Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

That probably had to be one of the hardest fifteen minutes of Rick’s life. Watching his little girl be so afraid, and stand by and do nothing, was near impossible, and he couldn’t believe he had actually been able to do it. The reward for letting her find her own way was immeasurable. He looked at her now, and wanted to hug these people. She was still anxious, but the terror was gone.

“She was right about the tissues.” Sharon thought with wet cheeks. “Leave it to Peter to find a way to take the terror away.” she thought next. It was really hard to let Becky walk down that alley, not knowing how it would come out. She had been watching Rick as Becky walked away and he looked like he was going to bolt for her at any minute. When Arthur told him to go to her, She saw the relief plain as day on his face just before he ran to her.

Lisa stood with tears of her own as she watched the change in Becky. Walking to Becky, she looked directly at her and said “I’m sorry I lied to Mr. Gary sweetheart, I wanted you to see what would happen if someone did.”.

Becky smiled and said “Thank you for going with me, I couldn’t have walked over there by myself. I’m glad you lied, I found out it wouldn’t matter.”.

Arthur approached Becky and asked her “Sweetheart, do you understand now that you’re safe here?” with a warm smile.

Becky smiled at him and put her arms out for a hug. When Mr. Arthur hugged her, she said “Yes, thank you so much.”.

He told her “Becky, I’ve got one more thing to show you.” and when she became fearful he said “It’s nothing scary I promise.”. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out what looked like a locket on a nylon lanyard. “Lean forward Honey.” he told her and looped the lanyard over her head. Picking up the metal end, he held it out in front of her and said “This is a very special tool I use to make sure that little girls stay safe.”.

Turning to Sharon, he said “Can you cover Billy’s ears for a second, this is going to be loud. Keep them covered until you hear it go silent.”.

When Sharon covered Billy’s ears he told Becky “This is going to make a loud noise. Can you push that button right there five times in a row really fast?” pointing to the button.

Becky did what he asked, and the device started making a very loud shrilling noise that turned off and came on in a rapid sequence. It scared her, but because he had warned her, she wasn’t terrified.

“Try to turn it off for me Becky.” Arthur yelled so she would hear him. He saw Becky make several attempts to push the button to turn it off, but it still made the loud noise.

Becky saw three security people come running down the alley toward them. She understood now. They could hear the thing from far away and would come to her if it went off.

Arthur held a similar device next to hers and pushed a button and the noise stopped. The three security people walked up to Becky and one asked “Becky, are you alright?”.

Becky didn’t know who this man was, but he knew her name. She smiled and said “Yes, I’m OK.”.

Arthur asked the three to show Becky their devices like his. When they took them out, Arthur told her “Every one of the security people have one of these Becky. It’s the only way to turn that off. Any security person that can hear it will come running if they hear it go off. You know how to make it work Honey, but I have to ask you to never use it unless there is an emergency. Can you promise me that?”.

“Yes! I promise!” Becky said solemnly.

“Can you tell me a good reason to use that Honey?” Arthur asked.

“If someone tries to take me from my Daddy?” she asked.

“Exactly!” Arthur said with a smile. “If someone took you from your daddy, and you turn that on, then they are going to put you down and run because anyone can hear it from a long way off. Not only that, in Disney, there are a lot of people that don’t work here walking around and enjoying what we have here. Those people will see and hear, and point the security people in the right direction.” he explained.

“Smart man.” Rick thought. He had just given Becky a reason to look to the other patrons of the park as an ally instead of a threat.

Becky smiled at Mr. Arthur. He had worked so hard to make her feel safe. “Do you protect all the little girls like me?” she asked.

Arthur smiled a warm smile and replied “Yes, different little girls are afraid of different things, but I protect all of them Becky.”.

“Well you’re good!” she said with a big smile.

Chuckling, Arthur said “Now that’s the best compliment I’ve had all week!”. A moment later, when Lisa nodded her head, standing behind Becky, out of her view, Arthur held Becky’s hand and asked “Is it alright if I go see to other little girls now? Are you going to be OK?”.

“Yes Mr. Arthur. Thank you so much!” as she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Arthur said “You’re welcome Baby.”. Looking behind her, he said “I think someone very special is here to see you.”.

Becky, wondering what Mr. Arthur was referring to, turned her head and her eyes opened wide. She gasped and said “The blue fairy!” with a big smile.

Everyone turned to look behind them and saw a pretty woman with long blond hair dressed in a sparkling blue flowing dress with two enormous translucent blue wings on her back. She walked very gracefully toward Becky and when she got close, she said in a very kind voice “Hi Becky, are you feeling better now?”

Becky, smiling a huge smile, still with wide eyes nodded her head. She was astounded that the blue fairy knew her name.

“I’m so happy for you.” the blue fairy told her. “I came here specially to grant you one wish, but it must be something that is very special to you. I know that you wanted to meet someone here. Who would that be?” she asked.

