Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

Rick woke up at one thirty in the morning when he felt Becky squirming next to him. He looked at her and saw she was awake. That made him feel better, because he thought for a second that she was having a nightmare. He was holding her bottom and suspected by the way she was squirming, that she needed to use the potty. His first instinct was to tell her it was OK to go, but he stayed silent and still to allow her to get through this on her own. If she started crying, he would let her know he was awake and give her the option to use the potty, but until then he would see what happened.

Becky was anxious. She didn’t understand why, but she had to go poop. Normally, that always happened in the daytime, but this time it was different. She didn’t understand that her anxiety would have an impact on her regularity. Try as she might, she couldn’t make the need go away.

She looked up at Daddy to see if he was awake. She didn’t know what she would do if he was, because she really didn’t want to go into that potty again if she could avoid it. It had scared her. It scared her so much, that she had been willing to stand out in the hall when Daddy had gone potty, instead of sitting in his lap like before. She had chosen to stand out there crying, rather than go inside again to be close to Daddy.

Remembering how she felt when she was in there, she made her decision and started to push the mess into her dipey. She hoped Daddy didn’t get upset, but she didn’t think he would because he had told her it was OK for little girls to go potty in their dipey at night. Once she was done, she relaxed. While the messy dipey felt yucky, it was a lot better than being scared.

Rick watched her knowing she was wrestling with this. He closed his eyes the instant he saw her start to look up at him. It really surprised him when he felt her fill the seat of her diaper. He hadn’t expected that. The fact that she was willing to lay here wide awake and mess her diaper showed him just how afraid she was of the bathroom in the bus. He really felt for her, knowing that she was fully expecting to have to lay in her messy diaper until morning. He remembered how much she didn’t like the feeling of a messy diaper when she had been little.

Giving a big, fake yawn, he patted her bottom and smiled at her. “Hi Pumpkin.” he whispered.

“Hi Daddy.” she whispered back softly, the fact she was uncomfortable clear on her face.

Thinking a moment he patted her bottom a little more firmly and said “You are such a good girl. You did just what I asked you to do and went potty in your dipey instead of getting scared and crying.” with a warm smile.

Becky’s expression changed immediately. She smiled and said “I promised Daddy, I promised to be a little girl.”.

“Yes you did, and you’re doing so great at it.” he told her with a kiss to her forehead. Then smiling, he asked “Would you like Daddy to change you’re stinker butt Pumpkin?”.

With a big smile, Becky put her thumb in her mouth and nodded.

“Alright Sweety, let’s get you all nice and clean. If you have to go pee pee, do it now Baby, so you can be dry longer once I change you.” he explained.

Becky relaxed and a small amount of pee pee flowed into her dipey while Daddy got up and got a clean dipey and the wipes.

Three minutes later, she had a nice clean dipey on her bottom and was snuggling close to Daddy. She felt Daddy’s hand patting her dipey and smiled to herself. “I’m the luckiest little girl in the whole world.” she thought. Taking her thumb, she hugged Charley tightly for moment, and closed her sleepy eyes and went to sleep.


April woke up at seven and was up folding the bed back into the wall fifteen minutes later. She made a short job of cleaning up what little mess had been made, and started coffee brewing. Today would be a big day. Picking up the phone to the driver, she asked him when they would arrive.


Sharon opened her eyes, and the sight that greeted her was so sweet, she felt warm all over. Becky was backed up close to her Daddy, but facing her brother. Her legs were laying on top of the covers, one out straight the other pulled up and bent at the knee, her swollen wet diaper in plain view. She had her left arm around Billy, cuddling close, and her right thumb resting comfortably in her mouth. Billy lay sound asleep with his binky occasionally moving as he nursed it in his sleep. Both Charley Bear and Pooh were close at hand.

Her heart swelled as she considered where they were headed, and all of the things that her little ones were about to discover. When they made the arrangements for Disney, they had purposefully not told the kids because they wanted to surprise them a week or so before the trip. That was when she had a distant nine year old, and an immature, self centered eleven year old. Now, she had an adorable toddler that would be so excited to meet Pooh Bear and his friends, and a sweet little girl who’s eyes would go wide when she saw Cinderella at her castle. She silently thanked God for the opportunity to take them to this wondrous place.

