Snuggles and Tears Chapter 79

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Chapter 79

Lisa stood watching the results of her effort, and smiled. This is what she loved to do more than anything in the world. When she had talked with Peter, her heart ached for Becky. The terrible thing that had happened and the terror afterwards were more than any child should ever have to endure. Turning frightened or sad tears to happy ones was what she did best. Moving close to Sharon, Lisa whispered “When will Billy need to nurse again?”.

Sharon watching Becky with a big smile, turned to Lisa and whispered “Any time now. Why?”.

“Because I want to make sure there will be nothing to interrupt when he meets a very special someone.” Lisa answered. “You may want to sit on that bench and change him if necessary and take the time to nurse him.” she added.

“Where are we?” Sharon asked.

“This area is used for photography, mostly. It’s modeled to look exactly like the inside of the castle with this hallway added.” Lisa explained. Reaching into her pocket and pulling a small plastic box out, she opened it and picked up what looked like a hearing aid. “I’m going to distract Becky from Rick for just a moment, can you please ask him to put this in his ear? It will allow me to give him instructions without Becky knowing it.” she said.

“Is there anything you haven’t thought of?” Sharon asked her as she took the device.

“I truly hope not.” Lisa said with a smile. “OK, get ready.” she added and made her way toward Becky.

Kneeling down on one knee, Lisa said “Becky, can I talk to you for a moment?” with a warm smile.

Becky, very excited, said “Sure!” and walked two steps away from Daddy and faced Lisa.

Sharon moved to Rick and whispered “Put this in your ear. Lisa wants to be able to talk to you without Becky knowing it.” and held out the small ear piece.

With a big smile, Rick took the small device and proceeded to insert it into his ear canal. It fit comfortably and he whispered “She is a Godsend.”.

They overheard Lisa ask Becky if she was having a good time. “Yes!” Becky answered enthusiastically.

“I am so happy to hear you say that Sweetheart.” Lisa told her with a big smile. “I want you to know what’s going to happen Baby. A very nice gentleman and lady are going to come out here in a little bit and take you and your family into a room where your Mommy and some very helpful people will help you change into a very pretty dress.”. When Becky showed an anxious expression, Lisa added “And Daddy will be right there with you, I promise.”.

Becky smiled a big smile and quickly gave Miss Lisa a great big hug. Turning, she said “Mommy! Daddy! I’m going to get a pretty dress!” as she hurried over to Daddy and put her arms up.

Sharon answered “That’s wonderful Sweetheart!” with a big smile.

Rick, picking Becky up, told her “A pretty dress for a pretty little girl.” with a warm smile. He patted her bottom and was very grateful April had suggested that she wear a diaper today. She had wet again at some point after meeting the Blue Fairy. The thought that she wet, not out of fear, but because she was so excited, made him smile bigger.

Becky, feeling wonderful, but also a bit overwhelmed, snuggled close to Daddy and took her thumb and started nursing.

Rick then heard Lisa’s voice over the ear piece tell him “Why don’t you sit for a moment, we’re waiting for Billy to want to nurse so we can get that out of the way, then we’ll go back. Please tell her that they are getting ready for her and it will take a little while.”. He turned to find her and she was no where to be seen.

Speaking a bit louder than normal, Rick told Becky “I think someone needs a change. I wonder where we can take care of that?”.

Lisa’s voice told him “I will make sure that no one enters that hallway. I can see you by video camera, and I will shut them off until you say the words ‘all done’, you have my word on it.”.

Rick smiled and nodded once to let Lisa know he heard her. Looking over and seeing a bench, he told Becky “How about we change you right there Baby. Then we won’t have to take the time to find a bathroom.”.

Sharon, thinking quickly, said “I’ll take Billy over to that bench.” pointing to one further down the hallway.

Becky smiled at Daddy and nodded her head.

April handed Rick a changing pad, a dry diaper and some wipes before following Sharon to the bench up the hall.

Sharon laid Billy down and unzipped his sleeper. He was nursing his binky, holding Pooh close. She noticed he was sweating and hadn’t thought about how much warmer it was in Florida. She knew from reading, that Florida could be freezing cold, or very warm in January. At the moment, it wasn’t hot, but too warm for a sleeper.

