Snuggles and Tears Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

Becky returned to Daddy, and put her arms up. “Up Daddy.” she told him.

Rick bent and picked his little girl up and held her close. “I love you Baby.” he told her for no particular reason.

“I love you too!” she said giving him a kiss.

“Let’s get you in the bath with Mommy. You remember how much fun it was taking a bath and getting all pretty with Mommy, don’t you?” he asked.

Becky did remember. She had loved the time getting all nice and clean, and then painting their nails and Mommy brushing her hair. It was wonderful. The problem was, she didn’t feel safe with Mommy. “Yes.” she said with an anxious smile.

Sharon still sat in the tub, but now, there was water covering her, and lots of bubbles to boot. She reveled in the luxury of the bath.

When Rick brought Becky behind the screen, he set her on her feet and gently removed her skirt. Becky raised her arms, and he pulled her shirt over her head. He sat down, pulling her up into his lap. Untying her shoes, he removed both of them and then her socks, leaving her in just her diaper.

When he stood her up and removed her very wet diaper, he tried to move her closer to the tub, but she clung to him. Gently caressing her bare bottom, he said “It’ll be OK, I promise Baby.”. He held her for a moment more, before picking her up under her arms, and gently depositing her in the bath, sitting with her back to Mommy.

Sharon had watched as her daughter showed her fear of getting in the bath. It hurt to see she would be so scared to be close to Mommy. Once Rick sat her down, Sharon brought her own legs apart, placed a washcloth over her private area, and pulled Becky close, laying her daughter back against her with Becky’s head on her chest.

Becky had forgotten how gentle Mommy could be. She relaxed a bit when she felt Mommy pull her close. She sighed as Mommy picked up a wash cloth and gently began washing her, starting with her neck and working her way down. She heard Mommy hum a pretty song that she used to hum when Becky was a little girl and would be scared at night.

Sharon decided she would wash Becky as she did Billy, working the stress from her muscles. Slowly and gently she cleaned her daughter’s body. When she needed to wash her bottom, she brought her legs up under Becky’s and gently cleaned her and set her back down.

Becky smiled when Mommy washed her bottom. It was something she remembered from when she had felt very safe, and that brought good feelings.

Sharon whispered into her ear “I love you so much little girl.” as she wrapped her arms around Becky and held her close. “I’ve missed you so. I’m sorry I haven’t been with you when you were so scared, but Billy was scared too, and Daddy can’t give Billy what he needs.” she said with misty eyes.

Rick watched Sharon bathing her, and couldn’t help but smile. As gentle as he tried to be, he could never be as gentle as Sharon. It made him feel good to see Becky interacting with Sharon this way. It was important that she see that Mommy loves her. When Sharon started to talk to Becky, Rick saw, the more she said, the more tearful Becky’s eyes became. He knew that something was bothering her.

Sharon felt tension return as she held Becky close. She knew that something was wrong, and she had a good idea of what it was. While she didn’t want to upset Becky on this most special day, it would be a wonderful gift to calm her fears. Pushing ahead, she said softly “You’re afraid I can’t protect you aren’t you?”.

When Becky started to cry softly, Sharon knew she was on the right track. “Did you know that they had you in the police car before they came into the house?” she asked.

Becky sat crying, and just shook her head.

“Yes, I bet you didn’t know that the woman, Elena, lied and promised me that I could get you and Billy some things together to take with you if I didn’t fight them. I wanted you to have Charley Bear with you, and I knew that if I fought them to get you out of the car, you would get hurt. I would rather lose you Baby, than see you get hurt.” she told Becky, tears flowing freely.

Becky turned in her Mommy’s arms, saw her crying and understood that Mommy was telling the truth. Turning completely around, she hugged her Mommy tightly, crying harder now. “I didn’t know, I thought I did something wrong. I wanted Charley Bear so much.”.

“I know Baby, you didn’t do anything wrong, nothing at all.” Sharon reassured her through her tears. “You’ve been such a good girl, and I’m so sorry Baby that I haven’t been able to spend special time with you in a while because Billy has been sick. I promise you Baby, I promise you. We will spend time, just you and me together for the day, before we leave here.” she explained.

When Becky stiffened in fear, Sharon pulled her back and looked her directly in the eye and said with a voice as cold and determined as any heard anywhere “I swear to you little girl, I will NEVER, EVER let anyone take you from me again. If they try, they will get hurt. Do you understand me?”.