Looking up from the two kids, she saw Rick smiling back at her. “I love you.” she whispered.

“I love you too Sweetheart. They look precious.” he whispered back.

“Yes, they do.” she responded with a chuckle. Just then, she heard a soft knock on the door.

“Come in.” Rick said softly, trying not to wake the kids.

April opened the door and entered the room holding a small tray with two big cups of coffee on it. “I thought you might want some coffee.” she said with a smile.

“Are you sure you’re not an Angel in disguise?” Sharon asked as she took a cup from April.

“Oh…I’m quite sure of that Hon.” April said with a mischievous grin.

“Thank you.” Rick said as he took his cup.

“We’ll be there in about two hours.” April told them. Then a second later added “I’ve got fresh fruit for breakfast, as I am not sure how hard this is going to be on Becky’s tummy.”.

“I didn’t even think of that.” Rick said sheepishly.

“That’s why I’m here silly. If you thought of everything, I wouldn’t be needed, now would I?” April responded.

“Who lied to you?” Sharon told her with a chuckle and was rewarded with a smile as April blushed.

Just then they heard the question that all parents dread. “Are we there yet?!?!” Becky asked excitedly looking to April.

“No Baby, not yet. First we have to get you changed and dressed, and then eat breakfast.” April explained with an understanding smile.

Becky had hoped they would be there already when she woke up, and her disappointment was clear as tears filled her eyes.

Rick thinking quickly, asked “You wouldn’t want to get there already and miss Cinderella because you weren’t dressed and ready would you?”.

Becky smiled a big smile and said “No Daddy!”. “Daddy always makes things better.” she thought.

“That’s my good little girl.” Rick told her with a pat on her wet bottom.

April, noticing her wet diaper, asked “Becky, do you think it might be better if Daddy changed you into a little girl dipey instead of big girl panties this morning? I would hate to think you would have to wait to see Cinderella because your Pull-Up was wet and needed changed. Your dipeys hold a lot more and that way you can wait longer to get changed.”

Becky thought about that for a moment. She definitely wanted to wear big girl panties, but the thought of having to wait any longer to see Cinderella at her castle was heartbreaking. Thinking about it a little longer, she asked “Just for today?”.

Rick smiled gratefully at April and said “Yes Baby, just for today. I promise, tomorrow you can wear your big girl panties again. Besides Baby, tomorrow you won’t need to use the potty on this bus, you’ll be able to go in a regular potty.”

That clinched it for Becky. Wearing a dipey was fine if she didn’t have to go into that potty again. Smiling at Daddy she said “OK Daddy, I’ll wear a dipey today if you want me to.”.

Rick understanding that she didn’t want him to think that she wanted to wear one said “Thank you Sweetheart, that will make things a lot easier on Daddy.” with a warm smile.

Becky took her thumb then and felt better. Daddy didn’t think she wanted to be a baby. That was important to her.

April asked her “Do you like bananas Becky?”.

Smiling around her thumb, she said “Yeth.”.

“Good Sweetheart, because I have a banana, and some pineapple and some strawberries and other fruit for you to eat for breakfast.” April explained.

“I love stwawbewwies.” Becky told her around her thumb.

“Well as soon as you’re dressed and ready to go, you can have bananas and strawberries.” April explained with a smile.

Rick sat up in the bed and said “OK Pumpkin, I think we need to get your pee butt changed and get you dressed.”.

Becky sat up and hugged her daddy. She felt him pat her wet bottom and smiled.

Sharon snuggled Billy into her arms, trying not to wake him. Getting up, she carried him out of the bedroom with April following behind.

As Rick pulled another diaper from the drawer, he was really grateful that April had asked Becky to wear one. When he had changed Becky last night, her stool had been loose, and he thought that she might have trouble getting to the potty in time. He brought everything he needed to the bed and sat down next to Becky and told her “You are such a good little girl, wearing a dipey today to make it easier on Daddy.”.

With her thumb in her mouth, and her big blue eyes smiling, she said “I lub you Daddy, I would do anything for you.” practically melting his heart.

“That’s it. Stick a fork in me, I’m done.” he thought, as tears stung his eyes. “I know you would Baby, and I love you too.” he told her with a warm smile.