She removed his feet and legs from the sleeper,and then, careful not to disturb Pooh too much, took his arms from the sleeves. Lifting him slightly, she pulled the sleeper free and laid him back down. She unsnapped the crotch of his onesie and went about the task of giving him a dry bottom. He smiled around his binky when she powdered his little bottom. After powdering his front, she pulled his diaper up between his legs, and he sighed in comfort, closed his eyes, and nuzzled with Pooh Bear.

Once his diaper was taped snuggly closed, she proceeded to take the damp onesie off and replace it with a clean dry one that had a picture of Pooh on it. She decided she would leave him in just his onesie and picked him up. Laying him across her lap, she lifted her shirt, opened her bra, removed his pacifier and offered him her nipple.

Billy felt Mommy’s nipple at his lips and immediately latched on to it and began to nurse. Her milk tasted so wonderful to him, he sighed again. Opening his eyes, he looked up to Mommy and she smiled sweetly at him. He couldn’t help it, he smiled around her nipple for a moment before resuming suckling. Feeling Mommy pat his dipey filled him with such warmth. He knew for certain that Mommy loved him so much!

Rick was actually surprised that Becky would agree to have her diaper changed right there in the hallway. Then it occurred to him that there was no one else there but people that had either already seen her changed, or had changed her at some point.

Laying the changing pad down, he asked her “Aren’t you glad you wore a dipey for me Pumpkin? If you hadn’t, then your panties would have leaked and made your skirt all wet.”.

Becky smiling around her thumb answered “Yeth Daddy, it wath a good idea.” as Daddy moved her skirt up out of the way and pulled the tapes on her very wet dipey. She lay there smiling so big at Daddy. He was so wonderful to her. She lifted her bottom when he tapped her thigh, and held it there as he wiped her clean. She knew she should want to be a big girl, but was very happy right then to be just a little girl so Daddy could clean her bottom and put a soft dipey back on her.

Rick saw the utter happiness in his little girls eyes and couldn’t help but smile at her. She was having the time of her life, and he would pay anything they wanted to keep it that way. When he started to change her wet diaper, she smiled bigger at him, and he knew she was enjoying this. Smiling, he said “You’re such a good little girl for Daddy, it makes my heart feel so good to see you smile Baby.”.

That made Becky giggle happily. She would do anything Daddy asked if it made him happy.

When Rick finished taping Becky’s clean diaper closed, and pulled her back into his arms, cuddling her close, he said “There Baby, all done.”.

Becky just laid her head down on Daddy’s shoulder and continued to nurse her thumb. She had never felt so good as she did right now. “Can I be you’we wittle girl da whole time we’we hewe?” she asked Daddy, her thumb making her sound sweet.

“You certainly can Sweetheart.” he said with a smile. “I love having my little girl back.” he added.

“Do you want me to wear a little girl dipey tomorrow too? Because I will if you want me to, I promise.” she told him.

Rick smiled bigger. He knew she liked the way her diaper felt, but more importantly, she liked having him change her. It was comforting for her. He answered “You know, that would help Daddy a lot. It would mean we wouldn’t have to stop and find a potty so often. And, we are going to have to stand in line to get to some of the things we want to do, so we wouldn’t have to leave the line and start over again because you had to go potty.”.

Pulling her back from him, he said “You know,” with a thoughtful expression, “If you would be willing to do it, it would help Daddy so much if you would just wear your little girl dipeys until we get home. That way, you don’t have to worry about the potty while we’re here and especially when we take the bus back home. With your dipey on, you wouldn’t have to go back into the potty on the bus.” he explained.

Smiling a big smile, Becky said “OK!” and hugged Daddy real tight for a second before giving him a big kiss.

Sharon heard Becky ask Rick if he wanted her to wear her diaper tomorrow and smiled. That told her that Becky preferred not having to use the potty right now. “Let her have this time to just enjoy the sights and sounds and be a little girl, free from the stress of the potty.” she thought. When Rick made the suggestion he did, she saw April smile to herself, get up, and walk to where he was sitting and kiss him on the cheek, then return to sit back beside her.

Looking at Rick, Sharon smiled and nodded her head to make sure he knew she thought he did the right thing.

A short time later, Sharon had nursed Billy on both sides and burped him each time when Lisa came back into the hallway. Approaching Sharon and April, she whispered “Do you think Becky would like a bath? She’ll be having her hair done, her nails painted, and I didn’t know if that would be something she would like as well.”

Sharon thought a second, and answered “You know, she would probably love it, but Rick will have to give it to her.”.

