Snuggles and Tears Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

Once Becky and Billy had said goodbye to Grandma, and the door was closed and locked, Sharon took a seat on one of the couches and snuggled Billy close. She wasn’t sure how he would deal with the bus moving.

Rick followed Sharon’s example and sat down with Becky in his lap. April sat next to them and told Becky “Sweety, once we get moving, I want to give you your medicine, and then how would you like to watch a movie?”

Becky smiled and asked “What movies do we have?”

“Well, we have a bunch of Disney movies.” she answered.

“Cinderella?” Becky asked excitedly.

“Yep, that’s one of them.” April said.

“I wanna watch that one!” she said with a smile.

“OK then Cinderella it is.” April decided.

“Great!” Becky exclaimed.

Just then, the bus engine roared to life and Becky quickly clung to her Daddy. “It’s just the bus Baby.” Rick told her, rubbing her back gently. “The engine just started. We’ll start moving pretty soon.” he added.

Becky relaxed somewhat when she heard that, and then the bus started moving. The bus had long windows along the sides, but the blinds had been closed to give Becky a greater sense of security. She sat cuddled with Daddy and Charley Bear for a while, nursing her thumb.

Once the bus had been moving for a little while, April got up and went to the refrigerator and pulled out a small container of juice. Opening a drawer, she picked up a straw, and then reached up to a cabinet over the fridge and pulled down a plastic container. Rick noticed each section of the rectangular container had a day of the week printed on the top. He realized then that this was a pill organizer.

April turned and saw Rick watching and said “This helps to make sure I don’t miss her medication. There’s one section for each day. We brought some spares as well, just in case.”.

“The amount of planning they managed in such a short time is astounding.” he thought as he smiled in answer.

April put the medicine back in the cabinet and came back to the couch. Sitting down, she poked the straw through the foil lid of the juice container and held the pill cup up to Becky’s face. “Open for me Honey.”. When Becky did, she poured the pill onto her tongue and offered the straw. “Drink the juice all gone Baby.” she told Becky. “That’s a good girl!” she said with a smile once Becky had finished the juice.

“Now can we watch Cinderella?” Becky asked.

“In just a minute Baby.” Rick answered. “We need to get you into some dry panties first Honey.”.

Becky blushed. She didn’t know that Daddy knew she had wet her panties. “I’m sorry Daddy.” she said, looking down to the floor.

Rick stood up with her in his arms, patted her wet bottom and said “It’s alright Sweety. Let’s get you changed.”. He carried her back to the bathroom, and opened the door. It was tiny, to say the least. He stood in thought for a few seconds, and turned to ask April “Where are her Pull-Ups?”.

“They’re in the bedroom. Let me show you.” She told him as she walked toward him. As she entered the bedroom, she explained “We didn’t think you would be able to change her in the bathroom, because it’s so small.” as she opened a drawer built into the wall and pulled a pair of training pants from it, and after a second of thought, grabbed the container of wipes off the bedside table and set both on the bed.

“You’re right, it would be a lot harder in there.” he responded.

April smiled as she left the room. Rick set Becky down on her feet and knelt in front of her. As he reached under her skirt to remove her wet Pull-Up, he said “Listen to me Baby, I want you to understand something.” he told her warmly.

Becky looked at him and asked “What Daddy?”

“You don’t have to say ‘I’m sorry’ every time you have an accident Baby.” he said with a smile.

“I don’t?” she asked surprised. She knew big girls were supposed to use the potty, not go in their panties.

“No, Pumpkin, you don’t. You promised me that you would be a little girl didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, and I will, I promise!” she said with a worried expression. She didn’t want Daddy to think she wasn’t a little girl, he might not want to go to Disney!

“Well, little girls have accidents, sometimes several times a day. They don’t have to apologize Baby. While Mommy and Daddy like to have them ask to use the potty, they sometimes get scared, or get distracted by what they’re doing and go pee pee in their big girl panties. It’s OK, because their Mommy or Daddy doesn’t expect them to make it to the potty every time.” he explained as he grabbed two baby wipes and started wiping her bottom clean.

Smiling, she asked “You don’t?”.

“No Pumpkin, I don’t.” he said with a smile. Holding her fresh training pants for her, he said “Step in Baby.”. Once he pulled her Pull-Up into place, he said “While we’re on this trip Pumpkin, there will be times when you won’t be able to hold your pee pee or poopy inside. I don’t want you to get sad, or feel bad when that happens, It’s OK. You let Daddy worry about getting you into nice dry panties, you just worry about having lots of fun, OK?”.