Sharon, hearing this exchange from the couch, couldn’t help it, she said softly to April “Awww…” and fought to keep the tears from flowing. “He’s so good with her. I could never help her as much as he has.” she explained.

“No one can take the place of Daddy to a little girl.” April said blinking back her own tears.


Once breakfast was finished, They all sat talking about all the things there was to see in Disney. Becky was sure to mention at least ten times that she wanted to see Cinderella at the castle as soon as possible. Each one of the adults assured her that she would be able to see Cinderella, but that she might have to see her from a distance because people couldn’t go up where Cinderella was singing and dancing, or they could get hurt.

While Becky was disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to see her up close, the thought of watching Cinderella dancing and singing in person was almost overwhelming. “Have you been here before Daddy?” she asked.

“No Baby, I haven’t.” he told her.

“Have you Mommy?”.

“No Honey, I’ve never been to Disney.” Sharon answered.

“Have you Miss April?”.

April had been trying to avoid this question. She had wanted to avoid telling Becky any more than necessary, because she didn’t want to spoil any of it for her. “Yes Sweety, I’ve been to Disney. It was a long time ago though.” she fibbed.

“Really?” Becky asked with wide eyes.

“Really Baby.” April answered.

“Does Cinderella dance pretty? And does she sing nice?” she asked excitedly.

“Yes she most certainly does Sweetheart.” April said with a smile.

“Have you met her?” Becky asked hopefully.

“No Sweety, I haven’t.” she fibbed again.

Becky looked sad at that. She had hoed that it was possible to meet Cinderella. April was spared having to talk any more about it when the phone rang softly. She notice Becky instantly climb into Daddy’s lap and take her thumb at the noise. She picked up the phone and talked to the driver. When she was done, she came back to the couch and leaned over and opened the blinds first on one side of the bus, and then on the other.

Becky, seeing the outside for the first time that day, got anxious and clung to Daddy. Billy, sensing Becky’s anxiety, grasped Mommy’s wrist and pulled it closer.

“It’s alright Baby.” Rick told Becky as he patted her diapered bottom. Sharon said and did the exact same thing with Billy.

April saved the day when she gasped and said “Look at that!!!” with a big smile, pointing out the window at the archway over the entrance to Disney World.

Becky couldn’t help herself as she picked her head up, thumb in mouth, and looked to see Mickey and Donald and Goofy on the archway. “We’re here!” she exclaimed with a big smile.

Billy looking as well, reached toward the window and said “Mickem Mommy!” around his binky, with a huge giggle and brought his hands together three times trying to clap.

While both children stayed in physical contact with their respective parents, they were eagerly looking out the windows to see what there was to see. All fear of the outside was gone for the moment.

Pretty soon, they saw the Pop Century Resort on the right, and both of them had wide eyes when they saw the huge ‘toys’ adorning the outside of the buildings. There was a huge yo yo, a huge Big Wheel, and others. Billy giggled and surprised his mommy when he said “Yook Mommy!” and reached out to an enormous container of Play-doh.

“Yes Baby! Play-doh!” Sharon said, happy tears making it difficult to see, as she saw not a trace of fear in his eyes.

The next thing to produce excited exclamations was Disney Studios. Becky pointed and said “Look Daddy! Mickey’s magic hat!” with a big smile.

“Wow!” Rick said, also trying to contain his emotions, when he saw that Becky was kneeling on the couch, not in physical contact with him. She was so excited, she didn’t realize she wasn’t holding on to him.

“OOOH! PRETTY!” Becky exclaimed as she saw the big swan and the large dolphin of the Swan and Dolphin resort pass on the right.

Billy sat mesmerized at the sight.

“Mickem! Mickem!” Billy exclaimed as he reached out toward the window at the front of the bus. He had seen the Mickey on a bus that was traveling along side them.

It was only a moment later when the phone rang only once. April got up and closed the blinds. Both children were visibly upset when she did this.

“I wanted to see it.” Becky cried and moved to cuddle with Daddy. Billy was also in tears.

“I know you want to look Baby, but we’re going to stop very shortly, and a VERY nice lady will need to come aboard the bus and talk to you.” she explained.