Becky had never heard Mommy talk like that before and her tone scared the daylights out of Becky. When she considered that, she felt a little better. Becky knew Mommy loved her, and if she was scared of what Mommy would do, then heaven help anyone who tried to take her from Mommy. Becky hugged her Mommy tightly then and told her “I love you.” through her tears.

Sharon replied “I love you to Honey.” and just held her close. A moment later, she said “Do you remember the nice lady, the judge that talked to you in her office and told you you would be going home?”.

Becky nodded her head.

“She gave me a letter that I will show you later, if you want me to, that says that no police officers are to come for you or Billy, and if they do, they will go to jail. So you are safe honey, I promise. And just to make sure, you aren’t to answer doors unless you know who’s behind them. Do you hear me?” speaking softly but firmly.

“Yes Mommy. I promise.” Becky said clinging tightly to Mommy, glad to be so close to her again.

“Besides Baby, little girls aren’t supposed to answer doors, that’s for big girls and grownups to do.” with a smile. She was trying to lighten things up a bit.

Becky pulled back to look at her Mommy and smiled a big smile and put her thumb in her mouth and said “OK Mommy.” and snuggled close, nursing her thumb.

Rick, taking a shot at it, asked Becky “Pumpkin, do you think it would be alright if I took my shower now? I will be right on the other side of that screen, I promise.”.

Becky looked at Daddy with fear in her eyes, then looked at Mommy and asked with big tears “You promise you won’t let them take me?” needing Mommy to promise her.

Sharon pulled her close again, hugged her very tightly, and said sincerely “I promise, Baby, I promise with all my heart.” hoping to God that Becky would accept that.

Becky kissed mommy’s cheek and looked at Daddy, and tearfully nodded her head.

Rick bent down and kissed his little girls forehead, and said “It will get better Baby, I promise.” with a warm smile.

Becky, with a wet arm, hugged her Daddy’s neck, kissed him three times and told him “Thank you Daddy.” and turned to snuggle close with Mommy.

Rick, taking that as his cue, walked to the other side of the partition. At first, he was going to talk to Becky to reassure her, but decided against it. “She needs to trust her mommy.” he thought and moved to find Giles. Looking over, he saw four of the ladies in waiting and Mrs. Grey all dabbing at their eyes.

Sharon began gently running the washcloth over Becky’s back again, to give her a sense of being cared for, because that seemed to comfort her more than anything else. It also gave Sharon the opportunity to work even more stress from her muscles.

A few moments later, Becky was still snuggling Mommy, and felt Mommy bring her hands to her back. Mommy told her “I think that both you and I have had enough tears for one day don’t you?”. When she nodded in agreement and lifted her head to smile at Mommy, Mommy said “Good. Then I think it’s time for TICKLES!” and started tickling her again and again. Becky laughed and laughed, trying to get away from Mommy’s determined fingers. Every which way she turned, Mommy found another tickle spot and had her gasping for breath in laughter.

“Stop Mommy!” Becky said several times between laughing before Mommy relented and just hugged her close. After minute or so of gasping for breath, she told Mommy “I love you sooo much Mommy!” and hugged her tight and kissed her cheek.

Sharon smiled, kissed Becky’s forehead and said “I love you more than you can ever know little girl.” and patted her bare bottom beneath the water. Thinking a moment, she asked “Baby, would it be OK if I put your dipey on you this time?”.

Becky smiled at Mommy and nodded her head as she took her thumb.

“Alright, then lets get out of this bath and get your dipey on, so we can both get really pretty. OK?”.

“OK!” Becky replied.


Rick heard this exchange as he stood lathering up in the shower. It made his heart lighter to hear them interacting closer to the way they used to.

He had found Giles standing dutifully by the shower. When he approached, Giles asked “Are you ready sir?”.

“Yes Giles, thank you. How am I supposed to do this with all of these ladies around?” he asked quietly.

“Simple sir, you step into the shower and then disrobe. Once you are finished, just call my name sir, and I will hand you a towel to dry with. Once you call again, I will then give you you’re small clothes and a robe to wear while you are shaved.” Giles explained discreetly.

Rick thought it was funny that Giles used the expression ‘small clothes’ instead of underwear, but he kept his humor to himself. “Alright then, let’s do this.” he said.