Winking at Sharon, Lisa replied “We’ll see.” with a smile. A second later, she added “With any luck, Mommy will bathe with her.” and then turned to April and told her “You will also have a bath. All three of you will be dressing for the occasion.” with a wink.

Sharon looked surprised, and uneasily asked “Just who is going to be in the room?”.

“Well, a special fuzzy someone we both know will be, but SHE will be discreet, I assure you. I don’t want to take a certain little one out of your line of sight.” Lisa answered. “I need size information on you, my dear, you’re the only one I don’t have that for, and don’t worry, my lips are sealed.” she told April with a smile. “Also, you will bathe in a different area away from the others, behind a separate screen.” she added.

April started to give her size, but Lisa hushed her and handed her a pen and paper. Once April wrote it down, she asked each woman what color is best for them and what Becky’s favorite color was. With that information in hand, Lisa told them “Thank you, someone will be out in two minutes.” and went back through the door she came out of.

After a moment or two, the two large double doors at the end of the hallway slowly creaked open, and from between them walked a tall elderly gentleman and a pretty, matronly woman in her late fifties.

The gentleman looked like he was sixty years old with white hair, a caring face, and a warm smile. He wore a gray suit of clothing, perfectly starched and creased. Upon his shoulders were gray shoulder boards with dark blue tassels. He had a red sash running over one shoulder, coming together at his right hip.

The woman was heavy set and wore a auburn dress with a white smock apron. Her hair was gray, her eyes twinkled with merriment, and her smile welcomed all.

As they approached April and Sharon, the gentleman bowed a full bow and said “Madame, Madame, and young master, my name is Giles and I am here to serve you in any way you require.” with a warm smile.

As Giles stepped back, the woman stepped forward and curtsied gracefully, bowing her head, and told them “My name is Mrs. Grey, and it is a pleasure to serve you Miladies, and you young sir.” with a welcoming smile.

Both moved on to approach Rick and Becky.

Rick stood and shifted Becky to his hip so she was facing forward. When Giles and Mrs. Grey approached, she pulled closer to Daddy and took her thumb.

“Mr. Avery,” Giles started.

“Rick, please.” Rick told him.

“Mr. Avery,” Giles started again, “I have the pleasure of seeing to yours and the young Princesses needs. If there is anything you require, you have but to ask sir.” and bowed a deep bow to both of them. He looked to Becky and said “Remember Mathias Becky.” and bowed once again saying “It is a pleasure to serve you, young Princess.” and straightened with a warm smile and a wink to Becky.

The password made Becky feel much better. The wink made her smile.

As Giles stepped back, Mrs. Grey stepped forward and said “Mr. Avery.” with a curtsy, and then looked directly to Becky and curtsied again but this time lower. When she stood again she told her “If I may be so bold, you are very pretty, Princess.” with another welcoming smile.

Becky was beaming now. She leaned close to Daddy’s ear and much too loudly to be discreet whispered “They think I’m a real princess Daddy!”.

Rick gave Giles and Mrs. Grey credit, they kept a mostly straight face. He turned to look at Becky and whispered back loudly “Today, you are a real princess, Baby.”.

Gasping with wide eyes, she looked at Daddy and abandoning any attempt to whisper asked “REALLY?!?!?”

“Really.” Daddy told her with a smile. That produced a girlish squeal and wonderful laughter from his little girl.

Sharon sat watching her daughter’s reaction to discovering that today she would be a princess. If she smiled any wider, her face would have split in two. She stood, holding Billy close, and approached Rick and Becky with April at her side.

Mrs. Grey spoke as Sharon stopped at Rick’s side. “We must get you ready Princess. Everything is in order, I assure you.” she said smiling.

Becky asked “Ready for what?” and then added “Mrs. Grey.” a second after.

“Why for Cinderella’s Ball, of course.” she told Becky.

Gasping again, while putting her hands to her cheeks, she said in awe “Cinderella’s Ball!?!?”

“Yes, my dear. You must come quickly, we have much to do to get you ready. You must bathe, we must paint your nails and do your hair. But most of all, we must get you’re dress on you.” Mrs. Grey explained.

With anxiety clearly showing, Becky asked “Can Daddy come with me?” worried that they wouldn’t let him with her in the bath.

Giles with a reassuring look said “Of course Princess, we would never dream of separating a princess from her daddy.” in his baritone voice.

That made everything wonderful for Becky. She couldn’t believe that The Blue Fairly had actually turned her into a princess for today. Smiling hugely, she said “OK! What do I have to do?”.