Becky immediately clung tightly to Daddy. She didn’t want anyone coming on the bus. “Baby, do you want to go and see all the wonderful things in Disney?” Rick asked her.

Becky, still crying, hadn’t thought about the fact that she would have to leave the bus. She wanted so badly to see everything they had talked about, but was so afraid! She hated being afraid.

Rick understanding she was torn, Moved her so he could look right at her. He was devastated. He had somehow hoped that the lure of Disney would magically get rid of her fear. Tears fell, as he said “Baby, I know you’re scared. I love you Baby, and I promise, I promise, nothing is going to hurt you. No one is going to take you away from me, I promise.” he finished.

Becky seeing her daddy so upset, just hugged him and cried.

Sharon, crying softly herself, tried to comfort Billy. She saw now first hand the hurt that Rick had endured as he tried desperately to help his little girl not be afraid. It ripped her apart watching both of them cry.

Nobody noticed the bus stop or April dial her cell phone and talk quietly to someone on the other end. April approached Becky. “Becky, do you trust me?” she asked sweetly.

Becky nodded her head, nursing her thumb furiously with tears streaming.

“Can you go with Daddy and look through the peep hole in the door and tell me if you see a nice lady standing outside?” April asked.

Becky, pulling closer to Daddy, nodded her head again. Rick got up and moved to the door, patting Becky’s diaper all the way. Bending his knees, he said “Look out and see if she’'s there Baby.”.

Becky moved her head closer to the peep hole and looked out. She saw a woman holding two ballons, one with Pooh Bear on it and the other with Cinderella. She pulled back and said “I see her.” through her tears.

April held her cell phone out to Becky and asked “Will you talk to her for me? She has something very important to tell you.”.

Becky, tentatively took the cell phone in her hand and said a very soft “Hello?”. After listening for a moment, she smiled a huge smile through her tears, and said “Yes, OK.” and handed the phone to April. She then reached for the door and slid the bolt open saying “Let her in Daddy.” with a smile.

Rick had no idea what the woman could have said to produce that reaction from his little girl, but he was bursting with joy that she was not terrified anymore. Reaching down, he opened the door and a thirty something brunette in a casual suit walked up the stairs and stepped into the bus, closing the door and very visibly locking it behind her. She looked at Becky with a big warm smile and said “Thank you so much for trusting me Becky.”.

“Hi Mr. And Mrs. Avery, My name is Lisa Brand, and it’s my job for the next two weeks to make sure that you and your children have an absolutely fantastic time.” and looked directly to Billy and said “Hi Baby, I have something just for you.” as she pulled the Pooh Bear balloon from behind her back and held it out to him.

“Yook Mommy! Pooh!” Billy said excitedly with a big smile. He reached for the string, but couldn’t make his fingers grasp it.

Lisa quickly looped the end over his hand and pulled it small enough to not be able to go back over his hand and clipped it there.

Billy, smiling hugely now, moved his arm up and down and made the balloon dance. Because it was Mylar, it didn’t pop when it hit the ceiling. He laughed big, baby laughs as he made the balloon dance.

“He’s precious!” Lisa told Sharon.

“Yes he is!” Sharon said through happy tears. He hadn’t shied away from Lisa at all. She had known exactly how to distract him.

Turning to Becky, she held out the Cinderella balloon and said “Welcome to Walt Disney World Becky.” with a big smile.

Becky, smiled hugely as she took the balloon and looked at the image of Cinderella on both sides of it. “Thank you.” she told Lisa.

“Honey, I need to talk to your Mommy for a minute and get her to sign some papers for me. Do you mind if we go back to the bedroom for a minute?” Lisa asked sweetly.

“No, it’s OK.” Becky replied with a smile.

“Alright, we’ll be right back.” Lisa told her and walked toward the bedroom with Sharona and Billy right behind. Once they got back into the bedroom, Lisa closed the door and told Sharon in a very soft voice “Hi Mrs. Avery,” and was interrupted.

“Please call me Sharon, and tell me how in the world you managed to get her to open that door.” Sharon said.

“Sharon, I can’t do that yet, but I promise you, you will find out in just a minute. Please, you’re going to need to trust me. Peter told me everything that’s happened with both little ones, including the terrible incident with Social Services. We deal with children with special needs every day here at Disney, and I want to assure you that they will have a wonderful time.” Lisa explained.

