Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

Rick sat stunned. He had no idea what to say. To think that so many people wanted to help make Billy and Becky feel safe and have a wondrous time, was truly magical. Thinking for a moment, he said the only thing he could think of to Peter. “Thank you Peter. If you EVER need anything, anything at all, you let me know.” he said with a thick voice.

“The only thing that I ask, is that you let me be there when you tell them. That’s important to me. And please, don’t tell them until I give you the signal,” he said winking his eye at Rick. “that will be the time.”.

“What are you up to now?” Sharon asked.

“You’ll find out tomorrow morning at around nine thirty. We’ll have them discharged and everything will be ready for you to leave by then.” he told her with a smile.

“Please don’t go crazy, you’ve done plenty already.” Sharon said pleadingly.

“This is nothing special. Actually it will be special to them, but the cost is like fifteen dollars for crying out loud. Trust me.” he told her.

“You can count on that.” she assured him.

“Thank you, I really appreciate that.” Peter told her with a bigger smile. After a moment, he said “If you can, you might want to bathe them in the morning. There won’t be another opportunity to do so until you get to Florida.”

“I was trying to figure out the best way to do that.” Sharon responded.

“Well, bathing Becky might be easier if you get in the shower with her. I will get you a pair of shorts that therapy uses, that will keep things discreet.” he told Rick. “Billy is a different issue. I don’t think he’ll let you put him in the tub sitting in a seat. You might want to just get in the tub with him and bathe both of you at the same time.” he said to Sharon.

“You know, that is an excellent idea.” Rick answered. He had been trying to figure out how he could get a shower without leaving Becky alone, and keep from being inappropriate. The shorts would solve the problem completely.

“I was thinking the same thing.” Sharon told Peter. “The easiest way to bathe him would be to sit him between my legs, holding him against me.” she added.

“It might be a good idea to have April help you. He’s gonna get awful slippery with the baby bath on his skin, and God forbid, I don’t want anything to happen.” Peter advised.

“You’re right, that’s the best way. She can hold him in place, that way I can wash both of us.” she decided.

“Good. Now if you will let me out, I have some paperwork to take care of.” Peter said with a smile.

“Sure. And thanks again Peter.” Rick said as he got up and reached out to shake Peter’s hand.

“It was my pleasure.” Peter answered as he took Rick’s hand in his own and shook it firmly.


It was two thirty in the morning when Becky woke up needing to pee badly. She looked at Daddy and he was sleeping. She could feel his hand holding her bottom and that made her feel safe. She didn’t know what to do. She really didn’t want to wake Daddy up to take her to the potty, she was afraid he would get upset with her. A minute later, she was crying very softly, trying to figure out what to do.

Sharon woke when she heard Becky crying. She looked over and asked Becky in a whisper if she was alright.

Becky, with tear filled eyes whispered back “I gotta go pee Mommy.”.

Sharon felt bad for her little girl. She was afraid to wake Daddy to take her to go pee. “Sweety, I want you to go in your PullUp. It’s OK Honey, no one will get mad at you. Just go pee. It will protect the bed from getting wet.” she told her.

“Promise?” Becky asked tearfully.

“I promise Baby. You just go and we’ll get you into dry panties in the morning, OK?” Sharon told her comfortingly.

“OK Mommy.” Becky answered, and almost immediately stopped crying. Relaxing, Becky just let the pee out into her training pants. She felt the warmth spread through the crotch and across the front of her lower tummy. She was so thankful to have the pain go away, she sighed audibly. A moment later Becky said “Night night Mommy.” and took her thumb and closed her eyes.

“Night night my good girl.” Sharon told her. She wanted to make sure Becky knew she wasn’t upset.

Billy chose that moment to spit his binky out and turn his head. He was looking for her nipple, she knew. Shifting him slightly so he would be more comfortable, she offered him the nipple and he began nursing immediately. The thing that really struck her, was he never opened his eyes. He appeared to have done this entirely in his sleep. That was a typical infant’s response, not a child’s.