Becky’s smile got bigger and she hugged her Daddy tight and told him “OK!”. Becky was relieved. Several times now, she had gone potty in her big girl panties, and it always made her feel bad. Now, not only was it OK if she had an accident, but Daddy expected her to sometimes.

Rick felt her relax. While he hoped she would ask and make it to the potty every time, he wasn’t going to sweat it if he needed to changes wet or messy training pants now and then. He wanted her to just enjoy this time. “God knows she has enough to worry about right now.” he thought to himself.

“That’s my good little girl.” he said as he picked her up and held her close, patting her bottom. Once the wet Pull-Up and wipes were dropped in the trashcan, he made his way back to the couch and sat down. Turning Becky and laying him across his lap, facing away from him, he cradled her close and handed her Charley Bear. “I want you to snuggle while you watch Cinderella.” Rick told her with a smile.

Becky smiled and nodded, hugged Charley and took her thumb. Two seconds later she wiggled her padded bottom and said softly “Pat Daddy.”.

Rick reached over and pulled her skirt up out of the way and began slowly patting her Pull-up. He smiled as he understood that she was trying to make sure Daddy understood she was working hard at bing a little girl.

April turned the movie on, and Becky was soon entranced by the story of Cinderella. The motion of the bus rocking her, and the comfort and security of being held by Daddy, as he patted her bottom, became too much after about a half hour and she fell sound asleep.

Rick watched Becky sleep for a bit, gently patting her soft training pants. He smiled when she resumed nursing her thumb in her sleep. She was doing much better, but he didn’t have a clue how she was going to handle being in Disney with crowds of people all around.

“She looks just like she did when she was seven or eight.” Sharon said softly.

“Yes, and she’s behaving pretty much the same as she did then too.” he told her.

“The magic only working for little girls was a very smart thing to say. Now we won’t have to worry about replacing a stained mattress.” Sharon said with a smile.

“It was more than that Hon.” Rick said. “I don’t know, I just wanted her to not have to worry about any more than necessary while we’re on this trip. No, I don’t particularly like waking up in a wet bed, but that was just a bonus. She needs to feel safe and be as stress free as possible in my opinion. It bothered me that Becky would think I would get upset with her because she needed me to take her to the potty. By encouraging her to be a little girl and wear a diaper at night, I can eliminate one more fear for her.” he said with a pained expression.

Tears suddenly struck Sharon. As she looked in Rick’s eyes, she saw worry and hurt in them. She couldn’t inagine how hard this had been on him.

“Please don’t think I see anything wrong with what you’re doing Honey. Your task with Becky is a thousand times harder than mine with Billy. I need only hold him, nurse him, change him and keep anyone unfamiliar to him away, to make him feel safe. With Becky, it’s a lot more complicated. She needs to be a little girl in some ways and to feel like a big girl in others. How you’ve kept that balanced while walking the tightrope of keeping her safe is beyond me. I don’t think I could have done nearly as well with her as you have, but maybe that’s because I look at things differently because I’m her mommy, not her daddy.” she explained with admiration.

"Mom explained to me how things were before you came to the hospital. I can’t imagine how hard that time was for you. I think about some of the things Mom described to me, and it tears me up inside to know that Becky had to go through that.

I know for certain that I couldn’t have dealt nearly as well as you did with Becky not wanting to come near me." she explained, her voice breaking at the end. With tears flowing, she continued “And I would have been a basket case watching her so full of fear. You have managed to make her smile, feel special and feel safe. That’s no small affair Rick. It shows just how much you love her.”.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t get defensive.” he told Sharon. “It’s just I feel like I’m in over my head here. I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants and trying to come up with ways to help her. I don’t know if what I’ve done will eventually cause her harm or not.” Rick added.

April normally didn’t ever get involved with a discussion between parents about parenting, but she couldn’t stay silent and said “Rick, listen to me Honey. Did you know that there was a staff of ten people that talked about Becky’s situation and how you’ve handled the challenges that came up? They discussed this twice, once yesterday morning, in preparation of admitting her, and again this morning. I know, because I was one of them. We looked at each problem, and talked about how you chose to deal with it. Of the ten that were there, only one disagreed with any of your solutions, and he’s an idiot if you ask me.”.

“We had Peter, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a social worker, a child health specialist, several nurses including Terry and myself, and others there. The overwhelming majority thought you did an incredible job in an impossible situation.” she said with respect. “Trust your instincts Rick, they’ve performed miracles so far.” she added firmly.

Rick smiled then, relief clearly showing, as he looked back down at his little girl, sleeping in his arms. “Thank you. Neither of you have any idea how much it means to me to know that other’s think I haven’t made a mistake with her.”.

