?” Rick asked begging Craig with his eyes not to ask him to do this.

“I’m positive. I’ve dealt with children with emotional trauma for almost twenty years, and this is the most effective way to get them to deal with what they’re running from.” he answered.

Rick found himself tearing up at just the thought of what was to come.

“Yes, you’ll get upset, but that’s to be expected Rick. Just let it out when the time comes and she will see that it’s OK to cry. This is one of the things she needs to understand. She needs to see that dealing with the hurt is the best way to get rid of it. That’s another reason I want you to treat her like a toddler. Toddler’s cry at the instant they are unhappy or angry and that’s what I’m hoping she’ll do for a little while. Don’t get me wrong, while I want you to encourage the tears when she’s unhappy, I don’t want you to let her walk all over you. As with any toddler, make her follow the rules while offering her comfort.” Craig explained.

“God, I don’t know if I can do this.” Rick said.

“Just keep the goal in mind, and remember that this will help her a great deal. It’ll give her the tools to start healing. That’s the first step.” Craig said compassionately.

“When?” Sharon asked.

“When she wakes up would be best.” Craig answered.

“Alright.” Rick said with a heavy sigh.

It wasn’t long before Peter and April returned. They managed to get everything that was needed, including the swim diapers in a size large enough for Becky. Craig filled them in on what was going to happen and agreed to let Peter be in the room as well.

Rick felt a lot better when Peter explained that he had seen this type of therapy before, and it usually resulted in an immediate improvement in symptoms.

When they felt she’d slept long enough, Rick led the other two into the bedroom, feeling dread as he walked. He saw Becky and tears came as he thought about what was to come. She looked so cute laying on top of the covers. She was snuggled with Charley Bear and had her binky. Her diaper showed she had wet in her sleep.

“Wake up Baby Girl.” Rick said as he gently caressed Becky’s back. She opened her eyes and looked up at him and smiled. Rick really had a hard time keeping it together seeing her happy, but knowing she would be miserable in a few moments. Pointing to Craig, he told her “This is Mr. Craig, Baby. He’s here to help you not feel so scared. Do you want to feel less scared Baby?”

Becky immediately nodded her head with a solemn expression.

“Hi Becky, can you come sit with me for a little bit? I need to ask you some questions so I can help you feel better.” Craig explained.

Rick and Peter moved away from the bed as Craig sat down. Becky moved toward him and he picked her up. Laying her across his lap, he wrapped his arms around her, trapping her arms and legs close to her body. Shifting her just a bit, he reached up and pulled her binky from her mouth and quickly secured her again.

Becky immediately noticed that Mr. Craig was strong. She felt safe in his arms. When he took her binky, she immediately started to cry and said “Binky.” as she had heard Billy do many times.

“I will give you your binky Baby, I promise, just not yet.” he told her.

With that Becky immediately started to try to get up. When no amount of struggling could break Mr. Craig’s hold on her, she started to scream.

“That’s it Baby, show me just how mad you are.” Craig told her loudly, continuing to hold her tightly.

Becky lay struggling for a good ten minutes trying desperately to get free and get to the binky she saw laying on the bed. It was torture to see it right there but not be able to get to it. The fear continued to mount as she screamed. Before long, she was trembling as she struggled. Finally, her arms and legs tired, she just lay still, crying her eyes out feeling very small and helpless. No matter how she tried, she couldn’t overcome this mean man.

Both Peter and Rick were having a very hard time witnessing this. Rick wanted so badly to take her from him, it took all he had to sit back and just watch. Peter had a better time of it as he had seen this done before. It was much harder this time because he loved this little girl.

“You’re scared aren’t you Baby. You’re so scared, I can fell you trembling little girl. But that’s not all is it Baby. You were really afraid when the police officer made you get in the car weren’t you.” Craig asked.

Becky tried to raise her hands up so she didn’t have to hear this mean man talking. Try as she might she couldn’t get them free. She didn’t want to listen, he was saying things she didn’t want to think about. Unable to cover her ears, she started screaming loudly, trying to drown out his voice.

Craig, talking really loudly now continued relentlessly. “You couldn’t get out of the car, could you Baby. You wanted Daddy so bad then, but nothing you tried allowed you to go to him, did it?”

Becky heard him despite her screaming. Seeing that wasn’t working, she turned to Daddy and cried pitifully “Daddyyyy. Uppy please Daddy.” sobbing now.

Rick thought he was going to lose his mind. This was clearly the most difficult thing he had ever been asked to do. Tears streamed and his voice broke as he told his little girl “Baby, this will help, I promise Baby.” and stood where he was.

Seeing that Daddy wasn’t going to help, she felt betrayed and turned to Peter. “Uncle Peter…” she started.

Peter wanting to go to her, was also in tears, but told her “You can trust Mr. Craig Baby. I know it’s hard and it hurts, but you can get through this Baby, I promise.” forcing himself not to break eye contact with this very upset little girl.