Pretty soon, she had nursed him on both sides, and burped him twice without waking him. Checking his diaper, she noticed he had only wet a little, so she snuggled him back down and tried to get some sleep.


Morning came early, when April tapped on the glass next to Sharon’s bed. Sharon got up, holding Billy close, and opened the door. Once April came inside, she was sure to lock it again.

“How are you all doing this morning?” April whispered as she set a pair of shorts down on the bedside table.

“We’re doing fine. We had a little hiccup in the night though. Becky woke up and needed to pee. She was scared to wake Daddy and laid there crying. I told her to just go in her PullUp.” Sharon explained.

“Hmmm….the PullUps don’t absorb near as well as a diaper would. Do you think she would wear a diaper at night?” April asked.

“I don’t know. She tried one of Billy’s on once we took him home, and wasn’t really happy that I made her keep it on until she wet it.” Sharon answered.

“Well, see if you can get Rick to ask her. If she doesn’t want it, then I wouldn’t force the issue.” April offered.

“Alright, I’ll speak to him about it.” Sharon promised.

“How about we get you and Billy in the bath. That way, when she wakes up, Rick can get her right into the shower.” April asked.

“Good idea.” Sharon answered and started for the bathroom. Sharon wasn’t really fond of undressing completely in front of April, but she didn’t have a choice. She wasn’t going to take a chance on having Billy wake up screaming.

While April started the bath water running, Sharon held Billy with one arm, and managed to get her pants and panties off, and after checking that he wasn’t messy, removed Billy’s diaper. Stepping into the tub, she sat down in the warm water. When Billy’s bottom hit the water, he sprayed a stream of pee onto the hand Sharon was holding his leg with. April reached out and held Billy upright while Sharon took off her shirt. Taking the baby bath, Sharon started washing her sleeping little boy.

Rick woke up a little while later, knowing instantly that Becky had wet in the night. Both his and her clothes and the bed were wet. He just laid there a while, waiting for Becky to wake up. “No sense in disturbing her sleep.” he decided.

He heard the water running in the bathroom, and saw that Sharon’s bed was empty. That told him she was in the bath with Billy.

Becky woke up a few minutes later, and started crying instantly saying “I’m sorry daddy, Mommy said to pee and that my PullUp would keep the bed dry.”.

“It’s alright Baby, I’m not upset with you.” he told her and saw her relax almost instantly. “What do you mean Mommy told you to pee?” he asked.

Becky told him what happened in the night. When she finished, he reached for her bottom and felt that the PullUp was completely saturated all the way up the back. “Honey, I think you went pee more than once last night.” he told her.

“I did?” she asked perplexed.

“Yes, you had to Sweety, you’re PullUp is soaking wet Baby, and one wetting wouldn’t do that.” he explained.

She started to get upset again. This meant she had wet her bed again. She didn’t want to wet her bed, she wanted to be a big girl and use the potty.

“Honey, can you do something for me?” he asked her sweetly with a smile.

Looking up at him, she wiped her eyes and said “What?”.

“Can you, for just a little while, be my little girl instead of my big girl? I really miss my little girl.” he told her patting her wet bottom gently.

Becky didn’t know what to say. She wanted to be a big girl, but wanted to make Daddy happy. “What do I have to do?” she asked him.

“Well, first of all, little girls can nurse their thumb any time they want, but big girls don’t nurse their thumbs.” he explained. He saw Becky smile and start nursing her thumb. “Second of all, they like to spend lots of time in Daddy’s arms. It makes them feel special.” he continued. Becky’s smile grew, and she nuzzled her face against Daddy’s chest. “This is the hard one.” he thought. “and last, they wear big girl panties in the day time, but wear a dipey at night night time because they want their bed to stay dry and comfy.” he finished.

“But Daddy, babies wear dipeys.” she said and started to cry.