Sharon started to cry. She couldn’t help it. After everything she had seen them go through, including in the last few minutes, she had to let it out. “Thank you.” was all she could say through her tears.

Lisa, having heard about everything that the kids had been through couldn’t help but share Sharon’s tears. “I am so sorry that they had to go through all that they did, but I can guarantee you, again, guarantee you, that they won’t get hurt while they’re here.” as she put her hand on Sharon’s shoulder.

Sharon cried for a moment more and said “I’m sorry.” as she managed to get her emotions under control.

Lisa told her firmly “Don’t apologize, you are probably going to do more of that before this day is out, trust me.” as she handed her a tissue, and then a package of them that would fit in her pocket.

“Thank you Lisa.” Sharon said again. Putting the package in her pocket, and wiping the tears from her eyes.

“I’m talking quietly because Peter said Billy can’t hear me when I do. I need you to sign a few papers for me. They are primarily liability releases so the characters can physically touch the children. Otherwise, they could stand near them, but they cannot initiate any contact. Are you alright with signing these?” She asked.

“Sure, part of what we are trying to do is get Billy to be comfortable with someone else holding him.” Sharon explained.

“Yes, and that first someone will be in a little bit, and we both know who that needs to be.” Lisa said with a smile.

Sharon, another round of tears escaping her eyes, smiled and said “Yes.”.

Lisa held a clip board while Sharon signed several papers. One she was told, so that the children could be video taped throughout their stay.

“It’s so you will have a memory of this time to take with you. I promise, no one will ever have access to that video without your express consent.” Lisa explained.

“Now Sharon, I need you to trust me. The next few minutes are going to be very hard on Becky, but both Peter and Cathy think that what we have planned is the best way to make her feel safe. Can you trust me?” she asked.

Sharon looked straight at her and said “If Peter trusts you, then so do I.” with a smile.

“OK, let’s get back out there and get this started.” Lisa told her.

When they were back near the door, Lisa looked at Becky and asked “Can you trust me Becky?”.

Becky, without hesitation, nodded her head.

“OK, then I need you to come with me and Daddy off the bus and stand right out side. Can you do that?” Lisa asked.

Becky immediately started crying softly, but nodded her head.

Moving closer, Lisa wiped tears from Becky’s right cheek with her thumb and told her “I promise Baby, you will be just fine. I know it’s going to be scary, but I need you to be brave for just a little bit Honey.”

When Becky nodded again, Lisa asked her “Can you open the door for me Sweety?”.

Becky nodded and blinking tears from her eyes, pulled the bolt open on the door.

“Thank you so much for being such a brave little girl.” Lisa told her with a big smile.

Rick couldn’t believe this woman could actually get Becky to cooperate as she was. He looked to Sharon and she nodded once to him.

Lisa opened the door and stepped out of the bus onto the pavement. Becky clung tightly to Daddy as he walked off the bus. When everyone was off the bus, Sharon looked around. They were in what looked like a small parking lot. Off to one side, there was an alley that opened out to what looked like one of the main areas of the park. There were a good amount of people passing in front of the alleyway entrance in both directions.

“Becky, I need you to meet someone that is very, very, VERY important to keeping you safe here. His only job is to see that little girls and boys like you and your brother are safe and able to have a very good time. Will you allow me to let him meet you?” she asked.

Becky nodded her head.

Lisa pulled a radio from her belt and spoke into it. A second later, Becky’s eyes got wide, and she hid her face, and started screaming and trembling as Rick felt her wet her diaper.

What looked like a policeman had come around the end of the bus and took three steps toward them and stopped about ten feet from Becky.

Rick held her tight and said “It’s OK Baby, It’s alright.” he said rubbing her back trying to calm her down. He was not happy with this at all and was about to ask what the hell they thought they were doing when the gentleman dressed similar to a policeman said very clearly and very loudly “Remember Mathias Becky.”.

Becky instantly stopped trembling, and turned her tear filled eyes to look at the man. “That’s right Becky, it’s OK, you’re safe here.” he told her. “My name is Mr. Arthur and Mr. Peter asked me to make sure that you are safe while you’re here.”. When he saw doubt in her expression, he asked “Can I come three steps closer Becky? Mr. Peter wants to talk to you on the phone Sweetheart.”.