Mrs. Grey spoke warmly “You, my dear princess need only relax. It’s we that will do for you. Come along my dear, let us make you even more pretty than you are.” and turned to let Giles lead the way. Once Giles started walking she held her arm out, indicating that they all should follow him. Coming up behind them, she said “On to the baths Giles.”

Giles, from the front, without turning his head said “Of course, Madame.” and they made their way down the hall and through the doors.

Becky’s eyes were huge and her mouth worked overtime on her thumb as they moved through the big double doors, into the castle. She didn’t know what to make of everything that had transpired. Daddy had said that she was a real princess today, and that excited her beyond anything that she had ever had happen to her before. The only problem she had was, she didn’t know what princesses do. In the movies, they looked really pretty and danced and sometimes sang. She hoped nobody wanted her to dance and sing, because she couldn’t remember ever having danced before, and she didn’t sing very well.

Mommy held Billy facing forward with him sitting on her hand, her right hand cupping his bottom and her left arm across his chest. He was fascinated with all the colorful tapestries along the wall and occasionally would giggle around his binky, and wildly clap his hands.

A little ways down the hall, Giles approached a door and opened it, took a step back, and waved them through saying “If you would kindly enter?”.

When Sharon stepped into the room, she was surprised by the size of it, it was huge. There were tapestries on the walls here as well, but there was a lot more. The room seemed to be divided into roughly two halves. In the left half, there were three couches, two chairs and several low tables. What looked like lanterns hung on the walls, one every two feet or so. When she looked closer, she saw that they were electric, but fashioned to look like oil lanterns from days gone by.

The right half of the room was set up with two bathtubs, and what looked like a shower. There were thick carpets along each side of both tubs, and a large three section screen beside each tub. A small table sat next to each tub with what looked to Sharon to be bath products. The other thing that stood out on that end of the room, was the six young ladies all dressed in the same type of outfit as Mrs. Grey, patiently waiting.

Mrs. Grey leaned close to Sharon’s ear and whispered “You must enter the bath with Billy first. It is my hope that a bath will make him sleepy and he can sleep for a while in a very special someone’s arms.”.

“OK. How are we going to do this?” Sharon asked nervously.

“Just follow my lead, Milady.” Mrs. Grey answered with a wink, and led her and Billy to that end of the room.

Giles stood to one side of the door as everyone entered, and then told Rick “Mr. Avery, I have taken the liberty of preparing a shower for you. It is hoped that the young princess will bathe in a nice relaxing bath with her mommy.”.

Becky became frightened at being separated from Daddy and tearfully asked “Can’t I take a shower with you Daddy?”.

Giles answered quickly “It will be fine, young princess. Daddy will be sitting right next to you as you bathe. He won’t shower until after your bath is done, and you will sit right outside the shower as he uses it, able to talk to him, while one of these nice ladies in waiting paints your nails a very pretty color, I promise.”.

That made Becky feel a lot better. While she wasn’t fond of having anything separate them like the shower curtain, she thought that if she could talk to Daddy while she couldn’t see him, it might be OK. Looking at Daddy, she asked “You promise you’ll talk to me?”.

Rick, not entirely sure he was comfortable with showering with all these ladies around was forced to agree. “I promise Baby, and I take a quick shower Sweety, you know that, so it will only be for three minutes.” he told her with a smile.

Becky knew Daddy would never lie to her, so she smiled, settled her head back on his chest and resumed nursing her thumb.

No sooner did Rick feel her head rest on his shoulder, than he felt her bottom get warm. turning his head to whisper in her ear, he said “That’s my good little girl.” with three gentle pats on her freshly wet dipey, and a kiss to her cheek.

Becky smiled again. She hadn’t known how Daddy would feel if she went pee pee right then, but the urge came and she WAS wearing a little girl dipey, so she just let the pee pee go into her dipey. She wouldn’t admit it if someone asked her, but she liked the feeling of warmth spreading across her bottom when she wet.

As much as Sharon wasn’t fond of bathing around all of these people, she really loved the idea of taking a bath right now. First of all, she hadn’t had the opportunity in the last twenty four hours and felt nasty because of it. Second, it would allow her to relax for just a bit. Also, Billy had sweat terribly, and it would do well to get him clean.