“Yes they do Pumpkin, but babies wear them all the time. Little girls and little boys wear them only at night.” he told her warmly. “They ask their Daddy or Mommy to take them to the potty in the day time.”

“So I can wear big girl panties in the day time?” she asked.

“Yep, you sure can, you’re my little girl.” he answered.

“Promise?” she asked him.

“I promise Honey, I don’t want you to be a baby Sweety. You wouldn’t feel right taking a binky, or drinking from a ba-ba would you?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“No. Babies do that, and I’m not a baby.” she answered. After a second of thought, she added “I’m a little girl.” and nuzzled Daddy’s chest again.

“You make me so happy. I really missed my little girl.” he told her with a big smile and another pat to her wet bottom. Hearing that, she looked up and smiled at him.

Sharon walked out of the Bathroom then, holding Billy in her arms. He was dressed in just a diaper. “Good morning.” Sharon told both of them.

“Good morning Mommy, I’m a little girl.” Becky said smiling.

“Yes, and you’re such a good little girl too.” Sharon responded, looking to Rick.

“Yes, I told Becky that I really missed my little girl, and she decided she wanted to be a little girl instead of a big girl for a little while. That means she can take her thumb any time she wants, she can ride in Daddy’s arms and feel special, and it means she will wear big girl panties in the daytime and a dipey at night so the bed stays dry and comfy.” Rick explained, emphasizing the word dry with his eyes and a nod of his head.

“I see.” Sharon responded. “That sounds wonderful doesn’t it Honey?” she asked Becky.

Becky put her thumb in her mouth and nuzzled closer to Daddy and said “Yeth.” with a smile.

“OK Baby, I think you and I need to get out of this wet bed, and into the shower. Daddy’s gonna take you into the shower and wash you all clean.” he told her.

Smiling, she said “Thank you!”.

When Rick picked her up, Sharon saw the PullUp sagging terribly. “She must have wet more than once.” she thought. Seeing the wet spot on the sheets, and Rick’s wet shirt, she knew that Becky had wet the bed. She understood then, why he’d asked her to be his little girl and wear a diaper at night. When she considered that they would be sleeping in a bed belonging to Rick’s boss, the diaper was a good idea.

Rick grabbed the shorts on the bedside table as he carried Becky into the bathroom. Once there, he asked her “Can you turn toward the door for me for just a second Honey? I need to change into these shorts.”

She hesitated, fear clearly evident on her face.

“I promise, I’ll be done changing really quickly, and then we can get in the shower.” he told her.

Becky slowly turned around. Once she was fully turned, he said “Mr. Peter is going to come by this morning and talk to you and Billy and your Mommy and I.” as he quickly removed his pants and underwear, and pulled the shorts on.

“What about?” Becky asked.

Reaching out and turning Becky around, he said “I don’t know Baby.” with a smile.

Becky smiled and hugged Daddy.

“OK Pumpkin, lets get those wet panties off.” he said as he reached down and pulled first one side and then the other apart and dropped the soaked garment into the trash. Reaching around and untying the gown, he pulled it off of her arms and turned to start the water. Once it was the right temperature, he picked Becky up, setting her bare bottom on his big forearm, and stepped into the tub, closing the shower curtain behind them.

Thirty minutes later, Rick carried Becky out of the bathroom, a clean, dry PullUp peaking out through the back of her clean gown. Sharon noticed he had brushed her hair and put it in a pony tail. This had the effect of making her look about eight years old. She smiled and asked “All clean Baby?”.

Becky smiled back and said “Yep, all clean and Daddy said I did a good job.” with a proud smile.

“I’m so proud of you little girl.” Sharon told her with a smile.

That made Becky feel great! She was glad to be all clean again. She really didn’t like waking up wet, because it was cold and icky. She had decided, as Daddy helped her wash, that wearing a dipey wasn’t gonna be so bad after all, until she could be a big girl and stay dry. Besides, being a little girl allowed her to suck her thumb anytime she wanted, Daddy said so.