Giles pulled back an opaque curtain on the shower stall, and stepped back. “If you need anything other than what you see here, just say the word sir.” he explained.

“Thank you Giles.” Rick said and stepped into the shower.

Once his shower was complete, he was indeed handed a towel and then a full length robe that was the thickest most luxuriant robe he had ever worn and donned it before opening the curtain. Looking down, he saw a pair of slippers waiting for him on the floor. Stepping into them, he smiled at Giles.

“Please come this way sir.” Giles said.

When they had gotten a good ways from the bath area, Rick said softly “Hold on a second Giles, I need to ask you something.”.

Giles stopped and turned. “Yes sir?” he asked.

“Please, be a regular person for a second and tell me where all of this came from? Do you work for Disney?” Rick asked.

Losing his English accent, Giles replied quietly "No, and neither do any of the people you see here, or the ones you will see later other than the security people. The security folks agreed to attend so that Becky will see familiar faces tomorrow while you are in the parks.

We are an acting company Rick. We do Shakespeare and such normally. We were asked to give a benefit performance for a very frightened little girl. When I asked my company of folks if they would be willing to do this, not one person declined." he finished.

Rick, his eyes burning with tears reached out his hand to place it on Giles’ shoulder and Giles immediately took a step back, jumped right back into his roll and said “Please sir! I’m British! We NEVER touch sir!!” and broke into a smile.

Rick couldn’t help himself, he laughed long, loud and hard. Once he had control of himself, he offered his hand, and when Giles shook it with a warm smile, Rick said “Thank you Giles.”.

“You’re welcome sir.” Giles replied, and continued toward the other end of the room.


Sharon and Becky were rinsed off by Mrs. Grey and then given towels to dry with. Sharon was offered a thick robe to wear, and once donned, she picked Becky up and carried her to a towel covered bench with a diaper and powder waiting.

Becky smiled at Mommy around her thumb as Mommy started preparing her dipey. She saw Mommy use baby powder like she did with Billy. As she went to lift her bottom, Mommy surprised her by taking a hold of her ankles and lifting her bottom off the bench and sliding the dipey under her. She couldn’t help but sigh as Mommy’s warm hand smoothed the wonderful smelling baby powder onto her bottom. It just felt so good and made her feel so safe.

When Mommy powdered her front and pulled the dipey up and taped it nice and snug on her tummy, Becky smiled a big smile and said “I lub you Mommy.” around her thumb.

Sharon picked her up, sat her on her hip, smiled and replied “I love you too baby girl.”. When she saw Becky start to get upset, she placed a finger on her lips and said “Shhhh….I know you’re not a baby Honey, but I’ll tell you what my Mommy still tells me today. No matter how big you get, you will ALWAYS be my baby girl.” with a warm smile.

That made Becky smile a great big smile. She laughed when Mrs. Grey came up to both of them, looked at Sharon and told her “That just goes to show you have an excellent Mommy.” then turned to Becky and added “And so do you Princess.” with a wink.


April felt extremely decadent at the moment. Two of the ladies in waiting had insisted that they attend to her during her bath.

When she had balked, one very quietly whispered “My sister here and I are both licensed massage therapists by day April, this is normal for me. Please, allow me to make you feel less stressed.”.

Hearing that, she had allowed them to accompany her behind the screen. Like her, they saw naked women all the time. They had a massage therapist on staff at the hospital and April knew her well.

As she undressed, they filled the bath with wonderful smelling oil, and lots of bubbles. Before long, she lay in the hot water, as each sister took a side and started massaging the muscles in her arms and then legs. One then worked on her shoulders and neck while the other did her feet.

Too soon, she heard Becky laughing and then Sharon say it was time to get out of the bath. With regret, she heaved herself to her feet as one of the sisters rinsed her down and the other then handed her a robe. A moment later, both screens were pulled aside, as three chairs were placed right beside each other. One fit for a child of Becky’s size in the middle of the other two.

April saw Sharon put Becky on her feet, dressed only in her diaper. She was glad that Becky wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed to be wearing one in front of these people. She wondered about that for a moment until it occurred to her that not one single person had made a single negative comment to her about it.

Mommy held her robe for her as Becky put her arms in the sleeves and then Mommy wrapped it around her and tied it closed with the attached belt. The robe was so soft and warm, Becky was in heaven.