Sharon saw once again, the enormous love he had for Becky as he watched her then. “It made me smile when I heard you tell her to stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ for having an accident. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your talk with her, but with such a small space here, it’s impossible not to hear.” she told him with a smile.

Rick smiled at his wife. He hadn’t even given any thought to closing the door. He had really missed being able to sit and talk with her over the last couple of days. That was one of the things that made all of this so difficult, he realized. They had made most decisions together in the past, but now both were forced to go it alone. “Not alone.” he thought then. Mom had been there to help him, and he didn’t think he’d have been able to get this far with Becky if she hadn’t. Sharon had had Peter and April to help, and he thanked God that she did.

That caused him to look at Billy, sleeping soundly, still attached to his mommy’s breast. He couldn’t fathom how hard it must have been for him. To think that he had been willing to give up his binky, and all of the other things he had grown so attached to again, because he thought his mommy wouldn’t want him if he didn’t, brought tears to Rick’s eyes. He felt bad because he couldn’t be there to help Billy or Sharon through what must have been a devastating time.

“Don’t.” Sharon said softly. When Rick looked up to her eyes, he saw clearly that she had read his thoughts. “You were right where you were supposed to be Hon.” she added with a smile.

He couldn’t help but love this woman that could read his mind, and then somehow find just the right words to make him feel better about what he had to do. Glancing down to Becky, and back to his wife with a grateful look, he said “You’re right.”.

“Of course, aren’t I always?” she asked, using his own words from days ago.

Rick chuckled then, along with Sharon and April.

The rest of the day was spent chatting about their destination, watching more Disney movies, and plenty of snuggle time for both Becky and Billy.

It was eight O’clock in the evening when Rick said “Alright Pumpkin, it’s time to get you ready for bed.” with a warm smile.

“Do I have to Daddy?” Becky asked sadly. She had been enjoying talking about Cinderella’s castle and how big and pretty it was.

“Yes Baby, it’s time. I’ll tell you what, we’ll get you ready, and then how about we come back and watch The Little Mermaid?” he asked asked her.

“OK!” she said happily.

Rick picked her up and held her close as he walked toward the bedroom. He was surprised to see April follow him into the bedroom. He laid Becky gently on her back on the bed.

April got a diaper, a set of Becky’s pajamas, and some clean socks out of the drawers, got the container of baby wipes and approached the bed. “These are different than Billy’s diapers, they’re bigger for one and won’t cut into her legs.” she told Rick. Turning to look at Becky, she added “And these dipeys are made just for little girls.” with a warm smile.

Becky smiled a big smile at that. She was still not comfortable with having to wear a baby dipey. Now that she knew she would be able to wear a dipey made special for little girls, night night time wouldn’t be so hard. “Thank you so much Miss April.” she said.

“You’re welcome Baby.” April told her and went to get the movie set up.

“Wasn’t that nice of Miss April to see that you can have your own dipeys instead of wearing Billy’s?” Rick asked her.

“Yes.” Becky answered with a big smile. “Now I don’t have to be a baby.” she added, relief clear on her face.

Rick unbuttoned her skirt, and removed it. He saw she had wet a little at some point after he took her to the potty last. This made him smile, because she hadn’t said a word of apology about it. He figured he would see just how she felt about it. “I see somebody is a little bit wet.” he told her with a smile and a tickle to her tummy.

Becky laughed when Daddy tickled her. She loved Daddy so much! He made scary things not so scary anymore, and held on tight to her when she was real scared. When he started tickling her again and again, she couldn’t help but wet her panties again. Giggling, she said “No more, no more.” with a big smile.

Rick saw the flowers completely disappear from her Pull-Up and was satisfied knowing she had emptied her bladder. He really didn’t want to take her into the potty again tonight, because it was such a tight space, and it made her uneasy.

The chemical toilet had a strong odor to it, and Becky hadn’t liked it at all. She had clung to him when he sat her down on it to go potty earlier. She had cried when he told her that she had to use that potty because there wasn’t any other potty to use.

“Alright Pumpkin, let’s get your bottom all clean and dry.” he told her as he ripped the sided of her Pull-Up. “Lift up Baby.” he said as he gently tapped the underside of her thigh.

Becky lifted her bottom off the bed and when she went to lay back down, Daddy said “No, stay up there Honey so I can get your bottom clean.” as he wiped her bottom with a baby wipe. Becky liked it when Daddy cleaned her bottom. It made her feel safer.

When Rick opened up the Pamper, and spread the front and back as flat as it would go, he saw that it was bigger than Billy’s diapers. Sliding it up under Becky’s bottom, he told Becky “Alright Honey, lay down.”. He took a fresh wipe and wiped her front, making sure to get all of the creases clean, and then gently pulled the diaper up between her legs. Spreading it flat across her tummy, he taped first the left and then the right tapes, snugly encasing her bottom.