“You know Mr. Peter?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes Sweety, I have him on the phone right now. Can I come closer?” he asked.

Becky nodded, clinging a little tighter to Daddy.

When Arthur got five feet from her, he held out his hand with a cell phone in it and said “Say hello Becky.”.

“Mr. Peter?” she asked tearfully.

“Hi Baby, I miss you.” Peter said on speaker phone.

The relief Becky showed was incredible. “It is you!” she said with a tearful smile.

“Yes it is Baby. Do you remember our secret?” he asked.

“Yes.” she told Peter.

“What did I tell you Baby?” he prompted.

“You said that if anyone gave me the password, that I could trust them like I trust you. You promised.” she said.

“That’s right. And what was the password Sweetheart?”.

“Remember Mathias Becky.” she answered.

“That’s right Baby. You can trust Mr. Arthur here, he’s a very good friend of mine and he will keep you safe, I promise.” Peter told her.

Becky smiled and said “I love you Mr. Peter.” through happy tears.

“I love you too Baby. And remember my promise to give Cinderella a big hug for me.” he told her with a thick voice.

“I will! I promise!” she told him earnestly.

“OK Becky, Mr. Arthur is going to give you this phone so you can hold onto it for a minute. I need you to be brave for me. I want you to see what is going to happen if someone tries to take you away from your daddy.” he said.

Becky started to cry softly again. “Do I have to?” she asked tearfully.

“Yes Baby, if you don’t trust me now, and do this very hard thing, then you will be afraid for the rest of your time there and that will not be any fun at all. Can you trust me Baby?” he asked her.

Tearfully, Becky said “Yes.” and reached to take the phone from Arthur.

“OK, I need you to stand up for me. Let me know when you’re standing next to your daddy.”.

Rick, tears in his own eyes, slowly set Becky down, patted her gently on her diaper and said “Mr. Peter wouldn’t hurt you Baby, it will be OK.”.

“OK Mr. Peter.” Becky said crying a little harder.

“It’s OK to cry Sweetheart, its scary, I know. I want you to take Miss Lisa’s hand for me.”.

“OK.” Becky said as she took Lisa’s hand.

“You see that alley in front of you?” he asked.

“Yes.” she cried.

“Miss Lisa is going to walk you down that alley to the end where the Blue mailbox is. Can you see the mailbox?” he asked.

“Yes.” she asked through her tears and then added “I don’t want to go Mr. Peter.”.

Peter, having a hard time controlling his emotions said “Sweety, I won’t make you do this, but I really, really want you to. It will make it so much better Baby, I promise.”.

“OK.” she practically whispered.

“Alright, Arthur?” Peter asked.

“Yes Peter?”.

“Can you show Becky the paper you have?”.

“Sure.” Arthur said and unfolded a sheet of paper that had a picture of Rick and a picture of Sharon, right above one of Becky and one of Billy.

“Becky can you read what is written on that paper for me?” Peter asked.

“It says ‘if you see either of these two children with anyone but these two adults, immediately hold them there until their parents can be located, and then return them to their parents.’” Becky read.

“Explain to Becky what that means Arthur.” Peter said.

“I have three hundred and twenty eight people that work for me. Did you know that?” Arthur asked Becky.

“No.” she answered.

“That’s a lot of people huh?”.


“Well, every one of those people have a paper just like this one. And they all know your name Becky. Just like they know Billy’s name and your Mommy’s and your Daddy’s name.” he told her.

“If any of those three hundred and twenty eight people see you with anyone but your Daddy or your Mommy, they will take you by the hand, and take you back to your Daddy.” he explained.

“They will?” she asked smiling.

“Yes they will, and before they touch you, they will use the secret password Sweety, so you know you can trust them.” Arthur said with a smile.

Becky smiled bigger. “What do you want me to do now?” she asked.

“Well, you take Mr. Peter on the phone and walk down to that Mailbox. Daddy will be standing right here. I promise he won’t move. I want you to see what happens when you aren’t with your Mommy or Daddy. Can you do that for me?” he asked.

Becky fearfully nodded her head yes.

“Alright Peter, Lisa is going to take her for a short walk.” Arthur said.