Mrs. Grey took Becky’s hand and led her to a chair just her size, lifted her up and sat her gently down on it. “It’s time to paint those nails Princess.” she said as picked up a tray of different shades of nail polish and held it in front of Becky. “Which one would you like my dear?” she asked.

Becky looked them over with a smile and softly asked “This one?” pointing to a pale pink.

“You don’t have to ask Princess, just pick up the one you want and I will put it on you.” Mrs. Grey explained.

Becky picked up the bottle, and held it out to Mrs. Grey with a smile.

“This one it shall be then.” she told Becky.

As Mrs. Grey applied the polish to Becky’s nails, she told her “You are such a good little girl for holding still for me Princess.”

Becky beamed at that. She felt so special, here she was with her Mommy and Miss April getting all pretty. She had missed having time with Mommy so much! She felt bad somewhat because she had made Mommy cry in the tub, but with the tickles, Mommy showed her everything was alright.

Sharon made a mental note to check and see what would be special for her and Becky to do by themselves. She would need to find a way to make Billy OK with that. She loved her baby boy dearly, and didn’t want to cause him any undue discomfort, but this was very important.

Once the three of them had their nail polish on, each in turn were asked to scoot down in the chair and lay their head back over the tub edge to have their hair washed. With clean hair all around, they were each tended to by one of the ladies in waiting to dry and style their hair.

When Mommy’s hair was done, Becky looked over at her and exclaimed “Mommy! You’re beautiful!”.

Sharon blushed and smiled at her little girl and said “Thank you very much Baby, that means so much to me.”

When April was done, Becky told her “You look so Pretty Miss April.” with envious eyes.

“Thank you Baby. That’s sweet of you.” April said with a blush.

Several moments later, Becky’s hair was done. She wanted to look in the mirror, but Mrs. Grey told her that they didn’t have one so Becky was disappointed, but let it go.

They were sitting and chatting, when Billy woke from his nap. Sharon heard him giggle and went to get up, but Mrs. Grey told her “Stay where you are dear.” and Sharon looked at her with a questioning expression. Gesturing behind the three, Mrs. Grey said “Look.”.

Billy was sitting on the floor, on a thick mat, playing with a ball that pooh bear kept rolling to him. Billy’s coordination was still poor, but he managed to roll it back fairly regularly and giggled every time he did.

Sharon saw a one year old before her. She liked the time she had had with him as an infant, but was glad to see him able to sit up by himself. She knew he would have a lot more fun that way.

When she turned back around, she saw a rolling dress rack with three of the most beautiful dresses she had ever seen on it. They looked closer to wedding dresses than the standard dress one would wear today. She smiled when she noticed the small one was Becky’s favorite color. A moment later she heard a gasp and a little voice ask “Is one of those for me?”

Becky was shocked. The dresses on the rack in front of her were the prettiest things she had ever seen. With pleading eyes, she looked to Mrs. Grey and asked if one of them were for her.

“Of course Princess, the pink one is yours.” Mrs. Grey answered with a chuckle.

“REALLY!?!?!” Becky exclaimed.

“Yes Princess, now stand up for me so we can get you dressed.” Mrs. Grey answered.

Becky stood and when Mrs. Grey went to untie her robe, she wrapped her arms around Mrs. Grey’s neck and said “Thank you so much!”, kissed her cheek and hugged her tight.

Mrs. Grey returned Becky’s hug with misty eyes. “You’re welcome Sweety. I want you to remember Baby, no matter how scared you get, a great many people love you little girl. Will you promise me you’ll remember that?” she said with a thick voice.

Becky pulled back to look at Mrs. Grey and said “I promise I’ll remember.” and gave her another kiss.

“Thank you Sweetheart, now,” she said and cleared her throat. “we need to get you into some clothes Baby.” she added.

After removing Becky’s robe, Mrs. Grey bunched up a pair of white tights and had Becky step into them. She carefully worked them up her legs and over her diaper. The seat was covered in several rows of pink lace.

Sharon thought Becky looked so cute with the lace over her diaper. If you looked close, you could see the printed pattern on the diaper showing through.

Next, Mrs. Grey put a thin satin undershirt on Becky. When Becky felt the material against her skin, she smiled and said “That feels nice.”.