When she got near the tub, she discovered that there was already about six inches of water in it, waiting for her. She watched as two young ladies each took an end of the large screen, and rolled it onto place, covering all but the area against the wall, allowing her some privacy. April came near and said “OK, I guess you and Billy are first Hon.” and gently unsnapped the crotch of Billy’s onesie.

Sharon held Billy and said “OK Baby Boy, we’re gonna give you a nice warm bath.” as April removed his onesie.

Checking to see if Billy was messy and seeing he wasn’t, she told Sharon “OK Hon, you’re next.” and Sharon began by removing her pants and panties as she had before, using one hand. Her shirt and bra were next. Once April had removed Billy’s diaper, she carefully stepped into the tub and sat down gently.

Billy giggled gleefully when Mrs. Grey stepped around the partition to dump several bath toys into the water between his legs. Reaching down, he managed to grasp a Pooh bath toy and held it up near Mommy’s face and said “Yook Mommy! Pooh!” and giggled wildly.

Sharon, nervous at first when Mrs. Grey stepped in, forgot completely about it when Billy made his joyful exclamation. “Yes Baby! You love Pooh Bear don’t you Baby?” she asked him. The thing that got her attention was he had spoken the same without his binky as he did with it.

Billy, giggling still, nodded his head in agreement. The biggest surprise of the morning, was when April let go of Billy for one second to get the baby bath and he sat forward, able to keep his balance without support. He giggled again as he splashed his little hand in the water.

“You are such a good boy!” Mommy told him. “Look at you, sitting up all by yourself!” she said with a huge smile.

Rick hearing this from the other side of the screen, quickly peeked over to see Billy sitting unsupported, playing in the water. Seeing that, he couldn’t help but smile, knowing that his little boy was getting better every day. What made this the most surprising, is that he kept forgetting that Billy had already mastered this skill once, and that was why he was able to do this without falling the first few times. “I guess as his nerves heal, the skills he learned before take over.” he thought to himself.

April sat by, ready to grab for him if he fell, but wasn’t needed and Mommy washed her baby boy, as he played in the bath.

Using a hand shower, Sharon rinsed Billy down completely after April pulled the plug on the drain. Once the draining of the tub was complete, she saw Mrs. Grey nod her head with a smile and walk beyond the screen. One of the ladies quickly brought a very large towel, and wrapped it around Sharon, arranging it to fall so it would also cover her legs.

Sharon laid Billy gently in her lap. After giving him back his binky, and drying him from head to toe, she gently massaged sweet smelling baby powder into the tender skin of his bottom. Once he was diapered, she quickly, but gently smoothed baby powder onto the rest of his body, taking care to kneed any tension she found out of his little muscles. Just as Mommy finished making him smell like a sweet baby boy, Billy with wide eyes, sat bolt upright. He exclaimed loudly in a childish squeal “Mickem!” and laughed big, baby laughs in sheer joy as Mickey Mouse, in all his splendor, appeared at one end of the screen.

Mickey Mouse approached the tub with a comical strut that produced wild giggles from Billy. Once he was close enough, Mickey reached out and tickled Billy’s tummy, making him squeal with laughter. Several tickles later, he gently patted Billy’s face, and allowed him to settle down. Mickey turned and picked up Billy’s stuffed Pooh Bear, turned back to Billy, and stood tapping his chin with his hand, while looking at Pooh. Then pantomiming a bright idea, he looked to Billy and moved his hands and his head as if he were talking to Billy and ended with spreading his arms wide in question.

Mrs. Grey approached Billy and told him “Baby Boy, Mickey wants to know if you want to see some magic. Do you want to see Mickey do some magic?” she asked sweetly.

Billy, really wanting to see it, nodded his head wildly and said “Yeth.” around his binky with a big smile.

Mickey, making a small excited jump into the air, leaned down and gave Billy a gentle kiss on his cheek. Then Pulled back and with help from one of the ladies, put his magic hat on and took up his magic wand. Bending to the floor to place Billy’s Pooh Bear down, Mickey stood up and began waving his magic wand while moving his head and left hand, appearing to recite a complex magical spell. Finally, after thirty or forty seconds, Mickey touched his wand to the floor right in front of Pooh and lifted it slowly, bringing a shimmering sheet of red up, up, and up until it was high above Mickey’s head and continued to shimmer as the force of the spell made Mickey’s hand shake.