At eight O’clock, April buzzed the intercom and asked Becky to open the door so they could all eat breakfast. Once breakfast was over, Peter asked to be let in.

Both Sharon and Rick were surprised when he brought a cart with a Television and a DVD player on it into the room. Plugging it into the wall, he turned and told them “I thought you might like to watch a movie this morning.” with a big smile.

Becky smiled around her thumb at that. When Billy didn’t turn, Sharon turned him around in her lap and told him “Mr. Peter has a movie for you to watch Baby.”. Billy smiled around his binky and attempted to clap his little hands. He managed to get them to come together, but couldn’t make the fingers straight enough to make a clapping sound.

Peter turned on the DVD and the screen showed a scene of Cinderella’s castle in the middle of Disney world. Looking at both of the children, he saw they were both spellbound by what they saw.

When Mickey Mouse came on the screen, Billy, trying to say Mickey’s full name, said “Mickem!” with a squeal of laughter.

When she saw Cinderella riding in her carriage Becky said “Look Daddy! Cinderella!” with a huge smile on her face and wide eyes. Becky had been enamored with Cinderella for all of her young childhood. Somewhere in this process, the fascination with the princess found it’s way back into her heart.

When the video switched to show Pooh Bear and his friends dancing with a group of children, Billy reached for the TV and said “Pooh Mommy! Pooh!” and giggled with glee.

He let the travel video run until it ended and turned the TV off and said “I’m sorry, I thought this was a movie. This isn’t a movie, it’s about Disney World.”

“Where is Disney World Mr. Peter?” Becky asked.

“It’s about two days travel from here Honey.” he answered.

Becky immediately turned to her Daddy and looked up at him with big blue eyes and asked softly “Can we go there Daddy?”.

Rick saw Peter wink at him. That was the signal to tell them. He knew it might be a little mean, but he wanted to cement Becky’s promise to be a little girl for a while, so he said “Well…I don’t know, the magic of Disney only works for babies and little girls.” looking a bit sad.

Sharon understood immediately what he was trying to do and loved him for it.

Becky, her eyes starting to tear up said forlornly “But I’m a little girl.”.

“I’m sorry!” Rick told her with a smile. “I forgot, you promised to be a little girl for me didn’t you?” he asked.

Becky, smiling, nodded her head vigorously and said “I promise Daddy! I promise!”.

“Well, since you’re such a good little girl, we are going to leave here in a little while and take a bus all the way to Disney World.” he said with a big smile.

“REALLY!?!?” she squealed with wide eyes, her jaw dropping.

“Really Baby, I promise.” he answered.

Becky immediately stood up in Daddy’s lap and hugged him hard around the neck, kissed his cheek several times, and said “Thank you, thank you, thank you Daddy!”.

“You’re welcome Baby.” he told her, his eyes tearing up because for the first time in two days, she was showing no sign of fear. “You need to thank Mr. Peter Baby, he worked really hard to make it so we could go.” he added.

Becky turned quickly and got down off of Daddy’s lap and ran to Peter, put her arms up and said “Up Mr. Peter!” with a big smile.

Peter picked her up and hugged her tight. She kissed him several times as well and repeated her three thank yous. “You’re welcome Sweetheart. Can you keep a secret?” he asked her.

With an excited grin, she said “Sure.”.

Peter leaned close to her and very softly told her a secret. When he finished he pulled back so he could look at her, and said “I promise.” with a solemn expression.

Becky, happy tears spilling onto her cheeks hugged him tight and said tearfully “Thank you so much.”.

Peter smiled and replied “You’re welcome Baby, you’re welcome.” as he patted her padded bottom.

Both Rick and Sharon were more than curious what Peter could have said that would produce such a reaction from her.

Peter, seeing their very curious expressions, shook his head slightly and let it go at that. He looked to April, who had been standing and watching all that was going on. Peter pulled Becky back so he could see her and asked “Would it be OK if Miss April went with you to Disney, Becky? She will be able to help Mommy and Daddy and take care of giving you and Billy your medicine.”