Becky knew then that she wouldn’t be able to escape it. She stopped struggling and sobbed heavily.

“The policeman frightened you, didn’t he Baby?” Craig continued. “You were so scared and angry that he would take you away from your mommy. But that wasn’t all, he lied.”

Becky began sobbing harder than Rick had ever seen her cry before. Locking his hands together behind him to keep from reaching out to her, he stood and listened.

“He told you that Daddy wanted to send you away, didn’t he? He made you feel like Daddy didn’t want you anymore, and then drove you away from your home. Billy was screaming and upset, you tried to make the lady give his binky back, but she wouldn’t. Nothing you tried to do to make it better worked did it Baby?” As Craig continued, he saw her expression start to change. He saw the anger starting to build.

When she started to struggle again, a vehement look of anger on her face, he quickly shifted her so she was sitting up and said “Pretend I’m the policeman Baby, and the mean lady that hurt Billy. Show me how angry you are at me, hit me right here.” he said as he loudly slapped his chest.

Becky was seething in a rage at this point and gladly did as he instructed and with both fists, hit him hard on his chest.

“Again Baby, HARDER! Show me how mad it made you, come on, HARDER.” Craig told her as she hit him again and again.

Becky was in full rage now, and started screaming while hitting Mr. Craig as hard as she could. It reached a pinnacle and she screamed “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” at the top of her lungs, punctuating her words with the pounding of her fists.

“That’s right TELL ME Baby, tell me how you feel!” Craig yelled.

“YOU LIED! AND YOU HURT BILLY! I HATE YOU!” she screamed at him still hitting him. After a breath, she repeated it again, and again. After several long moments, tired from the exertion, and sobbing heavily, she just slumped in his arms crying long hard sobs.

He let her cry for five minutes before telling her “It’ll be alright Baby.”

Sharon, crying heavily as she stood outside the door, finally hearing the signal, pushed the door all the way open and looked at the scene before her. Becky was sobbing so hard now. The pain she was releasing could be felt from where Sharon stood. She walked to the bed, picked up the binky and offered it to Becky. Once Becky took the pacifier, she turned to Craig and with complete sincerity, told him in no uncertain terms “Don’t you EVER take that little girl’s binky again.”

Rick made his move and picked Becky up and held her close. Patting her wet diaper, he repeated over and over “It’s alright Baby, cry for Daddy, let the owwies out Baby Girl.” as he cried with her.

With Daddy’s permission, Becky sobbed and sobbed, releasing so much of the owwie. After several minutes, she looked to Daddy with tear filled eyes and whimpered “I lub you Daddy.” and then hugged him tightly.

Sobbing still, he said “I know Baby Girl, and Daddy loves you so much.” as he held her tightly while rocking her gently back and forth.

Craig left the room to give them time to comfort Becky. He didn’t like having to do it, but what he’d done was necessary. It still didn’t keep tears from stinging his eyes though.

Sharon noticed this as she came to the living area. Looking to him she begged “Please don’t ever do that again.”

“I’m afraid she’s going to have to go through that several more times Sharon. While it won’t be easy, this was the worst one. It will get easier every time.” Craig explained.

“Jesus, I can’t listen to that again.” Sharon said sobbing.

Hugging her, Craig said “Yes you can, you love her.” with a thick voice.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 85

You did it wonderful but I hate to see Becky or Billy upset.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 85

As Sharon said “Please don’t ever do that again” I have to agree with her!

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 85

Me too.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 85


that is some intense therapy I could not imagine anyone having to go through.

wonderful work BB, I do hope these therapy sessions get easier on Becky, as well as the others.

I could not fathom being Rick or Peter having to stand by in the room.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 85

After reading it about 5 times, it’s about as bad as I figured it would be.

To be honest, it brings back some memories of my own childhood I wish I could have had that kind of therapy to deal with. I would have relished someone telling me to punch them as hard as I could while dealing with my issues.

Good chapter, and handled with the usual grace and detail I’ve come to expect.

Just please no more bad stuff while they’re at Disney.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 85

Hi Folks,

I promise folks, no more like this at Disney. There will be some bumps, but nothing as difficult as this one.

This had to happen though, or the trip would be difficult for Becky. It also wouldn’t be realistic if all the fear just disappeared while they were out among the crowds, binky or no binky.

Thanks everyone for your comments!


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 85

BB, I thought we were past all of the hard parts!! Then you have to go & do this to me again!! I mean it was a good chapter, but jeez, I feel so bad for Becky right now!!

Ok, sorry to put a very old topic back on the front page again, but if someone knows the answer to this one, I would appreciate it, I wanna know more about the type of therapy that was done to Becky in this chapter (I know part of it is fantasy but some parts of it seems genuine), I know its very hard to read this chapter and I almost ditched the story but I forced myself to read it completely, and I’m quite sure it exist in the real world, but googling for this is a little hard without the exact terms, the way Craig forced her to revive her fears has certainly a medical term, I just can’t pinpoint the one I need to search on google.

Had us in tears

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