Snuggles and Tears Chapter 81

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Once again this story takes on a life of it’s own and causes me to do something I wasn’t planning on.

It seems this section will have four instead of three parts.

This is short, but illistrates two important points.

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Chapter 81

The group chatted for a few minutes, talking about how wonderful things had been. Peter, kneeling down asked Becky if she would check and make sure Billy was alright with Pooh Bear.

“Sure Mr. Peter.” she said and skipped over across the room.

Peter waved to Giles and Mrs. Grey, who had been standing together off to one side. As they approached the group, Peter said “I would like you to meet Charles and Fiona Richardson, my parents.” with a smile.

Sharon smiled and said “It is so nice to meet you. I can honestly say your son is one of the most wonderful people I know.”.

Charles, glancing back to look for Becky said “Please, when she comes back, we are Giles and Mrs. Grey, I would hate to spoil her fantasy.”

“Of course.” Sharon said just before the others all agreed.

Fiona, looking at Sharon said “Thank you my dear, Peter is a source of great pride to me and his father.”.

Rick, putting his hand on Peter’s shoulder, said “I don’t know how, but I’m going to find a way to repay you for all the help you’ve given my children.”.

Peter smiled and looked embarrassed. “I was but a small part of this endeavor.” he said modestly.

Fiona looked sternly to Peter and said “Just when I brag about you, you have to go and lie. From what Lisa told me, you arranged for just about everything that is happening today.”

Peter, blushing a darker shade of red, replied “OK, so I had a hand in all of this, but it’s folks like you and Dad that make it come to life.”

April, smiling as she looked at Peter, said “I have been telling you for years Peter, you are too modest.”

Peter smiled a loving smile and said “I know.”.

Rick saw it then. He saw it in the way April looked at Peter, and in his expression as he gazed at her. He hadn’t understood what Sharon meant when she said “Well it’s about time.”, but understood that they were an item now.

Leaning closer to Sharon, he whispered “How did you know?”.

She whispered back “A woman can see these things Dear. It’s the way they’ve been looking at each other.”

“And what are you two whispering about?” April asked, blushing because she already knew the answer.

“About how happy I am that two of the best people I know finally managed to see that they are made for each other.” Sharon answered with a grin.

Peter, turning to watch Becky and Billy giggling as Pooh acted silly, said “I have you two and the children to thank for that. They opened my eyes to a lot of things. I haven’t been here in about twenty years. I saw it as painful, but the time here wasn’t painful, it was wonderful.” he explained.

“I was afraid to hurt again. Becky’s strength showed me. If she could make that walk down the alley, then I could risk a broken heart.” he added and smiled at April.

Looking to Rick, he said “So you see, they have given me more than you could ever promise me in repayment.”

Sharon leaned forward and kissed Peter on the cheek. “I love you Peter Richardson.” she said with glassy eyes.

April, blinking back tears of her own, quipped “Hey, I’ve waited almost twenty years, he’s mine.” with a laugh as she took his arm in hers.

Rick looked at Peter with a grin and asked “You lucky dog, how do I get a bunch of pretty women fighting over me?”

Sharon elbowed him in the ribs and told him “Hey, watch it Bub.” and laughed.

Everyone laughed at that.

Giles, back in his role, told them “I am fortunate enough to have one last task to complete, pardon me.” and walked toward Becky, looking upon her with a grandfatherly fondness. When he stood before her, he asked “Princess, would you please come with me to the wardrobe over there?”.

Becky looked over to a double door wardrobe, and answered “Sure Mr. Giles.” and followed behind him.

When Giles got to the wardrobe, he knelt down and told Becky “It is written in the law, that every princess must have her very own tiara, bracelet, and earrings. Will you allow me to choose them for you?” he asked.

Becky having heard him, stood dumbfounded. She was actually going to get her very own tiara. She nodded, not trusting herself to say anything intelligible.

Giles slowly pulled the two doors open on the wardrobe.

Becky’s eyes got big as saucers. The wardrobe was filled with beautiful crowns, tiaras and other jewelry. She watched as Mr. Giles stood up, tapping one finger on his mouth for a moment, and then reached out and carefully lifted a very beautiful tiara from it’s cushion. She saw it was silver, and came to three points, the center being the tallest. It also had what looked like small diamonds alternating with pink colored stones all around the top edge.

Turning, Giles knelt again and held the tiara so Becky could see it up close. “This is almost as pretty as you are Princess.” and then lifted it up to set it gently upon her head.

Mrs. Grey was behind her then and said “Hold still Princess, while I pin it in place.” as she placed three hair pins discretely situated to hold the tiara so it wouldn’t fall off.

Giles turned from the wardrobe again, knelt and took Becky’s left hand in his, and attached a bracelet of the same design to her wrist. He then handed a pair of ear rings to Mrs. Grey and watched as she gently replaced the studs Becky had in her ears with them. “Wear them well Princess.” Giles told Becky with a warm smile.

Becky gingerly hugged Giles and said “Thank you.” almost in a reverent whisper.

Mrs. Grey turned Becky to face her, knelt, and said “I have found what you asked me for Princess.” and turned her slowly around to face a full length mirror.

“MOMMY! I’m so PRETTY!” Becky exclaimed with a gasp and then a wondrous smile. The last thing fell into place to make Becky feel like the luckiest little girl in the whole world as her excitement caused a warmth to spread across her diapered bottom, bringing a feeling of safety and comfort.

“Yes you are, Baby. The prettiest little girl in all the world.” Sharon told her sincerely.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 81

Another wonderful part BB. I can’t wait to read the next installment.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 81

Since I don’t have anything of much substance to say… I’ll go with something new…

Taken from some of the chan boards I visit, I’ll just say…

MOAR! :smiley:

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 81

For once, I’m gonna say it: THIS WAS TOO SHORT!

Hurray for Peter and April!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 81

Even though you say it is short, BB, this chapter has great detail to it!! I love how sweet & nice everything has gotten, please keep it that way, ok!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 81

Thanks all for taking the time to post, It’s important to me.

Yes, this was short, but as I write this, I usually come to a point that jumps out at me as a good break point. That’s exactly what happened here.