Mrs. Grey went to the dress rack, and removed Becky’s dress. “Lift your arms Baby.” she told Becky and proceeded to bring the dress over her head and down in place. Smoothing the material, she had Becky turn around and brought a sash with flowers made of the same material attached to it around Becky’s waist and tied it in the back. Turning Becky to face her, she put first one shoe and then the other on. Lastly, she placed a light pink rose in her hair.

“You truly are a Princess, Baby. You’re the prettiest princess I have ever seen.” Mrs. Grey told Becky with a sweet smile.

Sharon, the sight of her little girl bringing tears to her eyes, said softly “You are beautiful Baby, really beautiful.”

“So pretty.” April said with a smile.

Becky wanted so badly to see in a mirror! “Can you pleeease find a mirror Mrs. Grey? Pleeease?” she begged.

“Alright Baby, I will try. Now Mommy is going to get Billy dressed and then get dressed herself. I want you to go with her.” she answered.

Sharon took Becky’s hand and stood. Mrs. Grey handed her a royal blue velvet short set for Billy. “This is adorable.” Sharon said and walked to where Billy was playing with Pooh Bear. She picked him up and said “I know Baby, but I need to get you dressed.”. Checking his diaper, she laid him down and quickly changed him before getting him dressed. After putting shoes on him, she held him close for a moment just because it felt good and then asked Pooh Bear “Do you want to play some more Pooh?”.

Billy giggled when Pooh picked him up and cuddled him close.

Sharon satisfied that Billy was OK, walked behind one of the screens and started to get dressed. With the help of her ladies, she was soon dressed and ready.

April had gone with two others and also was soon ready.

They all walked out into the middle of the bathing area, each loving the other’s appearance. A moment later, Giles called from across the room to ask if the ladies were decent. “They are dressed and ready Giles.” Mrs. Grey informed him.

Rick, ready himself, walked from behind a screen and started across the room. When he looked up, he stopped involuntarily. What he saw stunned him.

Sharon was wearing a beautiful full length royal blue gown that shimmered as she moved. It was layered and had a scalloped trim at the edge of each of the three layers. The sleeves were full length and trimmed in gold thread at the seams. Her long blond hair was brought back and allowed to fall over one shoulder. She was lovely.

Becky wore a light pink dress that was fashioned for a little girl. It was simple at the top with soft puffy short sleeves. The skirt was at mid calf with rows of ruffles, showing her white tights and her light pink Mary Jane shoes. There were tiny little roses sewn to the skirt at even intervals, giving dimension to the fabric. Her blond hair had been braided and brought to a circle about the crown of her head, with one pink rose placed at her right ear. She was, hands down, the prettiest little girl he’d ever seen.

Sharon stared at her husband. He was tall, but his clothing made him look taller still. He wore a suit similar to Giles, starched and creased with precision, but Rick’s was royal blue in color, with gold tassels on the shoulder boards, gold filigree adorning both sleeves, and a gold stripe down the outside of both pant legs. A red sash was looped over his shoulder and bound at the right hip. The black boots he wore added two inches making him stand tall. He always was a handsome man, but she was speechless.

“You have to be the most beautiful woman in the world.” Rick told his wife. A moment later, shifting his gaze, he said “And you, Baby, I have never seen a more beautiful princess.”

Sharon blushed and Becky beamed, both with big smiles.

“I would have to disagree with you Rick.” a familiar voice said as he stepped into the room from a side door.

“Mr. Peter!” Becky exclaimed and ran to him and gave him a big hug.

“Hi Baby, I missed you so much I had to come all the way down here to see you at the Ball.” he told her with a big smile. Holding her at arms length, he said “Your Daddy is right Baby, you are the most beautiful princess ever.”

A moment later, he approached April, took her hand in his and kissed it. “You look stunning April.” he said with a smile. “Would you allow me to escort you to the Ball?” he asked.

“You know I would, you very devious and very handsome man.” she said with a blush as she appraised his clothing. It was similar in style to Rick’s but was hunter green to match April’s beautiful gown.

Sharon smiling, looked at both of them and said “Well it’s about time.” which made them both blush.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 80

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I was thoroughly surprised Peter arrived.

Keep up the good work

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 80

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 80

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 80

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 80

“Please sir! I’m British! We NEVER touch sir!!”

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 80

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 80

Hi Folks,

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