“That’s my good girl.” Peter told her.

“It’ll be OK Sweety.” Lisa said with a smile.

Becky started walking slowly with Lisa. They walked to the end of the alley, with Becky looking back frequently to see that Daddy was still there. They had no sooner reached the end of the alley, than a gentleman dressed like Arthur, but in a white shirt instead of blue, approached them and told Becky “Remember Mathias Becky.” with a smile and took her by the hand. He knelt down in front of her and said “I’m Mr. Gary and you should be with your Mommy or Daddy.” with a smile.

Lisa wanted to show her what would happen if someone would lie to him. “I was told to take her to main street Gary, it’s alright.” she told him.

Becky immediately looked up at Miss Lisa. She knew that wasn’t right. Before she could say anything, Mr. Gary said “I have strict instructions that she be with her Mommy or Daddy.” then looking at Becky he said “Where’s Daddy?”.

Becky smiled through happy tears and hugged him. Pointing back down the alley, she said “Right there.”.

Gary picked her up and started walking toward Rick and said “Let’s get you back to Daddy where you belong.”.

They had only taken a couple of steps before Arthur told Rick “Go to her, she needs to see that you’ll come to her if she can’t come to you.”.

Rick took off running and stopped just as they met. He reached out and took Becky from Gary’s arms and hugged her tight. “Are you OK Pumpkin?” he asked worriedly.

Smiling, she said “Yes Daddy! He brought me back! Miss Lisa lied and said she was supposed to take me to main street and I thought he would let her, but he said no, I’m supposed to be with Daddy.”. Turning to Mr. Gary, she said tearfully “Thank you so much!”.

“You’re welcome Becky. Every one you see in Disney with a badge like this,” he said pointing to the badge on his left shirt breast, “will do exactly what I just did. No matter what anyone else tells us, we’ll take you to your Daddy, I promise.” Gary told her.

Becky turned in Daddy’s arms and held her arms out to Mr. Gary. Gary hugged her and told her “You’re safe here Baby, I promise.”.

Smiling, she said “Thank you Mr. Gary.” and kissed his cheek.

“You’re welcome Sweety.” he answered. “Now I have to go make sure everyone is safe in this area, OK?” he asked her.

“OK!” she said with a smile and let go of his neck.

“I’ll see you later little girl.” he said with a smile.

She said “Bye, and thank you again.”.

“You’re welcome.” he answered and started back up the alley.

“You still there Becky?” Peter said.

Becky had forgotten she was holding the phone. “Yes Mr. Peter.” she answered.

“Are you OK now?” he asked her.

“Yes. Thank you so much Mr. Peter.” she said.

“You’re welcome Becky. I want you to have fun there and not be so scared. There might be times you get scared, but it will be much better than it was huh?” he asked.

“Yes!” she said with a teary voice. She was not near as afraid as she was, and it was strange to her, but it made her want to cry, she was so happy. “I love you Mr. Peter.” she told him again.

Peter, never hearing enough of that said “I love you too Baby, very very much. I want you to do something very important for me. I want you to try to see the magic Baby.” he said.

“I will, I promise!” she told him.

“Good. Now, would it be OK if I got off the phone and went to see some sick little boys and girls and make them feel better?” he asked her.

“Sure. Thank you again.” she answered.

“You’re welcome Sweetheart. I’ll talk to you later.” Peter told her.

“Bye.” she said and handed the phone back to Mr. Arthur.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

Somehow, you again exceeded my emotion threshold :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know how you keep doing it, but I am greatful to you for it.

Though, it’s probably not healthy to get this emotionally involved in a story… but I don’t care! :smiley:

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

Can’t help but agree with that!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

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Maybe a disclaimer, “Eye Leakage May Occur”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

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Now I know for a fact that you are majority share holder in Kleenex.

The Doctor that Peter is based on, has gone far beyond the normal bounds of his profession. He has gotten emotionally involved and has in all apperances adopted your family. Just the same way that April has.

I really don’t want to see this journey you are taking us on end. I refuse to call it a story, as it is not one. I have in the past, but I was wrong to do so.

As tough as this has been in parts for you to write, I thank you for sharing this with us.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 77

I agree 100%, but stiil too short![/quote]I agree also.