Billy was in awe with his eyes wide and his mouth wide open, as Mickey started the spell. He never saw Mommy catch his binky when it started to fall. When Pooh Bear disappeared behind the beautiful shimmering sheet, Billy got a little anxious. His anxiety continued to build the longer that Pooh was hidden. Just as Billy’s eyes teared and he forlornly said “Pooh?”, Mickey quickly brought his hand down and with it the shimmering red sheet, revealing a life sized Pooh Bear standing where Billy’s Pooh had been.

With a huge gasp and an even bigger smile, Billy said loudly “Pooh!” and then turned to look at Mommy and then turned back to reach out and say “Yook Mommy! Pooh!”.

Sharon witnessed the most incredible thing as Pooh Bear walked toward the tub. She had raised her knees to sit Billy on them, up where he could see Mickey do his magic, holding him under his arms. When Pooh got close, Billy reached out and said “Uppy Pooh!”.

Billy had been scared when he couldn’t see his Pooh Bear. When Mickem dropped his hand and Billy saw that Mickem had brought his Pooh Bear to life, he was astounded. He had held his Pooh Bear in his lap and snuggled Pooh close in his crib many times, but now he wanted to give Pooh a great big hug when Pooh could hug him back.

When Pooh picked him up and pulled him close, Billy was so happy he cried joyful tears. Aside from Mommy, Pooh Bear was the closest ‘person’ in the world to him, if a bear could be called a person. When pooh hugged him and began gently patting his dipey, Billy was in heaven. Placing his mouth on Pooh’s large cheek, he opened it wide, giving Pooh the biggest baby kiss he knew how. Next he laid his head down on Pooh’s shoulder, and hugged him tightly, his little arms not reaching quite half way around Pooh’s neck. After a moment of snuggles, Billy pulled his head back and looked at Pooh and said “Bink Pooh.”.

April having a better idea, reached to one of the pockets of the diaper bag and handed Pooh a bottle of juice.

Pooh, shifting Billy so that he lay upon Pooh’s enormous tummy, cradled him and offered Billy his ba-ba. Billy, with a loving smile, took the nipple and began to drink the juice. Within two minutes, Billy was so soundly asleep, he never noticed Pooh remove his ba-ba and replace the nipple with his binky. Pooh took several steps over to the wall, and sat gently down on a wide bench made for his big behind, and rocked Billy slowly back and forth, patting his diapered bottom.

Sharon sat with tears in her eyes. Part of her longed for the feel of her baby in her arms. Since she had gotten to the hospital, she had not let Billy out of her arms, not even to bathe. She knew though, that nothing in this world could make Billy happier than being cuddled in Pooh’s arms. When he took his bottle and went to sleep, she smiled a big smile. Another part of her was a bit selfish, and was thankful to be able to be free of the responsibility for Billy’s every comfort for just a bit. She felt bad for a second, but finally understood that she did deserve a few moments to herself now and again.

Becky had not been where she could see Billy or Pooh Bear. Nor had she seen Mickey. So she was pleasantly surprised when Mickey came around the partition and held his arms out for a big hug. Becky kicked her legs once to let Daddy know that she wanted down and flew to Mickey to give him a great big hug. She was filled with a warm feeling as Mickey gently but firmly patted her on her diapered bottom. Mickey hadn’t stepped back or made her feel bad because she had a wet bottom, in fact he kept patting her. She just stood hugging him, nursing her thumb, feeling safe and welcome as he gently rocked her back and forth.

Rick stood smiling as he watched Becky. She certainly wasn’t wary of Mickey.

Mrs. Grey stood by, smiling as she watched. when Becky pulled back and gave Mickey a kiss on his cheek, she said “Mickey loves kisses, Princess.”.

Becky smiled at her and then turned back to Mickey and kissed him again. Mickey gently placed his mouth on her cheek in a kiss, pulled back and then grabbed his belly with both hands and preceded to make like he was laughing.

Becky giggled and said “I love you Mickey.” and hugged him tightly again.

Mickey wrapped his arms around Becky and returned the hug, while gently rubbing her back.

A moment later, Mrs. Grey spoke up with “Princess, it is time for your bath. You must be ready for the Ball.” with an understanding smile.

Becky stepped back from Mickey and asked “Will I see you later?” with a hopeful expression.

Mickey nodded his head and then stepped back and bowed to her with a flourish, and an outstretched left arm.

Mrs. Grey told her “He’s telling you he will be welcoming you to the Ball later.”.

This produced a huge smile and a hearty “Thank you!”


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 79

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 79

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 79


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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 79

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 79

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 79

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