Becky was surprised at how soft the dipey was. It felt good against her skin, and was like having a hug on her bottom. She smiled at Daddy as she took her thumb, glad then that she was a little girl.

Rick couldn’t help but smile at Becky as she took her thumb. She looked so sweet. Taking her left hand in his, he gently tugged at it and said softly “Sit up for me Baby, so I can get your pajama shirt on.”. When she sat up and put her arms up, he gently pulled her shirt up over her head. A second later, he pulled her pajama shirt down over her head, and guided her arms into the sleeves.

Rick was surprised when he picked up Beck’s pajama pants and she said “No Daddy, they’re too hot.”.

“Do you want a different pair Honey?” he asked.

“No. Can I just wear my dipey?” she asked him.

“Sure Sweetheart. Let’s get your socks changed and then you need to brush your teeth.” he told her as he took her left sock off.

“Do I have to go in the potty to brush my teeth?” she asked him anxiously.

“No Baby. I’ll take you to the sink up front, OK?” he answered, having already decided he wouldn’t make her go in there unless she had to use the toilet. Thinking about it a second, he added “Baby, because your my little girl, if you have to go potty before morning, you can just go in your dipey. Daddy will change you if you get too wet, or if you have to go poopy.”.

Smiling, she said “Thank you!” and giggled as he pulled a clean sock on her right foot.

“You’re welcome Sweety, now lets go get those teeth really clean.” he told her as he picked her up off the bed. He put the trash in the trashcan, and set her clothes on the floor for now, and made his way toward the small sink up front.

Sharon couldn’t help but smile as she saw Becky snuggled with Daddy, her head on his shoulder, nursing her thumb. She looked so cute with her diaper leading the way.

She taped the wet diaper against it self, that she’d just change Billy out of, and set it on the couch for a moment while she zipped his sleeper up, tickling him as she moved up his little body.

Billy giggled as mommy tickled him. Once his sleeper was zipped up, and he settled from his giggles, his tummy got his attention and he said “Numma Mommy.”.

Sharon smiled at him. She had been offering him her breast often, and he hadn’t had to ask for it. Hearing him ask now told her that he was finally comfortable with nursing again. “Hold on a second Baby Boy, Mommy will feed you in bed.” she told him. Turning to Rick, she said “I think I’ll go lay down in bed and feed him. It’s been a long day.”.

Rick looked to Becky and said “Go give Mommy hugs and kisses night night.” as he set her down on her feet with a pat to her diaper.

Becky went to Mommy and gave her a big hug and kiss. She smiled when Mommy patted her diaper and said “Night night little girl. You just go potty in your dipey if you have to go tonight, OK?”.

“OK Mommy, night night.” Becky answered and gave Mommy another big hug.

“That’s my good little girl.” Sharon said. She had heard Becky cry earlier when Rick put her on the toilet. It was a new experience using a chemical toilet, and now wasn’t the time for new experiences unless they were extremely fun. Letting go of Becky, she cuddle Billy close and stood. Rick approached her and kissed her gently.

“Get some sleep Hon. Tomorrow is probably going to be a bit hectic.” he told her. Smiling at Billy, he kissed him on the cheek and told him “Night night Baby Boy. I love you.”. Billy put his mouth against Rick’s and opened it, giving him a baby kiss. “You’re such a good baby boy.” Rick told him.

Sharon carried Billy toward the bedroom as Rick led Becky to the sink. Soon, Rick cradled Becky in his arms as the movie started. Despite her excitement about what tomorrow would bring, Becky was quickly sleeping soundly with Charley cuddled close, and Daddy’s gentle hand patting her diapered bottom.

A little while later, Rick looked to April and said “I think I’ll take her to bed.”.

“Good idea, she’s got a big day ahead of her tomorrow.” April told him with a big smile.

“What do you know?” Rick asked seeing a mischievous gleam in her eye.

“I have been sworn to secrecy, on my solemn oath as a nurse.” she told him with a smile. “But I will tell you, she will meet someone very special to her tomorrow.” she added with misty eyes.

Trying to keep his grateful tears from getting out of hand, Rick said “Thank you April, for all of your help with both of them. We couldn’t have gotten through this without you.” as he stood, cradling Becky close, and gave April a kiss on her cheek.

April, blushing, said the only thing she could think of at that moment, “I love them.”.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 76

Another of your great piece of work.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 76

Excellent work :slight_smile:

Just when I think this story can’t get any more adorable, it does :smiley:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 76

Agreed!! BB, I love how you have continued to put Becky more into a larger role!! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!