Becky looked to April with a smile and said “Sure.”.

“Thank you Baby.” April replied with a smile.

Sharon was so grateful that things had worked out the way they did. Peter was such a treasure of a man. He asked Becky instead of telling her, and therefore gave her the control. This was helping with the fear. She looked at Becky and saw no trace of fear at the moment. That was worth more than diamonds to her. Sharon knew the minute they stepped out of the isolation room, the fear would be back for both of the children.

Becky kicked her legs letting Peter know that she wanted to get down. Peter set her on her feet and she immediately went to Billy. With a very excited expression, she told Billy “You’re gonna get to see Pooh Bear!”.

Billy, not quite understanding, said “Pooh?” with a smile.

Becky said “Yep, Pooh!” and giggled.

Billy giggled with his sister. He didn’t know quite what she was getting at, but she sure looked happy.

Peter chose that moment to tell them “OK, you two need some clothes, so I’ll have your mom come in with Billy’s diaper bag and you can get them dressed. I’ll be back in thirty minutes to take you down stairs.”

“Great. Thank you Peter, for everything.” Sharon told him.

Half an hour later, Billy was dressed in his sleeper, snuggled with Mommy. Peter came into the room when Becky opened the door. “I’m going to take you the back way out, there will be a lot less people there, and we’ll go down the stairs so Billy doesn’t have to deal with the elevator.” he told Sharon.

“Thank you.” she said gratefully.

Becky was dressed in a skirt to make taking her to the potty easier. Peter walked up to her and said “Becky, we’re going to have to go out of this room now.”.

She instantly went to Daddy and fearfully said “Up Daddy.”. When Rick picked her up, she clung to his neck tightly.

Rick was saddened to see the fear return. He told her “It’s OK Pumpkin, just close your eyes and nurse your thumb. Here’s Charley Bear.” he added as he pushed the bear between her arm and his chest. “We’re going to walk down a few halls and then go down a bunch of stairs. When we get to the bottom of the stairs, we’re going outside to get on the bus. Are you ready Baby?” he asked.

Becky nodded.

Sharon stood with Billy snuggled against her chest, her hand gently patting his diapered bottom. A moment later, the four of them were walking down through the hallways toward the stairs. “I’m glad we’re going down.” Sharon thought as they started down.

Rick found himself having the same thought as he held Becky tightly. He would be glad when they got settled into the bus, and Becky felt a little safer. There was a loud bang as a stairwell door below them hit the wall when it opened, the sound echoing through the stairwell. Rick felt Becky start to tremble and a warmth on her bottom that told him she had wet. “It’s OK Baby, it’s just a door banging. You’re OK, I promise.” he told her soothingly. She stopped trembling when he said that.

A minute later, Rick was climbing the stairs into the bus. It had two different sets of stairs, one at the front, and one two thirds of the way back. He had never been inside the thing before. He’d seen it parked in the parking lot of the office, waiting to take architects like him with clients to building sites.

The bus was furnished like a motor home inside. There were two couches built into the wall on each side of the bus, forward of the doorway. There was also a table that looked like it could be folded down into the floor, sitting between the couches. To the rear of the door was a short hallway, and two doors. The one straight back went to a bedroom, he could see, a large bed was visible through the open door. The other had to be the bathroom, he surmised.

Up front, against the opposite wall was a refrigerator, and a microwave oven. There were two TV’s, one over each couch.

When April came on board, she said “They showed me how everything works. Phillis also showed me where they put everything, so if you need something, just ask.”.

Sharon looked to April and said “I’m really glad you’re coming with us.” with a big smile.

“Thanks Sharon.” April replied.

“And before you start acting like the hired help, you can forget that idea right now. I will need your help, that’s true, but you’re family now April.” Sharon told her with a no nonsense expression.

April smiled a big smile and said “Thank you. I was more than willing to take care of whatever you and the kids needed, but that makes this so much more enjoyable.”.