Becky, still spellbound, stuttered “C…C…Cinderella.”.

“It’s alright my dear, is that what you wish for? To meet Cinderella?” the Blue Fairy asked.

Becky nodded her head vigorously.

“Well, to meet Cinderella, you must be a princess.” she told Becky.

When Lisa poked Rick in the side and showed him a card with writing on it, Rick smiled and tears burned his eyes and he said “She is a princess, Blue Fairy.”.

“Is she?” the Blue Fairy asked.

“She’s my Princess.” Rick said smiling at his little girl.

Becky smiled at her Daddy with tears in her eyes.

“Then you’re wish is granted Becky. Come this way and I will open a door for you to go straight to the castle.” she said and walked toward a door in the wall ten feet away. She turned and said “Come my dear, Mommy and Daddy and your little brother and Miss April will go through with you, but you must open the door.” and waved her magic wand over the door three times.

Rick gently set Becky down on her feet, and took her hand in his. Walking with Becky, he approached the door and when Becky showed fear at opening it, he knelt down and told her “It’s OK princess, she would never hurt you would she?”.

Becky shook her head and said “Never Daddy.” and turned and grasped the doorknob and opened it. She gasped with wide eyed wonder at the inside of the door. The entire inside of the door frame was covered in a sheet of sparkling blue light. She never heard Billy giggle and try to clap his hands. She was spellbound, and daring to believe.

The Blue Fairy told her “You need only walk through the door my dear and you will be in Cinderella’s castle. Someone there will take you to see Cinderella.”.

Becky turned to the Blue Fairy and said “Thank you.” with happy tears.

“That is quite alright my dear, you have been a good little girl, and you have earned your wish.” the Blue Fairy told her with a warm smile.

Becky smiled a big smile and looked to her Daddy.

“Are you ready princess?” he asked her sweetly.

“Yes Daddy.” she said with a big smile. Then, holding tightly to Daddy’s hand, she took three steps through the door and the whole world changed.

Rick pulled her to one side just as Sharon and Billy came through. Looking around, he saw the stone of castle walls around them, covered in beautiful tapestries.

Becky stood eyes wide, mouth wide open. She had doubted, but it really happened. She had seen what castles looked like in movies, and this was certainly a castle. The next thought was “I’m really going to meet Cinderella!”. She turned and hugged her Daddy’s waist tightly and said “Thank you Daddy! You said I was a princess, and she gave me my wish!” with a huge smile and happy tears.

Sharon stood smiling through her tears. She had never seen Becky so happy in her entire young life. Looking at Rick, she saw his eyes tear and the great big smile on his face, and knew that he was feeling like she was. He had been made a hero in his little girl’s eyes. That was worth more than anything to him, she could see it plainly on his face.

Rick was in heaven. His little girl was hugging him and looking up at him like he was the hero that had slain the dragon to rescue her. His heart swelled so much, his happiness leaked out his eyes. He smiled through his tears down at his little girl and keeping control of his voice, he said “You ARE my princess, Baby.”. The sight of her smile and teary eyed happiness made all of the hardship and the work to get to this point worth it.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

The heartstrings were already pulled quite a bit with the last part… I think you broke them with this. :slight_smile:

I’m all emotioned out for the night… maybe I’ll read this part again with the next one when you get it done so I get the full effect.

Great job!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

just finished the recent three chapters

the emotional level is awe inspiring

I cannot wait to read more.

Please keep up the good work.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

This story is so wonderful so far. Please keep it up BB.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

I can’t wait to read chapter 79 to see what Becky and Billy do in Disney World BB. :smiley: :smiley:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

I want to thank everyone that provided feedback on the last three chapters. I have been putting all my time to writing these and have not taken the time to respond.

The next chapter is going to be a long one as I don’t want to split that up. It will take two more days I think to get that put together.

Please bear with me on the time, but I think you’ll apprecicate being able to read that part as one section.

You’ll notice, as in this chapter, I am trying to show both the parent’s and the children’s perspective with respect to the ‘magic’. Some of this is going to be corny obviously, but that is what a child sees.

I will say that I am trying to capture what Becky is seeing and feeling, but never having been a little girl, that is a task for me.

I have, a long time ago, as Billy is now, had the opportunity to be an older child but see Disney as a toddler would. That was a very memorable experience and what you will read about his experience is mine.

I appreciate everyone’s input through this process, as it helps me to see what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you again,


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

I will be patient for sure

I am now an addict to snuggles and tears

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

I’m glad you stopped when you did. Any longer and the emotions would have been overwhelming.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

I am so loving all of the attention that Becky is getting, right now BB!! I love how you are trying to build her back up again, while still keeping her little!! Great job as always!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 78

I wait patiently also but I’ll be glad when you post chapter 79 for I can read it.