Rick said “They trust you,” talking about the kids, “and that makes you family.” with a smile.

Peter approached Rick and said “Becky? Can you look at me Honey?”.

Becky turned her head and looked at Peter, fear clearly showing on her face.

Pointing to the door, Peter said “See that door? That’s the only way in or out of this bus. The lock on that door is very similar to the one in your room upstairs. It locks from the inside, so no one can come in unless you want them to. I’m sure your parents will promise to only let April in or out, and leave you to open it or not for anyone else.”

Going to the door Peter closed and locked it. Returning to Becky he asked “Will you come see?” and held his arms out.

Becky, tentatively leaned toward him and hugged him tight.

Peter held her tightly, and went to the door and asked her to try to open it. She reached out and tried, but couldn’t make it budge. “See, I told you. It won’t open unless you slide that bar right there.” he said pointing. “And look at this.” he said pointing to the peep hole in the door. “It’s so you can see who is outside without having to open the door. Look through it Baby.”.

Becky looked through the peep hole and saw the parking lot and some of the hospital building. She pulled back and smiled at Peter and said “Neat.”.

“Just like your room up stairs, you’re safe in here Baby, I promise.” he told her.

Becky’s smile got bigger and she said “I love you Mr. Peter.” and hugged him tightly, laying her head on his shoulder.

“I love you too Baby. I want you to do something for me. I want you to give Cinderella a big hug for me when you see her OK?” as tears stung his eyes.

“I promise!” Becky said smiling.

“OK, go back to Daddy so I can say bye to Billy.” Peter told her as he handed her back to Rick.

Approaching Billy, he placed a hand gently on the side of his face, and kissed his forehead. “You give hugs and kisses to Pooh Bear for me. He’ll really love you.”.

Billy, sensing the care this man had for him, holding tightly to Mommy’s arm with his left hand, leaned forward and wrapped his right arm around Peter’s neck and gave him a baby kiss.

With misty eyes, and a thick voice, Peter said “I love you too, Baby Boy.”


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75

I am glad to see things are looking up for Billy and Becky, as well as Rick and Sharon.

I cannot wait to see how this trip turns out.

As always wonderful work BB.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75


Damn you for making me tear up!

Great success! :smiley:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75

I really have run out of things to say with regards to the past few chapters. It does in some respects, a dis-service to say that much, as this is based on very real emotional events.

Like the others have said, it does bring me to tears as well.

I just wanted to let you know that I am still reading, and will continue to do so.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75

Another of your wonderful piece of your work.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75

Chapter 76 should be very interesting to read.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75

I too got misty-eyed as I read this, and I too can’t wait to go to Disney world!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75

Aww, yay!! Thanks BB, for a chapter like this one!! I loved it & I hope to see more like this one as things get better for the Avery family!!

I like that you are including Becky alot more in the story, as she has become a major part of the story!! Keep it up, BB!! You are doing a wonderful job on this!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 75

Thanks for your input All,

I’m glad you brought Becky’s larger role in the story up Icey.

For more than half of the story, I showed Billy’s thoughts, his feelings and perspective. But once he was back in the hospital, his needs were fairly simple, and repetative. Becky’s situation offered a wide range of situations to explore that would really help develop the story, and show more of how Rick deals with parenting.

I didn’t know it when I started this story, but the way things developed, it gave the perfect opportunity to show how different and yet the same the relationships are between a Mommy and her little boy, and a Daddy and his little girl.

By exploring Becky’s experiences, we also get a more animated idea of what both of them are feeling. I could describe what Billy is feeling, but by showing Becky’s feelings through her actions and dialogue, it became a much richer story.

Once they reach Disney, you will see an equal amount of time spent on both while they are there. Their interests are different and that offers alot of variety in what can happen.



Edit: I forgot to mention that I was kidnapped today and forced to brave the Mall on Black Friday (shudders). I will get the next chapter up sometime early tomorrow.